BLP and DLP Kickoff Meetings

This space is to allow the BU community to share views about the two kickoff political meetings that were staged on the weekend.

The blogmaster was impressed by the entertainment content delivered by the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) on Saturday night. The parade of the experience and political intelligence the BLP leadership can access as demonstrated by the Henry Fordes, Cheltenhams, Millers, Tulls et al. Most interesting were the promises to increase non-contributory pensions and access to start up financing for the youth segment. The blogmaster looks forward to hear how this will be supported by the budget.

The blogmaster was equally impressed  by the entertainment delivered by the DLP through the antics of Blackett, Lashley and a couple others. The objective was to attack Mia Mottley in her role as leader under the theme that she feels entitled. Prime Minister Stuart clearly attempted to show that there is a philosophical difference between the two major parties by anchoring his address in what he considers to be Mottley’s sense of entitlement because of her blodline. The other noteworthy presentation was from Minister David Estwick who was scathing in his attack of Mia for showing her ignorance about the issues affecting the south coast sewage problem. He summed it up by asking her when she digs up the affected area on the South Coast where will the live sewage passing in the lines be deposited?

Yes Minister Stephen Lashley mentioned the Barbados Underground blog in his presentation by acknowledging that the 2013 – 2018 Report of the Public Accounts Committee can be found in this forum.


  • @Sargeant May 8, 2018 11:27 AM “BTW is there any difference from yesteryear’s 3000 lbs of blubber?”

    Talk about inflation!!!

    it was only 1,000 pounds of blubber.

    Three fat women at about 300 pounds each, with a little extra thrown in out of generosity.

    Unfortunately nobody remembered to weight the big guts men.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Lol…now is a good time to weigh all those bloated, protuding bellies of the ex ministers.


  • Fractured BLP

    Well well

    You better watch your bloated ego !

    You would do well to go and ask Mia Mottley to respond to that Boko Haram charge !

    We know Boko Haram is in business of catching GIRLS !!

    Therefore, it is not far fetch to understand why Mia Mottley would be interested in aligning herself with agents of Boko Haram !

    Get cracking !!!


  • Fractured…so boko haram should have no problem capturing you and all the ex ministers…that will surely ease up the weight on taxpayers and the NIS Pension Fund with not having to pay out all those unearned pensions…

    am sure boko haram can find something for useless bajan ex ministers and their retarded yardfowls to do in the jungles of Nigeria.

    yall joining with Peter Harris newspaper and the financial illiterate Sinkler to slander the billionaire and none of you are billionaires, ya hand to mouth and still living off the majority population, every one of you…ya won’t be able to pay compensation.


  • Based on comments heard this evening on CBCTV newscast Ronald Jones of the DLP dressed in his yellow shirt complained of a driver of a vehicle who harassed 3 women dressed in yellow shirts.It was meant to be a warning but sounded like a threat so you drivers stop maligning the people you see wearing yellow shirt.Some people stupid like that.Remember you can take a horse to the manger but you can’t make him drink.


  • So Mia is not fit to be PM. She is incompetent. But Frundel is fit to be PM. Yet he Fucked up this country with all his competence.

    Well piss in the south coast. Or shit rather.


  • @Fractured BLP May 8, 2018 8:23 PM

    Re: Your Boko Haram ignorance…you are such a domestic feline.


  • I am wondering if the DLP was advised by those white demons at Cambridge Anal Itica to curse Mia Mottley?

    Because what I witnessed on Sunday night—I mean a Sunday too, and early too, wen chldren were still watching and hearing, was not Bajan at all, at all. I can only describe it as demonic.


  • Bush Tea I asked you a question,where did Ms Mottley talk about same sex marriage?You are dodging the question because you know nothing of the sort was said,so instead of making wild accusations you cannot support you should give it a rest J/A.


  • Lorenzo
    Boss, why don’t you get thee behind Bushie nuh?
    You ain’t that hear Bushie don’t give two shits about you, … or Mia… or Froon… or any of the other brass bowls currently playing musical chairs on the Deck of HMB Titanic?

    Who don’t you focus on Fractured, or ac, … or somebody who is interested in grabbing a deck chair when the election music stops?


    All the bushman’s political plans are going EXACTLY as laid out….

    “As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them.
    My people, your leaders are misleading you— they’re giving you confusing directions.”
    Obviously Mia and Peter have roles to play…

    It is not going to be easy for the misguided brass bowls originally conceptualised in the VERY IMAGE of God,
    …but after the terror will be a new dawn.


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