Governor Cleviston Haynes Delivers Q2′ 2018 Economic Review

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Why You Should Watch the Quarterly Economic Review


Created 30 Jul, 2018

Every quarter, the Central Bank of Barbados publishes its review of Barbados’ economic performance. The video review, delivered by the Governor, is livestreamed on the Bank’s website and YouTube channel, and also posted in its entirety – about 10 minutes – on its Facebook page. These reviews provide insight into how the economy is faring, so if you haven’t been watching them, you should be. Here’s when they take place and what you should be listening out for.





The review is usually released about a month after the end of the previous quarter and covers Barbados’ economic performance so far in the calendar year. This means that while the review at the end of the first quarter will look at January to March only, the one at the end of the second quarter will cover the first six months of the year, and the one at the end of the third quarter looks at the period January to September. The year’s first review, the one that is usually held in January, actually reports on Barbados’ economic performance for the entire previous year.



In the review, the Governor shares key statistics – indicators – that reveal the health of Barbados’ economy. He usually gives an update on economic growth – the increase in GDP (Gross Domestic Product), or put another way, in how much the value of the goods and services Barbados’ produces has increased by, relative to the same time the previous year – as well as on the debt to GDP ratio, which compares how much Barbados owes to the value of what it produces.



The Governor also speaks about the fiscal deficit – how much more the Government is spending

than it is earning (If the Government is earning more than it is spending, that would be called a fiscal surplus). The fiscal deficit is tracked through the fiscal year, so if the Governor mentions “an overall reduction in the fiscal deficit from the previous year”, he is not referring to the calendar year, but rather to the 12 months starting from April and ending at the end of March, since Barbados’ fiscal year is April 1 to March 31.



The quarterly review usually includes other important indicators such as unemployment, the level of international reserves, and the retail price index – how much prices have increased over the past 12 months – as well as an overview of how tourism, one of our biggest sectors, is performing. It typically ends with a forecast for how much the economy is projected to grow as well as the Central Bank’s prescription for what action is needed to strengthen it.



The Central Bank of Barbados’ quarterly economic review provides timely, credible information, and now that you know the areas that help to tell the story of Barbados’ economy, you can keep abreast of how it is performing and of how you can to help improve it.

The next Central Bank of Barbados quarterly economic review will be published Thursday, August 2, 2018 at 11:00 a.m. Watch it live on the Central Bank of Barbados’ website,




  • So there is a 96 page questionaire making the rounds on social media by the govt asking people to respond to questions about govt owned enterprises with optional answers


  • Mariposa,

    Is this the government that came to power with loads of ideas about the economy? Waffle is waffle, no matter which party it comes from.


  • warning

    How could this be ….trying to figure this one out after m uch loud crticism of past govt by the then opposition now officially present govt of barbados


  • Sargeant
    August 4, 2018 1:47 PM
    Dominica’s loss is Barbados’ gain
    So much for Caricom brotherhood, but if Barbados didn’t pony up you can bet your bottom dollar that another of the sisterhood would step in to fill the need.

    So true Sarge.

    During past economic downturns many businesses here moved to Trinidad which was raking in billions from inflated oil prices. Cost of doing business there was cheaper they claimed. Our conglomerate Sagicor shifted its main operations to Bermuda. St. Lucia appears to have a policy of stealing projects from us the ARC sailing race being one.

    There is discomfort in Ross coming from Dominica that island having more than its share of misfortune. The brotherhood is a fallacy. More coordination and strategic distribution of enterprises within CARICOM would benefit the community. History taught us that is a pipe dream.


  • @ Hal Austin August 5, 2018 8:40 AM

    Quoting you ‘Waffle is waffle, no matter which party it comes from.”

    .. Yes the MAM lead administration did come to the party with loads of ideas. But once reaching the party they have realised its now a FETE. Once joining the FETE they have realised this is nuff nuff BASHMENT. So be prepared to BASHED; as opposed to be feted or partied?

    The key words to note is that they came with loads of ideas. Now where is it written that these were all the ideas available or were they “good” ideas. The truth/reality may have caught up with the the new administration. “After saying may hands make light work. they too may have recognised that all the “bad or good or workable” ideas don’t reside in Roebuck Street.

    Actually, that is where all the major political parties all fall face down knee deep in bovine or chicken excrement. And they often choose to swim in their newly found liquid medium rather than stand tall and accept ” we ain’t got this”, and ask for our help.

    If u look at the Barbados landscape, many of the good ideas don’t make it to Roebuck or George Street. So just remain on the bock, because too many of the political organisations only seek counsel from like-minded contributors. Bird of feather flock together. And where they are a lot/nuff of birds so will they be lots of “yard f…..s” and not to mention plenty of “bird poo” to wallow in. I forgot to mention plenty “kool aid” to wash it down. You go get to pick you colour of “kool-aid” it appears.

    We are taught or brainwashed that we are a democracy. Thus “government of the people, by the people, for the people’? yet so many of the decision that affect us are not really made after truly consulting “we the people”.

    I do hope that we make another change to our constitution and do it quick. “I am one for the right to recall”. Also, since any “Tom Dick Jane and Harry” can run for “de seat” i think any “Tommy Johnnie or Jenny and Ossie” should have the power to “hall them ass back in line”. The recall process should not be overly cumbersome or lawyer driven. If you don’t need a lawyer’s intervention to run for the for “de seat” no lawyers’ intervention should be needed to start proceedings to “remove you from de seat”

    BTW to all a peace and restful Sunday for Tomorrow it is Jump up and Bashment on the road to SGH.


  • It is unfortunate we have to ascribe political motives to every decision. Ross University over the years has taken a bashing from bad hurricanes and the challenges thereafter. There comes a time when students read their parents and management will be have to decide how being located in Dominica is impacting the business read P&L. Barbados is outside of the hurricane zone, a plus, and credit to the former admin has been courting business in this sector. The blogmaster is not a fan but the state of Barbados economic affairs we are not in a strong position to be chosey.


  • @ David August 5, 2018 10:23 AM

    The blogmaster is not a fan but the state of Barbados economic affairs we are not in a strong position to be chosey.

    I have heard it said that its best to kick a man when he is down. I guess there is even less chance of a fight or any resistance from your victim.

    Barbados may not be in a strong position but we must still remain choosey. The governing of Barbados is a going concern. it doesn’t stop when new administrations take the helm. I am sure you may have witnessed may short term decision taken by ur friends that have not worked out to well i the future. These friends may have been warned about their preoccupation on the short term and not seing the negative that lurk in the long term.

    I hope and pray the RUSM decision will pay positive dividends in the near and long term.

    Recently the refrain “many hand make light work” has made the rounds. I want to add “if hot will cool; greedy will wait”. and “taking your time is not laziness”. The turtle did finish the race in first place.



  • The maxim/adage can be applied if we know whether Ross management approached Barbados and the circumstances that led to closing the agreement. Further, it is a competitive environment and as a commenter opined, if not Barbados another island would have accepted. As a Caricom region we do not even have code sharing given the number of fancy airports that now require high taxes to maintain, we do not market as a single brand. The responsibility of the Barbados government is first to sustain the well being of its people. There is consensus that Barbados finds itself is bad place, all the economic indicators support, no need to quibble on this point. There are short term decisions to be made to prepare for the IMF program and at the same time we must eat.


  • MAM stated something to the effects, she will engage the public input on the SOEs as a part of allowing us a say in they outcome.
    It is similar process to “rubbing shoulders” with the different groups to get their input when the Bs were in opposition.


  • @mariposa. can you understand what the following says?

    “This source of funding is unsustainable. Thus, the Government should match expenditures with tax revenues to eliminate the need for additional domestic borrowing in the medium-term,” the BES advised.

    It further warned that even though the Prime Minister’s June 11 mini Budget aims to achieve this objective, additional expenditure cuts were necessary to reduce the country’s 155 per cent of GDP debt burden over time.


  • the Prime Minister’s June 11 mini Budget aims to achieve this objective,


  • Any sensible leader will adopt a style that gives the appearance that is collaborative even if decisions will be made not by it. It is 101 stuff.


  • Now people calling me a bully. But if calling out lies and hypocrisy are characteristics of bullying then I stand guilty as charged. Few weeks ago, a certain Mariposa went on and on about consultation, now she’s criticising/belittling consultation. Her sidekick Hal, on his usual soap box, fails to realise or refuses to acknowledge, that the survey is part of the plan to restructure SOEs–one of the “loads of ideas about the economy” promised.


  • Mariposa,
    Is this the government that came to power with loads of ideas about the economy? Waffle is waffle, no matter which party it comes from. (Quote)

    Her sidekick Hal, on his usual soap box, fails to realise or refuses to acknowledge, that the survey is part of the plan to restructure SOEs–one of the “loads of ideas about the economy” promised.(Quote)

    Is there a need to explain this silliness?


  • @enuff

    You are too funny, cannot help can you. If she went ahead with a slash and burn approach then the JAs would be shouting dictator, dictator. Who months is early days, BU posted a link which is at the top of the page promising for the blog to do a six month assessment. We need to comment yes but it should be tinged with reality. These are some of the same people who are shouting that Barbados is a failed state.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Mariposa

    you said and I quote “…So there is a 96 page questionaire making the rounds on social media by the govt asking people to respond to questions about govt owned enterprises with optional answers…”

    As the Honourable Blogmaster shared with you the questionaire is the rapid path to replace “consultation with the Bajan Populace” and to have a way to say, albeit untruthfully, that this % of bajans said x or y or z.

    And then to slash the deadweight organisations

    De Ole man heself used a proxy and completed the 96 questions pun a next machine BECAUSE IT WAS SURVEY MONKEY and because it was pun a next machine.

    It was truly informative to see the number of duplications and unnecessary organizations, BYBTs, and YESes and Cadet Sports and the National Sports Council and all the rests that abound in barbados one was able to see those that are not needed or those whose functions can be done elsewhere.

    Since it is not a Barbados Website, barring the OPTIONAL REQUEST for the user’s email which YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PROVIDE, it was informative

    What was missing with the MIX was the Enterprise Growth Funds and the Fund Accesses and the MEDIs (microenterprise Development Institutions) and serfdoms that permits the slush funds for political lackeys.

    They were noticeably missing but de grandson doing a ting pun dem too


  • Hal should instead focus on updating BU on the promises he made in relation to the revitalisation St.Lawrence Gap contained in the below news report. The article epitomises Mr.Austin–a lotta long talk, with little analysis, hence no results.

    Drive to revive The Gap –


  • Btw i aint criticising the monkey survey
    However what is the purpose of having a truckload of advisers and technocrats with “many” hands and i supposed lots of brains at taxpayers expense then to pay survey monkey at additional cost to post a 96 page questionaire
    I meaning barbadians gave the blp a mandate
    Why are they afraid to use it
    Nothing in that survey the govt cant mandate if they have to guts to do so
    But alas the govt have perfected the art of blowing smoke well in the peoples face with an intent on this occasion to take the responsibilty and management off their hands
    Now all know that with IMF policies will soon be smacking the govt in the face the survey monkey is a way out for govt to implement or discard govt entetprises without having to take blame



  • @ac

    Survey Money is free to use.


  • Now the democractic form of govt has now become a Govt by survey which in my opinion has the potential to formulated a system of goverence which might only look out for the interest of a few
    A system which if left to flourish can upsurge the interst of the most vulnerable and those who did not participate in the survey
    The questions on the survey have to do with goverence and not a one person opinion as to what is in one interest
    I cant help but wonder how many of those questions would give the vulnerable a fair chance at roll call


  • Hope the DLP taking notes how to involve the electorate. They should know that the 30-0 result means they were not doing right in the eyes of the public.


  • Govt by survey is a dangerous form of goverence with a potential to lock out those who needs govt support the most
    I envision those at the bottom end most likely to be hit the hardest by the survey
    Job loses would be high on the list as most of those govt enterprises comprise of govt workers..
    and programs that are sposonsered by govt would also be kick to the curb
    In democracies govts are put in pace to look out for all the people
    Those who participate in the survey are only given a synopsis of economic numbers of what it entails for govt to function but not. the social aspects that are necessary and which involves a balance between livelihoods and govt interaction
    This survey monkey can lead to a dangerous trend of satisfying a few


  • Mariposa makes it so VERY clear why the DLP were such a bunch of losers and clowns…..

    In this day and age ..who but a complete clown would say something like “I meaning barbadians gave the blp a mandate
    Why are they afraid to use it…”
    …to suggest that a new government should bulldoze its way into complex policies JUST BECAUSE the people finally came around to flushing the DLP shiite completely from their parliament…

    It is BY FAR better to get consensus on a flawed policy…than to try to bulldoze even a sound idea – that is not supported by the various publics.
    One CANNOT but give the BLP a good pass for the ATTITUDES that they have generally taken so far…

    As Bushie have been saying over and over, The BLP’s problem is not related to competence or approach. it is that they have inherited a doomed ship of state – one with a large $15 Billion dollar hole punched into the hull.

    The idiots and yardfowls who steered the ship into the danger zone could at least shut their donkeys – particularly the likes of their leaders such as Kellman, de Lashleys, Dumbville and Dr. Shiitehound (former pit-bull)….and their PR guru mariposa…

    Give us a break do….

    @ David
    Can we not have a vote on banning ac and the other Bajan/UK moron from BU for a few weeks?
    Shiite man…. after ridding ourselves of Froon and his goons by 30 -0, Bushie predicts a 20,000 to 3 result in favour of such a ban…
    Hal may get a few extra votes …as the local fellow who robbed him and his wife of the deposit for the time share probably feels a bit of guild for having effectively taken candy from a ‘special needs’ baby.


  • So in other words it can lead to a government like the dlp?


  • @Bush Tea

    You are too funny. You of all people know that what separates BU from the rest is that we welcome the dullards and the intelligent.


  • I like when a .s s hole like bush tea come out swinging. What consensus. This is not a survey about asking people how many numbers of people make up a household
    This survey reminds me of a leaf out ofTrump political book with an outlook of knowning that only a few would participate and questions that are angled to give a desire outcome
    I do not care what u bush tea say
    The tea leaves say this is a dangerous way of goverence that gives the decision making to a few
    There is no way that questions of this magnitude can be answered in a limited time without detailing all factors and all that is necessary to making a full and fair judgement to the whole of society
    This is the most laughable i have ever encountered or seen in a democracy where issues that need parliamentary interactions by vigourous and robust debate is handed to people by way of a one minute monkey survey
    The name fits snugly with this monkey govt
    To make my point clear i know of people on social media who does not live on the island and are not barbadians who took the survey
    How is that for good goverence.


  • @ac

    Any opportunity for the public to offer feedback to government is good. It makes the public feel they are a part of the government which it is, the DLP should be taking notes. Try not to criticize for the sake of it. An approach that encourages participation will help to breed confidence in the system, it will be up to the government to deliver now.


  • William Skinner

    Life is very funny. Fair is still fair. For three solid years, contributors and readers of this blog , had to endure a relentless amount of pure nonsense by some extremely uninformed apologists of the current and former regime. They did not offer one significant idea but chose to shamelessly regurgitate the sewage from Roebuck and George Streets. I read very long columns by one contributor, who disseminated a barrage of ;lies, innuendo and allegations , without a scintilla of proof. We endured the stupidity because according to the Blogmaster: If you don’t like um ,don’t read um
    Now all of a sudden , we expect these bold faced political miscreants to be treated with the respect that they did not have for anybody. Like most Barbadians, I am prepared to give our new government a fair chance. However Mariposa has as much rights as the the clowns that we allowed to bombard the blog in the not too distant past with their particular brand of ignorance. They are so thin skinned , that they can barely take two months of what this blog endured for three years and they have the gall to want to silence people for doing exactly what they did.
    These are the very hard facts: Barbados is making its third trip to the international loan sharks known as the IMF. The poor Black citizens , will feel the full brunt like they always do. The decadent and visionless political class will continue to look after the rich and powerful as they have done for the last fifty two years. The quasi government boards and so on will be filled by party lackeys as they have always been filled. The BLPDLP will continue the game of deception that they have mastered for sixty three years and we will be back heer in another ten or fifteen years with the same crap unless the citizens open their eyes.
    Leave Mariposa alone this is till a democracy !!!!!!


  • I am not crticizing for being critical
    The issues on the survey cannot be answered through emotional or what a person perceives to be right or wrong for society
    These are not the typical questions that require a yes or no answers
    These questions are deep rooted in many factors that involves lives and households that need deep thought and plausible concerns
    The voice of the people were heard at the polls on May 24th now it is time for this govt to settle down and shoulder the responsibility of goverence
    A survey of this kind is insidious and one that on the surface satisfy a quizzal yearning for people to be involved however a false sense of involvement that cannot replace govt involvement with an interest to be a govt for all of the people


  • @William

    Do not spout nonsense. Who is preventing ac from commenting? She is free to do so but expect that she will evoke a response. In this case she is rubbishing the survey being circulated and others are saying how does it hurt. She was spouting nonsense about the swamp yesterday and commenters pointed to the error in her argument.


  • When ever the blp is criticized the comments are called rubbish
    However often times in rubbish a nugget or two might be found
    The concern of which i speak is one of good goverence
    How in the world can a 96page monkey survey on issues that are hard and need differing and vocal input with an emphasis of appealing to individual well being can be concluded as given fair and conclusive judgement without all of society involved


  • I think the DLP should have a voice on BU seeing that they have no audience anyway.That the prize goat of The Mirror ignominy gives them encouragement is neither here nor there.After all only recently he averred that Swain shot the little black boy (whom he Swain, said he thought was a monkey) in the 1930’s.So far from the facts as recorded.Then there is the colossal loser candidate who wants to distress BU with his dismal message,unmoved or unmindful of the fact that garnering 149 votes in a constituency of 6000 registered voters and thereby losing his deposit,his reputation and his sputteringly stalled political ambitions,is thusly in no way qualified to opine on the quality of stewardship about to descend on Barbados in this year of our Lord 2018.
    Wuh prices start to come dung uh ready.Gas down by 8 cents from mid nite tonite and every nite till furder notice.Tek dah and watch muh.


  • Wise are the councillors of the Sanhedrin when they reach out to the masses where the ideas are located and where repositories of pearls of wisdom might find a receptacle at the table.


  • @ Mariposa. Any government who involve the same electorate that gives them that “X” by asking them to be a part of of the governance of the country will come out successful. It is people at ground level that can give pertinent insights and realistic ideas.
    On another note, the sale of the Hilton and BNOCL are just short term financing and the money will disappear and a shotage of FOREX will still be the problem. It is like selling your only car just to buy pretty car rims.


  • Well said William Skinner you tie your comment to the return of that ass Bush Tea. With the blog master as enabler putty man Bush wants to ban anyone with a dissenting view. He is the biggest brass bowl perhaps with one competitor. I’m looking at David BU.

    Bush and David BU drowning in sweetness for now. The blog master never tires of his cutting reminder 30-0. He and the plasticine chap should bear in mind a week is a long time in politics.

    The classic instance of quick change in politics is disgraced heavy roller Charles Herbert. Two months ago his cherished dream of bringing down the DLP in collusion with Mia Mottley and the unions was realized. He was on cloud nine. All of a sudden he faces hard time in prison with murderers and rapists for company. Its not funny its real.

    The thing now start.


  • @waiting

    Hard ears yuh wont hear?

    On Mon, Aug 6, 2018 at 3:45 AM, Barbados Underground wrote:



  • It seems that common sense and intelligence are not allowed within the DLP and its yard….

    Where did Bushie call to ban ac or Hal?
    Bushie called for a vote – JA …
    ..mean ya cant even READ?
    …and Bushie predicted THREE votes in their favour – basic inference being that one would be the bushman’s.

    No wonder wunna ran the damn country into the ground – Ossie Moore style.
    Simpleminded morons….


  • Enuff 5.50pm

    Proof of what I have said about Googling. This idiocy is what passes in Barbados as intelligence. He is not the only one, my picture was even published alongside the article.


  • Bush yuh need to shut yuh RH mout fuh years you have been on some kind of drug induced high calling fuh people to get ban. Next to Mia you are a tin horn dictator
    More and more everday barbados is shaping into a turd world banana republic dictatorship because of imbicles like you.
    Goverance and Government run by Monkey Survey is the ultimate step of proff. L M off


  • Monkey goverence the tackiness form of governce i have ever seen
    The reality being that the questions asked are complex and requires lot of fore thought and insight


  • Ross University’s relocating is an educational matter. Why is the prime minister hogging the limelight? Why not the minister of education? Did this have anything with do with the Chinese man, Mr Jong? Afterall, he has Bajan and Dominican connections.


  • @ac

    The survey is just one aspect of the consultative process read bringing government to the people. You are correct the decision to rationalize will require a more complex thinking however governing is about style as well all intended to breath confidence back into a beaten people after 10 years of a DLP government.


  • Which spans investment. Who has responsibility for investment?


  • Aren’t Gov’ts elected to make difficult decisions? Seems to me governing by survey is a cop out given the high candle power around the Cabinet table. “Mr. Minister, can you tell me what Gov’t intends to do about X?” “We are waiting on the results of the survey so I’ll get back to you”

    Find out which way the wind is blowing and move to the top of the procession….. works for some.


  • I am not trying to be rude, but I have suggested to the chairman that in moderating he should remain impartial, if he has any strong views he wants to express, it is one of the few times that anonymity could be justified.
    Read the last two post from BU above. The guy has an inability to think rationally. The survey is art of the consultative process, a superficial notion that does not deserve a reply.
    Then he shows his financial illiteracy: Who is responsible fore investment? The person responsible for investments in Barbados is David from BU. Remind me, plse, where did you go to school? Have you ever studied or worked in finance? Have you ever read a book on finance?

    @Mariposa, the government is trawling for ideas because it has none. The easy bit was winning the general election.


  • Much To Gain From Offshore Medical School
    Director of Admissions of the American Univeristy of Barbados, Dr. Gary Brar, makes a point to Prime Minister Freundel Stuart during a tour of the facility. (A. Miller/BGIS)
    Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has welcomed the establishment of the American University of Barbados (AUB), an offshore medical school that is expected to benefit the island.

    At a ceremony, last Friday, where he officially cut the ribbon to declare open the facility at Wildey, St. Michael, Mr. Stuart thanked the directors of AUB for choosing Barbados as a domicile for students to be trained in medicine.

    Noting that it exemplified Barbados’ ability to attract international business in any area, the Prime Minister said, “As you are aware, Barbados is an offshore jurisdiction. Our economy pivots around not only tourism but also international business of whatever kind.?? We try, therefore, to attract to this country institutions, businesses, facilities from any part of the world so that they can use Barbados as the domicile from which to conduct their affairs.

    “And, we feel confident doing that because we boast here a very stable environment; very reliable and impressive infrastructure, a people with a hospitality whose wont is not matched anywhere else in the world and a Government willing always to facilitate those persons who have the best interest of this country at heart and who are committed to the development of human beings and the making of meaningful contributions to the Treasury of human civilisation.”

    Offering his blessings to the university, Mr. Stuart stated: “I am very confident that the American University of Barbados will live up to the promise… and that the students who graduate from this university will go back to their respective jurisdictions with a message that is so positive that it will have the effect of encouraging others to want to come here and to get their medical education here.”

    AUB, a subsidiary of Era’s Lucknow Medical College and Hospital in India, is expected to bring with it significant gains.

    The first of its kind to be recognised here, it has been described by its Director of Admissions, Gary Brar as likely “to generate job opportunities for many from different walks of life.”

    Dr. Brar, in addressing the opening ceremony, said: “It will provide a platform for social and cultural exchange to people of various countries and, hence, spread a message of universal brotherhood.” Describing the benefits to the island’s economy, he added: “The Medical University will develop with it a township of its own, having Faculty and ancillary staff like security staff, maintenance staff, drivers, cleaners, washing, food supply, cooks, helpers and janitors.

    “A population of about 350 students can build a township of its own and all the local vendors and residents will feel an economic growth in their neighbourhood.”

    He also disclosed that during the reconstruction process at # 18 Wildey Estate in Wildey, St. Michael, where the campus is housed, the university had employed dozens of full time and part time workers such as carpenters, plumbers, electricians, painters, masons and cleaners, thus creating job opportunities.

    The Director further pointed out that AUB would, in the next four to five years, seek to build its own campus here with an estimated investment of approximately US $20 to $30 million. He said: “American University of Barbados, School of Medicine, will become one of the premier medical school institutions in the world for medical education and research. Our goal will be to have 350 students actively enrolled in the programme…We envisage a world where good health is not just the privilege of the rich but the basic right of all.”

    Dr. Brar, agreeing with the sentiments of Prime Minister Stuart, explained that the Directors of AUB had selected Barbados for its stable Government and safe environment for the students.?? “Barbados has all the shopping and social conveniences of the U.S. cities, making students very comfortable with the island. The local language is English. Every major U.S. airline flies to Barbados, making access to the island very easy from the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia,” he stressed.


  • Hon. Miss Mia A. MOTTLEY, Q.C., LL.B., (Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, Economic Affairs and Investment Minister of National Security and the Civil Service)


  • The blogmaster will not waste anymore time on this except to confirm that the UK government no less uses surveys to canvass public feedback on many issues affecting government and wider society. To quote one website:

    Public sector services are driven by the needs and requirements of the people they care for. Conducting online surveys is a quick and affordable method of community engagement and gathers the feedback needed to make service delivery as efficient, effective and budget-conscious as possible.


  • Medical/Economic TRIAGE!

    An influx of medical universities? Is this a sign that Barbados is sick and getting worse cause we just admitted another medical university.

    TRIAGE, implies we pick those that will may survive their wounds/aliments and those that will likey die.

    I guess when we conclude and roll out the IMF programme its will be More TRIAGE.


  • Hal
    All you needed to say was that the Nation inadvertently used your photo. Regarding Google use, all I will say is that Google Scholar is used by many conducting research. As for me being idiotic and unintelligent (I am not the braggodocious type but I know you have a penchant for rankings), my transcript* from one of the best universities (and faculties for my area of study) in the world begs to differ. But if you say I igrunt, well I am thou Oracle; but I understand that though Ross University is an educational facility, it is first and foremost foreign INVESTMENT, thus the presence of the PM, who is responsible for investment.

    Not a certificate of participation.🤣🤣🖐🏾


  • David i have no problem with surveys but in these small island complex questions would attract the attention of mostly the intellects who most of the time is driven by a need of self interests
    I would bet that many of the younger generation who frequented social network would have little interest in responding ..resulting in answers that would only satisfy a few mostly the higher end of society giving them a better advantage on how govt policies should be formulated..whilst inducing a high risk of shutting out the majority and mostly vulnerable who needs govt support. David this is not good goverence
    Personnelly i think this is a dangerous trek along experimental high way called Peoples Involvement
    This is a sharped edge sword which in the long run would result with the so called intellectual mostly influential having more political power and a country leaning comfortably close to dictatorship



  • David i have no problem with surveys but in these small island complex questions would attract the attention of mostly the intellects who most of the time is driven by a need of self interests
    I would bet that many of the younger generation who frequented social network would have little interest in responding ..resulting in answers that would only satisfy a few mostly the higher end of society giving them a better advantage on how govt policies should be formulated..whilst inducing a high risk of shutting out the majority and mostly vulnerable who needs govt support. David this is not good goverence
    Personnelly i think this is a dangerous trek along experimental high way called Peoples Involvement
    This is a sharped edge sword which in the long run would result with the so called intellectual mostly influential having more political power and a country leaning comfortably close to dictatorship



  • @ac

    Will reply to see if you appreciate the point second time around. The government is of the view that by using surveys, joint committee of parliament, timely updating of BGIS and party websites, ministers operating using a cross functional approach, it will all combine to change the ethos in the country as it relates to building trust between the people and government. There are benefits to be had if successful.


  • there is nothing wrong with using an on-line survey etc. Care just has to be taken to weed out the misused or abuse of the data collected as we all know that on-line survey data has a weakness in the area of verification etc

    Another issue has to do with the conclusion(s )that are drawn from the data collected. we mus be always be aware that policy decisions may not be driven solely by the survey data collected. Some here may feel that the survey maybe be a “mechanism” to cloak decisions that has already been made on policy.


  • Amazing that people can be so simple minded and also so completely unaware of this – to the point where they continue to flaunt their stupidity… over and over…
    In a modern world, the secret to success is to generate consensus among your various publics. Consensus is generated by communication (TWO WAY preferably – thus the surveys), by listening to alternative views, (thus the surveys), and by decisive action once consensus is arrived at.

    NCOs who operate by taking orders may not appreciate this, but it is the reality of a modern world – where almost anyone can swing public opinion and support by using social media – for example…. that consensus is CRITICAL for success.

    If the “bull-in-a-China-shop” approach of the DLP failed so miserably over the last decade…, who but a CLOWN would now criticise the BLP for taking a different approach…?

    OH Wait…. Hal would…
    The man was slow from school days – and likely even before….


  • David,

    Investments are carried out by investors, not by government. Governments tax investments. In Keynesian terms, governments can stimulate the economy, but under our system we look to the private sector for investments. Stop Googling and think. Ministers can give themselves any title, even minister for the blue economy. Try scenario analysis rather than bluffing
    Macroeconomic decisions are based on economics, financial markets (including consumers) and politics, a fusion that we are used to, with each sector having a decided role to play. Know this is how we differentiate between financial analysts and number crunchers.
    I will end this lesson on a small note: since February the Barbados dollar (the Bajan) has risen by about 10 per cent. Given that since May 24 we have defaulted on our local and external debt, economic fundamentals say our currency should have depreciated because we are now insolvent. Yet, we have not had any press conferences, Mr Jong has not sent out any press releases, in Mandarin, Cantonese or English and our great press has not said a dickey bird.
    Yet, one of our most promising senators (one with vast financial experience, according to the Nation, and great heritage according to the chairman of BU) said in parliament that he strongly defended the fixed exchange rate. This is the kind of nonsense that passes as serious economic debate in Barbados.
    We recently had someone on BU talking about slavery being the foundation of modern capitalism; in other words, slavery was the foundations for all the forms of capitalism from the slave trade to the rise of mass production to the rise of internet capitalism. Apple is now valued at US$1trn. In elementary terms, according to this great scholar, the capitalism of the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries is the same as capitalism of the early 21st century. Plse think, use your brain.
    If David, the chairman, had made these contributions about economics and finance anonymously, I would have ignored them. But as chairman he has influence, and gives weight to silly ideas. Again, government is not the source of financial investments to make the economy grow, but it creates the environment – regulatory and fiscal. Monetary policy is the responsibility of the central bank. Governments spend tax payers money.


  • What is wrong with you dude?

    The prime minister has responsibility for facilitating investment.



  • @ Bush Tea August 6, 2018 10:17 AM

    Quote ” NCOs who operate by taking orders may not appreciate this, but it is the reality of a modern world – where almost anyone can swing public opinion and support by using social media – for example…. that consensus is CRITICAL for success. ”

    Unfortunately the above is true. This also points out that the “dummying down” of the masses has been rather successful.

    A well planned and executed “social media” exercise will often get persons to vote/operate against their better long term interest.

    The “herd mentality”(if everyone else is doing it it must be …) is often used to weaken institutions that protect use against future abuses/abusers. The “fake news” industry is fully alive well and kicking.


  • Isn’t it amazing that some knowitalls are so obtuse that they end up on the wrong side of commonsense? How many people do surveys reach? What percentage of them respond to surveys? If e.g. 10,000 people respond out of a potential 150,000 what does that say except that 10,000 people cared enough but the others didn’t or couldn’t be bothered. Do you declare consensus on the results of the majority of the 10,000 and act accordingly? At least if the Gov’t commissioned a Poll it could say there is scientific evidence to back its actions.



  • Nothing. Just surprised and disappointed at your folly. I just tried to explain and you come again stubbornly. Facilitating investment (ie creating the regulatory and fiscal environment) is not the same as responsibility for investing. Even you can understand the difference. And I am no a dude.


  • Why are you making a sound and dance about a meet and greet session with the Ross principal. Should Dominicans share your concerns because their PM held a national press conference to announce their decision to depart?

    You may have the last word, DUDE!


  • People do not understand the dangerous mine fields that are already placed in those initiatives
    It places a country democracy under a disadvantage that chips away at democratic idealogies and principles which sooner rather than later give the upperhand of policymakng to a ruling few


  • I am making a song and dance about appalling ignorance in this year, 2018. Your childish dudish behaviour says it all. Do it anonymously and I will ignore you. Do it as chairman of BU and I will condemn the nonsense.


  • @Sargeant

    You are correct in part, copies of the survey according to the BGIS notification is available in hard copy from all post offices on the island.


  • Hahahaaa Hal you soon blow a gasket trying to convince the BU household that you’re an expert in finance and economics. At least the “promising senator” has lil papers in economics and development, including a stint at that school called London School of Economics (the types you like to use to disgrace UWI) and some work experience in the area. Apart from working for the “Poisoner-in-Chief” and other UK rags, please tell us what work experience/*substantive training you have in the areas of finance and economics? Or you just “google” bookstores?🤣🤣

    Not certificates of attendance/participation.🤣🤣


  • @ August 6, 2018 10:45 AM


    I don’t know why Hal Austin is being so hard on you; but i think i see what he is saying.

    You have technically have two roles/personas . David the private citizen that can say whatever you like about anyone u like for as long as you like.

    Then u have the persona a BU Chairperson. Unfortunately in Hal’s opinion you don’t have such freedoms.

    I guess a high court judge is in a similar position. He can write a damming report/editorial as an anonymous contributor to any newspaper. However he/she dare not do the same in his/her official role as High court judge.

    I can see where he is coming from. U may not concur.


  • sirFuzzy

    It is a blog. Relax.


  • How many people do surveys reach? What percentage of them respond to surveys?


    I think the reason there is a survey is so it can be said that although the 41,000 were denied a voice in Parliament look what the BLP did, it still gave them an opportunity to speak!!


  • @ John August 6, 2018 11:19 AM

    If what u said turns out to be true. Then we really need to seriously rethink/calibrate this experiment we calling “democracy”.

    If i didn’t vote for the party that makes up the Govt.; the MP is still my representative just not my preferred representative. Maybe these MPs think that if you didn’t vote for me i don’t have the responsibility of representing you? The epitome of partisanship and not democracy?


  • Enuff,

    I would normally ignore your silliness. But fabricating stories is not the done thing. I have never claimed to be an expert on finance or economics. In fact, for the umpteenth time, I did not go to school. I am a dunce. I just like discussing ideas.
    The most important free market in Barbados and Barbadians is the free market of ideas. A difference of opinion should not be a capital offence – as it appears to be in Barbados. If you want to soberly discuss ideas, I am your man.
    By the way, CLR James did not go to university or have impressive CVs, (including MAs in something called Political Sociology), nor did Professor Richard Titmus and numerous others, including Andre Malraux..
    If yo do not behave yourself I will get David (BU) to give you lessons in reason. Dude.


  • Dentistry Whisperer (M. Pharm. D) LinkedIN

    Respect my confidentiality – Thanks. Keep a close tab on new Universities arriving on your Island. Elton influences his niece. He wants to increase the number of universities to about 12. Codrington College and Erdiston are spoken for. Michael Clarke is on board to have this in his legacy. (Anglican Synod dilemma). Both Elliott and Elton (Elombe) have reached out for my input. I am associated with many U.S. and U.K. tertiary levels of education. U of N. Carolina, Utah, McGill, U of T. and Dalhousie, Nova Scotia, Canada. Haynes Darlington.


  • ICB is involved.


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