Minister Denis Lowe Resignation MUST be on the Table -Flooding @Clarkes Road. St. James – GOD Bless BIM on Independence Day

Flooding in Clarke's Road

Clarke’s Road

clarkes-road-pMinister of Drainage Denis Lowe needs to go. There has been no improvement in the task to alleviate flooding in Barbados since his appointment. In fact, it has gotten worse. Surely it is time for commonsense to prevail and for the Prime Minister to give the opportunity to another person to bring a fresh approach to the job? Unfortunately we know that he will continue to have the backing of Prime Minister Stuart because he is a loyal foot soldier AND there is an election to be won.

For those whose lifes and properties continue to be threatened by heavy rainfall – what are we to do? Yes, we should be able to celebrate Independence Day (whatever that means) and discuss the attendant issues of the day.

By the way, are the weather radars working?

God bless BIM on Independence day.

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  • Would natural underground spring water kill the tilapia in Peronne Village pond located on the Southwest side of the parking lot of the former Big B (now Massy) store?

    And were the maintentance workers who claim they saw toilet tissue and fecal matter floating in the pond water at the same time as the fish kill was occuring in an earlier episode of flooding just hallucinating?


  • Watchman


    I wanted to go looking yesterday but got engrossed in dealing with grass, another natural result of rain!!!!

    I am stuck for a while trying various solutions.

    I don’t think I will get to the tour in any hurry but if I do we can set up a time and date!!

    I can see what happens from the maps and google earth and what I remember of hiking in the area and watching up close the watercourses work during heavy rain.

    What we all really need is the powers that be to act sensibly not only down by you but all over the island.

    They are fearful of doing the wrong thing and looking stupid so won’t trust their own gut and listen to their own experience and that of others.

    They are also fearful of offending their masters who think they know everything but know nothing …. and their masters are fearful of offending another set of bigger masters.

    That’s why I am suggesting you try the process again now that as Bajans, they can see what Nature will do if they do foolishness and listen to their masters.

    They can see the results.

    Fortunately no one died this time.

    It wasn’t always so, people who ran the Vestry/Local Government knew exactly how the land worked and would not have allowed the problem to occur.

    But remember, they had to figure it out too but they had a serious advantage, they depeneded on the land for their own and others livelihoods.

    The technical people are hamstrung by fear.

    I have heard some of the same big maguffy names you called here express that fear …. and boy, are they scared of their masters and losing their jobs!!

    I was utterly amazed when one of those names you mentioned told me they are not allowed to say the phrase “water is an impediment to development” even although they know it!!

    Give the powers that be another chance to do their jobs and pray there isn’t another deluge before they actually do what they are paid to do.

    Find a way to work together and solve the problem.


  • GreenMonkey December 4, 2016 at 10:37 AM #
    Would natural underground spring water kill the tilapia in Peronne Village pond located on the Southwest side of the parking lot of the former Big B (now Massy) store?
    And were the maintentance workers who claim they saw toilet tissue and fecal matter floating in the pond water at the same time as the fish kill was occuring in an earlier episode of flooding just hallucinating?

    Probably not especially since the spring water is full of bacteria that has been added!!


  • Hants December 4, 2016 at 10:22 AM #
    @ John,
    “cold updrafts?” occurred on the beach at Mt.Standfast and also near Folkestone in the 50s and 60s.
    We thought they were springs and drank the water.
    Wouldn’t do that today given the chemicals we use for Agriculture / pest control.

    That’s why I stopped going in the sea decades ago!!


  • The pond at Peronne I have never seen.

    If I am right it will get water from two sources.

    Underground and runoff.

    If it never dries up, they say it is natural, it definitely is fed underground when there is no rain.

    It is possible the Toilet Paper and fecal matter come from the road, possibly from the recent leak.

    But perhaps it may have come from the overflow of the lake during the intense rain when every one was indoors and did not see the lake overflow into the road.

    There is also surface run off from Graeme Hall into the road.

    The coral is cracked and fissured and the water level in the pond moves in sympathy with what happens in the lake.

    If you like, the pond is just a mini lake, an extension, and the two are connected underground.

    Whatever bacteria is present in the lake is also present in Peronne Pond

    My guess is you will find Toilet Paper and fecal matter in the big lake as well …. and lots of it.

    …. so if I am right, there could be fish kills in Graeme Hall as well, depending on the concentrations … or maybe all the tilapia are already dead.

    Now if Maxi Pontifex was alive we could have an independent source with local knowledge from up close who we could ask.


  • There is no doubt there is or has been sewage problems.

    Perhaps the problems are fixed or perhaps not.

    I am saying regardless of whether they have been fixed or not the heavy rain will expose them as it washes and cleanses the land!!


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Someyhing is very wrong when government ministers and public servants so blatantly lie to the public

    The world’s best educated are getting better and better after swimming in John Boyce’s brackish water, a tourist was alledgedly hospitalized, but dont worry says John Boyce, there is no sewage running into the sea, the water is fine….in his mind the tourist was hospitalized for swimming in uncontaminated brackish water…and that is who they got for minister of health, best educated in the world…lol

    As soon as the word “allegedly” pops up, they are trying to throw up barricades against a lawsuit, but the visitor might be able to handle them better than they think.

    Someone is using their brain though, let lying Mwansa see and smell for himself…lol


  • If you want to see what the water in the Wetlands was like last time a serious study was done check this report.


  • “Cumming Cockburn Limited, et al., under contract to the Government of Barbados, estimated the flood levels of the Graeme Hall ecosystem in the 1996 Barbados Stormwater Drainage Study. According to the study (see Table 2-6 in Attachment 7), a 100-year storm of 24-hour duration would achieve an elevation of 1.60 m, assuming the normal water level of 0.40 m at the outset of the storm with no outflow during the event. Table 2-6 also shows the estimated flood levels from 3-hour and 24-hour storms for recurrence intervals of 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 years.
    The Barbados drainage study recommended a monitoring program to record lake water levels, gate operation, and outflow volumes. To EEC’s knowledge, this has not been undertaken; nor have the study’s other recommendations been followed. The study recommended flood proofing via a berm raising the perimeter of the ecosystem to elevation 1.6 m (pages 3-24 and 3-25) and extending the concrete-lined outlet of the Graeme Hall Bisecting Canal approximately 40 m beyond the existing channel, to be coupled with water jet pumps for sand removal.
    The study noted that “water draining from the swamp typically has a high level of tannins, resulting in discoloration of the sea water near the outlet,” and it acknowledged challenges to its recommendations: “Local tourist operations have frequently expressed concerns…about potential water quality impact on adjacent beaches.” “


  • “In summary, dissolved oxygen was low and iron concentrations were high, likely reflecting the discharge of oxygen-poor groundwater from upland areas. The occurrence of nitrate is attributable to the upland discharge or organic decay. Abundant algae growth is a reflection of relatively high levels of nutrients. Elevated phosphorus concentrations, possibly being mobilized from sediments in the hypoxic conditions, are another indicator of nutrient impacts. The average zinc concentration increased from <0.005 mg/l in 2002 to 0.029 mg/l, above the proposed Barbadian standard, possibly reflecting transport from upland areas”

    Low oxygen = dead fish


  • Pesticides in Sediment The pattern of surface water and sediment results suggests that pesticides have entered the Sanctuary from offsite areas. (Attachment 15 lists the sediment chemical analysis results by location. Attachment 17 discusses historical pesticide use.) Sediment at sample station 4B exhibited 0.19 ug/kg dieldrin. Further downstream within the stormwater ditch at 4E, dieldrin was exhibited at 0.42 ug/kg and 4.4 DDE at 0.51 ug/kg. Concentrations of dieldrin at 0.29 ug/kg and chlordane at 14 ug/kg were found in the south pond at location 6B. Offsite concentrations of dieldrin were present west of the Sanctuary at 4F (1.4 ug/kg) and east of the Sanctuary in the freshwater marsh at sample location S13 (1.0 ug/kg). Chlordane was present at 4F in a concentration of 85 ug/kg, as was heptachlor epoxide at 0.17 ug/kg.


  • A total catchment area of approximately 1156 acres (468.2 ha) flows into the Graeme Hall Mangrove Ecosystem. Starting from an elevation of 100-110 m at Upton and Kent, water flows toward the shoreline through swales, ditches, and culverts to larger and larger drainage conveyance systems. Storm events carry runoff from residential, commercial, and agricultural activities, as well as schools and highways. Each type of land use produces different pollutant loads.


  • Conclusions
    • Urban and agricultural runoff are concentrating pollutants in the water column and sediments of the Sanctuary’s lake, pond, and canal system. The catchment area of 1,156 acres (468.2 ha) delivers tons of organic matter, nutrients, oils and greases, trace metals, and chemicals in annual stormwater runoff. Septic waste from suckwells permeates upland limestone and coral rock. A swale behind a business on Highway 7 contained wastewater exhibiting high levels of ammonia and sulfide, which are very toxic to fish, and fecal coliform bacteria too numerous to count. All of these pollutants drain toward the Sanctuary without the discharge to the sea that is typical of other catchment areas. Some can be processed and assimilated in the natural cycles of a healthy mangrove forest; others, such as heavy metals and pesticides, accumulate in the system. • Average salinity in the Sanctuary’s mangrove lake has declined from 8.4 ppt in 2002 to 1.9 ppt in 2010, a 77% reduction that correlates with a 75% sodium reduction. Brackish water is a defining characteristic of the estuaries where most mangrove ecosystems are found worldwide; their salinity is typically an order of magnitude higher than the lake water results at Graeme Hall. Salinity in the Bisecting Canal, reported at 2934 ppt in 1986, was 1.33 ppt in 2010.

    • Almost every biotic and abiotic indicator points to a freshwater transformation of the mangrove wetlands. In the absence of brackish water, nearly all of the flora and fauna that typically live in the intertidal zone on red mangrove roots were missing. Benthic analysis indicated the invertebrate community consisted exclusively of freshwater rather than saltwater species. Analysis also revealed that some disturbance — likely a sudden change in water chemistry — had caused the death of otherwise healthy gastropods in all but two sample sites: those farthest from the sewage treatment plant. • Lake tributaries were oxygen-poor and high in nutrients, a combination associated with algae overgrowth, low water quality, and fish kills. Poor circulation in the absence of tidal flushing contributes to low dissolved oxygen in the ponds, ditches, canal and marsh. Heavy nutrient loads from stormwater runoff stress the ecosystem’s ability to metabolize nutrients and support aquatic life. High chlorophyll-a and phosphorus readings correspond to ratings of eutrophic to hypereutrophic on the Trophic State Classification Index, indicative of high-nutrient water bodies with algae growth. The relationship between high quantities of stormwater runoff and water degradation is likely a factor in recurring fish kills. • Water quality analyzed from the Sanctuary and its surroundings in numerous instances, violate proposed Barbadian standards for the protection of the environment and public health. Some surface water samples fell below desired levels for salinity and dissolved oxygen and exceeded the limits for fecal coliform, fecal streptococci, fecal enterococci, nitrate, total phosphorus, total suspended solids, chlorophyll-a, and turbidity. Poor water quality reflects the lack of a regular influx of seawater and the inability to discharge excess runoff to the sea. • Fish analysis revealed trematode larvae and elevated levels of zinc in tilapia. Zinc, which some water samples exhibited in amounts exceeding the proposed standard, can be toxic to fish, especially in oxygen-poor water during periods of high temperature. Trematode larvae identified in fish organs can lead to human health concerns from eating improperly cooked fish. • Pesticides were detected in the water column and sediments at the Sanctuary and found in high concentrations offsite. Samples from the freshwater marsh and the spring-fed freshwater ponds exhibited dieldrin, chlordane 4,4 DDE, and heptachlor epoxide, pesticides that persist in the environment and tend to bioaccumulate. Together with the orthophosphate found in sediments, they indicate an impact on the Sanctuary from agricultural runoff. • The dysfunctional Government-owned sluice gate increases the flooding potential for the Sanctuary and adjacent lands; it also precludes a remedy for low surface water levels during drought. The Barbados Drainage Study in 1996 indicated that a 100-year rainfall event of 24 hours would flood the wetland to at least 1.6 m. Cumming Cockburn, et al., advised in that report that a perimeter berm be installed around the ecosystem to this elevation to prevent flooding of adjacent residences and businesses. No such precaution has been undertaken. • The existence of a high-volume emergency raw sewage discharge line into the Ramsar wetland and the Sanctuary presents an ongoing threat to water quality, the wetland ecosystem, and human health. The disrepair of the sluice gate makes it likely that any emergency bypass of the South Coast Sewage Treatment Plant will bring raw sewage and low-oxygen water to the Sanctuary, further degrading water quality and stressing aquatic life. • Land use changes north and east of the Graeme Hall ecosystem will bring more pollutants and reduce greenbelt buffering. Zoning of 160 acres of Government-owned agricultural lands will allow residential and commercial development right up to the ecosystem boundary. This will funnel more pollutants into an ecosystem already deprived of an outlet to the sea. • The low biodiversity of the Sanctuary’s benthic community, as indicated by taxa and individuals observed, represents a critically endangered mangrove ecosystem. Seventeen taxa were identified in densities from 304 to 10,609 per square meter; by comparison, a healthy red mangrove community in Florida had 300 taxa and densities from 22,591 to 52,914 per square meter. Benthic biodiversity was highest in sites farthest from stormwater runoff inputs and would likely increase if connectivity to the ocean were reestablished. The Sanctuary staff has also noted the decline of fiddler crab and blue land crab populations, yet another indicator of an ailing ecosystem.

    • A red mangrove forest that has existed for no less than 1,300 years is at substantial risk of being lost unless its connection to seawater and tides is restored. Salt-tolerant mangroves lose their competitive edge in a freshwater environment. Any openings in their canopy that would allow sunlight to reach the forest floor — especially the sudden impact of a fire, hurricane, lightning, or disease — could permit their displacement by an invasion of freshwater plants. Many freshwater species already are present, indicating an increased risk for failure of the Graeme Hall Mangrove Ecosystem.


  • …. so, we all been there done that!!


  • Tilapia are scavengers

    The presence of feces and toilet paper in the pond may indicate that water ran into the pond and brought the matter with it.

    It may have also brought toxins and low oxygen content which killed all the fish thus preventing them from enjoying their turds and whey and growing up to be healthy happy tilapia!!


  • Now if Maxi Pontifex was alive we could have an independent source with local knowledge from up close who we could ask
    I thought Max’s expertise was birds ( he had an extensive aviary) but he lived near Graeme Hall swamp so he would have had local knowledge on that also.


  • Many people avoid sea baths after heavy rains they notice that the surf tends to be discoloured as a result of water draining into the ocean either from channels constructed for that purpose or runoff making its way via other means. The recent rains should be a teachable moment as we should implement water testing in beach areas frequented by visitors and locals alike particularly after heavy rains. That should assure sea bathers that the water is free of fecal coliform and other assorted biohazards that could cause ill health.


  • Maxi Pontifex lived in Graeme Hall Swamp when not at home!!

    If my information is correct we actually do water testing and have done for years.

    It is just that the results are not published.

    If the authorities do actually start publishing results and warning sea bathers of what the results are it will b a step towards “First World Status”.


  • I passed by where I saw the water coming to the surface on the road between the Esso station and Big B.

    Just saw a rusty manhole cover, no water.

    I think I have an explanation.

    When they were laid in the 1990’s, the sewer pipes were inserted into tunnels dug by then specialized equipment.

    There are thus tunnels containing the sewer pipes into which underground water can enter through the porous limestone.

    As more is forced into the space between the pipe and the wall of the tunnel, it flows along the tunnel and finds an exit wherever it can.

    That’s what I think I saw last night, water being forced to the surface at that manhole cover.

    If this is the reason a fix might be to cut small holes in the cast iron so water can escape without pushing up the cover and creating the appearance of sabotage.

    I think once the large volume of water from the recent rain gets to the sea things will settle.

    It can’t be a sewage leak because it was dry when I passed there today, just the rusty cover to be seen.



    If you read this article and think for a moment you will realise that the manhole issue cannot be a sewage leak because one minute it is present and the next minute it isn’t

    I think the explanation I have offered above makes more sense.

    That is not to say the water when it appears at the manhole is sanitary, but it certainly is NOT raw sewage … once my explanation applies.

    It is thus incorrect to suggest John Mwansa is lying.

    It is just that we have sh!t on our minds!!


  • The BWA denial I am thinking is valid.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    The boutique owner claimed there is toilet paper and whatever in the mix, that’s what he wants Mwansa to see for himself….explain that John


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Dont forget they ALL starting from parliament…..deny everything and take responsibility for nothing. ….so I can just see them not lying anymore and taking responsibility for everything….ah got a bridge in Barbados to sell you…bring cash.


  • Furthermore, the BWA’s general manager Dr John Mwansa has pointed an accusing finger at culprits for removing the manholes on the system and creating some of the problems being experienced in that area. – See more at:


    My bet is that it is the fluctuations in underground water levels which is moving the manhole covers!!

    Everybody assumes that since the water is coming from the manhole covers it has to be raw sewage … my bet it is not!!


  • Well Well & Consequences December 4, 2016 at 3:44 PM #
    The boutique owner claimed there is toilet paper and whatever in the mix, that’s what he wants Mwansa to see for himself….explain that John

    If the swamp overflows on to the road it will bring whatever is in it.

    We all know (or do we) that when there are problems at the sewage plant as there have been, raw sewage is pumped into the swamp where it decays.

    The last problem sounds like it was on November 11!!

    So when we get the heavy rains on November 29th and the swamp overflows onto the main road what ever is there from the episode of the 11th will come too!!

    The most likely place the overflow will come will be in the area of the canal, between St. Lawrence and Worthing.

    Guess what, that is where the turds and whey are being observed.

    If you walk from the Chicken Barn carpark north in a matter of seconds you will be in the swamp.

    Go and take a look!!

    So that is another place the swamp can overflow.

    Guess what, the GOB was told years ago to build a berm around the swamp to prevent overflow!!

    Let me re quote from the report as I have done so already!!

    “The Barbados drainage study recommended a monitoring program to record lake water levels, gate operation, and outflow volumes. To EEC’s knowledge, this has not been undertaken; nor have the study’s other recommendations been followed. The study recommended flood proofing via a berm raising the perimeter of the ecosystem to elevation 1.6 m (pages 3-24 and 3-25) and extending the concrete-lined outlet of the Graeme Hall Bisecting Canal approximately 40 m beyond the existing channel, to be coupled with water jet pumps for sand removal.”

    Now, if the sluice gate has under the control of the lake water levels overflow might never have happened.

    So what is John Mwansa to say when he responds to the invitation and visits the boutique?

    Absolutely nothing!!

    All I can think is why the hell didn’t we ignorant Bajans sit on the Government’s tail and prevent it spending $7 million on useless celebrations when life and limb are at risk?

    That $7 million could have rectified the sluice gate and perhaps even built a berm!!


  • We don’t even understand how our country works …. how can we claim to be independent?


  • There are outside experts who could assist Barbados.

    ” Israel continues to be a world leader in the successful exploitation of treated wastewater, and over the past decade it nearly doubled the area in which this water can be used for crop irrigation, according to a comprehensive survey conducted by the state Water Authority.”


  • The invitation from the boutique owner should be to the PM and his 29 cohorts and it should probably tell them when they are coming each bring a shovel, there is sh!t to be moved.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    “All I can think is why the hell didn’t we ignorant Bajans sit on the Government’s tail and prevent it spending $7 million on useless celebrations when life and limb are at risk?

    That $7 million could have rectified the sluice gate and perhaps even built a berm!!”

    Because they are ranked as the most educated people in the world, best education system, the government never tells lies and always accepts responsibility for their dumb actions…that’s why everything is turning to backed up shit.

    It’s been years I been hearing about that sluice gate in Graeme Hall, the government won the case against Allard couple months ago…I dont believe fixing the sluice gate problem would have interfered with the case, the case is over and government still refuses to fix the problem.

    Best educstion system at work.

    It is a shame, both governments have for decades been known as refusing to maintain or upgrade anything on the island, it has finally caught up, the neglect, the incompetence and inefficiencies, it makes for shameful reading.


  • The solution the GOB needs to hear has already been bought and paid for by us, the taxpayer.

    Build a berm and fix the sluice gate!!


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Well Well & Consequences December 4, 2016 at 5:35 PM
    “That $7 million could have rectified the sluice gate and perhaps even built a berm!!”

    If you believe those year-long celebrations would cost taxpayers only $7 million, then ‘well, well’ you have really swallowed the kool-aid laced with massive overruns of propaganda.

    The unoccupied villas at the Grotto (Dalkeith Woods, we dare say) were supposedly built for low income people but these penthouses close to a dying city ended up costing an arm and a leg that only upper-middle income people could barely afford.

    Hope it doesn’t come as a shock to your system and the taxpayers when you have to admit the miller has been right on the money all along.

    The final bill of the propaganda re-election project would be way in excess of that cheap rabbit in the magical hat figure of $ 7 million. Why not a budget $10 million?

    $50 mill sounds more realistic don’t you think? With just a mountain of madness and debt like a millstone hanging around the taxpayers’ neck to show for it.

    This administration has more than doubled the national debt since 2008. Can you point to any major infrastructural building project or productive priapic erection to show for it?


  • If the swamp overflows on to the road it will bring whatever is in it.
    We all know (or do we) that when there are problems at the sewage plant as there have been, raw sewage is pumped into the swamp where it decays.

    Build a berm and fix the sluice gate!!

    So building a berm might solve the problem of shit flowing in the streets and parking lots when heavy rains build up the water levels in the swamp by preventing an overflow of turd and toilet paper laden water onto the nearby streets and roads, but it won’t do anything to keep the untreated excrement from flowing into the swamp from a malfunctioning and/or inadequate sewage treatment plant.

    From Wikipedia:
    As of 2014 it was the last example of the numerous coastal swamps which once dotted the leeward coast of Barbados from Speightstown on the northern west coast to Chancery Lane Swamp just south of the airport. Over the years all of the swamps have been filled in for commercial development killing all of the wildlife that depended upon them. When St. Lawrence Gap was similarly developed for tourism this destruction included filling in the very last duck shooting swamps that were connected to the Graeme Hall Swamp. This is the last significant mangrove swamp in Barbados, and its international importance as a reserve and as a staging post for thousands of migratory birds was recognised by it being declared a Ramsar wetland.

    I wonder if turning the Graeme Hall swamp into a defacto sewage treatment plant would be considered a “wise use” of an environmentally sensitive wetland?

    At the centre of the Ramsar philosophy is the “wise use” of wetlands. When they accede to the Convention, Contracting Parties commit to work towards the wise use of all the wetlands and water resources in their territory, through national plans, policies and legislation, management actions and public education. The Convention defines wise use of wetlands as “the maintenance of their ecological character, achieved through the implementation of ecosystem approaches, within the context of sustainable development[2]”. Wise use can thus be seen as the conservation and sustainable use of wetlands and all the services they provide, for the benefit of people and nature.


    Of course my understanding it that they have already fundamentally changed the nature of the swamp from what was originally intended when the government signed onto the Ramsar convention by turning it from a brackish water, mangrove wetland to a fresh water wetland, so maybe they figure, who gives a shit (pun intended) if we throw a few turds in there now as well?


  • @ John
    You real loyal to your walking buddy….


  • Clarke's Road Roy Morris article Clarke’s Road Roy Morris article


  • Sewage can and should be treated at source. It is what progressive countries do automatically. Is it wise to continue to dump raw sewage at sea or to allow it to be dumped in land?

    The human race has been shitting and pissing since the beginning of time. We know how to treat human waste safely. The research is out there. Let’s us treat it as we would a commodity.

    @ Bush Tea,

    I’m still convinced that our army would be capable of carrying out the duties of government. This vacuum of incompetence and corruption must be filled by a capable and a respectable body.

    Drastic times calls for drastic measures.


  • Let’s see if Roy Morris will do a “follow up”.

    I hope he reads BU.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Miller..of coyrse we know a years worth if celebrations could never cost $7 million, but the real amount will come out one day.


  • Bush Tea December 4, 2016 at 6:58 PM #
    @ John
    You real loyal to your walking buddy….


    I think he may be wrong in his assessment of what is happening with the manhole covers but that he is right in other respects.

    Of course, I could be wrong too!!


  • I think the biggest bang for the buck is in fixing the sluice gate.

    Even when the sea is at high tide it does not get to the road so opening the gate to equalize the level in the Wetlands with that of the sea protects the road and prevents overflow.

    It is amazing no one had the sense to figure that one out over the years and that the GOB could sit on a report with recommendations made for the good of the country!!

    The berm is insurance.


  • That’s how fear works!!!

    The GOB as big and bad as it may want people to believe has always been fearful of backlash if it opened the sluice gate and caused the sea to be discoloured.

    Politically correct!!

    So it in effect blocked off the channel.

    A few years ago I watched how it is opened and closed.

    An excavator arrives on site and removes the sand blocking the mouth.

    When the water drains, the sand is put back.

    The sluice gate is not really effective so is not used to control the flow of water.

    I got the impression it would fall to pieces if handled other than with kid gloves.

    So rather than let Nature have its way the channel was blocked off in a semi permanent way.

    During the heavy rains on the 29th no one could “run and open” the gate as it was originally intended.

    So everybody down that side suffered.

    … and here is the irony of the situation!!

    I have also seen a legal deed whereby the owner of Graeme Hall is required to open the sluice gate according to the level of the swamp or at the request of the Gun Club that bought the swamp for shooting birds.

    Guess who owns Graeme Hall!!

    Completely lawless behavior!!


  • During the callous actions by the foreign land owner in 2002 to a watercourse, it became obvious to Mr. Blackman that Clarkes Road, St. James would get a flooding problem he plea to Mr.Tudor from MTW on 23 Jan 2003, his made promises, not kept, plea to the CTO of MTW Mr. Thornhill on 23 April 2003,promises made, not kept , At that above DATES of complaining, It would have taken a few words from Mr. Thornhill the CTO of MTW who duty it is, to say to the land owner,you can-not do that, not one CENT cost to the Government, Mr. Thornhill allowed the situation to remained from 2003 and developed into a botch road in the middle, along and across said watercourse to obstruct and redirect flood water to the back door of Mr. Blackman home, and surroundings, causing damaged , I will repeat that before the 2013 general election Mr. Thornhill task the workers of the MTW to pave the botch road for the benefit of said persons who callously obstructed and redirected said watercourse at the request of the former DLP MP for St .James central Mr. George Hutson,That action made the flooding WORSE


  • Watchman

    It is obvious the GOB has its priorities screwed up.

    Your battle like many others is proof.

    All I can tell you is keep fighting … never give up!!


  • I wonder if turning the Graeme Hall swamp into a defacto sewage treatment plant would be considered a “wise use” of an environmentally sensitive wetland?


    Of course not.

    That’s like asking if pumping untreated sewage to an outfall off the Hilton is wise.

    That’s what happens now.

    What we could be asking is if the levels of fecal coliforms in the near shore waters on the south coast have actually improved as a result of the South Coast Sewage Project!!

    We all assume they must have or else why would we have borrowed millions to do the project and be going through these contortions?

    Now would not be a good time to measure fecal coliform levels off the south coast!!!!

    I remember the West Coast Sewage Project was to have followed immediately after the South Coast was done.

    The money was spent on the World Cup.

    Since then not a peep.

    Maybe the South Coast Sewage Project has not had the impact on water quality it was to have had and it makes no sense building a West Coast Sewer.

    It would be crazy if we have gone through all of this to find out the South Coast Sewage Project has had no impact on water quality …. but given what I have seen it would come as no surprise!!

    Many businesses went belly up on the South Coast during construction.

    Are the water quality figures available to the public?


  • During and after Tuesday flooding at Clarkes road, Mr. Blackman and I are having conversations about who is the most callous in this on going dangerous situation from 2003 the foreign white land owner who started the situation or the Black Barbadian, Mr. Frank Thorhill the CTO of MTW who has the DUTY to control these situations fairly, this situation create the need to rudely ask the BU family, who the most callous in this situation ?


  • Before 2012, I told Mr. Blackman, Frank Thornhill conniving with the foreign land owner to drown you, but after seeing what was done leading up to the 2013 general election, the target is not only Blackman, but all of Clarkes Road, then on Tuesday we saw a wet run of the connivers intention, what else can we say about this madness?


  • Graeme Hall Plantation was sold to Graeme Hall Development Co. Ltd. in1945 by its owner Dudley Alleyne Clarke. The company in 1949 sold 28 acres 3 roods and 33 perches to the Graeme Hall Gun Club Ltd. This acreage contained on its eastern boundary the drainage canal down to the main road.
    The remainder of the canal to the sea, including the sluice gate, continued as part of Graeme Hall Plantation which was owned by Graeme Hall Development Co. Ltd. 
    In the conveyance to the Graeme Hall Gun Club Ltd., the owner of Graeme Hall Plantation undertook to open the sluice gate within 24 hours of being requested by the Gun Club. If this was not done the Gun Club could do it. There is a datum and it looks like a level in the deed which triggered the need to open the gate.

    GOB must have acquired the plantation from Graeme Hall Development Co. Ltd.

    That was back in Barrow’s days.

    Once this condition passed with the title then GOB, the current owner of Graeme Hall was/is obligated to open and close the sluice gate whenever the level in the swamp reaches the trigger point.

    Funny thing, this company is not listed at CAIPO … maybe it is too old!!

    Just illustrates how the sluice gate was envisaged to work!!


  • What took them so long? Perhaps we neend to explain to our tourists the meaning of the words “brackish”.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Yep…decades of neglect and incompetence, misuse and abuse of taxpayers money and total disrespect and disregard for maintenence of their environment has now returned to bite BOTH careless, self-absorbed Barbados governments in their best educated, corrupt.asses…

    ……a very big bite indeed, it has been a long time in coming but it has arrived, finally.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    “Malcolm T (4 forum posts)
    Newmarket, Ontario, Canada
    Just a cautionary NOTE, Barbados several years ago wanted to join the BLUE FLAG beach program which certifies beaches save to use. Barbados government would not provide/share beach health readings on a timely basis, so BLUE FLAG PROGRAM would not certify Barbados Beaches”


  • Well Well & Consequences

    “Canby (7,677 forum posts)
    Burlington, Canada
    Accra/Rockley Beach was an ugly brown and smelly on Saturday No one was in the water.
    To-day it’s back to normal in colour and there is no odour.
    Does that mean all contamniments are gone?
    Don’t know unless the government tests the waters. Which they should do to give a healthy all clear.

    45. Re: Worthing Beach Closed with immediate effect. Govt announced
    yesterday, 20:41
    NorthernCanuck1 (4,485 forum posts)
    Sudbury, Canada
    Yes testing for coliforms etc is the only way to know if the water/beach is safe.”


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Sandals is another disaster waiting to happen as posted to Tripadvisir by tourists, as we the less educated on BU have been saying from Day 1…Butch Stewart should never have been allowed back into Barbados..never, ah guess you get what you pay for, 40 years of concessions to destroy Barbados.


  • A lady (now deceased) told me she grew up at Sandy Lane or Lascelles when sugar cane was grown.

    It was she who told me about the name of the field (Swampy Ground) where Sunset Crest is built.

    Also told me it was first “developed it was referred to as the “White Man’s Tenantry”!!

    She also told me that after every crop before the rainy season set in the plantations sent and cleared the build up of sand at the various outflows to the sea.

    The Hole is like a mini Graeme Hall Swamp.

    A connection with the sea was maintained.

    Remember when there used to be fish kills in the Hole. I can’t remember the last time I have heard of such a thing … guess all the fish are dead!!

    The canal at Graeme Hall seems to have been installed to control the level of water.

    It could be closed off and water kept present to entice the birds for the members of the shooting club to have their “sport”.

    Chancery Lane Swamp during the dry season is often bone dry.

    I remember riding a motor cycle all over in that swamp in my youth but once the rain set in it was not possible.

    Before the canal there was a natural link to the sea from the Graeme Hall Swamp.

    No owner/manager of Graeme Hall Plantation would have been mad enough to have let the water level rise to a point where his crops would be affected, but swamp shooting was a hobby of many and a periodically dry swamp would have spoiled the year round “fun”.

    So, my guess is the level was never allowed to go above the point where the water would extend far enough inland to affect the crops but its control still allowed shooting in the dry season.

    Tilapia, millions, mollies and helleries too would have been introduced to control mosquitoes.

    Maybe that’s why we have to fog nowadays, the fish population in the swamp has been decimated by its poor management and the extensive “developments” that have taken place around it.

    Even runoff from Rockley Golf Course ends up there!!

    Where the QEH is now, was referred to on old maps as “The Swamp”.

    You can see the millions spent reclaiming the land has still required a link to the sea to be maintained …. otherwise when it really rains, the water will force its way there …. millions or no millions!!


  • Swimming in waters with E. coli could expose bathers to increased ear, nose and throat infections as well as upset stomach, skin rashes and diarrhea.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    And if ya think that is bad, certain bacterium, when in contact with open wounds, manifest into flesh eating bacteria, in sea water or fresh water, or John Boyce’s brackish water…..

    ……the dummies, oh I am so sorry, the best educated in parliament are playing with people’s lives, the local people might foolishly accept it but they will be severely punished by the tourists…..who do not even accept crap from their own governments in their own countries, who know much better than to pull these carelessly stupid and dangerous stunts..


  • @John

    This Clarkes Road,St. James watercourse situation was not a matter of priorities for BLP or DLP Government, The Prevention of flood Act Cap 235 is there, the duty given to the CTO of MTW. who happen to be Frank Thornhill , had he done his duty in 2003 the watercourse would not have become what it is today,


  • It is all about doing your job and if you don’t know what to do …. just move.

    That mentality once existed.

    Bajans took pride in what they did and did it out of love and to the best of their ability.


  • In another culture hari kari is the preferred atonement.

    In Western Cultures, a resignation will do.


  • …. and if you really sorry, an apology too


  • After 50 years of the INDEPENDENCE of Barbados, a country with over 90 percent black people, a foreign white land owner come to Barbados and destroyed a watercourse, by building an illegal botch road in the middle and along said watercourse, that action caused obstruction and redirection of flood water to black people homes and surroundings.The black CTO of MTW has the duty to stop such contravention, but ignored the pleas of the black- people, and allowed the risk to stay from 2003 to today, A black Minister in the DLP Government told the black- people, to ask the black CTO of MTW, to ask / beg the said foreign white land owner to dig a well


  • The BLACKman takes his case to the minister of the people, Denis Kellman.
    Denis Kellman shared a link.

    Yesterday at 09:26 ·

    Ministers fail to show for PAC

    THREE MINISTERS SUMMONED before the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) investigating a special audit of the state-owned housing agency failed to show up yesterday.Neither…|By Nation News author

    LikeShow More Reactions




    Alden Blackman

    Alden Blackman Mr.Minister, please share this with the Minister of MTW. Sir unlike the many flooding across Barbados last Tuesday the flow of water from a watercourse entering Clarkes Rd St. James was due to the fact that the CTO of MTW Frank Thornhill allowed a fo…See more

    Like · Reply · 16 hrs

    Alden Blackman

    Alden Blackman

    Image may contain: plant, tree, sky, outdoor and nature

    Like · Reply · 16 hrs

    Alden Blackman

    Alden Blackman

    Image may contain: plant, outdoor, water and nature

    Like · Reply · 16 hrs

    Alden Blackman

    Alden Blackman Mr Minister, this flood water going down Clarkes Road St. James

    Image may contain: plant, outdoor and water

    Like · Reply · 15 hrs

    Denis Kellman

    Denis Kellman You should speak to him, to get her to dig wells to capture the water.

    Like · Reply · 15 hrs

    Alden Blackman

    Alden Blackman Mr. Kellman Sir , who she i should speck to

    Like · Reply · 15 hrs

    Alden Blackman

    Alden Blackman Mr. Kellman do you understand that Frank Thorhill ignored me from 2003 and he is the person with the DUTY to prevent such happens

    Like · Reply · 15 hrs

    Alden Blackman

    Alden Blackman Mr. Kellman, Sir. do you understand that the watercourse carried the flow of water for years and never flooded Clarkes Road until the land owner removed the ridges and obstructed the watercourse by building a botch road in the middle and a long said watercorse

    Like · Reply · 14 hrs

    Denis Kellman

    Denis Kellman point taken, but are they wells? if no , why not?

    Like · Reply · 14 hrs

    Alden Blackman

    Alden Blackman Mr Kellman Sir, The CTO of MTW had in 2003 the duty to stop the foreign land owner from obstructing the watercourse,he still have that duty now to redress the problem, are you saying that he should now beg her to dig a well, after he allowed her to co…See more

    Like · Reply · 14 hrs

    Denis Kellman

    Denis Kellman What Mr Symmonds did about it when you complained?

    Like · Reply · 14 hrs

    Denis Kellman

    Denis Kellman Thanks for the pictures, send them to 2807921

    Like · Reply · 14 hrs

    Alden Blackman

    Alden Blackman You are doing a lot more right now

    Like · Reply · 14 hrs

    Denis Kellman

    Denis Kellman If you send the pictures I will send them to the doers.

    Like · Reply · 14 hrs

    Alden Blackman

    Alden Blackman Sir Can you and the minister of MTW ask Mr Thornhill to come to Clarkes Road and see the problem , i shall send you the pictures, is that # 2807921 whatsApp

    Like · Reply · 14 hrs


  • Anonymouse - TheGazer

    I know Denis Kellman. He might not be as smooth as other politicians, but that is a plus. Try to get him to commit to a course of action and he will do his best to keep his word.


  • Try to get him to commit to a course of action and he will do his best to keep his word.

    ……….do his best……………and there lies the story,3 words,sums up this govt for the past 7 years……which simply is not good enough.


  • @David

    Thanks to you and the BU family, for the expressions to all the posted discussions in highlighting the unjustifiable action of a civil servant who from 2003 to today 7 DEC 2016, refused to carry out his duty,


  • Minister Kellman ,if you send the pictures, I will send them to the DOERS .

    That statement is very true, on August 4,2015 in my effort to plea in a conversation with the CTO of MTW Mr. Frank Thornhill, I ask him how he could pave the botch road in the middle of a watercourse, he did not know the road was paved, he send a Mr.Burke to check, the Doers at MTW paved the road for the request of DLP former MP George Hutson


  • What Mr. Symmonds did about it when you complained

    Mr. Symmonds arranged a meeting in which Charles Marville from BWA agreed to retract the pipes, but lied to me every month for 2 plus years, his lying and my lack of experience in dealing with a habitual liar has cause my home and surroundings to be flooded, Mr. Marville to me Mr. Symmonds can say what he like, but he can’t come to BWA and do it


  • You should speak to him, to get her to dig wells to capture the water

    How much asinine can this statement be, which part of Frank Thornhill, can Alden Blackman plea to, so that he can get a foreign white land owner to dig wells in a watercourse to capture water.He refused to stop the woman from destroyed said watercourse in 2003.The risk it pose to my home was clearly obvious and I plea to the CTO of MTW, Frank Thornhill then, unless he grow a part to become a Doer now


  • @ Vincent Haynes

    The one thing this DLP Government improved, is the capability of the civil servants capacity of lying to the people about every thing, no matter what the risk, from the PM down lied to the people and caused many to suffered, due to 2 officer,1 from BWA and the other from the Drainage Unit who told me the truth, which was BWA is not going to retract the pipe and Thornhill don’t take on little people, I was able to lessen the flooding risk at my back door,but my surrounds is still at risk, due to the lying of civil servants, on who behest


  • I am sorry, I meant to write, he refused to stop the woman from destroying said watercourse I was offered, the offer is still on the table with pro-bono help to take this matter to court, but with our court system, I decided to lessen the risk to my back door first


  • Well Well & Consequences

    So after the long talk from Kellman…has he contacted Thornhill to get the obstruction removed forthwith before Mr. Blackman and his family drowns in a 1970s type flood…which is highly possible with La Nina.

    All they gotta do is remove the illegal road, they do not have to ask the landowner’s permission cause it’s illegal to begin with…

    ……and should’nt Dennis Lowe as the drainage dude with the portfolio be the one to be doing this anyway, they all need kicking out of parliament for refusing to do their jobs.


  • @ www

    I have to repeat and will keep repeating

    During the construction of the obstruction in the watercourse, I saw it as an obstruction that would redirect the flood flow, to my home I lived there for 21 years before, I alerted the Drainage Unit, Mr. Dawe , Mr. yearwood and Mr. Inniss ,from Drainage Unit visited and agreed, the path is obstructed and promised to have the situation redress, for over 2 year the excuses of” we don’t have a truck or tractor to removed the boulders” were rotated from the above name Officials, all that was needed then, was a stop and revert order to the land owner, not a CENT of taxpayers money. The lying official from Drainage caused my household to be in danger,


  • @ Anonymouse -The Gazer

    Please call or send a message to the # 2807921, the # Mr. Kellman give to Alden Blackman

    This is my very last comment on this issue, the watchman will be back to continue the fight for justice,


  • @WW &C

    Kellman was just trying to out do Kellman, his mind still had left over parliament mouthing so he dump then on Blackman , even wanted to know what the MP for the area did, forgetting that his DLP government, with him as housing Minister, the Minister of MTW, the same CTO of MTW, Frank Thornhill are causing the whole village of White Hill, St. Andrew people to suffer by using excuses, like we are waiting on a study, just like Drainage was waiting on a truck and tractor to removed the boulders from the watercourse at Clarkes road ,St James in 2002


  • @Anonymouse-The gazer

    Kellman course was set for him the day he accepted the Ministry of Housing “a damaged life boat ” on a ship that has1 mile before running a ground, we know he can and do swim with sharks, but can a now 59 year old swim for the next 15-20 years


  • Watchman
    The DLPTV last night reported with regret the passing of Keith ‘Jolla’ Barrow.You will no doubt inform Alden that there is minus one actor in the equation of the solution you both seek.


  • Gabriel

    People like Keith Barrow should not have born .


  • Thanks to David and BU family for the comments on posted highlights, with your continue comments, God help, Blackman and I endeavor to have this dangerous situation remedy, one way or the other in 2017


  • You received some goo press this week, you should mail the clipping to the PS and the Minister Lowe as well as Stetson Babb and David Ellis.


  • You would think that the current representative for St James Central Kerry Symmonds would be jumping all over the Dems for this foul up by the former representative George Hutson but maybe that’s asking too much.I am told they are cousins however if George did foolishness by giving an illlegal order to dam a water course, his party should be exposed.George’s constituency office is within yards of this offending property and a few feet from the natural drainage John wrote about that exits to the sea between the Cliff restaurant and Secret Cove condos.


  • Right on it , my brother.


  • @ Gabriel

    Kerry Symmonds is useless. George Hutson is just ignoramus for what he done, the duty was in 2004, still now the CTO of MTW, this flooding situation could have been avoided if Frank Thornhill had done his duty, it would not have cost the TAXPAYERS one CENT, Frank Thornhill blantant discriminatory action caused Blackman over the years to spend thousand of dollars to safeguard his home, now causing a poor black man who work as a joiner, to lost all of his power tools and finish doors.


  • This is how politicians and Technocrats treat serious risk to certain Black low working class Barbadian

                                                  Politicians statements

    This clearly has been a problem for over a decade and I will start to investigate it with your MP

    Never mind we are going to proceed as best as possible still committed to assisting and we will visit with her as soon as possible

    Hi, I assure you I connect with the Minister on this matter , my contact 232*****

    I make it a point to come and see you


    In March 2016 give assurance to take care of “the matter”, 8 months later by November 2016 “the matter” resulted in the worse flooding in Clarkes Road and by December 2016 the PS and CTO of MTW proceed to retirement and the watercourse still not remedy, despite the pleas of the Black low working class Bajans


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