Open Letter to Minister Duguid from a BLACKman, AGAIN!

Dr. The Hon. William F. Duguid, J.P., M.P

Ministry of Transport Works and Maintenance

The Pine, St. Michael

May 6, 2019

Dear. Hon. Minister Duguid

Please accept this 2nd letter only by email 

Dr. The Hon. William F. Duguid, J.P., M.P this is my second request to you seeking rectification, to an illegally built private road across, within, and along a watercourse channel. Both the preparations for and placing of this private road are wrongful and has clearly created flooding situations from 2003, It remains, posing a flood risk from heavy rainfall. Due to an obvious continuation of wilful negligence of Top Technical Officer, and the conspicuous traditional dilly dallying non responses from MTW (MTW&M), pertaining to this clear-cut case of contravening, “The Prevention Of Floods Act Cap 235”. To continuously favour a wealthy White British Expat while at the same time placing and keeping me a Black Barbadian of the blue-collar working class (now a pensioner) in an unfavourable risk of flooding harm. The circumstances of this illegally created flooding situations, and what followed, even though repeated many times to MTW/MTW&M, are outline below.

Some obvious facts, why the Clarke’s Road Residential Area, was not a flooding area before 2003, is attributed to exemplary behaviour by locals, and Town and Country planning Department. The competent Officers at planning made very wise decisions, that protected a vital part of this natural watercourse, from vehicular traffic with dead-end roads from the West, North, and South. The channel was deep enough for capacity and naturally sloped for fast run-off. It never overflowed from heavy rainfall, during the years 1978-2003 of my familiarity with this area, I reside here since 1982. Therefore no imminent or foreseeable flooding risk. There was never a vehicular through public or private road, from Appleby, Clarkes Road or Chapel Gap, to, across, within, over, or along the channel of this natural watercourse.

The clarity of the facts as to how Clarke’s Road Residential Area became a flooding area. showed in 2002, when a White British ex-pat, name Pat Brayshaw, commissioned the services of heavy equipment, that approached from Appleby, on the South, along an open lot of an absentee, and willfully altered, by leveling the channel defined banks from a very vital part, and cut a road across the watercourse, to her lot on the North. Months later, Pat Brayshaw commissioned further calculated altering, to the channel by building up a boulders wall out, within the channel, to the land mark middle, and backfilled. That process clearly narrowed the channel, block the original exit of that straight part of the channel, and favourably provided an increase of level land, along the channel to formed a yard-cum-private road, joined to the previously cut road across. Thereby, illegally created a private road across, within and along the watercourse Channel.

Hon. Minister, Even if, permission was given by a previous MTW, Minister to place a private road in that manner, it would still be wrongful, Furthermore, by allowing the said private road to stay in this watercourse channel, for almost 16 years after receiving complaints and pleas for remedying as to what happened in less that a year after the placing, of said road, is not only discriminatory, it is atrocious. The perpetrator’s actions were openly willfully done. Due to the fact, that the built up boulders wall within the channel, not only reduced fast run-off, it block and redirected flooding, it also formed the North channel bank to give that favourably protection to the perpetrator side of the channel, while the cut-out for the road across” from the South Channel bank was callously not replaced, That action clearly caused the first flooding situation that I have experience in my years of residing adjacent to this natural watercourse channel. Thereafter, yearly recurring floods leak from the cut-out South channel bank, the narrowed channel obstructs and redirect spread flooding over my property, caused erosion damage to my backyard, front-yard and made Clarke’s Road the new watercourse.

Hon. Minister, There is no need for me to repeat details here, how complaining to Drainage Unit Officers, turned out, except to note. The traditional dilly-dally of Officers lasted for over a year, until one honest Officer, told me that Drainage Unit is not equip to rectify the watercourse channel, He directed me to MTW, Deputy CTO. Philip Tudor. There is no need to repeatedly state Mr. Tudor’s and Mr. Thornhill’s actions. The facts will highlight their inaction.

Hon. Minister, The authority to execute flood work in 2003-4, resided with MTW, CTO. Mr. Thornhill, who had the authority and duty (up to his retirement) to execute, or authorized an Officer to execute flood works to remedy such flooding situation. Deputy CTO. Mr. Tudor who certainly would have acted as  MTW, CTO. during said dates, would have also held the authority, and duty of the “prevention of floods Act 235”. Still, both Top Technical Officers willfully neglected their legal duty and did not carry-out the necessary required remedying, to stop the wrongful redirecting of floods flow to my property, by doing such they certainly willfully discriminated against my household by allowing what caused the flooding situation to remained, and pose further flooding harm, during the rainy season, ranging from damage to property, to loss of life, God forbid.

While the said two Top Technical Officers prolonged their reckless inaction to cause the flooding. The broken and narrowed channel was severely altered and made worse to further disadvantage my household. Due to an obvious bias process, carried-out when laying pipes for BWA, by Arthur’s Construction. Mr. Arthur used bullying action, then purposely placed the pipes into a part of my backyard that was damage by flooding erosion due to the broken and narrowed channel redirecting spread flooding. Mr. Arthur clearly reposition the channel, into that part of my backyard and made it appear as the original channel, aiming at my home, and Clarke’s Road Residential Area. The MP for St. James Central, Hon Kerrie Symmonds hesitantly intervened  and only went as far as to set up a meeting at the watercourse site, with out his present, both Top Technical Officers or others Officers from MTW were unavailable for the meeting, that turned out to be an exercise in futility. Base on the fact that MTW is responsible for watercourses, also to rectify after BWA completed a task. Therefore, from 2008-2018 the Inactions to the risk prolonged, disregarding of the risk continued, and overlooking of further altering, when Mr. Clarke removed the channel banks from the road across the channel to upstream where the floods emerges, that area is now driveway, and garden.

Hon Minister, The clearly wilful disregard of my plight is obviously the preconceived notions of MTW, CTO Thornhill, and Deputy CTO Tudor, that a blue-collar working class Black Barbadian, can only complain. Those notions allowed for not only non responses from MTW, also willfully neglected duties, by said two Top Technical Officers, or Officers under their authority who evidently Complicit with Hon. George Hutson, DLP, MP for St. James Central, leading up to the 2013 General Election, and discriminatory maintenance, by tasking MTW work men, to paved the seemingly wealthy White British Ex-pat illegal private road, under the watchful eyes of Hon. George Hutson. Even though, the said two Top Technical Officers considered the said private road to be illegally placed. They did officially pledge to removed the boulders and restored the channel. Still, the said two Top Technical Officers concerted to aiding and abetting, or did not used their authority to stop it. Any which way the two Top Technical Officers grossly neglected their duties.

Whoever the beneficiaries are concerning the concerted complicity of discriminatory aiding and abetting a seemingly wealthy British ex-pat to wrongfully placed and retained a private road across, within, and along a natural watercourse channel. The cover-up have started, Deputy CTO. Tudor have gone as far as lying about his inactions to the illegally created flooding situations, in an email to me, copied to the Hon. Prime Minister. Mia Mottley, and Hon Minister Symmonds, MP for St. Janes Central.

Hon. Minister Duguid an urgent rectification to this illegally created flooding situation is needed.

Your faithfully

Alden Blackman

Resident of Clarke’s Road

St James

17 thoughts on “Open Letter to Minister Duguid from a BLACKman, AGAIN!

  1. “fess-up” Duguid! admit you are not a dentist. You attempted being a tech to fabricate false teeth, however that is a far cry from appending DDS after your name. Your acceptance was denied at U of T. I lectured in Radiology and local anesthetics in Toronto. M.Pharm.D (U of NC)

  2. Re. Dentistry Whisperer……….. over the years, some of our politicians have boldly placed titles after their names to “impress us stupid voters”. The media latches onto to the deception, without proper checking, and it becomes the norm. Its even spread to the “consultants” ….. with a questionable “Professor” Persaud….. makes one enjoy a good laugh!!

  3. Looka this thing nuh. Whun nuh aint know that um is easier to remove teeth than boulders from a water course?


  4. It seems to the bystander that Mr Blackman has been highlighting and fighting this issue for close to 20 years with no resolution in sight.All the expertise of the various ministries responsible for matters like this appear to have washed their hands of it.Is it that they see no danger to Blackman’s home or is it that they conclude that Blackman has built too near or in the path of the watercourse.All the ministry’s experts and even Grenville of Solutions have looked in and looked out and on to the next topic.Something is rotten in Denmark.There is more than is known to the bystander.

    • What is missing is some public agency John Public is encouraged to lodge this type of complaint with the hope of resolution.

  5. Dentistry Whisperer
    Clarify for us.Duguid’s bio says he attended Merrivale Preparatory School,Harrison College,Barbados Community College all in Bim of course and then University of Wales College of Medicine.His quals are BDS,FDS (Royal College of Surgeons).If true he is a heavy weight in the field of dentistry.Why would he want to become a dental tech?Just asking…

  6. I hesitate to compare but in ‘days gone by’,Blackman would go to the parish priest and state his case.The parish priest would send the officer of the law to make enquiries and report his findings.Either the police would lay a charge or the ‘Road Board’ would rectify the offending encroachment.QED.

  7. @DENTistry W
    His FB page says

    Studied Dentistry at University of Wales
    Studied Dentistry at Cardiff University
    The wiki says they are one and the same, whereby cardiff U is a college within the U of Wales.

    I mentioned before, he said publicly he used to commute between BGI-YYZ, his family was here, his practice in B’dos. He never said he practiced dentistry in Canada? How would you know if he was declined admission to U of T? Last time I checked, decisions made by university admissions were not public information?

  8. @ Gabriel

    The original watercourse channel exit path in that straight was blocked, by the placing of boulders along the middle of the channel, and a cut road across the channel, created the flooding. The Officers from Drainage Unit saw and knew that as a fact since 2003. Mr. Arthur of Arthur construction wrongfully reposition the channel. he acknowledged it after, and said all he can do, is asked BWA to erect a protection wall for Mr. Blackman. Denis Yearwood the then GM of BWA told Mr. Blackman to wait and see what happened. Charles Marville project Manger of BWA agreed to retract the pipes and rectified the channel, the government change, and also his agreement. The watercourse was leave with cut out south channel bank that redirected flooding to Mr. Blackman backyard. Grenville Solution could not have look in, and came away with what he said is the problem. without seeing the wall of boulders on the original channel floor, the south channel open with road across and no channel bank to where the flood flows emerges, upstream.

  9. Some years ago a white Englishman was giving his spouse a white bajan with old money,ole hell.His white brother in law took matters in his hand and bouldered the man property making him a virtual prisoner.The white Englishman got the message.Never ever lay your hand on a white bajan woman ever again.Don’t mess with a Caterpillar driving bajan white man with old money.You would get man handled like nobody’s business.Blackman couldn’t get away with that even if the offending woman in Clarke’s was black too.A law for the Medes and a law for the Persians.

  10. “Barbadians cannot continue to live by the mantra that ‘God is a Bajan’ Minister of Energy and Water Resources Wilfred Abrahams has said.

    Abrahams said although the island had not suffered any major damage from weather systems in recent times it was just a matter of time before that “luck” changed.

    Disaster Risk Energy Access Management (DREAM) Project, to better prepare persons in the event Barbados was affected by a serious weather system.


  11. @ my Dearest SSS

    A great TShirt.

    A Thing that I have become aware of with regard to Mr Alden Blackman is that he is a humble man.

    He very rarely cusses like you and me, in fact he does not use our sort of language.

    I dont see him making the T Shirts NOT BECAUSE HE WOULD NOT WEAR IT, if it were made but because of the trouble to get it made!!!

    The two of us could carry that to the Mall next door and they would make it in 15 minutes flat.

    Mr Blackman has to get s car and drive all the way to a specialist printer with the artwork and give it go the printer WITH A HOPE THAT DRM RNT MIA MUGABE FRIEND or Oblong head friend.

    And instead of 15 minutes and $20, IT GOING BE 15 days and $90 for that single shirt

    I know cause I had to do that myself a few times

    This means that the Third Party Movement is going to have to make an investment in printing equipment for small runs leading up to 2023

  12. Either he steps up the process or continues his letter writing campaign to no avail.
    Either he uses the T-Shirt via other social media as protest or he simply continues his letter writing campaign
    Either he prints one shirt and contacts the nationnews to again highlight his matter with the hope that government finally deals with his situation or he simply continues his letter writing campaign
    The ball is in his court.

  13. There are so many duplication of duties with State Owned Enterprises. Transport Board, Transport Authority, Barbados Licensing Authority and Ministry of Transport and Maintenance and yet still the pot holes are still there and Transportation in serious problems.

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