Senator Caswell Franklyn Fired by the Nation Newspaper

The blogmaster regrets to share the news that Senator Caswell Franklyn was dismissed this week (12 June 2018) from the role as a columnist at the Nation Publishing Company. Senator Franklyn has established a reputation as a  social commentator who is never afraid to challenge kith or kin. One would have thought given the paucity of Opposition in the House of Assembly the Nation newspaper would have seen the benefit in giving a platform to one of two Opposition Senators in a configuration where the Lower House is represented 29 to 1 and the Governor General had to exercise a razor thin judgement to appoint the leader of the Opposition.

The blogmaster hates the idea that the Senator was fired because he was critical of the government in his one and only column as an Opposition Senator.

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  1. I’m here wondering if downgrades, sewerage in the streets , no garbage pick up for weeks on end , potholes , few buses , Qeh in a mess , citizens waiting years for income tax returns and companies waiting years for Vat returns mean absolutely nothing to these people who are quick to represent the last government. The current government has not even had to courtesy of a 100 day honeymoon like most governments around the world . The new PM has come in and hit the ground running and instead of giving her support doesn’t matter which side of the device your on Barbados belongs to all of us I at least thought we would all wish her well and hope Barbados could at least some semblance of normalcy the statements are unreasonable and or a country that boast such a high literacy rate I’m sure you can do better than this.

  2. I will wish this govt well after showing proof of doing a good job in restructing barbados debt
    I will wish this govt well when a persistent occupation to be fully transparent takes front row and not drawn on govt mouthings without begin crtically analyzed by fourth estate where therin lies the rub
    Day after day of the typical PR spin wrapped in a see through paper of patriotism labelled “the people right to know” is not sufficient in itself and persuasive enough for me to give this govt a good rating as of now
    Let me see a letter of documentation from the IMF after govt meeting that states that the IMF is fully in agreement with the policies govt are implementing to cut expenditure
    Spin and sound bits like “relax”and “i got this one” does not cut it
    Govt is not a mere joke with formulas based on reality TV
    The level of discourse is and must be applicable and satisfying to all the people

  3. @ Artaxerxes

    Recently I have to admit that I have been one of those that is “guilty” of what inadvertently seems to be an anti BLP campaign

    But i will pause a while and share with you what is my desired goal and where I SHALL BE COMMITTED UNTIL I LEAVE THIS DEPARTURE LOUNGE.

    “I understand sheeple”

    I hope that that word has not been banned as well (i understand that yardfowl has been banned though)

    But here is the real thing Artaxerxes.

    Most people here believe that the BLP won the General Elections but that is not true

    THE DLP LOST!!! but to explain that will take some time and reveal a formula and THE SECRET for fighting campaigns to all and sundry AND I ENT GOING DO THAT.

    But what i will tell you is this.

    Voters in general and BAaans in particular won this engagement.

    I know that you are going to say that i said that wrong and that it should be “Bajans in general and voters in particular won that engagement.

    But that is totally wrong.

    Right now there is a fallacy that Madamoiselle Mia Mottley is the winner of this election but that is really a fallacy.

    Observe the following Stoopid Cartoon.

    You are a keen observer, tell me what it is saying?

    The May 24th Battle of Trafalgar Square IS NOT a victory won by any MAM or Hartley Henry crew.

    It is Barbados’ victory and it will be key to observe what happens now going forward AS WE COLLECTIVELY ENSURE THAT THE PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THE POWER THAT WE HAVE.

    “Watch Muh Now”

  4. @ de pedantic Dribbler
    June 17, 2018 5:31 AM

    AS usual a None Trump supporter cannot understand Mr. Trump whether as a Candidate or President, but for those that follow Trump they know what he is doing and why he is doing it. You have to start from the Premise that he loves America and puts America FIRST and wants all leaders in the world to do the same for their countries. For so long you have had Politicians Playing Polotricks and here you have a man that is Not Politically Correct and who calls it like it is.

    It is an Indictment against you that you cannot tell the Truth but hide behind your Pseudo truth the same way you couldn’t see the popularity during the Campaign. The same way the ‘Lame Stream Media’ of which you are a Fan ALWAYS GET IT INTENTIONALLY WRONG because they believe in the same Deception as you. Please do not Pull BU into your Collusion Delusion. The only out let that Trump has that are at around 50% positive and 50% Negative are the New Media Outlets and Fox. That is the Reason why the President Tweets Directly to the American Public, is to be Transparent because of the LIES Perpetuated otherwise 24×7.

    But Dpr your Favourite Media runs between 93% & 97% NEGATIVE. You are Suffering for what has become known as the Trump Derangement Syndrome.

    Pres. Trump Stands for the Law… Session’s Stands for the Law. Pres. Trump does not want to Rule by Decree. You need the Democrats Vote to Change the Law…”I hate it,” President Donald J. Trump says of administration’s policy of separating children from parents at the U.S. border, claiming he has no ability to alter the policy without votes from Democrats.

  5. It is very disheartening for all right thinking 💭 Barbadians that less than one month in office……Madam PM has carted off this fair land to the IMF !!

    And she committed such hasty act she UNILATERALLY defaulted on payments to this country’s creditors !

    Oh I weep for BARBADOS 🇧🇧

    Gem 💎 gone ………!!



  6. @ The Honourable Blogmaster

    I have been trying to post a few articles here from since 3 or so today unsuccessfully

    THe content of the posts is as usual – controversial but not libelous

    However it would appear as all eight or nine of them EVEN requests for you assistance AND email have not been successful

    I do hope that de ole man has not exhausted his welcome with the site based on the content and the tangent of my posts.

    Why that might only make one feel that there is a plan afoot to interdict against the persons WHO WILL NOT BOW TO THE NEW ADMINISTRATION

    I will see if this item posts and failing that I guess that heheheheheh I may have to resort to some Bowman type posts

    I await your response …

    • @PUDRYR

      Nobody is intetionally blocking you comments.If WordPress does not like your IPs you should look at the proxy list you are using if you know how.

  7. @ pieceuhderockyeahright,

    Did you remember to click ” post comment ”

    doan mine me I trying to be a comedian. lol

  8. @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    My apologies.

    I have previously been treading in some dangerous waters and once this Caswell incident entered the mix, I “dived” in.

    Where we are as a country, WE HAVE NEVER BEEN BEFORE.

    and one thing that we can be assured of, from what we have seen with the last lot, these guys DO NOT CARE ABOUT ANYONE BUT THEMSELVES. They are ruthless.

    Look at how even Dr. David Durant has prostituted his soul in the service of the DLP and he is a man of the cloth.

    They were prepared to kill a nation, ALL OF US, while they secured their self preservation AND some of US, because of what we have done, AND WHAT WE MUST CONTINUE TO DO, HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO BE vigilant.

    and I, paranoia notwithstanding, have to be even more vigilant than most others.

    Apologies but I assumed that because your norm is 6 a.m. with *** and it was mid evening, i misread that *** because it broke your clockwork pattern.

    The posts and the follow-up email coupled with not getting you customary response, triggered my response.

    You do realize that I usually wait and have done so for longer periods..

    Apologies again.

    There is a lot to be done and little time, for some of us.

  9. “Well said. About time. We now have to condemn the foul language, including banning the term yardfowl, and calling people party supporters.”

    Yes, I agree wholeheartedly…………….and while we are at it, let’s come of our “high horses” and equally condemn the insulting, snide, pejorative and childish comments that you seem not to be able to resist from using to describe other contributors………

    ……………….and the nasty, arrogant, condescending, snobbish and sanctimonious attitude you so often exhibit in this forum.

  10. “Why that might only make one feel that there is a plan afoot to interdict against the persons WHO WILL NOT BOW TO THE NEW ADMINISTRATION.”


    I believe you’re not being fair to the blogmaster. Uh mean……I have seen contributions appear in this forum that are downright silly, from an individual or individuals, with multiple monikers, in which they always mention someone or something always “got muh bawling..” and “uh dat ilk.”

    As such, I don’t see any reason why David BU would censor your excellent and informative contributions, especially since I’ve never heard you complaining of him ever having done so in the past.

    Wuh de ole man should do is leh de grandson show you how to look at the proxy list (hehehehehehe)

  11. @Fractured
    seems that you and petite Madama Butterfly have a common information source?
    Big on the unilateral default.
    Why don’t you explain to us how a “negotiated debt reduction” might play out? Remember who the BIG creditor is. Somebody has to get skin?
    Prior to the election you were big on No LEC, grandiose proclamations. You were correct. The only one with an LEC was your dethroned King FJS….LOSE EVERY CONSTITUENCY.
    Permit me to inform you that IMF = In Memory of Fumbles.

  12. “Right now there is a fallacy that Madamoiselle Mia Mottley is the winner of this election but that is really a fallacy.”

    That is why first thing on the May 25 2018, it was made very clear that over 111,000 voters won the election for themselves by breaking away from and destroying the ball and chain that was DLP….to free themselves from that 60 year old blighted political party, one of them had to go permanently. .

    The election was a victory by the people for the people in a fight to free themselves from the 2 party political tag team of tyranny they have been subjected to for 60 long years.

    Politicians and yardfowls both present and former need to get that very clear in their minds with no misunderstandings.

  13. @FreedomCrier, the amazing reality is that you were not laughing when you wrote ur piece above…but it surely is quite laughable!

    Why do I have to support Mia Mottley or Donald Trump in order to understand them and their policies? Do you support Hitler…as you show a wonderful appreciation of his type of actions. Must be a joke !

    I am glad Mr Trump loves the US…but quite disappointed that such professed loves appears by the cascade of his words and actions to be firmly located in a discriminatory place which hails the actions of white supremacists and supports divisiveness. That too is another good laugh ….love of one type of people in as diverse a nation as the US is surely your type of greatness. More power to you.

    And the joke to bring the house down is definitely the twin laffs of “Pseudo truth” and accusing others of politricks.

    The man who they said made 18 misstaments of facts in one morn tweet storm (one can be deferential and not outright say the President lied) is being heralded by you as ‘calling it like it is. Good joke dat.

    And the same man who has a cabinet secretary operating in the palms of lobbyists and doing rather unethical things but whom he likes and refuses to dismiss you boast is destroying political shennagans in govt. 🤣.. as the bloggers say: oh loss, ma belly!

    Very good routine you have here on BU…an invitation to Comedy Central or some other comedy club is definitely in your future…keep the jokes flowing!

  14. “I am glad Mr Trump loves the US…but quite disappointed that such professed loves appears by the cascade of his words and actions to be firmly located in a discriminatory place which hails the actions of white supremacists and supports divisiveness”

    Where were these according to Mr Stuart ” incoherent noises” when former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan Robert Byrd was occupying a life long seat in the USA Senate on behalf of the Democratic party whose members love black people and which has been garnering majority black support since the sixties.

  15. Interesting that Barbados Today now features a column called “Opposition Speaks” by Opposition Leader Joseph Atherley. The blogmaster notes that the last column posted by Senator Franklyn we called it “Senator Franklyn Speaks”. Clearly the rules of engagement for BT do not agree with the Nation newspaper. Continuing to observe.

  16. It was an afternoon for reminiscing and smiles at Nation House, Fontabelle, St Michael, as staff and a few customers were surprised with tokens of appreciation in honour of the 45th anniversary of the Nation Newspapers, which began operations on November 23, 1973.(Quote)

    I hope during the celebrations they will remember Trevor ‘Job’ Clarke, and that someone will ask if Fred Gollop was really a qualified lawyer?

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