Brexit, Bullocks!

Responding to the vote, European Council President Donald Tusk tweeted: “In view of the rejection of the Withdrawal Agreement by the House of Commons, I have decided to call a European Council on 10 April – Brexit: MPs reject May’s EU withdrawal agreement

Some of us have been observing an amazing event playing out in the United Kingdom triggered by the June 23, 2016 Brexit referendum. The result of the vote was the UK people voted to leave the European Union 53% to 47%.

Post Brexit one can accurately state that the British government has become consumed with the Brexit issue to the extent it has been largely ineffective implementing other policies to move the country forward.

Through the eyes of a blogmaster domiciled in a former colony, it forces one to reflect on what the post Brexit chaos portends for Barbados. The Westminster system is one we attempt to model and as it stands our working committees of parliament are continually being exposed to be ineffective – the Public Accounts Committee, Committee of Privileges to name two.

What conclusion can we make in light of what we know? Are citizens of Barbados in a position to observe what is playing out in the ‘mother country’ to stridently demand changes to the governance system?

What do we have: Theresa May’s Brexit plan rejected for the umpteenth time. 344 votes to 286. Before the labourites start to crow, Jeremy Corbyn’s plan has not gained traction either. A right old mess in old Blighty.

While the focus is on if the UK government will be able to do a houdini to save an orderly Brexit. The blogmaster is reminded to ask what triggered the leave campaign? The answer to this question exposes a dormant concern of citizens everywhere.



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