Court System Not Protecting Men – UN Convention On Rights Of Child White Paper

There is a concern by advocates of the rights of men that our legislators are not doing enough. The  130 page White Paper on the Child Protection and the Maintenance Act is an opportunity to defend the rights of men as it relates to Parental Alienation Syndrome. It is accepted that decisions handed down by Barbados Courts are are in the majority pro-woman. The ignorance and insensitivity of judicial officers presiding over family matters in the local court system has reached

To quote a male advocate,

…the white paper is revolutionary in its 130 page recommendations for it speaks to a minimum of 50% shared parenting for every parent once child in not in any danger. No longer will claimants go straight to court-  mediation and counselling will be required in all maintenance as well as access issues for the court is unnecessary clogged with these emotional issues…the Amendments in the white paper now speak to in kind maintenance as the extended family can help…Courts in Barbados perpetuate the notion that men are just a source of finance…

Read full text: UN Convention On Rights Of Child Whitepaper Barbados

121 thoughts on “Court System Not Protecting Men – UN Convention On Rights Of Child White Paper

  1. Lawyers bleed your dry charging large for writing a letter and making a call, once a month they will open and close your file for accruing the monies, Court dates fees are the orgasmic money climax. They can buy a fancy car from the money from each case they catch and drag out for years

    I Put A Spell On You [x3]

  2. @Kammie

    So much can be accomplished if you and Marsha were to join hands to deliver a message. This battle between the sexes debate only makes it more contentious and fractious. We need to act intelligently if we hope to be agents for change.

  3. So much can be accomplished if you and Marsha were to join hands to deliver a message.
    Get over the wishful think nuh David…?
    NOTHING will be accomplished if Kammie and Marsha join hands to deliver any message.
    Our problems are much more deep rooted than the symptoms that we continue to focus on…

    Imagine that we have a problem where our petrol tank is leaking gasoline…but it will require much inconvenience and costs to replace or repair the tank… so instead, we complain about the high cost of gas that we have to buy; about the constant smell of gas fumes, about the stains wherever we park …and about the near misses we have had with fires.

    How does it help to encourage Kammie and Marsha to ‘get together and lobby for reduced gas prices’?
    How is it sensible to spend money buying large fire extinguishers to combat the potential for fire?
    …or air freshenors to combat the smell of gas fumes?

    We GOTTA bite the bullet and change the shiite tank.

    Our leaking tank is called the LEGAL PROFESSION.
    EVERYTHING points to this fact.
    A bunch of warped demons whose very genesis seems to be one of selfishness and greed.

    YET we INSIST on keeping them in the damn car.
    WE are happy to pay more and more taxes to cover the leaks…
    We are resigned to them BORROWING more and more on OUR account…
    WE accept THEIR word that we can do no better….

    We GOTTA be brass bowls David… It is clear…

    Up to Bushie, than tank would be pulled out and dumped post haste..

    • @Bush Tea

      You analogy maybe extreme. So much can be accomplished if we work together, showing leadership; empathy to list just one example. Change must begin with the man and woman in the mirror.

  4. Kammie Holder

    Quite a few people who have spoken out against the Nazis had to pay the ultimate cost; quite a few people who have spoken out against the communists had to pay the ultimate cost; once you are preprared to pay the ultimate price … all your babbling is but tumbleweed blowing to and forth in the wind …

  5. Invest the dollar David….

    When the strongest argument that a union can use… is that when things get tight, the last hired should be the first fired,
    …then we should begin to pay attention to what the Bible says about putting women to lead us…
    Not to mention the BIPA joker at it again….

    Shiite man!!!

    If you employed four people, and the business was LOSING money, would you not ACTIVELY seek to keep the most PRODUCTIVE people on board… and try to return to profitability…?
    You think Bushie would care if a fella was hired last week ..or last CENTURY?
    ONLY looking at … if the employee is making net POSITIVE contributions to the damn business.

    …but then again, the bushman don’t wait ’til the shiite business LOSING money to get rid of shiite…
    Flushing is a REGULAR routine for Bushie…

    Boss … wunna donkeys ANXIOUS to get to the grass….
    enjoy it…

    • It is true. Perhaps Caswell or others in the know can inform the blog why the trade unions have not forced the issue of the commonsense need to have a working performance appraisal system in the public sector.

  6. RE If you put an idiot in control of Heaven, you will end up in Hell.



  7. Bushie,

    And yet, some of you say she is not quite a woman. Also, are you saying that her predecessors were also of indeterminate sex????????

    One good thing about Codrington College is that it confirmed what I had figured out for myself. Wuhnuh men write tings to suit wuhnuh selves!

  8. Last comment not about the union boss but about the P.M. But I should remind you that Sir Leroy has only recently retired. Oops he has not quite retired, has he?


  9. The world did not become a mess since there have been a FEW women in charge of a FEW things.


    The world is STILL overwhelmingly run by MEN!!!

  10. @ Donna
    Bushie said NOTHING about women in charge…
    He only drew reference that the BIBLE does…
    ….and was saying “perhaps..???’

    Don’t shoot the messenger.

    @ GP
    You clown..!!
    MUST you always make an ass of your scholarly self…?
    It is a simple statement that even Lexicon can interpret….

    Lets put it another way…
    Give you a job in a perfectly good offshore medical school …
    …and in short order it will be in a mess… and forced to rid itself of your miserable oafish personality…
    …as we have seen time and again.

    Put Stinkliar in charge of the Barbados economy
    …and in no time we are broke; have the third largest debt ratio on earth; downgraded 20 times … and shit flowing down mainstreet….

    Conversely, if you were to put Bushie in charge of ANY shiite …
    Then milk and honey will be flowing in a few months time….
    Thanks to the god-father’s influence…

    There MUST be something that you understand well…. ??!!
    Let us see…
    It is not the bible… (trinity, miracles, rapture…)
    it is not water… which is more than just H2O – contrary to your assertion…
    It is not medicine (cause those who understand it well – PRACTICE, …those who don’t – teach)
    It is not common decency – you admire Trump, the pu$$y-grabbing, pathological liar..
    What can it be…?

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