More Questions about 40 Million Port Scanners

The following exchange between Citizen Advocate Kammie Holder and Head of Technology Division. Stuart Gilbert is self explanatory- triggered by BU’s blog – 40 Million Port Scanners – True Cost Anyone?
The situation here is interesting because it was under Attorney General Dale Marshall’s watch there was much ambiguity about the cost of building the new Dodds prison. Again more ambiguity without imputing improper behaviour.
David, blogmaster
On Tue, May 7, 2019 at 8:46, Stuart Gilbert
I read the article on the link you sent and we all commented on it in the office here – $20m per unit is very very high!  To get even close to that number you would have to allow for a full service/maintenance schedule from external engineers (why would you not train local engineers to do it??) and full spares packs for 10 years.  Have the machines already been purchased then?

From: Mac Holder
Sent: 07 May 2019 13:37
To: Stuart Gilbert <>
Subject: Re: Your recent enquiry – Container Scanner – Ref E51415

Thanks for your response. The government of Barbados just announced they are buying two for US $20M. Thus there is much public outcry.

Kammie Holder


On Tue, May 7, 2019 at 5:47, Stuart Gilbert

<> wrote:

Dear Mr. Kammie Holder,

Re: Container Scanner – Our enquiry ref: E51415

With regard to your recent enquiry about the costs of container scanners it is not as straight forward as you might think – it will depend of the power of the scanner, what you are trying to scan for, whether it is a fixed or mobile installation and therefore whether ground works are required.

As a very rough price guide fixed truck/container scanners are around $1.8m (plus concrete shielding and groundworks) and mobile scanners are around $2.0m  by the time you have added in shipping, spares and training to the above it works out at roughly $3-4m per scanner.  Hope this helps

Yours sincerely


Stuart Gilbert

Head of Technology Division

Westminster Group Plc

Westminster House, Blacklocks Hill

Banbury, Oxon OX17 2BS

United Kingdom

M: +44 7943 804888   T: +44 1295 756300


  • Abracadabra
    Last week I heard you complaining about having to work.
    You need to go on strike for Layena or Growena; preferably Growena..
    We do not want you laying and bringing in more yardfowls to BU.


  • Gazzerts the bandwagon hopper poor fella can,t find nobody to defend or nothing to bellyache about today.Well jackass the IMF today give the government a passing grade.In addition we are off the blacklist,which is good news for bajans.The country is on the way back with or without the dozen or so overseas bajans who bellyache on here everyday, therefore take a hike.When the Elections are called we in Barbados will decide going forward capice not you.You have four more years to bellyache.


  • Yardfool, I welcome the opportunity to teach. Read and understand’ ….
    grey list

    “Bermuda and Barbados have committed to addressing EU concerns and have therefore been moved to a so-called grey list of countries still under EU scrutiny for their tax practices, the statement said, effectively giving them more time to be fully compliant.

    Bermuda’s Finance Minister Curtis Dickinson welcomed the EU decision. He said there was still work to be done to improve the island’s tax legislation on collective investment funds, about which the EU had still concerns.

    “EU governments have once again let some of the world’s worst tax havens off the hook,” said Chiara Putaturo, of the anti-poverty group Oxfam.

    “The reforms agreed by Bermuda, Barbados and Aruba will not stop them operating as tax havens,” she added, calling on the EU to blacklist all jurisdictions that offer very low or zero corporate tax rates


  • Of ourse I wish Barbados well. Just had to knock the growers hen


  • @Lorenzo
    This is the age of google, where everyone can scour the internet and do his/her own research. You accep phrases without questioning them. You come here and tout the fact that we are off EU’s the black list but do not mention that we remain on a grey list.

    What is the difference between the two lists? For your reading pleasure, I submit the following..

    It may be hard, but I gun try to work wid ya


  • Gazzerts you teach me?Ha,ha,you do not even understand what others post, before rushing to respond.You claimed i complained of having to work.Nowhere in my post did i complain about having to work.I merely stated , tbat unlike you , i have to work and cannot spend 24/7 like you on BU.Clearly comprehension is a problem for you.Anyhow theIMF has given Barbados a passing grade and we are of the EU blacklist much to the disappointment of the tag team crew put that in your pipe and smoke it.Look for something else to bellyache about,you have at least four more years.I done with you j/a.


  • @Lorenzo

    You are reminded by what you leader said yesterday, a person that is overweight cannot be satisfied with losing 5 pounds



  • It seems as if you post here more than I do and you answer when I call and yet I am the one who is here 24/7.

    On comprehension, you moved from a black list to a grey list. You have lost 5 of the 60 lbs.

    There is not much difference between ‘your leader’ and ‘our leader’. Are you using the same playbook as Enuff

    But then again, some that walked with Christ denied him


  • I suspect that we both wish to see Barbados do well. Where we differ is how we will get there.

    For you,it is a binary choice.
    It’;s the B or the D and since the D has exited the stage it has to be the B.
    Let me commend you for having the courage to claim to be a B as there are others who are as rabid as you are, but are unwilling to show their allegiance/alliance to/with the party.

    There is a third group of us. We are not B or D. We thought D was a colossal failure and we see the B traveling along the same path.

    It seem as if some of you have a problem with nuances.
    Being “taken off the black list” is quite different from being taken off the “black list and put on the grey list”
    Saying the scanners cost $40M and not stating US or BDS is being deceptive. Then saying you did not mean 40M and not following up with a figure and a currency is a continuation of that deception.

    It is the slick footwork, the misspeak and the inexactness of monies to be spent,
    It’s the D’s did it, so we can do the same. You though the D’s were wrong and then you do the same thing.

    It is the belief that some can come here and say a few words and believe that explains away everything. And as they leave, they question or common sense or take pains to point it that the stuff is above our heads

    So our hearts may be in the same place, but our heads are in different places.


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