The Rise And Fall of Brexit

Prime Minister Theresa May suffered an embarrassing defeat to her BREXIT package in parliament yesterday and will likely face a no Confidence motion later today. If she survives the no confidence motion she will have 70 days before the default clause kicks in to boot the UK from the EU.

What are her options? There is the obvious which is to ask for a delay. Another referendum seems silly. What is ominous for the Tories is that the business sector has separated itself from government’s position.

Across the globe there is a common trend; chaos – the inability of the political class to form partnerships, build coalitions to practice conflict resolutions to arrive at compromise positions.

David, blogmaster

Submitted by Pachamama

It would require a Water Diviner, a top Senegalese Marabout, an Obeah woman from Benin and a Bajan Bushman, acting in unison, for Theresa Mary May to avoid her fate after the Brexit Deal is voted-down, on Tuesday, in the House of ‘Commons’.

We witnessed firsthand, on June 23, 2016, the British peoples in their majority voting to leave the European Union (EU) – approximately 52% to 48%. The referendum, promised by David Cameron, was a response to the overarching and historic dictatorial tendencies emanating from Brussels but also represented a reassertion of Whiteness and innate neo-fascist tendencies. It has now set a series of processes in place the enormity of which are having the unforeseen consequences few could have imagined.

And, we must admit, that the politics are very difficult on all sides. The main actors are the European Union (EU), the Conservative Party and their coalition partner, (the DUP) and the main opposition Labour Party.

May is facing all manner of rebellion within her ranks. The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) a far-right, terrorist fringe has called for her resignation. In addition, she faces nay-votes from up to 100 of her own conservative colleagues. These include a number of pretenders to the primeministership – Jacob Rees-Mogg, Boris Johnson, el al.

Not even the last-minute suggestion of a second referendum as part of her proposals to parliament is likely to be sufficient to galvanize enough support from a difficult coalition of conservatives, the DUP, the Blairist labour MPs, and others, to save May’s Brexit Deal. These suggest a most likely ‘Brexit without a deal’, given the calendar and assuming all other political forces ‘remain’ equal, no pun intended.

The man who could be British prime minister by Christmas, Jeremy Corbyn, also has long-running discord within the ranks of the Labour Party with Tony Blair loyalists and ‘EU remainers’ like Chuka Umunna continuing to provide Corbyn with all manner of contrived hurdles include the accusation that Corbyn was an anti-Semite. What a canard!

The EU for its part faces growing geopolitical and internal crises which together may suggest its beginning of the end. However, its outward determination presents a stalwartness aimed at keeping the troops (other EU countries) in line by shooting a general, the UK, in a public place. They, the EU, are unyielding. Suggesting that no other Brexit deal than that already negotiated with Theresa May will be possible after a no-vote in the ‘Commons’, as a further constraint to popular perceptions about sovereignty.

Of course, the sub-plots are the issues relating to Scotland, the re-unification of Ireland, the rekindling of relationships with former colonial possessions, international trading arrangements with major countries etc. All of these are casting uncertainty about the future for both ‘little’ and ‘big’ England. Even in May’s Brexit Deal issues pertaining to the Customs Union, borders, nationality and others ‘remain’ unclear.

We present three (3) possible scenarios that are likely to end this crisis in the short term, though politics pretends to be about making the impossible, possible, some say. These are all predicated on the assumption that Theresa May will be defeated in the House of ‘Commons’ tomorrow.

First, that a general election will be called and that Labour will win but that Corbyn would continue to find Brexiting a difficult proposition. This explains his well-known tactic of neither fully supporting nor fully opposing Brexit in principle.

Second, that the coalition led by May will force her resignation and that one of the pretenders mentioned earlier will assume its leadership. In these circumstances, we see no overt determination to leave the EU if staying remains slightest possibility. This will be a win for Brussels.

Third, and this is the most unlikely scenario, that a radical transplantation occurs in British politics. With this, we ‘may’ see Blairist forces within Labour join with EU ‘remainers’ in the Conservative Party and others to form a new ruling bloc.

As the political undertakers plane the wood for May’s coffin the leading pallbearers, on all sides, are marshalling their forces to be the first at body. Still, it remains uncertain who will get to control the carcass, and what it will mean to be British for the peoples of these islands in the North Atlantic.

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  1. @David January 16, 2019 5:12 PM “Can anybody say what Labour wants? What the hell does he want?”

    To be the British Prime Minister within the EU.

    What else could it be?

  2. @ Simple Simon,

    You are wrong. Corbyn is a leftwing nationalist. Bennites hate the EU as much as the far right. Corbyn wants to be prime minister of Little England.

  3. @Hal Austin January 16, 2019 5:20 PM “What we need on BU is someone explaining in simple terms what is going on in the UK.”


    And since you are right on the spot, and have been living in the UK for decades, I nominate you to do the explaining.

  4. @Hal Austin January 16, 2019 6:04 PM “@ Simple Simon, You are wrong.”


    Since I am 4,000 miles away, and haven’t gone to the U.K for more than a decade…

  5. @ Simple Simon,

    I am a very bad teacher. But sit down, and take your pen out and pay attention. Come to think of it, where are our constitutional experts, our political scientists, our keyboard warriors? May I suggest th UWI holds a public meeting explaining Brexit?
    Remember, Corbyn is more anti EU than the prime minister.

  6. There is nothing for Mrs May to embarrassed about. She was not the architect of Brexit but was against it. Those who should be embarrassed are those political weasels in her party who followed the scalliwag Boris Johnson down a path to nowhere. It is he and his stupid cohorts who should be made to come up with a plan or be guillotined. Mrs May should fire her advisors particularly her public relations consultants for allowing an albatross not of her own making to be a damocles sword upon her back

  7. I asked a friend who has lived in the UK for decades, and this is the response “I can’t see an election being called. No Confidence? Yes. Election? No. The people from all sides who voted yesterday want to renegotiate. The EEC said, “no”. This is the problem. The EEC is a hard nut to crack. If there is an election and there is a good majority, the winning party might have a little more leverage, but not much. ”

    This friend voted Brexit in the referendum.

  8. @ Simple Simon,

    Your friend is behind the times. It is now the EU. I hope your friend who voted Brexit is not a black person. There are a lot of nuances: whether we have a general election of not, whoever wins – Labour or Tories – wants out of the EU.
    Th EU is saying no because whatever is agreed must be unanimously agreed by 27 nations. Think about it. Further, to make it easy for the UK will only encourage Span, Italy, and other rogue members. The strategy is to make it as difficult so others will be put off.
    There is also an issue of personalities: we won’t have a general election because May won’t resign. Politics is her life, no children, no pets, a semi-detached husband, Philip – politics has been her life since studying geography at Oxford. Does that remind you of anyone?
    But there is a more important power struggle going on which is not often commented upon.

  9. @Charles Skeete January 16, 2019 6:14 PM “There is nothing for Mrs May to embarrassed about. She was not the architect of Brexit but was against it. ”

    We understand that Mrs. May was/is a Remainer.

    Which is why I have long felt that she ought to have resigned, once the referendum result came in and she saw that her people wanted to Brexit, while she wanted to Remain. I can’t imagine leading my people in a direction which I myself did not wish to go. But I have never been “in” politics.

    I am not familiar with British law on referenda, but I am wondering if it would not have been better if a referendum as important as the Brexit one had been done on the basis of a 2/3 majority.

  10. “Corbyn wants to be prime minister of Little England.”

    ok..that explains everything..

    NO…sometimes the best laid plans…you can finish the rest

    …..and no wicked deed goes unpunished, no one anticipated it would work out like that, according to the yiddish proverb…man makes plans, the divine laughs…still trying to work out exactly who they stole that proverb.. from…lol

  11. @Hal Austin January 16, 2019 6:25 PM “I hope your friend who voted Brexit is not a black person.”

    A Simple Response: Yes a black person. I tried unsuccessfully to dissuade friend from voting Brexit. All I can say we love our friends because we love them, even when we disagree on politics.

    @Hal Austin January 16, 2019 6:25 PM “Politics is her life, no children, no pets, a semi-detached husband, politics has been her life. Does that remind you of anyone?”

    A Simple Response: Yes

  12. But why did May take up the job? She didn’t have to. Was it purely love of politics, or of political power?

  13. Mr Sarge you seem to know more than the great first black president who goes by the name of Clinton and who called Obama’s eight years as bad years in one of his remarks on the campaign trail in support of his ambitious wife

  14. @ Simple Simon,
    She is a politician. They are different to you and I. Only Heaven knows what motivates politicians.

  15. Dr Georgie
    Have you noticed no one ever mentions Mr Obama’s remarks to the Russian Ambassador captured off Mic when he told the Ambassador to hold strain until after the elections when he would have more flexibility and which the Ambassador over handshakes promised to convey to President Putin
    Doesn’t this smack of collusion

  16. @Simple Simon,

    Ignore all the background noise. Go back to the BU blogs at about the time of the Referendum and re-read my posts. Brexit was/is all about racism.
    It was never about the authority of the ECJ in the UK; it was never about Eastern European migrants to the UK; it was always about non-white immigrants to the UK, those people coming across the Mediterranean, a continuation of Enoch Powell’s 1968 Rivers of Blood speech.
    What you need to learn about the Brits, is do not listen to what they say, but find out what they mean. What they say is not always what they mean. Corbyn, a Leftwinger and Gordon Brown, another Leftwinger, would never talk about race in a disparaging way, but they will talk about British jobs for British people. That is the key. Who are British workers?
    Corbyn is a Leftwing nationalist, Nigel Farage is a rightwing nationalist; miss the nuance and you miss the meaning. Remember, the regions are the main Brexiteers, the major cities and regions voted to remain, including London overwhelming, where 40 per cent of the population are non-white. Black people in the UK are urban people.
    That aside, the EU is the biggest and wealthiest market in the world – 500m people. It is where we do most of our business. On the other hand, look at Britain and its relationships with the Commonwealth, even now when it needs all the friends it can get. The answer is simple: the Commonwealth are mainly nigs and wogs.
    As I have said, there is also an important power play going on. Don’t forget May is very popular with ordinary people. They feel she is being treated terribly by Backbench Tories because she is a woman.
    Finally, the power play: the Referendum was an exercise in direct democracy; our parliament is one of representative democracy; The Supreme Court has already been put in its place; and now it is the Executive.
    What we are witnessing is parliament re-asserting its sovereignty. This is democracy at its most powerful. The courts do not rule us, prime ministers and executives do not rule us, popular Swiss-style votes do not rule us; we are ruled by the 650 men and women elected to make decisions in the interest of the nation.
    For those who talk nonsense about the Westminster/Whitehall model, this is it at its best.

  17. media only report what fits the narrative to herd the sheeple …example most drugs are smuggled across border checkpoints, yes it is much smarter to bring drugs over where they are checking for them

    isis bombed restaurant killing 4 americans, isis yes … we dont want you to go, we will be out of work so we will bomb restaurant so you will stay….makes more sense kurds did it for them to stay, somebody close new where they all will be.

    pelosi doesnt want trump to do sotu because of security , hardly its so he cant talk for an hour on the dems

    Same with brexit its all bs on both sides think logically not emotionally and everything looks like swiss cheese.and try and fill in the holes with reason.

  18. @Hal Austin January 16, 2019 7:03 PM “a Leftwinger and Gordon Brown, another Leftwinger, would never talk about race in a disparaging way, but they will talk about British jobs for British people. That is the key. Who are British workers?”

    At various times 1/3 of my siblings, my aunt, my uncle, a boyfriend, many neighbours, somebody from every house in my village

  19. Hal I dont understand your reasoning , if the uk was racist why would they put a golliwog on robertson jam.for years.

  20. @Lawson,

    As I said, it was a very complex and confusing vote. What put a smile on my face was that the Welsh farmers voted overwhelmingly to leave, and the first thing they did after was to ask the UK government to guaranteed the funds they got from the EU. Talking about chopping of the hand that fed them….I would let them starve.

  21. ..but when the new age enslavement starts, don’t call me, ah don’t want to hear it, I will. be well. medicated…cause ah crazy and unstable…lol..will even check myself into a mental home for the dramatic effect and theatre…

  22. Same with scots but it is a bargaining tool, pay up or we will split and go with eu. Its all about money and power … just remember when a tree disappears in the forest there is a race to fill the void in the canopy. if eu doesnt want to trade with britain the race will be on to fill the hole.

  23. A pity when they were all FRACKING AWAY WITH GREED…, none of them thought to REPLACE THE TREES…lol

  24. And hello…Barbados does not even have their own constitution…ah can’t wait to hear about the documents we knew nothing about, buried in some basement in Whitehall…just suddenly APPEARING….now won’t that be a thing…

    but dont mind me


  25. Lawson…ya are not as safe as you think…and you know it, but ya mind is telling you something quite different.

  26. @NO
    Yours @ 4.00 pm Jan 16

    I get the general thrust of the argument regarding Quebec however Quebec has its own Provincial Pension Plan, residents of Quebec receive QPP rather than CPP, however they are entitled to OAS. The Quebec Gov’t uses the Investment arm of its pension plan “Caissse de depot” to fund/purchase businesses important to the province if they are in danger of being taken over by interests outside of the province.

    I used to live in La Belle Province and when I moved my QPP moved to CPP.

    Je me souviens.

  27. Hal
    Put aside the games. It is apt for an adult..never the less, this comment of yours alludes to need to connect the dots..

    “…But there is a more important power struggle going on which is not often commented upon.”.… Quote.

    As the US is to the UN so is Germany to the EU which was defeated in the last world war.
    Here we have a Monarch vs a Chancellor with influence and who knows what else..

    Power struggle?
    Who knows, maybe you.
    Can you say if it is true that the plan is to bring Hiltler to the future to finish his AGENDA using the time travel technology? Well, what a thing that would be, surely under the guise of the EU, MAYBE the war still continues though steaithy, targeting the Brits economy and legal structures..

    But this is mere drivel and conspiracy.. you might say.

  28. ha..the greedy love resource based, Africa maybe be too volatile in the 21st century..

  29. You really, really believe all that shit ya spewing from ya perch in Lala land…oh well..

  30. @Hal and all…u say u are a bad teacher and I would agree… you are not humble enough 😂… But good ‘teachings’ at 7:03…

    This is of course NOT original but considering the NO vote against the Brexit Plan and the NO vote against ‘No Confidence’ it’s clear your folks can loudly say ‘what they are against but NOT what they are for’…

    Heard that somewhere before!

    … Isn’t it quite facile to label these actions across the UK (and US) as racism?

    You know well that that label was just as attributable to many govt actions for last 50+ years …so surely if a NO and NO vote speaks to a complex political saga as you state then one must accept that ‘racism’ or euphemistically an ‘anglo-saxonite’ ethocentricity tho very prevalent can’t be the end all and be all of this maddening referendum which has your adopted home in all types of knots.

    There is no way for Britain to return to some white ruled power structure (there will be Royal afro blood for generations upcoming even) so do give us a more intense look at this folly this week.

    Incidentally I am confused how you can be so boastful that the legislative branch is asserting it’s will as elected LEADERS when the citizens who elected them already voiced their opinion…the electorate told them to act in a certain direction so to change that course can onkt be described as true leadership in theoretical debates BUT in reality its necessary to go back to the people (in the form of an election in this case) and let the campaign be fought on that … And new folks ( or old) elected with a new mandate!

    … But alas we would be back to square one as both leading parties want out of EU and now it seems a majority of Brits likely don’t… a recipe for disaster…. so clearly politicians are motivated by the SAME things we all are: SURVIVAL.

    @Lawson, give Pelosi credit for being innovative re that security and SofU address. Sounded amazing to me but yet a cool ploy to get POTUS out of the House…if it works… which is unlikely.

    And didn’t ur boy loudly disparage Obama for signalling military actions saying that was stupid and he would not do such… apparently he can’t even take his OWN sensible advice!

    This bombing is all on him and his texting about pulling out…frankly his first text should have been our boys are home… period.

    One may not agree that the pull out is sensible but as with everything POTUS it’s his impulsive actions that are more the problem than the agreement/disagreement on the substance of the policy.

  31. Lol she is so transparent Get it right if he had them out they would be alive. He shouldn’t have listened to those who said stay. As I have said before let there god sort it out and deal with the winner

  32. The fact is that getting out sounds good just as ur remark that ‘if they were out they would be alive’. You know it ain’t that simple…why are they there in first place…and dat is more complex than anything else!

    Nor can US stir up turmoil by invading Iraq and u say ‘let their God’ sort it out …the US has played God for eons all over the place…this POTUS CANNOT simply divorce the nation from all those tangles…he alone can’t fix it!

    BTW , I hope I am not or you a statistic of this shutdown…one guy took his loaded gun for a plane ride then other day…just one attack on US/Canadian soil traceable to lax security (u think Pelosi ain’t savvy) and bruggadung POTUS in real trouble …NOT the Dems.

    Ah well…maybe we will have to let our faith or agnostic ways sort this all out fah btrute

  33. @SS
    another view is PM May is doing her job as elected. She was picked to lead a party in power, where the outcome of a referendum was “Leave”. She subsequently called an election and won. It is therefore her job to execute the wishes of the people, whether she personally agrees or not.

    I note the MP’s seem to vote somewhat independently. IN Canada, if any of the backbenchers stepped out of the party line, they would be severely reprimanded. Refreshing to see. Albeit the Irish group seemed to vote in sync.

  34. @Hal, if a referendum was held anywhere in the Caribbean and the govt shows signs of wanting to put aside the results of the vote, we would be reading no end of failed state, end in tears crap written by yo. However, as a pro staying in the EU guy you will come here and give us all kind of garbage as to why the will of the people who voted should be ignored….in reality you are an out and out bullshitter.

  35. @Bajn in NY,

    You come on her often trying to challenge what I say. In the process you often manufacture things. Just read what you have posted above: “If a referendum……..”, in other words you are trying to anticipate my reaction in the likelihood of a hypothetical incident. This tells me everything about you. Don’t try to anticipate the operation of anyone’s mind. So, in simple words, your post is nonsense. Grow up.

  36. So dribblier you think it is okay for savvy pelosi to play with lives to meet her agenda, I myself do not think she is that bright she has put waters and cortez on the banking committee. LOL I wonder how long it will be before they catch one of them with their hand in the cookie jar, they already had waters once I wonder if cortez paid taxes on her bar tips, now she wants people to pay 70 percent of their wage to help her get green…….get green . I guess it didnt hurt gore,

  37. @ Hal
    Do you mean to say that you have no confidence in the distinguished intellectuals on BU?
    How can you in all seriousness dismiss such brilliant minds and their unmatched understanding of world affairs?

  38. @ William,

    Me! A poor St Giles boy has lots of confidence in these intellectuals. I am humbled to be in the same blog.

  39. @Hal you are funny! So too @Lawson but he deliberately so whereas u are disingenuously funny because you surely can’t be serious with some of what you write like at 5:28!

    The Bajan from NY offered a very definitive hypothesis of your possible views based on your current Brexit comments…his analysis of your likely opinion is based on your failed state harangue very loudly stated previously re Caribbean (Bajan) political issues …how on earth is he WRONG to project that…are you smoking dis morning.

    I TOO was amazed at ur incredulous acclaim in this instance of the UK parliament ‘leaders’ going against the EXPRESSED wishes of the electorate (conflicted and confused tho they – electorate- seem) as compared to yours on similar local matters.

    @Lawson, of course Pelosi is savvy…you do NOT survive as she does in the back biting world of politics at the highest levels without being damn sharp elbowed and as sharp as a tack.

    I applaud Trump’s political nous but Pelosi is his match and more.

    And u are in ur funny mode with that one about play[ing] with lives to meet her agenda.

    Sweet joke.

    The guy in the WH is not playing with lives re folly about NATO pull out, this abrupt Syria pull out and shutting the govt over a wall which itself solves but a small part of the problem!

    Funny guy u are.

    That ‘shiny object’ Cortez will do her liberal far left ting and likely be a NY rep fixture for some years yet but basically outlandish (and that one is very outlandish) far-left policies have no chance of real success just as outlandish far-right don’t…

    But I see no reason their hands will be caught anymore than finally King’s was… Don’t yah think so!

    I gone.

  40. @ Pedantic,

    Plse explain yourself as I seem to miss the point. Bajan in New York was talking about a hypothetical point. In law that is called the operation of my mind. Yu seem to endorse this based on my previous contributions. May I suggest that he, and you, misunderstand my previous contributions over the years. You cannot know my likely opinion because you cannot read my mind.
    The appropriate thing to do is to ask me to explain, which I cannot remember ever refusing to do. Jumping to conclusions, as we called it in my youth, is based on false reasoning. If I have expressed a view you do not fully understand, plse ask me to clarify.. I have not changed my view on the nature of our democracy since my teenage years. But they have been refined.
    For clarity let me spell it out: in our representative democracy, the 650 members of parliament are delegated the authority to make laws; if in the opinion of the electorate they have failed, every four/five years they return for endorsement and voters can then make a decision. I do not believe in mob rule (call it a referendum).
    The Executive rules with the permission of parliament under our system. We do not elect prime ministers and ministers. What is so confusing about that.
    About the EU, I am for a United States of Europe.

  41. dribbler I dont recall Martin Luther being caught for his hand in cookie jar but you would know better. Pelosi is trying to stay relevant but she is in for a rough ride . Her wall being immoral statement is so dumb considering the wall around her house .But trump really knows how to pull here chain by saying she went to a far away warmer climate while he was in white house trying to make a deal . And her response was she still was incontinent.

  42. @Lawson, I can only presume u had crowds rolling when u played Comedy Central or any club in Toronto or wherever u played up north!

    Funny dude!

    But don’t play Hal on that King one…we were talking about Steve King with the loose tongue or figurative hands.

    The good Dr King is long gone and when the US salutes him on Monday it will NOT be about hanky-panky but the awesome work he did.

    @Hal, 😂…a referendum which in sum are the electorate giving their VOTE on representation outside the prescribed election cycle is “mob rule”.

    However that same vote process during an election to select leaders is orderly rule.

    Alright brother…sounds perfectly legitimate …SMH.

    I’ll try later to answer further ur remarks.

  43. @ Pedantic,

    I say again. Yo cannot have government by a mob. The role of the electorate is to elect its representatives who then delegate some of that responsibility to the Executive. Referenda are OK for the Swiss, they keep them warm, but not for a civilised society. In the UK the 650 parlimentarians are the people entrusted with power in our society.
    Maybe those political scientists at Cave Hill and those who describe Barbados as a democratic Republic with a foreign Monarch could better explain our system of government.
    I have had enough.

  44. Anybody who has been reading or paying attention to world affairs for the last quarter century , could have easily predicted the continued crisis in the so called “outside” world.
    The recurring tragedy is that while we expound on these matters we still miss the real message as it applies to our own geopolitical future.
    The question which should excite the know it alls is where do we in the Caribbean go from here because we already see where the rest are going.
    Trump and May are mere extensions of a decadent historical truth that no truly progressive thinker would seek to waste time over analyzing.
    Of course this is all too mundane and simple for the self appointed brilliant to understand.

  45. @David

    Corbyn should remind you of many/all Bajan politicians, except he’s white, not too intelligent and a PRIMO SHIT DISTURBER.

    What are his motives, good question, suspect he does not know himself. Trending down a path to oblivion though.

    Everyone seems to think May is responsible for this Brexit mess, shes only trying to carry out the populaces’ democratic decision from the VALIDLY HELD REFERENDUM. Appears now TO BE A LOT OF BREXITiers want to change their minds now that the deadline is only about two months away. It’s 1 of 27 trying to negotiate a divorce deal with BENEFITS, unfortunately their cards in hand are not very powerful.


  46. Trump Cancels Pelosi’s Trip Amid Feud
    2019-01-17 By Mark Warner

    President Trump has canceled a trip on an Air Force plane for Nancy Pelosi after she asked him not to give the State of the Union address while the government is shut down.

    President Trump on Thursday appeared to deny military aircraft to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for a foreign trip just minutes before the congressional delegation was set to depart, in a stunning response to her call to delay the State of the Union address amid the government shutdown.

    In a curt letter, Trump said her trip has been “postponed.”

    “Due to the Shutdown, I am sorry to inform you that your trip to Brussels, Egypt, and Afghanistan has been postponed. We will reschedule this seven-day excursion when the Shutdown is over. In light of the 800,000 great American workers not receiving pay, I am sure you would agree that postponing this public relations event is totally appropriate,” Trump wrote.

    “I also feel that, during this period, it would be better if you were in Washington negotiating with me and joining the Strong Border Security movement to end the Shutdown. Obviously, if you would like to make your journey by flying commercial, that would certainly be your prerogative.”

    The White House reportedly stated that the trip would have kept Pelosi out of the country past the next paycheck deadline for federal workers and were hopeful for a deal to be struck before then.

  47. William Skinner
    You queried..
    …”The question which should excite the know it alls is where do we in the Caribbean go from here because we already see where the rest are going.”

    From having a perspective of world events where covert structures disguise with legitimate intent are being evacuated, the Caribbean must also determine the true value of such entities to it’s space.

    Secondly, the territory need greater unification, to support each other, to explore humanitarian possibilities and probabilities in economic affairs especially Haiti at this time which is being exploited of valuable rear earth minerals.

    Thirdly, as a zone of peace, watch and resist expansionist movements and offers to those not so strong nation states within the territory.
    Take note of Gambia.

    Military bases of foreign powers within the territory must be avoided and spoken against in all constitutions of the territory, even CARICOM.
    Take note of Russian base off the coast of Venezuela.

    Collectively, nation states must pay close attention to crime fighting, some suggest it is not what it seems to be.
    Pull the roots.

  48. @ ninofnine
    I agree with you totally. We must now direct our genuine efforts toward making our region the best it can be for future generations.

  49. William

    As a people of colour, one great effort in bringing it to a reality will be to re-educate and make an indelible impression on the people of the region of our ancestral past of which were Dynasties, renowned knowledge, skills and creativity, unity and strength.
    Above all to know their true selves, their genome structure and dominance, their natural and inherent connectivity to earths’ energy, power grids and more.

    The foister of slavery, subjugation and exploitation designed to rob people of colour of their history, strengths must come to a screeching halt. To know is delivery all else will elevate while rendering the shackles.

    Revaluate education. Bring greater awareness of Ancestry to our people. Grow in unity and strength.

  50. Had to laugh a lot during the last days. Really delicious comedians on the island. What a monkey circus. Empress Merkel creates what Kaiser Wilhelm and his crazy Austrian successor never achieved: Great Britain, a defeated, humiliated, internally torn country from which industry and bankers flee to Berlin.

    The English face the same dilemma as the Barbadians: Squaring the circle is impossible. While the Barbadians want tropical idleness, Scandinavian welfare state and Swiss wealth at the same time, the English think they could continue to be the number one financial centre for Europe, but would not have to pay an EU contribution or let Polish workers into the country.

    Fortunately, Barbados can withstand a comparison between the prime ministers. If May were Prime Minister of Barbados, we would already have a currency devaluation, there would be no more medicine and food and the tourists would flee to Venezuela(!). And: Prime Minister Mottley at least has control over her deputies in Parliament.

    So today I have to say something about the degree of madness: The island in the Caribbean is by far better than the other, bigger island in the North Sea.

  51. @ Tron
    We are far better than we think ! Expending valuable time over analyzing inferior leaders from “over away” when we should be doing exactly what you and @niniofnine suggest.
    While the decadent external structures collapse , let’s move toward our common destiny of making our region the epitome of hope and progress for future generations.

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