BWU Wants Moore

Submitted by the Mahogany Coconut Think Tank and Watchdog Group
Toni Moore - General Secretary of the BWU

Toni Moore – General Secretary of the BWU

The Mahogany Coconut Group welcomes the new General Secretary of the powerful Barbados Workers Union (BWU), Comrade Toni Moore. She is the first woman to head what is probably one of the best organized workers unions throughout the Caribbean. It is a tribute to the Barbadian women, who have always been in the struggle for the betterment of the working class. Our faith in the younger Caribbean generation is fortified by Comrade Moore’s elevation at the young age of thirty eight.

Comrade Moore takes over the union at a time when the workers in Barbados are under tremendous pressure as the government’s austerity program becomes more intensified and far reaching. The Transport Board, and other government statutory boards, have suffered from widespread retrenchment and the unions, in many cases have not been as vigilant, as we would have wanted them to be in fighting government on behalf of their members. Many workers of the BWU believe they have been betrayed by their leadership, and have speared no effort in publicly accusing the BWU and other unions of dropping the ball.

Her task will be to reignite that spirit of activism that has fallen so badly and we hope that she quickly demonstrates a desire to carry the fight to both the public and private sector employers. We are aware that her predecessor, Sir Roy Trotman, has left some issues on the table which she must address with great speed. We speak of the current Employment Rights Bill that employers have been exploiting because of loop holes. Comrade Moore should also move quickly to mend all fences in the Social Partnership if it is to become any worthwhile factor in the social and economic development of the country.

To put it mildly her “plate is full” and she cannot afford the traditional honeymoon. The pleasantries will be short lived and we hope that her preparation for this task has been comprehensive enough, not only to make the transition from Sir Roy smooth, but effective on behalf of the membership of the BWU.

As Sir Roy retires we consider him a progressive force and believe strongly that he did the very best he could during his long stewardship. We also believe that sometimes his well known penchant for diplomacy might have trumped his being a trade unionist. And while we recognize that diplomacy is vital in public discourse and leadership, we also realize it is often wasted on those who have no respect for the union or the workers. We therefore suggest that activism and not diplomacy is still the better tool in fighting for workers rights in Barbados and indeed the Caribbean.

We wish Sir Roy all the best.

15 thoughts on “BWU Wants Moore

  1. Gongrats Toni Moore on your elevation to helm of the BWU.

    Caswell Franklyn is scared of your power and influence! !


    Power is no good unless its used , and used in the right way,,, We will hold and watch and see, To many people in pockets and this can just be another delay in justice for the workers,

    She must act and be sure , no long talk needed, Man or woman , We seen both play the Bajans for fools , Gender is not key , Support and action when needed and not be another sell out.

  3. My interest in her tenure is not gender but being equipped and humble to respond to problems, blessings and plans.

    Does this post carry a probationary period? and, who appraises Toni the same team or person that appraised Sir Roy?

  4. @ Fractured

    Really??? You obviously did not see Caswell’s bio aptly written by Bush Tea one word used was ‘scumbag’ do you honestly think that she can fight that? All she will do is embrace Caswell’s honesty, knowledge of trade union and industrial relations and create the very first social partnership that will stand the test of time with Caswell.

    Caswell loves his profession with a passion and therefore no gender will be able to erode his legacy at this time.

    This is from the heart.

  5. filling them boots not going to be easy,those boots are filled with the thrill of victory and the devastating pain of defeat,,,,,,,being first comes with more pressure ,the vanguard of getting it right and the monumental task of making easier for other females to follow,,

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  7. for once barbados today editorial tried to get it right finding a balance.also disregarding the political salvo of caswell and injecting a discourse and the relevancy of chartering a new path

    • Those on the ground know that to lead any union in Barbados at this time is a challenge. The fact Toni is a woman who has to develop relationships and networks in a space dominated by men compounds the matter. Will her first task to reenter the social partnership? This maybe seen as a signal move to show she is her own boss within the command allowed her by the executive.

  8. there is always room for trial and error but if she moves with the mindset that she is in control the naysayers and haters would have no other choice but shower her with respectabilty

  9. I doth predict the death of the BWU as we know it today. These are treacherous times for workers rights and union influence. Many employers will surge for the throat now to exterminate the waning powers of any union. In any environment of high unemployment and mass lay offs the work force will prefer hold their jobs at any cost. I think that changing leadership at this time was a major mistake.

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