Owen Arthur Calls The PAC To Order To Investigate Malfeasance By Government Over The Marina Project

Senator Darcy Boyce (l) Opposition Leader Owen Arthur (r)

It has become patently obvious to the BU household that politicians in Barbados are members of a fraternity who will defend their ‘club’ even at the expense of the national interest. The two political parties have been latched on to a good thing for the last 30 years. Each party gets a chance to enjoy the ‘sweets’ compliments of the taxpayers.

The Barbados Labour Party (BLP) promised to introduce integrity legislation in 1976, the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) opposed it. The Democratic Labour Party promised integrity legislation in 100 days of assuming office in 2008, it is now over 1000 days and counting. The legislation reached the lower house as it did in 1976 to be relegated to a sub committee of parliament. It would be an optimistic sort who would expect the legislation to rear its head for the balance of the government’s term.

Where the collusion of the BLP and DLP can be seen – whether by accident or design –  is in the loud silence the opposition party has been able to manage on the matter of integrity legislation. It seems a no-brainer that a party which was accused of massive corruption at every turn leading up to the last general election would have held the feet of the government to the fire regarding the promise to proclaim integrity legislation in Barbados to sanitize its reputation.

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The revelation that Opposition Leader Owen Arthur will resurrect the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) next week demonstrates how the political parties making mock sport at the people. The purpose of the PAC under our system of government is honourable but it is one working committee which has always been used by both parties to achieve political outcomes rather than to expose malfeasance in the public sector.

Owen Arthur intends, we are told, to use the power of the PAC to investigate government’s decision to unnecessarily had over hand over tens of millions of dollars to pay for a redesign of the Barbados marina project. What is interesting is that Senator Darcy Boyce, a principal actor in the investigation served as CEO of the Barbados Tourism Investment  Inc. under an Arthur administration. Another actor is Gline Bannister of SMI Infrastructure Solutions who coincidentally worked with VECO to build the prison. VECO also successfully tendered on the Pierhead Project but the process had to be redone when the news broke about corruption by VECO. The insistence by Arthur to force the issue to PAC suggests there is something  more than meets the eye. Time will tell if the sitting of the PAC will be another hot air episode.

BU is thinking this is a political tactic by Arthur to build momentum easing into an election period by  winning the corruption argument. He can only achieve this objective by politically hurting a member of the club.

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    WHAT can you do to stop GAYS ????

  2. To Just Asking:
    If I considered your position to be true. How by we all going gay and lesbian could stop this civilization from destruction? The true gay and lesbian philosophy it self renders the regeneration of the species called man impossible. No two women or two men can not reproduce. Maybe like slavery they shall keep a set of heterosexuals as breeders to keep the race alive. But how will we get it over to the animals that we have performed a sexual revolution, as they shall still be heterosexuals in their sexual orientation.

  3. I thought that this thread was suposed to be about The PAC To Order To Investigate Malfeasance By Government Over The Marina Project. How did it ever degenerate into a discussion about peopl’s sex lives or allegded sex lives and whether or not they beat their spouse)s or other partners?

  4. @ALIEN…you have overstayed your time on this planet! Please take the next shuttle to your home planet. Thank you for your visit.

  5. lemuel

    You are setting out to destroy Mia Mottley and in the process destroying your party.
    Do you understand that you have now moved to her parents who would have been long standing members of your party?
    If to get Owen Arthur elected you have to stoop to such nasty vile behavior then he does not deserved to be PM again

  6. To Clone:
    I am not a member of the BLP ot the DLP. The Mottleys left the BLP when Barrow forced Mia’s father to resign. Should I say for what. She came back to the BLP in the 1990’s brought back by Billie Miller. Know your history before sounding off on any thing. The BLP shall survive long after her and the likes of her. I do not have any beef for Owen. But my position on Mia is very very clear. When in another place references were made to cammie and Barrow in aprons where were you, my friend.

  7. To Clone;
    She was a member of the DLP from the time her father left; her heart is still there; that is why it is very easy for her to cross again.

  8. A $200Million sugar factory for an industry that a former US Ambassador hinted is a waste of time? In a country where most of the prime agricultural land has been taken up by housing and golf courses.
    Isn’t this the same Minister who had promised us a new $700 Million + Hospital?
    Like an obese duck, this new sugar factory will never get off the ground.
    And what about those hundred of acres of the so-called Fuel Cane that were planted by many plantations and had to be ploughed back in the land or used as ‘wood’ for the factory’s furnaces.
    On another note. I am sure that I have read somewhere on more than one occasion ,that the Natural Gas reserves of Trinidad and Tobago are running out.Why then is this government still persuing this venture?

  9. @ Colonel Buggy:

    “Like an obese duck, this new sugar factory will never get off the ground.”
    You make me cackle with your analogy! How true!
    None of these attractively sounding projects will ever see the light of day unless foreign direct investment is involved. No investor (foreign or local) will be prepared to put money behind dying economic sectors unless radical reforms to the local economy and government role in its operation are undertaken ; preferably under the auspices of the IMF. The local boys in charge don’t have the political guts to bring about the much needed reforms on their own accord.

  10. @ Truthman Burton:
    Seeing that you are an ‘inside man’ what is the lowdown with the PAC meeting that was scheduled (according to the Press) to have taken place recently?

    Did the poker game take place? Any word on OSA’s ante? Did he rattle his sabre in DB’s face? Or is he just mamaguying us? The anannuki has a lot of money bet against the farringi in this pappy show.
    Inside man, please let us know if the curtains were raised on the scheduled circus.

  11. @millertheanunnaki…

    Just wondering…

    We the observant speak, and then find that you have spoken one or two minutes before we have spoken.


    It goes past randomness, and enters determinism.

    @millertheanunnaki… Care to speak to this?

  12. @ CH:
    I am befuddled on this one. Care to elucidate/elaborate a bit more so I might follow the drift and take your valuable implicit advice on board?

  13. @ CH:
    The marina redesign contract award fiasco should not be left out to sea to drift on the reef of forgetfulness. We must hold the man, who is taking the charge to the band of pirates, to account if he is to justify in small measure his recent coup d’etat of the amazon.

  14. The PAC wants public meeting for the probe into BTI and the pierhead marina issue.

    Gline Bannister was busy since Sunday at the Barbados Hilton, meeting alot of people, some from the emerald isle.

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