International Network In Defense of Humanity Condemns Assassination Attempt on Nicolás Maduro



 “We Denounce the Attempted Political Assassination and the Planned Military Overthrow of the Democratically Elected Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela”

Venezuela’s president, Nicolás Maduro, has survived an apparent assassination attempt after what officials described as drones armed with explosives detonated overhead during a speech he was making at a military

The Caribbean Chapter of the International Network in Defense of Humanity strongly condemns the assassination attempt on the duly elected President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro Moros, that took place on Saturday August 4th, 2018.

Whilst the global pro-imperialist news media has been more interested in reporting the attack as “amateurish”, we see the attack as only the most recent and most aggressively desperate manifestation of a long and persistent assault on the sovereignty of  Venezuela and of longstanding efforts to thwart the will of the Venezuelan people.

We view this attempt on the life of President Maduro as confirmation that the enemies of Venezuela’s socialism are now acknowledging their failure at overthrowing the Bolivarian government through electoral manipulation, mass protest, media propaganda ,and economic destabilization.  We therefore identify this shift to a new stage of political assassination and criminality as a sign of failure, but also a disturbing sign of dangerous desperation on the part of the anti-socialist right wing extremist forces both inside and outside Venezuela.

Our Chapter of the International Network In Defense of Humanity does not separate the assassination attempt on President Maduro from the several years of threats of military intervention, open support for and identification with acts of criminal aggression, and a sustained anti-Maduro campaign by the most powerful country in the Western Hemisphere and by the agents of capitalism. Indeed, we have noted that these acts of internal aggression against the Bolivarian government have not only taken the form of orchestrated violent mass demonstrations, but have also included a helicopter attack with the use of grenades and an assault on the parliament building of Venezuela. 

We therefore use this sad occasion to call on the regional news media and on our Caribbean governments to exercise vigilance and to avoid allowing themselves to be used as pawns in an illicit campaign of military and economic aggression against a friendly sister nation. 

Despite our awareness of the history of imperialist and right-wing aggression towards the socialist government of Venezuela, our Caribbean Chapter of the Network was nevertheless shocked that in their single-minded desire to reverse the socialist path of Venezuela, the fascist, oligarchical enemies of the Bolivarian Republic would attempt to use such extreme and barbaric violence that could have potentially taken the lives of scores of citizens, as well as the lives of the democratically elected leadership of the country. 

We unequivocally condemn this open resort to terrorism, and call on our Caribbean governments to reiterate our region’s commitment to the furtherance of peace, the rule of law and democracy.

Finally, the Caribbean Chapter of the International  Network in Defense of Humanity expresses its satisfaction that President Maduro and the political  leadership of Venezuela were not hurt in the attack.  We also express our empathy with the patriots and soldiers who were injured during the attack and wish them a speedy recovery.  Our Network would also like to record that we are pleased with the words of magnanimity spoken by President Maduro following the attack and his words of advice to the opposition that “While I guarantee you can live in this country peacefully.  If something happens to me, you will have to face millions of campesinos and humble people making justice with their own hands…”. 

The Caribbean Chapter of the International Network In Defense of Humanity urges the Venezuelan Opposition forces to adhere to the principles of democratic dialogue, peace and mutual co-existence and to avoid the urgings of those from outside who are impelling them to resort to violence and criminality in the pursuit of their political objectives.

Caribbean Chapter

International Network In Defense of Humanity

14 thoughts on “International Network In Defense of Humanity Condemns Assassination Attempt on Nicolás Maduro

  1. David Comissiong, are you still the interim chairperson of the Caribbean chapter of the International Network In Defence of Humanity? Is the average Joe in Venezuela that is starving, Right wing Extremist?

    When you change the Laws to make it that only you could win an election is that being Democratically Elected?

    When people flee your country by the million because of Starvation, does that make you a Benevolent Government?

    When you control all the means of production including the largest oil reserves known to man in the world and you can’t get your oil produced, is that the fault of the imperialist?

    You can speak like this advocating a system because you live in a Free Society…if you lived in Venezuela you could not raise a voice of opposition however elected.

    When you put your head to bed at night, do you still spew your lies in your dreams?

    When you are awake from sleep are you awake?

    Do you regard Truth in any form? Or do you only regard deception?

    And now that you have said that you are across the Caribbean, Free Minded people have now been put on notice that they are organizations that would take their Freedom, squander whatever is there and impoverish everyone. All in the name of the god Socialism that has never succeeded anywhere.

    It is the ruination of any nation! And you want to bring this to full bloom in the Caribbean?

    Have you not see the state of Cuba, the state of Nicaragua and the state of your beloved Venezuela?

    If you truly have our peoples at heart get up and run from where you are.

  2. “Democratically Elected Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela” ”

    Now there’s a laugh. What a pity the opportunity was missed.

  3. Here is an Article that Combats the above Socialist/Communist Propaganda Spew by none other than Commie Sing Song and Ilk …

    Quite Timely Indeed!

    Barbados Improvements Part 4: Looking Forward
    Posted on August 6, 2018 Submitted by Freedom Crier


    If you want to look forward you first must know our past, where we are, what we are doing and the choices we are making, then we can see what the future may hold for we have seen the direction we are on. The future is easy to predict/extrapolate based on the above where it gets complicated is when people change their mind that hits the normal projections/predictions for a six. (Sometimes a good thing)

  4. What are the qualities of the Venezuelan and Cuban governments that attract radical Barbadians? Here is an historical reminder. In March 1968 the late CLR James was part of a group that visited Canada. Among the party was novelist Andrew Salkey. Until then, CLR was a big campaigner for the Cuban revolution. After his visit, he became mute on the subject. Never wrote another word on the Cuban revolution until his death. James expands on this in correspondence with the Facing Reality group during a discussion on supporting Castro and the Cuban revolution. That tells a serious story.

  5. Maduro set this up–smacks of incompetence! Maduro looking for attention and sympathy. The CIA would have killed him DEAD as RH!

  6. Hal,
    I have been to Cuba 4 times in 4 different locations. Playas del Este of Havana, Holquin, Santa Lucia and Ciego d’avila / Cayo Coco. On all ocassions I met Cubans on those long beaches and they chatted freely about hating Castro untill the Beach Police come into sight and they disengage. Bajans who think that Cuba is a Socialist paradise should give it a try or try Venezuela.

  7. The minimum wage agreed by Maduro’s administration in March is 1,307.646 Bolivars per week – made possible courtesy of the Banco Central’s busy printing presses. The trouble is that this wage can only buy you six loaves of bread – and probably less by the end of the day . . . . . and, for the love of humanity . . . don’t forget to line up early and have your bread card with you so it can be stamped !

    Barbados seems to have already started to breed its own International Misinformation Programme !! Don’t feed it.

  8. The Venezuelan Ambassador is quoted in the press asking the Barbados government to be careful about relaxing its policy on drones. Seems a bit of a reach.

  9. Should have been a bunker buster aka MOAB to clean up all those political and military OPPRESSORS! It is close to impossible to ruin a country of such diverse wealth and yet the Bus Driver has accomplished that difficult feat.

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