Differentially Evil

Interesting news today.

Celebrated Lord Evil from the North breached bail conditions last weekend AND was soon after released on the same bail conditions. His bail conditions read a 10PM to 6AM curfew on the man known as Andre Omar Jackman, the name on Lord Evil’s birth certificate.

Of interest is that Evil appeared before Justice Randell Worrell in No.2 Supreme Court. His matter was adjourned until September 25, 2019.

The blogmaster is a keen observer of matters occurring in the local judiciary as evidenced in BU’s Tales from the Courts, however, what has unfolded with Lord Evil being granted bail with same conditions after breaching said conditions is a true WTF moment.

The blogmaster is willing to be guided by what occurred yesterday in the No. 2 Supreme Court.


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    @DavidSeptember 21, 2019 9:36 AM “What are considerations for bail weighed by a judge?”

    ONE: The accused is not a danger to the public?

    TWO: The accused will show up for trial

    THREE: The accused will not come into conflict with the law

    FOUR: The accused will not interfere or attempt to influence or intimidate potential witnesses.

    FIVE: The accused will obey current bail conditions.

    But I ain’t no legal eagle.

    Just the silly thoughts of a

    Simple Simon

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  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    @Hants September 21, 2019 9:52 AM “Will move on to reported statements by Government Ministers. “A Government Minister today threw his support behind the legalization of marijuana which will allow the Rastafarian community to use for religious purposes. Furthermore, he believes there is no harm in using a “little” of the drug.”

    I tend to agree with the Minister that a little weed probably does no harm to adults 25 or older and with no history of mental illness in the family. I’ve never used the thing myself and have no desire to do so, since i am not too sure that my brain can manage psychoactive substances, maybe not even a beer.

    But when Ministers speak they are speaking to all of the people, and the Minister ought to have clarified that he did not mean that children or people with a family history of mental illness should take marijuana.

    And in any event the Minister ought not to be giving his own personal opinions in public. People may think that he is speaking for the whole Cabinet. People may think that he is speaking official government policy.

    And he ought to have clarified what he meant by little. For some people a six pack of beer at one sitting is a little. For other people a single beer is a lot.

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  • @ SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife September 21, 2019 2:20 PM
    “And he ought to have clarified what he meant by little. For some people a six pack of beer at one sitting is a little. For other people a single beer is a lot.”

    Yet the drinking of a case of beer is not a criminal offence unless a person drives under the influence of too much alcohol and kills another road user (motor manslaughter).

    So why should the use of marijuana in whichever form be seen as a criminal act unless you hurt another individual under whatever circumstances?


  • The observation by the former journalist THROUGH THE HONOURABLE BLOGMASTER IS OF MAJOR INTEREST

    That observation “by the former journalist” begins and de ole man quotes

    “…If I were living in a state or county overseas and I found that a prominent criminal was continuously getting bail – even when he breached the conditions of previous bail – and he was being granted bail by one particular judge over and over again, I would have to start investigating that judge…”

    The follow is a list of the facts and the fallacies

    1.Fact. It is Barbados where this purported incident is happening and Barbados is a corrupt jurisdiction where a few of the police are teives and a few judges are more criminal THAN THE CRIMINALS THAT THEY ARE JUDGING! Oh and leh we not talk bout lawyers

    2.Fiction. is there anyone in Barbados who has the authority to prosecute a judge?

    Just, for the sake of hypothesis, LET US CONSIDER THAT EVERYTHING THAT IS SAID ABOUT RANDALL IS TRUE, How are we going get him prosecuted?

    3.Fiction. Barbados has a working Justice system. Let us look at the instances in Barbados where, for example, a white man gets locked up for teifing, defrauding or domestic violence, name one! In fact of the 3 most recent murders, give an example of where anything happened to the 3 white murderers?

    4.Fiction there are no drug lords in Barbados. Name one drug lord in all these years since independence Barbados has locked up one drug czar?

    Far from locking dem up Mugabe inviting dem to open parliament!

    5.Fiction. The country has proper processes and supporting systems.

    A man get lock up for 10 RH years! And de court, de police, de prosecution department, de judge who sentence he, not one RH body recognise dat he lock up for 10 RH years!!

    Now jes to prove my RH point bout dis RH matter.

    If a fellow breach he bail conditions DOES NOT THE PARTY PUTTING UP DE BAIL loose dem collateral?

    Remember dat de ole man sort of RH slow so be gentle wid muh when wunna responding


  • Miller just like Charles Herbert the loud mouth vocal piece of the the blp will be known as a suspected drug mule travelling on a luxury yatch laden with drugs
    But neva mind who the cat likes the cat lick
    Guh long do


  • @ ManyPussy

    You go girl.

    And here is a Stoopid Cartoon to encourage you!

    Oops dat is de wrong one….


    Wait I gine back and send you de rite one…


  • I would like to know whom these ministers think they are fooling, none of them with their slave/massa mentalities have ever liked Rasta or anything or anyone who tried to seek a closer relationship or alliance with African ancestors,.

    these black faced, self absorbed traitors are now suddenly singing a different tune when they see billions of dollars about to disappear out of their hateful, greedy hands. It’s hard to sell out something that ya know little to nothing about, outside of hiding to smoke it while spending decades upon decades creating laws to demonize and criminalize the plant and people who use it….. just because ya lack the required SPIRITUALITY…which ya cannot PRETEND to possess.

    “Ignore, this is just more long talk and false expectations coming from those who have always hated Rasta the most, they will never change their hateful ways, they are now stuck in a hot seat of their own making and will yap all types of useless crap, hoping to get their hands on free knowledge to sell it out: ”



  • Meanwhile back at the ranch….

    De ole man has done a 3 word profile for the self made “massa bad boy” Aka LE

    Because de ole man ent want to expose the full strategy, I gine do um cryptically

    Of those three characteristics one dealt with appearance or “beauty” which is defined as

    [ byoo-tee ]

    noun, plural beau·ties.

    the quality present in a thing or person that gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind, whether arising from sensory manifestations (as shape, color, sound, etc.), a meaningful design or pattern, or something else (as a personality in which high spiritual qualities are manifest)…”

    For which Antonyms are..

    “…Antonyms for beauty

    crudeness, inelegance, roughness, disadvantage, dog, homeliness, offensiveness, ugliness…”

    De ole man knows dat ALL OF THE SHEEPLE HERE ARE LOST

    But for the people who have read this and are unsure of what it means, you need to revert to the predecessor of this comment and get a bearing.

    Then, mindful of what is being effected per the subject in question, the solution becomes clear as day.

    Once you understand the submission the rest are easy and in 3 months there is resolution…


  • Anybody following the latest development in the lord evil matter?



  • 25 years for Lord Evil, however his lawyer Michael Lashley has loudly suggested that there is good grounds for appeal and they will be taking it all the way to the CCJ if necessary .


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