Why this Unprecedented US Effort in the Caribbean Community?

Submitted by David Comissiong, Coordinator, Caribbean Chapter, International Network In Defense of Humanity


The Organization of American States (OAS) held a Foreign Ministers meeting on 19th to 21st June 2017 in Cancun, Mexico for the principal purpose of addressing “the situation in Venezuela”. However, on the eve of the said OAS meeting a most startling and unprecedented thing happened!

Every single United States Ambassador assigned to the nations of CARICOM secured the publication  (in the newspapers of the country they are assigned to) of a newspaper article that was designed, inter alia : to circumvent the political leadership of CARICOM and to speak directly to the people of the CARICOM countries; to attack and slander Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and his Administration; and to cajole and persuade the people of the CARICOM nations to put pressure on their political leaders to support the USA at the said OAS meeting in order that the OAS might adopt a particular Resolution on Venezuela that the US favoured.

In Barbados , this article was attributed to US Ambassador Linda Taglialatela and it was published in ALL three national newspapers– the Nation, the Barbados Advocate, and Barbados Today !

The said article– with minor changes here and there– was similarly published right across the CARICOM region, and was attributed to a variety of US Ambassadors.

Now the critical question that arises is this :- Why would the US State Department engage in such a comprehensive and determined effort to secure the adoption of “their” Resolution at the said OAS meeting?

Why would the US State Department make this unprecedented coordinated effort, if the Resolution that was being proposed at the OAS meeting was the harmless creature that the Foreign Ministers of Barbados, Jamaica, St Lucia, the Bahamas, Belize and Guyana— the six CARICOM countries that supported the Resolution–made it out to be?

(And incidentally, why was virtually every single newspaper editor in the CARICOM region so willing to accommodate this US propaganda effort?)

Clearly the USA regarded the adoption of “their” Resolution by the OAS as being  of the utmost importance to them, and considered it to be a critical part of their on-going “regime change” strategy against Venezuela.

Thank God that the political leadership of St Vincent and the Grenadines possessed the wisdom and political acumen to recognize the dangers inherent in having the OAS adopt the poisoned Resolution that six lost CARICOM member states were “carrying” on behalf of the purveyors of imperialism, and took decisive action to thwart this effort to impose a Trojan Horse Resolution on the Venezuela situation.

Also to be congratulated are the political leaders of  St Kitts and Nevis, Haiti, Trinidad and Tobago, Suriname, Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada and Dominica for their wise and principled actions at the OAS meeting in Cancun.

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  1. And incidentally, why was virtually every single newspaper editor in the CARICOM region so willing to accommodate this US propaganda effort?

    If this is a puzzle to anyone, I suggest they watch a video from testimony in the 1999 civil trial in Memphis brought by the King family against one Loyd Jowers and unnamed co-conspirators in the assassination death of Martin Luther King. The video in question concerns the testimony of the lawyer William Schaap testifying as an expert witness for the plaintiffs (The King family) as to the remarkable ability of the US government and its alphabet agencies to shape public opinion and get US propaganda published in mainstream media, not just in the USA but in media outlets around the world. Around the 1:23:00 mark of the video, Mr. Schaap relates one specific case he was aware of regarding a CIA officer stationed in Japan writing up and editorial in favour of US Navy nuclear powered ships docking in Japanese ports (at the time a very controversial topic in Japan). The next day the pro-nuclear, CIA authored article appeared as the editorial in the leading Japanese newspaper of the day with of course no attribution as to its true source.

    Incidentally, going a little off topic here, the jury in the 1999 civil trial mentioned above agreed with the King family and with the King family’s lawyer, Dr. William Peppper, that MLK had been shot as a result of a conspiracy which they concluded included the named defendant, Loyd Jowers, and members of US government agencies and the local Memphis police department. Dr. Pepper persuasively made the case that the man in jail for the crime, James Earl Ray, was not a participant in the conspiracy and was in all likelihood nothing more than the usual “lone nut” type patsy set up to take the fall for the murder.

    Dr. Pepper has written several books on the topic of the MLK assassination which are readily available on Amazon, for anyone interested in learning more about the real story (i.e. not the story you get from mainstream media sources) behind the death of MLK. Pepper also appears in several Youtube videos discussing the civil trial and his research into the MLK assassination and the reason it was decided he had to be “taken out”.

    Returning to topic of the undue influence of the US Government/CIA on our western media, see the video of an interview with the late Udo Ulffkote, a journalist and for several years an editor at the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Ulffkote describes how German journalists and editors are bribed by the CIA to publish US propaganda. He also published a book in German on the topic Gekaufte Journalisten or Bought Journalists in English.


  2. Unfortunately the audio quality of the video above is not the best and sometimes it is particularly hard to make out the questions directed to William Schaap by Dr. Pepper, the Kings’ lawyer, although in general the responses by Schaap are somewhat easier to understand.

    However, there is also a transcript available of the entire 1999 trial in the form of a pdf posted on the King Center’s web site. William Schaap’s testimony starts at the bottom of page 1558.


  3. Barbadian editors (and their journalists) are in the main untrained, and those who have received some form of training have done irrelevant courses such as City University’s so-called MA in international journalism, or their American equivalent, which to many of us are just money-making vehicles. I do not know of a single UK employer who has employed anyone with that degree.
    The outcome of this lack of training is that the key concepts and doctrines of journalism, including the idea of a free press, are not fully understood or articulated.
    You have paper that publish press releases from the government information service as if they are news stories; you get statements written as if they are balanced stories; and you get editors giving their friends and social mates space in their publications as if they were house journals.
    Then, of course, you get the deference, which is where diplomats from some countries can exert pressure on editors to publish their propaganda.
    The other soft approach is taking editors and favourite journalists on all-expenses paid trips, confident that on their return they will write long reports praising the sponsors of their trips. One other problem is that most of these papers fill their pages with copy provided by people free of cost, forgetting they are businesses and you get what you pay for.
    But, in the final analysis the important people are the readers and unless they put pressure on the offending publications they will continue to be mis-informed and given bogus news.

  4. Hal Austin

    is a true colonial.

    Locals are “untrained” and won’t know how to do their jobs until they receive instruction. British “training” is the bezt. Certainly better than American training, because American trainers are mostly interested in making money , etc.

    In other words, Hal is more British than the British. Only reason he is here is he is not handsome enough to be fully accepted by the people he not so secretly worships

  5. Chad,

    I welcomed you back, but in typical Bajan style, you are putting words in my mouth. Plse do not interpret my views. I am capable to speak for myself. I note that you are not more Yankee than the Yankees, but I m more British than the British. Think about it and see how crass ad stupid it is. At some point, Chad, you must learn to think critically and not blurt out the first mind-blogging thing that comes to your mind.

  6. “Why this Unprecedented US Effort in the Caribbean Community?”

    My take on it:

    1) The Democratic and Republican parties are both strongly influenced by the neoconservative movement and the neoconservative doctrine. Basically the neoconservatives believe that with the fall of the Soviet Union, the US had to assert itself as the sole remaining super power to implement a global hegemonic control over the rest of the world and to do whatever it takes to ensure that no other country or alliance can ever attain the power to challenge the USA’s military might.

    With a global hegemonic control which would include the control of important energy resources like oil, the US could implement a global “Pax Americana” removing unfriendly regimes which would result in bringing peace, stabilty and democracy to the world while also ensuring the continued existence of Israel. N.B. the neoconservatives are Zionists, therefore strongly pro-Israel and of the persuasion that “Israel can do no wrong, and if you say it can and does the only explanation is that you must be an anti-Semite (or a self-hating Jew)”.

    2) In its attempts to implement the neoconservative doctrine by invading or interfering in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria, the US and its NATO allies have not brought peace and stability but left some formerly economicly well off and stable countries of mixed ethnicities and religious persuasions in wrack and ruin while militias of different religious or ethnic factions war among themselves for control of resources or political power.

    In the case of Syria, Assad with the aid of his Rusky ally, have administered a symbolic slap in the face to the US by remaining in power despite the Obama’s and now Trump’s administrations’ efforts to have him removed. In fact, in recent months Assad’s forces with Russian help have made significant gains against ISIS and other terrorist forces (covertly supported by the US, NATO and Israel).

    The Afghan govenment is still fighting Taliban rebels and even with the help of the US and NATO trainers, the Afghan army still can’t stand on its own two feet, recently forcing US army generals to call for the US to commit significant numbers of troops to Afghanistan again. Libya is still a basket case with different factions fighting for power and Syria is still in some turmoil and divided among ethnic lines despite the recent miltary gains by the Assad forces.

    The strong selling point of the USA implementing a Pax Americana is supposed to be the peace, stability and security it would bring to a troulded world. However, the recent history of the US and its allies in the Middle East and surrounding regions does not inspire much confidence. It would seem that expectng the US to bring peace and stability by implementing a Pax Americana would be akin to expecting a loose bull in a china shop to organize an attractive display of the wares for sale.

    Note however that the ongoing Middle East turmoil does work in Israel’s favour as the breaking up of surrounding countries not friendly to Israel into smaller units divided by ethnic and religious differences squabling or even fighting among themselves severly limits their ability to oppose Israel or possible future land grabs by Israel. (Hint, do a web search on “The Yinon Plan”.)

    3) In light of all of the above, I believe the US probably feels compelled to act even more forcefully to get the rid of Maduro in Venezuela. It can’t afford to continue to lose more face by allowing another of its targeted “evil-doers” to hang onto power and symbollicly thumb his nose at the world’s last remaining superpower. Therefore the US could be expected to use all its influence and arm twisting expertise on Venezuela’s neighbors to get as much help as needed to ensure Maduro is removed as speedily as possible so that a more US friendly government can be manoeuvred into place.

    FYI More on the neoconservatives and their doctrine here:

    More on USA’s covert support to ISIS terrorists:

    Sending more troops to Afghanistan would be historic mistake:

  7. Note the haste with which Prime Minister Rowley has made himself available to the media post HoG conference. Embarrassing for Prime Minister Stuart and Foreign Minister McClean is the fact VoB carried a lengthy excerpt from the press briefing this evening.

  8. Vincent,

    I have warned about China’s global strategic plans, and this spells it out even plainer than I had. China does not do multi-lateral agreements, so Caricom is out. They will do one-to-one deals.
    What are we going to tell future generations of young people about how we lost control of our island home?

  9. Hal

    The horse of common sense and patriotism has long since bolted,we are presently left with a highly educated bunch that will look at this offer as Mana from heaven that does require them to do the correct things needed to turn our economy around…..a truly win win situation for them.

    I fear all is lost…..from independence to colonialism in 50 years……who will write the book?

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