George Bennett Drug Case: The Good Guys are the Bad Guys

The arrest of George Bennett, a former high ranking member of the Police Drug Squad now a practising lawyer once again confirms the whispers and rum shop talk. Although the traditional media delights in emblazoning the mugs of ‘little black boys’ on the front and court pages caught pushing drugs, commonsense supports a view that prominent, respected citizens are important links in the supply and distribution chain.

George Bennett is charged with possession, trafficking and intent to supply 253 kilograms of cannabis with a street value of 2 million, he appeared in the number 4 Supreme Court this week to apply for bail. Despite the bench strength of Bennett’s defence team which consisted of Andrew Pilgrim QC and Arthur Holder, bail was denied.

The blogmaster gives weight to the charge brought by the Royal Barbados Police Force considering the contraband was reportedly found at Bennett’s residence. His lawyers must be working overtime to discover a ‘technicality’ to earn a favourable ruling. Bennett’s relationship with the drug world probably started when he was a policeman and greed forced him to take the wrong path. The blogmaster is sure Bennett represents the ‘tip of the iceberg’. Then again there is the presumption of innocence, stop it!

The police force continues to report crime levels down although there is growing concern about the high murder rate in recent years. The truth is- in a small society a qualitative assessment must carry greater value compared to data driven conclusions. Thirteen murders for the year in tiny Barbados will impact the quality of our society more than if it were a bigger country. The level of lawlessness being witnessed in Barbados is symptomatic of a bigger problem of which members of law enforcement AND officers of the court are inextricably a part. The time has long passed to arrest the rot.

For every Bennett there are a few more to be found in Customs Department, Police Force, Immigration Department – you get the drift. To be fair to Commissioner Tyrone Griffith, he has mentioned repeatedly concerns about the quality of policing at ports of entry. We are fighting against wickedness in high places.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against a spiritual wickedness in high places.

Ephesians 6:12 KJV

The blogmaster hesitates to recommend a Rodrigo Duterte approach to arresting crime in Barbados, our docile disposition as a people and fit and proper system of governance would not permit it. However, a radical approach is always the preferred option if material change is the objective. Based on what is before us i.e. a former high ranking policeman now lawyer found with 253 kilos of cannabis at his home should be enough to support a conclusion the good guys are the bad guys.

It is important the process to recruit the next Commissioner of police to replace an invisible Tyrone Griffith is judiciously processed. The unfortunate predicament Barbados finds itself stems from the fact our decision makers are part of the problem.

88 thoughts on “George Bennett Drug Case: The Good Guys are the Bad Guys

  1. For every Bennett there are a few more to be found in Customs Department, Police Force, Immigration Department


    A few more or hundreds?

  2. CDC August 6, 2021

    Level 3: COVID-19 High
    Make sure you are fully vaccinated before traveling to these destinations. Unvaccinated travelers should avoid nonessential travel to these destinations.

    Bahamas, The
    Cape Verde
    Dominican Republic
    Easter Island
    Faroe Islands
    French Polynesia
    Gambia, The
    Puerto Rico (U.S.)
    Saint Kitts and Nevis
    Saint Lucia
    Saint Vincent and Grenadines
    Sint Maarten
    Sri Lanka
    Timor-Leste (East Timor)

    Bim. Tighten-up Pleaseeeeeee !

  3. This is the reason why stupid little bad boys have no respect for the law.

    Is the police force trying to clean itself up at last? Is the legal profession trying to clean itself up? No big fish caught as yet. How about Customs? When are we going to clean that up? We have Customs Officers living way beyond their salaries! We should know where to start! Follow the money!

    And finally, are we going to take this trail right up to the top?

    My position on whether drugs, especially marijuana should be illegal, has changed over the years. However, while it is still illegal, we need a one size fits all justice. Anything other than that leads to disillusionment among at risk youth and no respect for the law and authority.

    This rock is too small. The pockets of violent crime are increasing. Soon there will be no place to escape to unless behind a self-contained gated community.

    I guess the big up children will move overseas.

  4. Next, I want to see cameras in interrogation rooms. These policemen need to stop beating confessions out of little stupid bad boys. That is against the law. You must not break one law while seeking to enforce another.

  5. “The moral of this story is the police have the best boom weed for sale and the dreads need their food.. The judge should therefore forthwith strike out the case on the following technicality that as a matter of fact for the record there was in fact a hell of a lot more than 253 key and a very significant substantial amount has gone on a walkabout while in police custody. The defence rests it’s case your honour..”

    Ganja Smuggling and Version

  6. “Bennett’s relationship with the drug world probably started when he was a policeman and greed forced him to take the wrong path. The blogmaster is sure Bennett represents the ‘tip of the iceberg’. Then again there is the presumption of innocence, stop it!”

    @ David

    What is the basis of your assumption that, because Bennett is a former police officer attached to the Drug Squad, “greed forced him to take the wrong path?”

    Why shouldn’t he, similarly to anyone charged with a drug or any other offence, be ‘presumed innocent until proven guilty?’

    Seems as though you’ve already tried and convicted the guy, even before all the evidence has been presented, examined and cross-examined in Court.

  7. Has the case against Rogers/Prescod reached the courts yet? That was what, 3 years ago? Arrest is step 1, but the follow through is vital.

  8. Three men found on a yacht containing drugs.

    oom pound oom pound pickety pound

    Two stool pigeons.

    one was white and one was black.

  9. @ David

    Okay…….. ‘fair enough.’

    Can’t remember, but, I’m hoping you held a similar view relative to Charles Herbert.

    If the evidence proves otherwise, that means you’ll immediately assume something was done to ‘pervert the course of justice?’

    • @Artax

      You are comparing the two matters? One man was found with 2 million dollars worth of contraband in his home.

      The other was a situation of contraband found on a boat exposed to several others.

  10. @ William Skinner

    “In the meantime ….. who’s on speed dial….”

    You not suggesting that the SUPREME LEADER.& Dictator will intervene on his behalf, Wily would be surprised if this does not happen or some other equally appalling intervention by someone that owes a CYA (Cover Your Ass) favor.

    • @Wily and William

      We are creating a rabbit hole. The deacons situation cannot compare with the Bennett matter that is before the court.

  11. @ David

    ONE man???

    According to news reports, “George Bennett, 61, of No. 103, 1st Avenue Warners Gardens and 33-year-old Guyanese national Dharma Rudradeo who was staying at the same address, were JOINTLY CHARGED with possession, trafficking and intent to supply 253 kilogrammes of cannabis worth just over $2 million on July 30.”

    Remember, initially, Herbert and two (2) other individuals were ‘jointly charged’ as well.

    Anyhow, I’ll respect your opinion.

    • @Artax

      We keep going around and around on the issue of arresting the drug scourge in Barbados. We know that it is endemic in the country. We know drugs enter through ports of entry and other avenues. We know prominent and well connected persons in the country must be involved in the importation and distribution of the contraband. To be frank, the blogmaster has reached the point to agree to shake the tree. The rotten apples will drop as well as the good apples, so be it!

  12. My position is the same for both the house and the boat.

    Ain’t nobody would bring that amount of it on my property expecting I would not find out.

    This man was a high ranking member of the damn drug squad!

    Only way he could be innocent is if it was a set up.

    But usually I find that the most obvious scenario is also the most likely.

    Sparrow’s Lying Excuses were too convoluted to be believed.

  13. little stupid bad boys. should stop being little stupid bad boys.
    does not make sense to me
    but then …….what do I know bout anything

  14. Pharmaceuticals?

    Dem say a small plane (Miss-Bim) Was traveling East (93 degrees from de North). De Plane left a neighboring Island 112 miles due west of Barbados with a load of Pharmaceuticals that fell out de cargo hole into somebody house over Barbados..

    Masey Green said “de pilot couldn’t see de instruments because of all de smoking and push de wrong buttons that GUN make somebody rich”

  15. There has been a severe recent backlash of Mia’s proclamation that Barbados will become a republic from November. Within days of this backlash we have received news of three high profile cases with the alleged involvement of both guns and drugs. Is this all stage managed or is it a coincidence?

    We all know that Mia has a huge PR team. Call me a cynic.

    Meanwhile our Ambassador to the UAE the son of the “businessman” Abed appears to be drumming up business between the two countries.. Am I the only one deeply suspicious as to why Barbados chose to set up an embassy in the UAE – an Arab country!. Why select this man with his background to establish diplomatic ties with his Arab Muslim background? Will he be working in the interests of Barbados or will this be a sideline business for his community residing in Barbados? The UAE has a terrible record for its treatment of African workers. What is the likelihood of Barbados becoming a transit hub for nefarious activities between the two ports of this countries? I am not amused.

  16. “Will he be working in the interests of Barbados or will this be a sideline business for his community residing in Barbados? The UAE has a terrible record for its treatment of African workers. ”

    That is why Black/Africans who are not yardfowls/slaves on the island ARE WARNED…to stay well away from any involvement with the government and their ambassador to UAE…..STAY FAR AWAY….if it’s their usual sideline business of criminality it has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE AFRICAN DESCENDED…

    we HAVE SAY ON THE AFRICAN CONTINENT….and a semblance of control of what goes on……we are the DESCENDANTS, it’s OUR ANCESTRAL LANDS ….where minority criminals already made an end run fueled by the FRAUDS in the parliament and it BLEW UP IN THEIR FACES…

    …..arabs are slavers….and black governments in Barbados CANNOT EVER BE TRUSTED…

  17. @TLSN August 6, 2021 12:41 PM

    United Arab Emirates Got boat loads of money. Our Government is being proactive.

    World Bank/IMF drying up.

    We aren’t lazy people…We know how to get up n get..

  18. How could they be anything other than stupid? They go to jail or get killed, mostly before age 35, while others reap the sweet. Swimming out at night to bring in packages. Got to sleep with one eye open.

    What kind of life is that?

    There are options for these young men. They need help finding them. Instead, smarter people take advantage of their stupidity. They are mostly recruited by the time they are teenagers. Not easy to get out alive after that.

  19. Wait! Is this the same United Arab Emirates idea that Estwick was laughed at for promoting?

    My question is – what do they get out of it?

  20. Estwick was looking for 6 billion dollars to borrow or so he said……don’t have to tell what that meant, this very nasty lot will not say anything, they will just collude and plot against Black people…..for the same amount or more…

    they miscalculated on the continent….

    .but arab slavers are a whole nother anmal…

  21. from certain actions seen in certain communities…it’s very clear that they are plotting and planning…the yardfowls/slaves can stay there and get led away like sheep…to be slaughtered, no one will care,

    …all the warning signs are there and flashing red..

  22. I and my mother have no sympathy for George Bennett.

    Having said that, one would have thought that Bennett’s work as a police and lawyer would give him some level of ‘protection’ in the court of public opinion.

    One apparent difference is there is no old high school chum to vouch for him.. are there any other differences?

  23. “are there any other differences?”

    other than what those who know are saying, as head of the drug squad he was instrumental and very good at breaking diown Black people’s doors…not minorities….for the same thing of which he is now charged.

  24. TLSN…as long as they STAY OFF OUR CONTINENT. with their thievery and disrespect..they won’t hear a peep from me, they are welcome to arab enslaver countries…….we will soon hear the yardfowl/slaves speaking arabic…

  25. Hey Waru in your news there is a guy writing a book on stick licking on the island, …your slow off the mark .. I think its prefaced I would like to thank my six former wives for helping me hone my technique. lol

  26. In America, corrupt police used to bust a drug dealer, steal his goods, then simply leave, having made their point and gotten their profit. This is not so common anymore. The LAPD was overhauled following racist accusations, and Los Angeles has a more professional force now. Third World and Caribbean countries aren’t so lucky.

    — Catxman

  27. @Lawson
    You are a breath of fresh air..
    1) What do you call a nice woman in Lawson’s house?
    Answer: A visitor
    2) Found this …just for Lawson
    When a group of tourists visited a crocodile farm, the owner of the place launched a bold proposal:
    – Whoever dares to jump, swim to the coast and survive, I’ll give you $ 1 million.
    No one dared to move for awhile, and then suddenly, a man jumped into the water and desperately swam to the shore while being chased by all the crocodiles.
    With enormous luck he made it safely and received everyone’s admiration, then the owner announced;
    – We have a brave winner.
    After collecting his reward, the couple returned to the hotel, upon arrival, the manager told him; he was very brave to jump, then the man said;
    – I didn’t jump, someone pushed me!
    His wife smiled…
    Moral: ′′Behind every successful man, there’s a woman who pushes him”

  28. “Moral: ′′Behind every successful man, there’s a woman who pushes him”

    or stands behind him watching what he is posting to the blogs….just a matter of time before Lawson gets caught.

  29. Behind every successful man is a woman telling him he is wrong. Waru where is that 20 large I need, to get back in the air.

  30. Theo…A bajan answers the phone and says how the hell would I know I live in saint thomas ..His wife says who’s that..Some idiot asking if the coast is clear.

  31. Judge: Mr Lawson, I cannot believe the pig consented.
    Lawson: I said all who wanted to have sex to say “oink”.

  32. Once again, Lord Marshal Dale is showing that he has a hard hand in directing the fortunes of our justice system on behalf of Mia Mottley. Thank you, Attorney General!

    Has the U.S. already filed an extradition request? In the US, the courts would sentence the defendant to a lifetime penalty of forced labor on the federal cotton plantation.

    Time for Donville to get some Barbadian company in Texas!

  33. @David “…commonsense supports a view that prominent, respected citizens…”

    Prominent maybe, living high off the tax payers dollars.

    But respected? Nope.

  34. I can go easy on a young boy on the block.

    He is young, inexperienced, foolish, poor, poorly educated, unemployed, hungry even

    But bigable hard back men on whom the tax payers have spent nuff, nuff dollars on education and salaries and maybe even on pensions?

    Nah! i can’t go easy on that at all, at all, at all.

  35. @Donna August 6, 2021 8:39 PM “Hey, Cuhdear Bajan! I was just talking your name on another thread and wondering where you were.”

    Working hard.

    Liming with visiting kindred.

    But happy and healthy up to this moment.

    How are you and yours? How does your garden grow?

  36. @TLSN August 6, 2021 8:25 AM “What is the history behind the name Rap Brown?”

    I really bin around too long. Long, long before the 60’s.

    Still Wikipedia is handy, lol!

    “Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin (born Hubert Gerold Brown; October 4, 1943), formerly known as H. Rap Brown, is a civil rights activist who was the fifth chairman of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee in the 1960s. During a short-lived (six months) alliance between SNCC and the Black Panther Party, he served as their minister of justice.[citation needed]

    He is perhaps known for his proclamations during that period that “violence is as American as cherry pie” and that “If America don’t come around, we’re gonna burn it down.” He is also known for his autobiography, Die Nigger Die! He is currently serving a life sentence for murder following the shooting of two Fulton County Sheriff’s deputies in 2000.”
    Source: Wikipedia

  37. @Donna August 6, 2021 8:53 AM “Soon there will be no place to escape to unless behind a self-contained gated community.”

    You are a smart woman Donna. I know that you don’t really believe that there are no drugs in self contained gated communities.

  38. Cuhdear Bajan,

    Glad to hear you have loved ones around. My son and I are fine. Fighting caterpillars on the Chinese cabbage and kale and whitefly on the pigeon peas but everything else is fine. Got a healthy, long pumpkin vine for the very first time. And flowering. Got leeks growing for the first time.

    Going out now to transplant cucumbers and sweet peppers into larger pots.

    Sorry, David. No more garden talk on this blog. I’m done.

  39. Cuhdear Bajan,

    Plenty drugs. No drug trade related murders. That takes place among the stupid little black boys on the streets.

  40. Since John crowned me the life expectancy expert of BU I will say now that the life expectancy of a Bajan man is 77.8 years.

    So at age 62 the typical Bajan male has 15.8 years before the last bell rings, so if the typical 62 year old Bajan man comes into possession of 2 million dollars, he would have to spend about $125,000 per year every year in order to use up all.

    And what do 60+ people spend money on, since the house is paid for, the children are grown, the parents are dead, dead, dead, the young women and men find old people to be slow and boring, the liver is beginning to go downhill so one can’t consume much alcohol, Covid19 stirring and old people really shouldn’t travel, so what to spend the money on.

    Because what is the point of having money, if essentially it is dead money, no place to spend it, nothing left that is exciting to buy?

  41. @ Cuhdear Bajan

    De Bajan original Rat-brown was killed by police at his home in de late 1950’s or early 60’s. De Advocate archive have de full Rat-brown story.

    Many of us left school and went to see Rat-brown house with all dem bullet holes.

    When de police went to arrest him, It was said that he shot at de police. He had rat holes/gun turrets all around he house and will shoot at dem from any direction…

    De house was a sieve after de police finished with it..

  42. Marksman.

    St. Vincent prime minister injured in anti-vaccine protest

    SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — St. Vincent and the Grenadines Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves has been hospitalized after a demonstrator threw a rock at his head during an anti-vaccine protest in the eastern Caribbean island. His office issued a statement late Thursday saying Gonsalves was bleeding profusely but is expected to recover. Authorities said Gonsalves was injured

    when he stepped out of his car and tried to walk into Parliament amid a crowd of some 200 people that had blocked the entrance as they set roadblocks on fire. The crowd had gathered to reject proposed measures to fight COVID-19, although Gonsalves clarified that he would not make vaccines mandatory.

  43. @Cuhdear Bajan,
    I already know the history of “Rap Brown” the American civil rights activist and I did not need to consult Wikipedia. I was talking about the detained ex-cop, Mr Bennett. In a newspaper column they called him by his nick name “Rap Browne”. I wanted to know how he acquired this name. Dirt Farmer answered my question.

  44. TLSN…Don’t know if he was involved in that shooting of the original local rat brown, but the former sharpshooter cop who was arrested with ammunition about 2 years ago, also carries a similar moniker of Rap Brown, another .questionable character.

  45. Michael Lashley should have been AG?

    Lashley: Cops need to use new drug guidelines
    By Rachelle Agard
    A senior attorney wants to know why police officers are not following the new law which gives people the option of paying a $200 fine for having no more than 14 grammes of ganja instead of hauling them before the courts.
    Queen’s Counsel Michael Lashley made the query while arguing for his client Rene Rochadale Wade, who was charged with unlawful possession of two grammes of marijuana on July 23.
    However, police have denied they are not enforcing the law, and in turn have questioned if those caught with the drugs are complying with another requirement of the measure – agreement to undergo counselling.
    Lashley told the District “A” Magistrates’ Court, which is sitting at the No. 4 Supreme Court, that when he enquired of police why the provisions of the Drug Abuse (Prevention and Control) (Amendment) Act, 2021, enacted five months ago, were not being enforced, he was informed there was no paper on which to print the notices offering payment of the $200 penalty.
    Counter to intention
    “It runs counter to the intention of Parliament and the spirit on which this law was passed. The police officers who are prosecuting and the police officers who charged him don’t know this law was passed in March and they should make use of it. Ten dollars of marijuana and you will drag a man through the court system? I believe that we should look at the spirit in which this law was passed and not be clogging up the court with $10 spliffs,” he submitted.
    He charged that police had abused their power in an instance where the charge sheet itself weighed more than the two grammes of herb found. He added his client should not have been made to spend the night in a cell and given station bail.
    “My position is, the law is there to stop the prosecution of these small quantities. The prosecution should be only if you breach by not paying the fixed penalty. I have seen over the past week, and after this law has been proclaimed, a whole set of people being charged and hauled before the courts for small quantities in contravention of the spirit and intent of the amendment to the
    Drug Use (Prevention And Control) Act,” he later told the Saturday Sun.
    Chief Magistrate Ian Weekes, speaking during Wade’s appearance on Wednesday, said perhaps police would now move to enforce the law.
    “I can’t tell the police what to do. But as a creature of statute, there is this new wave that would suggest persons are not hindered going forward with these small types of matters. I know that the challenge for me maybe additional work for the police in terms of the counselling, but I understand the thinking behind it. The police [should] understand now, and in terms of station bail, that some adjustment, given the amendment, should be looked at,” he said before reprimanding and discharging Wade.
    “Overall, the issues Mr Lashley has raised, he may have a good point, and I am sure now you have written your letter it will be looked at,” he said.
    However, police prosecutor Station Sergeant Crishna Graham said an accused person had to agree to counselling up front to benefit from the amended law.
    “The prosecution is well aware of the amendment to the [Act]. I would like to highlight to the court Section 6 (A) (1) . . . where the person has to agree to all the conditions set out, which means he has to agree to go to counselling, to pay the fine and such like. I would think, since the accused man is before the court, that he did not agree to the terms,” she submitted.
    “I would wholeheartedly disagree with the position made by counsel concerning the police force since we are enforcers of the law and we are also guided by what the law says.”

    Source: Nation

  46. @TLSN August 7, 2021 2:59 AM “@Cuhdear Bajan, I already know the history of “Rap Brown” the American civil rights activist and I did not need to consult Wikipedia.”

    But TLSN you is a bright fella. I sadly am not a bright girl. Hal’s other name for me is Silly Woman. Some of us–sadly perhaps–have to use Wikipedia.

    I had a sibling who was a cop back in the day when wunna was wearing short pants. He has long been promoted to glory as the good folks of the Salvation Army call it. Gone to the place where the streets are paved with gold, where there is no more sorrow, no more tears, where milk and honey flows. He unfortunately is lactose intolerant, so I hope that in heaven they also serve mauby, beer, rum, or at least lactose free milk.

    I gone.

    Have to hang with the sisters and nieces and enjoy my Saturday pudding and souse.

    An excellent day to you.

    Even though you is a big “D”

    Democratic Labour Party partisan.

    Cuhdear Bajan, supporter on no political party. It has been my pleasure and responsibility to help to cast both parties out of office from time to time. I hope to continue doing so for another 30 years or so, until I too am promoted to glory. Not lactose intolerant, so I will enjoy the milk thingy, but will ask the angels to hold on the honey thingy, because alas I am diabetic.

  47. @DAVID

    “We are creating a rabbit hole. The deacons situation cannot compare with the Bennett matter that is before the court.”

    BULLSHIT, does not matter the calibre of the gun that killed you, dead is dead.

    • @Willy

      The Bennett matter is before the court and fail was denied.

      The call from the person at Deacons to Mia that resulted in an action stayed is an entirely different matter.

      Let us be rational man!

  48. David,

    You and the Michael Lashley thing again???

    No! He should NOT have been Attorney General!

    Adrian may have been lacking but Michael …

  49. @Dirt Farmer August 6, 2021 11:36 PM “De Bajan original Rat-brown was killed by police at his home in de late 1950’s or early 60’s. De Advocate archive have de full Rat-brown story.”

    @WURA-War-on-U August 7, 2021 4:38 AM “TLSN…Don’t know if he was involved in that shooting of the original local rat brown”

    I can’t believe that in spite of Hal Christening me Silly Woman, I now have to assume the role of both Math teacher and History teacher on BU.

    The man who has recently arrested was born in about 1959, so in the late 50’s early 60’s [let us here assume that the late 50’s is from 1957 to 1959; and that the early 60’s is from 1960 to 1962.


    It seems clear to this silly woman that unless the man was an armed policeman before he started elementary school he could not have been involved in any police shooting in the late 50’s/early 60’s when he was 3 years old at most, a mere a toddler still wetting his diapers, and sucking his thumb, and crying when mummy went off to work.

    BU is full of ahistorical-innumerate-semi-literate jokers

    But what do I know, being only a Wikipedia dependent silly woman???


    The pudding and souse was very good. Had a few American cookies for dessert. Maybe will put way a rum punch now.

  50. @ David August 7, 2021 1:25 PM

    On the one hand people claim Mia Mottley is an all-powerful dictator, on the other hand they claim Mia Mottley will get the drug lawyer out of jail. Both positions totally contradict each other.

    Nothing happens in Barbados without our Supreme Leader. Therefore, consistent and rational is only the thesis that our Supreme Leader wanted the arrest and will let the drug lawyer rot in jail just like Donville Inniss.

  51. The man who has recently arrested was born in about 1959, so in the late 50’s early 60’s [let us here assume that the late 50’s is from 1957 to 1959; and that the early 60’s is from 1960 to 1962

    Cuddear…i was very specific..the rap brown i spoke about ….the sharp shooter…. was ARRESTED 2 YEARS AGO WITH AMMUNITION…

    read it again…SLOWLY this time..

  52. He too is younger than 75 so could not have been a policeman in the late 50’s/early 60’s.

    75 means born about 1946.

    Means turned 18 in about 1964

    Could not have shot anybody in the late 50’s because he was a minor in the late 50’s and minors are not admitted to our police force.

    Unlike to have shot anyone up to 1962, because in 1962 only 16 years old, still a legal minor.

    Methinks that too many of the BU people believe in fairy tales, he say, she say, dem say.

  53. A question was asked as in NOT SURE if the rap brown sharpshooter was involved in the rat brown shooting….no one said he definitively that he was….many of us would have been 4, 5, or 6 years old in 1964 and only heard about the shooting growing up…

  54. My baby sibling is 62 was born in 1959, so I did not have to do any arithmetic to discover when a 62 year old was born.

    Eldest sibling was born before, significantly before the 1937 rebellion.

    I was not 3, or, 4 or 5 in 1964. Was well in secondary school in 1964.

    Met Grantley Adams when he came to our home campaigning.

    Met Errol Barrow and his daddy too. Used to visit the dad frequently when he lived “above” that is east of the Paynes Bay fish market.although one of the BU illuminati told me that I could not have met Reginald.

    My ma went to elementary school with Frank Walcott.

    Da went to elementary school with Mel Williams.

    Eldest grandma was born in 1879.

    Knew Hilary Beckles long before he went to secondary school. Lived in the same village as my paternal auntie whom I used to visit every Sunday afternoon. He went to the same elementary school as Mel and my pa, but of course long, long after.

    The family is living history, because we all live long, long, 100 years ago seems like yesterday.

  55. “Why select this man with his background to establish diplomatic ties with his Arab Muslim background?”

    What? Here I was convinced that the Syrian-Lebanese who fled religious persecution were Catholics, owing to their connection to rhe Maronite Church. The PM should have appointed one of the self-described multi-linguist on BU. I am sure he/she would profess to be fluent in Arabic.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  56. Only the criminally corrupt, would accept a diplomatic post from the criminally corrupt…some people have ethics and a sense of morals and fairness..

  57. Ah see yall were trying to POLLUTE THE CONTINENT with ya minority criminals….who are NOT the descendants of the ENSLAVED…..and got the DOOR SLAMMED IN YA FACES..

  58. I will be sure to school them on a what a POLITICAL SLAVES/SPIES sound and look like, so they can smell yall STENCH…from a few miles away….and RUN FOR THEIR LIVES…watch muh nuh..

  59. Hellucination
    Sittin’ on the toilet, shittin’, puffin the ‘do
    There’s money to bait and I’m in the mood to go fishing)
    Whatever nigga, give me time to wash my ass
    My habit at your norm’ day, fiendin’ for the cash
    :: :: ::
    (I knew it, bad vibes flowin’ like fluid
    Forget about the dough, let’s do it
    I see you already strapped pa, so I’ll meet you
    Outside, ’cause my gats back in the car
    How far must one go
    Before he throw his whole entire life right out the window)

  60. Attorney, co-accused remanded again

    Former lawman turned attorney George Adolphus Bennett and his Guyanese coaccused were further remanded to prison when they appeared in the District “A” Magistrates’ Court yesterday.
    Bennett, 60, of No. 103, 1st Avenue, Warners Gardens, Christ Church, and Guyanese Dharma Rudradeo, 33, also of No. 103, 1st Avenue, Warners Gardens, Christ Church, are jointly accused of possession of cannabis, having a traffickable quantity of the drug and possession of 253 kilogrammes of the drug with intent to supply on July 30.
    The drugs have an estimated street value of over $2 million.
    Bennett is solely charged with unlawful possession of 19 rounds of ammunition; obstructing, assaulting and resisting Sergeant Fabian Griffith; obstructing and assaulting Constable Erica Maynard and failing to deliver up two certificates of appointment and a police identification holder, all on July 30.
    He was represented by Queen’s Counsel Andrew Pilgrim, while attorney Arthur Holder appeared for Rudradeo.
    Magistrate Manila Renee remanded the two back to HMP Dodds until September 10.

    Source: Nation

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