LIFO in 2018?

The following statement was issued by Toni Moore, General Secretary of the Barbados Workers Union (BWU). The blogmaster confesses the statement raised many questions regarding the retrenchment exercise government is committed to executing as part of BERT.

  1. Why in 2018 the LIFO is the method used to identify workers to sever from the public service? Toni Moore hinted in her statement that the PRDS (a performance system) does not command the confidence of the BWU. We have to ask why?
  2. How does government expect to change the culture of the civil service using LIFO as the basis to send home workers?
  3. Prime Minister Mia Mottley has repeatedly stated that the government has held several meetings with the social partnership to ensure all are on the same page. Did we hear Toni Moore suggest that there is some confusion with the execution of the retrenchment.
  4. What is the objective of government’s retrenchment exercise? Is it a cost cutting measure or is the government sincere in the suggestion that obsolete functions have been retired


  • You lie again. Have I ever bragged about having had an ‘expensive’ education? The only schools that I have ever mentioned attending on BU are Belmont, St Giles and Combermere. And I have never mentioned any university – you have made such claims.
    Your response says everything I have suspected: envy, anger, a perception of being ‘looked down upon’, that I am a snob. You refer to my wife as ‘silly’, and now try to speculate that I dislike my family. You lie again by claiming I denied I attempted to buy a timeshare.
    What I have denied, is your claim that the place was somewhere in St Lawrence Gap (it was GP who wrongly identified such a place). It was not. You still insist that was the place.
    You still insist that I have claimed to be a financial adviser, I have never said any such thing. Even though I have pointed out to you that it is a criminal offence for anyone in the UK to claim to be an independent financial adviser, you persist. Because in you are a hate-filled verbal thug who fabricates myths which you then seek to destroy.
    You claim I have bragged about courses I have helped develop. Another lie. I have mentioned, in context, that City University’s MA in Financial Journalism was my idea and I was instrumental in structuring it in its early days. That’s on the record. It was Financial Times Group that first approached City University about launching the course. That too is on the record.
    Here is a challenge: get rid of your mask, write under your real name so neighbours, friends and colleagues know what you are really like. Or are you simply a coward too?


  • This lay off process shows once again Mia’s propensity to jump headlong into matters before fulling considering all the consequences or implications.

    Whether it is the decision to default on the debt 2 days after winning the General election – something never even considered by past prime ministers,

    or the position taken on the pensioners investment in government paper,

    or these lay-offs which from all reports are creating chaos – whether its the sending home of clerks in the Police service,the Court process dept,the Customs department,the Land registry,NIS – wuhloss man – she is too hasty – which is not a good trait as a leader of a country

    Then we also have decisions such as the selection of weather presenter Selma husbands as deputy permanent secretary

    or the decision not to even have a discussion with the foreign creditors before she made the announcement to default

    We are now hearing about key departments with no clerk/typists and the work just piling up.

    There seems to be no proper planning in this whole process.

    See today’s Nation newspaper where the CEO of the BADMC was not even aware of the lay-off which were taking place from as early as 8:00 a.m. where 62 workers from the 200 at fairy valley were sent home,then another 4 in another department – then to also hear that some areas were closing down.

    The BLP carries this thing about political victimization too far.So because the CEO is the brother of DLP candidate Kim Tudor – it means he should not even be given the respect normally accorded to a CEO by letting him know that about 30% of your workers were being sent home that very day.

    Every department you are hearing the same stories.Statutory corporations which should be following the notice provision in the Employment Rights Act – are now just sending home these workers without their severance pay in their hand as Mia and the Dr Wordroffe kept saying they were complying with for the most part.

    As Hal Austin keeps telling us – this will all end in tears in the long run.

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  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Simple Simon

    Just a small clarification on your recent comment

    Toy said and I quote

    “…245,672 people on the electoral roll, and parties scrunting for money…”

    As far as I recall, and de ole man could be wrong, there are not 245k people on the electoral roll since the roll only carries people eligible to vote.


    The number that you may have used seems to be the population of the country and if so your mathematical calculations may be off as well.

    But de ole man will be guided by the official data when provided

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  • @ Hal Austin

    Why do you bother with a dishonest intellectually challenged nitwit like Artax?

    He has a small minded mentality and an obvious chip on his shoulder.

    Ignore the fool and continue with your submissions.

    I like the fact you add a wider perspective and much food for thought.


  • Vincent Codrington

    @ Artaxerxes
    @ Hal Austin

    You two gentlemen are quite capable of discussing issues without letting your egos distort your contributions that are very often insightful.
    Some body has to take the high road , why not you?


  • Murdaah in the market murdaaa. Hal did write about redeveloping the Transport Board site for housing. He has never mentioned anything about expensive schooling though, far less what university he attended.
    But back to the topic, has any of the talkers experienced a restructuring with a PR system in place? What is the process for firing/keeping staff?


  • Enuff,
    I said that the Roebuck Street was one of the most expensive real estate spots in the country. I proposed tat the Transport Board could be moved to St John, the poorest parish in the country, and that site be redeveloped with apartments, shops, offices, restaurants, and leisure facilities. It is still a very good proposal, which could form part of any infrastructural development.


  • Whether I agree with Hal or not, he seems like a decent, well-meaning chap. Whether I agree with Artax or not, he seems like a decent well-meaning chap. Both bring suggestions. Whether I agree with them or not I think that is a good thing. You guys are on the same side.


  • Hal Austin

    What the government ought to do is to outsource the island’s transportation to privately own companies, but still maintain a minimum level of oversight as a way to save money and improve efficiency.

    This perpetual dependency of government as the sole solution or alternative to the island economic vicissitudes … is self -defeating!


  • Lexicon,

    The BLP/DLP have a distorted idea of privatisation – that assets must be sold to a bidder or preferred buyer with ready cash. It is perverse.
    There are other forms of privatisation, from cooperatives, to worker-owners to conventional corporations; more fundamentally is a need fore a new Companies Act, and not the current one based on the joint stock companies of the mid-19th century. But as it applies to the Transport Board, the real problem is competent management, not ownership. Travellers could not care two hoops who owns the buses, as long as their are safe and arrive on time.
    Finally, there is supposed to be a business school at Cave Hill. Don’t they run courses for SOE managements?


  • Hal Austin

    It is time black people move beyond from the idea of work for others, and start thinking about ownership … as it is ingrained in the East Indian and the Chinese from birth … you seldom hear East Indians and Chinese talking about working for others…you hear these people speaking in terms of ownership … so therefore, is it time the race of black adopt this same way of looking at the world…


  • Lexicon,
    It seems to be part of Caribbean culture. We prefer to be employed and get a monthly salary than to take the risk of failing with our own businesses. It is the same in the UK.
    I will give an example: Asians who qualify as pharmacists often opt to start their own businesses, while Africans/Caribbeans prefer to be employed by one of the big firms. It is a matter of confidence.
    Same in Barbados. Black people are the bulk of the consumer market, yet if a black person opens a retail store buyers will prefer to go to an emporium in Broad Street than to buy from the 5&10, for example.


  • We have been conditioned that way. But it is changing. We are making slow progress. We need to speed up. This is why I speak about deprogramming. We must be prepared to take risks. We must see failure as an opportunity to try again. We must stop laughing at people who fail at their first attempt at entrepreneurship and recognize that most people take some time to get it right. One thing about we black people that causes those who do try entrepreneurship to fail is that they do not understand that you cannot expect to live lavishly off the business in the first years.


  • Austin
    If you were well read you would not pose these idiotic statements.Get a life.Its never too late to learn to cultivate the very good habit of reading and reading and reading good informative books which develop the mind and cultivate the personality.History should inform you and expose you to some truths you need to know.


  • Gabriel

    Is there such a thing as being well-read when all that we are taugh, or what we read becomes irrelevant and antiquated with time?

    A lot of the ideas of the ancient and medieval philosophers have been proven irrelevant by the contemporary philosopher, and such should be the case of the contemporary philosophers as their ideas gives away to time.


  • @Gabriel,

    Many thanks for the suggestion. Plse recommend two or three good books I should read to bring me up to speed.

    The ancient philosophers work is still relevant. I suggest you read Plato’s Republic. On of his theories is quite relevant to Barbados. Put simply, if a group of people sat in a cave looking in t the stage, in time they believe life is all about what happens on that state; however, if another group is outside the cave, while recognising what is taking place in the cave is real, they also know there is a wider world outside. It is still the best description of learning by rote – 2000 years later.


  • Look this rash decision to default by ‘Give muh de vote and watch muh’ Mottley and this hasty lay off process is causing such turmoil in this country – that it is ripe for social unrest.

    People are all over the country cussing Mia for the crap she is doing – for the suffering of poor families facing a hungry xmas – Yet de big guts Cabinet still in place and Mia up and down flying up and down every where.




  • TInniss
    You gine be posting until yuh fingers sore. Mia and the Cabinet looking to build a legacy, and if it means making tough decisions to bring a better life for all in the long run they seem determined to do so. Roll out the Trust Loans from next Monday–another promise kept.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ T. Inniss

    Let de ole man ask you a question

    When you were going school, you ever had your parents ask you how you doing, in your worst subject, AND YOU TELL DEM GOOD and when de end of term come, you fadder roast you behind?

    How did he do that Inniss? was daddy a voodoo priest or didn’t he simply look at your report card?

    If the report on these $5k mini loans are made public, it will be seen that 70 to 80% of them are going to be on consumer goods, stocking up a business with imported items to sell.

    Which, given our current state of affairs, defeats the point, does it not?

    But you can be assured that the report card on the use and efficacy of this $10M xmas present WILL NOT BE SHARED WITH THE PEOPLE WHO ARE GOING TO BE PAYJNG FOR THE IMF LOAN TILL 2033!

    Suffer yah RH suffer…

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  • Vincent Codrington

    I believe I have the right to set the record straight.

    A “lie” may be defined as “a false statement or an intentional untruth made with deliberate intent to deceive or to convey a false impression.”

    Supposed “George” said something about “Michael,” who subsequently says it is untrue, but does not present any evidence to substantiate his claim, how do we determine which individual is lying, in circumstances where scenario becomes “George’s word against Michael’s word?”

    Obviously, the members of Michael’s “fan club” and those who are not particularly fond of George, would obviously believe Michael….. and vice versa.

    I know I’m not one of the popular contributors to BU, especially among the DLP supporters. I made certain statements about Hal Austin, who accused me of being “a hate-filled verbal thug who fabricates myths,” and based on his word ONLY and in the ABSENCE of PROOF, his “fan club” members were quick to “jump upon his band wagon.”

    And my point is reinforced by Hal Austin’s April 24, 2018 9:09 AM response to Mariposa re: “Historic allegations are always suspicious. Without forensic evidence, they are based on HE SAY, SHE SAY.

    I, and others, have mentioned in this forum on more than one occasion that Austin bragged about he and his wife buying a £300 ($1,000) time share from Divi Southwinds and subsequently losing on the investment. He is adamant he bought the time share…… but DENIED buying it form Divi Southwinds and KNOWING where the hotel is LOCATED…..

    I must admit Austin and I REFUTED each other’s claims relative to from where the time share was bought…. and in the ABSENCE of any SUBSTANTIATING EVIDENCE, it would UNREASONABLE under these circumstances for anyone to make an HONEST, UNBIASED DETERMINATION as to whether who is lying or not.

    But I will reserve making any further comments on this issue…… until I find where I saved the original contributions.

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  • In a previous contribution I mentioned many of you smart, intelligent guys have a TENDENCY to FORGET what you contribute to BU. I on the other hand, have an excellent memory and knowing the “modus operandi” of sum uh wunnuh………… I like to save certain contributions for “further reference.”

    As it relates to Austin’s November 1, 2018 3:42 AM comment re: “You lie again. Have I ever bragged about having had an ‘expensive’ education?,”………… on May 16, 2018 7:38 AM, I responded to one of Austin’s comment with the following: “I recall a journalist writing that reading several financial statements qualifies him to comment on accounting issues.”

    Knowing my comments were a reference to him, Austin responded “accordingly”: “Hal Austin May 16, 2018 7:16 AM: Artax May 16, 2018 7:38 AM: What a terrible journalist. Some journalists also learn to read financial reports at some of the best business schools in the world who run top of the class financial courses. That is why we have financial analysts. Al drivers do not have to be taxi drivers; the same way all those who know about accounts do not have to be accountants.”

    I know members of the Hal Austin fan club will “spin” this issue……. but I rest my case.

    This brings me to two individuals, enuff and T. Inniss.

    Enuff, perhaps you can’t remember your contribution re: July 24, 2018 3:54 PM: “Hear Hal: “According to today’s Nation, Avinash Persaud is a financial analyst. Is he? But are you? Didn’t Avinash attend London School of Economics, one of the Russell Group universities YOU LIKE TO BRAG ’BOUT HERE ON BU? Lmbao….”

    Because if you had remembered you would not have made the following comment: “November 1, 2018: “Murdaah in the market murdaaa. Hal did write about redeveloping the Transport Board site for housing. He has never mentioned anything about expensive schooling though, far less what university he attended.”

    As such, enuff……… perhaps you should admit to lying as well.

    Okay, that’s enough of enuff……… so, I’ll move on to T. Inniss.

    In his October 29, 2018 1:16 PM contribution, T. Inniss used some very pejorative statements to describe me, as follows:

    “You see what I tell you that Artax is a real BLP KOOL AID DRINKER STOOL PIGEON.” “This man is so PUFFED in his IGNORANCE and IMAGINARY BRILLIANCE” – that he likes to jump into bloggers post and boldly try to correct them while unwittingly showing up himself to be a PURE BRED JACKASS.” “But this SHITE HOUND Artax is of a particular brand of STUPID.” “I expect no better from this brilliant BLP FOOL.”

    There isn’t anything wrong with that, after all he has freedom of expression.

    But…. it may come as a shock to BU that, the same T. Inniss who wrote the above “colourful remarks,” is the same T. Inniss that wrote the following comments, in an attempt to defend his colleague:

    “T. Inniss June 3, 2018 5:38 PM: I don’t agree with your position @ 8:52 a.m. on Mariposa – an obvious DLP supporter. I thought you were a bigger man or woman than that. I can understand you being DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSED to Mariposa’s VIEW but surely that is what DEMOCRACY and FREE SPEECH promote.

    “Sure she may get you VEX AT TIMES but if THE BLOG IS FOR EVERYONE why KEEP SINGLING out Mariposa, Fractured blp or pointing out that it’s is ‘Waiting in vain’ posting in another name?”

    “I see no such anger directed at those BLP posters who can be downright OFFENSIVE, VULGAR and REPETITIVE..”



    Apparently, when the name “Artax” surfaces on BU,” Inniss immediately sees “red.” He purposely forgets “the blog is for everyone” and being “diametrically opposed to my view,” gives him an excuse to forget “what democracy and free speech promotes.”

    As a result of I “getting him vex (all the time),” he “directs his anger” at me………. “keeps singling me” to be “downright offensive, vulgar and repetitive,”………….

    ………… and all “hopes of we all endeavouring to get along and live and let live,” automatically goes through the window.

    Are such insults reserved for contributors Inniss perceive as his “enemy,” or as a BLP supporter?

    Does being “diametrically opposed to my view” give him the right to be abusive?

    Was Inniss being a “bigger man or woman?”

    Or is this not the height of hypocrisy?


  • Knowing my comments were a reference to him, Austin responded “accordingly”: “Hal Austin May 16, 2018 7:16 AM: Artax May 16, 2018 7:38 AM: What a terrible journalist. Some journalists also learn to read financial reports at some of the best business schools in the world who run top of the class financial courses. That is why we have financial analysts. Al drivers do not have to be taxi drivers; the same way all those who know about accounts do not have to be accountants.”(Quote)

    Grasping at straws. I had planned to ignore your juvenile and boring behaviour. But here you go again trying to justify a fabrication. Even with your limited ability it is clear that there is no reference there to the personal pronoun ‘I’.

    Enuff, perhaps you can’t remember your contribution re: July 24, 2018 3:54 PM: “Hear Hal: “According to today’s Nation, Avinash Persaud is a financial analyst. Is he? But are you? Didn’t Avinash attend London School of Economics, one of the Russell Group universities YOU LIKE TO BRAG ’BOUT HERE ON BU? Lmbao….”(Quote)

    Again, which Russell Group university have I ‘bragged’ about? I| asked a simple question.

    Your obsession is showing a sad side of your personality. What would a psychologist say about someone saving contributions so that s/he could come back months later to score cheap points?
    Just to make it clear, I will no longer be responding to your contributions no matter what you say.


  • Hal Austin October 31, 2018 5:19 PM: I mentioned that Acme made buses for the Transport Board in the 1960s from its Roebuck Street workshop, which I saw with my eyes and read in the Advocate.It was only when someone came on and said he left Barbados in 1967 and before that worked at the Transport Board and Acme did make buses for the TB you sort of accepted. No apology. YOU THEN DRIFTED IN TO WAFFLE ABOUT BUS SPECIFICATION. ALL TOTALLY IRRELEVANT TO THE SUBSTANTIVE ARGUMENT- whether or not Acme made buses for TB.


    Austin asked the following question:

    “Hal Austin October 28, 2017 at 12:00 PM ” Is a state pension of Bds $179 a week an adequate income?”

    Simple Simon responded:

    “Simple Simon October 28, 2017 11:47 PM: @Hal Austin October 28, 2017 at 12:00 PM ” Is a state pension of Bds $179 a week an adequate income?”

    “Not really. A state pension of $179 per week is minimally sufficient. However most people “contributory pensioners” do get more than $179.00 per week.”

    Austin responded by drifting into waffle about the “history of mathematics”…..” ALL TOTALLY IRRELEVANT TO THE SUBSTANTIVE ARGUMENT.”

    “Hal Austin October 29, 2017 10:54 AM: @Hal Austin October 28, 2017 at 12:00 PM ” Is a state pension of Bds $179 a week an adequate income?” Not really.”

    “@Simple Simon, Apologies for being late coming back to you, but I shall deal with both your concerns here. First, I have no doubt about the ability of black men and women to be outstanding mathematicians. Historically this has been the case. To suggest otherwise would be to go down the road of biological determinism.”

    “Second, and most important, I have an intellectual curiosity about ethno-mathematics, the reasons why I have raised in the blog on a number of occasions that economics is not a branch of mathematics (nor of biology or psychology) and that we must challenge the consensual orthodoxies of every discipline, including mathematics and the wider sciences. This is even more so given the rise of the digital revolution, with artificial intelligence making key decisions for us. My argument has always been if you put rubbish in to computers, you get rubbish out.”

    “I am not a mathematician, but the basic history and sociology of mathematics is that it is just another filtering mechanism for colonial educational domination. But it is important that to oppose it you must fully understand the discipline.”

    “Previously I raised the issue of Euclidian geometry. In the orthodox history we are told that the Babylonians first developed modern mathematics, then the Greeks. We know that is not true. We know that the Egyptians had advance mathematics which they used to trade with the Babylonians; it is also my case that the Babylonians were not the only trading partners with the early Egyptians.”

    “Before the Arabs moved in to Egypt the Nubians occupied most of that part of Africa, even after the Arabs moved in they continued to trade with the Nubians, as far as Sudan and Ethiopia. It is part of my argument that traders came from farther and wider, so they must have had a form of mathematics in order to trade. This is the historical and philosophical basic of ethno-mathematics. As Bill Barton has asked: how did any one cultural form of mathematics came to dominate the discipline (to extend this argument, for mathematics, read medicine). Anyone with an interest in mathematics will tell you that in UK mathematics we use the X as a symbol of times (multiplication) in algebra, while the Americans use a dot, similar to what in the UK we use in decimals (in continental Europe, they use a comma).”



  • I stand by my comment re: “You’re a POMPOUS, ARROGANT, SANCTIMONIOUS, PANTOMATH SNOB that comes to this forum with the sole purpose of RIDICULING and INSULTING other contributors, especially those who do not share his views……” ….. but I for forgot to include HYPOCRITICAL as well.

    “Hal Austin January 16, 2018 10:38 PM: I TRY MY BEST TO BE HONEST AND POLITE. In case you do most realise it, DEBATING IS THE SHARING OF IDEAS.”

    “Hal Austin March 10, 2018 9:15 AM: Let us start now by being serious about the issues and RESPECTING EACH OTHER.”

    Hal Austin October 29, 2018 6:55 PM: A LACK OF GOOD MANNERS IS A COMMON CHARACTERISTIC. They are always ‘vex’, and do not debate to exchange ideas, but to score points, TO SHOW HOW CLEVER THEY ARE, since they perceive they are not appreciated, that is why they focus on the micro-issues, the examples, and not the substantive issues.

    “They are the sort of people who talk about spelling mistakes in a work on moral philosophy. Such people lash out and translate that anger in to vindictiveness for all kinds of reasons. There are some common features in Barbadian culture. Remember those school boy fights and the reasons behind them? But I digress..”

    The above comments shows ONE SIDE of Hal Austin………but…… because he usually contributes to BU infrequently, his bad ATTITUDE, as reflected in his contributions, are often overlooked. But when those contributions are compiled…… the REAL Hal Austin comes to the fore.

    The following Hal Austin comments are examples of him at his best.

    Hal Austin October 21, 2016 10:39 AM: Pachamama, I am pleased to apologise for calling you a plagiarist. However, your ignorance may be explained by your APPALLING economic SEMI-LITERACY and EMBARRASSING ARROGANCE.

    Hal Austin November 11, 2017 12:38 PM: Plse read below for a classic example of SEMI-LITERACY parading as informed comment.

    A responses to Bush Tea:
    Hal Austin November 12, 2017 11:43 AM: Your spectacular and APPALLING IGNORANCE is amazing. You are trivial and, as someone has described you, risible. I could not care how much you ‘cussed’ Owen or the man from Mars, put a sensible argument or shut up…

    Hal Austin August 29, 2017 9:26 AM: James Greene, I am not sure how long you have been reading BU, but Bush Tea so-called is an idiot who thinks getting cheap laughs equates to serious discussion. Just read his posts and form an opinion of him.

    Responses to one of the HUMBLEST …… RESPECTFUL contributors to BU, Peter Lawrence Thompson, whom he also referred to as a “keyboard warrior:”
    @PLT, You SEEM to be an EMPTY VESSEL. Can’t you define modern capitalism without Googling it? Plse, can you give a clear and precise definition of modern capitalism? [August 1, 2018 9:54 AM]

    @PLT, You talked of slavery being the foundation of modern capitalism. I asked you to define modern capitalism and you drift off in to your USUAL NONSENSE. We are now in the 21st century, slavery was at its heights in the 17th-18th centuries. Are you suggesting that the capitalism of the East India company and of slave owners and the plantocracy, or Ford or Standard Oil, are the same as that of Apple, Google (your friend) and Facebook?

    Let us expand the discussion: slavery co-existed with the Age of Reason, so, according to your reasoning, slavery was the foundation of reason. Sometimes I get so angry at what PASSES as KNOWLEDGE among the KEYBOARD WARRIORS on BU. But it is not surprising. [August 1, 2018 11:14 AM]

    Responses to David BU:
    It is your way of hitting back for your USUAL IGNORANCE of discussions you always intervene with no proper understanding. A Bajan tantrum. You do it almost every day. One of the weakest, if not the weakest, contributors on BU. [July 21, 2018 8:09 AM]

    Here goes David with his mindboggling simple thinking. Remind me, David, WERE DID YOU GO TO SCHOOL? [August 4, 2018 11:17 AM]

    Unique or special? David, please let me assure you, I can read and understand better than you ever will be able to, that is the probem. You just do not understand the real world. You live in your little box. [August 3, 2018 1:35 PM]

    David’s problem is not ARROGANCE, but IGNORANCE. He has nothing to be arrogant about and he is too deferential. [August 3, 2018 3:17 PM]

    I can understand any sane and reasonable individual would express some level of anger at Hal Austin based on his behaviour, but to be “envious” of and having a “perception of being looked down upon” by him, is ludicrous and further confirms the man is also a narcissist.


    Hal Austin October 29, 2018 6:55 PM: They are the sort of people who TALK ABOUT SPELLING MISTAKES in a work on moral philosophy.”

    Ironically, Austin posted the following contribution to BU a year prior:

    Hal Austin October 29, 2017: I am not being boring, but the Scots SPELL their product as whisky, not whiskey. No other country can spell their whisky similarly. It is what we should do with Barbadian (Bajan) rum.

    I rest my case.

    And this man accuses people of appallaing ignorance.


  • “Again, which Russell Group university have I ‘bragged’ about? I| asked a simple question.”

    You have to ask Enuff that question.


  • Artax,

    Of course you have the right to defend yourself. I do it all the time. Don’t worry about being unpopular! I sure as hell don’t! You provide us with the facts and figures we need and great analysis of same. Hope to see more of you.

    P.S. I have been inspired by PLT’s impressive coolness to take hold of my temper and I suggest that you do the same. It is actually more fun to watch them over heat from my position in the cool cool shade.


  • Piece

    Good point Piece,Good Point.


  • @Donna,
    Don’t be conned. Selecting snippets of full arguments is disingenuous. Their is nothing yo defend, only damaged pride. To get the full context publish the full stream.
    As to spelling mistakes, it is absolutely silly. By law (the Scottish Whisky Act) only Scottish whisky can be spelt as WHISKY. That is why the Japanese, Indians and American call their drink whiskey. The Scots defend their brand vigorously within the WTO and EU.


  • Hal

    You – Artax got me here feeling real sorry for he man.

    Imagine someone saving up bloggers’ contribution to later bring it back and pick it apart .Nothing he has said refutes the earlier argument.Anyway I dun wid that.


    Look I realise that yuh got yuh own issues – so I will ignore you for the time being.

    As enuff would say : #restmuh (loll)

    you carry on buddy.Wow !


  • Strange I ain’t see him bringing back all the posts where he curse Mariposa – black is white,and disparage dishonest bajan – and tried the same thing with me.

    The man can give but he can’t take.

    Let step-daddy come and help yuh now.Steupes.

    You have a good evening.


  • Donna

    Clearly these people are hypocrites and their reactions to facts I presented for everyone’s perusal, by insinuating I have “issues” and “problems” do not bother me. They accused me of lying, but when in an effort to defend myself, I present evidence (their contributions) to substantiate my claims or accusations…… they further accuse me of “having issues” or “being disingenuous.”

    They come to this forum with a lot of shiite arguments and when challenged, they “shift the goal post,” misrepresent the facts and then resort to the gutter to attack people. When you retaliate, they “cry foul.”

    As it relates to Mariposa…… everyone knows that we have our usual tussles and “friendly banter,” but no one can point to any occasion when “I cussed her black is white,” or she did the similar to me. We trade insults, accept them gracefully…… and move on.

    Additionally, WARU and I may also have our differences of opinion, we insult each other and move on. However, when I make what in her opinion is a good contribution, she acknowledges it and I reciprocate. Mariposa and WARU possess enough self-confidence to continue expressing their views in this forum, irrespective of the insults or whoever disagrees with them.

    I’m sure you also realize almost all contributors have had confrontations with each other from time to time. Georgie Porgie and de pedantic Dribbler; Bush Tea and Georgie Porgie; de pedantic Dribbler and Artax; Donna and Lawson……. and the list goes on. At the end of the day, we all respect each other’s opinions and move on.

    And then there are other contributors who seem to believe they are above criticism and being challenged, not realizing that their condescending, snobbish reactions to their critics is also a sign of COWARDICE.

    But there are also the “lap dogs.” The ones looking for anyone who is singing in their choir…..they identify a “common enemy” and tag team to attack. They often come after to PARROT the “mouthing” of their masters.

    Donna, you can easily guess who I’m referring to.


  • Donna

    His lordship clearly misses the issue……. but that’s the norm for him….. he usually “shifts the goal post” to hide his appalling ignorance.

    I’ll break it down. On October 29, 2017, his lordship wrote the following:

    (1). October 29, 2017: I am not being boring, but the Scots SPELL their product as whisky, not whiskey. No other country can spell their whisky similarly. It is what we should do with Barbadian (Bajan) rum.

    Ironically, on October 29, 2018, in a snide reference to me, his lordship wrote the following:

    (2). “October 29, 2018 6:55 PM: They are the sort of people who TALK ABOUT SPELLING MISTAKES in a work on moral philosophy.”

    If you examine the two statements, you will realise in #1 he alluded to the spelling of “whiskey/whisky,” because you dun know how he like to impress upon BU he knows everything……the resident pantomath.

    However, in #2 he is clearly being critical of people (me) “talking about spelling mistakes” (re bollards and boulders).

    Anyone can clearly identify that the COMPARISON of the TWO STATEMENTS does not have anything to do with the “waffle” about “Japanese, Indians and American call their drink whiskey” or “The Scots defend their brand vigorously within the WTO and EU,”……….


    Perhaps it’s his lordship’s PRIDE that’s DAMAGED….. to have his short-comings effortlessly highlighted by an appallingly ignorant bookkeeper.

    Liked by 1 person

  • I know I promised not to respond any more. But, I say again, the word WHISKY (that spelling) is protected under the Scottish Whisky Act. The Scots have had to protect it vigorously because the Japanese and Indians launched products called whisky. They had to withdraw them.
    I raised that about two or three times in relation to Barbadian (Bajan) rum, pointing out that unless we give legal protection to our local product it will become a generic term like Demerara sugar.


  • “I know I promised not to respond anymore.”

    THEN DON’T!!!

    However, you cannot resist responding because you’re a “vain individual” who is of the misguided belief that people are envious of you ………. and must defend your damaged pride.

    Your highness…….. are you sure you were a journalist? Because your comprehension skills are extremely poor. Or perhaps for reasons of self-aggrandisement, you’re PURPOSELY ignoring the salient point I’m making by comparing your two statements.

    Your majesty, for the final time……… the SUBSTANTIVE point being made here DOES NOT have anything to with how whiskey/whisky is spelt or which spelling is protected under the Scottish Whisky Act……. that information is IRRELEVANT.

    The point being made here is that, on one hand you one hand, you admonish contributors for focusing on spelling………

    ……….. and on the other hand, you contradict yourself by engaging in a similar activity.

    Wuh ‘bout dat an award winning journalist like you can’t understand?

    Maybe you should your name to your list of BU’s “appallingly ignorant keyboard warriors.”

    Dun wid you and dat.


  • millertheanunnaki

    I raised that about two or three times in relation to Barbadian (Bajan) rum, pointing out that unless we give legal protection to our local product it will become a generic term like Demerara sugar.

    How can you legally protect a product that is no longer yours?

    Are you aware that the main ingredient that goes into the ‘refining’ of rum, Molasses, is imported mainly from the same “Demerara”?

    There is no longer a ‘genuine’ brand called “Bajan Rum” which can legally lay claim for such international copyright or patent protection.

    On the other hand, Barbados as part of its tourism marketing strategy might be promoted as the place where the plantation slaves first tasted the fermented waste and turned it not only into a powerful devil’s brew but also into an extremely profitable by-product of the sugar industry and a major money spinner which, today, still keeps export sector of the local economy alive; if only barely kicking.


  • Artax,

    You got some facts, figures and analysis for me? Be sure to post them when necessary.


    I assure you that I am quite capable of discerning for myself.


  • Mariposa

    So David Comissiong threw the Unions under the bus
    I bet they wont dare mess with him
    Personally i am glad as sh.iit he help govt to used them and abused them
    How sweet can that be
    To add icing to his article he calls the Unions bare faced liars stating that the UNIONS sat in on the decision making of the workers to be retrenched and agreed with govt decison on LIFO
    Loving every moment of this opened Pandora Box


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ the Sage Anunnaki

    You have spoken to the very core of an Ethno-historical tourism experience.

    As is usual you drop a pearl in the swill of us swine and it is missed by us in the rum shop.

    One of the few contributors here on tourism, or should that not read, the only contributor here with articles on the lifeblood of Barbados, Tourism, is Adrian Loveridge a man who is not a bajan by birth but has adopted our country, if only for nuff? years

    Another gem of a contribution from Barbados or should I say Another Gem for and of Barbados or it that name not copyrighted?


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    The challenge with a Manual LIFO SYSTEM is no different to our manual court system and the evidence room of the Royal Baygon Police Force- physical records they purposely misplaced to meet the needs of particular individuals

    IF, and I use this word with great reservations, if the Unions were serious about their subscribers, given the years that have expired AND THE SO CALLED ” INTERNET OF THINGS ” AGE WE ARE IN, IF they were serious, they would not only have caught up with the employers of their membership, but it would not be a manual process of employees notifying employer of Union status, it would be a computerized procedure to enable the link.

    The process would also effect baseline notifications of info between employers and the Union as it relates to customary communications e.g. employee conditions, wages, wage increases things like that.

    So, in PUDRYR’s posit, unionized workers at MISS RAM AT FURNITURE LIMITED, heheheh, NEVER HAPPEN, would periodically have their records updated with the union an Caswell would be able to see if Humpty Dumpty at the immigration department or Miss Ram employees are working 60 hour weeks without overtime.

    This should be the things that Mia CARES should be changing the law to ensure the rights of the people who voted for her, AS OPPOSED TO UNILATERALLY DISCOUNTING PEOPLE’S RETIREMENT SAVINGS AND CHANGING THE CONSTITUTION FOR RAWDONE AND HIS SANDBOX BIT(T)E

    This is not about despotism but about demanding equity.

    And this, even though Senator Caswell admits to his sparing knowledge of computers, is the direction AND LEGACY, that our unions MUST ASPIRE TO.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item here about LIFO thank you


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