Ernest Jackman: WHO ARE YOU?

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Ernest Jackman must account for the 2.4 million he withhold from the late Stephen Archer. The Barbados Government should offer assistance in this matter. All others such as the Bar Association, the Utility Company, the Family of Stephen Archer and any others with connections to this case needs to be CALLED TO ACCOUNT!
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  • MsEU MM
    Stupse! #blusterandblusterers


  • lol..something bothering you fowl??

    yall got no heart, ya care nothing about ya own people. Have you no shame?

    you steal so much, now the world is afraid of you, ah heard some lawyers on the island no longer even want to be associated with ya criminal syndicate, wished they had never met ya or knew ya…..

    ah guess there are those who know when it’s time to break ranks…it’s called self preservation..

    how does that make yall feel?


  • Enuff.

    Really? Don’t you want to see something done about the injustice in Barbados? Even if you think these methods don’t work, can’t you at least give her an “A” for caring and one for effort.

    Or are you suggesting that there is no real injustice that needs addressing?


  • Waru aka Salemite
    I have no time to waste with you…periodt! I don’t know who is y’all and breaking ranks. I am not part of any y’all or ranks or a fan of demons.

    You onstand what bluster means right?


  • “I am not part of any y’all or ranks or a fan of demons.”

    so wait, yall fall out too?


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    Puff Enuff

    Now you have proven to me what heartless son of bitch you are. It is clear you do not give two wuk ups about the late Stephen Archer. Please do me a favour, go f… your self. I respected your comments once, not anymore.

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  • Who is appealing to Facebook to remove posts dealing with matter? All it does is to expose the dishonesty of the profession. You lawyers close ranks even if there is a rotten smell in the precinct. The thing about an odour is that it cannot be contained especially in a small space.


  • For as many times this man has been brought before the courts for accusations of stealing clients money he should have bern disbarred
    The Daily nation in 2009 reported a story related to theft where he is released on 70thousand dollars on bail with two sureties
    He was accused of stealing $150,828 between August 21 and Oct.11 2008 and $17,379between june6 and Oct112008 the proceeds of two Barbados National Bank cheques, payable to himself but belonging to Esther Doreen Brewster -Thizy
    Last September Jackman appeared before the same court charged with stealing 678,414 which belonged to Hej Ltd ,between june 23 2006 and March 5 2007,and stealing 367,085 which was part of a BNB cheque in the amount of 560 437. belonging to Foster Belle and payable to himself

    Source Daily Nation Oct 13 2009


  • Same old bullshit from the uselessly corrupt bar association. Get another lawyer to do what, just to find out that the lawyers from the bar association are still corrupt, still covering up for those who stole this man’s whole compensation and left him to die slowly so they can cover their tracks.

    What about calling the police and let them investigate and LOCK UP all the lawyers and their bribers involved in that theft.

    “Unable to get the money owed him by his lawyer while he was alive, paraplegic Stephen Archer’s family may have to turn to another lawyer in a bid to unlock the funds, the head of the Barbados Bar Association has said.

    But while declaring that the association does not condone lawyers’ misbehaviour by lawyers, president Rosalind Smith-Millar has said it is not a “magic solution” to conflicts with clients.

    When questioned specifically about Archer’s complaint, Smith-Millar said the bar association could not act solely on a newspaper report.”


  • Very clear for the world to see what a useless, backward, ignorant, unprofessional lot pretending to be guardians of the judiciary residing in the bar, when it’s time protect the people and the judiciary…they close ranks and revictimize the victims. They all have the attributes of common class thieves always going on the defensive to protect their crimes. The disciplinary committee is even more useless, there is never anything any of these scum can do to protect the public from their thieves in the bar association and the parliament…

    Nothing works on the island, not to benefit the majority population.

    “When questioned specifically about Archer’s complaint, Smith-Millar said the bar association could not act solely on a newspaper report.

    Archer, died two weeks ago, having never been paid by an unidentified lawyer the proceeds of a personal injury award.

    Fifteen days after he celebrated his 30th birthday in 1997, a telephone pole fell on him occasioning him significant bodily injury.

    The utility company fulfilled its legal obligations to Archer and paid $2.7 million in compensation to his attorney-at-law on his behalf, he had told Barbados TODAY in April.

    But he revealed that he was never given a cheque nor was it ever deposited on his personal account.

    Smith-Millar told Barbados TODAY it would be up to Archer’s family members to take up the matter as there was nothing the Bar could do.

    She said: “If the deceased has the right to some kind of property, their estate continues to have that right.

    “So whoever is entitled to Mr Archer’s estate would need to go and get legal advice as to how they can deal with the estate and the estate then would be able to do whatever is necessary.

    “Now, the Bar Association per se, does not even know who the lawyer is and is not authorized to pick up people’s fire-rage.”


  • Read again…they are all LYING..they all know about this case.

    this new bar head was singing a different tune only weeks ago, i said she was lying THEN and i know she is lying NOW..they are all culpbble in this CRIME and orchestrated death…to steal 2.7 million dollars..

    This guy complained in the news over a decade ago that he was not paid, the insurance company SAID they paid his ATTORNEY the money, it was very clear then and even clearer now that he never told his client he received the money YEARS BEFORE….

    if a bedridden man is complaining a lawyer stole his compensation, afraid to call the lawyer’s name because that is the FEAR these evil thieves have driven into the population OVER DECADES…if they talk the truth they get sued, their families get victimized and lose their jobs, they all know this,,,…a REAL BAR ASSOCIATION would have sent someone to interview this victm, but they all sat around waiting for him to die just so they could say that they COULD DO NOTHING…

    no good trash.

    “Now, the Bar Association per se, does not even know who the lawyer is and is not authorized to pick up people’s fire-rage.

    “We cannot read a news report and launch an investigation and do something.

    “We don’t know who it is; we don’t know if the things we read in the newspaper are true; we don’t have any standing to just chase after whatever the problem is.”

    She said it would have been the paraplegic’s responsibility to report the matter to the Bar’s Disciplinary Committee if he believed he was not being treated fairly by his legal representative.

    Smith-Millar continued: “If Mr Archer in his lifetime had realized he was not being treated properly by his attorney-at-law there is the Disciplinary Committee to whom complaints are made. They are not made to the Barbados Bar Association.

    “We are not a magic solution. There is a committee, there is a process that has to be gone through.

    “We do not at all condone misbehaviour by lawyers – understand that very clearly – but we cannot just read a newspaper and decide to go and investigate and launch some kind of action.

    “We cannot do that because we are not authorized to do that.”

    Up to his death, Archer would not name the lawyer at the centre of the dispute.”


  • I told yall not to rely on these cold hearted, souless negro BEASTS from bar association, disciplinary committee, judiciary nor the parliament, they are all the same, they do not mean clients or citizens well.

    keep exposing them on the international stage, they deserve no less.


  • **** ” afraid to call the lawyer’s name because that is the FEAR these evil thieves have driven into the population OVER DECADES”

    Not only is the common man afraid to call names, but so too is the media. I have read stories, where the name of the ‘culprits’ were not mentioned. The story of the destruction of the underground structure never mentioned the name of the construction firm. I thought that was an essential part of the story.

    ****” “If Mr Archer in his lifetime had realized he was not being treated properly by his attorney-at-law there is the Disciplinary Committee to whom complaints are made. They are not made to the Barbados Bar Association”.

    I believe that based on results, we are already aware that the BBA does not address these concerns. Perhaps a greater discussion of the role of the BBA and the disciplinary committee. I would suggest Smith-Millar go their website and read the following:

    To promote honorable practice, and settle disputed points in practice;
    To improve the administration of justice and procedure and trial by jury;
    To establish and maintain a system of prompt and efficient legal advice and legal aid
    To settle questions of professional conduct, discipline and etiquette;
    To further good relations and understanding between the Bar and the public;
    To protect the public right of access to the courts and of representation by attorneys-at-law before the courts and tribunals;

    If they adhere to these few items, it would improve the group.

    And for your reading pleasure is some text from their website.

    Q. What are the procedures for lodging a complaint against an attorney-at-law for professonal misconduct?

    A client or any person wanting to complain against an attorney-at-law for professional misconduct must visit the Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee, located on the premises of the Barbados Bar Association at ‘Leeton” Perry Gap, Roebuck Street, St. Michael

    The client must collect 2 forms:



    The first form must be filled out and signed by the APPLICANT and the second form must be signed by a JUSTICE OF THE PEACE.

    The complaint will then be reviewed by the Committee in a formal hearing to determine if a case of professonal misconduct is made out against the attorney-at-law.

    Where a case of professional misconduct have been determined the Committee must within 21 days forward to the Chief Justice a report of its findings and any recommendation for appropriate sanctions to be instituted agianst the attorney-at-law.

    The matter is then heard before the Court of Appeal and the court shall either endorse the recommendation of the Committee or institute its own sanctions against the attorney-at-law.

    Did you see the words professonal (repeated twice) and agianst…
    is how you know you are dealing with jokers.
    They need to hire an intern and let him/her run all of their text through a spell-checker


  • “Up to his death, Archer would not name the lawyer at the centre of the dispute.”

    Huh?!!!! He had a ghost lawyer? or maybe everybody fretting about nothing……


  • To the legal luminaries…
    If a lawyer is repeatedly appearing before a judge for the same complaint, are there any tools in the judge arsenal that he can use to modify the lawyer’s behavior?

    How are cases assigned to courts so that the same crooked lawyer go before the same court (time after time)?

    To the common man
    Don’t you think some of these judges need naming and investigating, It appears as if they are part of the problem.


  • “Don’t you think some of these judges need naming and investigating, It appears as if they are part of the problem.”

    same thing everyone is now thinking, the judges who are syndicate members are part of the problem.


  • When Therold Fields stole this elderly client’s money….the theft happened in HIS OFFICE, .refused to repay her and DRAGGED this lady through the corrupt court system for 8 LONG YEARS..before he was finally disbarred…….using this same useles process….that Theo has described… date i have no heard this lady received a dime of what this wicked lawyer stole from her and tried to drag out time so she would drop dead before he could be disbarred.


  • Great Job Sunshine Sunny Shine
    Keep on bowling Waru.
    Mariposa, you have proven the expression ‘Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while’ is true.


  • EnuffOctober 3, 2019 9:02 PM

    You onstand what bluster means right?

    From the Oxford Concise Dictionary.

    “bluster – talk in a loud, aggressive, or indignant way with little effect”

    Hence my comment –

    Even if you think these methods don’t work, can’t you at least give her an “A” for caring and one for effort.

    Or to spell it out for you – even if you think her loud, aggressive or indignant way has little effect, can’t you at least give her an “A” for caring and one for effort?

    Now do YOU onstand?


  • There is a reverence many Barbadians confer to lawyers that cannot be explained logically.


  • Ping Pong,

    Unless you are a supremely confidant person who believes you can match the attorney’s “intellect”, a person who believes that you have all the facts and the EVIDENCE on your side, you are afraid to go against a lawyer in Barbados. If you believe that the lawyers have set up a system to benefit themselves and that the system in the form of the other lawyers and judges has their backs, you as a person not well-versed in the law would fear a defamation suit that could deprive you of the very settlement you may be entitled to. Thus people find themselves between a rock and a hard place instinctively knowing that the lawyer is stringing them along but still with an element of doubt that prevents them from calling his or her name.

    Television series and legal jargon (use of Latin and unnecessarily complex sentence structure) have created an aura around attorneys that only those who have sat in classes with them at primary and secondary school and beaten them academically would know is not deserved in most cases.

    I don’t know for sure that this is what happened with Stephen Archer but based on my own experience and those of other persons I know, I believe it is more likely to be true than not.

    These people think they are smarter than everybody else. These people think they can take advantage of anyone. These people try to intimidate even the obviously intelligent and educated into believing that they are clueless.

    My own attorney, knowing quite well who he was dealing with, tried to fight off my challenges by doing so. Dude left me speechless for two whole days! The audacity!


  • Oh shirt!!!!!!!! Mariposa one shot win the match!


  • In hindsight, two errors took place that led to the current crisis…..
    (1) Mr. Archer unfortunately hired Mr. Jackman as his lawyer
    (2) BL&P/Insurance company, paid monies to Mr. Jackman instead of writing the cheque(s) to Mr. Archer directly.

    Since, it seems, we have no watch-dog agency to police our legal system … please don’t tell me its the Bar Association…lol….. Mr. Archer’s estate must now find an honest, hard-working lawyer to try to recoup the monies owed to their deceased relative…..GOOD LUCK!!!


  • And can I name the attorney who tried to mislead me with misrepresentation of my rights ?

    No! His secretary and junior attorney are the only witnesses. All I could do is let him know I knew better and insist on my instructions being carried out. I also instructed by e-mail that we communicate via that route in the future. He pretended not to have received any such e-mail. Steupse! Like if I don’t know how e-mail works.

    But he got my message. Don’t play!

    PS. Neither can I divulge the name of the female gynaecologist who recommended speedy surgery to remove a “possibly cancerous” internal organ, against the findings of an ultrasound examination. Fool thought I wouldn’t be able to understand the medical terminology of the ultrasound report. I did. Sought confirmation from another doctor. He was astounded. He said even the ultrasound examination was unnecessary and even if she had made a mistake referring me for the ultrasound the report would have cleared up her error.

    Body part still intact. The damn thing never even gave me a problem. BUT SHE NEVER PUT IT IN WRITING and there were no witnesses.

    She recommended the same surgery for my cousin. Then hormone replacement therapy. Shortly after, my cousin ended up with cancer of the breast.

    From medical website:

    Possible Side Effects of Hormones Therapy After Hysterectomy
    Some possible side effects related to HRT after overall hysterectomy includes:

    Increased risk of developing heart problem such as stroke, myocardial infarction, and so on. Increased risk of establishing various types of cancers including BREAST CANCER and endometrial cancers
    Blood clot conditions

    Now when her family reviews the events that led up to the surgery they question the necessity of the surgery and the doctor’s motives. They picked up the signs but deferred to her because she was a doctor…

    According to my hairdresser, this woman recommended Caesareans for all their common pregnant clients. The fees are significantly higher than normal delivery.

    And so Barbadians need to remove that aura from around the legal and medical professions and challenge them. And get them to communicate more in writing.


  • Some of those doctors can be just as slimy and dangerous as the lawyers, those are the ones who like the lawyers work for the insurance companies while taking client/patients cases in conflicts of interest…….they are SELL OUTS.

    The hypocrite oath means nothing to them…

    Very few of them observes the Hypocratic Oath.


  • Ernest Jackman is me. Ernest Jackman is you. He is as Bajan as apple pie!

    His behaviours are no less culturally bound than those of any other Bajan.

    For forms of dishonesty was always inherent in what it means to be Bajan.


  • were


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    Mr Blogmaster, the blogger @Donna most aptly gave a rationale and a response to YOU with her 7:47 when you opined that : “There is a reverence many Barbadians confer to lawyers that cannot be explained logically.”.

    I agree with her fundamental review and would add that when ALL our ‘larger than life’ leaders locally and regionally were attorneys (recent exceptions of last 25 + years noted) its QUITE logical the reverence conferred on these men and women.

    We never stop and properly analyse that these supposedly bright folks (yes we competeted well with them at secondary school @Donna but they also got the high final grades at A’s often leading to scholarships- the leaders, that is) rather than use their intellect and attentive study habits to study medicine, engineering, manufacturing or any other such field that can add real value to societal growth prefer instead this rather ‘simplistic’, ‘controlling’ profession of fiddling with laws!

    To the point you have repeatedly made Mr Blogmaster : THAT legal education, has been an ABSOLUTE over emphasis of our educational funding!

    Now…as far as public campaigns go we can all commend this current push of somehow seeking a CURE by @SSS and @Heather’s petition but we must also examine the other side of @Enuff’s callous sounding remark…the PREVENTION.

    At some other point he asked in effect ‘why is Ernest Jackman still in the legal profession?’ That’s a valid query…why is this man STILL being the attorney of original record for any right thinking Bajan on ANY matter involving monetary rewards?

    He should be handling secondary claims or matters of an administrative nature NOT civil suits with monetary payouts.

    ANY Bajan who needs an attorney and who has the basic commonsense to look in the telephone directory, or ask for a referral for representation MUST also have the basic commonsense to do simple background checking.

    I can understand way back in early 2000 that Mr Archer would not have known of Jackman’s thiefing ways but since all the lawyer’s dirty legal laundry has been shown publicly and with the ready ability to SEARCH the net , I MUST assume he is no longer scamming SENSIBLE Bajans….but only those who want to be scammed!

    PREVENTION… BU has a prominent lawyers’ rogue gallery and that along with a vigorous social media campaign highlighting their callous, thiefing behaviour is the way to continue.. preventing has always been better than curing!

    I gone.


  • Most of the lawyers I know never got any higher grades or scholarships.


  • Ernest Jackman is not me! I have my flaws but not that kind.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    Yes @Donna re your 9:54 …that’s why I referenced the leaders re that reverence comment. Every Bajan knowns that Adams, Barrow, Adams were attorneys and scholarship winners…the aura that surrounding that was stiffling for quite a few generations!

    There have been LOTS of scholars over these many years and realistically very few (seems to me anyhow) of them actually studied law but perception can be a bad itch…the simple fact is that lots of prominent pols are attorneys who were basically good students so folks do confer that (false) reverence of which the Blogmaster speaks!

    It is what it is but the tide is turning … on all professions really. There is just TOO much wrong doing by lawyers and some judges and average Bajans are seeing them as no more than educated crooks these days…the issue of doctors perfoming unnecessary procedures is just as crooked and just as old (done for years).

    Who isn’t crooked these days…according to @Pacha it’s an inherent Bajan (life really) thing!


  • DPD

    Got it.

    PS. Like my biggest critic (he who shall not be mentioned) I do sometimes find your language hard to understand. lol. Strangely enough I did understand what you were saying to him though you did misunderstand his initial comment. That was a comedy of errors on both parts. I nearly died laughing.


  • Ms.EU MM

    I am not heartless, I call it being frank and interested in real action. You have done two posts in a week and what? Have you sought to get an attorney to help out the deceased’s Estate, as the Bar Association is advising? Instead, grandstanding on BU!! I ask again, after a similar grandstand on Mr.Blackman’s matter and promises of posters, what did you do or has happened? Pass me with the BS! #bluster#agendas


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Donna, do engage briefly re your last post…last comment, first.

    What was it that I misunderstood about your nameless critic’s remark? I read his remark as saying ‘let’s suppose someone in Bim got totally p’eed off and attacked a wayward attorney who had legally wronged them in the way the residents of that island off Antigua felt they were wronged by the Bird administration’

    …Was that an incorrect interpretation?… I then used HIS commentary to slide into my rant that vigilantism/anarchy is never good for a democratic society as once started we can never properly end it!

    …What was wrong with that slide down that rabbit hole?…. I never said the man ADVOCATED violence…simply that his comments could be “interpreted” that way!

    2nd…my language has been described as old-fashioned or something so by others…I can’t see how really but any writer MUST craft his/her message properly to his reader so help me to understand what is “difficult to understand” re my dribbles!

    I remember another nameless blogger giving me a kiss of death 😂 many moons ago when he said I write so clearly on BU…I laffed, because the brother had a tendency to write too highfaluting and badly so thus his praise had to be taken in that context.🤣

    But do tell is it the old fashioned language or is it the 30 sec post which are labelled long winded that creates the misunderstanding!

    Just asking…merci!


  • Steven Archer had no children. It seems he had little family support. Those who helped him are dead. Unless the sister who helped him had a child, I don’t care if his family gets the money. I care that another lawyer seems to have gotten away with his misdeeds.

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  • DPD,

    I can’t put my finger on why I find you a little harder to understand than the average blogger. It is not important enough for me to figure out. When I’ve had enough sleep I read your posts. Sometimes I agree. When I haven’t had enough sleep I scan and scroll.

    But the blogger was perhaps right about the old-fashioned thing because now I think of it I always picture you in an old-fashioned three piece pinstriped suit and a fob watch a la Dickens. But take heart! You are never wearing a top hat! Nor even a bowler. lol


  • @enuff

    Citizens protest in different forms given their circumstances. History has shown that a single event may serve as the tipping point. Understand the point.


  • Yet another two bit Bajan lawyer taking the pizz (again) with the tacit approval of the toothless, corrupt and wholly unfit for purpose BBA.

    More evidence of Hal Austin’s failed state status.


  • Have you sought to get an attorney to help out the deceased’s Estate, as the Bar Association is advising? *

    The Bar Association has shown itself to be a joke. That advice to “to get an attorney” a la Fumble Stuart is highly offensive, insulting even. Where will this attorney come from?
    From same rotten, local BBA-backed pool that created the problem in the first place?

    #failed state


  • David
    This is Barbados. We’re dealing with an attorney, that I have made clear already on this blog, who I would not let sign my passport picture far less anything related to money given his repeated run-ins over clients’ funds. See Mariposa’s post above. I await a result due to two posts on BU within a few days. People need to stop reading my posts justs to oppose.

    Abigail de Salemite
    You’re the demon I am referring to!🤣🤣


  • “PS. Like my biggest critic (he who shall not be mentioned)……… ”


    Your above comment is an obvious reference to me (and I read other of your contributions in which, as Bajans would say, you were “dropping remarks).”

    Yuh mean tuh tell me dat, ONLY on ONE occasion we had a difference of opinion on ONE issue……. we “told off” each other and that makes me your “biggest critic?”

    Come on, you’re stretching this a bit too far. Again, as Bajans would say, “yuh like yuh got me in mind.”

    On the other issue you raised (and not to “reap up the past”), I understood what the goodly gentleman wrote on that occasion, but mentioning having difficulty understanding his contributions was a reference to his contributions in general.

    What raised my concern was that I asked a question, which he immediately interpreted as one meant to incite vigilante violence.”Your remarks can be very easily interpreted as a nod and wink to the same sort of action done in Antigua being done here for bad lawyers.” (10:20 PM).

    In response to my “saying” I cannot understand how asking a simple unambiguous question, in which there wasn’t any definitive suggestion made on how a duped client should react, be interpreted as inciting violence, the goodly gentleman went on to write about nuance writing.

    If my question was indeed opened to different interpretations……any rational thinking, open-minded individual would have enquired about my thoughts or intensions, explore those interpretations and respond accordingly.

    Instead, the goodly gentleman responded BASED on HIS interpretation, as was evident by his “rant filled” contribution of October 1, 2019 3:04 PM…… and subsequently made the SNIDE remark re:

    “Reread it carefully as if u are a reader unaware of YOUR thoughts at moment of writing…”

    That remark “says it all,” which I interpret to mean inciting violence was in my thoughts at the time I wrote the question. In others words he seems to be insisting his interpretation is what I actually intended to “say.” Reading my mind.

    After all, according him…… “I would also add that English is a very nuanced language.”


  • “Abigail de Salemite
    You’re the demon I am referring to!🤣🤣”

    i must be the good good demon cause ah saw all ya other fellow demons are FB stars.

    ya acting like Jackman is the only crooked attorney in the bar, that viper’s nest is infested with tiefing lawyers..he is the only one yall are willing to throw under the bus at this time, but he should call all yall names..including Cheltenham’s..

    ah heard yall had a “we gathering” meeting at Hilton Hotel and the returnees already in Barbados are PISSED that they have been MISTREATED in Barbados every year of their return, stay tuned, it will also be a FB special…cause it’s nuff nuff returnees with nuff nuff complaints…yall don’t even know how to treat the poor elderly people ya calling home to ROB…some have had the bar association of lawyers treatment where their properties DISAPPEARED…

    how come yall did not live stream that one…


  • Artax,

    Did you not see my lol?????? Just spicing it up. Did you not also see that I still agree with you on many other issues?


  • You need help woman. Bye!


  • Running away with tail tucked firmly between legs and the fireworks has not even started yet..


  • Artax

    Re: “Reread it carefully as if u are a reader unaware of YOUR thoughts at moment of writing…”

    No. He meant that you should try to read it through the eyes of another reader who would not be aware of your thoughts,


  • I keep watch of How BU and Barbados go after the little crooks that the Bigger Crooks put out to the Public to feed on, If you made it to the COURTS to be in the Nations News or CBC you know you are a small-time crook. Just because NOW the Bigger crooks carry the title of QC,AG, Judge,DPP, Minister, Prime Minister,and GG, most think something is being done ! NOT! Fools again the small crooks just started doing what the Big Crooks were doing for Years, Just that Donville is not a lawyer and did not think of the rules or laws of American, he must have been thinking that he was still in Barbados! The Other 17 that had plans to fly to the States who canceled their Trip after the Minister was ARRESTED!, BFP/COUP will be Happy to place the CUFFS on these titleholders After Office!
    There is much more to Jackman and the talking of his part in all of this, We dont have Permission to Post what we know, Its not Hour case, But the Government and COW& Friends is in this mess?So if you can call this lawyer Jackman he is not the only Name to be called!


  • Thanks for confirming what we have been saying about the political class. It is worthy of another blog.


  • One of our BU bloggers opined something to the effect that if all lawyers were audited and control of Client accounts was removed, the

    majority would likely go bankrupt.

    The only logical reason I could find for lawyers refusing to give clients their money is if lawyers use the money

    for “cash flow” and short to medium term investment.

    Use a client’s money to build some condominiums, sell them and put the money back in the client account unless the ‘lifestyles of the rich and famous ” eats up the profits and a chunk of the client’s funds and ……doan have to read and spell fuh wunna.

    It seems to me that ” waiting for client to die ” is a business plan.


  • I am still waiting to get ab explaination of the fowl’s logic, she won’t have Jackman sign a passport form for her…but the bar association sees nothing wrong with having him as a member and that is DESPITE his reputation….we can say the same for hundreds of lawyers who are bar members..


  • How much more stealing must Jackman orchestrate before he is officially declared a a Thief and disbarred from the Barbados Bar Association
    Why didn’t ethics and commonsense take control of the Associates mind after all those charges were levelled against Jackman
    But then again as the old saying goes who the cat like he licks
    Obviously the Bar Association had no love for the victims
    In any other country he would have been banned from even walking on the same side of the Bar Association building
    Jackman your are a disgrace to the people of Barbados
    How do you sleep at night


  • Abigail
    You real igrunt eh! You would hire any or every lawyer, engineer or any other professional just because they are registered? I hold no brief for the Bar Association, don’t even know who is associated with it, so I don’t get your attempt to somehow associate me with lawyers or their body. You’re someone that did not know who the MP for St.Thomas, even though the incumbent was at that time the representative for at least 15 years. So like I refuse to ask EJ to even sign a passport, I refuse to join your bandwagon even though you’re a registered poster on BU and make the most contributions. Competence and honesty matters, not registration. Like I said, pass me with the RH bs:


  • Ya can’t even see yaself…ya don’t know anyone from bar association…but jumping out To defend them against a disabled, helpless man who was ROBBED BY SOME USELESS BAR MEMBERS OF HIS COMPENSATION….and left to die.

    and ya still can’t see yaself…since ya don’t know them…ya should have shut ya mouth instead of exposing ya fowl role in trying to protect the rats in parliament whose names are also called in such abuse of the injured on the island.

    fowls will never learn.


  • @enuff

    There is merit in this animal farm back and forth?



  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    @HantsOctober 4, 2019 5:01 PM “if all lawyers were audited and control of Client accounts was removed, the majority would likely go bankrupt.”

    Why do you make it seem that if a few dozen or a few hundred lawyers go bankrupt, that that would bad a bad thing?


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Donna…thank you re ur 3:31PM I was confused by the young man’s response on that matter and it caused me to reflect on another blogger’s remark that the brother ain’t ready.

    I am amused that you had to explain a BASIC and FOUNDATIONAL point like that to a Cawmerian…afterall dem fellas believe they are worldly and savvy and his take was the height of nonsense!

    Truly not ready!

    Much thanks for the simple clarification .


  • Someone needs to tell the bar association and the government that none of this is going away, just like their elaborate plans to TIEF the marijuana trade for themselves and their bribers to get wealthy and the majority population to remain in poverty…AIN’T GOING AWAY EITHER…

    it is clear that fowls have no empathy, sympathy nor feelings for what Stephen Archer and thousands of other personal injury claimants were subjected to for decades by evil lawyers intent on stealing every dime of his/their compenations with the SELFISH and GREEDY INTENT to better themselves and bury him/them as PAUPERS.

    when it rains, it pours.

    and to think the bar association RATS had the nerve to come out with a wishy washy statement and with their forever ARROGANT attitude, believing the people are clueless to what they have and are still doing to the black population…who funded their education and have for decades.

    RATS in the bar association
    RATS in the parliament


  • Waru aka abigail
    You see why I call you a Salemite and a demon? Show me where I defended the lawyer or the Bar Association? In fact zi called for meaningful action; but you just continue to display your level of igrunce and pathological liar traits. I maintain, bluster and in your case, hysteria. You may have the last commentS. Sickening!


  • Donna

    Uh glad uh still in yuh good books.

    Thanks for the clarification. I’ll admit I’m not perfect.

    However, I’m truly amazed that my SIMPLE question would draw the ire of such an extraordinary individual of superior intellect, causing him to resort to personal, sarcastic remarks and the mentioning of school attended.

    Such behavior is certainly to be expected from someone like me who is “truly not ready.”

    Is this typical of the old saying that “a pig in a front house is still a pig?”

    Perhaps I should’ve paid a bit more attention to Georgie Porgie’s descriptions of the guy and those contributors who believe he is “lukewarm.”


  • We all know what needs to happen for the corrupt members of this profession to stop stealing money. Many persons of older generations are/were calm and docile, pretty much like sheep. The younger generations however are not going to take this crap.


  • The PM is a lawyer, the last two PMs were lawyers, the PM was Atty General, the present AG was AG in a previous Gov’t, the most senior Gov’t Minister who acts as deputy PM in the PM’s absence is a lawyer. Did any of the these ever suggest any changes in the relationship between lawyer and client? Did they make it mandatory for lawyers handling civil cases to establish Trust Accounts to separate operating funds from client funds? When they hear/heard of improprieties did they take action?

    They operate like some secret society ready to prey on the “great unwashed” who darkens their door. Even on the rare occasion that the Court find them guilty of stealing client funds no restitution order is made which enables them to live off the clients’ funds after they have served their sentence.

    When Ms. Pile was on trial, the Court was packed with lawyers who were sympathetic to her and ready to deliver pre-sentencing statements on her behalf.

    They take care of their own


  • To the poster Sunsine Sunny Shine. You are making a difference. Do not be distracted. Many here are reading the information and your posters. The injustice in Barbados is apparent. The Bar Association is a front. Ernest Jackman is known to the Bar Association. They do not need a formal complaint. The lawyer has several claims against him. The Bar Association can investigate without a formal lodged complaint. The Bar Association is unethical and unjust. Please continue to make your poster protest. You have a wide viewing audience who is aware.


  • “You may have the last commentS. Sickening!”

    sickening is a disabled man/claimant, suffering, laying in a bed and bar association, parliament, and minority rats…stole is 2.7 million dollars..

    sickening is a sitting minister OPENLY attempting to shake down a suffering, injured, disabled man/client TO STEAL l half if not all of his compensation….while KNOWING that the man is STRUGGLING to feed himself and his familu…


    and you see NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT.



  • “Did they make it mandatory for lawyers handling civil cases to establish Trust Accounts to separate operating funds from client funds? ”

    with the ugly mindset too many lawyers in Barbados carry, they should not be touching CLIENTS MONEY AT ALL..

    some dude lord something who created the Mustique playground for the lazy, died sometime back, he left a multimillion dollar estate for the dude from St. Lucia who took care of him…the St. Lucian lawyer…MADE SURE the dude got what was willed to him…and rightfully his.

    now imagine that same scenario in Barbados…most of the lawyers especially those in parliament would have STOLEN THE WHOLE DAMN THING…because they always tell themselves that they are MORE ENTITLED and you are not.

    and that is the slimy mentality too many lawyers in Barbados carry.


  • “no restitution order is made which enables them to live off the clients’ funds after they have served their sentence”

    And that is why we must question the role of magistrates and judges in these cases. What court allows a criminal to keep the proceeds of his crime?

    When we name a lawyer, we are failing fail to name the others who benefited from this transaction.
    An order of restitution would have several people having to return their proceeds from the crime. Why upset the apple cart? Our lawyers, judges and magistrates are our version of the “Mafia”.

    Question: After these lawyers do time, can they return and practice law?

    Note to parents:
    If you have a son and daughter who is just starting out and seem to be attracted to the wrong path, then remind them
    “A lawyer with his briefcase can steal more than a hundred men with guns.” – Mario Puzo


  • Dear Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley,

    You are on your way to becoming one of the best PMs ever.

    Your legacy could include as Sargeant opined.

    Make it mandatory for lawyers handling civil cases to establish Trust Accounts to separate operating funds from client funds.

    That single action could save lives.

    Your initiative to legislate a National building code and to mandate the building of hurricane resistant housing is commendable.

    Reforming the legal system to protect us from some lawyers would also be commendable.


  • @ Hants

    Does the proposed national building code include restrictions on occupancy, a big problem in Barbados?


  • @ Hal,

    I have not seen the proposed national building code.

    There are competent Architects and Engineers in Barbados who will likely help create a building code relevant to Barbados.


  • When the fowl stops melting down, she will see the light, but then again…dumb fowls can never see anything..


  • I don’t see an Ernest Jackman listed as an Attorney in the Bar Association website? Is it mandatory to be a Member in order to practice Law in Barbados?


  • Piece the Legend

    @ Mr Hal Austin

    Hal, the topic is about Lawyers and Ernest Jackman the thief why would you insert that issue here?

    Just saying


  • @ Piece

    Plse re-read the various posts.


  • Piece the Legend

    @ my Dearest SSS

    Hee Hee the first of the Rented Jackasses was quick out the blocks to hit out at you by his customary naming thing.

    Be assured that they have researched you using the Mugabe regime network.

    The article is fantastic but Hee Hee does not understand SEO processes and how 3 articles posted in such quick succession advanced the name of Ernest Jackman the crook in the internet search engines.

    He/she does not realist that as Marketing Manageress of your Premiere EU firm that ther is a method to the madness.

    You will realise that ONE OF THE MARIPOSA MULTIPLE INDENTITIES blogging under her single identity, listed several of the legal matters that are in court against the thief Ernest Jackman

    And these are live matters that go back years as they show what EJ needs to do to support his gambling habits (which he loses at attrociously!)

    What the Rented Jackass does not understand is the Constancy of the Attack at these criminals on social media is going to bring an awareness of the thieves THAT THEY CANNOT CURB!

    Neither Ernest Nor Mugabe.

    Keep up the good work Dearest SSS


  • “Is it mandatory to be a Member in order to practice Law in Barbados?”

    Nope…there are many lawyers who are not bar members, pay no fees and have been practicing for years at the court…that is what Vonda Pile was fighting against…paying fees and being registered as a bar member, the whole thing is a sham..

    ….from that lying asinine statement from the bar association head re Stephen Archer, we clearly see how useless bar association is anyway…


  • Piece the Legend

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    Your assistance please with an item here for Dearest SSS thank you


  • Piece the Legend

    @ Commander Theophillus Gazerts

    Your earlier post quoted the Barbados Bar Association website and said

    “…A client or any person wanting to complain against an attorney-at-law for professional misconduct must visit the Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee, located on the premises of the Barbados Bar Association at ‘Leeton” Perry Gap, Roebuck Street, St. Michael

    The client must collect 2 forms:



    De ole man will ask any investigative reporter who reads Barbados Underground to put de ole man’s commentary on this procedure to the test.

    Carry a disguised video camera and go th the office and try to initiate this process.

    De ole man will guarantee you that the secretary or party there WILL, DEPENDING ON THE NAME CALLED, do everything in their power to dissuade you from pursuing the matter.

    Once you get both documents submitted de ole man will pay you $1,000 IF THOSE REALLY BAR WORD PEOPLE provide you with a proof of deliver notice saying that you submitted your completed complaint on day X.

    They are, as many here indicated, mostly criminals Commander.

    While not desirable, something drastic has to happen with about 4 of them, before this teifery stops!


  • Me thinks some of this info is for the fowl…yall won’t stop ENABLING and CONDONING wicked lawyers in the bar and parliament TIEFIN FROM YA OWN PEOPLE…ah hope when it’s time to face retribution yall can hold some too and don’t complain..


  • Well, well, well…ah spent years warning yall that ya are not getting away this time with robbing injured people, robbing and disrespecting returnees…robbing whomever ya like because ya have some shitey small island power…..ah told yall…the LIGHTS ARE ON..


  • Hants at 11:09am

    Totally agreee!


  • See now how tha criminal syndicate from the bar plays games with victims when their fellow CROOKS and thieves rob innocent people…always some bullshit excuse…

    Plan A…Jackman should be in prison..

    Plan B…Jackman should be in prison..

    Theo are right, the maisstrates and judges are a problem


  • Ms.EU MM

    “Please do me a favour, go f… your self. I respected your comments once, not anymore.”

    I am not here for likes or respect. Feel free to join the 98% of BUers who do not respect my commments. To borrow from MAM, my back broad.🤣🤣


  • I am truly baffled by this Plan A and Plan B business. What did that mean?

    Sixteen appearances and nothing???????


  • All that time they ALL WERE AWARE that he had alreday ROBBED Stephen Archer…..that poor helpless man did not stand a chance with these nasty beasts…look what they did to Huggins a man who is mobile…they dragged him in the very worst way.


  • Apparently it is not a requirement that a lawyer is a member of the Barbados Bar Association in order to practice. Alair Sheppard QC does not appear on their list . Maybe he was removed since the botsie incident?


  • These cabal of lawyers should NOT be handling client’s money…period.

    you get a check. make SURE…IT’S IN THE CLIENT’S NAME…and pass it on…

    just by that magistrate and how many other magistrate’s and judge’s the robbed client was subjected to, it is clear that there was collusion…as everyone has known and have been complaining about for decades.

    how many vulnerable people do any of you see going up against something like this successfully, this closed ranks game they play against anyone trying to get justice in the court system or get their money, is an exercise in futility unless you are determined to expose them all to the world.


  • Pingback: Poor Man’s Weapon – Name and Shame | Barbados Underground

  • The truth is, I made a few very comments on Jeff’s contributions but I am beginning to miss him.
    Did they find a way to silence Jeff..

    I would just like to tell Jeff that all pseudonyms were not taken,
    This anonymice would welcome him, but his writing style may unmask him.


  • But how can we fight this cabal. How do we fight the local “Mafia” when it is composed of our law officers?

    Naming and and shaming a few lawyers is tantamount to cutting off heads of Medusa. Their replacement heads are already in fifth form sixth form, Cave Hill and Hugh Wooding Law school.

    We need to bring our focus to the body of the beast… the judges and magistrates who deliver junk awards. Junk, because they are only of use to the lawyers and are of no use to the clients. Lawyers are nothing more than foot soldiers ….


  • Yeap
    This govt has found a way to silence suspects
    Have any one heard OSA of recent critical of Mia
    Why not !afterall they have been handing him large jugs of koolaid in the form of official duties like overseas Funerals and others not worth speaking like 2020 high level representative at taxpayers expense


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    Puffie Enuffalagus

    I am going to respond to one thing you wrote regarding Alden Blackman. After that. I won’t respond to one shite you write on here ever again. You are a purebred lapdog. The moment you showed how callous you were to the plight of Stephen Archer with you shite comment about bluster I had nothing more to say to you. Concerning Alden Blackman, I ask Alden Blackman what he will do with the last poster I did which was for a T-shirt Print. I ask him I hope my time and my boys’ efforts will not be vain if he knows he is not going to use the poster for the T-Shirt to step up his protest action. Alden Blackman provided an indirect response which I interpret to mean, he will not use the posters. After that. I decided not to do any more posters for him because it appeared to be a wasted effort. As to your other comment, stuppppse.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    For Justice

    Thank you for kind words. Can you provide further information on why you believe the Barbados Bar Association is a front? You also indicated that they can investigate the Stephen Archer matter without a complaint. Why do you say that`

    My Sweet Piece

    We know what we are up against. Never before has the stinking regime been faced with so much criticism of their establishment. You can stand sure that Mia Rogue Works Mottley will seek in some form or fashion to get BU censored. I have to commend the real David for being David or not the other shite Davids that pamper to the nonsense and the pretense. As I told you, I have several posters that are finished. Since David, the real David said he does not have a problem with the posters I will send them directly to him to be featured as a topic on the blog. You need to step up your poster protest as well babes.


    I do not need any grades from the shite Enuff. I am more than enough for the shite Enuff when I am ready. Right now my focus is on the Stephen Archer matter. Enuff wants me to contact a lawyer on behalf of Stephen Archer. What has he done to show support for Stephen Archer besides writing a hold load of shite? At least I produced posters in quick succession that are all over the world at the moment. What has he done? Girl, do not feed into this nitwit grid, here-


  • @ Mariposa October 6, 2019 8:58 AM
    “This govt has found a way to silence suspects
    Have any one heard OSA of recent critical of Mia
    Why not !afterall they have been handing him large jugs of koolaid in the form of official duties like overseas Funerals and others not worth speaking like 2020 high level representative at taxpayers expense.”

    That’s why you need to resign as the BU-resident yard duck for the deceitful lying party.

    All politicians, like lawyers, are the best of friends in the cocktail room at the end of the parliamentary warring days.

    Don’t be surprised if your dejected man Fumble is given some diplomatic posting or Stinkliar is recommended to sit on the Board of directors of the IMF.

    Haven’t you been one of the most ardent opponents to the decriminalization of the use of marijuana?

    Well, lookie here now, your commander in chief has just thrown her support behind the use of the dope for the relief of pain and suffering.

    Oh, yellow weathercock where are you going to swing now? In the ‘heady’ direction of the smoke?


  • Piece the Legend

    @ my Dearest SSS

    Time has been against me of late

    The poster campaigns have suffered a little because de ole man has ramped up the volume with ***

    But as soon as *** has *** de ole man will return


  • Does anyone know how to get in contact with any of the late Stephen Archer ‘s relatives?

    De ole man would love to assist this matter with some “materials” AS YOU DUN KNOW DE OLE MAN CAN AND WILL

    First step is to get the relatives to come here to Barbados Underground and see what has been done so far.

    After that there will be “other actions” that will be applied



  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    Ask the undertaker or the priest, or the postman, or check the telephone director, or the electoral roll, or contact the family through the address mentioned multiple times in the media. Bajans don’t move around that much in Barbados, and even if they do the neighbours can tell you where to find them.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    The family of Stephen Archer seems awfully quiet on this mater. Should one be suspicious of them? Or is it a case of they being quiet because they are afraid.


  • @ Sunshine Sunny Shine

    The family of Stephen Archer seems awfully quiet on this mater. Should one be suspicious of them? Or is it a case of they being quiet because they are afraid.





  • Sunshine Sunny Shine


    You might be right but unfortunately, I have to say that you are wrong. I am fully aware of what goes on in Barbados. I am also aware that give any Barbadian the opportunity to gain money by illegitimate means (in these times), the temptation, with the thought in mind of what a few thousand in hand could do, will lead them right into committing the sinful act. If the lawyer for Stephen Archer has committed an indictable offence, the family has no reason to fear. The news of the 2.7 million is out there for all to read. The lawyer, out front and with the money in his account, should be the one not sleeping soundly. If the remaining family of Stephen Archer is silent because of fear, then they are a stupid bunch. As his only remaining relatives, they have a lot to gain than to lose. 2.7 million is certainly a sum worth fighting for unless they already have it in some cover up with the lawyer. Who paid for Archers casket?


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