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It is the time of the year Barbadians and the other islands in the region prepare for the hurricane season. Last weekend the country was placed on Hurricane Watch with the passing of Beryl across the region. We breathed a collective sigh of relief at Beryl’s uneventful passing,  however, there is anxiety brewing among others who are aware the IMF team visiting Barbados continue to conduct interviews with key actors in Barbados to inform talks about the type of IMF program we will have to enter to apply a tourniquet  to a hemorrhaging economy.

As the blogmaster moves around Barbados there is the query whether Barbadians are aware of the perilous state the economy is functioning. It seems there is a perception in some quarters that having rejected the failed policies of the former Democratic Labour Party (DLP)  of which the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) was the beneficiary by default on 24 May 2018 – unfortunately the third parties were unable to gain traction for reasons ventilated in this forum – the BLP as if by magic will be able to top up the foreign reserves from the crisis level it hovers, eliminate the need to operate the current account in deficit and by extension pay down the high level of debt. The blogmaster suspects the skills of Director of Communications Charles Jong will be required soon to assuage the fears of Barbadians when IMF policy prescription is implemented.

There should be no doubt that given the state of the economy delicate decisions have to be taken to reduce the level of expenditure by the government and at the same time allocate spend to target areas of potential growth while protecting the vulnerable. It will call for tip toe precision in decision making. Clearly the time has come to put Barbados first as a country and park the frivolous political snarking. Whether we like it or not the Barbados brand was besmirched in recent years by achieving junk credit rating status with the final puncture Barbadians having to join a world audience to witness raw sewage gushing on a street located in our tourist resort area of the South Coast.

The blogmaster anticipates institutional investors holding government paper will be asked to make a sacrifice to the national cause to rescue and rebuild (BLP’s election tag line). The delayed rationalization of several state owned entities will be implemented. The last government allowed political considerations to stall this initiative when clearly transfers and subsidies as an expense item had to be urgently addressed.

One other item which should be addressed is the rising pension expense of government. The blogmaster recognizes this is an area that requires a high level of expertise to sensibly tackle and will defer to the IMF team et al to address with the local parties concern responsible. Where is Walter when we need him? Not Maloney!

The blogmaster will not forgive the former Governor of the Central Bank for allowing the commercial banks to twist his arm by deregulating the minimum savings rate as a quid pro quo arrangement for dumping government savings bonds on a financially illiterate public hungry for a reasonable rate of return on investment.  Daily we hear the ignorance being perpetuated for Barbadians to invest in Carilend, or deposit money with the credit unions. A simple question to clarify. If tomorrow 50% of deposits held with banks was transferred to the credit union balance sheet what will be the impact? Will their interest expense line item go up or down if they maintain current level of interest paid to members? Are credit unions able to lend for big ticket items like a mortgage to compare with other financial institutions? How does Carilend work? Who regulates Carilend? And no the blogmaster has no beef with Carilend or credit unions.

A fool and their money are soon parted.

Wild Coot has been a voice crying in the wilderness or so it seems.



  • It is disappointing the level of debate coming from DLP supporters, seems the reality has not kicked in yet.


  • Both sides of the government were crooks and now we have one side,. both sides are talking the same even if you can, only hear one.No matter what the same system each side watch the other side back for you can not see the 15 Billion$$ not coming back as yet,!


  • This J/A T Inniss like he was born after May 24th or thinks he is speaking to idiots.It has been pointed out to him sevsral times that this is the third meeting with the IMF yet he continues to try to mislead persons …I believe as someone saids he needs to present facts to bubstantiate the rubbish he writes is is given to write or do more reseach because he always builds up straw men to be knock down by facts.Whoever is paying you and Mariposa to represent the Dems shold demand an immediate refund.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Prodigal Son


    Whu happen nuh?

    Dem repeal de law?

    Dem put um or to de public for proper reasonable ventilation?

    Dem learn how to spell memorandum correctly and put dat on the document?

    Until dem try to revisit this in the context of not letting the foxes count the chickens and to have a mechanism where dem can’t swap out declarations and a whole lot of additional actions that are visibly absent from this 1933 act, how you gine expect de ole man to apologise?

    Why you doan lef de myopic ole man alone doah, whu I do you?

    I know why I do Enuff of Lorenzo duo but i ent do you a ting



  • I am not attacking you, Piece, l do respect you. Like l said in the post, l thought you were too quick to ascribe dictator motives to the PM. That’s all, peace, my friend.


  • “Effing de robbers tel 50k dem does report 100k and claim such from de insurance company causing de insurance company NEVER INTERVIEWS DE ROBBERS DO THEY?” is known ya friend Vivek pulled a scam like that and caused a fall guy to do prison time, ask Enuff…the scam artists are dangerous.


  • So yes where there is easy acess refugees would find a way to enter
    The state of Haiti has been compromised by the invasion of IMF austerity is alright for elitist bajans to sit in their comfy towers and think that people from a country whose economic and social enviroment is in decay would not find a way to flee a place of refuge
    Just take a look at Cubans who tread shark infested waters looking for refuge
    It is not the miles that matter but what is worth the miles
    Even though barbados might be thousands of miles away one can bet a stepping stone by way of using other countries to get her would be enough just to feed a straving belly
    Barbados has now opened a door for Haitians to enter wothout a visa.
    and that is the bottom line


  • Piece

    Noted at 2:57 p.m. I will try to be more observant.


  • @David the blogmaster “the BLP as if by magic…One other item which should be addressed is the rising pension expense of government.”

    No David we do not believe in magic.

    Although it may be that our political class believe in magic, or in obeah. For years governments has promised and paid huge gratuities, and nice pensions to our civil servants, but Has any government established a FUNDED pension plan for these civil servants? Or have they acted that by magic the monies will appear out of general revenues when civil servants reach the magic age of 60, 65 or 67?

    That said as a non-civil servant my NIS pension is NOT an expense of the government. It is my own money, and I don’t want any political party to touch it.

    The political class and their friends, family, associates and advisers may have received government pay cheques all the days of their lives. But I have never ever received one.

    So I don’t want any of them treating me as a burden now that I am old.

    Simple Simon
    Neither “B” nor “D”

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  • @T.Inniss July 10, 2018 6:37 AM …the CARICOM Heads of Govt meeting – which is known to be a virtual ‘talk-shop’.”

    Oh how I wish it was a virtual meeting.

    Instead the HOGS meet face to face and we the people pay for the whole thing.



  • @T.Inniss July 10, 2018 6:37 AM “Dame Billie – no particular portfolio.”

    I expect that Dame Billie is doing her thing for free.

    Wouldn’t you?

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  • @T.Inniss “I spoke to an old pensioner last night and it is clear that poor ole soul (and many more like him) is going to drop through the hole.”

    Since you know this POOR OLD PENSIONER personally I trust that you will not let him drop through the hole. No point giving the old gent bare long talk.

    Do the RIGHT thing by him.


  • @July 10, 2018 6:49 AM ” the 7 million spent on the 50th anniversary.”


    And I ain’t even get a brown mint, when if you divide $7 million by the population of 285,000 my share should have been $24.56.

    I wonder who got my share?

    And how many shares some people got?

    I would not be at all surprised if some people got 1,000 shares $24,560 and most people like me got none.

    But in politics that is the way the cookie crumbles.

    Some people get nuff, nuff.

    Most people like me get none at all.


  • IMF 6000 got to go home


  • @Enrico Rossi July 10, 2018 8:38 AM “It seems as though the game plan is to improvise and play out Owen Arthur’s “despot” and “megalomaniac” script.’

    And how did that work out for Owen? How did it work out for the DLP?

    Looka don’t mek me laugh.


  • @T.Inniss July 10, 2018 9:36 AM “Note the past leader Stuart has never been implicated in any of this name dropping”

    Some of us did not vote for the DLP because of Freundel Stewart’s words regarding Leroy Parris, “the man is not a leper, he is my friend.”

    And as as we stood in the polling booth at 6 in the morning on May 24 we remembered Freundel’s words and we put our X beside the BLP candidate’s name (not that we love the BLP so much)

    You can feel what you feel like.

    We dun vote EXACTLY the way WE FEEL LIKE.

    Put dat in ya pipe and smoke it.


  • IMF Watch? 6000 have to go home? Cut Cabinet? Payne in pain…or Devaluation? BFP


  • @Mariposa July 10, 2018 1:02 PM “Everything hidden under the crooked blp would be revealed.”

    Under the crooked DLP also?

    Or were they a bunch of choir boys?

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  • Living in Blissful Ignorance

    @ Mariposa

    You are correct about the Haitians.

    In the last two years hundreds have been let in by Mexico.

    This is significant for 2 reasons Mexico is more than 3 times the distance compared to proximity of Barbados.

    Secondly Mexico’s minimum wage is US$4.70 per day NOT per hr or the equivalent of less than BD$10 per day.

    Mexicans do not get paid by the hr.

    So if they are traveling so far away for such pittance it makes sense they will come to BIM.

    They have also traveled to both Guyana, Suriname and French Guyana which are a lot poorer and farther than Barbados.

    They are some ignorant people who post on here and have not a clue of what is happening globally.

    Folks, Barbados cannot even be seen clearly on a world map but those on the little Rock think they have all answers and knowledge when they operate with myopic thinking.


  • @NorthernObserver July 10, 2018 3:33 PM “and the Haitians are likely to bypass Martinique, St.barts and Guadeloupe et al, because they want to live in an English speaking bastion.”

    The Haitians are not all unilingual French speakers. The ones whom I have had the pleasure of meeting in the region and beyond, typically spoke French, Creole and excellent English.


  • Living in Blissful Ignorance

    Mexico to raise minimum wage…to $4.70 a day

    By Patrick Gillespie December 20, 2017: 1:49 PM ET

    Nearly 25 million Mexicans are getting a pay raise next week. From $4.25 to $4.70 — a day.

    Mexican government and business leaders agreed on Tuesday to raise the country’s minimum wage starting on December 1 to 88.36 pesos from 80.04 pesos. The 10% raise is good news for 24.7 million Mexicans who work either one or two minimum wage jobs.


  • How can anyone in their right mind after seeing all the carnage blood guts and gore because of the austerity measueres placed on the poor people of Haiti belives that the IMF has poor people interest at heart
    There are many here who could not give a hoot about the poor… reason why they sit on BU daily and tout Mia as the 2nd messiah .
    Barbadians mandate to the blp was for better and so far all that they have received is bitter
    Now with Mia unilateral decision barbadians are looking down the double barrell nozzle of the IMF shotgun …and taking a look at what the IMF has handed to Haiti there is no doubt that barbados would be handed more of the same
    Mia has tied a nooze around the necks of barbadians as her way of finding a quick fix
    Today the culture industry is talking disillusionment in reference to the tax levies that Mia has placed on travel and hotel accomodation
    It does not take a road scholar to understand that people would protect their pocket books before flooishly engaging in overpriced destinations


  • You mean Rhodes Scholar?


  • NorthernObserver

    Cuhdear….give the woman a break….you know she cannot spell.
    Nozzle for muzzle? a nooze? Had n’s and z’s on her mind.
    Today it is “barbadians mandate to”, yesterday it was ‘blp promised to”, it changes daily.
    remember Jester “physical deficit” Ince is one of her boys.
    And now the inventor of Kellmanomics had the muzzle (shite ya mean muzzle got two meanings?) removed he’s back spewing again. I could swear based on spelling and sentence structure, the two ah dem is related.


  • Exyardfowl…the road

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  • Mariposa,

    You are right. The underlying ideology supporting the Washington Consensus is the reservation of the global capitalist elite. That is austerity in brief. The problem with economic orthodoxy, to paraphrase John Maynard Keynes said, is the fear of new ideas. Barbados is not unique in this. They are still teaching the post-war Bretton Woods theories in UK universities ten years after the global financial crisis. Only a couple days ago I checked on the economics curriculum of one of our best known universities and the reading material in the main was the same as it was back in the 1970s.
    We have been forced to go to the IMF because of the poverty of ideas – from the central bank, the ministry of finance, the university and our highly qualified financial economics so-called consultants.

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  • Read Mcdowall begging the IMF not to cut jobs what a pathetic losers.This guy sold out the Union for pennies now having to go at the doorsteps of the IMF begging for jobs
    A “road scholar”and a two bit noise maker 😄
    Yuh think he got the nerve to march
    Mcdowell the “kollaid ” drinking bandit i wonder what he is going to tell those members when the IMF cut there jobs


  • Preservation

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  • Another interesting point was made by Atherly in Parliament in reference to the Integrity bill his concerns about drug dealers inflitrating campagain and politicians taking the drug dealers money
    I wonder who he was referencing
    However the thought crossed my mind when stories in the media made mention of a well known drug dealer who was giving an invite to the swearing in of the members of Parliament
    Now if that is not corruption then what is corruption
    Then we have dale Marshall standing boldfaced after his name is being dragged through the mud with his dealings associated to alleged land fraud along with George Payne and both of them are ministers sworn to protect the institution bestowed upon them in the peoples interest
    Also today reading that Commissioning having more to say concerning the Hyatt court matter whereby he stood in the way of not being built
    Commissiong also reveals that as ambassador he cannot sue govt(now what message is he sending) he might be right but the message underscore his previous intentions in his fight with past govt what a two faced mongrel.
    This govt is only about six weeks old and where corruption abounds one will find it
    Everday another shoe is being dropped
    The tea leaves are correct
    Bitter not better


  • Perhaps he is concerned about about Bounty Killer being employed by the ministry of housing when he was minister of Housing.


  • Oh what Atherly mentioned was drug dealers however these imbicles are also known to have their hands tied to criminal activity
    Instead of you David trying your best to ran “cover” for this govt you ought to stay low because from your recent mouthings it is becoming clear that you have drank too much of the koolaid and is drunk with stupidy or else your paycheck is being signed by the govt
    Carry on smartly


  • Mcdowell and the IMF meets and he is now worried about job losses
    Karma is a b.itch this is one time he can’t save his face with strikes and shutdowns after the IMF state their directives
    There is no fool like a fool who would enter a dragon cage and not expect to be eaten
    Lol! Where is the voice of the private sector who cunningly invite the Unions to drink of the koolaid now the IMF is all but ready to dislocate the civil service
    As for McDowell he is so deserving of the embarrassment which is staring him in the face for all of barbados to see

    The tea leaves got it right


  • Mariposa

    What did Freundel tell them – the Lions do not lie down with the lambs.


  • Exactly and what PM said is bearing fruit
    The Unions heads have all but cut their own heads and those of the members heads off for nothing
    The sad part of this game plan is that their is no turning back (now) for the Unions.. and the civil servants might never see any monies generated in their pockets from the 10percent due in part to high taxation and a high probality of IMF intervention.
    Cant help but SMFH with amusement


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    “Oh what Atherly mentioned was drug dealers however these imbicles are also known to have their hands tied to criminal activity.”

    Yeah, yeah,…we got all that but was the same Bounty drug dealer not Thompson’s driver, and got the job at NHC for years through the Thompson family, Lashley connection with government…

    .. is Mia as god mother to 1 or 2 of Thompson’s children not also part of that family connection….so what is your point, why are you trying to dislocate and separate family…is Lashley and Bounty not business partners in the containers of whatever business….ya cannot now separate DBLP just because the electorate surgically severed one of them from the parliament.

    They are all still incestuous, inbred family…you as useless, even more useless now, exyardfowl is the outsider.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ T.Inniss July 11, 2018 8:58 AM

    So what shall it be, T.I.?

    A dose of bitter medicine made from castor oil and aloes that should have been taken since December 2013 as prescribed by Dr. IMF or the more potent financial mixture of Epsom and Glauber salts wrapped in a compound of economic paralysis and social arsenic all encased in senna pods marked Devaluation of the Bajan Dollar?

    What else can the government do, given the state of its foreign reserves? Isn’t the Guv of the Central Bank singing from the same Hymn sheet?

    Your discredited lying administration refused to heed sound advice even coming from OSA who had no wish to see the fall of the DLP administration only to facilitate the ascension of MAM.

    At least the current government has listened to sound advice of going to the IMF before the patient has to be taken to the IMF’s surgery for a complete blood transfusion.

    Remember forex is the lifeblood of the 80% import-based Bajan economy and any significant loss must put the Bajan Mickey mouse dollar under severe stress leading to a decision node or fork signposted as ‘Devaluation or Die of Starvation’.


  • The exchanges above ring all too familiar. Around and around the mulberry bush. We will never learn.

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  • lol…exyardfowls ran off to barbadostoday to continue their nonsense rant.

    I really don’t get it, the same drug dealers, same criminals were/are close family friends and relations of Thompson, Lashley, got government jobs through those relationships, controlled turfed for Sinckler and whomever, yet dummies are on here acting as though it’s not a well known arrangement with both the current and now exgovernent participating, with the population as ther victims.

    wuh the same business minorities whom we know are nothing short of criminals own(s/ed) both current and exgovernments over the years, nothing has changed except now everyone knows about the arrangement that disenfranchises and victimizes the black population as has happened for the last 52 years …a beleaguered population who now have all rights to also put an end to those criminal acts against themselves, their present and future generations..

    I don’t know who exyardfowls think they are fooling.


  • Mariposa tell me you secret of surviving without sleep.


  • Miller.. the govt did not even give the people a chance to say yea ir nay
    The govt took the biggest glass of Castro oil and aloes and push it down the peoples throat
    Look at the Unions they seem to have had a double dose so much so it as if they had fallen asleep
    But wait Mcdowell woke up today finding himself begging the IMF for jobs

    #######…bitter not better


  • lol…..exyardfowls cannot sleep, they are too wicked, the viciousness they enabled against their own people for 10 years, just to be called yardfowls haffa haunt them for decades to come..

    they have to run from blog to blog complaining, they are cursed…evildoers.


  • Living in Blissful Ignorance
    Another one trying to mislead the blog. Why are there Haitians in Mexico and how they got there? Stupse.


  • There is no groundswell of comment coming from Barbadians about the decision to waive visa requirements for Haitians. It is an issue in the minds of only a few.


  • Barbadians are slow to react until it is too late. If and when haitians requre refugee status and is granted permission the ground swell of negative comments will permeate the airwaves
    Until then all mouths are closed to the Haitian plight
    Barbadians only concerned at present b is the high taxation levelled against them from this deceitful govt who promised better but delivered bitter


  • You will have a lot of posting in the next five years maybe ten!

    Yes they are slow because the DLP should have been kicked out in 2013.


  • Maybe fifteen.


  • Living in Blissful Ignorance

    @ Enuff

    You are a BLP jackass of the highest order.

    How did I make an attempt to mislead anyone?

    Did you think the Haitians were exiled to Mexico jackass?

    They left Haiti for a better living and opportunities.

    I speak to many on a frequent basis so I can speak from first hand knowledge.

    I have been to both Haiti and Mexico on many occasions.

    Not everyone has blinkers on for a Political party.

    I am convinced that from reading many comments of those living on the island is that high school and higher education have failed and produced a set of regurgitators who live in ignorant bliss.

    Unlike most I don’t give a shit about either Political party as I know from 1st experience both have corrupt individuals operating at their highest organisational structure.


  • William Skinner

    Why all of this pressure on Mariposa ?
    For ten years we took the same thing from the other side and we survived. What did we really expect; that there were not “Enuff” to go around ? Lef’ Mariposa alone !!
    Can’t sow okra and reap corn Suh.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Hal Austin

    Hal you said and I quote

    “…We have been forced to go to the IMF because of the poverty of ideas – from the central bank, the ministry of finance, the university and our highly qualified financial economics so-called consultants…”

    There is a blog here with a Dr. Sigma Holder who was at UNLEASH in Singapore recently.

    The fact Hal is that that poverty of ideas M, IS NOT FOR LACK OF THERE BEING IDEAS, but because of the same people you listed above, being permanent denizens in that Moho zone, being patently unable to make A damn thing happen.

    But remember Hal that “MIA PIGOT THIS”


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    Sorry ever since the leech is on the screen the little iPad slows down and types what it likes

    I mean to say “…MIA GOT THIS NOT MIA PIGOT THIS*


  • Who is it that said one must always always separate the rhetoric of the political campaign from the pragmatism that is required when elevated to government?


  • Ms Marsha Lynch got the shock of her life this week.She turned up at Cave Hill only to discover,that she still has to pay for Tuition fees at Cave Hill because after all the palaver by this govt they haven’t given the ‘Go Ahead’ to the UWI as was confirmed by the Min. of Education.

    It is one thing to make rash political promises at elections but another thing to have these promises realised.

    Although there are attempts in some quarter to downplay this, people are becoming very unsettled.For example:

    the move from road tax to Gasoline tax with the burdensome implications for many especially the commercial vehicles,have been made worse by remarks by Dugid – the minister – which he now seek to retract.People are now discovering even though they DID put down their vehicles until the 1st July – they still got to pay the tax
    the issue of the summer camps and the decision to stop the camps which were taken 2 weeks before the camp were to start and with no alternative put in place – except comments from the ministry ‘that they are looking at it’.Poor working parents are up in an arms about this because they cannot afford the private camps and have no where to put their children
    the abolition of tuition fees at UWI – which created such flurry of excitement – now sees the parents and their children facing a demand for payment
    The promise by Mia to get new transport board buses and sanitation trucks within 3 months has been ‘SHUT DOWN’ by her own chairman of the Transport Board – Gregory Nicholls. He said ” nobody make buses for the bdos market and have them sitting on a shelf ……buses have to be designed with specifications,so we are not going to be able to get customized buses for the Barbados market in a hurry.
    We have the Contributory pensioners up in an uproar over the increase given to those non contributory pensioners -with most saying they have received no increase,and one or two persons saying they got a small increase.

    Mia was warned about this election promise by Owen Arthur and Chris Sickler but she went ahead even before the IMF came on board – now its pure kadooment

    remember too the promise during the election that prices will come down because of the removal of the NISRL – well the Merchants saying – not so fast Missy – there are other taxes you put on there that will actually send up the prices

    Don’t forget the Integrity Bill which she promised during the campaign to set a fine of half million dollars to anyone caught in breach of the law- then quietly through the back door she changed the fee to ten thousand dollars.

    Where are the any naysayers,the commentators,the media persons,the business persons,the students at cave hill etc etc

    It is only those who like honesty and fairplay and those who are being hit hard by these ‘comforts to fools’ are starting to grumble and soon rumble.


  • T. Inniss,
    Good post. In fact, the government has already run out of steam. There will be tears before bedtime.


  • T Inniss,i cannot remember Ms Mottley promising to import buses in three months maybe you can point me to that statement,since you have the propensity to be a stranger to the truth as Artax tells you.In any event tell me how many did the Dems order in ten years?You went on to state that the Board Chairman Mr Nicholls stated something different to Ms Mottley .You believe a Chairman can over rule the PM in any matter foolbert,as he is serving at the pleasure of the Minister who is serving at the pleasure of the PM,so what kind of primary school logic you coming with,you need to go back to school.You Dem yardfowls jusy nit picking as the 30 to 0 redwash still got you all dizzy.However you Dems will soon have little time with Ms Mottley as I expect fireworks next month in George Street,tell me who are you backing T Inniss your namesake Mr Inniss ,Mr Stuart ,Mr Sinckler or someone else?


  • Hal Austin

    Sadly I think you are right.

    As I said in another post,those who are guilty of hiding the truth from the masses and feeding them the kool aid should remember there is no atoneing in Hell.


  • @Lorenzo

    Let us do what Duguid didn’t do and admit things will go wrong and clearly state how it will be fixed. You own the issue and move forward.

    The other point is that some of us will not respect the argument that because the DLP did not buy new buses in all of its tenure that it is a good rebut to proffer. If we want to raise the bar and leave the poor performance record of the former DLP government behind, we have too updting.


  • Lorenzo

    To be fair to the PM, she promised that new and current UWI students will not have to pay tuition fees from September 2018. And the application process has not begun as yet.

    I prefer to exercise wisdom and wait until September to see what happens before “prematurely” criticizing the policy.


  • Living in Blissful Ignorance

    @ Enuff

    I guess Kaiteur Newspaper Online is also trying to mislead the Global Public regards to Haitians in their today’s publication, you partisan BLP jackass.

    Barbados have too many fools and bullshitters who are blessed with major ignorance on the little Rock.

    Felix dodges another Parliamentary meeting to explain unaccounted Haitians, Cubans
    Jul 12, 2018 News

    Two attempts to have Minister of Citizenship, Winston Felix face questions at the Parliamentary Sectoral Committee on Foreign Affairs have been unsuccessful.

    The bi-partisan Committee is eager to question Felix following a rash of concerns pertaining to the large numbers of Haitians and Cubans who have been documented as entering Guyana, but for whom there are no records of departure.

    Felix was invited to attend yesterday’s meeting of the Committee at the Parliament Building, but informed that he is unavailable to attend the session.

    The Committee’s Chair, Opposition Chief Whip, Gail Teixeira told Kaieteur News that the Committee has subsequently received a list of available dates from the Minister and selected one.

    The Ministry of Citizenship has revealed to the Committee that some 22,520 persons were documented as entering between January and April this year, but apparently 6,170 of those have not departed.

    Based on documentation, 17,615 persons entered Guyana between 2013 and April 2018, but there is no record of their departure. Worrying is that there are no departure records for 7,255 of the 44,747 Cubans who arrived in Guyana during 2017.

    For the Haitians, the records show, 3515 were recorded as entering Guyana in 2017, but 291 has been documented as departing the country.

    The Opposition has questioned the whereabouts of the visitors. It is contending that the Government officials were involved in a widespread backtrack racket for which Guyana identification cards are being issued.

    There were suggestions that this was being done to secure votes, a claim that Felix rubbished.

    Between January and April this year, but apparently 6,170 of those have not departed.

    Based on documentation, 17,615 persons entered Guyana between 2013 and April 2018, but there is no record of their departure. Worrying is that there are no departure records for 7,255 of the 44,747 Cubans who arrived in Guyana during 2017.

    For the Haitians, the records show, 3515 were recorded as entering Guyana in 2017, but 291 has been documented as departing the country.

    The Opposition has questioned the whereabouts of the visitors. It is contending that the Government officials were involved in a widespread backtrack racket for which Guyana identification cards are being issued.

    There were suggestions that this was being done to secure votes, a claim that Felix rubbished.


  • “Poor working parents are up in an arms about this because they cannot afford the private camps and have no where to put their children….”

    Comments such as the above remind me why I’m not at all fond of politicians and their yard fowl supporters.

    Both the BLP and DLP and their operatives like to “hypocritically sympathize” with “poor people” when it suit their political purposes.

    Those who are now condemning the cancellation of summer camps for this year, while expressing sympathy for the poor…..

    ……..were not concerned for the same “poor people” and the resulting effects, when the former inept DLP administration changed the UWI’s tuition fees policy, which caused them to discontinue their studies.

    At that time they were more concerned with the public relations involved in promoting the party’s image.

    The camps were cancelled, not abolished, and now they have suddenly become the voice of the poor.



  • I believe sucessive governments have been too hasty in agreeing with and
    signing these Caricom/CSME agreements, which is usually to our disadvantage.

    You can find products from almost all the other Caribbean islands on our supermarket shelves, but we have difficulties penetrating their markets.

    When I mentioned that too many Jamaicans and Guyanese are living in Barbados doing as they please, because they believe they have a right to come here, I am called xenophobic.

    But now we have a fear of Haitians.


  • Should the UWI be held responsible as well for sitting back and waiting on government knowing that notification was not received? In the interest of relieving anxiety with registrants there was the opening for our primary tertiary institute to lead?


  • True Hal .the govt has already ran out of steam . Now the govt has been regulated to flimsy excuses
    Notice how all the daily PR stunts has all but become non existing and replaced with lies backtracking and excuses


  • Sum-ting happened on the way to heaven, and we find ourselves here. It is what it is, but we can sure do better than what it is?


  • Stupseee!!!!!!!

    And I ain’t even get a brown mint, when if you divide $7 million by the population of 285,000 my share should have been $24.56.

    I wanted to have some fun. I checked out the price of brown mints from the local maker up in St Thomas. Actually your share should have been a 1.5Kg bag of the fabled brown mints.

    As i didn’t get any mints , i too can shout the same refrain. “Not even a brown mint”.

    Makes me wonder how many brown mints are that 1.5kg bag.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @the Honourable Blogmaster

    Welcome Back DAVID OF BU!

    You said and I quote

    “…Let us do what Duguid didn’t do and admit things will go wrong and clearly state how it will be fixed. You own the issue and move forward…”

    “You own the issue…”

    You are starting to understand what “Your government” has to do.

    Your Freudian slip was in the words “let us do what Duguid didn’t. ..”

    Notwithstanding that slip up as the Digital PR arm of the Mottleyian public outreach, you going have to up the volume here.

    The ministers, plural, crafting statements where they own their mistakes (Truly showing “WE GOT THIS” in action) and then implementing the correcting steps, will go a long way to build a relationship with bajans, a majority of whom truly hate wunna politicians.

    Sorry not wunna. I meant to say “the politicians” but had already started a new paragraph.

    Mia has to sit with these idiots and nurture a psyche of “Mia Cares” in their dysfunctional backsides.

    She going have to devote a time twitch a month to begin with where they gots to come and listen to the Mottleyian vision for one year.

    And if they miss those sessions remove them from their ministry SANS REBUTTAL!!

    And then after that year let them do the similar thing with their respective ministries.

    In 3 months she needs to host a seminar for every effing Permanent Secretary and their Deputies at Lloyd Erskine Sandiford building and give them her vision as well once every 3 months for a year.

    After which she then will start her Planification policies in earnest.

    There is no rush

    Right now at today focus on the FX generation initiatives and reward the people who help her find these initiatives with TV coverage time on CBC Reporting Lies and the BGIS pun a Saturday when nobody ent watching TV

    And using Charles “Me Love You Long Time” to stream their videos and successes pun de BLP government paid site


  • To my mind this is more than ministers making mistakes and owning up and moving on.

    Most of what people are unsettled about is the mis match between what was promised at election time and the reality of what is really happening.


  • Did you see an earlier comment posted by the blogmaster to the effect that the political rhetoric spewed by political parties on the campaign trail always conflict with a more pragmatic approach on attaining the office of government?


  • GREAT NEWS! NUFF CONSTRUCTION JOBS and wuk fuh vendors selling lunch.

    The Barbados-headquartered Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) has announced plans to construct a new US$36 million office complex here,


  • @ David who wrote “political rhetoric spewed by political parties on the campaign trail ”

    In other words they tell lies to win elections.


  • Living in blissful….
    All you are doing is running from country to country trying to give credence to your and Mariposa’s argument that Haitians will flood Barbados because of visa free entry. In every instance so far, you have failed to provide a comparative scenario. A quick read of the Guyana situation shows that the migration appears to be an organised exercise to boost votes. Furthermore, there are about 80,000 illegal Haitians in The Bahamas. Again it proves that scoops are the key mode of transport for Haitian refugees whether Miami, Jamaica or The Bahamas. But back up a minute, what airline flies between Port-au-Prince and BGI, the Mariposa Airways? To go even further, look at the number of Cubans in the same article that have not left. Cubans do not need visas to enter Barbados…how many you see living illegally in Barbados? Anyhooo I have little time to waste with multi-pseudonymed personalities, who have to adopt new monikers post the 30-0 Redwash, with baseless distraction after distraction. If you want to appear new, change your language “jackass”.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    This will certainly not give the electorate any confidence to repeat a more than 5 year term for this government….no government should be in power for more than 5 years anyway.

    “A month to the day after Prime Minister Mia Mottley announced an end to tuition fees for Barbadian students attending the University of the West Indies (UWI), there is confusion over who will pay for the upcoming semester.

    Students showing up to enrol at the university for the semester, which begins on August 20, are being told they must pay tuition fees themselves by August 26, 2018.

    This came as a shock to everyone, including Marsha Lynch, whose daughter has been accepted at the Cave Hill campus.

    Lynch told Barbados TODAY she was advised by the campus’ admissions department that in the absence of official notification from Government, her daughter would be required to pay $6,000 in tuition fees.

    The concerned mum said she was also told that the monies would be reimbursed as soon as the financial arrangements were finalized.

    Unhappy with the university’s position, Lynch sought clarification from the tertiary division of the Ministry of Education, only to be told the university was right.

    “They [UWI] is telling me that I could apply to be reimbursed or keep the money on the account to pay the amenities fee over the next three years. This not $600, this a lot of money,” Lynch complained.

    “I was under the impression that all my child had to do was apply because Government was paying the fees,” she added.

    Several attempts to reach Minister of Education Santia Bradshaw and her Permanent Secretary Sandra Phillips proved unsuccessful.

    However, Barbados TODAY contacted the ministry’s tertiary division, which said it had not been told officially to proceed.

    “There is no official word on this as yet. Students would have to wait on official word or follow the directive from the University of West Indies, which is to pay the fees,” the ministry official said.”


  • @ Hants

    In other words they tell lies to win elections.

    True dat. Across the board – except for this lot that whiter than the driven snow.


  • NorthernObserver

    “You believe a Chairman can over rule the PM in any matter foolbert,as he is serving at the pleasure of the Minister who is serving at the pleasure of the PM,”

    Be careful. They are serving at the pleasure of the PEOPLE.
    It was that all powerful and arrogant attitude which emboldened some in the former administration.


  • @Hants July 12, 2018 10:46 AM “In other words they tell lies to win elections.”

    Just reminding all concerned parties that the electorate also knows how to tell lies. Knows how to be deceitful and dishonest too.

    Wunna think that we spent all of our youth in Sunday school?

    P.S. That mis-belief is why politicians are always surprised when they lose.

    They are foolish enough to believe that the electorate is more honest than they are.

    We are not.


  • @sirfuzzy July 12, 2018 8:29 AM “Makes me wonder how many brown mints are that 1.5kg bag.”

    Probably enough to keep me happy for at least half a year.

    But since I didn’t get any I was unhappy when I went to the polls on May 24.


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