Record Numbers Eligible to Vote in 2018 Barbados General Election

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255,833 persons will be eligible to vote in Thursday’s general election. This number was disclosed to earlier tonight by an official from the Electoral & Boundaries Commission. There is also a possibility that an addendum will be made and that this number will increase by a very small amount. For comparison: 249,024 persons were eligible to vote in 2013, 235,510 in 2008 and 220,093 in 2003. The EBC source also revealed that 3,019 persons were eligible to vote early on May 17 and that there were 16 foreign service electors.

Read full text – Barbados Elections 2018: Record Breaking Numbers


  • Maybe Record Breaking Vote Padding by EBC


  • two ministers wanted to know what their chances of being re-elected were so they decided to take a tour of the island and meet the people., one says we should take a dog and a baby with us so we can appeal to the people and show how warm hearted we are. So off they go baby and dog in tow and stopped at a rum shop in st john. it wasnt long before people started coming in. One guy comes over tickles the baby and lifts the dogs tail and leaves then another guy comes over and plays with the baby lifts the dogs tail and he also leaves, this goes on for an hour and the ministers cant figure out whats going on so they asked the proprietor why are the people acting so strange, and he says every body is saying there is a dog in here with two assholes.

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  • Lawson,. LMAO….

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  • What if the military hardware is for after elections ..when the results fail to reflect what everyone knows to be the people’s desired, and expected, outcome?
    From the sorta shiite that the DLP talking, it is clear that they know something that the rest of us don’t….

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  • @Bush Tea

    Be careful, there is no historical basis for your observation.


  • Doubt it…. your boss was in Canada in August I have a pretty good idea what the exit strategy will be for the summer months at least We all thought it strange he was the only prime minister to visit on their countries celebration day in Ottawa and he brought a big bag with him a red plastic bag

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  • So Rhianna endorses Mia. Needless to say she also endorse Hilary Clinton who the media had given a all but humongous lead over the orange hair man and the results are all to see
    Dont get me wrong i love Rhi Rhi but her choices have left much to be desired .


  • Eligible voters. 255,833

    Population 292,336 (July 2017 est.)

    Age structure 0-14 years: 17.97% (male 26,256/female 26,266)
    15-24 years: 12.74% (male 18,504/female 18,732)
    25-54 years: 44.06% (male 64,198/female 64,594)
    55-64 years: 13.43% (male 18,497/female 20,770)
    65 years and over: 11.81% (male 13,927/female 20,592) (2017 est.)

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  • Are-we-there-yet

    Lawson, re. your 9:38 am post:



  • Bernard Codrington

    @ Hants at 9
    :09 AM

    Are the voters lists overstated in 2018 and understated in 2008?
    What were the Census figures in 2010?
    My back- of- the envelope calculations says that the voters should be about 240K. I must be missing something significant here.


  • I find it incredible that many thousands of people have left Barbados shores in the last 3- 5 years for better opportunities mostly citizens and residents.

    The EBC has claimed to register around 200 Caricom Nationals.

    So where are the mysterious numbers coming from to create record voters unless Vote Padding and fraudulent activity.


  • Are-we-there-yet

    Lawson, re. your 7:26 am post:



  • Based on BU research the last Population Census was 2010?



  • @ David
    “Whuh ain’t ketch yuh, ain’t pass yuh”,


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ The Conspiracy Mongers

    Euphemism for @ meself

    “Follow the water, follow the bullets”

    Many will google that quotation to find where de ole man teif um from

    They will be amazed that it ent teifed but come from de ole man heself

    Den de will axe what de ole man mean?

    In any military expedition water and bullets are critical to the logistics of war and once you see where either resource is then you know where the soldiers are too.

    And the parallel for these two assets are where the policemen and Defense Force soldiers are

    Have they all been summoned forth and has all leave been cancelled?

    Have they all been issued weapons and unusual gear like walk-in talkies and secure channels?

    The invocation of the Emergency Powers Act cannot be done in silence

    So having the boys and girls on the block using there phones to monitor the deployment of the police or the defence force would be wise

    Natlee can help by getting her former Bush Hill Colleagues monitor the frequency of entry and egress of the defense force trucks at Bush Hill in the Garrison

    Although ef someone was to ask a Bajan member of Staff working at the United States embassy they would be able to comment on the inordinate staffing and presence of really beefy looking United States Marines who now are resident in Barbados and who will be there to protect US interests when Fumbles and Chris Decimals decide any foolishness



  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    Your assistance please with an item thank you


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