First Caribbean International Bank Not Honouring Court Judgement Handed Down Since 2009–Boycott on the Cards?

CIBC First Caribbean is one of the largest banks in Barbados

CIBC First Caribbean is one of the largest banks in Barbados

Judgment (Suit No: CV1339 of 2008) in the Matter Justin McIntosh, Brunetta McIntosh v First Caribbean Int’l Bank (B’dos) Ltd

The above judgement in the case Justin McIntosh, Brunetta McIntosh v First Caribbean International Bank (B’dos) Ltd was delivered since May 2009.  To date, the bank has still not paid the cost for replacing the title deeds that it lost as ordered by the court.  The Plaintiffs are poor people and cannot afford to engage counsel  to seek redress. First Caribbean is aware of the financial state  of the Plaintiffs and must therefore be cognizant of the financial and emotional stress this wilful delay continues to burden two ordinary Barbadians.

In summary: the Plaintiffs [Justin and Brunetta McIntosh] were experiencing financial difficulty in 2004 and started proceedings to sell the property that they owned which they had mortgaged to the First Caribbean.  They could not sell because the bank had LOST the title deeds.  The bank took responsibility in words [see judgement] but has reneged on its obligation to date.  Why must the plaintiffs, or any Barbadians for that matter, have to tolerate a foreign institution demonstrating scant regard for our Court?

These poor Barbadians continue to suffer as a result of  First Caribbean International Bank’s negligence and it appears that no one at that institution gives a damn. BU’s single request to the management of First Caribbean International Bank is to do right by this matter and we will not have to post a followup blog.


  • Well Well the MOUTH

    Please instance cases where you say I have lied.


  • Amused

    Of Well Well: “I want to see what other dirt you can come up with”.

    What a manipulative sod you are. But I have to say that the part created for you or by you rivals the John Mortimer character even if a little over-done at times. But yes – an ‘Oscar’ performance I think. When do we get the DVD?


  • @Well Well. Golly Gee and Golly Gee Whizz, old friend, it appears that some think you are a nasty piece of work and view you unkindly – and often. I do NOT agree – I am full of admiration and approbation. And, I hear a LOT of cages rattling loudly and am MUCH amused. DO NOT LET UP!!!!! As for lawyers who have gone to jail, there are many. Not in Barbados, of course. After all, don’t you know that in Barbados a law degree makes you, like the Queen, exempt from prosecution? I cannot wait to see who you go after next.


  • @Well Well. BTW, any lawyers on your list and documents whose offices are on Belmont Road? Do tell. There are quite a few law offices there.


  • Amused to Well Well…

    “Old friend” – brilliant


  • Amused…………i can see it’s working effectively, i will continue to rattle the cages of the rats, only those who know they are dishonest, thieving and corrupt will shake in fear and spew their garbage in the hopes that i will respond, those who know they are honest will watch and smile.


  • Un freakin believable!

    Leroi of France must be smilin.


  • @ Well Well

    If you have the evidence, given that you have free license here to come and spew the deeds/iniquities sine fear of retribution under your nom de plume, just come here and do it.

    I remember well the days of being in a group of my friends, and as do all mobs, one of my friends assailing a girl who might have been passing or in our company and saying “girl, if i was to get you oneside you would feel de hammer,” or some name of power for the probable weenie

    Full of hot air and signifying nothing, we are WhistleBlowers of Barbados with the current protection of David[BU] and wordpress, so before the US gets access to our identities, or some other superpower that is spying on these sites, and cuts a deal with the government of the day to expose us all, release the hounds of war.


  • Piece…………………i do call names as long as i am absolutely sure and have been doing so from the very beginning of my coming on this site, you must have missed most of them, ask David…………i have no fear, it’s blood curdling and horrifying the extent of thievery on victims who cannot fight back because the system that is supposed to be protecting victims, protects thieving lawyers instead, too many lawyers in parliament, at least 30 or more, people on this side of the world has recognized what is really happening in Bim. We can’t blame any outside government for the thieving ways of some bajan lawyers because of the exposure, the lawyers have to blame themselves. I am very mindful and so are alot of people about the pain, agony, suffering and frustration the victims of these thieving lawyers experienced and continue to experience to this day through their descendants having to continue to fight for justice that were denied the victims when they were alive. We also have to blame the likes of former CJ Simmons who was toothless to rein in and punish thieving and corrupt lawyers but lavishly and gleefully distributed large prison sentences on poor people for stupid infractions. All the names will out eventually and all the likes of Ross can do is sit back and watch, call me names and cry.


  • Hants……………..some people are seeing it as a blessing in disguise, that may be the only way to get Duprey back to Trinidad to physically put some handcuffs on him or an accidental bullet in him. With all those shares he has to present himself there at some point in time, the lawyers will not be able to do everything from a distance, one way or the next they will get him.


  • Amused…………..i vaguely remember Belmont Road mentioned, will let you know.


  • LOL…of Belmont Road…..spend as much time as you wish…and good luck!


    Be sure that your hounds don’t turn and bite you. And remember – anyone can make up stories. You know very well it takes more than wild assertions to substantiate anything – and especially so when they are rooted in the genre of ‘Tales from…’

    Mind: I did hear some nice little ‘stories’ about the MOUTH earlier – which I may share with you later.


    Answer the questions I posed to you.

    Well Well the MOUTH

    Again: Tell me where on this blog or any other I have lied as you say I have. Otherwise do us a favour – close your various orifices and return to the Psychiatric Hospital.


  • Ross……………your rat cage got rattled and you are disturbed, you see whatever i said about dishonest lawyers in Barbados can be substantiated, it’s all a part of public record in Barbados, you cannot send anyone to steal those files, just a matter of time now before everything else returns to bite once more, you already showed yourself to be a useless lawyer, what more would you like to show us. Every day more and more information is being made available to the public about your dishonest ilk…..poor old Ross, what are you going to do, try to have everyone who exposes the truth committed, the world out here knows all about you and your dishonest ilk.


  • LOL – RIP


  • @Well Well. | July 27, 2013 at 10:02 AM | I (and some others) am smiling broadly, in fact laughing loudly and thoroughly enjoying your comments. Gee whizz and LOL etc.


  • Amused……………..there is actually a story about Belmont Road, correct me if i am wrong that is where Carrington & Sealy is located, I cannot remember the real context and therefore would not want to divulge incorrect info, if I come across any reminders I will let you know.


  • LOL – what a set of wankers you are.



    Well Well@…there are dishonest lawyers everywhere, but in truth and in fact the lawyers in Bim for many years took it to an unbearable level, since for many years before 2006 or 2007 they were never arrested, disciplined or otherwise exposed a the common criminals too many of them really are, cause Simmons said he could do nothing, still trying to figure out why he was there sucking on taxpayers purse@
    2006 2007 was the highest level of money making by the fraud lawyer, the CJ Simmons was deep in this from 1995 when he read Violet Beckles in 1995 at 11/5 post office in town , His plan when in to effect to them look to see what lands he can take as AG to build the high court , About that time Violet Beckles was sick and they were thinking she was going to Died , She recover and they was full steam ahead , Violet was also had a meeting at the new High court to see about her money ,,,
    Violet said they asked her about many plantations and she reply, yes yes yes many times , They said they were going to call her back but they never did, As the room we filled with plenty so called white people.Plenty checks on the table for land they took with no rules of taking , and taking at will… CJ Simmons ,, do you remember the date?
    As Violet these people are Bitches with no shame.


  • Brunetta McIntosh

    What can we do to get justice bout this place. It is so frustrating …why FCIB can’t get around to sign the simple check since January to let things move on. This is down right unfair.


  • There you go, all you want is someone to do there job and see it through. I can’t be bought or sold. Has anybody notified the ombudsman about these people and the situation??
    Recovering ( lost ) deeds and estate administration in Barbados. We citizens, investors and expats find ourselves at the mercy of a deed recording system and bureaucracy that is completely dysfunctional and dated, with no checks and balances by the county clerk’s office to block or catch these notary and investor criminal masterminds, that rob us of our peace and precious time,” You’re rolling the dice either way.
    Hire a private investigator and you’re betting that the investigator’s fee will turn up sufficient assets to turn a profit on that investment (without saying how valuable to you the peace of mind of knowing that there’s nothing out there would be).
    Don’t hire an investigator and you’re betting that you can figure it out for yourself.
    I’d go with a local PI and the ombudsman at the earliest
    Opportunity. Anyone else missing deeds ???


  • can I ask sir … “Mr. Anthony Ward”, is there a PI you can recommend!?


  • @ Anthony Ward – (flattering)
    Seems I have a twin, anyway, you can get me @




  • Sorry all better…

    Is better saves time, there waiting…


    I look at these white collar criminals like shop lifters, they take something without paying for it. Just because they can. They do it with and in front of their pals. Then more of these “pals” want to take a retainer of you to represent you..
    With a outcome of …. Just paying the money back. These gangsters, use to be able to get away with it, & most are to ashamed to let higher authorities know. The facts that “offshore” accounts are held by these people are now coming to light and you may only guess as to which Banks are involved.
    Barbadian society as a whole is not an enforcement country, but you will be enlightend to know what can be done, and I’m assured is to net these co conspirators.


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