LIFO in 2018?

The following statement was issued by Toni Moore, General Secretary of the Barbados Workers Union (BWU). The blogmaster confesses the statement raised many questions regarding the retrenchment exercise government is committed to executing as part of BERT.

  1. Why in 2018 the LIFO is the method used to identify workers to sever from the public service? Toni Moore hinted in her statement that the PRDS (a performance system) does not command the confidence of the BWU. We have to ask why?
  2. How does government expect to change the culture of the civil service using LIFO as the basis to send home workers?
  3. Prime Minister Mia Mottley has repeatedly stated that the government has held several meetings with the social partnership to ensure all are on the same page. Did we hear Toni Moore suggest that there is some confusion with the execution of the retrenchment.
  4. What is the objective of government’s retrenchment exercise? Is it a cost cutting measure or is the government sincere in the suggestion that obsolete functions have been retired

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  1. I know I promised not to respond any more. But, I say again, the word WHISKY (that spelling) is protected under the Scottish Whisky Act. The Scots have had to protect it vigorously because the Japanese and Indians launched products called whisky. They had to withdraw them.
    I raised that about two or three times in relation to Barbadian (Bajan) rum, pointing out that unless we give legal protection to our local product it will become a generic term like Demerara sugar.

  2. “I know I promised not to respond anymore.”

    THEN DON’T!!!

    However, you cannot resist responding because you’re a “vain individual” who is of the misguided belief that people are envious of you ………. and must defend your damaged pride.

    Your highness…….. are you sure you were a journalist? Because your comprehension skills are extremely poor. Or perhaps for reasons of self-aggrandisement, you’re PURPOSELY ignoring the salient point I’m making by comparing your two statements.

    Your majesty, for the final time……… the SUBSTANTIVE point being made here DOES NOT have anything to with how whiskey/whisky is spelt or which spelling is protected under the Scottish Whisky Act……. that information is IRRELEVANT.

    The point being made here is that, on one hand you one hand, you admonish contributors for focusing on spelling………

    ……….. and on the other hand, you contradict yourself by engaging in a similar activity.

    Wuh ‘bout dat an award winning journalist like you can’t understand?

    Maybe you should your name to your list of BU’s “appallingly ignorant keyboard warriors.”

    Dun wid you and dat.

  3. (Quote):
    I raised that about two or three times in relation to Barbadian (Bajan) rum, pointing out that unless we give legal protection to our local product it will become a generic term like Demerara sugar.

    How can you legally protect a product that is no longer yours?

    Are you aware that the main ingredient that goes into the ‘refining’ of rum, Molasses, is imported mainly from the same “Demerara”?

    There is no longer a ‘genuine’ brand called “Bajan Rum” which can legally lay claim for such international copyright or patent protection.

    On the other hand, Barbados as part of its tourism marketing strategy might be promoted as the place where the plantation slaves first tasted the fermented waste and turned it not only into a powerful devil’s brew but also into an extremely profitable by-product of the sugar industry and a major money spinner which, today, still keeps export sector of the local economy alive; if only barely kicking.

  4. Artax,

    You got some facts, figures and analysis for me? Be sure to post them when necessary.


    I assure you that I am quite capable of discerning for myself.

  5. Mariposa

    So David Comissiong threw the Unions under the bus
    I bet they wont dare mess with him
    Personally i am glad as sh.iit he help govt to used them and abused them
    How sweet can that be
    To add icing to his article he calls the Unions bare faced liars stating that the UNIONS sat in on the decision making of the workers to be retrenched and agreed with govt decison on LIFO
    Loving every moment of this opened Pandora Box

  6. @ the Sage Anunnaki

    You have spoken to the very core of an Ethno-historical tourism experience.

    As is usual you drop a pearl in the swill of us swine and it is missed by us in the rum shop.

    One of the few contributors here on tourism, or should that not read, the only contributor here with articles on the lifeblood of Barbados, Tourism, is Adrian Loveridge a man who is not a bajan by birth but has adopted our country, if only for nuff? years

    Another gem of a contribution from Barbados or should I say Another Gem for and of Barbados or it that name not copyrighted?

  7. The challenge with a Manual LIFO SYSTEM is no different to our manual court system and the evidence room of the Royal Baygon Police Force- physical records they purposely misplaced to meet the needs of particular individuals

    IF, and I use this word with great reservations, if the Unions were serious about their subscribers, given the years that have expired AND THE SO CALLED ” INTERNET OF THINGS ” AGE WE ARE IN, IF they were serious, they would not only have caught up with the employers of their membership, but it would not be a manual process of employees notifying employer of Union status, it would be a computerized procedure to enable the link.

    The process would also effect baseline notifications of info between employers and the Union as it relates to customary communications e.g. employee conditions, wages, wage increases things like that.

    So, in PUDRYR’s posit, unionized workers at MISS RAM AT FURNITURE LIMITED, heheheh, NEVER HAPPEN, would periodically have their records updated with the union an Caswell would be able to see if Humpty Dumpty at the immigration department or Miss Ram employees are working 60 hour weeks without overtime.

    This should be the things that Mia CARES should be changing the law to ensure the rights of the people who voted for her, AS OPPOSED TO UNILATERALLY DISCOUNTING PEOPLE’S RETIREMENT SAVINGS AND CHANGING THE CONSTITUTION FOR RAWDONE AND HIS SANDBOX BIT(T)E

    This is not about despotism but about demanding equity.

    And this, even though Senator Caswell admits to his sparing knowledge of computers, is the direction AND LEGACY, that our unions MUST ASPIRE TO.

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