40 Million Port Scanners – True Cost Anyone?

Dear BU
In the endless cause to stop violence and import of weapons the government has announced the procurement of 2 scanners at a cost of 40 million BBD.
It doesn’t take much searching to find the attached price list for RapiScan products, a top US manufacturer of all types of scanners including container/gantry scanning.
See Scanner Price List – Rapiscan Systems
It is quite evident that a scanner costs 900k-2 million USD.
How the government is allotting 10 million USD to a scanner is a question that should be asked.
Is this a classic example of over-billing with the extra money being kick backed to a corrupt politician/bureaucrat ?
If you at the BU could post this one way or another with my text or your own I would greatly appreciate it.
The fact that it took me 10 minutes of searching on the internet to find List Prices for Scanners just shows how stupid the politician must think we citizens are. How can they be so blatant to claim they are spending X dollars when we can see the cost is 35% of X.
Good day and I hope we can bring someone into the light of justice with this document and future article.
Concerned Bajan with Internet Access


  • Gazzerts,unlike you i do not jump on bandwagons,i think for myself.On top of that i work for a living, therefore,unlike you, i cannot be on a blog 24/7like the tag team.I do not deal in speculation but facts and i will wait until all the facts are known,before commenting.Whenever i see certain persons on here parading likePiece,SSS,Waru,Sarge,Mariposa,Hants,Hal Austin and yourself who between you hog the comments i know your agenda and is not inthe best interest of Barbados.Therefore, having read a story in the papers stating that the Dems plan to lood social media with attacks on the government i am not surprised.


  • @Lorenzo H
    Let me rephrase your contribution in language that everyone can understand:

    I ain’t got anything, please Mia drop a crumb so a foot soldier like me could take on these knowledgeable people.


  • @Lorenzo — slim pickings in your diatribe, but ….

    “Gazzerts,unlike you i do not jump on bandwagons” …
    I am hoping you jump off the one you are on

    “i think for myself.” …
    This is lie #1. Not one original idea in that head of yours

    “On top of that i work for a living, therefore,unlike you(..
    Given your “pooch licking they should given you a no-show job. Also lie #2 as I work.

    “i cannot be on a blog 24/7like the tag team.”…
    You should stay off completely, you add nothing here

    “I do not deal in speculation but facts and i will wait until all the facts are known,before commenting.”
    Lie #3. You wait on HQ for talking points. You repeat the same thing over and over.

    “Whenever i see certain persons on here parading likePiece,SSS,Waru,Sarge,Mariposa,Hants,Hal Austin and yourself who between you hog the comments i know your agenda and is not inthe best interest of Barbados.” ….
    I will match my patriotism against yours any day. You think patriotism is reflected in the amount of kool-aid that you drink. That is partisanship not patriotism.

    “Therefore, having read a story in the papers stating that the Dems plan to lood social media with attacks on the government i am not surprised.” …
    Man Think for yourself. I am not B, D or SP. Don’t swallow the propaganda and the regurgitate it. Think, think, think for yourself. Hants just post links and that makes you cry.
    Sarge stated the truth and you started to bawl.
    SSS stated the truth and wanted her banned
    Piece & Waru have you soiling your pants… Go get some big boy pampers


  • Gazzerts,your quick reply confirms all i need to or wish to know about you.You are a ba ndwagon hopper with your head so far up Piece and the other members of the tsg teams asd you cannot think for yourself. Hear you SSS speaks the truth which truth j/a your version and Piece and Waru got you soiling your pants,really?You obviouly do not know me.They are lightweights, like you.As for SSS i stated she should be banned for disrespecting the blog master not her views as Enuff said you read but do not understand what you read.You stated iam a koolaid drinker which is my right what are you J/a nothing more than a bandwagon hopper.Look at the White Oak story,same group parading but you know what,it does not matter whst the tag team thinks,what matter is what the IMF thinks capiche.


  • Gazzerts your quick response does not surprise because you seem to live on and for BU.Hear you,SSS speaks the truth really?In whose opinion not mine.Clearly your head is stuck so car up Piece ass that you are as delusional as he is.Time to be a man and think for yourself.As for SSS being banned along with your idolPiece i stated it was for disrespecting the blogmaster not their views and i stand by that.As for Waru and Piece causing me to soil my pants really?You really have to be a real jackass who do not know me.They are livhtweights,like you.I have exptessed my support for Ms Mottley,if that makes me a koolaid drinker that is my right,better than being a bandwagon hopper.If you look at the White Oaks story the same ten people parading but you know what?What is important is not what the few overseas bellyachers think but what the visiting IMF thinks capice.


  • Piece the Legend

    Speaking about people “who do not have the best interests of Barbados at heart”

    Here is a person who certainly does not “have the best interest of Barbados at heart”


    And, I do not know if you got the email at your address mugabepoochlicker@blp.org.bb but I am no longer called Piece by the Mugabe-ites, you must call me Piece the Legend ok?


  • Piece the Legend

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    An apology for you.

    With regard to my recent accusation regarding the “fixed name” issue.

    It appears that, at least with the users with gravatar, the option as to the name that displays is fixed by gravatar.com as opposed to the previous option where we users were allowed to change the name.

    I still wonder why you did not let that remain optional because any periodic changes could be effected

    As it stands now email + gravatar minus VPN and denying html5 canvas to load will allow you to identify your users.

    @ other Barbados Underground bloggers

    Look at this article and see if anything applies for you to use to protect your machines



  • Abracadabra
    Scratch grain
    It worked last time

    “I have exptessed my support for Ms Mottley”
    Second post for the day… second time you begged for a no-show job.


  • Piece the Legend

    Theophillus Gazerts!!! You gine kill he?

    Whuloss man!!

    A po rackey chicken can only tek so much man

    You mocking he with he own hashes.

    You commenting bout he pooch licking lips.

    You mention how he absent from de very job he supposed to be heah working

    You mention he scratch grain habits.

    Man ease he nuh? Pressure does bust PIPES!!


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine


    Where did I disrespect the blogmaster? By referring to him as compromised, by calling him a joker or is it the fact that I said I would like to light in his crutch from the pretense I am assuming he is under? The blogmaster can defend himself and state straight out that he is not in cahoots with the Mia Rogue Works Mottley regime. You just upset because the SSS have little to no respect for Mia Mottley because she is a rogue in working. But if there is one thing that you are right about is this. I am disgruntled DLP supporter because I fell for one party’s shite before and seeing I never had anything respect for the BLP, it is easy for me not to follow the shite of them. I stopped blogging on here for a time and indicated that I will not comment until Rogue Works present her hidden side. The moment that she granted tax amnesty so her father does not have to worry about the interest accumulated on his years of not paying taxes, the moment she knighted him so he can be elevated above normal status, the moment she placed all her friends in the money positions and talk shite about many hands make light work, I return with a poster depicting a rogue and wicked is ass version of her persona. Also, tell me what lies I have told on here that you think I needed to be branded as one hogging the blog like the tag team label you want to place on those who will not take up Mottley’s scratch grain? Tell me please, one liner? If there is one thing that I pride myself on is not telling lies. If I present information on here that is not factual, you can bet your last dollar that I will say it is not accurate or concede where others present a more accurate picture. Well, the truth be told I like a bassa bassa, so I do not concede that easily I simply say you have your view I sticking to mine. I have no time to be on this blog hogging it. So you will notice clearly that after about 20 comments, you would see a comment from me. I am all about poster protest, and for your information, those posters have reached quite far as well as near. I am about what is right for Barbados. I am about what is right for the people. I am about justice prevailing where injustices are obvious. I am about seeing the stinking DLP feeling the full weight of the law and any of these parasites in the BLP who think they can get their monies through different means and links, lock to cunt-hole up for their fleecing collusions. I am about seeing Barbados operate on transparency and accountability. I am about breaking up the chains that bind the status quo to the various avenues that money is filtered into their pockets by what they deem as legal means base on years of practising the same illegal activity. That is my cause, not sucking licking, picking or idolising prominent political pooches. I am not a lackey, lapdog, onesided view Johnny like you. I call a spade a spade. I see a purpose in blogging on here, if not I would not come at all. So any perceived disrespect you think I have for the blog master, I lose respect for people who I think are liars or operating in deceit and deception. That is my perception of the blogmaster at this time, and until I am proven wrong, I hold no more respect for the blogmaster to whom I believe is compromised. So go clean another pooch, your course is finished, the certificate in pooch licking techniques is now yours to relish in. Jackass of all jackasses!!!


  • SSS i now get the time to view your long pointlesd diatribe.All you have ststed is your point of view which is your right.I still maintain my view,you arr disrespectful to the blogmaster wbo allows you to blog and had it been me your ass would be banned long time.I gone done with you.As for Gazzerts you as usual have said little worth responding to.


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