40 Million Port Scanners – True Cost Anyone?

Dear BU
In the endless cause to stop violence and import of weapons the government has announced the procurement of 2 scanners at a cost of 40 million BBD.
It doesn’t take much searching to find the attached price list for RapiScan products, a top US manufacturer of all types of scanners including container/gantry scanning.
See Scanner Price List – Rapiscan Systems
It is quite evident that a scanner costs 900k-2 million USD.
How the government is allotting 10 million USD to a scanner is a question that should be asked.
Is this a classic example of over-billing with the extra money being kick backed to a corrupt politician/bureaucrat ?
If you at the BU could post this one way or another with my text or your own I would greatly appreciate it.
The fact that it took me 10 minutes of searching on the internet to find List Prices for Scanners just shows how stupid the politician must think we citizens are. How can they be so blatant to claim they are spending X dollars when we can see the cost is 35% of X.
Good day and I hope we can bring someone into the light of justice with this document and future article.
Concerned Bajan with Internet Access

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  1. SSS i now get the time to view your long pointlesd diatribe.All you have ststed is your point of view which is your right.I still maintain my view,you arr disrespectful to the blogmaster wbo allows you to blog and had it been me your ass would be banned long time.I gone done with you.As for Gazzerts you as usual have said little worth responding to.

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