Renew the Barbadian Promise NOW!

Submitted by Henderson Bovell

This election has come at a defining moment in our history: a time when our economy is in crisis; our country continues to be at risk of yet another in an apparent never-ending-series of downgrades from rating agencies. It is why on May 24th, we must collectively let it be known that: ‘enough is enough.’

What are we to do, when: raw sewage runs on the road on the south coast but the DLP has no solution, neither does it see that fiasco as a matter of urgent national importance? What are we to do when, crime and the fear of crime is on the increase; poverty is on the rise, and in short – because of the flawed policies of the DLP, this and our next generation would be forced to lower their sights and standards? Already, with some taps dry, one DLP Minister (who will also lose his seat) tells

Barbadians that they bathe too much!

Too many people were forced to wait far too long for the bus that simply did not come. Tuition fee is out of reach and after a lifetime of hard work, and at the rate that this DLP has been dipping into it like a: ‘pork-barrel-slush-fund,” there is now the real fear whether your contributions to the NIS, are safe. The possibility of starving to death is also real for too many. The reality is: too many people are out of work and those who are working – are taking home less because of unnecessary taxation. This, at a time when: Investor confidence [both local and international] has been eroded.

At a time when commodity prices, such as: ‘wheat, barley and corn,’ as well as the price of oil – on the world market, are a fraction of what they were, when the BLP was in office, Barbadians are being forced to pay significantly more for food in the supermarket as well as for petroleum products at the pump. The point is, this out-going DLP government had to spend significantly less foreign reserves on food and oil imports (than when the BLP was in office) and yet our foreign reserves have plummeted to an embarrassing low level.

The DLP’s reality is: people have cars they cannot afford to drive and with far too many Barbadians on the brink of disaster, I am here to tell you that there is hope: the Barbados Labour Party can do better. The BLP is compassionate. In contrast, the DLP did nothing when too many were sliding into poverty. In fact, it gave them a hard push under its bus by slashing the reversed tax credit and on top of that, by introducing more taxation by way of a VAT increase and the imposition of the NSRL

The out-going DLP Government was not working for Barbados and Barbadians: The absolute horror is: the DLP works effectively against the people. But, the same DLP that brought our economy to its knees and is causing Barbadians so much grief – is now telling the country it wants more time!

Barbados will not get results by re-electing people who do not know what they are doing and who will simply implement more policies that will not work. I know that you love yourself and Barbados too much to let the next five years be like the past ten, especially when the DLP refuses to own its failure. In fact, ten years after being in power, the DLP is still blaming a global financial crisis for, even for the raw sewage on the road on the south coast.

What has been lost for the past ten years under DLP rule is, not just jobs; and wages but a sense of common purpose; decency, hope and confidence. Therefore, fixing what is wrong with Barbados will require more than just money…it will also require the restoration of a renewed sense of confidence and responsibility from every one.

This country needs a new politics; a new beginning and a new freshness. It is not about fixing the economy as is…but laying a new foundation for a new Barbadian promise and the next high level of development.

My fellow Barbadians, you do not have to walk alone or be afraid! Mia has been there with you all along: She symbolizes resilience and strength: now is the time for serious people; serious politics and serious policies. Mia Motley and Team BLP have the skill-sets, the youth; energy and experience to get the job done. I therefore recommend them highly for you favourable consideration and your electoral support on May 24th. Let us, as a nation, hold firmly without wavering. Let us renew that Barbadian promise and march into the future, with confidence: VOTE BLP!


  • This sounds like a DIRECT ELECTION AD, BLOG MASTER you permitting this ?


  • Barbados Why Choose B or D? Aren’t we Looking for Real SOLUTIONS?

    From my Simple observation, how does the BLP & the DLP differ in their Ideology??? I am very concerned that unless we practice Free Market Principles with less Burdensome Rules, Regulations and Controls, the Reaper lies at the Gate!!

    They are so many Struggling in Barbados, So many can’t make ends meet.

    Even if you have a Berry today the Government takes it tomorrow.

    Governments make no money they only Spend money, that is why Entitlement Governments love Businesses, that way they depend on Entrepreneurs to build businesses and to employ people so that they can TAX them so that they can live HIGH ON THE HOG!
    This Elitist in the world, live off the Sweat of others through Taxation and Manipulation.

    In Barbados 2/3 of the money collected by Government is paid towards debt and 1/3 is paid to the Government Bureaucracy. Where do you think the 100% comes from? -It comes from off the backs of those working who are mostly oblivious to the amount extracted from them by the numerous forms of Assessments, Duties, Levy’s, and Exercise forms of Taxation!

    Promises, Promises, Promises… All Politicians do is promise more entitlements and when buying votes it’s all about Free Stuff. Then you vote for them and you reap the world wind as often times because of careless spending since it’s not their money. 1/3 pays all the Civil Servants and the few amenities that Government provides.

    How long do you think that Parasitical Entity can feed off we the people? It depends on the Organism as to how much it feeds. The real aim of their Ideology is the Control and Extraction of the Wealth of the People, every aspect of what others own. Its aims at Complete Authoritarianism in Government…

    A good example is what is happening in Venezuela like where Mudro eats on TV while the people’s Rib Cages are exposed as in Starvation. Or Barbados… do you own your house? Even after we are deceased our inheritors continue paying Taxes.

    What Ripple effects are we witnessing of such Control? The Parasites who Rule fatten themselves while everyone else literally starve. They have sucked so much out of their people in Barbados that the host is dying.

    Haven’t we had ENOUGH of Lawyers running the Country? Why not CHOOSE a Party with BUSINESS ORIENTED SOLUTIONS for a Change as the Party of Choice…

    Do What Is Right & Let The Consequences Follow!!


  • Tell me Barbados who are we going to Vote for: SOLUTIONS or B or D?


  • Georgie Porgie



  • The headline following this post is misleading. What is the Barbadian promise? If it has any real meaning, then it must go back to November 30, 1966, when our constitutional independence kicked in.
    And what was that promise: that the very first appointment the new prime minister of a newly independent nation made was to appoint an Englishman, a former colonial servant, as our very first governor general; turn the name of the Barbados Police Force in to the Royal Barbados Police Force (you got my thinking); and, before that, turned the General Hospital in to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital? Those now talking about a republic must explain all these, and more.
    More fundamentally, the implicit promise of constitutional independence is that things would be better under an independent leadership than they were under colonialism. If this is the ultimate test, it has failed.
    We have had over 50 years of consistent economic failure; and, in particular, under 14 yrs of BLP rule prior to 2008, the nation enjoyed a debt-laden ‘improvement’ in the standard of living.
    For those who believe that those Arthur years were years of bliss, tell them to list the achievements. Tell us about the private finance initiative, with its fixed costs and heavy burden on the taxpayer; tell us about what public sector reforms the Arthur government has introduced, what infrastructural improvements the Arthur government made; list the foreign relations achievement of the Arthur government.
    I don’t want to be hard on Arthur, since compared with the DLP ineptitude they did wonders. But that is an improper comparison: Arthur v Thompson/Stuart.
    The right and proper comparison is the Arthur/Thompson/Stuart governments versus the possibilities. How a small island economy could have progressed during the years of the greatest economic growth in human history.
    That is the real measure of how we have drifted from being one of the most progressive islands in the world to one now under-performing the region and globe.
    Finally, the really sad thing is that highly intelligent men and women come on this blog and fly their party colours, no matter the reality; that too is as much a betrayal of the Barbadian people as the nonsense by the parliamentarians.

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  • Hmmmmm…….Mr. Henderson Bovell???

    After his “long hiatus” in the “political wilderness”……….has the goodly gentleman now come out of the “wood work” because he believes victory is on the horizon?


  • @Artax

    We need his mate who made up the tag team back in the day to step forward.


  • This is the problem with party politics, we have the supporters who have grown bony in the last 10 years.


  • @ Hal

    ..”The right and proper comparison is the Arthur/Thompson/Stuart governments versus the possibilities”….

    Calling a spade a spade, this statement represents the true and correct perspective in naming and identifying THE LEADERS of former administrations who has brought the country to this timeline and its predicaments.

    It’s the mindset of Leaders and their influences (internally and externally) that results in the style, form and delivery of governance. Skillful thinkers would have learnt from the performances of past administrations, negative policies and public and response that becomes the gauge to engage the right vs the wrong.

    Focusing on priorities and building towards a better future with a consistent determination to keep those at bay with ill intentions while holding those accountable for violations of office.

    Many lessons are learnt from traversing a storm which passes eventually.



  • We have the view of Pacha who does not believe in the leader because we should all be responsible. Then there is Gline Murray’s view which says that man is an animal that naturally mobilizes behind a leader.


  • Nothing wrong with/having a Leader, otherwise there will be chaos and confusion. One must speak for the collective conscience.

    We are all responsible. Responsible for making the right choice (voting), to stand up against any ill violation of universal, natural or constitutional rights, laws, and liberties, to validate or invalidate proposals of policies that determines ones livelihood, ones future and those of his offspring, we are responsible to/for ourselves, to/for our communities and all peoples everywhere.

    Any man that thinks man is an animal and has to be lead is already a sheep without will or direction, following by the whims and fancies of his Leader dictate and is lost. A man is a man if he has only one pants and MUST be able to say NO when its justified and YEA when truth convicts.


  • Madness.
    That’s how former Prime Minister Owen Arthur has described proposals by the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) to grant a 45 per cent increase in pensions if it were elected to Government in the May 24 general election.
    While warning that such a proposal would only force the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) into bankruptcy and place young contributors under tremendous burden, Arthur today dismissed it as mere election folly(Quote)

    Arthur is wrong. An increase in basic state pension would not bankrupt the scheme. It is a hybrid pay-as-you-go scheme and it would take a serious demographic time bomb to seriously damage the scheme.
    The real threat is bad investment policies and proper restructuring, separating and ring-fencing the state pension from the welfare provisions. Whichever party comes to power they must sack the chairman of the NIS for gross incompetence. After all the years Arthur still does not understand how state pensions work.
    Will a future BLP government establish a sovereign wealth fund?


  • OSA had 14 years to further build the NIS into a financial fortress having found it on reasonable footing, investing and reinvesting its portfolios, then to add 10 years of additional time by DT and FJS to mastermind a goldmine for economic security, what did they do?

    OSA out of party, out of politics.. How relevant? opportunity lost, advice=mockery.
    Why when it come to the assistance of the needy, some think to rain in opposition, doom and gloom, these people are your parents and grandparents, are they not?

    Honestly, how many of you can survive on a pittance of $75 a week? Yet past administration spent Millions on wasted efforts, contingencies, commissions, consultancies and a host of other useless “liabilities” all in the name of pride and corrupgencies. EVEN $500 monthly is short of borderline.

    They displayed a lack of love even towards the ones that brought them into this world throwing pittance on the floor at them… EVIL.


  • It is only madness if she actually intended to do it…
    In fact, it is a promise that is intended SOLELY to be a comfort to BBs….. so that we will vote in a particular way.
    Just like Froon did, …when he said that education will be free and he would not sell off our asse(t)s to foreigners.

    After elections, it will be deja vu all over again…


  • Merely an opinion by observation of THE PAST administrations, BT.
    That she (Mia) is YET likely to lead the next government is to give her the benefit of doubt. A totally DIFFERENT character and personality WITH experience, WITH knowledge, WITH youth, WITH VISION and NOT of the old school.



  • @Hants

    This is the silly season.


  • David May 9, 2018 2:59 PM

    This is the silly season.(Quote)

    How can it be silly season when a general election is a couple weeks off? What defines a silly season?


  • This “season” should not be termed silly, for the seriousness of it determines your quality of life going forward. Its conviction promotes all that is “silly” and through constantly repeating it becomes a subliminal law in operation. look back and think future.


  • It will be done! Unna won’t learn. Freundel spoke without even using black lead and a double lined sheet of paper. All yuh supporting 10% flat tax and the removal of all other taxes and duties.🤐


  • Posting blatant political AD’s will be the downfall of the Barbados Underground Blog just like the poor political corruption/mis-management is/has led to Barbados social and economic failure.
    An impartial blog-site is a good blog-site, any other is propaganda.


  • How come Owen don’t be saying these things when he hears that hundreds of millions of NIS Pension fund money, money that actually belongs to pensioners and one billion dollars of taxpayer funded contracts are given to minorities without any returns but only losses to the population, or hundreds of millions are missing according to the auditor general’s report, he never says a word about any of that, the reason why I never take his bloated ass seriously; just let him hear the poor or anyone else in the majority population is getting some benefit from THEIR OWN MONEY…and this has been clown jumps out to talk about what a tragedy it is and how it will break the country.

    Has he taken a look at the dilapidated state of St. Peter, his parish.

    where do these white minded blighted politicians come from; he too left a legacy of corruption with minorities during his administration, the Transport Board still cannot recover, the contract still stuck in CGIs hands thanks to Owen and his gang, the National Bank is gone and a whole other list of million dollar give aways to everybody but his own people Owen indulged in…he could really shut up and enjoy retirement.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Bush Tea May 9, 2018 2:32 PM
    “It is only madness if she actually intended to do it…
    In fact, it is a promise that is intended SOLELY to be a comfort to BBs….. so that we will vote in a particular way.”

    Wasn’t a similar argument presented when the same OSA promised to return the 8% cut to public sector workers?

    Wasn’t it stoutly argued that such a retrogressive step would have bankrupted the Treasury and eliminate all the structural adjustment economic gains made under Sir Lloyd and which form the same good wicket for the same OSA to bat on?

    Wasn’t that man OSA (so full of himself at that time like MAM is today) cocksure of his plan that he even had it enshrined in the Constitution that such a policy of cutting public workers’ pay should not take place unless two-thirds of members of Parliament say so?

    MAM needs to tell us that she would be going after the tax cheats who received millions is easy money from the Treasury and have not paid a cent in income tax or VAT on their easy gained spoils of feeding from the DLP trough.

    We shall see if those payments made as legal fees to those DLP-connected lawyers were declared as assessable income in their tax returns over those 8 years.

    We will also see if Leroy Greenverbs (the PM’s pal) has heeded Walter Blackman’s tax advice on that $3.3 million CLICO heist.

    Mara T. might even find herself being the point person in a wide-ranging tax audit

    We can bet that there would enough tax due to the BRA as to set off against the liability created by giving to the old and indigent some form of respectability and material ease in their golden years.


  • Georgie Porgie

    willy coyote May 9, 2018 4:53 PM
    re that silly cartoon

    please kindly note that david thompson dead since 2010
    the Lord took him……..though not in the same way he took Enoch

    Both me and Leroy McClean still alive though!


  • Well said Miller, good is a terror to those who do evil and fear of change creates jittery, just maybe, the discovery of the real status of Statutory Corporations is the real fear and not what some purport.


  • Wily Coyote May 9, 2018 4:53 PM
    The Honorable Blog Site BU would only be impartial if there is censorship of DLP or other party supporters’ submissions and or comments by BU admin,.

    Your Meme is distasteful and is representative of propaganda.


  • @ Miller
    Wasn’t a similar argument presented when the same OSA promised to return the 8% cut to public sector workers?
    Wasn’t it stoutly argued that such a retrogressive step would have bankrupted the Treasury and eliminate all the structural adjustment economic gains made under Sir Lloyd and which form the same good wicket for the same OSA to bat on?
    Good point.
    So how did we get back here then? …if Arthur did not do shiite? ….starting with that?
    Arthur just played economic games – like borrowing to the max …and keeping some as ‘reserves’ while wasting most on CSME and other shiite projects like Kensington? Obviously Froon and Stinkliar are not privy to such thinking, so they just spent until the account ran dry; …and then borrowed until the lenders said ‘NO’.

    Arthur laid the groundwork.

    Is the Treasury not bankrupt?
    Is the Structural adjustment gains made by Sandi not gone to shit?

    What is your point?
    Arthur F*&^%-up
    Thompson cocked up
    Froon is an evil spirit whose legacy is the Devil monument at the Garrison…
    …so Mia may as well do shiite too?

    Who thought you to reason..? Rubber?


  • @ Pieceofderockyearight

    Arise, stand and be counted… your voice shall not be silenced.. report for duty.

    Hoping all is well with you, comrade.


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