Joint Select Committee of Parliament to Critique Integrity in Public Life Bill

Today (17/07/2018) the government established a Joint Select Committee composed of eleven members, seven from the Lower House and four from the Upper Chamber. Accommodation will be made by the government to receive written and verbal feedback from the public on the Integrity in Public Life Bill. All Joint Select Committee proceedings will be streamed via social media.

Political parties since 1974 have promised to operationlize integrity legislation in Barbados with zero success. The Barbados Labour Party (BLP) promised to implement integrity legislation as a campaign promise and they appear to be hellbent on delivering.

70 thoughts on “Joint Select Committee of Parliament to Critique Integrity in Public Life Bill

  1. Amm would not be holding my breath
    Smoke and mirrors all over again
    If Mia was serious about integrity her first order of business before becoming unilateral dictator would have engaged the people on her intent/decision to default on barbados debt
    Secondly after promising to disclose ministers financial records she closed the door tight so no one but her could see what is in them
    So far many of her decisions have not been demonstrative of the integrity bill she and ministers are proposing
    One can bet that in the long ran the bill is going to be a wash down flimsy paper of nothingness having little to do with integrity
    30-0 with no opposition
    Who is watching?

  2. Listen up, the reason why the previous administration didn’t/ couldn’t go to the IMF was because of this same bill that is being passage through the system. Any loans now from the IMF are contingent upon legislation being in place to deal with the wanton theft of tax payers’ money. This bill is just one of the many things that are part of the demands by the IMF.

    • Interesting comment whitehall.

      The IMF appears to be insisting members that want to enter programs implement a governance framework to manage corruption.


      Criteria for IMF involvement

      The guidance note I mentioned earlier makes it clear that the IMF’s mandate and resources do not allow the institution to adopt the role of an investigative agency or guardian of financial integrity in member countries. Also, the guidance note emphasizes that the IMF’s involvement in governance should be limited to its economic aspects.
      In considering whether IMF involvement in a governance issue is appropriate, the guidance note is clear that the staff should be guided by an assessment of whether poor governance would have significant current or potential effects on macroeconomic performance in the short and medium term and the ability of the government to credibly pursue policies aimed at external viability and sustainable growth. Thus, the Fund’s concern for the quality of governance and limiting corruption springs from the fact that poor governance and corruption may have an actual or potential negative impact on macroeconomic performance.
      As regards possible individual instances of corruption, the guidance note says that the IMF staff should continue raising these with the authorities in cases where there is a reason to believe they could have significant macroeconomic implications, even if these effects are not precisely measurable.
      Instances of corruption that do not meet the threshold of having significant macroeconomic implications are best addressed through the IMF’s efforts to promote transparency and support policy reform that remove opportunities for rent seeking activities.
      In the case of a country that seeks a financial arrangement with the IMF, the need to safeguard the Fund’s resources must also be taken into account. Financial assistance from the Fund could be suspended or delayed on account of poor governance, if there is reason to believe it could have significant macroeconomic implications that threaten the successful implementation of the adjustment program. Corrective measures that at least begin to address the governance issue should be prior actions for resumption of IMF support and, if necessary, certain key measures could be structural benchmarks or performance criteria.

  3. Mottley Once again gave up the opportunity to not only demonstrate integrity and show the people of barbados that her govt was serious about going about the job of cleaning up corruption or any motives which is seen or heard of to be be corrupt
    But No use Parliament to conduct a dog and pony show called A Jesus Moment
    How in Jesus name can anyone after such a display of ignorance by Mottley right in the faces of the barbadians belive any thing this woman has to say
    One would have thought that the first words out of her mouth would be A called for indictments but no Mottley refuses to let go of the carrot and stick which she waved before the electorate to win the election and now brings it before parliament to act out in her interest to form integrity legislation
    What a sham

  4. Mariposa,

    You are doing fine. Did you hear the prime minister talking of taking civil action against suspected offenders during yesterday’s parliamentary debate. CIVIL. What nonsense. If there is a prima facie case of fraud, then there must be a CRIMINAL prosecution – cut out the civil nonsense, especially when the penalties have been reduced to a pittance. The prime minister is being clever.

  5. What reccomendations from the public. Give me a f****ing break
    Here govt was given amandate to govern resulting in a 30-0 defeat of past govt
    Mia. Is being paid to govern the country . Mia stated she can fix barbados problems how ludicrous can she be in asking the people to write or send suggestions on how to run the country. She has 29 ministers plus advisors and consultants upon whom she says is necessary and all getting whopping salaries and now is asking 275 more of the populace to be part of the advisory team without being paid
    Mia is demonstrating early sings of madness
    All the public needs accountability and transparency when decisions are being made
    Not fair for this govt when it finds itself at wits ends to be using parliament as a carnival road show to get attention.

  6. I won’t give them a dime either since I know they are the usual white and other shitehound minorities waiting in the wings to thief it, the electorate had a sense of that pending doom and got rid of the corrupt DLP permanently for that same reason…

    Things were bound to come to a head…meet the head.

  7. Mariposa,
    You are wrong about Mia. She does have a masterplan for Barbados. The problem is that it is being kept hidden from all of us. It is her little secret.

  8. Ha, Ha…..we know ya dont know, so before ya crash and burn, a civil case strengthens and bolsters a criminal case, the only issue I have with that is if the AG, CJ, Registrar etc dont get pressure put on them by Mia….to put pressure on the judges and lawyers with the requisite updated new rules and procedures to EXPEDITE ALL civil cases, past, present and future to a 9 month maximum deadline firom start to closure….any future civil cases will be like tiefing Leroy Leper’s clico case, still winding through a stagnant and backlogged court system. .until the statute of limitations runs out…as long as the Civil Court remains in its current state of flux, that will continue to be the outcomes….nothing will get done.

    That is what makes me wary of the Mia plan,.

  9. Does Barbados not have penalties for public servants who do not carry out their job?? If the AG, CJ, Registrar, DP, etc. don’t do their job as described by Law then they should be prosecuted or stripped of their jobs! Problem is…. as always… who watches the Watchman??

    All this talk about ‘integrity bill’ …. if it ain’t independent …. it will be a waste of time!! The IMF ain’t full of fools…… as the saying goes…”been there, done dat!!” …. they know how to deal with small country governments ….. we got to come ‘good’ and pass a proper integrity bill…. let’s go Mia, shows the yardfowls from the DLP how it is done!

  10. Imagine while piloting a Bill designed to stamp out corruption, we are being told that those who are corrupt just need to write a letter seeking forgiveness. This is pure comedy and the so -called “Come to Jesus” is more about saving the backsides of the big shots who are involved in bribery. Additionally it will save face for those on BOTH sides who are corrupt. This Bill should be renamed the The Bill to Protect the Corrupt !
    But what can we really expect when one of the advisers , a former Chief Justice, went on a public call-in program and declared that corruption, especially bribery is widespread but was not asked why as Chief Justice, he did not use his influence and office to go after the corrupt.
    The question remains: Who will guard the guardians ?

  11. Hal i agree!

    However what i am seeing now is plenty smoke being tossed into air which begs the question what is Mia up too and if all these antics of PR stunts and peoples engagement are all being formulated within a framework to build the peoples confidence for a impending free fall.
    That is why in my previous comment i called this govt “out” as being masters of manipulation

  12. @ David,

    Does the Prime Minister of Barbados have the power to grant immunity from prosecution to former politicians for taking bribes ?

    DLP politicians should consult their lawyers.

    • @Hants

      The Prime Minister is a powerful person. In this case it maybe about sending a signal to whom it may concern. She knows to crack this but will call for non traditional approaches.

  13. William

    Come on, friend!! Can’t you see what is actually happening here.

    During the 2008 election campaign, the DLP went the length and breadth of this island telling Barbadians about corruption in the BLP. Thompson promised investigate and hold BLP ministers accountable. They even dedicated 3 pages of their 2008 manifesto to good governance.

    After winning the elections, Thompson went to the press waving papers and talking about the number of consultants the BLP hired and their salaries. Thompson then hired his own consultants to positions he previously criticized. For example, he was critical of Mark Williams appointment as special events coordinator…..but Williams was replaced with Crandton Browne.

    Then each minister told Bajans about “the mess” they discovered.

    After 10 years, no BLP minister prosecuted, and there was not any further mention of corruption until election time.

    There have been similar references to corruption, a similar waving of paper and talk of prosecution by this BLP administration.

    There will not be “locking up” of former DLP ministers. Why?

    This integrity legislation makes it seem that, unlike the DLP, the BLP is backing its talk with action. However, take a careful look at some of the clauses and you will discover the BEES have to return the favor offered to them by the DEMS……that is, the DEMS gave thea BEES a “get out of jail free” so the BEES must return the favor.

    • Many will be cynical until this BLP government makes a move on corruption that is a departure from the past. Mia is a rich woman, she is clearly about legacy building. This is the hope of some of us.

      We need her to hold two, only two. It was farcical listening to Glyne Clarke in the news venting in the debate yesterday. This is a man like other Ministers of transportation before him selling PSV permits.

      Clearly the task to prove ministers and others guilty will call for individuals turning evidence/files.

  14. A lotta long talk about corruption and tiefing and Integrity – the latter of which is scarce among most of them in Parliament.

    However Colin Jordan – a seventh Day elder in the church appealed to the bribe givers – I feel he mean fellas like Abed and Herbert and Maloney and Bizzy and Cow and people so- TO STOP OFFERING THEM BRIBES ha ha .

    Glyne Clarke on the other – already vex because he ain’t get a minister’s salary and not even a Speaker’s salary – he too is now saying – pay the ministers more – or else they will be tempted to accept the bribes offered

    But I hope people know that the shoe could be on the other foot.The politician too can be the bribe giver.

    For example consider this scenario:

    Listen bossman – Mr Evil or the Bounty- ful man -You scratch my back and I will scratch yours.You bring out the people and your commodities can come in unhindered.I know who to put where to get it done.Don’t worry – watch muh – I got this

    Remember this is what Artherley is alluding to:

    I am following what Joseph Artheley said about politicians getting in bed with criminal underworld people as part of their campaign.


    The seriousness of the implications of a lot of that seemed to have escaped a lot of people or like some on here like to do – tell you about Jada or George pilgrim etc.

    I hope Joseph Artherley is wrong.

  15. @ William Skinner July 18, 2018 8:20 AM
    “Imagine while piloting a Bill designed to stamp out corruption, we are being told that those who are corrupt just need to write a letter seeking forgiveness. This is pure comedy and the so -called “Come to Jesus” is more about saving the backsides of the big shots who are involved in bribery. Additionally it will save face for those on BOTH sides who are corrupt. This Bill should be renamed the The Bill to Protect the Corrupt !”

    Willy, I can see clearly where you are coming from and to where you are heading.
    Why is PM Mottley-in the hard-fought-for position of Primus inter Pares- trying to equate herself and her Cabinet to Jesus and his twelve imaginary disciples?

    It is Not for Ms Mottley and her colleagues to forgive any transgressor who caused the long-term and potentially fatal fiscal debilitation of Barbados but the people of Barbados who have already returned their verdict on the guilt of those who financially raped the vulnerable taxpayers.

    It is up to the people to forgive them. So instead of asking those ‘suspected’ of being instrumental in the facilitation of this massive abuse of their power over the people why not ask those who have perpetrated these financial crimes against the people to apologize, publicly, to the people instead of this secret behind-the-scene confessions to Pontius Mottley and her Mafiosi of cardinals?

    Does her demand for ‘the-devil-made-us-do-it’ apology mean that these swindlers of the public purse can continue to ‘enjoy’- with their family and friends- in their old age the millions defrauded from the taxpayers?

    Where does that leave the other hundreds of suspected petty purloiners facing the justice system of Barbados; some in excess of 3 years?

    Can we expect a similar act from your own Truth & Reconciliation commission by way of the dropping of their cases should they admit to their petty crimes like pilfering two tins of corned beef from Popular or a wrapper of cigarette paper from some Indian-owned tax-avoiding shop in order to make a joint to smoke illegal imported weed called Bounty Killa?

    What really and truly does your proposal mean?

    That these corrupt public sector executives- including those politically appointed- aka the public sector white collar criminals will not be charged under the existing pieces of legislation like the Financial Administration & Audit Act, the Anti-Money Laundering Act and, those most effective one, the Income Tax Act to ensure the taxpayers get back at least 35% of their stolen financial goods?

    The mere fact that the only genuine MP- the really and truly honourable Hinkson who has been the torch bearer in the anti-corruption crusade for the past 5 years- has been sidelined and excluded from this Truth & Reconciliation court aka Joint Select Committee to look into the making of escape clauses to issue as get-out-of jail cards to these obvious financial criminals some of them qualified crooks looking like QCs.

    “One for all, all for All for One’ seems to be the deeply entrenched and eternally adhered to motto of the Political Class.

    The now low-lying Prince Pinocchio the Stinkliar the once High flying Magus of voodoo economics in the Kingdom of Sin-Clair and his denuded Lord Kingpin Fumble Stuart must be laughing their beheaded heads off at their politically friendly nemesis Queen Bee now Empress of the ’fair’ land of hypocrisy and deceit called Barbadoes.

  16. It is evident that Mottley having no evidence to convict or indict any one has resort to a Jesus tactic a move wherin itself shows the sloppy disregard which Mia has for the justice system
    It seems as if everday Mia has slowly morphed into a Trump like character

  17. @ David who wrote ” @Hants The Prime Minister is a powerful person ”

    Dose Barbados have ” rule of Law ” that says bribery involving politicians is a criminal and must be prosecuted in a court of law ?

    Does the Prime Minister of Barbados have the power to offer pardons to people who confess to crime ?

    I beg the forgiveness of the BU bloggers for the sheet I here writing.

    • @Hants

      Of course she does not have the power to offer immunity. We have to learn to discern bluster and rhetoric from real talk.

  18. All the right words were spoken by the MPs…except for the misstep by Colin Jordan, who is new and lets’s hope he don’t pay to learn that the minorities who believe they have some right to plunder and rape the treasury and pension fund as they have been doing for decades come from a long line of thieves, their thievery is ancestral particularly in their belief that they have some given right to steal from the black majority population, disenfranchise, marginalize, sideline and dictate to them using black government ministers.

    That too must come to an end…legislation will not do that, it is practiced institutionalized racist behaviour on the part of minority business people that has to be dismantled….or maybe they can explain, putting aside the greed of ministers in the last government..why they consistently found it necessary to pick up nearly damn ALL the people’s money and give away to minorities thieves in the business community..

    In saying that….justice must be served one way or the next…evidence found implicating those who am sure did not cover their tracks sufficiently MUST BE prosecuted criminally..

    ….those hasty contracts the ministers made with their co-conspirators to continue ripping off the taxpayer and continue receiving kickbacks in the future, all that now has to walked back…ALL OF THE CO-CONSPIRATORS…ALL OF THOSE NOW BEING INVESTIGATED FOR RIPPING OFF TAXPAYER’S AND PENSIONERS..each and everyone of them should be permanently BLACKLISTED from doing any future business with government or any persons or organization that handles public funds..

    ALL of them owing NIS should be permanently BANNED from submitting their fraudulent documents to access land or any assets belonging to the public going forward…make sure they pay what they owe through the courts, so too all the minorities in the business community with their fraud contracts and big brain scams..ban them all from access to public funds.

    Blacklist all the thieves, we know who they are.

    The whistleblowers, if they are smart, will come forward as soon as the bill is codified and put this all behind them, particularly those who know first hand what went on in the government departments, ministries…exminister’s office to bring the island to it’s knees…and have the names complete with documentation of all the minority business people who demanded access to these ministers to plunder and rip off the population of their assets and money.

  19. It is refreshing to hear and read about the exchanges taking place on the subject matter. We have waited for many years for the narrative to crescendo on governance issues. We the people have to keep pushing to ensure the mindset and legislative shift is achieved.

  20. And just to be clear…all that blacklisting of minority thieves and others who believe the public purse is theirs to rape and steal from, should be made very public….all of them when banned from accessing the public purse again, should be made public..a long list of names in the public domain..

    Agree with Enuff…you had to be listening very carefully to understand just how it is being done, there are reasons why some will not be criminally prosecuted if they walk away from those very recent, very hasty fraud contracts, including the prohibitive cost to the public of not pursuing them, it does not mean if they refuse to walk away that other legal methods cannot be employed…fraud is fraud.

    There is reference to mounting evidence against those who can be criminally prosecuted, they still have to gather information….a lot of trust is being put into AG Marshall, I hope he knows this is not the time to disappoint.

    There are ways to get all of them, hopefully Mia stays strong, this is not the time for the fraternal bullshit…….CYA..cover ya own ass.

    The population is not amused by any of this and they should not be either.

  21. @ the Sage Annunaki

    You said and I quote “…It is Not for Ms Mottley and her colleagues to forgive any transgressor who caused the long-term and potentially fatal fiscal debilitation of Barbados…”

    For specific transactions where there were “fiscal debilitations” Mia and her forensics team HAVE FOUND THE THEFTS.

    But the thing is this is why they have been talking about one hand clapping.

    They know about the money and the parties to the infelicities but in a few cases they only have evidence of to lick up one person and not the other hand.

    So what they are saying to these theives is IF YOU GIVE UP THE PRINCIPALS we will be lenient with you.

    These are the small fish that this invite is for

    If they come clean and give up the big fish then there will be some degree of amnesty

    De grandson going make a Stoopid Cartoon for

    They only want the ministers SO WUNNA ARE (PLURAL – DEM IS NUFF IF YOU) WUNNA ARE ENCOURAGED TO GIVE UP DE VAGABOND MINISTERS and it will go better with you

  22. In today’s Nation newspaper they are reporting that Mia has said that she is not going after any of her predecessors for wrongdoing.

    Notice that this is the Nation newspaper (the paper of choice for the BLP) and not Barbados Today.

    There has been no denial of this statement from Ms Mottley either.

    She also stated that every individual deserves a second chance and wherever justice is pursued it has to be on the basis of evidence

    If there is evidence then we will deal with it.

    Where are all the big files I saw Ms Mottley with right after the elections – pointing to her evidence?

    What about all this talk by the A.G Dale Marshall about bringing foreign people to go after those who just left?

    How do the kool aid drinkers and supporters feel after hollering out about the Dems ministers tief and they are going to get lock up.You don’t have to look too far back on this site to see some of the talk and dizziness with joy that was taking place.

    After 2008 and the DLP did nothing to the BLP when there was real,real evidence of corruption,I just laugh.with all this idle talk.

  23. They also get to keep their jobs, those whistleblowers….if they give up the exministers AND their bribe masters who blew up the ministry phones calling and demanding and comman did that…

  24. who blew up the ministry phones calling and demanding and commanding to get what they want, yeah, the same minority thieves did that…

  25. Mia has to make sure justice is served or the electorate will NEVER forgive her, she has to answer to the electorate..unlike Fruende; who believed there were enough tourists whom he feted and minorities whom he and his corrupt ministers allowed to rip off the reelect them….and he learned the hard way that the same people he disrespected, insulted and ignored, his own people used their power to excise his arrogance and disrespect and those of his and his ministers out of their lives….. D-Day is in 5 years…

    “Mottley added: “I have no interest in vengeance but I have an interest in making sure that Barbadians receive the full opportunity for development.

    “And this is not to be interpreted as the AG not going ahead with the ones for which there is clear evidence.

    “ . . . . If there is clear evidence of malfeasance in public office, then he must act. If there is evidence for higher [than that], then he must equally act too, and there are instances that are still the subject of investigations.”

  26. For those who still don’t understand what is going on…All that runaway theft of public funds for 10 years has rendered the island BROKE and VULNERABLE.

    ….all those fraud contracts had the potential to DESTROY any progress for the island going into the future….those contracts had to be rescinded, the government has NO CHOICE but to make attempts to recover much of that money OR…they may very well have to approach international loan sharks, remember, the debt vultures???

    Your children and grandchildren will suffer for decades into the future, while the thieves children and grandchildren will make sure your children and grandchildren suffer even more into the future if something is not done about them ALL NOW..

    This small island slave shit about..wuh dem tief nuff too and DLP din lock dem up…is shit..DLP should have locked them up even though they did not steal every shit…unlike DLP who not only stole everything, but gave most of it away to thieves who bribe them…

    I still believe a bullet to the head is most appropriate for corrupt government ministers AND business people….this particular Gang of Thieves have wreaked complete havoc on the island…the destruction is total.

  27. “We have waited for many years for the narrative to crescendo on governance issues.”

    I always keep in the back of my mind that these are the same Gang of Minority Thieves who raped the country for decades, who used the power they had over the exgovernment, Owen, the DPP deceased, the Commissioner of Police and the same Mia…to attempt to shut down the blogs…for exposing their corruption, thefts and crimes against the people…with Cow the Ape and Bizzy leading the charge in the business look how much money is missing.

    My memory is long.

    We wait to see the outcome of all this..

  28. If Ms Mottley wants to do something that will really impact and improve the lives of the ordinary people, she should revist that decision taken by the Central Bank to allow commercial banks to set their own interest rates.

    She should also look at establishing some entity (certainly not as toothless as the Fair Trading) to examine and hold to account the actions of these banks re the setting of fees,mortgages,the push to force persons especially the elderly towards online banking etc

    Pensioners are crying about the unfairness of the banks

    Since credit Unions do not allowing for Chequing Accounts -they will not meet the needs of everyone.

    This should be done as a priority instead of some of the other things they are rushing ahead with.

  29. @ Pieceuhderockyeahright July 18, 2018 1:01 PM

    ‘Master Piece’, don’t get sucked into that Venus flytrap for an excuse.

    The other ends of the Gordian knot can be found in the hidden and taxing cups of the BRA.

    A targeted investigation under the aegis of the BRA using the powers of the Income Tax might just reveal more than just one nipple dripping with the dirty milk of corruption.

    Why not establish an audit trail via the BRA which (if forensically followed) would lead back to those political and bureaucratic recipients of the ‘cream-off’ to make a medici like Chickler at a poker pool under the village tamarind tree look like school boys pitching marbles at school break.

    One is left to speculate if this amnesty offered to the bold-faced crooks is extended also to the likes of Greenverbs of CLICO infamy and his associates in the supply of legal services.

    There is a searching question to Ms Transparency the Joan of Arc of the Bajan economy:
    Have Greenverbs Parris and his goons of legal advisors calling themselves quick quacks and crooks declared and paid the appropriate tax to the BRA for sucking so hard on the nipples of the CLICO policyholders and the taxpayers of menopausal Bim?

    Please Master Piece, frame that question in the form of a “Stoopid Cartoon” and see how many viewers it would attract to peep at the naked Mona Lisa of political hypocrisy.

  30. I remember the article well…exministers of government names were listed right next to Cow and Bizzy, opposition leaders names, Mia’s, including Marshall’s name now government, were listed, the thieves in the business sector were out for blood, all the names I called above wanted VENGEANCE on the blogs for exposing the ongoing corruption and thefts of taxpayers and pensioners money…

    ..some of them even hired small time hackers to crash websites….the DPP deceased was going crazy trying to find ways to rid the island of the blogs for his sidekick Harris and his paymasters the minority business people….the the Acting Commissioner was all over the place..

    Now here they are, with a straight face and in parliament singing a very different tune, saying all the right words as MPs on the taxpayer’s payroll….DPP excluded of course.

    Ah don’t know how they are viewing themselves, but ya can bet the people don’t trust any of them.

    Don’t tell me all of you forgot that already, it has not been that long.

    Piece….I know you have not forgotten all that confusion back then..wuh they nearly locked you

  31. It gets even better……presently Enuffs buddy Vivek Harris is the new “watchdog” for any corruption in the Mia government…outdoing the blogs with his vigilant barbadostoday newspaper, none of them can break wind unless he gets a whiff and exposes it the very next day…..

    I am still trying to figure out just how that script got flipped…it just happened overnight.

    …yall know I am not making any of this up right…yall were there and if ya say not…ya lie.

  32. ..some of them even hired small time hackers to crash websites….the DPP deceased was going crazy trying to find ways to rid the island of the blogs for his sidekick Harris and his paymasters the minority business people…. the Acting Commissioner was all over the place.

    …as a matter of fact both Cow the Ape and Bizzy came out openly in the newspapers and said publicly that the internet should be removed. from Barbados, that they don’t want it there…I remember that article also..and boy did they try, with the help of then government ministers and then opposition leaders, police, DPP, everybody was helping them cover up that corruption, they were all made to mobilize by the business crooks, they can’t say they don’t know all of that was to rip off their own people, how could they not know….they were all joined at the hip..

    Miller…can you believe any of this though.

  33. Within the space of twenty-four hours Mia has morphed from being a fearless lion to a toothless mutton. The people of Barbados have voted in a snake shifting chameleon. She is unfit to govern Barbados; and confirms to me that the country is on course to merge with the abyss.

    My message to my fellow Barbadians would be to ignore your politicians and to look into your own salvation by forming strong communities and working cooperatives. The established political parties remain the enemy of the people and cannot be trusted.

  34. Yall remember now…all these taxpayer paid exministers/civil servants who are no longer in parliament AND the then opposition, now the government..paid by the people, allowed themselves to be mobilized by minority thieves in the business community and go on a vengeful rampage against the blogs to cover up theft and corruption perpetrated against their own black people….massive theft of the people’s money and fraud to access that money that are now coming to light in all their grotesqueness and vulgarity.

    None of them could put enough spin on this to make it go away or make the people forget.., none of them are that good…no matter how pretty they talked in parliament.

    My advice…lock up those responsible for the thefts and fraud or don’t expect another 5 year term.

  35. Who Mottley think she is! off on a begging hunt in pursuit of the public knoweldge asking public to send opinions and suggesting on spending cuts
    Who Mottley think she is after hiring a truckload of economists and advisors and God knows who else under the table at taxpayers expense to fix the economy now reverting to the average man on the street looking for economic help
    Who Mottley think she is asking the public to work on economic issues for free
    Hell No. It does not work like that. In a democracy ever job deserves a pay check
    This woman must have bump her head during childhood years

  36. exyardfowl…the question you should be asking instead of the petty nonsense ya spouting is….how did Mia and her ministers who were in Opposition at the time NOT REALIZE that they now have to investigate thefts and fraud committed against the people and country that they helped ya dumb exgovernment and the thieves in the business community to cover up…

    Either that or they have to explain why they were ALL so desperate, back then, to shut the blogs down for highlighting and exposing the same thefts, fraud and corruption…that they are now investigating against the same people.

    The government engaging the public to voice their opinions on their economy and on their future is penance for their actions against the people which was voluntary and it is the right thing to do… no one coerced them to turn on the people or collude with others to keep information about the people’s funds from the people back then… don’t judge.

  37. Yeah foolbert wait fuh dat to happen. Hell would freeze over or Jesus might just come again
    Mia has no evidence to support the petty lies of corruption
    Watch she now in Parliament talking to Jesus yesterday
    Lawd come fyh yuh world

  38. “Does the Prime Minister of Barbados have the power to grant immunity from prosecution to former politicians for taking bribes ?

    DLP politicians should consult their lawyers.”


    Smart strategy to smoke out the bandits and get information.

    Do you really think that the real bandits are going to come forward? It is the small man who the bandits used to aid and abet them in the theiving!

  39. ah see it is not working out so well for yall…and of course exyardfowls know even less about what is really going on anyway, yall must be exhausted and still got nearly 5 years to

    So glad I am not you.

  40. Nothing but crooks , you cant even look to call them nothing but criminals on every level, All funds every cent must come back, We have a back door for the Crook PM to take to sidestep in her part in all things, She to be a lawyer she better put on that cap and not study money but Justice, for only Justice will bring back all money taken, First the PM must tell the truth that her AG is also a crook that needs to be replaced and Payne also needs to go, She will still have 27 other ministers , they better all go take 1 year of law and UWI free education to see how the law is looking at them and need not trust the crooks ass lawyer of the BAR on any level who take turns covering the back of other crooks lawyers, IMF or BFP cant have both, The AG and PAYNE to be fired and they will go IND , I see A 3 party government for I don’t see Caswell want then on their side hahahah BLP- OPP- IND

  41. Why should consumers wait or lobby government to introduce legislation on their behalf, when they have the power to facilitate the implementation of change.

    I recall about 2 years ago, a certain bank in SVG decided to implement fees for banking services and the next day, Vincentians came out in their numbers, in long queues, to withdraw their money from thethe bank…..

    …..without intervention from government or a consumer organization.

    So to suggest government should be at the fore front of advocating consumer rights is ludicrous.

  42. To the DLP wherever you are now is a time to call the “watch muh” woman’s bluff. She is mouthing off about prosecuting members of the former government using bizarre references to Jesus. My free advice to DLP lawyers is to reach out to those two women in the videos who accuse two of “watch muh” cabinet ministers of serious wrong doing. The outreach should be pro bono. You can throw their file on “watch muh” or Jesus desk. Its strange that MSM haven’t at least done an investigative piece on that sad daughter and mother.

    The Prime Minister when she was LOO threatened to close down BU. That hasn’t stopped the BLP stooge who operates the blog from taking every word from “watch muh” lips as gospel. What’s become of Caswell Franklyn he came out hitting sixes but like he retire hurt. The only journalist including the ones who run blogs like BU who has shown the balls to question the BLP government is Kaymar Jordan at BT. People who don’t drink Mia’s kool aid are praying for Kaymar. We hope she keeps up her good work because you can only imagine the threats she receives on a daily basis from “watch muh” yardfowls.

  43. The PM does not have to lift a finger to touch Kaymar………just like she messed up at the Nation, she will mess up at BT.

    The libel lawsuits filed against BT will be her final demise and all the PM would continue to say is…… muh! He He! Redwash!!!!!!!!!!

  44. @ The Sage Anunnaki,

    It is my hope that when i grow up I will acquire the skills to so intermingle truth in my sentences that what is said is not sue-able yet speaks volumes to the nature of the matter.

    Of course a few will come here and say that i am brown-nosing but as you clearly see, I cant learn anything and me head hard.

    The grandson was able to do the Stoopid Cartoon for Brother Hants “Last Chance”

    I noted your response and 2.54 pm today and acknowledge its rationale.

    There is a little story which i know that you know but brimmers that abound on BU will not but i have teifed it from the internet to introduce a point to you.

    “…Before hiring Sun Tzu, the King of Wu tested Sun Tzu’s skills by commanding him to train a harem of 180 concubines into soldiers. Sun Tzu divided them into two companies, appointing the two concubines most favored by the king as the company commanders. When Sun Tzu first ordered the concubines to face right, they giggled. In response, Sun Tzu said that the general, in this case himself, was responsible for ensuring that soldiers understood the commands given to them. Then, he reiterated the command, and again the concubines giggled. Sun Tzu then ordered the execution of the king’s two favored concubines, to the king’s protests. He explained that if the general’s soldiers understood their commands but did not obey, it was the fault of the officers. Sun Tzu also said that, once a general was appointed, it was his duty to carry out his mission, even if the king protested. After both concubines were killed, new officers were chosen to replace them. Afterwards, both companies, now well aware of the costs of further frivolity, performed their maneuvers flawlessly…”

    What Madamoiselle Prime Minister Mia Mottley is doing is precisely this.

    SHE IS GOING TO MEK AN EXAMPLE OF ONE OR TWO PERMANENT SECRETARIES, a few SOE chairmen, some line ministry teifs and some civil servants.

    What this action WILL DO is to (i) stop the small fish and small balls teifs (ii) send a message to Stinkliar and his colleagues dat dem know what they have done and MOST IMPORTANTLY (iii) send a message to the IMF that she is DOING SOMETHING.

    I ENT CARE WHO SAY ANYTHING DIFFERENT Mia and Dale Marshall going lock up somebody as sure as day followeth night

  45. In asking the business people for whatever she is asking for Mia may want to remind those who ripped off the treasury and pension fund…. FIRST … how they USED HER and her Opposition members, they USED the same reckless corrupt exgovernment ministers, they USEDZ the office of the DPP and commissioner of police…ALL paid by the same people they committed their crimes, fraud, thefts, corruption against….TO ATTEMPT TO COVER UP all their crimes against the people……ALL of it now laid bare for the world, IMF, money lenders etc to see BY the same Opposition, now government….that they all USED…there is a message in there somewhere, a lesson to be learnt and for which the victimized, disenfranchised, marginalized and robbed majority population should never have to pay to learn it again..

    I don’t know how any of them expected this not to return to bite them…it is something that has to be addressed or it will carry over into the next election.

    If current ministers, exgovernment ministers and other politicians don’t learn something from this exercise in futility those close to that situation were all engaged in to help minorities/business people destroy their own people’s financial progress, to keep them and their children financially helpless for another 50 years and reverse all the financial gains they made in the last 50 years by RIPPING THEM OFF…they never will.,..and they will all remain corrupt and useless to the people…with very dirty hands, none of the ones who were involved cannot say they were not involved or did not know what they were doing to their own people., it was a very public undertaking.

    In it all the blogs were merely trying to do the near impossible, expose the toxic corruption in government, the thefts and fraud by those who believe they have a right to commit these crimes against the population….and who must be permanently stopped from continuing their crimes against the people, whatever it takes.

    Mia seems to be quick study, let’s hope she learned HER lesson.

  46. @ Well Well and Consequences

    Enuff off Lorenzo duo and her boy de Hood (Hoodie) will come here tomorrow and tell you that SHE GOT THIS and that “she has learnt her lesson”

    But I do hope we bajan sheeple have learnt our lesson dat de ole man continues to give wunna which is EFFING MAM does not make a radical change from this trajectory we are going to end up at a point of such turpitude that ONLY THE COMING OF THE LORD WILL REPAIR.

    What else does the Bishop Reverend Father need?

    Why would have have gone to the Nation or whatever newspaper and made that badword statement for?

    You see why I been saying that she has to manage 26 ministries AND NOW SHE IS THE PRIME MINISTER & THE LEADER OF THE OPPOSITION!!

    Whe she getting paid 26 salaries plussing that of the LoO!!!


  47. Lol…first the Enuff/Lorenzo duopoly …all the thieves in the minority business community, the exgovernment ministers and present government ministers who were opposition at the time gotta GET OVER the fact that I even remembered their transgressions against their people to protect thieving minorites including their friend Peter Haŕris, their thirst for blood and vengeance against the blogs and bloggers;

    .. or the fact that they ALL covered up corruption, theft and fraud against the people OR the fact that they were instrumental in designing the computer misuse act to lock up bloggers and attempt to permanently take down the blogs to keep those same crimes against the black population covered up and hidden so that none of the thieves pay for their crimes against the people…..BEFORE….they can can process in their minds how to address it…it is a lot to process and a SHOCK to their minds that already forgot all of that. .15 second attention

    All of a sudden they don’t want blood or vengeance and are not showing enough rage or anger regarding hundreds of millionsoif dollars being stolen from their own people or want to see the thieves locked up sufficiently, not as much as they wanted bloggers locked up for posting about a fight Michael Lashley got into..

    Piece…they really gotta process this carefully in their minds and worry about what the electorate will do next election if there is still no judtice for all the grand theft of the people’s money and assets by these thieves.

    As good as she is Mia cannot talk her way outta this, not going to happen too many people suffered, are suffering, will suffer because of the thefts of their money….and to be seen as going to beg these thieves back for what they stole from the people so that they can act like they are doing the government a favor while devising ways to steal more from the people in the future….will not sit well with people either…..the victims of these thieves….thieves will be thieves, it is all they know.

    Mia better know she is treading on quicksand.

  48. The first casualty of the Mia Mottley ‘watch muh’ philosophy was/is Glyne Clarke.If he thought winning St G North 5 times guaranteed him a seat at the upper table,Mia slammed his azz with a cold,bloodthirsty “got ya azz now,kno ya place” de facto knock out punch.Yuh kin tek depyotee chair pro tempore.Tek it or leffit.So what did the braying ass do?On first recovering from the blows inflicted by Mia,a partially recovered Glyne Clarke made a feeble attempt to ‘justify’a pay increase for parliamentarians.At this time when everybody reeling from alll these new taxes,concessions that cost the treasury,corruption that cost the treasury,wastage and,unauthorized spending that cost the treasury,lining a select few pimps and yardfowls’ pockets with million dollar contracts that cost the treasury,this clown Glyne Clarke dare raise a vexed issue of increasing parliamentarians fees aka salaries.Not one blind cent Gaul bline yuh.

  49. looks like Clarke is the first publicly aching to sell out…but he ain’t got NOTHING to sell….he can always try selling his chair in the house…damn destructive idiot.

    They are never satified, there are people living on less than 200 dollars a weak, many of these greedy politicians and ministers get as much as 17,000 a month from taxpayers but they want to see millions of dollars in front of them…greed, hopefully it chokes all that are so inclined.

    Always ready and aching to sell out.

  50. I am ashamed of MP Clarke………… in these times, when people struggling to bring this country back to economic stability & asking us to pay more taxes to save Barbados from where the DLP left us, he want to up their salaries. Shame, shame, shame!!! Thank God Mia did not give him a ministry.

  51. Can you legislate integrity. No you cannot legislate integrity, morality or decency. A man said years ago “If the police took away guns from all criminals they would find some by the next week”.The desire and greed in the heart of man must be changed. No amount of legistation can curb the the stealing and corrupt nature of people. Remember corruption includes bribery. Most often this form of corruption is not dealt with. People must believe in their heart that this is wrong. This belief system will enable them to say NO. There are too many hungry politicians who believe that government is a pork barrel. The new crop of politicians (BLP/DLP have no interest in serving this country.

  52. I agree with you, ks and Gabriel. I was hopping mad as l listen to him on Tuesday.
    Every one singing the same tune….. every one wanting to see integrity in government and he talking shiiite about MP’s should be paid more when he knows that the DLP f’up Barbados.
    Like you Gabriel, l was glad he was not given a ministry….. should not even had ran…..
    Unlike other people who defend the DLP at all costs, we speak to truth in our party. If something is wrong, we will say so.

  53. @ Piece at 3 :55 AM

    Wuh Loss. Your grandson got Mia looking slim and sweet enough. If she got so by pulling the Rev’s strings, that is another benefit to this country for his becoming the L o O.


    No Disrespect Intended.

  54. @ Mr. Bernard Codrington

    heheheheheheh. It may be that he too wants to see the much improved version of Madamoiselle Prime Minister Mottley in her physical AS SOME OF US PRAY FOR HER MENTAL AND MORESO SPIRITUAL improvements.

    I however detect a double entendre per her “Come to Jesus” comment which I find distasteful.

    She needs to understand that GOD IS NOT A MAN nor is His Son Jesus Christ a friend of hers whose being she can bandy about CAUSE SHE AND HERS have no respect for Him.

    But she too shall see the Power of GOD and shall marvel…for “Behold He Comes

  55. Wunna can refer to me as much as wunna like, doan bother me. keep talking. Anyone that thought Roleric Hinds was the MP for St.Thomas has little no credibility.

  56. lol…Enuff…ya know no one believes anything you say on BU right…ya need to worry about Gline Clarke who is itching to sell out..

  57. Clarke said he wants more money, an MPs salary is not enough says he and the government has not been in office 2 months yet but thee is already rumbling, maybe ya can introduce him to Vivek….ya buddy, to get some extra moolah on the side..

    That is the MP ya should worry about cause he has nothing to sell except for information…

  58. Well well

    Wuh I doan care wuh wunna believe or not. I does just state facts, for example–Roleric Hinds was never an MP and obviously never the MP for St.Thomas.

  59. Rolerick Hinds is not the MP saying he want more money in salary either, when he knows the country is broke……but that is not stopping you or. him..

  60. Mi lady, you have no credibility. If something as simple as who is the MP for one constituency out of 30 you couldn’t get right, pray tell how anyone can have faith in your mouthings on complex matters? I love to wind you up by the way.

  61. Enuff…my winding up of you is even more successful…you cant read one of my posts without letting it get under your skin, then ya start to beat the Rolerick Hinds MP drum, even worse if I mention ya buddy Vivke Harris that one really eats at ya….and ya can’t resist…

    ….don’t worry, ya will hear a lot more about ya buddy Vivek….really soon, cause there are personal injury cases STILL lingering unnecessarily in the Civil Court, which makes him AND you…my favorite targets….you are perfect for my plans,

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