Is the Chief Justice Marston Gibson IMPOTENT?

Submitted by PUDRYR

Well it finally had to happen and CHIEF JUSTICE MARSTON GIBSON’s known competencies, or renown incompetencies had to come to the surface or, as bajans say, “day has run, till night catch it”. Here is the matter in a nutshell.

The City of Bridgetown Credit Union made a qualified loan to Mr. Morris Lee and some family members. They were all members in good standing with the credit union BUT FATE WOULD HAVE IT, because a certain CEO, had his eye on Lee’s properties, it is purported that he directed THAT THE SECURITIES FOR THE LOANS were to be (a) Lee’s Minibuses, (b) a house and land, (c) and apartment building  and (d) ½ acre of land all valued at roughly $5.2M which was TWICE THE AMOUNT OF THE LOAN secured.

But what is really disturbing is that “the assets that were used to collateralize the loan”, WERE NOT THE PROPERTY OF THE MEMBERS WHICH THE CREDIT UNION GAVE THE LOANS TO. Yes sireeeee, Steve Belle and his ingrunt CoB lawyers, securitized the man loan with assets of private companies!

Now let me explain to wunna people cause wunna is not idjits how this works. The CoB can lend money to its members, AS WELL AS “bodies corporate”. BUT THESE BODIES CORPORATE have to become members of the Credit union. IN LEE’s CASE, THIS STEP WAS NEVER DONE so what happened was that while there were 4 companies involved in the loan transaction, Lee’s bus company and 3 real estate companies, NOT ONE WAS MADE A MEMBER! Well once wunna understand the above backstory, wunna is up to speed with all the background CoB trickery in this matter.

Now let us deal with the incompetence of CHIEF JUSTICE MARSTON. It would appear that the Chief Justice HAS BEEN MAKING SOME REAL BIG INGRUNT MISTAKES.

Illegal Orders to repossess the incorrectly listed assets of the 4 non credut union companies, were given to the court by Court Master Debra Holder. She did not listen to TO THE EVIDENCE PROVIDED BY MR. LEE who told her that CoB had not properly securitized the loans.

One further detail for all readers. Wunna remember a man called Ernest Jackman, the lawyer who always getting lock up for client funds? He was Lee’s lawyer and he was doing some of his famous underhand tricks but we will return to that.

So now, when the illegal order gets executed on the assets THAT WERE NOT LEGALLY SECURED, Steve Belle CEO of CoB, gives instruction to get the various assets repossessed. These  included 6 buses and 2 SUVs which Steve claimed “were all inoperable at the time of repossession” ALL OF THEM!

Now here is another joke. Even though the bailiffs drove these vehicles away from the bus stands, WITH POLICE ESCORTS, (and wunna dun know that the Royal Barbados Police Force does only arrest poor black people cause Tasker still free and Innes she still free) Steve say that they were inoperable cause he can auction them off cheap. Lee approached the impotent CJ for an approval for the injunction concerning CoB Credit Union cases CV993/2016 and CV994/2016 to be heard as an urgent matter. And the CJ so orders an urgent hearing on 15th March 2019

The same impotent CJ Marston sends the matter to Dr. Sonia Richards and she refuses to hear it and returns the item to the CJ, without explanation. Even though he is Chief Justice what has happened over the last 4 months, is that all his instructions to 2 judges, to hear the matter on an Injunction with Urgency have been ignored by his subordinates.

By now, all of you readers can see why this submission has the word IMPOTENT because the CJ is so ineffectual that HE DOES NOT KNOW WHAT OTHER STEPS HE CAN TAKE IN THIS MATTER. The man is really just “winging it”. It is obvious there is no respect for this man and if MARSTON IS TO BE FIRED, THIS MATTER SHOULD BE THE INCIDENT THAT CUASES THIS TO HAPPEN.

Chief Justice Marston Gibson IS A POOH POOH MAN!

Wunna all unnerstan whu happen so far?

  1. In simple terms City of Bridgetown did not securitize their loans properly to their loan recipients.
  2. They gave loans but the security DID NOT BELONG TO DE PEOPLE THEY GAVE THE LOANS TO.
  3. The assets belonged to 4 non member companies.
  4. When Justice Debra Holder gave CoB the Court Order she erred in that action big time!
  5. Lee and his family rightfully sought to appeal said incorrect Court Order
  6. The CHIEF JUSTICE agreed that his matter had merit for urgent consideration
  7. Marston’s subordinates refused to carry out his instructions for 4 months
  8. During this time, Steve Belle and the City of Bridgetown is using its agents, the Royal Barbados Police Force, the Court Marshalls, the external lawyers, to ride roughshod over Mr. Lee

None of you will believe this but Steve Belle, CEO of CoB, up on the trucks dat are now repossessing properties that ARE NOT THEIRS UNDER THE LAWS OF BARBADOS and taking people’s contents to the St Thomas landfill.

Yes siree, Steve Belle got a bolt cutters and drilling machine and drilling out people locks WHILE PROTECTED BY THE COURT MARSHALLS who say dat “Marston is a boy in de yard and that “they are acting upon an authority that is higher than he!” Which has to be Attorney General, or the Governor General, or the Prime Minister.

Look what Barbados has come to – the criminals are killing us in the streets and the other criminals are killing us through the Court.


  • There was an item on the 12.30 VOB news about a Commision to look into the Administration of the parishes to be led by Ralph Thorne.Another study, however,I am all for a return to a parochial form of administration or government and a reduction of ministers to 8.Its unacceptable to expect a Minister of the Crown to find the time to devote to garbage collection,bus service etc and the many woes John Public experiences on a daily basis.Reduce the number of ministers and go back to a form of local government.Its not going to be the panacea for all our problems but one should be able to see the councillor more readily than what obtains today.What we have now is too many hands making light of the work ethic and laying on the taxes like layers of onion skin.


  • Well UK needs to first remove that shite crown that is and HAS BEEN MISUSED and ABUSED by their house negros for so long that all they will ever get going forward is embarrassment after embarrassment from the MONSTERS UK CREATED..the pretend black elites….in the last 70+ years…

    that is the FIRST MOVE..

    but who knows, maybe they like the embarrassment…what do i know, lol….i like the entertainment..


  • @ All

    The Iraqi Supergun started life at the Barbados Foundry in the mid 1960s the HARP Project, under the supervision of Dr Gerald Bull, a Canadian. The HARP Project, based at Seawell, next to the airport, was talked of as an air defence weapon. (Google it).
    At some point in the early 1970s it was moved to Antigua. I know nothing about its Antiguan developments, but by the 1980s, it was talked about as the Iraqi Supergun, until Dr Bull met his untimely death, it is alleged, at the hands of Israel’s Mossad (books have been written on the subject). It was never an Israeli gun. Israel’s only involvement was the theoretical threat it posed to its security.
    Second, the 15 shrimp trawlers that were based in the Careenage fished in the Gulf. As far as I know, people still eat shrimp, so, it can be assumed, for whatever reason, we lost the trawlers and industry. The value of shares at its collapse is irrelevant.
    As to Barrow’s contribution to the development of the nation, of course he made a huge contribution. BUT HE WAS NOT THE FATHER OF INDEPENDENCE. The evidence is there in the Library of Congress and the National Archives in the UK. (A good read on this is Benn Steil’s The Battle of Bretton Woods).
    We also know the blueprint for Caribbean independence was discussed in the UK parliament in 1960s(see Hansard). Sir Henry Forde took part n the independence discussions, so our media should interview him. Views on Barrow are subjective, nether here or there. The facts speak for themselves and the Barbados Advocate archives are there to be looked at.

    @ Tron
    You are right about a lot of Barrow’s vanity project: so-called free education is one. At first free secondary education was meant to be secondary education (there was no problem at the time), it has now become a hugely expensive university education, which even the US cannot afford.
    The 1961 Barrow government benefited from two major Adams’ projects: the Deep Water Harbour and QEH. Barrow filled in the Careenage and Constitution river, which at the time I supported. On reflection both were bad decisions. And, I have listed some of the other big ideas he had which never came off. Barrow was the architect of our decline.
    .The British Library, newspaper section (the Old newspaper library) has a comprehensive collection of all Barbados newspapers from the 1950s and 60s. Read them.


  • William Skinner

    @ Hal

    It’s extremely amazing that those now presenting that the welfare state needs to be eradicated and that the “masses” want everything free are the same ones who a year ago were critical of Stuart when the students were asked to cover a percentage of their university fees. As a matter of fact the current party in office had the restoring of these fees as a central part of its election platform.
    This is another clear indication that it is a waste of time to even engage these cool aid drinkers in any serious debate.
    Indeed it was said that touching free education was killing everything for which Barrow stood.
    As you know I have long maintained that Frank Walcott , Wynter Crawford and others should be revered as much as Barrow.
    There is another myth going around about how great local government was and trying to elevate some rather interesting characters.
    It would have been interesting if conversations were held as to what really transpired under local government but that too will be revealed in the fullness of time.
    Corruption has been around for a very long time in this country and there were many beneficiaries.

    The Duopoly Rules


  • @ William,

    What I find amazing is the reluctance of people to go to the archives in Black Rock and do the research. The evidence is all there.


  • Stuart was a blight on the land for 9 long years. He has been deposited into the political dustbin where he belongs with the rest of his kind.


  • William Skinner

    @ David
    I was merely stating that Stuart was criticized for making students pay university fees. He was criticized by those who are now claiming that the “welfare state “ needs to be dismantled and that the people like too much freeness. It clearly shows that the cool aid drinkers in the BLPDLP are not to be taken seriously. I agree wholeheartedly with your comment about Stuart . Please read carefully because it was not an attempt on my part to be in anyway positive toward Stuart.
    Thank you , Sir!
    The Duopoly Rules.
    @ Hal
    Nobody wants to deal with facts. Why do you think that the airport was named after Adams and not the Deepwater Harbour?
    Why do you think that Wynter Crawford is not mentioned about being a progressive champion of the poor?
    Do we have any real idea of the felicities that occurred under so-called local government?
    Do we know who amassed considerable wealth during that period?
    The Duopoly Rules

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  • William Skinner

    @ Hal
    The major problem with local government is that it will not escape the skullduggery that is going on now. We will find the same political yardfowlism rampant and the bureaucracy will attract the same thing that happens on Boards.
    To institute any form of local government without changing the current political culture is essentially self defeating.
    It will be nothing more than a sophisticated facade of the constituency councils.
    These two parties are inherently corrupt and no “sweet talk “ can change that!
    The Duopoly Rules

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  • @William

    The point raw as it was is that Stuart policies would never have resonated because he nor his government understood how to communicate with its public.


  • @ William,

    Did you see the launch of the Thorne Commission report? Did you see the prime minister taking control, interrupting Thorne and Commissiong when they were speaking? It is the God complex.
    We need a proper local government system, but the president has already limited any proposed new system. Is she just re-iocal government in homage to her grand father? Why was Commissiong on the commission?


  • Vincent Codrington

    It really is amazing that the problems that clearly need to be addressed are being ignored and non issues are gaining attention. On an island 21 miles long and 14 miles wide do we need Parish Councils ? To do what? Another layer of ineffective bureaucracy?


  • @Vincent

    Do you agree we need a governance system that will encourage greater people participation?


  • Vincent Codrington

    David Bu

    No. We do not. Even if we did ,would you outline to me how Parish Councils will encourage greater people participation.? Do we need talk or effective delivery of public goods and services? Are you telling me you do not know what these are?


  • Who better to deliver effective public delivery than the people taking ownership at the retail level?



  • William Skinner

    @ Hal
    It’s Crop Over………what can I say .

    The Duopoly Rules


  • Vincent Codrington

    David BU

    Ownership of what? And what retail level are you talking about? Please elaborate? What is it you are selling in smaller portions?


  • Who better to deliver effective public delivery than the people taking ownership at the retail level?

    Help. I am drowning. The ability to think is a gift.


  • Vincent Codrington

    @ David BU

    Please tell your friend to come and talk for himself. Something is missing in translation.

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  • @Vincent

    Do you agree the system we have is failing?

    If yes do agree to make it work we have to make changes to same system?

    Waiting for you Vincent 🙂


  • Vincent Codrington

    @ David BU

    No. People are failing the system.


  • Vincent Codrington

    David BU

    You are about to move the goal posts again. How will Parochial Councils lead to greater public participation in the governance system?


  • @ Vincent.

    I agree with you there, it’s those in authority that are failing the system in several sectors.

    There is no shortage of systems and rules in this island, there is however a severe shortage of compliance and consequence.

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  • @ Vincent Codrington July 10, 2019 3:22 PM
    “It really is amazing that the problems that clearly need to be addressed are being ignored and non issues are gaining attention. On an island 21 miles long and 14 miles wide do we need Parish Councils ? To do what? Another layer of ineffective bureaucracy?”

    Well said, just another costly layer of bureaucracy to be imposed on a 2×3 island that a jet plane can fly over in less than a minute.

    Why would a set of incompetent ‘visionless’ politicians dream up such schemes of costly pork-barrel type form of governance when the world is going digital with nearly every going function online especially in the area of communications?

    Weren’t the SOE’s set up to deliver goods and services to the public which the central bureaucracy could not do effectively?
    Now look at what the country is saddled with?

    Before this lot of nincompoops start talking from their ‘NATO’ empty heads let them demonstrate their basic competencies (skill sets) by embarking on an ongoing campaign which would oversee the removal of the detritus and waste (including derelict vehicles) from the roads and verges along with the unsightly garbage which accumulates for weeks at the country’s beaches and becomes a major turnoff to both visitors and those locals with a touch of class and concern about public hygiene.

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  • @Vincent

    To repeat the point, if elected officials in the current system are failing the people what do you suggest should be done to fire up greater citizen participation and advocacy.


  • @ david.

    I got to tell you in my view this parish council thing is utter foolishness. We already have 30 ministers in a population of 275000. That is one of the highest rates of ministers per capita anywhere in the region.

    All the parish councils will do is put a barrier between the public and those appointed to serve. Instead therefore of the ministers being hands on, they will now be referring things down via these councils. All it will do is create opportunities for misunderstanding as issues could be misinterpreted in transfer via a council.

    We need to simplify communications not complicate them further.

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  • @ Vincent

    Barbados is 14×21, 300000 people, a parliament of 30 representatives (one per 10000 people); let us assume that of the 12 parishes we appointed/elected a council of ten people, giving us 150 elected representatives (one per 2000 people), and 25000 civil/public servants (one decision-maker per 12 people) – you see where I am going?
    Are these councillors going to be paid? Good government is about policies, not numbers. Tell the people in the Pine they need one decision-maker for every 12 people to get things done.

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  • @John A

    The issue here is about jump starting a system that has been failing for decades. This is the jump of point we need to analyze. Not interested in the theory. We have to make changes to pull the citizens in the process. At this point they have become detached for whatever reason.


  • @ David

    So how creating another level of political yarn will draw them closer to the system? What needs to happen is the 30 ministers need to come down from their thrones and put in place public meetings at venues to speak to and take questions from the public.

    In other words not to mount platforms to proclaim ” how great thou art” accompanied by a wuk up artist and loud music, but a forum for genuine interaction.

    It’s done in other countries why not here. So take some of the money you was going spend in this council nonesence and mount an outreach program on a one on, using a face to face format.

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  • @John A

    The blogmaster will wait in the details. The point is our governance system is not fit for purpose and a draconian intervention is needed.


  • Vincent Codrington

    @ David BU at 4 :17 PM

    I have no need to” fire up greater citizen participation and advocacy”. That is anarchy. I chose to live in a democracy and I expect those, charged with the responsibilities to deliver public goods and services ,to do so within the ambit of the current system of governance. I did not vote for any changes in that system.


  • @Vincent

    It is your right to go with the flow.


  • You feel you could go to either one of these council heads and get a straight answer? You will be told “let me get back to you.” Meaning let me check with the minister first and see what he say.

    No bring the dam minister onetime to a format where I can ask him directly, I don’t need no errand boy to carry my message. You wanted my vote well come and answer my questions face to face! Don’t hide behind no council when it come to difficult issues.

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  • @John A

    What is your understanding of the mandate of these proposed parish assemblies?


  • I done see what the plan is here and this is a step back not forward. It’s a classic ploy of creating a barrier and safety net between the policy makers and public, when in fact the opposite is needed.

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  • @David

    Each parish has a representative already with some having more than I correct?

    Each representative has a constituency office paid for out the public purse correct?

    Each constituency office is supposed to be staffed and open daily for the public to avail correct?

    So pray tell what opening another office 2 houses down and calling it ” the parish councel” going do?

    Address the issues and come to the public in a format where you can be questioned. Make yourself available in other words. We don’t need another level of red tape and government hindrances standing between us and answers.

    Oh and I got a question. What is the status on the foreign debt restructuring? Start with answering that and left out the smoke and mirrors.

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  • @John A

    To repeat the comment will keep an open mind to see how the PM plans to devolve some of the powers of the office.


  • Vincent Codrington

    @ David BU
    Why is it that ideas backed up by sound logic and historical proof of effectiveness is theory, while old ideas that were proven to be inefficient and ineffective are being recycled as solutions? We went that route before and it was judged irrelevant.

    Your stating that it is not fit for purpose is empty. Are you trying to convince yourself. Do you have a purpose that cannot be disclosed.? Tell us what this purpose is .


  • @Vincent

    Not knocking your view, simply countering with the position that the governance system has failed us for decades.


  • @ David July 10, 2019 4:27 PM
    “the jump of point we need to analyze. Not interested in the theory. We have to make changes to pull the citizens in the process. At this point they have become detached for whatever reason.”

    The proof of the pudding (governance pie) is in the eating (implementation).

    Don’t you see that this BLP-styled proposal is just another incarnation of the ‘failed’ DLP constituency Councils?

    Barbados does not need more government but a leaner, more effective form of governance machinery.

    Why is the current BLP trying to find work for the 15 odd idle hands snoozing in the Cabinet?

    Why are they trying to create puppets in some local government circus to micromanage daily?

    Is public administration no longer guided by the principles making up the three ‘E’s”:
    Economy, Efficiency & Effectiveness.

    It would be interesting to see if the IMF approves any funding for such modern-day madness running contrary to the aims and objectives of BERT.

    Or is this just another distraction to the White Oaks lame-duck negotiations?

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  • @ Vincent

    The chairman does not put forward logical arguments; he makes bold statements and readers have to interpret what he means. It is the Bajan condition.


  • @Miller

    Look forward to participating along with you at the assemblies.


  • William Skinner

    David is an unrepentant apologist of the duopoly. Nothing he has written in response to the soon to be reconstituted constituency councils, should surprise anybody , who has been following his positions.

    The Duopoly Rules


  • I came to this blog to read about the Courts and the COB’s treatment of Mr. Lee. The lack of justice that still exists for some on the island. What happened? David let others hijack Piece’s blog with everything from parish councils, factory closures, to accounting training and maths in schools.

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  • @Miller July 10, 2019 5:01 PM

    The basic problem in Barbados is that people have forgotten how to act and think responsibly. An average citizen can no longer shit into a hole on the beach without the help of the state. Those are the facts.

    The question of how the state could boost the economy shows the intellectual misery all too clearly. It is not the state’s job to play economy. You can see the catastrophic result with state enterprises.

    The state’s task is simply to create favourable conditions for investment: low taxes, good infrastructure, low crime. But the state has failed grandiosely in all these areas.

    We do not need more state, we need much less. I am beginning to have serious doubts about the intelligence of the masses and the bureaucrats. We are in the 12th (!) year with zero growth and they are still dancing around the state like pagans around the golden calf. You notice that they are dependent on the state like drug addicts on heroin or cocaine.

    These clowns still believe there will soon be one or two stinky whites coming to rescue them in the manner of a Massa with new hotel projects. Wrong thought. Tourism produces only badly paid jobs.

    I see no growth and no inflow of foreign currency in the foreseeable future. The decay will continue because the population is still far too arrogant and too blind. Therefore the name “ISO-Taliban” is quite appropriate. The population is as socially backward as the Taliban. The hate tirades about the private life of our beloved Prime Minister could also come from Saudi Arabia or the deepest Afghanistan valley.

    Many of you will now howl again, claiming that Tron is far too hard and insulting. Wrong thought. If we don’t make the diagnosis here, where then? Only in the funeral home of failed nations?


  • @ Dame Bajans July 10, 2019 5:42 PM

    If we had a little more seriousness in Barbados, they would move the courts back to the old building and turn the new courthouse into a hotel. Marston can play bartender there. At least we would have more foreign currency.

    In view of the impoverishment of the masses and the desolate economy, we don’t need 100 judiciary employees in a far too large building. I’d like to know which mad politician had this idea. It is perverse that the new court building in Barbados is larger than most of the supreme courts in large developed countries for many millions of people.

    If one puts the size of the building in relation to the amount of debt, external observers are no longer surprised why everything is collapsing on the island.


  • @David

    Surely as Blogmaster you are just stoking debate right?

    In your heart of hearts you cant seriously believe that constituency councils version 2 will benefit anyone beside the usual yard fowls.

    This is yet another indicator that this gov’t is as void of ideas as the last inept administration.

    Barbados is a joke.

    Is Canada looking for any colonies?

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  • David let others hijack Piece’s blog with everything from parish councils, factory closures, to accounting training and maths in schools.*

    Because it ultimately reflects badly on his gov’t?


  • It ain’t collapse yet, just wait…

    get over ya dumb self…ya already know Mia has made so many cockups in the last 12 months, that the only way going forward is DOWN….her master plan blew up on her……lol

    so when is the next plane trip at taxpayer’s expense and where is it to this time…Dubai, Qatar, Mauritania, Sudan, Libya, Egypt, South Africa…..where is next, we can’t wait to hear.

    …ah heard all the local thieves calling themselves elites just love Dubai, why don’t they just go there and stay there..

    know your history…shithead.


  • These clowns still believe there will soon be one or two stinky whites coming to rescue them in the manner of a Massa with new hotel projects. Wrong thought. Tourism produces only badly paid jobs.

    Ha..the old @Tron is back.


  • @John A
    So why don’t you get together and organise regular town hall meetings with members of the public, including members of this blog..? Lobby & invite government ministers along local influencers to attend and discuss/resolve issues.


  • Piece the Legend

    @ Mr. William Skinner
    @ Mr. Hal Austin
    @ Mr Vincent Codrington
    @ John A
    @ the Sage Annunaki

    De ole man notes that all of you a crossing swords with the Honourable Blogmaster and his coolaid drink about Constiturncy Councils reinvented

    You fail to understand that the Thorne Commission is a political construct of Big Brother is Watching You

    One that the Honourable Blogmaster Minister of Disinformation is tasked to get accepted by the BU people and sheeple!

    John A made to profound points

    The first was

    “…In other words not to mount platforms to proclaim ” how great thou art” accompanied by a wuk up artist and loud music, but a forum for genuine interaction….”

    Here is a man who has truly a grasp of these things political and sees clearly the construct of these parochial assemblies.

    Mugabe getting jn wunna houses like Burnham of Guyana BUT NOT A FELLER SEEING THE SIGNS!

    But de ole man snd me grandson going try.

    The next thing John A says that shows that he is now fully grasping de ole man’s comments and probably can be approached now is

    “…Once a groundswell movement is created government will have no choice but to be part of it.

    Let me show you below how even the ministers who should know better lack basic understanding of how things work…”

    A statement worthy of the Art of War book!

    Once a groundswell movement is created…

    John A

    I see that you are listening and you are understanding.

    Look across Barbados Underground and you can see that groundswell occurring IN FRONT YOUR EYES.

    Watch the comments and their timbre!

    And their frequency and their commonalities!

    There is a dissatisfaction with the Duopoly which complexions all discourse.

    And consequently the powers that be have launched their own defense in thd form of The Thorne Commission TO CRUSH THEIR OPPOSITION.

    Mia Mugabe Mottley understands that she has 25 stupid MPs

    So how can she get around this ineptitude WITHOUT GOING BACK TO THE POLLS?

    By cutting them off at the knees!!!

    She recognised that they are incompetent so what she is dojng is isolating their ineptitude at community level.

    It’s a pity you weren’t in the political fray John A cause, if you were, de ole man would give you some resources to win you Your Seat BUT YOU’RE NOT IN THE MARKET ARE YOU?

    BUT IF YOU WERE, YOU AND SNYONE ELSE LIKE YOU, SPEAKING WITH DE OLE MAN, would be of immense value to you by 2022


  • @ Dame Bajans July 10, 2019 5:42 PM
    “I came to this blog to read about the Courts and the COB’s treatment of Mr. Lee. The lack of justice that still exists for some on the island. What happened?”

    What ought to be read between the lines is that the C.O.B could be facing some rather challenging financial times with its cash flow not as reliable as before given the prevailing economic conditions in the country and its excessively large and costly overhead structure with its many layers of management.

    Is the COB on the brink of a CLICO?


  • I have been telling some of you for a while that the British archived everything, but you, who were not even there, knew differently…lol

    “Defeat met the insurrectionists on April 16, as Bussa was killed in battle and the superior weapons of the British and colonial armed forces eventually overwhelmed them.

    The British Archives records the final outcome of the uprising as follows:
    “One white civilian and one black soldier were killed during the fighting. Compared to this, 50 enslaved people died in battle and 70 were executed in the field. Another 300 were taken to Bridgetown for trial, of which 144 were executed and 132 sent away to another island.”


  • @Pieces

    Thank you for your kind words but I would be a worst politician than Trump! It seems to be a politician sometimes you have to put party before state so that would be a problem for me, secondly if I think something is morally or financially wrong don’t ask me to pull no party line. So Pieces I would get appoint Monday and fired Tuesday. Lol

    We can do our part here to expand thought and share opinions. I also think as long as we don’t show bias to any party, people will listen and start to ask questions. I have seen alot here start to change their approach and think for themselves. That is a great sign and by far the best weapon in our arsenal.

    Look at how the replies to your credit union issue went and you will see people are starting to look for independent answers.

    This is a great island although not perfect, but i have faith that knowledge and free thinking will place enough pressure on this and future governments, for them to realise the days of drinking the Koolaid blindly are coming to an end.

    Don’t forgot to let me know how the credit union issue goes. You better put on your helmet if you go down there looking to table any resolutions and upset the status co!


  • “Mugabe getting jn wunna houses like Burnham of Guyana BUT NOT A FELLER SEEING THE SIGNS!”

    I know she does not like to listen but she better STOP THAT CRAP…not everyone will tolerate it and she will find herself dragged off somewhere for human rights violations and abuses,…

    ….people are sick and tired of useless governments who are control freaks and like to bully the same people who elected them…AND WHO PAY THEIR GODDAMN SALARIES AND THAT OF THEIR USELESS CONSULTANTS BECAUSE THEY DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING…so she better don’t come with anymore human rights violations..and she better tell her criminal minorities that they too will GO DOWN…right along with her…

    …..the RELEVANT agencies have already been contacted…

    but don’t mind me…

    ah crazy and unstable..


  • Piece the Legend

    @ Dame Bajans
    @ Dullard

    The blog, contrary to the attempt by John the Quaker HAS NOT BEEN HIJACKED!!

    De ole man prophesied that this content variance would happen.

    But I also said watch what happens in 72 hours OR 96 HOURS AFTER IT WAS LAUNCHED

    Even now as I speak I am trying to get a specific lady on the CoB Credit Union’s Oversight Commitee to provide me with the notes of a meeting where Steve Belle was chastised for his actions to railroad Mr Morris’s Lee in this illegal matter.

    Here is a summary I want you to read.

    She is sending them to me in pieces (no pun intended)

    The Cooperative Societies Act

    “…: Provides for the registration, supervision and management of certain societies whose members share a common bond of philosophy and social and economic objectives. Conditions for registration include a membership of at least ten persons, other than corporate bodies, who have attained the age of sixteen years, and detailed provisions for the names of societies. Under the Act, a registered society is a body corporate governed by its own by-laws. Other provisions cover share capital, issue of shares, allocation of surplus, dividends, prohibited loans and guarantees in the event of insolvency, the office of directors, meetings, voting, membership and suspension or termination thereof, financial matters and audit, dissolution and liquidation, settlement of disputes, the establishment of a Co-operative Societies Appeals Tribunal, civil remedies, the functions of the Registrar, consumers’ societies, and other matters…”

    De ole man getting the pieces slowly so bear wid muh…




  • @pieces.

    Don’t forget to ask her for what we spoke on yesterday. You want the part of the articles that speaks to how many votes either by proxy or by way of petition are required to call for an extraordinary general meeting. Also once such a meeting is called what percentage of those present need to vote for a resolution to be carried.

    There in lies the strength of the body corporate.


  • You going now to get both we stone!

    Seriously though you are doing a good thing in educating the members they are not sheep and not only have they a say, but possess serious power if they stand together. I hope you get support from others old warrior.


  • @William

    Waiting patiently for your NDP or UPP some P to resurrect itself, until a third party pushes their hand in the air duopoly rules is right.


  • @Dullard

    Has the blogmaster question your right to be a cynic?


  • William Skinner

    @ David

    What about Atherley’s PdP? Oops forgot that is a part of the current coalition. My apologies.

    The Duopoly Rules


  • Sad. .

    ” Forde a pharmacist, said yesterday the plastics ban was important since the styrene content in Styrofoam was being used to enhance their high on the recreational drug Lean.

    “We have youngsters in Barbados using Lean, a mixture of codeine linctus, sprite and a sweety substance. They are using double Styrofoam containers as a way of allowing the styrene to seep into the actual product to “synergise the product when it is being used,” Forde explained in the House of Assembly yesterday.”


  • Piece the Legend

    So she continues with this bit of information

    “…81. (1) Every person who has paid a membership fee if any, Eligibility.
    is deemed to have agreed to become a member of the society and, upon registration of the society, shall have his name entered on the society’s register of members.
    (2) Subject to the by-laws, no person other than one described
    in subsection (l), is eligible to become a member of a society until
    his written application for membership is approved by resolution of the directors or members, or the directors and confirmed by the members and recorded in the society’s register of members.
    (3) Where an application for membership is approved within 6
    months after the date on which the application for membership is
    received by the society, the director’s may make the membership effective as at the date of the application.
    (4) The directors shall cause each applicant for membership to
    be notified in writing that this application has been approved or
    not approved…”

    She then continues to speak more specifically about the issues about Mr Lee’s matters.

    It would appear that when Mr Lee made his application for his loans, he applied for what seems to be $2.6 million for his business plan.

    I am trying to see if she could at least provide a redacted Executive Summary for viewing

    But the business plan was sound notwithstanding the amounts needed.

    Because of the limitation of what seems to be $600,000 per member “the credit union suggested that Lee’s other family members would be made individual signatories to the loans ”

    I need to confirm the amounts with her AND FIND OUT WHO MADE THE SUGGESTION TO SPLIT UP THE LOAN TO LEE.

    She also sent this note

    “…82. (1) Subject to this Act and the by-laws, an individual is n;gible
    eligible to become a member of a society if age for membership.
    (a) he has attained the age of 16 years,
    (b) he is of sound mind, and
    (c) he is not a bankrupt.
    (2) A member who is under the age of 18 years is competent to enter into a contract with the society, other than a junior co-operative society and, with respect to the contract, is sui juris.
    (3) Subject to the approval of the Registrar, a BODY CORPORATE
    may be a member of a society.

    In her additional narrative this BODY CORPORATE FEATURES CENTRALLY.

    The reason being that

    (1) while the Lee’s met all the requirements as it related to individual membership

    (2) and met the requirements for the disbursements for loans

    (3) the requirements as it related to the BODIES CORPORATE, who were and are the owners of the underlying loans were NOT MET IN EFFECTING THE LOANS because

    (I) the 4 BODIES CORPORATE who owned the assets that are being repossessed under the court orders WERE NEVER MADE MEMBERS OF the City of Bridgetown Credit Union!!!

    (ii) and the Bills of Sale/collateral which the City of Bridgetown Credit Union used CANNOT CROSS MIGRATE FROM BODIES CORPORATE to the individual members of Lee’s family who signed.

    She days that Steve Belle and his people were so intent to get at Morris Lee in Steve ‘s plan to mess up the loan tranches later AND REPOSSESS Lee’s apartments and buses and property and tankers THAT HE MADE A MISTAKE WITH THE BILLS OF SALE.

    The Oversight Commitee instructed Steve Belle to meet with Mr Lee and rectify these matters.

    The Bogolord Steve Belle refused and went down this road to railroad Morris Lee CONTRARY TO THEIR INSTRUCTIONS.

    She said that she would have sent a copy of the minutes BUT THEY ARE WATCHING THE COMMITTE MEMBERS LIKE HAWKS.

    She however said that any CoB member can request a copy of thrift minutes where Steve Belle was chastised for these spiteful acts.


    This is really serious!

    She suggests that a letter be sent to

    The World Council of Credit Unions
    99 M Street SE, Ste 300
    Washington DC

    And two other agencies whose names de ole man WILL NOT PUBLISH HERE.

    She then details some specific disclosures that the ole man is not at liberty to mention BECAUSE DE OLD MAN GET DE JOB!


    How nice of her to think of de ole MAN and me grandson dat way

    And wunna dun know dat de ole Man relentless.

    Suffice it to say dat effjn certain people know wunna ent moving right, DONT GO TO DE UNITED STATES CAUSE AMMMMM *****


  • Piece the Legend

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    Your assistance please with a “piece” of sensational attention grabbing information for everyone one other than Barbados 2019 heheheheh

    It has been caught in suspense


  • Piece the Legend

    Look, when you decide to upload that last bit of info everyone will be on the same page but…

    Suffice it to say that, given the information that she has shared thd City of Bridgetown Credit Union has totally breached the Cooperative Societies of Barbados Act

    And if their competitors wanted to close them down and get them out of the banking business they could do so easily by canvassing the relevant authorities.

    In fact, she has said the Mr Lee’s case IN ADDITION YO GETTING STEVE BELLE FIRED, is going to expose alot of corrupt actors, on the Barbados Stage.

    She again makes the plea to Steve and his rebel colleagues to settle with Mr Lee cause it would appear like if he is not going away anytime soon.

    In fact, DE OLE MAN GOING MEK FIS PLEA to 3 other players in this matter.


    She made a copy of a specific set of documents AND SHE SENT THEM TO DE OLE MAN!

    I am conflicted because one of you I love, as in the agape love.

    I cannot believe what I am seeing and that you are in this.


    I have said that I will fight against all enemies of Barbados both domestic and external, AND THIS ACTION OF YOURS makes you such.

    Revisit what you have done by *** and give the man what is his AND FIRE STEVE and all will be well.

    Its either Steve or you 3 and self preservation will win out all the time.

    I have a Conceal & Carry license DONT PLAY THAT ONE…


  • @pieces.

    Based on what you have outlined there the body corporate has every reason to call for an Extraordinary General Meeting. All you need to do now is confirm what is required under the articles for that to happen and go from there.


  • Piece the Legend

    @ John A

    I will ask her about same.

    Regarding the other Source at the Registry she shared something today that I had to restrain myself from laughing

    She told me that one of the Chief Marshals representatives was at the registry with cell phone pictures of the furniture from Lee’s brother’s house OFFERING HIS FURNITURE FOR SALE!!!

    Now mind you this is stuff that they told that man was being taken to the landfill for destruction!!

    Now I want you to think about this scam going on for years, conducted by Court Marshals.

    Tell me if you dont think ALL THESE COURT MARSHALLS involved in this illegal activity doan want LOCKING to RH up!

    She told me that the same people who went to Orange Hill last Wednesday morning July 3rd 2019, and drilled out the lock on Lee’s brother’s home, how they were mocking Morris Lee “who feel he more important than we, cause he got dem buses”

    “But we show he.. ”

    They told her and a few others who they were advertising the sales to, how Lee explained how “he had stamped High Court copies of both the filed Certificate of Urgency and Injunction of March 8th 2019”

    and how “he beg dem to stop but “them had to put he in he place and tell he dat dem only respond to a “STAY” and as long as they are not instructed to “STAY”, dem ent care bout injunctions nor Restraining Orders, Adjournments, nor RH Low Court nor High Court…nor Marston

    She said they said “you should see how we crush the mighty Morris Lee man, we had he near tears…”


  • Piece the Legend

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item here thank you


  • RE Look, I am reading her documents now AND THIS ISSUE IS REALLY BIGGER THAN YOU PEOPLE AND SHEEPLE THINK! This is really serious!


    RE She suggests that a letter be sent to

    The World Council of Credit Unions
    99 M Street SE, Ste 300
    Washington DC



  • “Suffice it to say dat effjn certain people know wunna ent moving right, DONT GO TO DE UNITED STATES CAUSE AMMMMM *****”


    “I have a Conceal & Carry license DONT PLAY THAT ONE…”


  • Barbados Underground Whistleblower

    @ WARU

    Remember this, the face of Barbados, a corrupt government and useless police..



    I addressed the Honourable Mia Amor Mottley, and the High Commissioner regarding International Financial Elderly Fraud on one of it’s returnees onthe 8th June 2019.. The advice was to take it to the Police.

    Interpol in Barbados also recommended that I take it to the Police.

    Well I did, twice. They are friends with the fraudsters, and they did not take the situation seriously. They did not even take a report. In fact they laughed and ridiculed me.

    The last straw was they told me that I was the only one that cared about my father, and that my family was “F*CKED UP.”

    Well thank you Barbados for such a warm welcome.

    Feeling disappointed.

    Valerie-Suzette Jean-Marie nee STEELE”

    There are many ex and current Barbados Fraud Squad Police who are fraudsters and criminals themselves who make way more money than their salaries by bribes and collusion.

    That is why it is difficult for this woman and many others locally to get justice,

    Don’t be surprised that the recent ATM scamsters and some in the same Police force are not working together.


  • Piece the Legend

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    You get permission to post my comments yet?

    I understand how damaging this is going to be AND HOW YOU ARE SORRY NOW THAT YOU POSTED IT IN THE FIRST but, when you take a step back, and look at the ramifications of this matter, dont you think that it deserves to be aired?


  • Piece the Legend

    @ Dr GP my fellow myope,

    All of the documents can be published but there are some “considerations” that de ole man s intelligence gathering network has discovered.

    In other words I have a duty to protect the innocent and the children WHO CANT PROTECT THEMSELVES

    My self administered Hippocratic Oath so to speak.

    De ole man can do a Snowden Dump of the information she provided here and men of Christ like you, will read and be kind to the children.

    Intelligent men like you will discern what is sacred ground and will leave it, as will many people BUT THE SHEEPLE WONT KNOW THE DIFFERENCE and people will be hurt.

    Here is what de ole man proposes to do.

    There are 5 basic documents the lady at the court sent.

    1…Loan Offer
    2…Deed of Charge
    3…Bill of Sale
    4…Claim Forms
    5…and copies of certificates of Urgency and items which Chief Justice MARSTON Gibson neglected and others messed up

    The lady at the credit union sent certain internal documents that show how $500,000 tankers were given away to Steve Belle s friends for $7,200 and $120,000 coaches are sold to friends for $12,000 AS STEVE BELLE SOUGHT TO DESTROY MORRIS LEE

    I GOING SLOW DRIP THE DOCUMENTS here for a while because I want people AND THE SHEEPLE to understand what is going on here.

    It is critical that all bajans understand who the real crooks are in Barbados

    Look at the words Mortgagor and/or surety .

    In simple terms the City of Bridgetown lent Morris Lee and Lee’s Apartments Inc $520,000.

    But in so doing the City of Bridgetown while securing Morris Lee’s signature for his responsibility for the debt DID NOT PROPERLY ENGAGE WITH LEE’S APARTMENTS INC. by first making it a member SO IT COULD NEITHER LEND IT MONEY nor resultedly hold it responsible for monies lent to Lee individually,

    Even though the Bill of Sale was actioned by the incorporated entity SAID ENTITY WAS NOT A MEMBER OF THE CoB so it ent borrow nuffin!

    Even having signed, the mere fact it was not a member invalidates CoBs claim that it was a borrower.

    Suppose you are a membership only club and you get insurance from an insurer for your members, and i am a member

    Imagine I sneak in a person who, in the course of that visit, they get hurt can you receive payments from your insurance for that non member.

    Like a minibus that is insured for 10 passengers, the person who overloads can invalidate ghd coverage.

    But this is what the courts were asked to rule on yesterday and what they erroneously ruled on.

    It was not incumbent on Lee to REGULARISE the status of the incorporated company it was the responsibility of the City of Bridgetown Credit Union to give all the bodies corporate membership status.

    More documents to come soon


  • Have you noticed how President Mottley has grabbed the publicity for the Thorne Commission? The woman is obsessed with her own ego, maybe it is the Chinese man Mr Jong.
    This is the Thorne Commission and the chairman of the Commission should be the lead person on the report. How do intelligent, well educated men and women allow themselves to be humiliated daily by this prime minster? How can an intelligent nation allow itself to be taken in by waffle.






  • This is a public document.

    Why is Lee not able to pay his debt?

    There is information missing from this story.



    Problem with dictators….they MUST BE REMOVED…even if they don’t want to be..


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    Mr Blogmaster of course there is info missing …as there is with every story particularly legal tales, however, not sure why Lee’s inability to pay the debts is particularly relevant …

    @Pieces your intelligence network has leaked some very amazing stuff … I am still confounded how the legal laziness was allowed.

    Based on your data I would ask whether the original loan contract was a “voidable” contract… If as u stipulate, that the collatarel was owned by entities/person other than Lee and as u further suggest this was in direct contravention of the CU loan bylaws then WHY did Lee’s attorney not seek to void the contract… It was voidable in that regard, not so!

    As I asked before: was the original stipulation of the collataral done with an awareness of the true ownership (fraud in short)… although even then the CU’s lawyers would be at fault.

    There is much to be know here bro.

    And again …unless the borrrower has done something deeply illegal you have laid out a final Barrack type legal victory for Lee… But by then alas he would be a poor, rich man!

    One wonders if we can get the Dean to opine strictly on the generic legal issues on Sunday.


  • @Dee Word

    We come full circle to the various committees setup to ensure the credit union is compliant with in-house and regulatory requirements. When Lees file was reviewed what were the comments? How has the CEO acted ultra vires to said comments.


  • Piece the Legend

    @ De Pedantic Dribbler

    Ahhhhhh there you go! Your comment about Lee’s lawyer is noted

    I want you to read the original submission and you will see a comment about Lee’s so called lawyer the soon to be permanently disgraced Ernest Jackman (but we going leave that right there for THE time being okay?)

    Let us in fairness to this matter say that Lee had intended fraud and that he hypothecated assets which were not his to hypothecate, that REALLY IS NOT THE ISSUE HERE IS IT?

    The City of Bridgetown Credit Union HAS EXPLICIT RULES.

    The first point is that

    A…it sought to break all its rules relative to lending over its limits to what was de facto one member, did it not?

    B…the Executive plan of the borrower passed its litmus test for lending so they went the extra mile so to speak

    C…it however was the responsibility of the CoB lawyers to ensure that all conditions were met to secure its members monies during its landings IS THAT NOT RIGHT?

    Take a look at the above Bill of Sale between Busmaxx Inc AND THE CITY OF BRIDGETOWN

    You mean that CoB’s lawyers are so curse word poor that they alarm did not go off that the Assets of BusMaxx COULD NOT BE THE BASIS OF A LOAN BY CoB TO LEE?

    Does not the Cooperative Societies Act of Barbados and their bylaws prescribe that WHILE THEY HAVE PROVISION FOR LENDING TO BODIES CORPORATE said entities MUST FIRST BE members?

    And this is where the 3 justices at the Court of Appeal erred majorly!

    Truth is that the loand were offered and Lee et Al were paid the loan proceeds but the monies SHOULD HAVE BEEN PAID TO THE CORPORATE BODIES , after those bodies were made members of CoB!!

    But it not shows why the repossession and sale of these assets ARE ILLEGAL ACTS and why from the Impotent Chief Justice MARSTON Gibson all the way down to CoBs’ lawyers are complicit in a crime against non members who are not liable in this matter!

    Liked by 1 person

  • Piece the Legend

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    Grateful if you could retrieve my comment for DpD

    You said and I quote

    “…We come full circle to the various committees setup to ensure the credit union is compliant with in-house and regulatory requirements…”

    When de ole man started I said that Steve Belle was a Bogolord.

    At the time you thought that I was being my usual lovable antagonistic self.

    However, you are starting to see that de ole man’s hypothesis MUST BE TRUE FOR THE City of Bridgetown Credit Union to be risking its status and breaching the act.

    You then asked

    “…When Lee’s file was reviewed what were the comments?…”

    The comments were to invite Lee in and sort out things and deal with the bad blood between Lee and Belle. BELLE DID NOT! BECAUSE HE IS ABOVE THE LAW or in this case the Cooperative Societies Act of Barbados

    You then ask

    “…How has the CEO acted ultra vires to said comments…?”

    To answer that fully I going have to shift gears to Lee’s Business Plan

    So that my submission is not too long I going BREK it into another comment below.


  • What has prevented Lee from tanking his matter under any other business at the recent AGM if he was unable to muster the required signatures to invoke a special meeting?


  • Piece the Legend

    Here is the promised, slightly redacted, Executive Business Summary which secured the loan.

    “…Busmaxx Inc & [Name witheld]
    Lee’s Corporate Centre
    detail witheld

    Tel 230-detail witheld email witheld

    March 20th 2010


    Busmaxx Inc.

    This company Busmaxx Inc. is incorporated under the Barbados Companies Act and has as its principal activity as bus transportation to the PSV sector in Barbados. The principal shareholder is Mr. Morris Lee.

    The company Busmaxx Inc.will be increasing its fleet to 10 buses to ply routes for which permits have already been granted by the relevant authority.

    Busmaxx inc will be plying proven lucrative routes and would achieve its market share projected assuming a fifty (50) week year.

    The sister company [Name witheld], will purchase diesel from Rubis Barbados, one of the major wholesalers of the product and retail the product to the transportation sector. Retailing will be done through mobile refueling stations in approved locations…)

    Honourable Blogmaster, THESE ARE THE $800,000 40 FOOT TANKERS which form part of the loan THAT HAVE MYSTERIOUSLY DISAPPEARED FROM COLES ENGINEERING but which were sold by Coles Engineering & Steve Belle for $7,200.

    Up to now Coles Engineer cant say where the Corporate entities assets disappeared to.

    The business plan Executive Summary continues

    “…[Name witheld]

    This company is incorporated under the Barbados Companies Act and has as its principal activity the provision of diesel distribution.


    [Name witheld] has a contract with The PSV Buyers club, which is the umbrella body for the public service vehicle sector. It is expected that as a result of this contract the company would get around 60% of the 12 million liters sold annually to the sector.

    Financing Requirement

    Purchase of Buses, consolidation of debt and working capital is estimated to be in the region of Bds $2,600,000.00. ($1.8 million for bus activity and $800,000.00 for diesel distribution).


    Bills of sale on all buses purchased for Busmaxx Inc, estimated to be valued in the region of $ 1.5 million, fuelling equipment owned by [Name witheld] projected to be worth $ 1 million and mortgages over three (3) properties owned Lee’s Apartments Inc at #82 Edghill St. Thomas, Property at #51 Orange Hill St James and Property at Isolation Road, Belleplaine, St. Andrew, estimated to be worth $3.7 million.

    The projected values of the full project is in the region of Bds $ 6,200,000.00 which is significantly more than the capital required…”

    It should now be evident how lax CoBs’ lawyers are.

    Cause, in the document that forms the basis of their loan approval, Lee spells out ever single name of the Bodies Corporate whose assets were to be held as collateral by CoB

    It becomes evident that LEE DID NOT OBFUSCATE ANYTHING but the CoB Credit Union erred in its documentation and internal procedures!!


  • Thanks Piece. All this is truly amazing. I hope Mr. Lee now has a good and proper lawyer. This is truly a saga bigger than the Kingsland family feud which kept us enthralled for a few years.


  • “Wore houses? Fuh true ?”

    that is all that can be said, they still think everyone who knew about ministers using the taxpayer funded NHC to run their personal whore houses for decades…….have all died…ya can’t set up everyone and ya can’t kill everyone…

    that little runt thinks because he is exposing it, some of the nasty shit will not splash on him cause we done know he would never have missed an opportunity to run a couple whore houses at taxpayer’s expense and the victim’s expense too…wuh he is known to tief whole estates from old black people AND their beneficiaries, so that is no leap or stretch for him,…not when the BLP evil ministers have always been famous for misusing NHC and abusing the victims who approach them entity for housing…setting them and their children up…for all manner of sexual violations….


    I could swear that is the label Barbados got in the last few weeks, not even a month yet….but it took too many decades to COME TO LIGHT….

    ….wuh ya think those who labelled the island as such are guessing….well ok then..


  • Vincent Codrington

    @ David BU
    @ John A
    @ Hal

    What an interesting case study of local entrepreneurship ! Anyone need to earn 100 points for Continuous Professional Education credit?


  • @ Vincent

    I will give a true case. Sometime ago a Barbadian businessman emailed me for suggestion on how he could raise funds to invest in his man business. He told me he had some properties, but the banks would not lend to him.
    I was surprised since his main business should be good for an unsecured loan. I asked about secured loans, all of which he said were turned down. I then suggested he should sell one of his properties, not his main home, to raise the money. He stopped communicating with me. He was not sure if he wanted to be a landlord or whatever.
    I got the impression he had a successful business inspite of himself, but did not understand finance and business. May I suggest the UWI business school runs short courses for small business people?

    Liked by 1 person

  • Vincent Codrington

    @ Hal
    I am reasonably sure that The Cave Hill School of Business and BIMAP put on such courses. There are other NGOs that do the same.
    It is a little more complex than you think. It is the culture of Barbadian business that you need to understand first. The belief system. I learn a lot from BU about the social psychology of my people. No learning from books can be a substitute.

    Liked by 1 person

  • NorthernObserver

    How does one reconcile “intelligent nation” with “failed state” ?


  • @ Northern Observer

    I do not understand the question.


  • @ Vincent.

    I don’t know what to tell you that’s the truth.

    I really reaching the stage where I got to ask is anything working the way it supposed to in Bim today?

    Hal your failed state phrase like it turning out to be a dam Blight!

    Liked by 1 person

  • @ Hal.

    Your friends case is not unique here on the island. Alot of business people look at their assets without looking at their performing assets as opposed to total assets.

    Had your friend of done that he would of realised shedding a non performing asset would of been his best bet. It goes back to street smart vs book smart.

    I said years ago when the Trinis bought BST for a song that in 10 years time the entity would be much smaller but more profitable. I went on to say that it is cheaper to lock up non performing assets and pay the land tax on the buildings, than keep a business open only to haemorage losses monthly. People at that gathering looked at me lke if I was from Mars, all except for one Trini who sat quietly smiling!

    Liked by 1 person

  • You know the saying among business people in the far east. Translated roughly its.

    ” an egomaniac is concerned with what he sells, whereas a businessman is concerned with what profit he makes. “

    Liked by 1 person

  • @ John A

    He was not a friend, just someone who wanted free financial ideas. He should have gone to a professional financial adviser, which I am not, but he wanted free information.
    He was not the only one. As @ Vincent said, it also reveals something about local business culture. I will give a variant on this: sometime ago Invest Barbados was holding a conference in Park Lane, London, and I was asked to get a speaker for them.
    I managed to get a director of one of our challenger banks, a big fan of Barbados; but Invest Barbados decided to cut me out of the loop when corresponding with the man.
    When he realised this he brought it to my attention. For some reason he was unable to go through with the speaking engagement. There was a principle involved.

    Liked by 1 person

  • @John A

    The Trinis asset strip Plantations as well. We have not shown ourselves to be good business people.


  • Piece the Legend

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    Now I am going to continue uploading the incriminating documents as they come to hand

    Here is Land Registry Document as such relates to the City of Bridgetown and Lee’s Construction inc.

    You see those submissions by people with outstanding legal matters that you received?

    The ones I am always busting your chops about!


    This is what the Piece GoFundMe campaign was for Honourable Blogmaster!


    Steve Belle going hot FIRE AND ALGERNON YEARWOOD, my good buddy, going replace Steve!

    But they have to get rid of Steve Belle or the City of Bridgetown Credit Union going become a casualty for its members.

    We are dealing with nuff poor people ‘s money AND CONCOMITANTLY nuff black people’s votes!!

    Now youself starting to get ideas bout how you going use this for Iso TALIBAN Grenville Phillips but de ole man brighter dan dat …

    Once people start to see results they are going to follow you



  • William Skinner

    @ Hal
    This is how the sophisticated BLPDLP yardfowls operate. They know little about building contacts; some cannot even work a room. During the World Cup I saw the same thing happen. They will ask you to get them in contact with key people. Then they would use your info and not even invite you to the big do.
    I know a dignitary from home , landed in the Diaspora, he had no contacts. A friend of mind set up a meeting and then they had a big cocktail function and she was not even invited.
    One time they used to have receptions and you could not find a bottle of Mount Gay or Cockspur. Only Johnnie Walker.
    It happens all the time. Square pegs in round holes.

    Liked by 1 person

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