BLP and DLP Kickoff Meetings

This space is to allow the BU community to share views about the two kickoff political meetings that were staged on the weekend.

The blogmaster was impressed by the entertainment content delivered by the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) on Saturday night. The parade of the experience and political intelligence the BLP leadership can access as demonstrated by the Henry Fordes, Cheltenhams, Millers, Tulls et al. Most interesting were the promises to increase non-contributory pensions and access to start up financing for the youth segment. The blogmaster looks forward to hear how this will be supported by the budget.

The blogmaster was equally impressed  by the entertainment delivered by the DLP through the antics of Blackett, Lashley and a couple others. The objective was to attack Mia Mottley in her role as leader under the theme that she feels entitled. Prime Minister Stuart clearly attempted to show that there is a philosophical difference between the two major parties by anchoring his address in what he considers to be Mottley’s sense of entitlement because of her blodline. The other noteworthy presentation was from Minister David Estwick who was scathing in his attack of Mia for showing her ignorance about the issues affecting the south coast sewage problem. He summed it up by asking her when she digs up the affected area on the South Coast where will the live sewage passing in the lines be deposited?

Yes Minister Stephen Lashley mentioned the Barbados Underground blog in his presentation by acknowledging that the 2013 – 2018 Report of the Public Accounts Committee can be found in this forum.

160 thoughts on “BLP and DLP Kickoff Meetings

  1. Only in dominant Black countries filled with slave minded idiots, in this day and age dominant black countries with intelligent people would know to keep ALL whites out of their parliaments, if they know what is good for them.

  2. David

    We know not the merits of the claims against Benedict Peters.

    For the DLP it will be enough to tar and feather MAM with the mere perception of illegality as part and parcel of a broader project of disqualification.

    Their strategy is if the head can be dismembered the body will surrender.

    Mottley will be forced on the defensive.

    By the time we find out that Peters is less than a guilty man, the work of Machiavelli (Bobby Morris) would have been duly completed.

  3. David

    What is the best lesson from Tom Adams

    He taught us that a good lie is 90% true

    And by the time it takes for the truth to get out of the starting block, the lie has finished the race.

  4. Pachamama
    But in this day and age, there is the internet and Barbados is 166 sq.m. The government is getting licks across every social media platform, VoB, fhe newspapers and blogs. If this is a reflection of what is being discussed in offices, rum shops and households—the dog dead!🤞🏾

  5. The Whole Country Wants A Change…Barbados Faces A Dismal Future if the Minister of “Fine Ants” who moves From Blunder to Blunder and Dem should get Back in… Mr. Arthur obviously has lost Trust in the B & D… Says, “The BLP has Lost its Soul!”.

    There is a Hope on the Horizon! “A Clear Vision, backed by definite plans, gives you a tremendous feeling of confidence and personal power.” – Solutions Barbados!! There is a Better Option for Barbados. Vote wisely. Let our Faith Impact our Vote.

    Hear From Owen Arthur

  6. Fractured if last night tasteless behavior is the best you have got,your ass is grass.Your behavior was widely criticized all over the social media Brasstacks the works therefore you have done yourself more harm than good.The fact that two ladies Ms Byer -Suckoo and Mrs Irene Sandiford-Garner sat on that stage in the midst of that behavior especially from Mr Blackett ,Dr Estwick and the PM ,,they should hold their heads in shame.Hopefully the electorate remembers them,especially the females.Imagine Mr Ellis trying to minimize the tone of that meeting and allowing Dems like the Trini Dem,Rawle and Straker,s Tenantry to justify such atrocious behavior.Mr Ellis is reallythe Dems gatekeeper in truth.

  7. Lorenzo

    You are in duck 🦆 guts !

    The Dems only spent last night telling the TRUTH about

    • Sir Henry Forde
    • Mia Mottley
    • George Payne
    • Dale Marshall
    • Ronald Toppin
    • Kerrie Symonds
    • Trevor Prescod
    • Glyne Clarke
    • Jeffrey Boston

    And you bawling already !

    That was only the first delivery……..of 5 more deliveries to come !

    So head to the Bay Street Esplanade this Wednesday !

    You gine $hite yuh self ……when we finished with you !!

    Remember – you were calling fuh General Elections…….so they here now !!!!

    PRESSURE in yuh tail !!!

  8. Fractured based on the licks you got all day today the dems better be coming to address issues that affecting Bajans and not that gutter display on Sunday night.No wonder the lady from NISE Ms Tudor absented herself from such filth.Normally when you have nothing to say you resort to that kind of behavior but trust me,you would have to pay me to come to hear those speakers,so do not hold your breath Fractured.I Know you all like to dish out I hope when it comes back at you I do not hear no crocodile tears.

  9. I here watching Santia at Dayrell’s road live on You Tube.

    It seems some of the political wrasse meetings will be streamed live.

  10. Lorenzo
    I saw the clip on CBCTV evening news!While Stuart was ‘delivering’ his address,Nitwit Braffit was in the background punching his cell phone with one finger,Estwick was yawning,Steve Blackett was checking his watch,Richard Sealy was texting and they all looked so weary and lost..I think they expect to lose so the attitude seem to be talk about anything but their record of ‘achievements’ and sling mud hoping that some stick.Even Todd was trying to be hung-ho and hopeful of a miracle.

  11. I little birdie just told me that she was ashamed of the behaviour of the DLP Cabinet Ministers last night, especially as the thing was being streamed live to all of the 8+ billion people in the world?

    What must they think of us?

    CORRECTION: What must they think of DEM?

  12. @Fractured BLP May 7, 2018 12:42 PM “One ball Stuartie bowled ! A ” bloodline ” delivery !”


    This is the same DLP that shoe horned Mara Thompson into the seat in St. John?

    If that is not inherited privilege, I don’t know what is.

    And now they play that got talk for Mia?


    Mia’s grandfather died when she was 4. Her father demitted political office when she was 7.

    So is Freundel telling me that his own daughter, and grandchildren can NEVER have political aspirations? Not even 40 years from now? Owen’s daughters cannot? Sandy’s children and grandchildren cannot? the Dipper’s children and grandchildren must forever remain politically silent?

    The DEMS are talking about privilege, but right now the most privileged person in Barbados (except for Dame Sandra) is Freundel Jerome Stuart. I mean the rest of us have no power to change the law so that our schoolmate becomes chief justice. The rest of us cannot “advise” Queen Elizabeth that an old aquiantance from our community become Governor General. But Freundel can.

    That is privilege.

  13. Technically it was streamed live to “all 8+ billion people in the world”
    But only 3+billion watched.
    You know how to kill muh
    Girl, I gun dead

  14. @Enuff May 7, 2018 6:49 AM. “I guess last night was a church service.🤣🤣”

    That was no church service.

    I had no idea the DLP fellows mouth were so nasty.

  15. @Ping Pong May 7, 2018 7:18 AM “Patrick Todd was entertaining.”


    When Mia finish white washing he, he can always get a job as a comedian, guaranteed. I had no idea the serious looking fella was so funny.

  16. “Privilege” is a Bajan dish that Errol Barrow was fond of cooking as Austin Clarke recalls in his book “Pig Tails ‘n’ Breadfruit”.

  17. Does the 6 ball over hinge on elements of an unfinished “dossier” (now that the exposed Cambridge Anuses are closing its doors) and intel from the “listeners” on the deep harbor roadside?
    The first ball has been called ….” no-ball” .
    THE SELECTORS issues notification..
    The UMPIRE holds the charges,
    THE BOWLER ..cautioned
    NEXT game, the HAIG.

  18. @Pachamama May 7, 2018 9:15 AM “That counter narrative seems not without merit. What is the rejoinder?”

    That he has had 10 years to fix it and has not done so.

    That we the tax paying citizens don’t care who said what 24 years ago.

    The sewage treatment plant has been the DLP’s baby for the past 10 years and they have failed to come up with a fix.

  19. @ac May 7, 2018 9:19 AM “not in my wildest dreams would i thought one to be. Nigerian billionaire wuhloss.”

    So how does a Nigerian billionaire differ from a British Billionaire, or an American one, or a Chinese one, or even a Bajan one?

    Men don’t become rich by behaving like prissy Sunday School teachers.

    All very wealthy men are aggressive and love money real real bad.

  20. Pachamama May 7, 2018 9:36 AM “How was the government to know the underground pipes would fail? ”

    The government may not have know when the failure would occur or that it would be catastrophic, but once the failure had occurred it was the government’s responsibility to fix the failure.

    Not to give foolish talk about what some lawyer said 24 years ago.

  21. @Enuff May 7, 2018 2:10 PM “Wunna ever see Stuart in a rum shop, at Kadooment, Oistins fish festival etc? Study it.”

    Timothy Callender used a phrase, or maybe it was Alfred Pragnell.

    Poor great poppett.

  22. After some digging, it appears that the allegations by the EFCCS of Benedict Peters is nothing more than mischief. Consider, a Black oil magnate with a different mindset could be a concern to the “big boys of oil”.. that being said.

    Also consider, Barbados has designated oil reserves in its maritime borders, which Mia championed in dispute with Trinidad. Can you see an advantage of having Peters on board, in Mias’ corner? Could the plan be that Peters mine such reserves on behalf of Barbados and be a tremendous “life saver” of the economy?

    Surely Peters is aware that his “family” in the Caribbean (from the slave trade),. He knows who is very likely to hold reign of governance which could become a potentially viable investment and help. Like I have said in previous articles and comments.. Africa is unifying its states and uniting its peoples which seem to suggest that it extends to African descendants in the diaspora.

    It is a visionary step towards a brighter future for Barbados and Nigeria.
    How many BLACK millionaires have rendered campaign financing and have received just due?. none!
    How many WHITES have given, and received just due …. ? …AND IT BENEFITTED THE COUNTRY……?

    Bowl the 2nd ball

  23. “Africa is unifying its states and uniting its peoples which seem to suggest that it extends to African descendants in the diaspora.

    It is a visionary step towards a brighter future for Barbados and Nigeria.”

    This is definitely the better option for any black majority island in the Caribbean like Barbados, and those African descendants in North America, South and Central Americas Europe etc..

    any person of African descent in the Caribbean taking a DNA genetic test…most, like myself can trace their ancestry to Benin in Nigeria….there is actually an African database connecting us all to relatives from our bloodlines in every African country.

    One close relative of mine just connected with thousands of relatives in Africa and across the earth.

    Trust ac yardfowl to prefer white reenslavement as opposed to working with blacks from the African continent who look like her embarrassingly slave minded self. ..

    ….a continent that has from 1999 instituted the recognition of human rights and are working at upholding the laws that goes with human rights to protect the Black African family,,..unlike Barbados and her house negros who no longer occupy the people’s parliament and those still infesting the judiciary.

  24. Oh Jesus Christ!

    Yuh just have to call an election, ring the bell, and all manner of party hacks appear, like magic!

    A circus for 16 days, more, of traded political vitriol as knee deep as the sewerage in the streets.

    We’ve been here several times before. This time no different from the past.

    It’s magical how oil resources could appear and then disappear, more than once. There was never any oil. Their appearance this time is a fiction repeated.

    We’ve seen these types of national delusions before. They never end well.

    Maybe this national magical thinking could be used to mek foreign reserves appear on the balance sheet instead.

    Still we ‘hope’, that somebody could give an effective explanation as to why we are in this place currently, at a fundamental level. An explanation devoid of the normal ranker as imbibed by yardfowls and personality cultists. We can’t understand how any of these proposals could have any purchase unless a critical understanding is given, from jump street!


    Is there is full list of candidates anywhere, a few people expected to present seem missing?

  25. WW
    Not to sway off topic, but here is some intel worth thought…

    DNA Tracking
    Curious about your ancestry or what your genetics foretell about your potential?
    23andMe and Ancestry promise to tell you just that, for a mere $100-$300 you can learn all, but is there a DARKER SIDE to exploiting your natural curiosity about yourself and your family?
    It is a means of establishing the ultimate personal tracking device – your DNA is definitive. They have figured out a way to collect your DNA and get you to pay for it!

    23andMe …
    The Personal Genome Service isn’t primarily intended to be a medical device. It is a mechanism meant to be a front end for a massive information-gathering operation against an unwitting public … a DNA Data-Base Collection Point.

    AncestryDNA …

    Tracking criminals has been a long accepted practice. Wanted posters showing the face of the criminal, a fingerprint database shared among law enforcement agencies, and DNA samples collected at the crime. Facial recognition software and retinal scans have been in use among government agencies wanting a failsafe mechanism and a means of identifying those survivors of any global catastrophe (pole shift) in a sculpting exercise by means of vaccines and flus. It also extends to controlling migration (FaceBook) and the domain of cloning and AI TECHNOLOGY.

    Have the elite formed a database to aid them in their population sculpting? The enigmatic Q has hinted as much, and this is indeed the case. DARPA under the Bush and Clinton administrations collected data, and shifted this to private individuals when FaceBook went live. The association of DARPA executors and Google and YouTube managers, by marriage and family, is not an accident. But where this provides official government data such as Social Security numbers or Driver’s License numbers and banking data, all that can be used for identification.
    DNA is the ultimate proof of identity. How to get the public to provide this DNA? Thus the push to get the public to not only provide this DNA, but to pay for the processing! This trend may or may not succeed in gaining a large data pool, but what is collected from such promotions, combined with Blood Bank and hospital samples, will provide general guidelines in addition to individual signatures. Thus the families of a criminal may be marked, as well as the criminal.

    Amazon, Google Race to get your DNA into the Cloud
    June 5, 2015 institutions and healthcare companies are picking sides between their cloud computing offerings – Google Genomics or Amazon Web Services – spurring the two to one-up each other as they win high-profile genomics business.Google, the NSA & DHS are Creating a Global DNA Database
    October 15, 2015,the_NSA%26amp%3B_DHS_are_creating_a_global_DNA_database/Would it shock you to know that Google, the NSA and DHS are using “front companies” to create a GLOBAL DNA database?Mass Surveillance: DNA
    October 30, 2015, the code of life, can also be analyzed, synthesized, and applied in innumerable contexts for a range of political and corporate ends.


  26. ..”a good lie is 90% true”. .NO! ..a lie is a lie and has NO TRUTH IN IT even if it comes from the mouths of Kings.

    @ Pachamama May 8, 2018 8:05 AM

    ..”It’s magical how oil resources could appear and then disappear, more than once. There was never any oil. Their appearance this time is a fiction repeated”…

    The West India Petroleum Oil Company first implemented machine drilled wells in 1896.
    Barbados had initiated arbitration proceedings at the Hague-based International Dispute Resolution Centre, on February 16, 2004 under the provisions of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea after a public row between both countries over the rights of Barbadian fisherfolk to fish in waters off Tobago.
    The judgement had dismissed Trinidad and Tobago’s right to almost 30,000 square nautical miles as near as 40 miles off Oistins and had only ceded a mere 315 nautical miles. The five-member arbitration panel had also established a median line representing the halfway point between Trinidad and Tobago and Barbados and affirmed Barbados’ right to a 200-nautical mile Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) as well as its right to exploit hydrocarbon resources beneath the sea bed as far as 150 nautical miles beyond the 200-nautical mile EEZ.

    LAND… The West India Petroleum Oil Company first implemented machine drilled wells in 1896.


    “We did a review of all the offshore blocks and we think there is potentially up to 50 billion barrels in place, which is not small by global standards, it’s a pretty decent size. To put that in perspective, that’s more oil than the remaining reserves lying in the United Kingdom North Sea,” he said.

    “If a discovery is made the capital expenditure to build the facility for production would be around US$3.5 billion and it would pay around US$650 million in total net taxes to the Government for 25 to 30 years. So the facility would be the single largest taxpayer by a significant margin and the Government doesn’t have to put up a single penny to build it.

    Guess you didn’t see the oil rig off the coast doing mapping?


  27. OK folks get real! Politics is the art of hypocrisy on steroids and both Parties are practiced exponents of the form. Crocodile tears are never persuasive and elicit little sympathy, I didn’t have to go very far to remember the term “rat botsie” or the crude T shirts worn by the two brothers.

    BTW is there any difference from yesteryear’s 3000 lbs of blubber?

    Donville and Santia could hold hands after they pretended to distance themselves from the various expressions of their partners in crime, they are all mudslingers.

  28. This is the African Ancestry database I spoke about, as far as I know, it’s the onky one connecting black people to Africa, it is owned by black people.

    Nine…you cant get away from the criminal tracking, they will track everyone anyway criminal or not, that’s what they do, hunt everyone because they still think they own everyone….

    did they not have the dummies of parliament trying to fingerprint bajans leaving and entering their own country….until Comissiong got rid of that scam…so, there will always do that crap as long as everyone still act like they remain under their control…

    What I was more concerned about with and 23andme and all the others, as I told my daughter who had just got back her results….they spent hundreds of years stealing African’s identities, now they will spend the next 50 years or more selling those identities back to the descendants of African slaves…I saw the irony right away.

  29. @Sargeant May 8, 2018 11:27 AM “BTW is there any difference from yesteryear’s 3000 lbs of blubber?”

    Talk about inflation!!!

    it was only 1,000 pounds of blubber.

    Three fat women at about 300 pounds each, with a little extra thrown in out of generosity.

    Unfortunately nobody remembered to weight the big guts men.

  30. Lol…now is a good time to weigh all those bloated, protuding bellies of the ex ministers.

  31. Well well

    You better watch your bloated ego !

    You would do well to go and ask Mia Mottley to respond to that Boko Haram charge !

    We know Boko Haram is in business of catching GIRLS !!

    Therefore, it is not far fetch to understand why Mia Mottley would be interested in aligning herself with agents of Boko Haram !

    Get cracking !!!

  32. Fractured…so boko haram should have no problem capturing you and all the ex ministers…that will surely ease up the weight on taxpayers and the NIS Pension Fund with not having to pay out all those unearned pensions…

    am sure boko haram can find something for useless bajan ex ministers and their retarded yardfowls to do in the jungles of Nigeria.

    yall joining with Peter Harris newspaper and the financial illiterate Sinkler to slander the billionaire and none of you are billionaires, ya hand to mouth and still living off the majority population, every one of you…ya won’t be able to pay compensation.

  33. Based on comments heard this evening on CBCTV newscast Ronald Jones of the DLP dressed in his yellow shirt complained of a driver of a vehicle who harassed 3 women dressed in yellow shirts.It was meant to be a warning but sounded like a threat so you drivers stop maligning the people you see wearing yellow shirt.Some people stupid like that.Remember you can take a horse to the manger but you can’t make him drink.

  34. So Mia is not fit to be PM. She is incompetent. But Frundel is fit to be PM. Yet he Fucked up this country with all his competence.

    Well piss in the south coast. Or shit rather.

  35. @Fractured BLP May 8, 2018 8:23 PM

    Re: Your Boko Haram ignorance…you are such a domestic feline.

  36. I am wondering if the DLP was advised by those white demons at Cambridge Anal Itica to curse Mia Mottley?

    Because what I witnessed on Sunday night—I mean a Sunday too, and early too, wen chldren were still watching and hearing, was not Bajan at all, at all. I can only describe it as demonic.

  37. Bush Tea I asked you a question,where did Ms Mottley talk about same sex marriage?You are dodging the question because you know nothing of the sort was said,so instead of making wild accusations you cannot support you should give it a rest J/A.

  38. Lorenzo
    Boss, why don’t you get thee behind Bushie nuh?
    You ain’t that hear Bushie don’t give two shits about you, … or Mia… or Froon… or any of the other brass bowls currently playing musical chairs on the Deck of HMB Titanic?

    Who don’t you focus on Fractured, or ac, … or somebody who is interested in grabbing a deck chair when the election music stops?


    All the bushman’s political plans are going EXACTLY as laid out….

    “As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them.
    My people, your leaders are misleading you— they’re giving you confusing directions.”
    Obviously Mia and Peter have roles to play…

    It is not going to be easy for the misguided brass bowls originally conceptualised in the VERY IMAGE of God,
    …but after the terror will be a new dawn.

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