Call for CARICOM and Regional Media Practitioners to Visit Venezuela on Fact Finding Mission

Submitted by David A. Comissiong, Coordinator, International Network  In Defense of Humanity Caribbean Chapter

President Nicolas Maduro

It is critically important that the Governments and people of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) acquire an accurate understanding of precisely what is going on in our sister Caribbean nation of Venezuela — a nation that the powerful United States of America (USA) has perversely designated as a “national security threat” to the USA.

And we will never  achieve any such “accurate understanding” if we depend on Western media institutions for our information about Venezuela !

The reality is that the government  of the USA has determined that the United Socialist Party  (PSUV) administration of Venezuela is their enemy, and they are therefore currently engaged in a multi-faceted campaign to bring down the Administration of President Nicolas Maduro by any means necessary. And central to this “campaign” is a strategy of “Psychological Warfare” in which the media is assigned a critical role.

It is against this background that I now hereby CALL upon the governments of CARICOM to designate and send a SPECIAL  ENVOY to Venezuela for the purpose of investigating the situation “on the ground” and making an informed analysis of the Venezuelan reality and the role that CARICOM can and should play.

I am also CALLING upon the media houses of the English-speaking Caribbean to do likewise, and to send an investigative team to Venezuela to see for themselves and to deliver to our people an independent and objective “Caribbean” assessment of the situation in Venezuela.

And I am making these CALLS against a background of my having visited Venezuela on several occasions and finding the reality that I witnessed with my own eyes significantly at odds with the impressions and images presented by the powerful Western media corporations !

I am fully aware that “Psychological Warfare” is a very real phenomenon, and that it is routinely deployed against regimes that the USA and other powerful Western nations determine to be their “enemy”.

Indeed, in 2004 – a full two years before Julian Assange launched his whistleblowing Wikileaks internet-based organisation – the late President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela publicised documents which disclosed that the United States of America’s National Endowment for Democracy” (NED) had been funding several Venezuelan non -governmental organisations that were opposed to Chavez’s socialist Government .

Furthermore, subsequent disclosures of confidential US State Department diplomatic cables by Wikileaks proved that the  foreign US interference discovered by Chavez was just the tip of the iceberg! Indeed, the Wikileaks documents confirmed that over the 15 years of Chavez’s Bolivarian Revolution, the US Embassy in Venezuela and such US governmental agencies as the US Agency for International Development (USAID) had been hard at work funding Opposition NGO’s and activists; allocating funds to right-wing political parties for subversive actions against the socialist Government; and organising and training selected youth and student leaders in the use of social networks to mobilise political action against the Venezuelan Government.

In fact, the US agencies actually sent middle and upper class Venezuelan student leaders to the USA for workshops and conferences on Internet activism and networking, inclusive of training in how to promote regime change via street riots and the strategic use of the mass media to portray Chavez’s government as repressive. Indeed, so massive was the US financial assistance to the “disloyal” Opposition forces of Venezuela, that a March 2009 State Department cable from the US Embassy in Caracas frankly stated – “Without our continued assistance, it is possible that the organisations we helped create…. could be forced to close…. Our funding will provide those organisations a much needed lifeline.”

Why, you may well ask, has the US Government spent hundreds of millions of dollars trying to destroy the socialist Government of Venezuela? Well, the simple answer is that the US Government and the powerful Capitalist oligarchy that is located at the core of the US Government, have identified Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution as  one of the most potent and deadly threats to the continued existence of their imperialistic Capitalistic system.

Let us remember that :-

(1)   Chavez and his broad, grass-roots based Fifth Republic Movement came to power in Venezuela in 1998, and immediately declared their intention to challenge the system of Neo -Liberal Capitalism. Thereafter, under the inspiration of Simon Bolivar – the father of Latin American independence – Chavez championed a return to concepts of Latin American nationalism and unity, and to an up-dated 21st century system of Socialism.

(2)   It was Chavez and the government of Venezuela that led the attack that defeated the Americans and scuttled their “Free Trade Area of the Americas” (FTAA). Chavez then followed up this success by boldly taking the initiative and proposing  the establishment of the “Bolivarian Alternative For Latin America and the Caribbean” (ALBA) – a hemisphere wide integration scheme based upon the values of solidarity, mutual support, egalitarianism, collective cooperation, and a planned and democratic sharing of resources.

(3)  Over the fifteen years of Chavez’s Bolivarian Revolution the fundamental ALBA concept guided Venezuela and the other countries of Latin America and the Caribbean to such progressive, anti-imperialist developments as the Petro Caribe Energy Cooperation Agreement, the Television Network of the South (Telesur), the Union of South American States (UNASUR), the international Bank of the South (Bancosur), the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), the Africa/South America Summit, the international eye care programme known as “Operation Milagro“, and the list goes on. Needless-to-say, these developments constitute a fundamental and revolutionary challenge to US dominance of the western hemisphere, a geographical region that they have always contemptuously regarded as their “backyard”.

(4)   In addition, for the very first time in Venezuela’s history, the tremendous wealth generated by Venezuela’s oil industry- the fourth largest in the world – was wrenched out of the hands of the traditional elite caste of Venezuela and their North American allies, and was instead directed towards fuelling the socio-economic development of the masses of the poor and deprived of Venezuela.

(5)   The Bolivarian Revolution delivered such benefits to the people of Venezuela as a 50 per cent reduction in poverty, free healthcare, free high quality education from primary school to university, a substantial increase in wages for the working class, and as extension of pension rights to the entire population. In addition, the  socialist State provides subsidies which go towards guaranteeing affordable food and housing for the most needy, as well as providing job training and worker placement programmes.

(6)   But in spite of these remarkable achievements the Venezuelan elite and their North American allies have never relented in their hostility to the Bolivarian Revolution! Indeed, there is nothing new about the middle and upper class organised campaign of economic sabotage and street protest that is now on-going against the Nicholas Maduro Administration. The same things, and worse, were directed at the late President Hugo Chavez and his Administration!

It would do us well to recall the crisis that Chavez (and Venezuela) faced in 2002 when the Venezuelan elite and their North American allies organised violent marches in the streets of Caracas; shot at and killed their own protestors and placed the blame on the Government; hoarded basic consumer items; and sabotaged and scuttled the critical petroleum industry. And of course, the centrepiece of the crisis was the military coup that they staged – arresting Chavez, fabricating his resignation, ordering his execution, and dismantling the democratic institutions of governance such as the National Assembly and the Supreme Court.

It was the organised Venezuelan working class that intervened and came to the rescue of Chavez and the Bolivarian Revolution in 2002! The masses of the people — organised in cooperatives, social movements, community based organisations, trade unions and neighbourhood associations – recognised that Chavez’s Revolution was their Revolution as well and defended it.

Clearly, the 2017 situation in Venezuela is not precisely the same as the situation in 2002. The main difference is that in 2002 the Government of the late Hugo Chavez was operating an economy in which international oil prices were a very health US $120 per barrel, whereas President Maduro has had to try to finance the governmental programmes and social services of Venezuela on the basis of a much weaker economy caused by a plummeting of international oil prices. We all need to remember that Maduro has had to face the misfortune of having to govern in a situation in which oil prices dropped as low as US $28 per barrel, resulting in an unavoidable scaling back of several of the programmes and services that working class Venezuelans depended on to sustain their livelihoods.

But the grass-roots working class organizations of Venezuela are NOT naïve organizations that are incapable of analyzing the political and economic situation for themselves and coming to the right conclusions !

In spite of the undoubted economic difficulties that Venezuelan masses currently face, it is my firm belief and expectation that the Venezuelan working class can and will do in 2017 exactly what they did in 2002 – they will defend and preserve their Revolution! All that they need from us— the people of Barbados and the Caribbean— is that we make the effort to dig through the  mass of lies and misinformation that the biased Western News media routinely puts out about the situation in Venezuela, and that we offer them our principled support and solidarity! And if some of us could rise up to the level of discerning the fundamental and critical historical truth that we too are deeply invested in the Bolivarian Revolution, that would be a most welcome bonus!


  • Vincent Haynes

    Interesting……every coin has 3 sides…..time to look at the other 2.


  • There are no lines outside of shops. There is an abundance of food, toiletries and medicines in Venezuela. Criminal activity is quite low in Caracas. The people enjoy their democratic rights and freedoms. Any CARICOM fact finding mission to Venezuela will find these things to be true.

    I wonder what is stopping the Government of Venezuela from showing the world that this is the true state of affairs in Venezuela.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Chavez was able to keep things together for years, well over a decade, why is this Maduro dude so weak, from Chavez died, everything went downhill very quickly for Venezulans. ….too quickly.

    And then there is the dictator aspect….all dictators should be hung.

    “Indeed, there is nothing new about the middle and upper class organised campaign of economic sabotage and street protest that is now on-going against the Nicholas Maduro Administration. The same things, and worse, were directed at the late President Hugo Chavez and his Administration!”


  • Vincent Haynes

    Ping Pong May 7, 2017 at 5:08 PM #

    If true…..the western media and Maduros lack of cash.

    I wonder why he sent US$500,000.00 to fund trumps campaign unless that was fake news.

    If all of the above and what you added is true it would suggest that Maduro is not the politician like Chavez.


  • @Vincent

    It is no secret why the donation was made. It is how business s done in this world.


  • We must be mindful of two things here.One is that Simon Bolivar had visions of federalizing Spanish speaking South America and was well on his way in doing so however he was undermined by his own compatriots not the Americans nor the Europeans.The same working class and the military undermined Bolivar in all the countries that formed part of the union.In fact it was Haiti that came to his aid and Great Britain who helped him and helped itself to Essequibo at the same time.Secondly,as long as the USA remain dominant in this hemisphere and indeed the World,all these Socialists will continue to spit in the air and it will make no difference.Venezuela’s citgo is now in hock to the Soviets since they have a 49% stake and the yanks don’t like that one bit.Plus Guyana has now found oil in the disputed Essequibo maritime zone so there is no way Caricom will back a loser.Maybe those like Antigua and Dominica might raise a statement in protest.The fact is that the working class is suffering for basic food items and medicines and see Maduro as the common enemy.
    Maduro is no Chavez.


  • angela Skeete

    Yeah Comissiong go ahead blame USA for years of corruption under a dictatorship governing regime where the only thing that trickled down to the people was years of poverty which now has become bloodbathe on the streets of Venezuela.
    The people of venezuela deserves better.Asking Caricom is too little to late especially when Caricom nations are having difficulties making ends meet.
    Sir your advice mean nothing since people of your ilk help to encourage the meanspirited attitude of these dictatorship against their people
    Where was your voice all these years to speak out but now that the has hit the fan and exposed the birth of raw cruelty to the Venezuela people all of a sudden your Damascus moment has arrived.Well bro instead of seeking help why dont u set foot on soil of veneuela and asked the venezuela people for forgiveness on behalf of the govts that misled them down a path of empty and self serving promises


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    As’s….Fruendel better not be coming with any empty, pie in the sky, fairytale, cinderella promises to bajans either, he is just as weak as Maduro.




  • Mission seems so grandiose a word at a time when every Caribbean country is in a straight jacket, including Trinidad which like Venezuela also has an oil economy and is smelling hell.

    Aren’t there any countries in the Caribbean which maintain an embassy there?

    Wouldn’t it be simpler to just ask an ambassador?

    … and if any one government in the Caribbean is worried about the contents of any report from its ambassador leaking out through hacking there is also the secure channel of the diplomatic bag which could be used.

    I really think sending a whole mission is overkill!!


  • “The Barbados Embassy in Venezuela is a bilateral mission in Caracas and promotes Barbados interests in Venezuela. The embassy of Barbados also plays an important role in development, cultural affairs and contacts with the local press of Venezuela. The Barbados Embassy in Caracas is headed by Miss Sandra Phillips – Ambassador of Barbados to Venezuela.”

    … there you go!!!

    Even Barbados got an embassy down there and one of the purposes is to maintain contacts with the local press of Venezuela.

    Ask Sandra Phillips for a report.

    If that press is at variance with what the US press has to say the GOB should know.

    … and if the press is just a puppet of the US then Sandra Phillips is presumably on the ground and can report.


  • Look at Venezuela. We will also run out of toilet paper very soon.

    Where are the latest numbers on foreign currency? Has the government anything to hide?


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Barbados is just very lucky their population is tiny, the fall out will not be as bad as Venezuela…31 million people. ….or Puerto Rico…3.4 million people. …

    ……unless the ministers are so stupid, so incompetent, so corrupt, they can get nothing right….lol

    We shall see.


  • We would suggest that this writer, David Comissiong, with his Bajan psychology underestimates the wickedness of imperialism as manifested by CIA, NSA, military intelligence, long-term plans to create chaos through espionage projects throughout the world.

    No number of old-time ‘fact finding missions’ can cure this.

    When Comissiong comes to see that we all live within a global environment of lies. Lies created in Washington and gladly imbibed by the the outer reaches of empire.

    And his own CBC news, and other media, are purveyors or regurgitators of intelligence agencies lies.

    Even old lies about central belief systems of the Christians or Masonics, and they are the same thing, are impervious to a modicum truth, far less the new, highly sophisticated, technologically spun, untruths of today.

    Certainly, Comissiong is experienced enough to know that a country with the largest petroleum resources in the world.

    A country which has been in a ‘cold war’ with the arrogant powers for 17 years plus

    Not being able to import basis commodities. A country so pressurized as to result in the social conditions which give its enemy the regime changed desired, is war by other means.

    One thing that the atomization of populations gives us is the ability to make our own decisions about these events without the reliance of traditional and outdated verification mechanisms.

    Always blame America first and you will never be wrong!

    For by the time the snails in the Caribbean get this ‘fact finding mission’ together the putsch would have been completed.


  • There is never a need for any ‘fact finding mission’ unless you are seeking to be politically correct.

    Unless the society has no collective memory of 200 years of American imperialist history

    As though we don’t have dozens of current, similar, atrocities happening throughout the world – right now!

    As if there were not over 100 such interventions in this region over the last 100 years.

    This is the stupidity of a system known as Barbadian thinking. It ignores reality to pretend political correctness, a faux or pretensive unbiased posture, when hundreds of years of American imperialism overarches such notions.


  • Today’s Nation has a full spread covering the Venezuela issue with the obvious establishment perspective.


  • David

    ‘Good’ on you!

    We assume all these to be lies, irrelevant

    Predictable, not worthy of the time to read

    Like 99.9999 are


  • So if the local news media is biased and is a tool of the government then what is the point of a fact finding mission?

    Sometimes people can’t see the forest for the trees!!


  • Because you hold a particular view does it mean you should surrender trying to lead the accused to the light?


  • And of course you cannot be wrong and do not need leading to the light yourself in which case, what is the point of a fact finding mission??

    Ask the ambassador, Sandra Phillips if she can buy toilet paper and a tin of sardines in Venezuela or if she has to stock up on them here!!!

    That is the simplest way to do it!!

    All the isms in the world are immaterial!!!

    Venezuela has always had problems.

    Around 2000, I knew a guy who dressed like Che Guevara and came from Venezuela, family to some big up people here but he was definitely anti Chavez.

    My Great Grand Father had to flee to Trinidad from Venezuela in 1908 because of the dictator Gomez.

    Rowed his family across the Gulf of Paria!!

    So, what’s new with Venezuela!!

    For a brief moment in time during the second world war it was the largest supplier of oil in the world.

    It was taken to Aruba where the refineries supplied the high octane fuel that ran the Spitfires and Hurricanes that met and matched the ME109’s of the Luftwaffe.

    Seems like the more you get the more miserable you become!!

    Every dog has its day ……



    We can safely assume Trinidad won’t be funding any fact finding mission to Venezuela!!

    What about its buddy Cuba?

    What is Cuba saying about Venezuela?


  • Cuba getting its oil from Russia again.Can’t rely on Maduro the bus driver.Maduro is no Chavista.


  • “Around 400 indigenous Warao people from the Orinoco Delta in Venezuela have arrived in the Brazilian city of Manaus in the Amazon.

    The authorities have declared a social emergency to seek government funds to help with the influx.

    The Warao say they travelled around 2,000 km (1,250 miles) and are fleeing hunger and Venezuela’s worsening economic and political crisis.”


    Don’t these Warao people know that there is no shortage of food and medicines in Venezueal and that this so called crisis is the fake news of the western media? CARICOM needs to investigate and stand firm with Maduro (ignoring that Venezuela claims most of Guyana, a CARICOM state).


  • Lord have Mercy!!


  • South and Central America were “developed” principally by the Spanish and Portuguese.

    North America and Canada were “developed” principally by the English but also by the French and Spanish.

    The Dutch also played a part, New Amsterdam/New York, New Jersey and Delaware.

    In all cases, major populations of Native American Peoples died out.

    The “development” of the South by Europeans was going on for a century before the first fledgling colonies appeared in Canada and North America.

    Why is there such a huge economic disparity between the North and the South American continents?

    One stark difference that stands out in South and Central America when compared with North America and Canada is gold!!

    Two prosperous civilizations (Aztec and Inca) were destroyed by the Spanish for their gold in the century before the English and French got their start in the New World.

    Spain applied the vast unimaginable riches of these two civilizations in the 16th and 17th centuries to support and fight religious wars in Europe against the Protestant Reformation.

    It frittered away those riches trying to suppress religious change.

    The result was a massive exodus peoples from Europe to North America in search of religious freedom.

    Perhaps a reason for the difference is that in the south, a new civilsation was built by dismantling civilisations from the top down whereas in the North, a new civilization was built by dismantling old ones from the bottom up.

    Perhaps it is because the North was based on agriculture and the south on conquest.

    Perhaps it is freedom of religion!!

    Just a thought or three!!


  • angela Skeete

    Venezuela has always been a hotbed of corruption . So how is it that Commissiong can see all the corruption in barbados but cannot see all the corruption in Venezuela a country that he speaks so highly.To think that Comissiong would even dare to try to push barbadis barbados govt back against the wall is hypocrisy that is broder than daylight .
    Doesnt Commisiong have no shame in his position of trying to divide a barbados nation issue that can have deadly implications if allowed to fail by the courts.
    On the issue of the courts doesnt judges have daily planning calenders that would indicate ahead of time if a judge can be available at a specfic time or day.
    Cannot understand how the court can plan a month or two in advance for a court hearing then at the day of hearing the judge does not show up for any given reason
    A banana republic at its worst


  • angela Skeete

    Roy Morris was given the shove out the door . Now Roy Morris signs like a bird all that singing has more to do with Morris ego than anything else . Reason being he used to be part of the Nation mcguffie crew and knew all the same information and kept his mouth shut.
    So his coming on face book and social media to expose tge Nation mcguffies is dilli de squat andv only serves Roy Morris interest
    A man scorned can be a son of a b..itch and people like that should be fed a long spoon


  • Venezuela has always been a hotbed of corruption . So how is it that Commissiong can see all the corruption in barbados but cannot see all the corruption in Venezuela a country that he speaks so highly.

    Maybe, just maybe it is a ploy to get the Barbadian Government to go and see what happens to a country as a result of corruption.

    If the penny drops maybe the GOB will face up to the reality of their actions and try to get its act together!!

    Just a crazy thought about a crazy situation!!


  • angela Skeete

    Wow John u more crazy than Comissiong who wakes up one morning with this dribble of a brilliant idea asking Caricom govts to waste tax payers money chasing windmills.
    Maybe what u and Comissiong ought to do is use out of pocket expenses and do a thorough investigation on how the Venezuela people lives has been turned into a living nightmare by corrupt dictatorships.


  • Heard on the BBC a minute ago that the infant mortality rate in Venezuela has risen by 60+%, and the infant mortality rate by 30+% if that is true, than that is very, very serious. That is like 1930’s Barbados and nobody deserves to go there again.


  • BBC says that the figures come from Venezuela’s Ministry of Health, also rises in malaria, and diptheria (diptheria when the DTP immunization can be done so cheaply?)


  • @David Commissiong “It is against this background that I now hereby CALL upon the governments of CARICOM to designate and send a SPECIAL ENVOY to Venezuela for the purpose of investigating the situation “on the ground” and making an informed analysis of the Venezuelan reality and the role that CARICOM can and should play. I am also CALLING upon the media houses of the English-speaking Caribbean to do likewise, and to send an investigative team to Venezuela to see for themselves and to deliver to our people an independent and objective “Caribbean” assessment of the situation in Venezuela.@David Commissiong ”

    But Barbados and other CARICOM countries too, I expect, already have Embassies on the ground in Venezuela. What are those Embassies saying? Surely they observe for themselves, and surely they write their own reports (if not why are we paying them then?)


  • @John May 9, 2017 at 7:41 AM “Spain applied the vast unimaginable riches of these two civilizations in the 16th and 17th centuries to support and fight religious wars in Europe against the Protestant Reformation.”

    Wunna Europeans and wunna hateful Middle Eastern religions.


  • Vincent Haynes

    Simple Simon May 9, 2017 at 4:17 PM #

    Wunna Europeans and wunna hateful Middle Eastern religions.

    John has stated many times on here that he is a Pelau…..just like the rest of us.


  • @John May 9, 2017 at 7:41 AM “Perhaps it is because the North was based on agriculture and the south on conquest.”

    Both the North and South were helped along nicely by the forced migration of 12 million Africans, and the children, grand children, great grand children, and great, great grand children of those Africans for 20 or 25 generation until the Europeans came to their senses. My grandmother, who died when I was 16 was already an adult when Brazil finally abolished slavery in 1898


  • @Vincent Haynes May 9, 2017 at 4:25 PM “John has stated many times on here that he is a Pelau”

    Europeans and hateful Middle Eastern religions.

    Better now?


  • The Middle Eastern religionists were misleading wunna then and still doing so now, although it seems to be that a whole lot of people were willing to be mislead, because the money was too sweet.

    Just like oil too sweet nowadays.


  • 20 to 25 generations and nobody was willing to tell the other “ya WRONG”


  • Vincent Haynes

    Simple Simon May 9, 2017 at 4:40 PM #

    20 to 25 generations and nobody was willing to tell the other “ya WRONG”

    Still happening in Libya and all these reparationists and reiligous bodies bout here not sayin a pang.


  • Libya is wrong too.

    Reparatiions due to the people enslaved there too.


  • It is of a colonial mindset to criticize the Maduro administration (according to Trevor Prescod). Simle Simon comes on BU and repeats those awful lies carried on the BBC that infant mortality, maternal mortality, diptheria and malaria are on the increase in Venezuela. How dare Simple Simon repeat the figures released by the Venezuelan Ministry of Health. Doesn’t Simple Simon know that the Venezuelan Ministryy of Health is an agent of the wicked western media which conspires to destroy Venezuela? Long live the Bolivarian Revolution (since the average Venezuelan doesn’t do so!)


  • Barbados is funked.

    GOVERNMENT’S FISCAL DEFICIT is still too high and this means Barbadians will have to tighten their belts some more.


  • His Hyatt position makes absolute sense to me yet his position on Venezuela seems to defy explanation.


    …. shine a light … bring people into the open!!

    We have already had fails at Four Seasons and Harlequin is looking a lot like some sort of Ponzi scheme.

    Both went through the process with not a voice raised in opposition!!!!!

    The Government cooperated fully.

    Why are we going to bat a third time for another project like the first two?

    Do we need another failed Hotel Project?

    Will the media wake up?


    We got to wait and watch this one unfold because there has to be more than the mortar in the pestle regarding his position on Caricom.

    He knows there are embassies in Venezuela.

    He knows those ambassadors are supposedly capable of informing their governments.

    He knows Venezuela’s position on Guyana, a member of Caricom.

    He knows everybody is going to call him names

    There he goes again with his standard foolishness!!!

    … yet he takes a position that defies reason.

    What is the key?

    Are Hyatt and Venezuela linked?

    Is he simply trying to shame Caricom by highlighting the corruption in its midst and its complete bankruptcy in thought?

    Is there anyone in Caricom who will speak to his request?

    Who is the secretary general?

    Now that is a really embarrassing question because I don’t think a Bajan or any citizen of any country who is a member of Caricom could say the name without first using google … like I just had to!!

    I gotta see how this one goes because I cannot tell as yet.

    Very, very worth watching because it is possible he is in the process of doing us all a favour for which we will forever be in his debt!!

    Will the media wake up?


  • I’ll give you a clue on the identity on the identity of the Secretary General of Caricom

    See if you can guess without google!!

    It is not Edwin Carrington!!


  • Here is another question to tease your brains!!

    Where is the HQ of Caricom?

    When you google it you will collapse laughing!!


  • Venezuela is a prime example of what befalls a country when twits are put in charge. There are few countries in South America and the Caribbean that has more natural resources than Venezuela. Yet the people are starving. There are few places that have fewer natural resources than Barbados yet we once prospered. Now that the twits are in charge in Barbados we are heading for misery. Commissiong dreams of being like Castro or Chavez but he isn’t intelligent enough, daring enough and Bajans were not as stupid as Cubans and Venezuelans to take him seriously.


  • Ping Pong

    You may well be right.

    But assume for the moment the Hyatt project is questionable and he exposes it.

    He goes to the head of the pack.

    Grenville Phillips et al cannot compete, but … they could join him.

    A group other than the two established parties going after corruption in Barbados will attract support based on pure merit.

    The DLP won years ago based on the ITAL legislation it was supposed to enact but nothing has happened.

    Are we going to just return to the BLP and its shenanigans?

    What is the difference between the BLP and DLP?

    The Court system could be used to delay and frustrate such a group but will a high profile name like Hyatt tolerate the delays and misuse of its brand that will be involved in such a course of action?

    We really don’t know the inner workings of the deal by which Hyatt is allowing the use of its name.

    We’ve seen what happened to Four Seasons, another high profile name.

    Such a group could put the Barbadian system of corruption between a rock and a hard place.

    Labelling Commissiong as an enemy of the state is not a sensible track to take and makes me think along the lines I am thinking.

    This one is going to be interesting and worth watching as it unfolds.


  • Commissiong was not singled out as an enemy of the state.

    Kellman used the plural

    It is a group he targeted


    But it also shows fear!!


  • Opponents of the DLP does not=enemies of the state.


  • Vincent Haynes

    From 1980 onwards, Venezuelan corruption has remained high. Particularly grave was the administration of Pres. Jaime Lusinchi from 1984-94, which saw some $36,000,000,000 pilfered or stolen mainly through a corrupt exchange control program, according to an estimate by Venezuelan sociologist Ruth Capriles at the Caracas Andres Bello Catholic University. Soaring corruption during the Lusinchi period resulted from several factors, including weak political institutions, lack of administrative controls, too much money circulating in the financial system of the government, and, above all, populist leaders promoting a welfare state in which hard work and social discipline were not encouraged. In 1997, the Caracasbased nongovernment organization Pro Calidad de Vida estimated that some $100,000,000,000 in oil income had been wasted or stolen during the last 25 years.

    As the 20th century came to an end, Venezuela was ripe for significant political change. The main contenders in the 1998 presidential election-paratrooper Hugo Chavez and former Governor of the State of Carabobo, Henrique Salas-promised radical political change. Venezuelans perceived Chavez as someone who looked and spoke like them and could, therefore, represent them better. His electoral promises were crucial in winning the votes of the majority.

    In his inaugural speech, in January 1999, Chavez called for a “political revolution” before tackling social or economic issues. Taking advantage of the popular euphoria following his victory-and in violation of the existing constitution-he convoked a Constituent Assembly possessing absolute power to write a new constitution and to “redefine the state.” This Assembly, made up of his followers, went on to dissolve the democratically elected Congress and dismiss all the members of the Supreme Court, as well as the Attorney General, the General Comptroller, and most of the judges in the country, only to replace them with bureaucrats loyal to the president. In a letter to the Supreme Court, Chavez stated that “the president had exclusive authority on the management of state affairs,” thus appearing to place himself above the law.

    In November 1999, the new Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jose Vicente Rangel, gave a speech in which he put forward the position of the government regarding corruption. He said that, from then on, public office would follow ethical norms, that corruption had already cost Venezuela too much in economic, social, and spiritual terms, and that the new judicial system and the new Civic Power, incorporated in the new constitution, would combine to combat corruption. That is not what has occurred, however.


  • Vincent Haynes

    Ping Pong May 9, 2017 at 8:37 PM #

    Venezuela is a prime example of what befalls a country when twits are put in charge.

    hmm……seems like the twits been in charge for a long time……a country gets the govt. it deserves……just like us……who are we to complain?

    You should have taken time out to read the Cato report.



    “The attorney had also argued that Stuart had relied on an outdated Physical Development Plan even though Section 11 (1) of the Town and Country Planning Act stipulates that the plan, which is now 14 years old, must be updated every five years. He also took issue with the 15-storey elevation, pointing out that the maximum height allowed for beachfront hotels was five storeys, compared to seven storeys for non-beachfront tourist accommodation”

    This is the simple point relating to the building of Hyatt.


    That is the link between Venezuela and Hyatt … an unwillingness to follow the law of the land.

    Venezuela is in our faces at the same time as Hyatt perhaps for a reason.

    When the Scotland District Association was heard by Frank King more than 20 years ago the same principle applied.

    His notes should be available.

    The outdated PDP existing at the time had made the area Zone 1 because of the springs that fed it and the possibility of accessing the water for public use.

    By now we can figure out that we do actually have a water problem.

    There was no provision made for the National Dump and the whole area was about to be designated as a National Park.

    Dismissing the matter on a technicality relieved the court 20 years ago of the need to address the law as stated and deal with the other issues.

    Had it done so, perhaps there would be no need for Commissiong to once again, bring the matter to court.

    The imposition of a $60,000 security cost order effectively prevented the matter being appealed after the finding on a technicality.

    Commissiong just has to watch he crosses his T’s and dots his I’s otherwise the old technicality stunt will be pulled on him!!

    …. but I think it would only be a raving lunatic who could oppose his right to ask the court as a citizen of Barbados that his government obey the law.

    It will be interesting to see how this one pans out.

    A new PDP is on the horizon.

    Wonder if it will change the requirement of the old one as the number of storeys allowed.


  • Like DC,Ancel Roget and his oilfield workers are demonstrating their support for comrade Maduro.Like DC they are blaming the western media for fake news.I see even the poor pensioners are marching and saw one,an old guy,pelting a ‘rock stone’at the police.Things must be tough when Maduro was so Trump like enraged by his minister of health that he fired the minister forthwith.All the minister did was to say people are dying because of lack of medicines and they things have got much worse under Maduro and his non sensical policies.If Staurt and Baloney had their way D.C. would be silenced and in prison.Thats the difference between Venezuela and Barbados.


  • I do not know if it is capitalism or socialism that has caused Venezuela to suffer shortages of food and medicine. However it is clear to me that whatever one calls the policies of the Maduro government it is those policies that has led to misery.


  • Listened to a commentator on one of the cable networks described those who support the Chavez and now Maduro as suffering from ideological necrophilia.


  • The removal of the 25000 tax allowance and the imposition of a tax on foreign exchange transfers (wire transfers for payment of goods, education, health care including credit card purchases etc) which will be implemented on 30 May will push Barbados into Venezuela like misery. Not even a change of Government will save us now.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Ping Pong May 14, 2017 at 6:07 PM

    You can bet those measures are under active consideration.

    But it would be a rather foolish move indeed. These would be clear signs of the first major waves caused by the approaching economic tsunami that would push Barbados eventually in the same economic doldrums as Venezuela.

    That’s what happens when idiots are put in charge of serious business.


  • I have received reports that Trinidad is considering a tax on credit card transactions.


  • @ Ping Pong
    You are an intelligent blogger…
    Trinidad is one of the very worse places on Earth IBHO…. a lot like India in terms of the internal wickedness, uncleanliness, and the corruption that dominate the society.

    When they experienced that oil bonanza during the period of bullish oil prices, they were so flushed with money that, like the prodigal son, they could afford to live large and in charge- and did this, RATHER THAN INVEST IN SOLVING BASIC INTERNAL PROBLEMS such as gangs, racism, corruption, crime, and low productivity….
    Now, like the prodigal son – when the money from his inheritance ran out, they begin to “see hell”.

    There is NO WAY out of chaos for T&T unless oil prices skyrocket again – and even then, their customers are mostly in no position to pay – so demand may be low, and downward competitive pressure on price may be quite high…

    But wait!!!
    …these same doomed Trickidadians now practically own Barbados… and have the power to make major financial decisions on ‘our’ behalf…..
    Well we all know (from 400 years of slavery) that when our OWNERS start to see hell, WE can expect to actually FEEL it…

    You gotta asbestos suit Ping…?


  • Bush Tea

    I am dressing according to instructions given in Ephesians 6: 10 – 18.


  • Pingback: Call for CARICOM and Regional Media Practitioners to Visit Venezuela on Fact Finding Mission – Jamaica Peace Council

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