The Adrian Loveridge Column – Cleanup the Country, it is XMAS for Chrissakes!

It’s that time of the year when I hope those not directly involved in the tourism sector spare a tiny thought for the many who will be working over the Christmas period and to various degrees, sacrificing quality time with their families.

From our own perspective, this year will be the first family Christmas that I hope to experience in over 40 years. Of course it goes with the territory and if you choose tourism as a career then it is naturally expected that you will be working during what the majority consider ‘unsocial times’.

For our cherished guests it is a very special time where almost always they are paying premium rates for both accommodation and flights.
If there is any hope they may return year and year, we have to justify why they are now paying higher prices than ever before.

While I fully understand the current Government’s financial challenges, they also fully benefit from the increase in windfall taxes at this time and concerted measures have to be taken in an attempt to keep the island clean and tidy.

Once again, our area has not had a garbage collection for over two weeks. The stench of the rubbish, strong winds blowing it all over the place, breeding flies and constant scavenging by stray dogs and fowl, does nothing to impress our guests or encourage them to return to the destination.

Many of our visitors closely follow the social media and are aware of the increased operating costs to businesses, compounded by the second departure tax, accommodation room and ancillary tourism tax that they now have to absorb in their increased holiday costs.

Perhaps many readers will vocally argue, give the new Government a chance. Rightly so but there are very rarely second chances in the tourism industry.

You cannot make comparisons with goods and many other services. If a car or refrigerator breaks down you can take it back to the dealer or get it fixed. First and last impressions often have a critical bearing on the choice of the next holiday and we should never lose track of that fact.

While the private sector is pivotal in the overall visitor experience, it cannot directly intervene in the continuing niggling problems, so graphically highlighted in social media sites like Barbados Trip Advisor Forum. These include a shortage of manned immigration desks, exacerbated by the long delayed Automated Passport Control Kiosks becoming operational. The time it frequently takes to reclaim hold baggage or as one Canadian visitor commented recently, it took 1 hour and 40 minutes to retrieve his luggage.

Yes, we fully understand the possible illegal drug implications, but surely a few more fully trained customer officers and dogs are not beyond the administration’s ability to implement, especially as our arrivals are paying for it in vastly increased taxation. And finally, either we have a customs green channel or we don’t.

None of these are new problems. They have been there for years. Let’s finally deal with them.

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  1. @ David
    Pray tell how the citizens have abdicated their rights. Who are these agents?

    Time to call a spade a spade: The corrupt duopoly has been unable to provide basic services to ensure healthy Neighborhoods for our chlidren. They are endangering the lives of our seniors by allowing raw sewage to spout all about now diverting it to the sea; they have failed to control illegal arms/ guns.
    Even private sector people are now saying the educational system is lopsided.
    Why are you blaming citizens for these atrocities. Put the blame where it is due. Nothing we are complaining about started last week or in the last ten years. We have been in the socio economic doldrums since the late 60s. I will continue to say the truth.
    Don’t tell me about North America. I am concerned with Horse Hill, Lammings, Hillaby, etc
    I don’t give a crap about Trump.
    I am concerned with the next batch of government workers going home.
    Don’t tell about BREXIT. Tell me about the garbage all over the country.
    And please tell me: What are the citizens to do ?
    And by the way I don’t keep a clean house for guests. I keep it for me.
    Get proper water , transport and garbage service for the citizens of our country. Tourists come here for six days. We actually LIVE here!!!!

    • We have many examples William. Take the Disciplinary Committee of the Bar for example. How is this committee with a mandate to pursue restitution on behalf of the people suppose to act? Has it acted with vigor?


  2. @Donna December 26, 2018 11:23 AM “As usual this week the pink truck and the red & grey truck were competing for my garbage.”

    Lucky you.

    My garbage has not yet been picked up even though it was supposed to have been picked up Tuesday 18th December.

    My tightly covered bin is not yet full because I recycle all of my plastic, glass and metal. But sadly most of my neighbours do not do the same.

    Still a pick up every two weeks is inadequate when the temperature is almot always above 24C. Soon the place will stink, and the bins will be full of maggots, and shortly flies will be everywhere.

  3. @ Mr William Skinner

    De ole man was just talking your name on another blog here.

    And I come here an’ start reading and whaplax!

    You heah trying to kill the Honourable Blogmaster

    You put this one of the three of them on the spot AFTER THEY WERE ABLE TO GET THE OFFICIAL GoB RESPONSE THAT 35 TRUCKS ARE REQUIRED.

    But that did not satisfy you did it?

    You proceeded to ask the Honourable Blogmaster, the 2/3’s of the BU BORG a next question about his suggested line of action.

    And with that query you crossed the Line of the Sedition Act 2018.

    One which the LUMINARY Jeff Cumberbatch has not seemed to address as yet.


    But here is the wishy washy response that de old man will interpret for you

    The Honourable Blogmaster says and I quote


    It is a work in progress…”

    Euphemism for “…Please give me a break and do not force me to respond to this question and show where my true allegiance lies…for I cannot vote against the rules of the BLP…”

    He continues “…The citizens of Barbados whether individually or through agents have abdicated basic rights given to them in a healthy democracy…”

    Euphemism for “What de ef is your problem William? Wunna ungrateful effers jes vote SO KEEP YOUR ASS QUIET FOR ANOTHER 5 YEARS!! MOFO…”

    He then continues “…We have to continue to finds ways to disrupt to ensure a new order of things…”

    While is duplicitous speak for “…your ass needs to remain silent and accept the Mugabe Status Quo as Mugsbe on our people running things in a new way now…”

    He continues “…There is no silver bullet that will cure all…”

    Which means you better had watch your mouf cause Mugabe vot a glock and Bjerkham vot a glock and…

    The he employs the renown BLP excuse which goes “…Note the challenges being experienced by Barbados occupy others outside of our boundary to different degrees…”

    Euphemism for “looka de DLP had de same problems and other countries have garbage problems so what de ef is your problem??…”

    And finally he says “…In a democracy power must flow from the people…”

    Euphemism for “…Shite, and shite talk, FLOWS DOWNHILL, and diarrhoea flows from people.

    Right now I, the Blogmaster and talking shite go the BU sheeple and I tell SUFFER YUH RH SUFFAH”

  4. @ the Honourable Blogmaster an item here for Mr William Skinner languisheth

    I wrote this item after watching your guarded exchange with Mr Skinner.

    It is obvious that you have great respect for William AND what WILLIAM IS SAYING.

    But in the same breath, given the garbage response (no pun ingended) it is clear to us readers that ALL THE PASION YOU CAN APPLY TO THE NON ENTITIES BREXIT AND TRUMP, you have prevaricated over the response and that is an obvious anomaly

  5. @ Piece
    David has become a master of the art of political gobble -de-gook.
    Unless we seriously change direction, each household would soon have to find money to buy water tanks.
    Anybody who follows the garbage mess knows that back in the eighties we also had a garbage problem caused by the same indifference that is prevalent today.
    Everybody knows that the Transport Board has been a political football since the 70s.
    A great majority of the last two generations has not seen any proper management of water, garbage or public transportation.
    Everyday on brass tacks -dozens of citizens -complain and can get no answers.
    Political cannibalism is sucking every breath out of the country.
    Even school children,who are citizens too, are protesting for their rights.
    Yet David gets here on BU pretending that the citizens are not doing enough.
    What does he want them to do?
    He needs to abandon his constant reference to “ it happens outside of Barbados too“.
    Garbage all over St Michael has nothing to do with London; no water in St Joseph has anything to do with Brooklyn and no buses in St. Andrew has anything to do with Montreal!!!!
    Imagine in the year of 2018, people selling food from shanty structures made of card board and rusty galvanize. Look at those things David . Get off your pseudo intellectual bogey train and catch the real bus .

    • @William

      We have a large educated middle class in 2018 that prefers to be passive in our system of government. When town halls are scheduled as per the law to garner feedback on propose changes re EIAs for example, are we seeing John Middleclass motivated to be active? By your argument they would have voted therefore no further participation by them is required.

      The blogmaster understands the nature of retail politics in Barbados better than most, the participatory government that is required demands the citizenry to lift its game. To repeat, power must flow from the people.

  6. @ Mr. William Skinner.

    I am going to say something here that may shed some light on what all of us may call a dance but WE HAVE TO READ THROUGH THE LINES AND “SEE” WHAT THE OLD DAVID OF BU IS SAYING.

    @ 4.13 AM it is being said clearest to every single man woman and beast here on BU.

    It is being said on Christmas day, it is being said on Boxing Day and He continues to say it now!


    What HAS TO BE SAID HERE WILLIAM is that the Old David of BU “HAS LIFTED HIS GAME”

    And while a few here MIGHT NOT SEE IT, de ole man wants you to know this

    Let me explain what is happening here.


    So that none of us misses a heartbeat.

    I will find a appropriate verse from The Republic, give me a second

    Ok I found it

    “…“How then does a protector begin to change into a tyrant? She begins to grow unpopular. … Then comes the famous request for a bodyguard, which is the device of all those who have got thus far in their tyrannical career – ‘Let not the people’s friend,’ as they say, ‘be lost to them.’ The people readily assent; all their fears are for her – they have none for themselves. And the protector Mugabe of whom we spoke, is to be seen – the overthrower of many, standing up in the chariot of state, the House of Assembly, with the reins in her hand, no longer protector, but tyrant absolute.

    The lion and serpent element in [Mugabe] disproportionately grows and gains strength [until she is unremovable!]

    Look carefully at His Call to Action carefully ALMOST SAID FEARFULLY, inserted into the digital mosaic, SCREAMING AT ALL OF US SO CALLED

    He is seeing it from first hand and he…. but I am done there.

    Why has he uncharacteristically let a Christmas article go so left side?


    He that has ears to hear let him hear

  7. @ David
    “ By your argument they would have voted therefore no further participation by them is required”

    Where I said that? I merely said they were clear in their minds and booted out the incompetent government! I mentioned marches and making the government abandon Cahill. Then I stated they marched, both private and public workers. I even mentioned students protesting. Stopped the construction of a hotel. I never said this is all they could or should do . All I stated is that they call Brasstacks etc.
    I then asked you what more would you suggest and you have not answered that simple question.
    A thousand people don’t have to turn up to a townhall to make it successful.
    It is obvious that you want to blame the populace for the shortcomings of the duopoly.
    I repeat: After fifty two years of self government we cannot even get , water services , public transportation or garbage collection right.
    Again I say we have failed to deliver proper services to the populace and it’s a stinging indictment of both the Bees and Dees.
    When you can seriously counter that argument we could then have a real debate.
    Kindly desist from using red herrings and believing that others are oblivious or ignorant of the fact that you are pure status quo.

    • @William

      Why do you think Cahill was successfully fought against? Was it? Think carefully.

      How does a citizenry give weight to public opinion in the eyes of the political class?

      Here is a clue. Think UK poll tax. What happened?

  8. @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item here for Mr. William Skinner thank you

    @ Mr William Skinner,

    This is the winter of major discontent so to speak for bajans, it is a continuation of 40 years of spendthrift politics and a lack of preparation and diversification

    Barbados is ruled by incompetents.



  9. The wheels have fallen off. My vacation this winter will be the Bahamas and hopefully in October I will be in St. Lucia. From the discussion on this blog there is nothing to entice me to visit in 2019.

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