Barbados Cabinet Breaks Promise to Consult BWU re: transfer of BTPA to BTMI

The embedded documents support a view the government has backtracked on a promise made to employees at the BTPA and the Barbados Workers Union. In the interest of transparency and integrity it is important for the Mia Mottley led government to clarify the matter if it is to sustain the confidence of the people it serves. The last thing the citizenry wants is a government that was voted to office with an overwhelming mandate to mimic the decisions of its successor.

See relevant documents shared with Barbados Underground.



189 thoughts on “Barbados Cabinet Breaks Promise to Consult BWU re: transfer of BTPA to BTMI

  1. @David
    Stop the Press! You are really on the ball, the BWU just realised that playing nice doesn’t win you any friends.

    BTW, those pieces of correspondence reached you so quickly that they may start to copy you in future.

  2. David

    Oh please !

    How do you expect a DESPOT to behave ?

    By the time she finishes……Mia Mottley will cause more damage to the Barbadian landscape, citizen pysche than hurricanes Andrew , Gilbert, Hugo , Katrina , Irma & Maria – COMBINED – did to the countries they impacted !

    Imagine before May 24 , 2018 this DESPOT said that Barbados is BROKE and at the BRINK !!

    Gi me the VOTE and WATCH MUH !!!

    She begged !!

    Well the people did !!

    Here is an EXAMPLE of their reward :

    • $ 20,000.00 a month consultancies for her FAMILY & FRIENDS !

    • Her RETIREES friends brought out of retirement and put on government payroll !

    • A 27 member CABINET……when she said the Dems own of 17 members was too large !

    • Knighthood for her father !

    • 2,500 public officers retrenched with more to go before April 1, 2019 !

    Barbados deserves better !!

  3. Why do you all even act surprised you voted for crooks, liars, and scumbags what you expect? Cake and Roses? No need to read all the pages when it comes from the outhouse, You can read as long as you can hold your breath,

  4. What the hell am I seeing here.

    This does not augur well at all for the so – called social partnership.

    I must say though in fairness to the Union – that big foot move is total disrespect to the Union.Not in order at all !.

    Toni Moore – you see why Freundel tell yuh be careful when the lambs lying down wid the LIONS?

    Anyway all you have to do – IS UP DE TING – RIGHT AWAY LOL.

  5. Fascinating David. I commend the BWU for their insistence on following “agreed protocols” but I doubt that it will make much difference in the final analysis

  6. Wunnah been had by woman would pretended she cared until she got what she wanted … because naivety led a lot gullible Barbadians to believed that she had what it took to fix the problem facing the infinitesimal island.

    But had she been honest she would have level with the people and we wouldn’t be having this conversation now, but she was cognizant of the fact that had she had done she would risk the chance of being elected, so opt for lies in order to gained what she was obviously seeking …power …

  7. I saw the Prime Minister before the election on Facebook and other social media outlets smiling and joking with gullible Bajans … but she was smart though because she knew how to play the game in order to get what she wanted, because she had obviously identified a weakness in the Barbadians character … Naivety

  8. No support here for the Union. They deserve every kick they will be getting from govt.
    After all Toni Moore sold out the members for 3% .
    In turn she was rewarded a cushy pay check in Parliament .

  9. A rogue cannot pretend to be good when their heart has well practised deceit and deception. Mottley made sure that she speaks what the people want to hear: More talk about transparency, accountability, holding renegade money making ministers too account, and letting the people know that she will investigate the crooked DLP. All it amounts to is just talk. Take note that she is boldly presenting her wire tapping campaign under the guise of increase crime on the island. Take note also that Dottin is back in the money and will be put in a position to enforce her efforts to keep tabs on all persons of dissenting interest. Mottley has commenced her PM campaign by draconian means. She does not give a shit what people say or think. All of her people are reaping the benefits of specific decisions made, while those who are related or close to her are agonising over the next meal or bill paid. By the way what happen to bringing certain things to the people for them to decide? Yeah right!

  10. “After all Toni Moore sold out the members for 3%. In turn she was rewarded a cushy pay check in Parliament.”

    Spot on…….you are correct…….keep digging.

  11. “Do you accept the union is always represented in the Senate, Leroy Trotman, Bobby Morris et al?”

    David BU

    I’m happy you reminded BU of her ignorance.

    If I had done it, the members of her fan club would have accused me of being a “BLP stool pigeon” and “defending Mia Mottley.”

  12. Lexicon

    My goodness ! I find myself saying aye aye to your 2 posts above @ 3:33 & 3:41 a.m.

    Looka dis ting!

    But you are spot on though.

    However I believe naviety and the use of traditional media and social media are the things that have Mia in the Driver’s seat.She lied and the media namely VOB and the Nation the 2 more popular outlets – did not challenge but instead pushed the propaganda as though it was wisdom from on high.

    Even now they are still continuing on this path.

    If Barbados ends up in a Dump heap – those 2 companies and their leadership need to look themselves in a mirror and know they contributed greatly to us being in that state.They and the academics,the social commentators,the Unions and the private sector who joined in the game of lets fool bajans into thinking Mia has the answers and is ready to take up the mantle of leadership.But without the Media pushing her stories positively all the time without any critiquing, and by pushing only negative stories about the last government, and hyping up the people about the smallest thing and manipulating gullible persons minds – her agenda would not have had the legs.She most likely would have won but not at the level she did.

    We are already seeing troubling signs less than a year in.

    I await the report of more biting of female parts and beating up of girlfriends.

    Power is so intoxicating that it can make someone feel so invincible that they will bite or beat a foreign diplomat in the heat of passion and then – WUHLOSS – TROUBLE FOR BARBADOS.

  13. Sunshine


    All sort of drivel about Venezuela and Guyana and other shyte but dangerous things are happening here and we are not seeing a bombarding of articles here on these things.

    What you just mentioned is big and I saved that newspaper article for future reference.

    • The performance of the DLP drove the BLP to Office, although the BLP has a good communications strategy.

  14. Wuhloss…Inniss is right..information is spreading all over the place about those lover’s brawls…that means whenever the biting starts up again, that too will be all over the place for public consumption…no wonder she has no choice but to bring back Dottin…blackmail or not..

    getting yaself sprinkled with blighted water by colonial slaves from the church, definitely ain’t working though..try something

  15. But Trotman did a good job of representing the Union .Toni Moore representation is evident in how much she was driven to sell out the UNion for a measly 3% albeit she received her reward.

    • Your opinion, just your opinion. The substantive point is that the union is always represented in the Senate. Therefore Toni Moore’s sitting there is procedural. You may have the last word.

  16. The Minister of Tourism and International Transport is my Member of Parliament. I haven’t seen him since the May 24th election. I am not at all sure that he will get my vote in 2023.

  17. Stupse, Y’all really pay attention to this dog and pony show. The BTA, BTMI, BTPA are all a waste of time and money.

    What are/were the goals and deliverables of these entities, What are/were the metrics for success
    BTMI “invested” millions of borrowed money building a useless Car park and then turn around and convert it to office buildings for immigration. Any idea what happens to that investment now.

    Far as I am concerned the staff there should be happy for the useless jobs they have/had.

    WRT to Toni Moore and BWU, when will there no longer be any need for adult supervision. Face it, it was a boss move by Goddards to steal Julian Hunte, the one talented practitioner they had. It has been downhill since then

  18. “We were unable to engage with you immediately after the Cabinet’s decision.”

    What does this mean in standard English? Or plain Bajan?

    Perhaps my Member of Parliament can explain?

    Because I did not vote for anybody named Sunil.

    Cabinet made a decision on December 20 and that one page decision was not conveyed to the worker’s or their representatives until January 24, thirty-six calendar days, or twenty-three working days later? Why? Why the delay? When I was in the workforce if I had failed to convey a management decision for 36 days I would have been fired for “cause” failure to do my job properly.

  19. Look Board Chairmen and women. f cabinet has made a decision, then they have made a decision. If you strongly disagree with the decision, you resign. If you agree with the decision, you convey it to relevant parties IMMEDIATELY.

    And just in case you don’t understand, IMMEDIATELY means within 24 hours, better still within minutes.

    We too like dragging we feet ’bout this place.

  20. UNIONS CRYING, what did they expect, this idea of A SOCIAL PARTNERSHIP will only work in a positive government cash flow senario. Unions in Barbados have had TOO MUCH POWER for TOO LONG and they have been a significant part of Barbados economic ills. Wliiy is no fan of the BLP government but taking all unions down a couple of notches is approved, just hope the government actions are genuine and not the usual papi grandstanding.

  21. The main purpose of unions is to protect their members. Whenever they deviate from this role they open themselves to failure. The first principle of progressive trade unionism is that the workers well being is integral to the nations well being. Once the unions fall the nation will fall. There is a misconception that there can be a nation without workers. Our socio economic structure cannot survive without effective trade union leadership; such absence will create disaffection and bear negative consequences. The current union leadership seems to not understand their mission hence their credibility is now in jeopardy.

  22. My experience with unions is that most of their disagreements with employers have to do with procedures not being followed. In fact Roslyn Smith actually told me once that she was tired of showing up to represent an employee who in her opinion needed to be fired. The statutory corporation just kept ignoring procedure which FORCED HER TO TURN UP AND REPRESENT. She found THAT very frustrating and in fact told the employee that even if procedure was not followed next time she would not be coming.

    I have actually also been present at a meeting at which the union representative advised staff to straighten up and perform. He warned staff that once procedure was followed there would be no basis for union representation. He said all he could do in such circumstances would be to beg for a chance.

    It is my opinion that union leaders understand very well their role but the problem is mostly bosses and government ministers who ignore procedure.

    I do agree however that the social partnership was a bad idea since government and employers are not acting in good faith and seldom do. I believe though that the intentions of the union were good since they know the harm of disruptions in work time and wanted to stave off unnecessary action. They thought that it would make for better communication and a unified purpose – the development of Barbados for all concerned including the workers. Unfortunately government and businesses do not act in good faith. There concerns are often more narrow and short-term.

    Unions are given a bad rap by all. They have not sold out the workers neither do they encourage bad behaviour among their membership. I have NOT seen that in any interactions I have had with ANY union.

    And so I am not at all surprised by this correspondence.

  23. Wily coyote

    “Unions in Barbados have had too much power for too long”

    If you call fighting for livable wages and proper working conditions for hardworking Barbadians too much power … then I hope your grandchildren
    work for what you think is acceptable in our date and age?

  24. @ Donna
    I am very much pro union but it is very difficult to understand that a union will ask for a 24 percent increase and then accept a 3 percent wage increase.
    I read where the NUPW said they had crunched the numbers and that the country could afford a 24 percent increase.
    I have always seen the social partnership as a tool that could be used against the unions .
    I think that the unions need to get back to basics. I have never accused the leadership of selling out the workers but they have been seriously outfoxed in recent times.

  25. William Skinner,

    Was not responding to you with that comment. Indeed I am agreeing that they have been outfoxed for sure.

    What happened recently with the 24 % increase proposal was an aberration that should be ignored. It is not the norm.

  26. @ Mariposa.

    Trotman is hired as an advisor to Miss Moore and is/was very active in negotiations.
    Is Trotman not a part of the sold out of the workers then?

  27. @ WARU
    Wuhloss…Inniss is right..information is spreading all over the place about those lover’s brawls…that means whenever the biting starts up again, that too will be all over the place for public consumption…no wonder she has no choice but to bring back Dottin…blackmail or not..

    Is this Belle Holder at CBC and Give me the vote and watch muh?

    The female biter is well known for beating women for years.

    If this was a man he would be ridiculed in Barbados and shouts of putting him in Prison.

    Barbados is a failed island with taxpayers unfortunately hoodwinked.

    Next time vote for any party not DLP or BLP.

  28. If Toni Moore role in the senate is to look out for the best interest of the people
    Would not hold my breath knowning that as Head of the BWU she failed miserably in representing her members
    Now bodly is seeking the support of people to fight govt disregard for the Union
    Have no respect for turncoats of her ilk with a need to “used ” or generate support when the red tide of politics flows against her better interest
    Toni Moore be gone
    Fight yuh battles all by yuhself

  29. “Next time vote for any party not DLP or BLP.”

    for years we have been telling people to stop voting for these 2 toxic political parties, vote for INDIVIDUAL CANDIDATES who actually did community work in the constituencies and got good results…..maybe now they will start doing that…weed out the riffraff…hangerson, yardfowls, pimps and imps…streamline who ya put in the parliament….if they have a track record for theft and lies and bribery/corruption, pedophilia, robbing old people etc…do not allow them in the parliament…cause Payne and Marshall should not be in the parliament…but it is understandable that DLP had to go…and options were slim…those who start the same corrupt practices when elected, do not elect them ever again…it is pretty simple….the problem is the electorate have turned a blind eye to the crimes of ministers, lawyers etc for too many decades…that is why they all believe themselves invincible and untouchable…..maybe now the PEOPLE will hold them ALL accountable by not allowing them in the parliament….ever again…

    The ugly right now is Mia and Dale believing they could demoralize the police force by resurrecting Dottin…that is serious business, despite what I post sometimes, there are some good men and women on the force….Dottin left the place a mess, now because of their weaknesses and corrupt secrets in the parliament , he is once again in the taxpayer’s faces….that is ugly…

    That Belle issue was funny sure if there was any biting or physical violence it would not have been though..,,and the police would not have been amused..

  30. 8.2 BARBADOS TOURISM AUTHORITY The scenario set out here is that the BTA would be reorganized to be balanced in terms of its Marketing and Product Development roles recognizing the Tourism Product is the core and most important “P” of the four key Ps in Marketing (Product, Price, Promotion and Place). In this scenario, BTA will need to be radically reorganized and made into a far more focused and leaner more professional organization.

  31. 18.2.3 Organisation Structure In this scenario, the BTA will be restructured to become a more focused and efficient output oriented organization and though there will be adjustments required to the Tourism Development Act to address issues such as tourism product oversight strengthening, the organization will not be split into two separate entities but will be more balanced between marketing and product improvement. In addition to this, outsourcing of advertising and Public Relations functions in the UK-European, USA and Latin American or any other market where there is a significant need for specialized advertising and PR services will continue to be done. Given the level of expenditure of the organization and the fact that it has one of the largest allocations of funds in a single public Sector Agency, one suggested additional position at a senior level in the organization is for an Internal Auditor reporting directly to the CEO. Secondly, given the number and complexity of the legal contracts which are entered into and require legal review and oversight the addition of a corporate secretary/Legal Officer at a senior level reporting to the CEO is advised. BTA will have therefore have a CEO supported by an internal Auditor, a Corporate Secretary/Legal Officer, an Executive Secretary and three Divisions with one focusing on Marketing for the overseas and local Marketing offices, one on Product and the third on Finance and Administration

  32. SCENARIO 4: PUBLIC SECTOR BODIES – THE BTA ………….Ministry of Tourism and Tourism Public Sector Bodies Institutional Assessment and Prior Options Scenarios Report July 2012

  33. @ Mr. William Skinner

    First of all please let me apologise for the crudity at the end of this blog to you.

    But as you read through you will appreciate that the only way to get people rather sheeple to stand up and respond to the shy$e that is going on in the cuntry is to be crude.

    The majority of bajans do not have reasoning skills and cannot see the slow inexorable slippage that is occuring IN CLEAR LIGHT OF DAY!

    You said and I quote “…The current union leadership seems to not understand their mission hence their credibility is now in jeopardy…”

    With all the talk and the impotent letters what “the Current union Leadership” has no choice but to do IS TO STRIKE!!

    Already their credibility is suspect and they are perceived as being sellouts to the BLP regime

    IF, they do not do anything to stand up against this MUGABE despot move then, one can only colclude that she/they is irretrivably a part of the poock licking, and clitoris rubbing brigade.

    And before you start Sir Simple I know that you gine axe de ole man whu i got gainst females who bites out pok*es but i gine jes leh you know that they are jes 2 inches away from the pooch lickers and de ole man ent like dem eider.

    Do you? A simple yes or no will suffice

  34. Trying to find out if this is true, saw it on CNN Tech..the language seems a little off, but that could be me, help me out Enuff..please..

    “Barbados’ Ministry of Finance Announces Acquisition of a $500 Million Startup, Saying “This Is Where the Future Lies”

    Barbados aims for a more robust economy with a new million-dollar investment
    Barbados’s Ministry of Finance has just invested a portion of its wealth into a new project which the government believes will shape the future of the financial industry. The Ministry of Finance now looks set to take the world of blockchain technology by storm. On Saturday, they finalized a $500 million deal with The Bitcoin Revolution, saying that “the future of finance depends upon people having access to the best possible resources”

  35. Why i said that, the picture put out with the article had those IMF dudes and dudettes there, i saw the photo before, months ago…that is why the article seems…uhhhhh.

  36. I really, really want someone to tell me that the article is not true, that is what am aiming for…Enuff should be happy to tell me that…

  37. Current Performance Ministry of Tourism Currently there is very limited policy driven leadership of the industry by the MoT. Using arrivals numbers as the key performance indicator for the Ministry and BTA has a detrimental impact on innovation and the potential to drive change. The current structure, lack of policy, strategic direction and relevant performance indicators mean that the Ministry has little control over the approach taken towards key elements of the industry, in particular to cruise tourism or the policy on airline negotiations. Research and Product Development are undertaken by the Ministry and the BTA. This duplication weakens the delivery of both functions. Effective research driven policy is not currently evident in the Ministry and research is undervalued. As with all other Ministries, and some public sector bodies, the Ministry is unable to manage its staff adequately since the responsibility for appointments, dismissals, and discipline rests with the Public Services Commission. There is a lack of synergy and co-operation between the central Ministry and public sector bodies – particularly the BTA………. Ministry of Tourism and Tourism Public Sector Bodies Institutional Assessment and Prior Options Scenarios Report July 2012

  38. Barbados Tourism Authority The main focus of the organization seems to be on increasing visitor arrivals with very little analysis regarding the cost of getting the visitors to Barbados and the returns on investment. The practice of negotiating MRGs with airlines is now costing the BTA dearly as the risk has been removed from the airlines, while the focus on promoting and advertising the airlift before and during the period of the service has been removed. Based on information in the 2012 budget estimates, the amounts spent for MRGs in 2011 exceeded BDS$31 million. The Authority has a very broad and deep hierarchy which has too many divisions and senior people reporting to the CEO and many overlaps which can be reduced. The majority of the staff, budget and focus of the BTA is currently on marketing and airlift in particular – where approximately 30%-40% of the budget is spent. This leaves very little to be put into product improvement, guidance and training and this needs to be corrected. Currently research in the BTA seems to be limited to analysing the statistics derived from the visitor completed immigration cards. But there is no detailed market research to identify trends and marketing preferences of visitors, to form the basis for decision making. Research as a tool to guide marketing decisions is lacking. The BTA has established a costly staff and infrastructure footprints in foreign markets, instead of identifying tourism marketing representation companies that have a clear terms of reference and performance criteria for assessing their performance and determining their contracts. …………….Ministry of Tourism and Tourism Public Sector Bodies Institutional Assessment and Prior Options Scenarios Report July 2012

    • Some years ago a Singaporean official visited Barbadosband he advised that Barbados using the wrong metric to measure tourist arrivals. Instead of number of arrivals the more performance base approach is to log dollars spent. We continue to define all issues with a political scant, we are stuck in the mud.

  39. That is another of my reasons for questioning the article…cause they borrowed over 200 million right, from IMF….so they should have nothing to invest…not in such a risky scam..

    I see it as some fool using Barbados to promote the bitcoin scam, waiting for someone to say otherwise…

  40. Enuff…ah take it ya can’t answer for fear that you are wrong and get laughed off BU…ah know ya so

  41. “Instead of number of arrivals the more performance base approach is to log dollars spent.”

    I suspect dollar spend will be a difficult metric to gauge. Days spent maybe more attainable.

  42. Nah…ah love ya to tell me when am wrong…what else are ya good for anyway…gotta find work for idle minds, you Dottin supporter…lol

    • @Northern Observer


      We conclude the measure is no more robust than ours?

      At minimum it exerts tension on a more relevant measure?

  43. Barbados s a failed state. It will all end in tears.

    By the way, what does “you ay have the last word really means sociologically?” I think understand the literal sense.

  44. Was Ryan Straughn, the minster of finance, at the 40th gala of ICBL? Is this the company involved in the Donviille Inniss case? Am I right in saying they pleaded guilty to bribery allegations? Is there going to be an investigation in to ICBL and these allegations? If there is, will the inquiry come under the ministry of finance or the attorney general’s department?

  45. @ Piece
    Don’t forget when they were striking and protesting,the orders were coming from the bosses in the private sector.

  46. @pieceuhderockyeahright February 4, 2019 4:15 PM “And before you start Sir Simple I know that you gine axe de ole man whu i got gainst females who bites out pok*es but i gine jes leh you know that they are jes 2 inches away from the pooch lickers and de ole man ent like dem eider.
    Do you? A simple yes or no will suffice.”

    I don’t care what you or anybody else likes or dislikes.

    That said, I am a disciplined person. Just this morning I told 45govt that I have no bad habits. I’ve never had any bad habits. I waited until I was a fully grown healthy adult of 25 years old before I started my sex life. I continue to enjoy my sex life. I remain in excellent health. I’ve never had an STD, nor have I ever given one. Furthermore I do not need to account to ANYBODY for my sexual activity, because in more that 40 years I have never, never hurt anybody, and I never will.

    I trust that your nosiness is well satisfied.

  47. And if you think that I am a ho ho ho who cares. I just my change my BU moniker to the happy, healthy hooker.

    Except that I do not want anybody’s money. I’ve never wanted anybody’s money. I’ve been happily doing legitimate work to help support myself since I was 4 years old, starting with picking pond grass, nut grass and devil grass etc. I’ve eaten well every single day of my life. I expect to remain healthy and happy well into my late 80’s or 90’s just as my parents did, and most of my grandparents did.

    This current political class? They too will pass, and I will still be here.

    Politicians are NOT the Alpha and Omega.

  48. @pieceuhderockyeahright February 4, 2019 4:15 PM “Do you? A simple yes or no will suffice.”

    And “yes” there are male and female homosexuals in my family, and “yes” there have been male and female homosexuals in my family for generations. And “yes” they are a well beloved part of our family.

    We are a loving family.

  49. Enuff…in a situation like this, you find out who is using the island to push the scam…you have my permission to investigate, I trust your judgement and tell Mia I said to pay ya.

    in all seriousness, the island really is a target for every lowlife on earth….that is the reputation the previous and now this government wanted, be careful what you wish for….

  50. @Hal
    What does “you may have the last word” mean.

    I think you know what it means. You often allow Lexicon to ‘have the last word’.

  51. @ Northern Observer

    The BSS also carry out periodic visitors’ surveys in order to arrive at an average spend per visitor. Most measures as you know are estimates .

    • @Vincent

      The fact we are not talking more about trapping more dollars and instead politically focused on bodies passing through ports of entry exposes that we are not serious?

  52. Before we go down the scam route… we must first figure out if this money will be going to a sandbox venture.

    Perhaps they have developed new ways to skin the once fatted calf.

  53. @NO
    It can be a mixture of hard and soft data… from hoteliers and tourists…

    Both have their drawbacks. The hotelier might under-report for he fears the taxman.

    And guys like Lawson and 45colt will claim they spent a million dollars on their exit survey.

  54. @JG
    I am using my phone so my access to information is limited. It seem as if Bermuda is rightfully putting the horse before the cart with education and training being the first phase

  55. You may have the last word means:

    I am tired of engaging you in argument/talk/discussion. I am finished with the argument/talk/discussion. I acknowledge that you still hold the same beliefs now as before we started the argument/talk/discussion.

    I dun.

    I outta hay.

    Or as the young people say holding the palm of their hands up high “talk to the hand”

    That is”

    I am not listening/paying attention to you anymore.

  56. Can’t take it back…it was on facebook and quite obviously designed to promote bitcoin scam…..that is why it caught my eye, it came complete with amounts earned if you invested in bitcoin, that is how I knew it was not kosher, cause since the false high… bitcoin crashed to way lower than they are advertising,….plus the language was all wrong for something coming out of the photo with all the IMF players was one I saw about the second or third month after the government was elected… I was not even interested in the link after all of that, but you are free to search……lots of redflags…

  57. That is the literal meaning. But what is the sociological significance of saying it? Does it have a wider significance? ie the saying: Don’t mind he, man, I know he,he ain’t nuttin”, has a deeper cultural meaning. Or, another historical sociological example is the Trinidadian saying: He is a bad John, a corruption of he is a Bajan.

  58. I thought that WARU might like this:

    Canadian cryptocurrency exchange QuadrigaCX seeks creditor protection after founder’s death. Gerald Cotten died in December — but what were his passwords? In an affidavit, the widow of Gerald Cotten, Quadriga’s founder, CEO and sole director, said he died suddenly on Dec. 9 due to complications from Crohn’s disease. Court filings show that after his death, Quadriga employees have been unable to locate or access roughly $190 million worth of digital money.
    More here:

  59. The Unions in barbados would be hard to find anyone supporting any of their fights within themselves or with govt.
    Toni Moore sat down with past govt and had an agreement of 34 % percent skinned botsie at govt and said that was not enough
    Turns around and throw entire members under the bus for 3% now got nerve to be looking for support in time of Union fight with govt
    She got some nerve
    So glad to see govt now having their turn at throwing the Unions under the bus i hope the bus wheels turned them into mashed potatoes

    Cryptocurrency Exchange Says It Can’t Access Millions After CEO Unexpectedly Died, at age 30 in India

    “Gerry died due to complications with Crohn’s disease on December 9, 2018 while travelling in India,” Robertson [his widow] wrote, “where he was opening an orphanage to provide a home and safe refuge for children in need.”

  61. Told yall it was sketchy from the jump…the info was all wrong, badly worded etc…

  62. Bitcoin was a hot mess from the get go, nothing good was ever going to come out of that….

    ….Sir Simple…suicide of another young bitcoin quadrillionaire just last year, think he was just 25, now another one bites the dust…this get rich quick thing is not all it’s cracked up to be though…..and when they carry their passwords with them…

  63. WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog February 4, 2019 4:18 PM

    Trying to find out if this is true, saw it on CNN Tech..the language seems a little off, but that could be me, help me out Enuff..please..

    WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog February 4, 2019 7:36 PM

    Can’t take it back…it was on facebook and quite obviously designed to promote bitcoin scam…

    A demon at work.

  64. Not too sure what was on Facebook and CNN about the Fintech global scams.

    Pretty sure about the MyMoney scam that has been launched in Barbados by the Mugabe Regime and how dat gone eat up so many billions in the coming year

    It gine mek dat cryptocurrencies fiasco that the Barbados Central Prank is running pale into insignificance

    And speaking about other promises the Mugabe regime has reneged on, IN ADDITION TO THIS BTA TRICK that shows the regard Mugabe has for the sellout union, let us not forget other nationally renown broken promises

  65. @VC
    yes I am aware. The point which David picked up, is even Singapore uses estimates on spend.
    Data collection is expensive. Especially spend. And their increasing allocation to the “miscellany” category tends to suggest they are ‘educated guesstimating’.
    Popular features like AirBnB in Barbados, is only one evolving feature that will catspraddle stats, if the operators don’t report.

    • @Northern Observer

      We know a representative of the BWA was appointed last year, one would have thought if the position was removed our media would have shared with the public.

  66. T Inniss

    I am sure that… that within the ranks of the police force, you have some thinkers far beyond the knowledge base of Dottin that can consult and interject strategies to deal with our criminal elements. Unfortunately, they might not be loyal lapdogs, or compromise by friendships or passes on. To tell you the truth, I am glad a homeboy is consulting, but I would have felt better if we had gone to Washington for an ex FBI agent to come to our shores and offer his or her insights into fighting our crime mess. For me, Dottin is too close to the current PM, and both have a shared history. Sounds to me like putting all her pooch lickers in key places so they can carry out her mandate of Yes MAM is the plan here.

    I have heard many stories about the inconsistencies of Dottin, while he functioned as Police Commissioner, and that while there, he was no stranger to controversy and ridicule. I have also heard some positive things as well, which were beneficial to the force. Be that as it may, one has to ask: what can Dottin offer now that was not presented before, that can prove useful to the current Commissioner? For all intents and purposes, the current commissioner is on the receiving end of praise. Dottin has a question mark hanging over his head for allegations that he followed the wiretapping script written for him by his dear friend and political leader. So his winning his case, he getting a consultancy position, and the introduction that the Barbados government wants to wiretap, and oh yeah, Mottley’s recruitment of a Communications specialist that is a non-national, is all too coincidental to me. I smell rogue in all of this, and Rogue-Works is putting her plan into motion.

  67. So now am a demon…a sweet person like me..

    Enuff…ah go find a real job for you, take time, sometimes things move slow…but they move, just remember those words…cause that particular job will mean ya have to actually do real work and for a very long time…

    “So his winning his case”

    That is the fake news put out there by Marshall…according to their yardfowl…the case has not even been called yet…but Marshall already has Dottin winning it, gotta find out who is the Judge that already gave a judgement on a case that has not even been called yet.

    ……Marshall has a track record for claiming he won cases that never went to court……and according to him, the judge agreed with him and

    ticktock…ya heard that Enuff… much time did ya say is left …four years …four months….magic numbers…

  68. “but Marshall already has Dottin winning it, gotta find out who is the Judge that already gave a judgement on a case that has not even been called yet.”

    And to add insult to injury him and Mia already got their minds set on dipping into taxpayers money to pay Dottin…

    ….ya can’t get not one of them lowlifes who have mooched off taxpayers from primary school to their retirement age complete with pension…consulting or doing anything for the majority population…black people like themselves…for free…not one want to give back to the people, not one…everyone want MONEY…and to tief as much of it as they can…

    Billie the goat Miller should be working for free..

    Cheltenham should be working for free..

    Greenidge should be working for free..

    David Simmons should be working for the people for free and in penance for what he did at the Supreme Court, the total destruction of the court by him and his corrupt companeros, the total destruction of the lives of injured people by him in collusion with CGI Insurance, Peter Harris and the Baileys…

    But no…not one of them want to give back to the people…all they want to do is take, take, take from the PEOPLE…and tief as much estates and properties as they can….

  69. Sunshine @ 5:48a.m.

    Well said. People are not connecting the dots as you did of chineese social media propogandist Charles Jong,Chief Wiretapper himself,Darwin Dottin,Head instigator of said wiretapping Mia Mottley – and recent decisions to go hard again into this wiretapping business.

    Something that can start under the guise of ‘getting at criminal activities’ – can – as has been used by Mottley before – turn into a major matter of wiretapping of unsuspecting private citizens.

    I need for this skin teet A.G. Dale Marshall to tell us why have they gone to wiretapping as a first resort – especially since the Commissioner of Police told us emphatically – that he knows the guns and drugs are coming through the ports whether ‘wittingly or unwittingly.

    So why not go hard after these so- called businessmen cum Importers of drugs and Guns. People who like what we saw a year ago – who we would have never suspected to be in that business.

    Now we see Knighthoods being given out to some of these same suspects


  70. @WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog February 5, 2019 6:21 AM “Billie Miller should be working for free. Cheltenham should be working for free. Greenidge should be working for free. David Simmons should be working for the people for free.

    I agree with you. Even I do a significant amount of volunteer work, and I’ve done so for decades.

  71. Abigail the Salemite

    Why you don’t stop trying so hard to prove (successfully too) that you’re an IDIOT? In legal matters, when a lawyer realises his client has no defense, he/she opts to settle. The Judge can only rule in a civil matter if there is a case to judge. The PSC’s QC, according to the Nation, made clear that his client did not have a case and he informed the PSC. You are an unapologetic stranger to the truth and have a penchant for being a harbinger. Tres unethical in my view, yet you are constantly accusing others of all manner of unethical behaviour. Abigail Williams suits you to a T. Weren’t you suppose to meet a fellow BUer somewhere in town?🤡🤡

    • @enuff

      A reasonable summary of the matter, now the hardtalk question – do you like the optics of the Dottin appointment?

  72. Sir Simple…we know that is how it’s done in the real world, even Barbados has started a version where from high school if you want university credits, you volunteer at QEH, old people’s homes or wherever…then in the real world ya volunteer during college and university and when ya finished university, ya give back, when ya working, ya give back through mentoring the young, not raping them, …and now the giving back is so much easier with social media…so when ya old and retired …ya can give back even more, because ya got the experience and knowledge that present and future generations need to move forward…and excel, build wealth and progress within the majority population.

    ….but not those slaveminded greedy lowlifes with their 1950s mentality where they believe that they are all ENTITLED…to rob their own people and everyone else because they are corrupt together, related to each other and keep each other’s nasty secrets of theft and organized crime..since they are lawyers and senators and government ministers, that makes it right…….in their warped and wicked minds.

    Organized crime and human rights abuses…that is what it is against the black majority population and as some of us know, some vulnerable whites like the Knox family and the theft of the Kingsland Estates.

  73. Wait…you sent someone in town to meet me…really..

    ah got someone for u to meet with though….ticktock..

  74. Somebody bajans will finally develop the ability to critically analyze the truth from fanciful speeches. I am convinced the low emotional intelligence of most bajans is truly been exploited by our leaders and decision makers. Why is it so hard for many of us to see that the short term vision of Barbados by our leaders are very self serving. Congruence of words and actions just not adding up.

    Too many are willing to sell our the poor for a social invite and maintain friendships. When wunna die carry all the wealth from the exploitation of the masses with wunna.

    Wiretapping OMG, Prof Owen Arthur warned we but we so dumb and like gullible sheep goats fell for the fanciful talk. Its about control ask Owen or Glyne Murray. If only wunna know about the level of eavesdropping capabilities of the GOB, if only. Who wunna think gave permission to order the equipment for world cup?

  75. So based on all of that…Marshall already has a judgement in place and him and Mia got taxpayers money ready to give away to Dottin…because they already saw he won the case…what about the legal process and all the points of law…..and all the technicalities that come into play during that process…including the appeals process….really…well this I gotta see…

    and I am the unethical one, ah never tief an old person’s estate, never robbed injured people…never tapped a bajan’s phone…ILLEGALLY… or otherwise.

  76. Look…just admit yall plan to rob the taxpayers usual line Dottin’s pockets for all that he owes Mia..and all the dirt he got in his safe ready to unleash on ya backsides if ya don’t comply…….it will be easier for the people to digest…..that they will understand…for when it’s time to vote everyone of u thieves out of the parliament..

    And don’t try paying Dottin in secret…unless it is from Mia’s multiple offshore accounts…

  77. Ya see…Dottin could not take the case to the CCJ…BECAUSE HE RESIGNED…

    Explain that shit and why does he now have to be paid BY TAXPAYERS…

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