Our Self Respect Demands We Act Against ALMAGRO!

Under the Charter of the Organization of American States (OAS), when the General Secretary of the OAS speaks he speaks for and on behalf of the Organization and its Member States, including the Caribbean nations of Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Dominica, Haiti, Grenada, Belize, St Vincent and the Grenadines, the Bahamas, Guyana, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Suriname, St Kitts and Nevis, and St Lucia.
And last Friday (the 13th of September 2018) — at a Press Conference held in Cucuta, Colombia — OAS General Secretary Luis Almagro spoke as follows :-
“With respect to a MILITARY  INTERVENTION to OVERTHROW Nicolas Maduro’s regime, I don’t think any option should be ruled out ……….. Diplomatic action should be the first priority but we shouldn’t rule out any action.”
Thus, speaking for ALL 34 Member States of the OAS, Luis Almagro has declared that the constitutionally legitimate, democratically elected Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (a Member State of the OAS) is to be OVERTHROWN either by “diplomatic action” or by “military intervention”.
Needless-to-say, Almagro’s enunciation constitutes a gross VIOLATION of virtually all of the fundamental principles contained in the Charter of the OAS, namely — Chapter 1 (Nature and Purposes), Chapter 2 (Principles), Chapter 4 (Fundamental Rights and Duties of States), Chapter 5 (Pacific Settlement of Disputes), and Chapter 7 (Integral Development) — all of which commit the OAS and its Member States to the principles of respect for the territorial integrity of states, respect for national sovereignty, peaceful settlement of disputes, respect for the right of states to self-determination, and non-interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states.
It has now therefore become absolutely clear that Luis Almagro CANNOT be permitted to continue to hold the post of representative and spokesman of the OAS!
Indeed, every single self-respecting Member State of the OAS is now under a duty to denounce and repudiate the unlawful and offensive statement that the General Secretary of the OAS made in their names, and to go on to take action to REMOVE Luis Almagro from the post of General Secretary of the OAS !
Article 116 of the OAS Charter establishes that the General Assembly of the OAS may — by a two thirds vote of the Member States — remove the General Secretary “whenever the proper functioning of the Organization so demands”.
The duty of every single OAS Member State to take action in respect of this matter is therefore absolutely clear, and those of us who still believe that we are citizens of sovereign, principled, serious, and self respecting nations will be watching very closely to see how our Caribbean governments respond.

40 thoughts on “Our Self Respect Demands We Act Against ALMAGRO!

  1. PM MAM must do something about her CARICOM ambassador.

    He pursues his private foreign policy. He lacks any allegiance to his country and to his Prime Minister.

  2. If the ambassador officially identifies with this statement something is seriously wrong. He lacks discipline and is a loose cannon. The person to discipline him is the minister of foreign affairs, unless he is intimidated by the prime minister. The permanent secretary should also have a word with this shoot from the lip ambassador. Mr Commissiong’s strength is his pro bono public advocacy. Offering him the ambassadorship to CARICOM was a gamble. It is not working.

  3. How does Commissiong explain 1m per cent inflation and Maduro selling the nation’s birth tight (its oil) to the Chinese? What is the future for the black (African) Venezuelans?

  4. Hal, with all the embargoes and sanctions by the US and its allies, Venezuela has to sell its oil to someone. the country’s money in overseas accounts have been frozen. What is wrong with selling oil to the Chinese, money is money. Heavens! we in Canada sell oil to the Chinese too and will be selling more as soon as that pipeline goes through BC. You should get to know a few Chinese.

  5. Jerome Walcott cant tell Commisung what to say or do neither can Watch Muh. The BLP owes him for obstruction of growth under the DLP by tying up foreign investments like Hyatt in the law courts. Commessiong is an unrepentant socialist commissar. Barbados wont receive a red cent in FDI out of the jurisdictions where he represents us. Muduro and tyrants who espouse the Chavista doctrine will get his strong backing.

    The 300,000 opinions of the populace are of no concern when he spews his radical views. For Christsakes the man has two followers in Bobby Clarke and firewater breath David Denny. Its an insult for Watch Muh to place him on the front lines to represent this country as a diplomat. He’s worse than Charles Morris a man widely regarded as a moron. Imagine Charles Morris, Track Suit Top and Commssion as spokespersons on the global stage for an educated nation like Barbados desperate for foreign investment. For God’s sake what can these clowns say to draw experienced investors to this country.

    • When the Canadian Ambassador in Barbados made a pro LGBT statement all you DLPites had a lot to say. How is what the OAS diplomat different?

      Play the statement and not the man. If you can.

  6. I have been saying from the tone of Commissiong rhetoric he is on a mission to have all small island nations indoctrinated and influence by socialist ideology and practices
    I heard him openly on political platforms speak highly of Chavez and although he sees the devastation and destruction of Venezuela and the poverty and plight of the people
    He clings to those same ideologies and teachings
    This is a man whose intelligence has swayed people of high intellect in barbados and some who belives that Commissiong interest in barbados politics is for a good.
    I would agree he is a loose cannon

  7. Imagine Track Suit Top is a “diplomat”!!! What is Barbados coming to?

    Almagro is out of place openly calling for the unconstitutional removal of Maduro. Such things are usually clandestinely planned in an office in Langley, Virginia. Didn’t he get the memo?!

  8. Would never support Commisiong in any way in his political statements
    The man has proven time and time again his politicals leanings supersedes the value of humanity
    Not surprsing that he would want to condemn anyone who calls military action if necessary against Maduro
    A man who does not have the answers to correct the decay of Venezuela which leaves its people in poverty and a nation crumbling under the weight of economic decline
    Which throws my mind back to a similarity in Barbados which Commisiong played a role of keeping the people and businesses on Bay street poor and destitute without having any concern for their plight
    So anything he advocates i turn deaf ears

  9. Q.For God’s sake what can these clowns say to draw experienced investors to this country.


  10. It seems as if some are opposed to the statement just because it may be the position taken by DC.

    Some would abandon the idea of Barbados having its own well thought out foreign policy and prefer that we suck up to the US. One minute we are opposed to Trump and the next minute we want to embrace his policies.
    Don’t they have any dignity or self respect. Should we to secure a few dollars be devoid of ideas and pride.

    Make up your mind> Will we live the words “Upward and onward we shall go, Inspired, exulting, free” or is our reach is just to kiss the backside of the US. Kissing below our height.

  11. Got to Give DC my support
    It is not a commie thing. It is about national pride, independence, “satellite of none”, not in anybody’s backyard, sovereignty of countries, death of the Monroe’s doctrine

    We have come to far to go backwards…

    Let me run before the right wing nuts get here…

  12. In my opinion the statement reportedly made the Secretary General was ill advised. To make such a statement in a public forum while purporting to represent the opinions of his various constituencies lacked diplomatic finesse.

    The Barbados representative to the OAS has to decide to which entity he ows greater allegiance, before but girding his loins in defense of personal agendas. His too, was an opinion lacking diplomacy, and for which he should be made accountable if in fact his statement does not reflect the opinion of the government of Barbados. Authoring a statement and submitting it under the banner of “The Executive, Clement Payne Movement (Barbados)” is a thinly veiled attempt at avoiding personal criticism.

  13. It is not because of his position but because if one takes on Comissiong position one would have to stand side by side with Maduro
    Not going to happen on my part
    Would prefer military intervention to save the venezelean people from mass murder than to save the dignity of one madman

  14. Commisiong has shown himself through the years to be an admirer of Chevez and pro Venezuela’s cause. It will be a foolish man who bets that he will change his position for Mia Mottley’s government.

  15. Commie Sing Song continues his to Sing his Song now even Louder and Stronger than before having been given a Mantle of Authority by the Government of Barbados! May God help our Nations in the Caribbean and Spare them from such.

    It may be a Blessing in disguise that Barbados will have an American Medical University in Bim after they went against America in the UN and Ambassador Hailey said, “We will Remember this”.

  16. I know you do not even realize what America did in Grenada by putting a stop to the Soviet-Cuban ally that would export communist revolution throughout the Caribbean. All like now the islands would be little Havana’s. Some places are still reeling from the effects of Communist Lite of Jagan in Guyana and Manly in Jamaica. The sad part is that the Caribbean and most of South America choose Socialism which is a Slower Pace of Rot and Decay to Communism… See what has happened to our neighbours in Venezuela and Look at where this ideology has brought the island of Barbados too! Make no mistake about it “The Goal of Socialism is Communism”…Vladimir Lenin


  17. Close to Home America Saved the Nation of Grenada from Russian Takeover…

    The Soviet Union tried to make the island of Grenada to function as a Soviet base, and also by getting supplies from Cuba. On October 1983, during the U.S. invasion of Grenada, U.S. President Ronald Reagan maintained that US Marines arrived on the island of Grenada, which was considered a Soviet-Cuban ally that would export communist revolution throughout the Caribbean.

    The United States invasion of Grenada was on 25 October 1983. The invasion, led by the United States of the Caribbean island nation of Grenada,

    Operation Urgent Fury, it was triggered by the internal strife within the People’s Revolutionary Government that resulted in the house arrest and the execution of the previous leader and second Prime Minister of Grenada Maurice Bishop, and the establishment of a preliminary government,

    The Marxist-Leninist New Jewel Movement seized power in a coup in 1979 under Maurice Bishop, suspending the constitution and detaining a number of political prisoners.

    The date of the invasion is now a national holiday in Grenada, called Thanksgiving Day, which commemorates the freeing, after the invasion, of several political prisoners who were subsequently elected to office.

  18. Now if Reagean was alive Maduro would not have lasted that long and Commissiong only God knows what might have happened to him
    My take is that he would never dare talking so bold and in favour of Maduro

  19. Almagro was wrong to utter those words.
    My interest is why are all these Venezuelans leaving. The Maduro administration doesn’t deny they have left, they are offering free return flights to Venezuela. So they are not all temporary visits to neighbouring countries. Is Colombia lying when it claims hundreds of thousands are in Columbia, many enroute to other S.American nations. Why? Is the US infiltrating Venezuela to scare its people away?

  20. Good question Mr Blogmaster at 4:00PM yesterday….

    But how can ANY democratically elected government in this region openly support the military over throw of a sister govt also supposedly democratically elected…unless they arent so democratic….thus is Ambassador Almagro shooting from the lip or echoing the sentiments of some of his member Heads of Govt?

    Surely must be the latter otherwise he would have been summarily dismissed already….this is the same OAS which very strongly criticized the Muduro govt last year causing him to start the process ‘to leave’ the organization…the same OAS which voted by overwhelming majority to censure Venezuela for their alleged undemocratic election process….

    …blame not the Ambassador as he speaks simply as a rep for his member countries!

    • @Dee Word

      Barbados enjoys a cordial relationship with Venezuela, there is an embassy located in Barbados and like China is involved in support activities on the island. One must assume that Comissiong did not misrepresent.

  21. Comissiong must remember his salary is paid by the taxpayers of Barbados, he tends to get carried away by socialist crap and ignore reality…OAS President is not much different, they all allow their personal opinions to interfere with reality…then allow theur tongues to control their brains.

    “Imagine Track Suit Top is a “diplomat”!!! What is Barbados coming to?”

    As in Track Suit Top and the other expolice drug squad officer/drug dealer Dirty Harry from the 70s/80s, now deceased, lol, lol, lol..


    Venezuela: A Humanitarian Crisis in the Americas
    Plugged in With Greta Van Susteren

    Millions of Venezuelans have fled to neighboring countries due to a growing crisis that has brought shortages of food and medicine, and a government crackdown. The country with the largest proven oil reserve in the world has slashed five zeros from its currency to try to control hyperinflation. On this week’s show, you will hear from a chief justice of the Venezuelan Supreme Court currently in exile, a former U.S. ambassador, a chief of staff for the secretary general of the Organization of American States, and VOA’s Spanish Service Correspondent Celia Mendoza.

  23. A few commentators, ignorant, brainwashed by the western media presstitutes, believing everything they said about Venezuela, not knowing if it is true or false, pretend to judge and condemn Comissiong for writing in defense of a good neighbour country. Shame on all of you that think that you have the right hang people. Instead of talking and filling your mouths of crap. go and take a plane and see for yourselves what is going on in that country. SHAME ON YOU COUP-MONGERS! Comissiong has the right to express himself, and that right can’t be taken away from him. Who the hell you all, ignorant, think you are? SUPPORTING A COUPMONGER US LACKEY LIKE ALMAGRO, WHO REALLY IS ALMUGRE, YES, MUGRE!

  24. Quite true, we do need to see for ourselves. America cannot be trusted when it has an agenda – weapons of mass destruction, anyone? But communism and extreme socialism are bound to fail because it controls people more than even God does. And the leaders tend to become the elitist class they claim to despise. George Orwell was right.

    One must have as little government control as is possible without allowing life to evolve into survival of the fittest. The vulnerable need a safety net. There must be a goal of equal opportunity for all. There must be justice for all. And then everybody must get up and get!

  25. I have made a number of references to the consequences of learning by rote. It is stultifying and often lead the victims down an intellectual cul de sac.
    David of BU, the chairman, suffers from this in an irritating way; he is also very deferential and biased in his views and tend to favour certain people, often when he is clearly wrong.
    Take the statement issued by the Clement Payne organisation regarding the intervention of the general secretary of the OAS in the internal affairs o Venezuela. He was wrong and should have been reprimanded.
    Subsequently, the Clement Payne organisation issued a statement condemning the general secretary, as I their democratic right. What is not quite clear is if our ambassador to CARICOM is in agreement with this view, and if so, is this now the official position of the government of Barbados.
    We can all assume what the position of the ambassador is on this matter, but his right course of action was to discuss with the minister of foreign affairs |(his line manager, and not the prime minister) and try to persuade him to lodge an official complaint against the general secretary.
    It is clear to me that Mr Commissiong does not have the discipline to be a diplomat (the requirements are in the title); he I now under the same rules as a civil servant and must abide by these rules. Clearly he has not been properly trained.
    This is where the chairman of BU intervened, referencing the ridiculous statement by the Canadian high commissioner about LBGT rights.
    Whatever her views on homosexuality, even if she is a homosexual, she had no right intervening in the internal affairs of Barbados and should have been called in by Maxine McClean and given a telling off. But if our politicians genuflect to Canadian officials this is what you get.
    Two wrong do not make a right. But in a pubic culture riven by tribal politics, it is this prism through which all experiences are seen. So, in a silly conclusion, David of BU calls this playing the man and not the ball. Wrong. Mr Commissiong must come with clean hands and in this case he has not.
    The general secretary was wrong and Mr Comissiong was wrong (if in fact he supports the position of the Clement Payne organisation. I hope he is not using it as a shield to cover his own politics).
    Further, our weak government has failed by allowing an ambassador to shoot from the lip, and for not confronting the general secretary. Maybe they are aware that the US uses the OAS as a front organisation.

  26. Ivana Cardinale September 17, 2018 8:37 AM Caribbean Movement Peace & Integration

    The Left and what it stands for has been Exposed and they are pushing like crazy to make themselves appear Normal, Legitimate even Praise Worthy. It is because we live in still a reasonably Free Society that you and I and Commie Sing Song can voice an opinion.

    I believe in Free Speech and welcome debate. I hate Character Assassination by being personal and Rude Language. I think that we all can say what we want to say even if you think it is hate speech and want to give you the same right. I do not assassinate Commie Sing Song’s Character except for his Beliefs and its Poisonous Tentacles.

    Now for the Meat of the Matter…Commie Sing Song is a COMMUNIST who even supports such Regimes including North Korea where he Glorifies the Late Kim Il-sung, commemorating his Birthday and stating that ‘North Korea went through a Terribly Depressive Colonial Domination’… (Caribbean Movement Peace & Integration Published on 13 Apr 2018)

    Kim Il-sung was the first Supreme Leader of North Korea, from its establishment in 1948 until his death in 1994 was an absolute Communist Dictator who has turned his country into an Orwellian state. Commie Sing Song States that he visited North Korea in 1993 and was in the Presence of Kim Il-sung, he even gave an Analogy and Compared NK to Cuba.

    Matt Kibbe explains that Socialism/Communism may be the hot new thing for progressives, but it is not joking matter. Socialism kills, and history is the proof.

  27. Ivana Cardinale September 17, 2018 8:37 AM Caribbean Movement Peace & Integration

    Isn’t a funny thing that those who Commie Sing Song Glorifies are all Dictators, they even win Elections when they are no Oppositions.

    They create New Constitutions; they take away the Power of the Legislator. They create New Supreme Court Judges and get rid of the old ones.

    They Control the means of production. They do not Trust their own population. The Venezuelan Government import Cubans to Run the Oil Refineries, who know nothing about oil. A Country with the LARGEST PROVEN OIL RESERVES in the world cannot meet their olden days Production Quotas!

    Remember when Venezuela requested the Repatriation of their Gold from England, where is it NOW?

    People should make their own Choices and Venezuela has made theirs because they were LIED too. They choose Socialism at the beginning and now they cannot Un-choose it because Socialism Rules by Force.

    So the next time you stand up for Venezuela, Stand up for the Venezuelan people. Their Government has given them Destitution, Misery, No Water, No Electricity, No Hospitals, No Basic Commodities like Toilet paper, No Food and a RUNAWAY INFLATION while 40% of the Still opened Businesses are projected to Close within the Next Few Weeks.

    Maduro’s Compatriots control the Means of Distribution in the Whole Country. Violence is Rampant in the streets and while you advice to Visit Venezuela because the ordinary folks like us cannot walk the streets in Venezuela…When you go you must be driven around by a Chauffeur?

    Isn’t it Grand when you are given a Tour and treated like Royalty so that you do not see the Starving Population and people eating out of Garbage? And you do not see the 2.5 Million People who have fled Venezuela?

    It is You Ivana Cardinale, who has either been Beguiled or just another SOCIALIST like COMMIE SING SONG who is a FULL FLEDGED COMMUNIST…



  28. Why here? Or is that a blogger making bicycle license plates. Only a Bajan paper could have an amount but no name!!!

  29. State Media: ‘The Presence of China in Venezuela Is Getting Stronger Every Day’
    17 Sep 2018

    China’s state-run Global Times newspaper boasted of Beijing’s expanded presence in Venezuela on Sunday, noting that the “U.S. is sceptical for geopolitical reasons” of growing ties between socialist dictator Nicolás Maduro and Communist Party chief Xi Jinping.

    Maduro visited China from Thursday to Sunday, seeking funds to keep his regime afloat. Thanks to nearly two decades of socialist mismanagement of the economy and violent repression of opposition voices, Venezuela is currently undergoing the worst humanitarian crisis in its history. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) predicts that Venezuela’s inflation rate will reach 1,000,000 percent by 2019, the nation suffers a near-complete shortage of the basic medications needed for a functional health care system, and growing numbers of Venezuelans are relying on eating garbage to survive.

    Venezuela’s economic situation became so frayed in the past two years that China, one of the nation’s largest creditors under dictator Hugo Chávez, has cut off Venezuela’s credit line since 2016.

    Since Maduro visited Beijing last week, however, China’s tune has changed towards the country. The Times has identified Venezuela as a prime target for the country’s One Belt, One Road (OBOR) infrastructure initiative, designed to give China control over the world’s most important roads, ports, and railways. When Xi Jinping first announced the program, OBOR was intended to reconstruct the ancient Silk Road from Beijing to western Europe. China has since expanded the scope of the project to unrelated regions like southern Africa and Latin America.

    In a piece detailing relations between Venezuela and China on Sunday, the Global Times declared, “It is undeniable that the presence of China in Venezuela is getting stronger every day, of which the US is sceptical for geopolitical reasons.” While noting that Venezuela’s economic collapse was “worrisome” for Chinese businesses and investors, the piece noted that China has invested heavily in telecommunications, agriculture, and especially oil in the country. Venezuela boasts the world’s largest known oil reserves, doing little to help the country fix its dire economic situation as Maduro insists on giving the oil away to countries like Cuba for ideological support.

    The Global Times applauds cooperation between China and Venezuela on military issues, claiming that China has given the Maduro regime “military planes K-8W, vehicles, equipment, technical service, new systems and parts” which the Venezuelan military has used to injure and kill unarmed protests.

    Beijing announced on Thursday that it agreed to grant Venezuela a $5 billion credit line, the first since 2016, to help Maduro stay in power. Venezuela is reportedly expected to pay that money back in oil cooperation, a “strategic alliance on gold mining,” and handing over other resources. The loan will reportedly function similarly to other OBOR loans handed out in Africa, where China has threatened to seize government property if outstanding debts remain unpaid.
    Read More @



  30. Know what is so scary abiut Commissiong presence and involvment in barbados politics and throughout the Carribbean is that Commissiong is an unrepentant Communist who openly endorses the communist idealogies yet there are people in barbados who boast of higher intellect who would be persuaded to join arm and arm within him on political issues
    I cant for the life of me giving Commissiong any breathing room wherby he can sow communist seeds
    The guy is one slick Willy

  31. It’s diffcult to understand why these articles on Venezuela always bring out the worst on the BU blog.

    Apart from the hardened white supremacists and KKK supporters who approvingly post pictures of Trump and his self hating Indian amabassador to the UN, Nimrata Haley aka Nikki Haley, there are those who take the opportunity to engage in anti-communist, anti-socialist propaganda. These might want to remember that socialists/communists have never done Bajans any harm. It was the European capitalists that brought us to this island, classified us as sub-human chattel and have terrorised us since 1627. So please, don’t get carried away by the enemies’ propaganda. Base yourself on our people’s experience. Then you will know who our friends are and who our enemies are.

    There can be no justification for foreign military intervention in Venezuela. Any attempt to justify it will invariably use racist arguments based on the superiority of the “white man” and the “white man’s burden”. If you want to see how this kind of intervention turns out, cast your eyes on Libya. This country which had the highest standard of living in Africa and which was home to many migrants from west Africa has been turned into a living hell-hole, where, in this day and age, black people are being sold there as slaves. That’s what white supremacist intervention leads to.

    Let’s focus on our own issues and leave the Venzuelans to sort theirs out while defending their right to sovereignty and independence and opposing foreign intervention.

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