The Grenville Phillips Column – No Need to be Scared

The PM is reportedly scared of hurricanes, earthquakes and automatic weapons.  She is wise to fear such things.  Fortunately, she is the one person in Barbados that can actually do something to minimize the risks from all three.

As Minister responsible for building regulations, she should be aware that Barbados has the unenviable distinction of being perhaps the only country on this planet that offers no residential construction guidance to its citizens.  She can correct that disgrace tomorrow.

As Minister responsible for national security, she should be aware that all members of Parliament are likely aware of the drug dens in their constituencies.  Travelling across several constituencies over the past 3 years, I can confirm that this information is easily available.  Meaningfully addressing this problem simply requires the will to act.

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer and President of Solutions Barbados.  He can be reached at

8 thoughts on “The Grenville Phillips Column – No Need to be Scared

  1. Mia is also aware of the corrupt thieves in her own administration…who rob the elderly and have for decades;

    … she is aware of her own lawmakers and fellow lawyers who break the law to CONTINUE TO ROB THE POPULATION….and who spent decades destroying the Supreme Court;

    …. she is aware of the corrupt Judges sitting on the bench of the Supreme Court taking bribes..

    ..she is aware of the corrupt last government, the DLP ministers who made bribery and corruption a daily part of life to rob the population….hundreds of millions of dollars, money that is still MISSING…and needs to be RECOVERED…and ALL of them JAILED..particularly and including Ronald Jones.

    ..she is very aware that the economy, many lives and the island’s reputation have been destroyed because of the corrupt DLP ministers….and the criminals who BRIBED and OWNED them.

    ..she is aware of the criminals in the business sector who run drugs and guns and scams on the entire country and it’s people, also included in these criminal activities ARE the insurance companies..

    She is aware that taking care of all that IS PRIORITY….maybe she should start there, it is the only starting point…to make herself look good and instill the people’s confidence in her, because as things stand, she too is already looking UNTRUSTWORTHY…

    If she starts at the beginning..everything else will fall right into place as long as they are all treated as priority.

    If she cannot do any of the above…what use or good is she or any of her sketchy crooked lawmakers and ministers to the people.

  2. She has to investigate such crimes and prosecute the perpetrators, as well as erect sustainable laws to deter future improprieties and irregularities, but is she up to this challenge?

  3. @ Grenville

    Do you know why Caesar divorced his wife Pompeia?
    Find out ….
    and you will see what we SHOULD be scared.

    Grass is coming….

  4. All of them apparently got poisoned from the same chalice, none want to address the REAL ISSUES that caused the island, the economy to be in it’s present state, the CORUPTION practiced by both political parties when IN opposition and WHEN IN PARLIAMENT as government ministers , the decades of THEFTS from the people by ministers, lawyers, judges frauds for MPs etc…

    ALL of them sat around and sat back…and NONE said a WORD about any of those CRIMES perpetrated by both governments over the years…they all took a salary…paid by taxpayers…. to remain silent and allow the crimes against the people to continue as long as they got some money in their pockets…

    And now all of a sudden they can find their voices to talk shite..

    Look at Atherley…he IS AN ENABLER of CRIMES against his own people and have been for decades, taking taxpayer’s. money and keeping his mouth shut…pretending he is some man of god and did not know what the criminals in his circle did and are STILL attempting to continue though legislation…now all of a sudden he got a voice to call for legislation against those who who DO NOT STEAL FROM THE POPULATION..or commit vicious crimes against the people and country…as his fellow MPs do..

  5. Isnt it a Fact that Mia gave invitations to a known drug lords to be in attendance during the inaguration of Ministers

  6. What happens when governments do not hold criminals within their ranks accountable for their crimes, Obama is rightfully being blamed for not holding the Bush administration accountable for what they did….just like Mia will be blamed if she does not hold DLP former ministers and the criminal minorities, lawyers, her own MPs, Judges etc accountable for all they have done and still believe they have some right to continue doing at the EXPENSE of the people.

    …history will not be kind….OR forget.

    “Kavanaugh’s career should have ended at the D.C. District Court of Appeals. His new role as Supreme Court justice is what happens when democratic societies don’t hold criminals in the government accountable for their actions.

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