How the Mottley Government Proposes to Deny Bajans their Human Rights…

Submitted by PUDRYR

According to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR, or the Commission) one of two bodies in the Inter-American system for the promotion and protection of human rights.

“…The Commission’s main function is to monitor compliance with and defence of human rights in the Americas….”

Notwithstanding its functions, it would seem, given the incoherent utterances of Dale Marshall, the Attorney General, that this government of Mia Mottley PROPOSES TO DENY every citizen and legal resident their constitutional rights.

This despotic action of the Barbados Government, a government which one again highlights is led by Mia Amor Mottley, proposes to remove ALL CASES THAT ARE OLDER THAN 10 years from the cases to be heard by the Barbados Courts,

This is a contravention of each person’s rights one which they propose to introduce in clear light of day as their pretense to ease the workload of our impotent courts.

De ole man would bring the readers attention to the IAHCR and more specifically its function which citizens WILL HAVE TO RELY ON SHORTLY “…The Commission can consider petitions from individuals who claim their rights have been violated by the State and who consequently, have been unable to find justice in their own country.

More specifically de ole man, while not a lawyer, would wish to quote Article 8. Clause 1 on one’s Right to a Fair Trial which states “Every person has the right to a hearing, with due guarantees and within a reasonable time, by a competent, independent, and impartial tribunal, previously established by law, in the substantiation of any accusation of a criminal nature made against him or for the determination of his rights and obligations of a civil, labor, fiscal, or any other nature.

Now, with all due respect to the legal luminaries, of whom Attorney General Dale Marshall DOES NOT SEEM TO BE ONE, the incoherent statement that he has made is flagrantly in dereliction to what is afforded every man under the Constitution (AS WELL AS THE TREATY)

Either we have to call the Barbados Attorney General Dale Marshall “a real ingrunt mother chucker” or, AND RIGHTFULLY SO, ascribe this statement to Prime Minister MOTTLEY SEEKING TO PURPOSELY DISCOMMODE CITIZENS & RESIDENTS of their rights, for any matter that is older than 3,650 days

This unilateral removal of one’s rights and obligations seems like an inverted, perverted Statute of limitations where, all a lawyer will have to do is to (i) either get adjournments for said ten year period OR (ii) LOSE A PERSON’S FILES FOR THE SAME 10 YEARS WHICH MEANS THAT YOUR LEGAL MATTERS ARE DEAD!!! 

But before concluding this drivel submission, the very shortest of de ole man’s drivel submissions, let me leave wunna with this article on Compulsory Acquisition by Mottley’s hero Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe formerly Rhodesia 

“…Land reform emerged as a critical issue during the Lancaster House Talks to end the Rhodesian Bush War. ZANU leader Robert Mugabe and ZAPU leader Joshua Nkomo insisted on the redistribution of land—by compulsory seizure, without compensation—as a precondition to a negotiated peace settlement.”

Wunna seeing and blatant patterns here? 

Constitution Changes, New Pernicious Laws, Anti WTO government contract awards to WeMoney Scams to the same man you change de Constitution for, Compulsory Devaluations of Government Issued Bonds, then the same GoB Disobeying an order of the Barbados Court to pay Supervisor Browne, warden at the Dodd’s Prison, and then locking up the same Dissenting Prison Warden because he challenges their man Bostic?

Wunna Sheeple see where we are going?

And the sheeple say “baaaaaaa”


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  1. China to take over Kenya’s main port over unpaid huge Chinese Loan(Quote)

    Wat is Barbados’ debt to China? Have we defaulted on that debt? Is the borrowing freefall under the DLP going to end in tears? The more the prime minister tells us about the economy the less we seem to now.

  2. With regard to mugabe’s quote she said

    “.. did acknowledge that the next 12 months would not be rosy. But she said that by December 2019 “fewer persons in this country will have reasons to complain”.

    Let me see what the Webster dictionary says about fewer

    “…Definition of fewer : comparative of few – a smaller number of persons or things

    So say by 2019, 20,000 people have been suffering for the whole year and Mugabe gives one of those persons an easment LIKE a job or some other bribe OR 5 uh de people dead off indeed we have a situation where

    “…by December 2019 “fewer persons in this country will have reasons to complain”.

    A promise is a comfort to a fool.

  3. re China to take over Kenya’s main port over unpaid huge Chinese Loan(Quote)

    Wat is Barbados’ debt to China? Have we defaulted on that debt? Is the borrowing freefall under the DLP going to end in tears? The more the prime minister tells us about the economy the less we seem to now.

  4. The National Insurance Board (NIB) has approved the payment of $5 161 451.91 for the 132 severed employees – 100 from CBC, 22 from the Transport Board and ten others from four different companies – at a meeting on December 17. And these cheques, with a few totalling more than $100 000, should be in each claimant’s hands by December 31.
    NIB chairman Ian Gooding-Edghill confirmed this on Saturday, explaining that board representatives met with the management of the affected state-owned enterprises on November 6 and encouraged them to file applications and related information with the NIB to secure severance for the displaced workers.
    He added that if the Barbados Agricultural Management Co Ltd (BAMC) had submitted the applications for their severed workers in sufficient time, they too would have been able to get their severance money before 2019. (SP)(Quote)

    Here is another example of the voodoo economics that is BERT. People have been made redundant, a redundancy that was planned six months ago and on the eve of Xmas they are still to be paid. A shameless government that tells you it has turned the corner, that Barbados is the New Jerusalem, that we are punching above our weight regionally and internationally; that our debt to GDP ratio has plunged to 123 per cent, yet it cannot pay its bills.

  5. Hal

    This Nis board is chaired by the member of Parliament for St Michael West Central.

    The Deputy chairman is the fraud masquerading as one Professor Avinash Persaud – ostensibly the bag man for Mia and the so-called Finance advisor to the government ;

    And also head of the Financial Services Commission.

    Another board member is Leslie Hayne -the partner in law office at one point with Elliot Mottley – among other things;

    The other board members are all BLP sympathisers who are supposedly there as representatives of their organization.

    So any decision taken by that board will have no push back by the members – and everything will of course line up with political expediency.

    That is the state of play in this country right now.

    More to come buddy.

  6. I still do not understand the economics behind borrowing to pay bills when there is no sustainable strategy in place to repay the loans
    Right now barbadian households are being used as piggy banks to bankroll the repayment of new and old govt loans
    But tghe question which must be asked of govt
    How long can govt continue to perpetrate such unjustifiable and uncivilised inhumane treatment on the backs of the people
    And is govt prepared to find an alternate solution to paying its debt
    Needless to say that the money coming from the NIS has to be replaced but by who would and how it would be replaced .is the burning question
    I submit that we the taxpayers would soon be called upon to endure more pain so govt can reached its target of IMF approval to securing more loans which will be transfered into debt and handed to the taxpayer
    Merry Xmas yuh all

  7. @T. Inniss,
    I am puzzled as to why after six months the BLP Mottley-led government still has not reformed, or announced any planned reforms to the chaotic NIS.
    It is a mess, in term of a vehicle for long-term savings, as a social safety net, and as a competent statutory organisation. What is Prof Persaud’s experience of insurance policy? As far as I can tell, here in the UK, it is virtually if not absolutely, nil. I know he has worked closely with Professor Charles Goodhart on macro-policy and even remember attending a press conference or two in which he was involved. But as far as pensions expertise goes, nil.
    Also, and this goes to the heart of the BLP government’s economic recovery policy, is the future of the NIS part of BERT? If it is, where does it fit in? If not, why not?

  8. “The other board members are all BLP sympathisers who are supposedly there as representatives of their organization.”

    Hal Austin is correct.

    In my opinion, the NIB should be an INDEPENDENT BODY, FREE FROM POLITICAL INTERFERENCE, and people with qualifications in actuarial science and insurance policy should be appointed to the board.

    We need to move away from this nonsense of politicizing every issue.

    It seems as though you had a sudden lapse in memory or had amnesia prior to May 24, 2018, but BOTH political parties appoint their respective sympathizers to the boards of statutory corporations.

    Tony Marshall and subsequently Dr. Justin Robinson were DLP sympathisers and chairmen of the NIS under your administration, and as far as I know both gentlemen did not have any experience in insurance policy. Marshall was a bank manager and Dr. Robinson a lecturer in management studies at UWI.
    What qualified them to be chairmen of the NIB?
    Could you tell us what significant reforms in NIS were undertaken under their chairmanship?
    Were the financial statements brought up to date and presented to the Audit Department?

    It is a known fact that members of the NIB under you administration were also DLP sympathizes. So don’t you believe any decision taken by that board at that time would of have no push back by the members – and everything will of course line up with political expediency, especially when you consider how the NIS funds were exploited to finance government expenditure?

    Even Bizzy Williams wanted to apply for a loan from the NIS to bank roll a government project.

  9. Excuse me my man – The said Ian Gooding Edgehill who is now the chairman – was on the last board as the representative of the BHTA. – HE IS CERTAINLY NOT A DEMS –

    Toni Moore – was the representative for the BWU – she is Mia’s front pocket,back pocket and side pocket;

    Almost all the representatives from the private sector organisations on the last board were all open agents of the BLP so much so that the line Minister Esther Suckoo – complained many times of confidential information being leaked and private papers being secretly released before she had a chance to properly digest it .

    Who yuh think was doing that ? – Of course everyone knew it was a few of those Bees who were sitting on that board as representatives including a now elected BLP MP who is now the Chairman.

    So yuh could really stop with that shite talk.

    That is how Mia got to where she is right now as prime minister.

    She infiltrated every one of the key organisations and politicised the civil service to an extent never seen before .She even went to the extent it is said to fund the first campaign of Akanni Mcdowell to get his team to take over the NUPW Executive council.

    So she had her team in The civil service among even the permanent Secretaries, she had her people undermining in the Unions,The Courts,the Media especially VOB & THE Nation,the business sector,the University – every group she put people in there to undermine the last government and to ferment unrest and dis-satisfaction.

    Go figure.

  10. Georgie Porgie

    The one thing I respect most about Trump no matter how ignorant and imbecilic he maybe at all times, rather than talk like Georgie Porgie, and Piece … he took action to address what he mistakenly thought was his country falling apart even though it was just a figment of his imagination …

    But the fact remains Trump moved with what little intellectual resources he has to fixed what he imagined to be wrong with his country …

  11. @ T. Inniss

    And here is a Merry Xmas card that you and the thousands of fired bajans must remember during this Yuldtide season…

    And well into the new year or when your unemployment cheques run out OR WHICHEVER ONE COMES FIRST

  12. @ T.Inniss December 23, 2018 9:24 AM

    Why can’t you be a bit more ‘balanced’ in your contribution on this ‘sinking’ NIS issue by making reference to the role played by Jepter Ince the finance guru who can’t tell the difference between a Sinckler-defined fiscal deficit and a pygmy called ‘Physical’ Deficit?

    What’s the real difference between I G-E and the Jester Ince other than being both arrogant short-me-crutch jackasses?

  13. @ the Sage Anunnaki

    I would wish you and yours a Merry Christmas were it not for the fact that… and those dots of continuity mean that I will continue to pray that you, like me, and others, arrive at that point of peace and understanding associated with our Creator

    You must be wink with T Inniss and not tear out his jugular with such a sharp slice.

    It was but a careful pull downwards on his outstretched right arm and, as his body was passing, you used your short blade on his throat.

    Jester Ince!!

    One wonders if Inniss recall the recorded blunder of the crown prince of Decimal Idiots Chris Stinkliar?

    A fellow whom he recently regaled as bright and supremely talented among the demonic lying party.

    But he has said that he is not a DLP supporter but a Patriot so you must be kind to him.

    By the way, you have noticed that he has improved his game?

    Nowadays when he posts, other than the blatant lies, which you, with your eagle eyes, pick up, he is able to hit the Mugabe regime quite hard.

    He is learning well and I do hope that he will give lessons to AC and the moron fellow…but the two of dem head hard…

  14. Disputes between the Chinese and local contractors at Wyndham Sam Lord’s Castle Resort are threatening to stall construction of the multimillion-dollar hotel.
    Reliable sources have told THE NATION local contractors do not feel as if they are getting the royal treatment by the Chinese, and many of them have either pulled out or are refusing to work on the project.
    It is understood that disputes have arisen over differences in building techniques, culture, ethics and even payment. NATION investigations revealed that at least two major local contractors are owed millions of dollars and are involved in arbitration.
    So serious was the situation that a source said China National Complete Plant Import & Export Corporation, the Chinese contractor, has applied to the Immigration Department to bring in more Chinese workers.(Quote)

    Where is Maxine McClean? Who negotiated these deals with the brutal Chinese? Are these Chinese workers going to get permanent visas on completion of the project? China is offloading its male prison population all over the world and little Barbados, punching above its weight regionally and globally, has been caught in the net. It will end in tears.
    Barbados is a failed state.

  15. Miller

    A special xmas greeting to you my friend and to Enuff of course.

    To all the other worthy contributors and the blog moderator best wishes to you and yours for this season and 2019.

    Go easy on de pork o.k. ? lol

  16. It will be the last Christmas like it for sure. So do enjoy it…oh say can we see through the dawn’s early light what so proudly we hailed…

  17. PIECE
    CAN YOU PLEASE KINDLY EXPLAIN YOUR PROPHECY…….THAT It will be the last Christmas like it for sure. So do enjoy it?


  18. @ Dr. GP

    I am a “dreamer”

    I see things and am shown things, some I understand immediately, because I am shown their meaning, others take months or years to reveal themselves.

    Some are shown just as I look out through these windows to the world others come in other ways which, even to me, are “tinfoil-like” vision and even I am disbelieving of what i have seen.

    The thing about tinfoil like dreams is that they are so incredulous that you do not tell anyone.

    How do you see tsunamis and tell people of them , of the porticos, in climes you have never visited Dr. GP?

    How do you see “blue planes that invert themselves in the air effortlessly” and then 2 years later see them in Syria and you are told they are “gifts from Russia” but stupid you asked 2 years previously so you understand what that means

    “How do you know…?”

    Discernment is a most frightening thing because it operates at several different levels but the most serious is self doubt- it IS NOT LOGICAL, Dr. GP so you the subject have great difficulty processing it.

    And even though you fight it, it shows you that it is right and you are wrong.

    This is the last Christmas of its type, we are entering a time of momentous change and yes, writing that was certainly a “tin foil act” and if de ole man proves wrong, I will be the first to laugh it off, joyously, but I fear I am right…

  19. @ the Honourable Blogmaster.

    There is a response here for my fellow myope Dr GP which I’d appreciate it if you retrieve it.

    In posting it I crossed the Rubicon so to speak but what is life without these challenges?

    Signed, He who is “Praying to be wrong “

  20. Hal

    I agree with you that reading about China’s disgraceful behavior with Countries in Africa and Asia should give this country pause about their project here at the Old Sam Lord’s castle and any other projects that they may be involved in.

    They have suddenly become so emboldened that they think they are the World’s Super Power and can throw their weight around – and this is why I agree with Trump rattling their cage.

    I was always suspicious of them and was totally against the last government becoming so beholden to them to the extent that we allow them to come here without visas under the false claim that it will promote Tourism from China to Barbados.

    I was concerned about the heavy borrowing we were doing with China and wondered about the terms.

    The Chineese’s Ambassador behavior in Grenada some years ago – when she walked out the ceremony because they mistakenly played the Taiwanese National Anthem – showed a country that did not understand how to be diplomatic – or probably didn’t care. Pig in a parlour type of behavior.

    I am glad Mia Mottley says she is going to re-look that contract at Sam Lords.She needs to put a halt to this influx of their chineese unskilled workers that they are bringing to Barbados and dislodging bajans.At the same time she needs to speak to the other large contraactors about this talk about not having enough bajan workers for these other new projects that are supposed to come on stream.This shite must stop

    Anyway – the new rules that she has changed with the CSME – MEANS THAT THESE REGIONAL WORKERS NO LONGER HAVE TO GET WORK PERMITS TO WORK IN BARBADOS – THEY CAN COME IN ANYTIME AND DO SO – so bajan workers will now have to struggle against citizens from elsewhere who would be willing to work for lower wages.

    Yet bajans are the ones making the sacrifices taking place right now in this country.

  21. You are not the only one suspicious of the Chinese leadership. I keep asking myself what they are after in Barbados.. Look at how they treat their own people. Why would they treat us any better?

  22. Donna

    The internet is replete with accounts of how the racist chineese mis treat the africans who are in China.

    The nerve of these people – especially since they are all over Africa raping that country with the complicit agreement of those notorious corrupt African leaders.

  23. @ T.Inniss December 24, 2018 9:06 AM

    And whose fault is that?

    That’s what you get when you want to get cheap consumer goods to satisfy your Xtian deadly sins of greed and gluttony.

    Black people are the most naive and gullible lot in the world.

    Can you imagine China exporting food grown with human bodily waste as fertilizer to black-managed countries with their own arable land, rain and sunshine like Barbados?

    What does China buy from Barbados? Zilch! Not even breadfruits or rum!

    How about exporting to Beijing some black Bajan preacher men and women calling themselves apostles to bring those yellow-skin pagans heathens to sweet white Jesus?

  24. RE pieceuhderockyeahright December 23, 2018 10:44 PM


  25. @ the Sage Anunnaki

    In your post @ 10.04 you made an interesting comment

    You said and I quote

    “…What does China buy from Barbados? Zilch! Not even breadfruits or rum!

    How about exporting to Beijing some black Bajan preacher men and women calling themselves apostles to bring those yellow-skin pagans heathens to sweet white Jesus?…”

    This comment as controversial as it is, is splendiferous in its content!


    The key thing that has always and will always challenge these successive dufus governments is an ability to create or locate viable, exportable products and services.

    De thing is that we as a nation are devoid of vision and DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE OPPORTUNITIES THAT ARE RIGHT IN FRONT OF US.

    Do you remember the old version of Last of the Mohicans?

    Or any one of those old pictures which depicted the natives as fools?

    What is the common denominator of those Rapes of the Indigenous population WHICH BEJING IS AGAIN IMPLEMENTING IN ITS YELLOW SILK ROAD TO HELL?

    I know that you understand what de ole man is saying cryptically but, since de ole man ent Santa Clause, I ent giving way a pang to these Mugabe hounds.

    De ole man is now in the “Wait till 2023” mode when the Patriots Party of Barbados will come.

    “…Now when John had heard in the prison the works of Christ, he sent two of his disciples, And said unto him, Art thou He that should come, or do we look for another? ..”

    But I, seeing as I do see, and knowing what I know, wait for the other WHO SHALL COME

  26. So, now that all the ham and Turkey have settled in we guts it is time to get back to Barbados and Mugabe.

    De ole man felt that wiser men than I would ever be, would have taken up these two threads, this one on Mugabe denying Citizens Rights and the other one on Floor Crossing by the 6 .

    My reason for so thinking was that fellows like Pachamama, and Bushie and Mr. Jeff Cumberbatch and Hants and Northern Observer and Theophillus and the Sage Anunnaki does see these things, big as BREADFRUIT

    One does NOT HAVE TO READ Plato’s Republic to see the similarities in this establishment of a dictatorship “… They enter politics with the best of intentions, but having no experience running anything, they yield to “avarice” or covetousness and begin to vote themselves favors out of the city treasury…”

    An interesting pattern about dictators like Mugabe is that people like her come to power during a period of pandemic national disquiet, euphemism for de economy is fvcked up.

    Our social and political structure is in shambles.

    I real time terms “the people have no choices and you got 23 national downgrades of the sovereign ratings of the cuntry, de cuntry cant pay its Bill’s AND IT DEFAULTS ON ITS INTERNAL & EXTERNAL INDEBTEDNESS.”

    The Republic’s text continues to remark on how this visible and much touted veneer of despots in making being “Honourable” turns immediately to avarice and open teifing and

    “… Because they (the Mugabe-ites) have no means of openly acquiring the money which they prize; they will spend that which is another man’s….” Sounds familiar? Crab Hill Police Station, Dodds Prison, School Meals Syrup…

    Now mind you, this posturing as being caretakers EMPHASIS ON TAKERS, presents itself to the ingrunt sheeple, in another form.

    Ergo, the main dictator of our Zimbabwe Land, is seen as confident, competent leaders with big plans to provide solutions.

    And therefore, we now have that madwoman idea about building a nex island Mugabe island AND TO FVUCK UP EVERY BEACH IN BARBADOS.


    yet here we have a wrecked national economy, a spiralling social crime situation, yet 275K people following blindly the Rise of Mugabe the Dictator AND NOT A FELLER ENT SAYING A TING

    History’s lens proposes that it is conditions like these where men and women who are spineless with regard to weak or corrupt internal national policies facilitate the rise of dictators to power.

    And in this regard de ole man gives wunna the two week catawalling about the Integrity Act of 1933 where Mr Jeff Cumberbatch fired up his readers for 2 weeks and that fluttered into nothingness.

    Like an erectin does when de vagina has a pungent smell.

    oh dear, de old man offend wunna sensibilities wit that one yet, not a feller enf incensed while Mugabe Mottley rubbing her pockets and nether region in wunna faces with these hairbraindd plans bout Mugabe Island

    Mugsbe the Dictator has continued to use the weaknesses of the Bajan collective to create private sector support.

    For 8 months she has been decrying the DLP about there teifing while she has been bout hey increasing taxes daily and changing up rules, and organisations and subtly eroding citizen rights.

    And like Goebbels Mugabe is employing all the social tools of Charles Me Love You Long Time to trick bajans.

    Every day they jerk us off with messages bout ” doan mind that you ent come thus time I sure that by next year I going let go cum in my face too”

    is de ole man incensing wunna enough while I translate the Mugabe end of year message?

    Wunna now comprehending the messages of hope and confidence that Mugabe is sharing wid wunna while wunna experiencing hard times?

    “suck on this sugar candy stick while imagining what next year going be like cause, WID SPINELESS, INVERTEBRATES LIKE WE SHEEPLE, I Mugabe alone HAVE DE POWER and this ineffectual government system called independent Barbados with is disjointed legal system, corrupt police, teifing lawyers, fvcked up hospital, inept lawyers, simple electorate, has no mechanism to stop me

    “…29 At the end of twelve months he (Nebuchadnezzar) walked in the palace of the kingdom of Babylon.

    30 The king spake, and said, Is not this great Babylon, that I have built for the house of the kingdom by the might of my power, and for the honour of my majesty?…”

    De ole man leaves you Mugabe to read what the rest of that story says…

  27. So de ole man continues from where I left off in my plagiarist text

    “…The Republic states …They invent illegal modes of expenditure…”

    Now de ole man has a question for you all.

    How can this agéd writer see hundreds of years into the future AND SEE THE PERNICIOUS YOURMONEYisMYMONEY quicksand box?

    And how can he see Mugabe Island being built by a nation that is in debt YET HAVING A PEOPLE WITH THEIR LIPS FIRMLY APPLIED TO MUGABE’S BOTSIE?

    From whence comes his vision?

    Yet here we are, in close proximity to this despot and cannot see this irresponsible spending pun tings dat we ent got no effing use for!



  28. Evidence, if it were needed, of a society that has lost its moral moorings. This is savagery. Those families should be named and shamed.

    About 30 corpses have been left unclaimed in the morgue of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for more than a year.
    Related articles
    At least 16 dead in Guyana prison…
    ‘About 100’ paupers’ burials a…
    Route taxi, car collide in Black…
    And yesterday, Minister of Elder Affairs Cynthia Forde asked Minister of Health Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Bostic: “What plans does the hospital have for those bodies to be removed and what arrangements can be made with undertakers to freeze those bodies and ease the tension at the hospital?”
    Raising the matter during the Estimates debate, Forde suggested some of the bodies may have been abandoned by families who could not afford to bury them and were depending on the Government to do so. But she also contended there were other families who deliberately chose not to claim the bodies of their loved ones, leaving it up to the Government to take on the burial expenses, while they went after property left behind by the deceased.
    “How is the hospital coping with all those corpses in the morgue with so many people dying every day,” the St Thomas MP asked as Bostic and his team were being questioned in the Well of the House of Assembly. (Quote)

  29. @Hal 5:19 a.m.
    It is as if we are determine to function using the barest minimum
    Even in death they continue to steal decency and dignity
    Have we stopped living and are in a state of decay
    It seems as if in everything that we do the rot has set in.

    Not failed, decaying.

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