Senator Caswell Franklyn of the Opposition People’s Party for Democracy and Development Exposes a Big Problem

Senator Caswell Franklyn of the People’s Party for Democracy and Development (PPDD) shared the following email (email addresses were redacted from the email) with the blogmaster. The contents of the email is not new and there is no need for the blogmaster to be prolix except to say-  trivializing the process of law making exposes AND compromises the governance system.

We must do better.

– David Blogmaster



I am forwarding this email that I just received a few moments ago.  It is informing us that there will be a meeting of the Senate on Wednesday, August 14th but it did not tell us what we would be debating.  How much later must we wait for the Order Paper (agenda).  Invariably, we will find out on Wednesday.


Sent from my iPad
Begin forwarded message:
From: Parliament of Barbados <>
Date: 12 August 2019 at 10:22:01 am GMT-4
To: “Adams, Rawdon”, “Boyce, Kevin” , “Cheltenham, Dr. Sir Richard”, “Cummins, Lisa”, “Drakes, Crystal”, “Franklyn, Caswell”, “Grant, Rudy” , “Greenidge, Rudolph” , “Haynes, Dr. Crystal”, “Henry, June”, “Holder, Lynette”  “Maynard, Dr. Christopher” , “McConney, Kay” “Moe, Lucille”, “Moore, Toni”, “Nurse, Lindell”  “Parris, Patricia”  “Rogers, John”, “Sands, Damien” “Springer, Romel” , “Taitt, Monique” , “Walcott, Mr. Jerome”, “Wiggins, Alphea”, “Beverly, Gibbons” , “Eastmond, Pedro” , “Jones, Nigel”
Subject: 28th Sitting of the Honourable the Senate – Wednesday, August 14th, 2019

Dear Honourable Senators,

You are hereby informed of the 28th Sitting of the Honourable the Senate being held on Wednesday, August 14th, 2019 in the Senate Chambers, Parliament Buildings at 11:00 a.m.

The Order Paper and any additional information will be sent at a later date.


Parliament of Barbados
Parliament Buildings
Trafalgar Street
Tel:  (246) 427-2019
(246) 427-1461 (Direct)
Fax: (246) 436-1310



  • Channel 5 UK and Sky News, LBC Radio etc they all got this clear violation of this lady and her family’s rights blasting across UK as I type…..this level of wickedness and brutality of ya own people coming from a mediocre government and useess media in Barbados…will not be tolerated..


  • “@ WARU
    For every dollar earned in tourism, we spend at least 60% of it to maintain that industry.
    For every dollar remitted by overseas citizens , it’s safe to say at least 95% remain in the country.”

    we have known for years that both dimwitted governments have been DELUSIONAL about the tourism, only their yardfowls would believe their shite..

    in saying that..i have no problem with engaging with fellow Bajans to help the family contributes tons of money to the econonoy because it is the right thing to do…but to get anymore…this dumb government will have to DISMANTLE THE EXISTING SLAVE SOCIETY….they are determined to keep in play and GET RID OF THE TIEFING MINORITIES, COW, BIZZY, MALONEY, BJERKHAM, TEMPRO, ETC, THE INDIANS, SYRIANS..ETC..who have the island in a stranglehold of guns, drug, and other crimes against the Black majority……head of which is tiefing the VAT, TAX money and Pension money from the vulnerable elderly people….not to mention stealing the land from the vulnerable elderly and their beneficiaries…who include those Bajans who work in UK and US…that gotta stop..

    it may be easier to get rid of this whole blighted governemnt because they do not intend to stop the corruption…that is very clear..

    those are the conditions..she can take them or leave them…it does not matter to us..


  • @Artax

    Thanks for being your usual thorough self. Meant to pull those links earlier to rebut some of the sensational BS being posted.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine


    I think my comment was fear comment to you. I did not call you a jackass. I just referred to the occupation you spent countless hours studying for and passed with flying colours. Not easy for a loyal lapdog to acknowledge what he is expert in I see. Now I really do not know what you mean by me being full of myself. I would think that if you look in the mirror you will see what it is that the mirror is truly reflecting. Makes no sese me telling you because you already know. Me on the other hand, I do not ever remember me changing me from the me that me has always been, although I have tone it down a bit. I know it hurts you when anyone got to say anything about your bread and butter provider. i can understand why you hold so strong to seeing Rogue Works Mottley defended. But have you notice the part where I say I will praise her and even bow down to her, if she can move with the haste in putting concrete and strigent measures in place to stop the wheeling and dealing, and ease at which people like she and the other crooks does get easy money. Surely that is worth something for you to agree with me on.


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    My little Johhny saw the social media photos and thought that they didn’t appear to be very serious. I checked with a friend who spent decades working with burn victims and the following formula is used to determine outcomes. If the percentage of burns, in this case 74%, is added to the age of the victim, in this case 44 years. If that number is greater than 100, in this case 118, the victim is very likely to die. So I said to Johnny very likely this woman will die. So I was not at all surprised to learn that the woman had died.

    Anybody who has worked with burns, doctors, nurses, emergency medical technicians knows this formula, so I don’t see how this knowledge could be “suppressed” by anybody.

    And besides how can anybody suppress anything nowadays. People don’t just disappear. We ALL have families who know and love us, and when we have family members who don’t come home we start to make enquiries, and if enquiries to “authoriries” go unanswered people will go to the media and to social media. Nobody in the world has the power to stop that, not even Donald trump.

    Massa day dun dead.

    In addition a lotta wunna men are bullies.


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    @William Skinner August 15, 2019 10:46 AM “I just thought it was time to call out these nefarious idiots who believe that all Bajans overseas must do is send them barrels.”

    I continue to grow my own food because I don’t want to be called out as a nefarious, greedy barrell loving person.


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    @Tron August 15, 2019 4:44 AM “Our leader Mia Mottley is therefore well advised to abolish the Senate in the medium term, let us say immediately after the next election.”

    And who is giving this advice?

    You Tron?

    You the lazy, disrespectful one?


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    @WURA-War-on-U August 15, 2019 5:43 AM “Public Service Vehicle operators are leaving disabled people by the roadside, impatient with the time people with physical challenges take to get on the buses, leading disability rights advocate Kerryann Ifill has complained.”

    I am not saying that this is true or untrue. But since I am likely the only person on this blog who has taken public transportation virtually everyday for more than decades, I think that it is my duty to comment. And I have NEVER seen this happen. In fact I have frequently seen the opposite. Public service drivers (Transport Board, ZR, yellow buses and taxis) who go out of their way to assist those people with physical and or cognitive problems. Many times I have seen ZR drives cross the street with special needs children to ensure that they were safely on the other side. I’ve seen a Transport Board driver refuse to move the bus until a pregnant lady with a toddler was seated. You should see how quickly multiple people got out of their seats.

    I’ve personal experience as well. One day I fainted in town. Not only did the taxi driver bring me to my home, but he escorted me right into the house, ensured that I was seated, and enquired whether I had anybody at home to assist me.

    WURA-War-on-U August 15, 2019 5:43 AM “A savage society.”

    So “no” I cannot agree with WARU that ordinary Bajans are savages.

    I live here everyday. I take public transportation virtually everyday.

    We are NOT savages.


  • You are right President Simple…when i saw the video i knew she was pumped up on adrenaline and shock, that is what made her sound strong… and was not likely to survive, some people thought she had a little burn on her hand, but you can see the peeled skin and the burn degrees, if you knew what to look for…

    dogs have more empathy and feelings for each other than ya savages in parliament..


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    @WURA-WAR-on-U August 15, 2019 7:24 AM “Ah can’t even find the time to cuss the UK for the initial creation of this mess centuries ago and since the fake independence…these demons in the parliament are outdoing the british in brutality and savagery against their own people and against each other…by MILES.”

    This is NOT true, and you know it.

    What the British did to the colonised people in the Caribbean can never be exceeded. Why, the British people make the ISIS folks like like a bunch of sweethearts. And the ISIS folks are no sweethearts.


  • And i did not say ordinary bajans are savages…read what i said TWICE…


    i keep calling ya shitehound leaders by their real names…and YALL KEEP ATTRIBUTING WHAT I SAY TO ORDINARY BAJANS…the same people…VICTIMS…that i have spent the last 7 years DEFENDING..get a goddamn grip on yaselves..


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    @Hal Austin August 15, 2019 8:11 AM “This is what Barrow’s so-called free education has done to a once great nation. ”

    Barbados has NEVER been a great Nation.

    And no we are NOT savages either.

    And the bad behaviour of some Bajans was NOT caused by Barrow’s “free” education, which in any event was not and is not free, since saw my grandparents, parents, my siblings, myself and my children working hard, paying our taxes in order to enjoy what some people seem to believe is “freeness”

    We ordinary Bajans who have put a lot of labour, time and money into the pot understand that it is not free.


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    Of course some of the more foolish of the political class [all parties] would want the people to believe that it is free. We know that we work hard. We know that WE PAY THE POLITICIANS, THEIR SALARIES, AND THEIR PENSIONS. We know that they do not give us anything.


  • “What the British did to the colonised people in the Caribbean can never be exceeded. ”

    not in this era…cannot compare…DBLP STOLE BILLIONS from their own today’s dollars to feed their GREED AND THEIR BRIBERS…..physical slavery and brutality is one thing..mixed with mental brainwash and bullshit religion……but when ya fellow negro …pretending to be ya leader…set out to keep you mentally enslaved for 3 generations…deliberately, with no conscience…no feelings and some people i have spoken to are totally unable to function…..from tthe NEGRO LEADER EXPERIENCE….and even worse, Black bajans THOUGHT they were free, not knowing their negro leaders were setting them up……..this is ugly…

    the mental anguish and damage they MALICIOUSLY IMPOSED on their own black people to commit those thefts and the high cost it caused on these vulnerable Bajans , will take another 3 generations…75 years at least for Bajans to recover…

    they are no damn different from the british…the insult and disrespect is they committed these crimes against their own people…POST SLAVERY…..ah guess they will say it is a spinoff from what the brits did…but they claim to be the most intelligent people in the Caribbean…so how could ya do that to ya own…..shite titles gave them wings…but wings can be clipped…

    ah have no sympathy for any of them…shitehounds that they are, pretending to be better than their people while commiting those crimes…not realizing that the brits know how to cover their own asses…so more fool them..

    i have a way of compartmentalizing these matters…ya should try it…


  • @WURA-War-on-U August 15, 2019 5:43 AM “Public Service Vehicle operators are leaving disabled people by the roadside, impatient with the time people with physical challenges take to get on the buses, leading disability rights advocate Kerryann Ifill has complained.”

    it looks like you half read everything…am not the one who said that, if ya would notice the quotation marks …it was quoted…FROM YA NEWSPAPERS…it came from those who know what some do..


  • And…ya can defend ZRs as ya like, but ya are not disabled and have no clue how they treat disabled people…years ago when i took those vans sometimes, i always had to tell them slow the hell down cause they are always trying to overtake each other and SPEEDING ON WET ROADS…

    they would see me with a damn cane and still DRIVE LIKE IDIOTS..for 2 dollars..


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    @WURA-War-on-U August 15, 2019 11:53 AM “I watched for years as these ungrateful negros…PRETENDED THAT REMITTANCES FROM BAJANS WORKING ABOARD…in extreme weathers, racism and all manner of challenges…DID NOT MATTER.”

    As we say in Barbados when you say one, you have to say two. Even while I would never dispute the usefulness of remittances, we all must acknowledge that those who sent remittances were sending such money to support their young children or elderly parents, and that Bajans at home, including me, provided decades of “free” childcare and elder care. I asked an economist friend of mine, how come economists count remittances, and no economist anywhere in the world count the millions of hours of “free” child care and “free” elder care. His reply was that the economists had not yet figured out how to put a dollar value on this “free’ labour. But most economists are still men, and I certainly understand that there is a worldwide problem of undervaluing, and undercounting the “free” work that women do.

    I mean how much is it worth if i look after your children every Easter, summer and Christmas vacation, and your remittances look after the children’s basic needs, but they live in my home and my cooking, washing and cleaning for them, my taking them to the beach, to church, to other recreation and entertainment. How much is that worth? If you had to send your children to a summer camp from New York City to a northern New York, how much would you have to pay? And why is that camp paid thousands of dollars and granny in Barbados is paid nothing at all?


    We shoud not undervalue remittances.

    But it is an injustice to devalue the labour of grandmothers, aunties and siblings who look after your children, and your elderly parents while you develop your career.


  • @SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife August 15, 2019 4:08 PM

    “disrespectful”???? LOL!!!

    Remember it well, Simon, you have to earn respect first.

    We certainly don’t owe respect to civil servants who work 20 hours a week and spend the rest of their time committing adultery at work or playing any games on the iPhone.

    We don’t owe respect to people who for political reasons have any medals or titles.

    We don’t owe respect to people who have been silent in high offices of state during the 10 years of blue terror, closed their eyes to corruption and crawled up Donville Inniss’s ass. Now they crawl out of their holes like anything else and complain that the new government is trying to restart Barbados.

    Rather, we owe respect to those who tirelessly travel through Barbados and listen to the people. We owe respect to those who are constantly promoting Barbados abroad. We owe respect to those who are constantly insulted by the opposition.

    My respect goes to Mia Mottley.


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    If a patient is burned severely enough, the pain sensors in the skin are destroyed. At that point the patient can no longer feel pain and may be talking with others and may start making plans for “when I go home.” However the patient is still VERY SERIOUSLY injured, and is unlikely to go home alive.

    I am very sorry for what happened to this lady, and for her greatly bereaved children and family.

    Too many MEN are too violent.


  • … And that’s why it’s so good that we have such a wonderful woman as Mia Mottley as our leader.


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    @Tron August 15, 2019 5:24 PM “disrespectful”???? LOL!!! Remember it well, Simon, you have to earn respect first. We certainly don’t owe respect to civil servants who work 20 hours a week and spend the rest of their time committing adultery at work or playing any games on the iPhone. We don’t owe respect to people who for political reasons have any medals or titles.
    We don’t owe respect to people who have been silent in high offices of state during the 10 years of blue terror, closed their eyes to corruption and crawled up Donville Inniss’s ass.”

    I actually like to work hard, so I’ve never been a civil servant. Lolll!!!!

    I’ve committed my fair share of adultery, I am an adult, aren’t I? But NEVER, NEVER on the job. And NEVER EVER for a promotion or benefit. Purely for pleasure my boy. Lolll!!!

    You know as well as I do that every body in the WORLD who has a medal or title got it for political reasons, eg, their mummy is the Queen, they are a party faithful etc. That is how the “system” works, and YOU TRON are a part of the system.

    I met Donville just once–at my church—I had reason to reprimand him. And I did it face to face. He ignored me. If he had listened he would not now be in the electronic custody of U.S. officials.

    But nobody, listens to old black women. But we will outlive you, and come to see many more of you get your comeuppance.

    Ga ‘long do.


  • Mia, Dale Whistleblower etc …got and LIED ON A DEAD WOMAN…yall evil..we know yall are evil…but this is a new low, yall are wicked and ya will pay…just a matter of time..

    everyone knows yall lied on the dead lady, ya trying to cover up, but ya can only cover up for so long….everyone in UK knows ya are LIARS…ya face shows ya are lying…WHILE YA WERE LYING…… one beleives you…SAVAGES…


  • @ SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife August 15, 2019 5:55 PM

    I want to apologize to you personally. Of course my examples did not refer to yourself. If that was misleading, please ignore it. I do not want to offend any of the discussants personally.

    You least of all, because I appreciate your opinion.

    Yours Tron


  • David
    You listened to the post-Cabinet press conference? Oh dear, the mouttas on here.


  • @enuff

    Yes, it clarified a number of issues. Did not agree with the PM putting the COP on the spot.


  • @ wARU

    I guess they will come out and say the 2 babies killed themselves IN THE FIRE.



  • Barbados Underground Whistleblower

    @ Waru see why you must not be silenced.

    Lawyer charged with stealing

    Attorney Hilary Jeffrey Nelson appeared in court this morning charged with stealing over $800 000 from an overseas client.

    The 74-year-old attorney from Bagatelle Gardens, St Thomas, was not required to plead to stealing £347 660.96, equivalent to BDS $855 000, from British national Errol Hewitt between November 12, 2018 and May 4, 2019.

    The money was allegedly for the purchase of property.

    He was released on $400 000 bail with two sureties despite objections from the prosecution.

    The accused attorney was ordered to report to Black Rock station every Friday and surrender his travel documents.

    He is scheduled to return to court on February 18, next year.


  • Bajans need to get rid of the Mia government…….FOREVER….do not allow BLP to enter that parliament EVER AGAIN…

    well…we don’t have to tell British Bajans….DO NOT GIVE THIS GOVERNMENT ANY OF YOUR MONEY…not a dime, even if the island SINKS…do not do anything until the people get rid of these dirty CRABS…they are evil and if they lie on the they are known to do, as they are now doing on this poor deceased lady from UK……they will also LIE ON YOU ..or on any other black person like themselves…..AFTER TIEFING YA MONEY….

    I knew they were going to come out lying…I knew, because they even LIE ON THE DEAD…


  • Barbados 2019…do not be surprised if they lie and say the babies set that fire…..and killed their father…do not put anything past these filthy liars…

    BarbadosWhistleblower…we can’t shut up now, ya see the demons in full display, and getting worse, the vulnerable people on the island don’t stand a chance, but something will give…they are oudoing themselves every day and will continue outdoing themselves…IN BETWEEN trying to rob EVERYBODY….the scum in the bar association are getting worse with their uppity selves..

    THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED TO THE POOR LADY…her family is putting the info out there…this dirty, lying government gotta go..

    “I think that’s why the video of the attack was made in the first place
    because of WHO the killer was
    he had to be protected
    I got the lowdown on it today
    she apparently knew the assailant
    a close friend of her brother
    said to be lovers (many high profile ppl are gay)
    The brother was admitted to a care facility
    and the funds were cut off to his lover
    so in a fit of anger he attacked her
    this is what i got from a close source
    Police know exactly who it is
    had to be squashed.”


  • The report about the state of the software used by Customs and Excise was an eye opener.


  • Enuff…yall are not intelligent Enuff to cover up anything..ya can’t kill everyone or lock up is clear the Commissioner had no choice in this COVER UP…..since yall dangling Dottin in his face…

    yall lied so much over the decades…that ya even ya lies…now actually look and sound …LIKE LIES…

    The UN crowd are being warned about yall wiring restaurants and everywhere FOR SOUND , listening to everyone’s conversations……..AND TAPPING PHONES… they know to be careful with you CRABS….

    i was not even dealing with the events surrounding how she got burnt…only about ya not acknowledging she was british and COVERED UP THAT SHE DIED…FOR 9 DAYS..and it was the british press exposed your evil ways…..but since yall lying boldfacedly…people are exposing those lies…and it will HAUNT…


  • A killer might have gotten away, but none of yall are getting away..ya have to face THE PEOPLE..


  • Skinner you are a stranger to the truth.Even for a Dem apologist like you to suggest that the DLP and BLP are to be blamed for garbage for six weeks is dishonest. Bajans are suffering garbage problems because your Dems bought NOT ONE garbage truck for TEN YEARS.Therefore this government now has the task of trying to get trucks to do the job, so you can reel and come again.As for Baje Enuff has catspradle your agenda with facts you cannot refute.Your weak rambling response of being an onlooker and not voting before 2018 is a cop out.I called you out and got you stumbling all over the place like the Dem poochlicker you are alike Barbados 2019 take a hike with your agendas. Between 2008 and 2018 both of you were probably in timbuktuto even compare before May 2028 and now, no comparison at all.


  • Looka Abigail, de former Onlooker et al gone berserk. The Salemite is now accusing the PM, CoP and AG of lying. I keep telling the blogmaster that there are too many uninformed, misinformed crazies dominating the blog’s content. I like how Artax shut down TnAl one time. Bruggadung!!🤣🤣🤣


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    @Barbados Underground Whistleblower August 15, 2019 6:53 PM “The 74-year-old attorney …was not required to plead to stealing £347 660.96, equivalent to BDS $855 000…between November 12, 2018 and May 4, 2019.”

    Wunna fellas know that I too love me data. Since the life expectancy of a Bajan man is 75.9 years, and since the accused gent is 74.

    My question is since statistically any Bajan man of 74 has just two years left, if what is reported is true, what were the plans for the money?

    Because naked we come into this world and naked we will depart.

    And in any event since the streets of heaven are paved not with Barbados dollars, but with pure gold, we need not try to take anything with us.


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    @David August 15, 2019 6:38 PM “Yes, it clarified a number of issues. Did not agree with the PM putting the COP on the spot.”

    i don’t think that the COP was put on the spot.

    What do you think he was invited to a post-Cabinet briefing for?

    Surely not only for his pretty face?

    If you are a COP you are ALWAYS on the job.

    Ya always gotta be ready.


  • I got the lowdown on it today she apparently knew the assailant a close friend of her brother said to be lovers (many high profile ppl are gay).

    So the alleged assailant, a “high profile” homosexual, notwithstanding his “high profile”, is in such dire financial straits that he depends on a gentleman of what appears to be modest means for financial support? Riiiiiight! I’ll leave this to the BU experts and intelligentsia.🤔


  • Ms Crichlow has a son who is a professional footballer in the English football league. She had also just lost her mother and one of her uncles this year.


  • For clarity, the words below which I mentioned in my previous post are Abigail de Salemites’ NOT mine:

    “I got the lowdown on it today she apparently knew the assailant a close friend of her brother said to be lovers (many high profile ppl are gay).”

    My post was very much tongue in cheek. I wonder why Tituba don’t tek out Abigail doh. 🤣🤣#BUresidentwitchhunter


  • @ Lorenzo

    It’s known that the problems facing the country have spanned the Duopoly. I see them as one. That will not change.
    For over thirty years, we have complained about illegal dumping and matters pertaining to proper collection and disposal of garbage. We all remember Stinkeroo. To this day the taxpayers have not benefitted from the millions wasted .
    May fire bun the decadent Duopoly: Garbage; water shortages; sewage in the streets and ocean;turmoil in public transport.
    You just can’t believe that some of us no longer have any confidence in Roebuck or George Streets.
    As always , a pleasant evening to you and yours.


  • Should read : the millions wasted at Greenland that to this day the taxpayers have not benefitted.

    The Duopoly Rules.


  • A few are pulling overtime.
    Reminds me of when piece hit a good groove and had the apologist scrambling to attack him.
    Is a firebomb outside of the realm of possibility given the heinous crime that was committed against this woman.


  • It’s yall going to get take out…everyone was going with the story the deceased clearly gave…before she passed…no one was talking about anything except for the fact that YALL COVERED UP SHE WAS BRITISH….and NEVER REPORTED THAT SHE PASSED..ya tried covered that up too and was more than likely trying to DISAPPEAR THE BODY……..until the british press EXPOSED YA……but since ya came out LYING ABOUT HOW SHE DIED……ya will be dealt with accordingly…lying on the dead is nothing new for you swamp things……HENCE WHY YALL ARE SO BLIGHTED..

    Every minute is a scandal…

    The dead that ya tief from are following YALL…now ya have one more that ya lied on to get in line…they are following yall…NOT ME….ah can’t wait for that haunting to get into full swing…

    No one anywhere TRUSTS ANY OF YOU…NO ONE…

    Am here half sleepy and will sleep all night, not one ghost to haunt me..


  • Some will believe what they want once it portrays Barbados in a negative light. If we have gotten to a stage in Barbados where the COP, Fire Service, the presence of a recording from the house next door etc cannot be accepted, we should pack it up.


  • The major problem confronting the firecrackers who defend the BLPDLP is that in every single issue, it’s a case of the pot calling the kettle black.
    The apologists on both sides obviously do no research before they put pen to paper and they are easily taken apart by objective contributors.
    They are very poor at defending their parties because they can’t bear out their positions with facts.
    We should see them only as comedians.
    Six and half dozen.


  • “So the alleged assailant, a “high profile” homosexual, notwithstanding his “high profile”, is in such dire financial straits that he depends on a gentleman of what appears to be modest means for financial support? Riiiiiight! I’ll leave this to the BU experts and intelligentsia.🤔”

    Can’t put anything past you lowlife, low rent scum…aint all of you TIEF BILLIONS from ya own people and now there is not that much left in the treasury and pension fund…..ya still trying to TIEF FROM BAJANS IN THE DIASPORA…..if the assailant is greedy like yall…he will tief from a disabled person who barely got anything…yall tief ftom the sick, the dead, the dying, the young, the old and the disabled…and then lie on them and let them die…..

    The british press were INFORMED that you aliens would cover this up…..ya got beaten by ya own dirty game though..

    All we gotta do is sit and watch…AND IT WILL ALL COME OUT IN THE WASH.

    But ya wicked political masters…MARKED THEMSELVES….they are now MARKED with their BEAST SIGN……everywhere…ya should hear what is being said…ya are TOXIC…no one will touch you.


  • David,
    over the past couple weeks i find myself agreeing with u more than i like. you have made some v timely and sensible comments in this thread.

    the story of the burnt lady (may she rest in peace) struck me as odd from the outset. so i am not surprised by the findings. lots of idiots on this blog who are claiming a coverup dont exactly know how difficult it is to coverup something especially in a place like Bim.


  • @ David,

    The reports in the British press claim the lady was murdered by an intruder.

    The lesson Barbados should learn is that the Police should have made a statement to the public as soon as the had evidence that there was no intruder.

    The revelation today from the COP is going to seem like a cover up.

    Will the government be pro active and do damage control in the interest of the Tourist Industry ?


  • Hal,

    i benefited from Grantley Adams and Barrow’s education policies. Barrow’s more so. i take exception to whatever you are implying if you are indeed implying anything untoward in your comment in this regard.


  • @Hants

    Unfortunately the video by the now deceased will have many believing there is a cover up.


  • David,

    is there any place to view MAM’s pressie?


  • The leaders and authorities in BARBADOS…are NOT CREDIBLE…no one believes anything they say.

    The cop already made himself look weak and questionable by accepting security cameras from ICBL…who paid a fine for bribing a former government minister…so he has issues …and Mia and Marshall are KNOWN LIARS… did yall see the footage..

    The fire service is a known running JOKE…

    Ah could go on all night…but ah sleepy…


  • @Greene

    If the video by the now deceased can be explained this matter can be put to bed.


  • This link was posted earlier.


  • Hants…the damage ..IS ALREADY DONE…

    The press in UK was knocking this around all day from yesterday..BBC had it as front page…..and every news outlet was playing it …ON A LOOP.

    These crooks and liars only came out AFTER the british press EXPOSED them…that only makes it that much worse..

    They knew the lady was british…but never said a word…

    They knew she died on the 6th of August… but never said a word… is what the 15th…

    I personally did not want to address the events surrounding how she got burnt…although i saw the video the very next day…she was very clear about what happened to her and that SHE WAS ATTACKED…people in the video can be heard saying what they saw…

    And today thst video was played over and over just for accuracy.

    It is a COVERUP.


  • Hopefully someone can send yall the video…..i cannot watch anymore of that agony and suffering so i deleted.


  • i looked back in this thread and i dont see it but no biggie. i am sure it will be carried in tomorrow’s daily.

    i want to endorse a point you made earlier. Bim is a wonderful place to live. i had lived overseas for the past 35 years and i always look forward to returning home. i feel free and at peace.

    many of my friends i have invited over just love it. of course there are few things that bug me like the built in bureaucracy in the public service, garbage, squatting, loud music, rising crime, an over reliance on Govt to do everything, tiefing lawyers, the last iteration of the DLP after Thompson and this new dispensation of the BLP, a party i dont support largely. but at least they are trying albeit more long talk than action

    but i will never ever cry down beautiful Bim. May she rise to higher heights


  • @Greene

    You need to cahnage your device. It was just posted.


  • Furthermore…the lady PLAINLY SAID..she was in HER she was not cooking anything..they are lying, that person was in the house and she did not even know….she was DESPERATE for people to know what happened…


  • @ Waru

    They are known coverup artists.

    A Bajan man was prosecuted for raping 2 British white women, even though the white women insisted it was not him corrupt former COP Dottin still insisted it was the man to win a conviction.

    In Barbados the Police are known to be a stranger to the truth.


  • Baje ..i remembered that..Dottin was hellbent on framing the dude, Crawford i think his name was… because he was trying to put him back in prison, the mistake he made, dude was not a rapist….shamefully it was the RAPE VICTIMS, both british women, both white, who had to advocate tirelessly to free the man…because they insisted he was not the rapist…and Dottin who seemed to be present at both rapes..INSISTED that he was…

    the authorities on the island cannot be trusted…they are well known for cover ups…

    if you saw the video…you will know that they are all LYING on this woman, who was horribly burnt and ya can plainly see that something flammable was thrown on her., her hair was burnt off…….it’s like the deceased KNEW they would cover it up and she was very vocal while people were trying to comfort her..people KNOW WHO THAT KILLER IS…

    …so there is something very dirty about that whole murder.

    besides, the video was circulating so long, am sure it ended up in the hands of EXPERTS…who knew she was telling the truth, despite her TERROR….or because of it, she was so terrified…..that was no cooking accident..she said she was in BED when she was attacked…


  • So i take it that the LIARS..did not know there was a video circulating with the lady and OTHERS.. saying what REALLY HAPPENED..and that video…ended up in UK….GOOD…take that..


  • Thanks Hants. i looked at it. really a waste of time except for the CoP looking like a deer in the headlights. the man really need a course in handling and speaking to the press. he read and answered the questions as though he was giving evidence.

    Marshall kinda waved him to explain more when he had already done so and MAM berated him for not answering like a politician when she really added nothing to what he said. quite disrespectful in both cases.

    MAM is a real bully in truth. there was really no need for anyone else to be there. i know most people expect and want the PM to speak but she hogged it and was in her element as she clearly was prepared and wanted to answer all the questions. whilst there was too little of Freundel there is too much of MAM

    it was quite amateurish at best but informative nonetheless. Public speaking is a dying art and this pressie showed why.

    the investigation into the death of the burnt lady seemed to have been thorough and i dont know what else could be added. there seemed to have been enough forensic and witness evidence for the CoP to come to the conclusion that he did. that they are going to investigate for closure but at this stage there have uncovered nothing criminal.


  • I’m watching this PC and Dale M just blamed the past Gov’t for the rising number of crime/murders, is there no one else qualified to do his job?

    Someone should tell Straughn about the KISS system (Keep it simple……) when he is communicating in a public forum. He kept using system specific jargon when speaking about Customs Department changes, maybe the folks at the PC knew what he was speaking about, I didn’t.


  • The entire so-called press briefing was a massive ego massage for the president. She is rude and clearly bullies her team. She would not allow any of them to answer questions without intervening.
    On crime, especially the death of the British woman, an operational matter, she allowed the attorney general to dominate, with the inarticulate commissioner reading from a prepared release like a shy school kid. It was a dreadful exercise in blaming the last government.
    Reminds me of the Zimbabweans who wanted to get rid of Mugabe and are now saying the present president is worse than Mugabe. I am sure some people may even calling for Stuart to come back. Where is the DLP?


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  • Wuh…according to Enuff idiot…i was talking shite all day…and these ASSES…jumped out in a press conference…telling LIES on a woman who suffered so much after being doused and burned…and they NEVER KNEW…that there was a DYING DECLARATION VIDEO OUT THERE…wuh i can’t even laugh…

    They so deserve this.

    Wuh even the beastly westminster system am sure RECOGNIZES…dying declarations…especially when there are WITNESSES..

    Ah did not want to talk about the video…that is why i did not mention it..

    And the beauty about this shitshow they craated with that disrespectful to the deceased victim press conference…THEY CAN’T CHANGE BACK THEIR STORY NOW…they done lie already….wuh they had the COP right there LYING…ah sorry they did not drag out Dottin into that liefest too.

    And everyone got to watch them…what a thing


  • Now Barbadians get to see the kind of dictatorship they will have to endure for the next five years
    Prepared statements without media availability to ask questions is a govt poopet show
    The deceased woman made a statement which contradicts what the COP said
    The onky ineckniws what happened to her would be the deceased lady and she made that evidence available for all to see via social media
    As i said before this govt has and is making bold statements to cover up their misdeeds


  • Hal
    In 1991 the National Democratic Party proposed to spend 20 million dollars per year on a youth program. Included was a “ a well staffed Business Advisory Centre to encourage and facilitate the entry of youth into the world of business”.
    (Page 23 NDP manifesto 1991.)
    Almost 30 years later we hear of a new youth set up to the tune of 20 million dollars. It means in real terms that the Duopoly proposes to spend less money on youth than The NDP proposed in 1991.
    It shows once again that the Duopoly having governed this country for sixty years have no vision.
    I challenge anybody to go and read the NDP’s 1991 youth policy and tell me how come it’s taken the Duopoly thirty collective years to come up with a youth program that shamelessly proposes to spend less in real terms than the NDP proposed in 1991.

    The Duopoly Rules


  • Journalists were present and questions were asked.

    We may critique her style but she went many steps further than Freundel who presided over a government of silence.

    Did you watch or listen?

    Let us be fair in our criticisms.


  • @Wiliam

    The duopoly rules, the NDP tried?


  • So in case yardfowls still don’t understand what happened….because the video was out there for 18 days and apparently not even the COP knew…the prime minister, the attorney general and the commissioner of police got caught…TRYING TO COVER UP THE MURDER OF A BRITISH CITIZEN…


  • And now BBC is repeating THE LIE and letting everyone in UK know what Mia, Dale and the COP did at the press conference…

    ah waiting to get the info in writng..

    it will end in tears…wuh they could NEVER UNDO that lie, not when they jumped out with it already….blissfully unaware of that video…wuhloss….

    that is what happens when ya have no sympathy, no empathy for those of your own color persuasion, how could you HATE ya own people like that……..SAVAGES…


  • I could swear i heard all the ..oh RHs and the …oh shites…. in my sleep last night..

    Karma lowlifes…Karma..



    …this is the cover up…the big lie…REAL forencis experts have to grab that lady’s body ASAP….

    the COP is dumber than i thought…CCTV footage from a nearby home clearly shows only ONE SIDE OF THE HOUSE…any intruder can enter that home undetected if they know the house well…and even i can JUMP THAT FENCE…


  • listen stop with the crap.

    the CoP presented video evidence, witness evidence and forensic evidence and you all still uttering nonsense. i have not seen what the lady said but we seem to think that only what she said should be relied on. tdo we know he mental state at the time?

    the CoP said the video from a neighbour’s house showed no one entering the property and the witness who kicked down the paling door saw no one leaving and there was no evidence of anyone beside the witness entering from the paling.

    the british woman who had custody of the decedent’s child said the lady was cooking in preparation for their visit and police said a gas bottle connector in the house near the cooker was damaged indicating the possible cause of the fire. the fire was concentrated in the kitchen and not the bedroom and forensics also indicated that the decedent was not doused with any flammable substances.

    all this can be re examined

    so please stop with the conspiracy theory nonsense


  • yardfowls would believe anything…the person who DIED..said what happened…ya cannot LIE AWAY a dying declaration…..and am sure..YOU DID NOT SEE THE VIDEO EITHER..but myself and others DID..


  • Sargeant,

    the journalist asked Marshall to comment on the murder situation given that he was AG when murders was at the highest in 2007 and now. Marshall promptly blamed the last 10 years when the last 10 years would have shown that murders were not that high if the highest points were in 2007 and 2019.

    that was a brilliant exercise in political wukkup. then again cropover just over.

    that said besides MAM Marshall acquitted himself well in front of the camera.


  • Greene
    Why you don’t give up? You are dealing with some recalcitrant characters reminiscent of Salem.

    Hal aka Former Senior Editor
    Ensuring your Ministers deliver clear and concise information to the public is bullying? See Sargeant’s comments above. Why didn’t you question the bully at the townhall meeting?


  • listen you know how many dying declarations got innocent people locked up. the idea that a dying person is truthful is a fallacy. i am not saying the lady concocted a story to cover the fire that appears as though it started in the kitchen whilst she was cooking but how do you account for the following-

    no one seen entering or leaving house from neighbour’s video
    door to the paling intact except for being kicked down by recuer
    witness who rescued her saw no one leaving
    no other signs of forced entry
    fire investigators say fire started in the kitchen from gas cylinder connector
    medical examiner says no flammable liquid found on her body
    she was preparing a meal for a visit of her child and his british caregiver
    man disclosed as assailant interviewed, examined and eliminated


  • Just so yall dumbasses know…THE VIDEO with the victim’s dying declaration was just sent to a news outlet in UK…ket them review it..,and either hand it into scotland yard whom i believe krready have a copy…or BLAST IT ACROSS UK…unless the police says not yet..

    Yall are not getting away with this coverup…fckers

    Angela Cox…do not tell these assholes anything about the contents of the video…let UK handle this.


  • if you really knew anything you wont want the UK police to handle anything of import. if you distrust the Bim police well good luck with the UK’s


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @ Mr Blogmaster it’s amazing to read the comments re this matter in the absence of 1) not having irrefutable facts and 2) putting aside political bias.

    First, I am truly amazed at the totally divergent story lines…to hear one person tout a pre-death determination of what happened from this private video and read the facts as presented by officials is presently ridiculously hilarious.

    …Heinous crime or tragic accident…we will see.

    And 2…are we seriously giving props to Marshall and Mottley for their performance before a mic. SERIOUSLY!

    A press conference is normally a very mundane, unpleasant and dry event for the average govt official but for the politician it’s a moment to parade and pompasette… whatever the circumstances.

    For two VERY accomplished pols like the AG and PM both of whom were impressively ACCOMPLISHED public speakers even from their late teens it’s laughable to be praising them for simply being eloquently effective at a presser at this stage of the game of life.

    As I said rather amazing palaver above.


  • You have no real police in Barbados, no forensics experts, no real forensics lab…cause everything has to be sent to Trinidad, Jamaica or US….for nalysis…so what’s there to trust..

    I dont even want to beat up on the police too badly because i understand their situation….this is a government coverup…at least we know that UK cops CANNOT be bullied by the halfassed Barbados government….and that is ALL we need to know.


  • And i take it that Idiot Enuff did not see the video either…NOR even knew it existed…lol, lol, murder!!!!….literally…

    …….now i can laugh..


  • Greene

    It is IMPOSSIBLE for a video to be circulating on social media for 18 days and RBPF did not know anything about it.

    I’ll give you an example. I don’t know if you could remember a video that was circulating on social media around June this year, in which a group of men were seen talking about revenge killings and bragging about attacking their rivals anywhere, at anytime.

    The Cyber Crime Unit and CID detectives would have examined the video to ascertain its source and authenticity.

    All the victim’s relatives have to do is engage their own forensic pathologist to re-examine the body and seek assistance from UK police to conduct another investigation.

    If the victim was doused with a flammable substance, traces of that substance may not be found because the body would have been washed and prepared for repatriation. However, signs of strangulation or bruises may still be evident on the body. The RBPF could share their evidence with the UK police


  • Let’s cut to the chase. The clear truth is that politics has infected our major law enforcement agency. This goes back to Barrow’s heyday when he said on the floor of parliament he would not work for less than a police sargeant; continued when COP Durant said his hands were tied(RPB); in recent times the Dottin issue and the Guyston Mayers Police Commission embarrassment.
    All matters related to crime are now viewed with cynicism by the populace.
    These two parties have allowed yardfowlism to invade every area of national life.
    More and more Hal Austin’s declaration of a failed state becomes frighteningly ominous.
    The culmination of sixty years rule by the decadent Duopoly is bearing the fruit that has been predicted from the seventies.
    The question now is : Who will save Barbados from further decline.

    The Duopoly Rules


  • Wuh even worse…Mia sheself said yall dont have a proper forensics lab…ha!

    Wuh they wont even be able to analyze a video…..LET ALONE A FIRE THAT WAS DELIBERATELY SET…and the COP it seems can’t even explain a melted gas cylinder top…some cop he is….ha


  • @Greene

    I haven’t seen the video but I heard the rumours, the COP’s explanation of the facts surrounding the incident seems credible. A thinking person would ask why would Bajan authorities cover up the murder of a woman who is not a wealthy well connected socialite or political animal? Who are they covering up for? That cover up would involve multiple agencies and people and would be hard to contain. Barbados – pound for pound– may be the rumour and conspiracy capital of the world, we like um so.

    BTW If the victim was doused with a flammable liquid, traces may more likely to be found on the clothing she was wearing.


  • When something sounds TOO GOODBTO BE TRUE…it usually is…

    Ya have to see the video..

    If the UK media are allowed to play it…ya will…unless someone posts it to the blog. FB might baulk at playing it, because it is so graphic.

    They have covered up for far less than that and on people no one even knew.


  • Only a “dumbass,” according to an individuals, would believe the police needs a forensic lab to analyze a video.


  • Man BU too sweet!!🍬🍭🍩🍪🍰🧁🥧🍫🤣


  • is not me gotta explain shit. Ah saw the video..that NONE of yall did…. and intelligent people unlike ENUFF… UNDERSTAND what they too saw. Just like all the other people who saw it. Now that the idiot government have created this mess…and not ONCE mentioned the video…and hello neither did the COP…and all this will now have to be handled at a higher level…i can rock back and ENJOY the show.

    Yep..a shitload of fun on BU..cause when the police KNOW of any video in circulation…they always come out and yammer on and on about it. SOOOOOo why the silence on the video NOW…people are GLUED to their TVs in UK.


  • Piece the Legend


    @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    Please accept this comment in the spirit that it is given.

    It is normal for any blog to become infected/hijacked by a burning topical subject WHICH THE DEATH OF THIS BRITISH WOMAN IS.

    Artaxerxes made a point earlier which, BECAUSE DE OLE MAN ENT GOT NO TIME, I was not able to respond to.

    But my friend, the Superlative Archiver summarizes the matter of monitoring airwaves adequately to confirm if Collusion has occurred as to a purported wrongdoing.

    And he has provided several links to the same SO THAT WILL DISPEL INFORMATION SUPPRESSION.

    Having said that there is something that he cannot dispel and which Piece the Legend submits FOR YOUR LISTENING PLEASURE, See the POST here @ 8.09am on August 15 which reads

    And I quote

    “…If it were anything otherwise we would see the Attorney General Teets Marshall, Mugabe and Oblong Head Symmonds on national TV commisserating on thd death…”

    So Mugabe reads it (AS SHE DOES WITH ALL DE OLE MAN’S POSTS & ssh materials which she continues to claim as her own heheheheh) AND SAYS

    “Piece is correct, we need to issue a statement about this!”

    But, since I did not send Mugabe the script, like the ssh gave her the files, she decides to ad lib it!!

    The dufus should have done the following

    Give the COP slowpoke a script that said (a) name of party (b) incident report (c) evidence collected (d) steps in process and (e) current status/determination. MSKE SURE HE WAS TOLD NOT TO PLACE POLICE IN CORNER IN CASE ADDITIONAL EVIDENCE COMES TO FORE
    Teets Marshall was to be the party who would speak about the inter agency communications with (1) the UK government and (2) the pathologist etc.

    A statement like “investigation while much advanced have so far suggested that blah blah blah..” then shut to FVUCK up”


    That is why the retarded Commissioner of Police Griffith was there!! Bless his simple Simon looking ass.

    Mugabe’s purpose was to

    1.Speak through the camera to the family of the victim ALL THESE MILES AWAY!

    She Mugabe, devoid as she is for the feelings of poor black people was to use her bass voice and convey a sentiment of care about how children would feel when dem muddah get dead pun a trip to Barbados

    But you has to got a heart to do whu de ole man telling wunna SCVUNT and anyone who purportedly can bite out a clitoris CANT GOT ONE UH DEM, can dey???

    Criminal matters, institutional matters AND EMOTIONAL MATTERS.

    3 separate scopes of engagement like what happens in 1st world countries BUT DICTATORSHIPS ARE DIFFERENT AS WUNNA SEEING


  • Piece…it is a monumental FCUKUP…lol…ah got some popcorn and trying to decide which beverage alcoholic in nature…to wash it all down with…while watching THIS DOWZY…lol


  • Piece de TnAl
    You got caught telling lies..periodt…AGAIN! Now trying to save face. GTFOH.


  • It seems some are of the mistaken view by regurgitating BS it will become truth.

    The blogmaster will have the final word.


  • Did some of you say the CoP was a DLP appointee. To who much is given much is expected. We have a forum that can be productive or not.


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