2013 – 2018 Report of the Public Accounts Committee

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The contentious Public Accounts Committee (PAC) report for the period 2013 to 2018 has been released on the even of a general election. The PAC is an important working committee of parliament that has been frustrated in its effort through the years.

146 thoughts on “2013 – 2018 Report of the Public Accounts Committee

  1. This is the best opportunity that came along in our lifetime for black governments/politicians/ministers to put their people first sin/without corruption, bribery and thefts, the well known status quo the business community depends on to rob everyone blind….and keep the island and people dependent on them….

  2. See on FB where Mia has the complete support of the public for the walkout and exposure of the government’s crimes……now all she has to do is remain consistent to dismantle the system of corruption plaguing and blighting the island.

  3. I have just completed reading the PAC REPORT and all I can say is WOW. I cannot believe this is how Ministers in the island behave, they have complete sold out protecting the public interest.
    I still find it hard to accept that Minister would intentionally lie to a chairman of NHC about the decisions of Cabinet just so that the chairman would terminate a binding contract for Exmouth housing project and then enter into a new contract with another contractor (BJ Investments Ltd) for $5 MILLION DOLLARS more.


  4. Dont for one moment think all of this is not tied together…..how could black people even pretend to be proud to carry these false shit titles..used to blind, steal from and ridicule them without their knowledge for over the last 50 years….let’s see if Mia has the balls to reverse the evil….she knows more than most what this entails.

    “has said that the admission from the British Treasury that former colonies continued to pay for the abolition of slavery was further evidence that slavery is not of the distant past and irrelevant. ”

    “This transfer of public money to the private holders of the slave bonds makes it a present-day activity. We consider this to be an immorality. We consider this to be a duplicity and public dishonesty,” Sir Hilary declared, further vowing to fight for Britain to pay for the atrocities it perpetrated in the Caribbean.”

    .and it becomes beyond criminal, when local minority white thieves, knowing of these still onging wholesale criminal acts by UK against the descendants of slaves are helped by BLACK government ministers to visit more hardships on the people by stealing from the treasury and pension fund..

    …it is particularly distasteful and repulsive when the house negros/ministers of parliament….the lawyers, senators, permanent secretaries are always greedily and readily eager to assist in stealing from their own people….and taking bribes to enrich minority white thieves…

    That is the issue at play and what should be addressed hastily.

  5. I just saw a clip with shit spouting in the streets of Hastings and these stink, nasty criminals Fruendel, Sinckler, Lashley, Lowe, Estwick and all their enablers am sure have their pockets filled, not one of them are driving through that poop…but the tourists are….the population is forced to….

    They all should go to prison….bribers, bribees and enablers.

  6. WWC,

    History is repeating. Formerly, African kings sold hostile African tribes to Europan businessmen, today the Barbadian bureaucratic elite sells the taxpayer to Ex-European businessmen and foreign villains like Mrs Cahill.

    The actors canged, the drama is the very same.

  7. That is what has to be dismantled also . ..the house negros of parliament idea that they have to take bribes and give away what their people work for to minority whites because house negros are so damn brain dead…they have no brain power and dont believe their people are capable of progressing on their own without minorities to enslave them, mistreat them and steal from them.

    The house negros in parliament are the problem…big, big problem….look how they have brought the island to its knees with their uneducated, greedy, ignorant, trifling selves.

    The house negros are the weakest link….they are indeed modern day sell outs, all they need is a title and some status and your ass is sold to the very next lowlife, thiefing white who approaches or smiles at them.

  8. @Let’s Not Remember the FAILED DLP February 26, 2018 at 1:52 PM “JUST TO TIEF FROM THE CONSOLIDATED FUND?”

    Nobody steals from the consolidated fund. There is no such thing as a consolidated fund. people steal from the taxpayers pockets, your pockets, your parent’s pockets, and especially from your children’s and grandchildren’s pockets. When we have to pay so much taxes that we have nothing left for our children and grandchildren, who is it that has taken our children’s inheritance?

    But we have unfortunately led the monied and political classes to think of it as the consolidated fund. A great big pot of money which is refilled every year by angels coming down from heaven.

    No it is our money.

    A young friend of mine, [not in government service] paid $38,000 in income tax last year, and the year before and the year before, and so on for nearly twenty years, and for another 20 or 30 years coming; now plus property tax , plus VAT.

    So when young people are taxed at this rate what is their left for them to save for the future, to educate their children, to assist their elderly parents?

    Isn’t it strange that parents will raise a child from infancy to adulthood and the government will say “stick ’em up!! the first $38,000 +NIS belongs to we” even while the youngsters are under no legal obligation to pay 38 cents per year to the parents?

    What a world we live in, when the work that the monied and political classes do is so highly valued, and the work that good parents do is worth nothing.

    No wonder that good parents are becoming scarcer and scarcer.

    Let us abandon our parental duties, because after all good parenting does not pay, and let the government use our tax money to enrich themselves and the monied classes and with what is left let them keep our children in jail at a cost of $60,000 per year.

  9. Looka! Wunna could talk all wunna like. Mia Mottley has provided me with enough reason to say in this one case that she ain’t making no sport. I am glad that she release the report as much as I dislike the corrupt, power-hungry manipulator. She ompletely surprised me. The report is a hair raiser for the crooks we all know that they are. Now if Mia Mottley serious about what she presented in the report as the fact surrounding the DLP skulduggery, then she should be even more pressed to launch a thorough investigation with criminal charges for all the players who operated outside the financial rules of government. That is the only way that I would embrace this rogue.

  10. William Skinner February 26, 2018 at 10:50 AM #

    “The problem I have is that the supporters of the duopoly, try to convince others that there is some difference between the Bees and Dees.”

    Mr. Skinner

    “Appologist” is a personal attack.

    However, I have mentioned in this forum on numerous occasions…..I am of the opinion that there aren’t any fundamental philosophical or ideological differences between the BLP and DLP.

  11. Hal Austin

    Although I highlighted your lies……………you came back to BU with the same shiite?

    You are a so called financial advisor/journalist and bought $1,000 in Divi Southwinds time shares……. then came to this forum to brag about the folly of your investment….and subsequent lied.

    I presented the proof to BU and proved that you are a fraud and liar…………

    …………the ONUS is now on you to present the proff to this forum that I don’t know the difference between the stock market and economy.

  12. @SSS
    why are you surprised? the silly season is upon us.
    But YOU and other voters face the same dilemma? There is no way to accurately predict her seriousness? You don’t find out until AFTER you vote?
    So choose wisely.

  13. We behave like Barbados is the only nation with a duopoly or that there is something inherently wrong with one. The duopoly critics have no problem living in the metropoles were duopolies also exist. I thought the issue would have been what they do/don’t, and if curcumstances changed to a triopoly or oligopoly that the additional parties were examined based on their offerings and not just for simply bringing about numeric change. We are also so consumed with bashing politicians, that acknowledging the ability of the PAC under the chairmanship of Mottley to produce a report, the first in years, must be coloured with what others have not produced. No acceptance of the report representing a 5 year period, the resources required, the process (depending on witnesses, some refusing to attend) and of course the attempts to curtail the entire process. What’s funny is that most of the same critics supported the late David Thompson, who never produced one report and wilfully thwarted Mascoll’s attempt to use the PAC when he was LOTO. People with more skeletons than Westbury parading on BU as paragons of virtues.
    We’re even searching for varying political ideology in a homogenous society.

  14. Let me remind BU about stinking, dishonest, lying Hal Austin……

    Artax February 12, 2018 at 8:48 PM #

    Hal Austin February 12, 2018 at 8:17 AM #
    “……… an accountant who cannot tell the difference between the economy and the stock market;”


    I wrote a contribution to “Lawson” in which I quoted the following:

    “President Trump relentlessly cited the stock market’s meteoric rise as a sign of his success at restoring confidence in the American economy. Credit Tom Brenner/The New York Times.”

    Click the following link to read the article and the comments under Trump’s photo.



    Hal Austin, the DISHONEST and despicable individual he is, MALICIOUSLY and PURPOSELY used the above Tom Brenner comments reportedly made by Donald Trump…….

    …………as his EVIDENCE that I “cannot tell the difference between the economy and the stock market.”

    …………especially when he cannot refer to anything in my post to “Lawson” that suggested I made a DEFINITIVE correlation between the stock market and the economy.

    Hal Austin should have leveled that accusation at Donald Trump, because Trump was the individual that allegedly said it.

    BU…..judge for yourselves…..who is dishonest and a liar……Hal Austin……..or Artaxerxes?

  15. Hal Austin February 12, 2018 at 5:28 PM #

    “I must apologise to you. I said earlier you lie, I am now convinced you simply have mental problems and find it difficult to understand the language. I HAVE NOT SAID ANYTHING ABOUT THE LOCATION of Divi Southwinds; what I said was that I have never done business with Divi Southwinds, nor with any other business in or near St Lawrence Gap.

    Now read the following previous contribution the dishonest Hal Austin posted to this forum:

    Hal Austin February 11, 2018 at 9:40 AM #:

    “I made a reference about making a down payment on a timeshare of about Bds$1000 (£300), but when and where did I say it was Divi Southwinds? MORE IMPORTANT, WHAT OR WHERE IS Divi Southwinds?”

  16. The forensic audit team is already in place just waiting to pounce………..you just wait and watch.

    Do you understand why Fumble is afraid to call the election?

  17. Artax February 26, 2018 at 3:41 PM #

    Although I highlighted your lies……………

    You are a so called financial advisor/journalist and bought $1,000 in Divi Southwinds time shares……. (Quote)

    I say again, as you have difficulty in understanding, I am not a financial adviser, have never been, and do no want to be. I have never claimed to be a financial adviser. It is a criminal offence in the UK to claim to be an independent financial adviser when not regulated. The same way it is an offence to claim to be a chartered accountant when you cannot tell the difference between the stock market and the economy.
    Also, I have never done business with Divi-Southwinds to my knowledge. But, the paucity of your arguments show up your unprofessional nature – and you claim to be a chartered accountant.
    I think your colleagues should investigate yo for bringing the profession in disrepute.

  18. I have a gut feeling that elections will be called this weekend. It will be suicidal to go past the date of the March 6 deadline knowing than the twine is getting shorter. After the Business/Union march the Government had a lull space when the Social Partners agreed to meet with them. That would have been the bulls eye to have called election.

  19. Artax February 26, 2018 at 3:50 PM #

    …what I said was that I have never done business with Divi Southwinds, nor with any other business in or near St Lawrence Gap(Quote)

    I have said before I would just ignore you. You have mental problems. Are you sure you are a busy professional person?
    If you re-read the submissions on that blog you will see it was GP who said DiviSouthwinds was in the St Lawrence Gap area, the reason why I said the above. But fabrication comes naturally to you.
    I say again: I have never done business with DiviSouthwinds or any other business in the St Lawrence Gap area. Nor am I now, or ever have been (or claim to be) an independent financial adviser.
    But then again you do not know the purpose of forensic auditing/accountancy. Are you sure you are a qualified accountant. When did you pass your exams?
    Publish your real name and where you work, let the entire nation know who you are and your professional folly.

  20. Dr. Simple Simon February 26, 2018 at 2:46 PM #
    @Let’s Not Remember the FAILED DLP February 26, 2018 at 1:52 PM “JUST TO TIEF FROM THE CONSOLIDATED FUND?”

    There is no such thing as a consolidated fund, only Ms. Alleyne down the gap who can no longer to send her son to UWI, old Ms. Brathwaite up the road who cannot afford to repair her house, and Mr. Clarke whose wife has had a stroke and he cannot even afford to pay a half day helper to assist his devoted wife.

    There is no consolidated fund.


  21. Mia preempted the government before they could call a snap election…serves them right for being thieves, liars and uneducated idiots, no matter what they do now its too late..

    they are too slow, pompous and arrogant.

    the die is cast.

    they have been exposed, but that is not enough, they should be locked up, both them and their partners in crimes.

  22. Hal Austin

    The fact remains I proved that you’re a LIAR and FRAUD.

    You come to this forum giving the impression that you know everything about everything and have offered all the solutions to solve all of Barbados’ problems.

    You posted a contribution to this forum in which you mentioned buying a $1,000 in time shares from Divi Southwinds. The same hotel you claimed to have not known its location………… and subsequently posted where exactly it is located.

    Let me give a further example of some of the shiite to present to BU. You posted a contribution to this forum in which you mentioned evidence can only be determined as evidence unless is “tested in court under cross examination.”

    Yet, you posted the following:

    “Hal Austin February 26, 2018 at 2:41 AM #: While we are at it, when is officer Gittens going to face the courts for the killing of his neighbour? We still have not been told if the gun used was a service weapon or a privately owned one? If it was a service weapon, did he have permission to take it home? If it was privately owned, did he have a permit? Is he on full pay? In the meantime, questions should be asked in the media and in parliament? Who is the local member of parliament? Why is this member not taking an interesting in the killing of a constituent?”

    You claim to know EVERYTHING about the law and procedures of the court.

    PC Everton Gittens was arrested and charged for murder and is currently on bail, which means the matter is still before the court. And would it not be (using your words) unprofessional/unethical for the parties involved to discuss the intracacies of the case in public?

    Then…….. why should it be revealed to the public, if Gittens used a service or privately owned firearm; if he had permission to take the firearm home; if he had a permit to own a personal firearm; or if he is on full pay? And why should the media ask those questions………especially since the matter is before the court?

    Would not the revealation of this information prejiduce his case?

    Then you come to BU mentioning “you can form an opinion of people from their contributions,” when you contribute some of the most uninformed shiite to this forum.

    Barbados Underground is an INFORMAL FORUM, similarly to a rum shop…… where members of different social strata disassociate themselves from their personal and professional environments to discuss politics, economics, “getting horned,” the man on the “Cream of Wheat” box or any other topic they choose to discuss…….. and there isn’t any need for “formalities.” People duz disagree, cuss one unedder and den fire a drink after…….and tomorrow they leave BU behind to go about their respective businesses.

    If you’re UNABLE to SEPARATE your so called professional life from the rum shop….then therein lies your problem and why people immediately form the opinion that you are an arrogant SOB……. believeing yourself to be much more important than your peers, only because, for example (and according to you), you helped developed a university course or write shiite that could be easily disputed by persons that are more knowledgeable than you are.

    David BU is the blogmaster…….NOT Hal Austin……. and until he decides he had enough of my contributions…….I’m here to stay, whether you LIKE IT OR NOT…….
    …….all you have to do is scroll past my contributions.

    BTW…….uh doan kay wuh yuh suh bout muh…….uh gots nuff clients and duz mek nuff money (built my home and de few apartment without a mortgage)…….dah means uh gots to be doing sumting gud……while you on BU engaing uh man yuh duz call uh idiot.

    hahahahaha..wuh loss…..you gots nuff “cents.”

  23. Hal Austin February 26, 2018 at 4:10 PM #

    “But then again you do not know the purpose of forensic auditing/accountancy.”

    Jackass…….yuh mean yuh back wid dat same shiite again, when I proved you’re a liar? BUT THEN AGAIN YOU MUST BE A JACKASS TO ENGAGE AN IDIOT….and yuh feel proud too………. hahahahahahaha

    I am CHALLENGING you to present to BU where in any of my contributions suggest “I do not know the purpose of forensic auditing/accountancy?”

    Wuh got you vex is dat I duz highlight your stupidity.

    I hope you realize that if there are 100 contributors to BU…….based on your contributions….98…man, I gine gih yuh 97…….are of the opinion you’re a jackass?

    From now onwards I gine conduct a “forensic analysis” (and uh definitely know the purpose of dat wun) of your contributions.

  24. Hal Austin January 16, 2018 at 12:35 PM #:

    “I repeat again, in the UK, the FRC is the disciplinary body for the accounting, actuarial and auditing professions. I WORKED with the ORGANISATION from its CREATION until my RETIREMENT……..”

    Now check his bio and see for yourselves if there is any mention of him working at the FRC:

    Hal Austin is a Senior Editor of the Financial Adviser, and has been an editor there for over ten years.

    Before that he worked as a freelancer, on contract or staff for Professional Pensions, the News of the World, Sunday Times, Sunday People, Evening Standard, BBC Radio, where he was a news and current affairs producer, and for the Daily Mail, where he worked for 14 years.

    Hal, who was born in the Ivy, St Michael, won a scholarship to attend Combermere School and left in 1963. He then went on to study at Middlesex Polytechnic (now university), and undertook various undergraduate and post-graduate studies at Cardiff, Thames Valley and Bristol Universities. Hal also done a number of course at the London Business School.

    Hal has been living in London now for over 40 years, and have been a financial journalist for well over 30 years.

    Knowing the arrogant SOB you are……..how come yuh leff out de FRC?

    Hal, you duz mek me laff…..hear…. yuh pants must be on fire……

    Look, doan mek muh bring more, yuh……

    Hahahahahahaha….wuh loss

  25. Prodigal Son February 26, 2018 at 3:50 PM #

    “The forensic audit team is already in place just waiting to pounce………..you just wait and watch.”


    I would love that to happen.

  26. Artax February 26, 2018 at 5:26 PM #

    “I repeat again, in the UK, the FRC is the disciplinary body for the accounting, actuarial and auditing professions. I WORKED with the ORGANISATION from its CREATION until my RETIREMENT……..”

    Now check his bio and see for yourselves if there is any mention of him working at the FRC:(Quote)

    This language. I have never worked FOR the FRC. It was left out because I have never worked for the FRC. I worked WITH them as an editor reporting on their policies, including auditing, having joint briefings, attending seminars and conferences from its founding, and, as you have left out, senior FRC staff have written for my publication on a number of occasions.
    I was never an employee of the FRC. Nor, you might have noticed, have I worked as a financial adviser.
    You are so petty, which is why I do not believe you are a qualified professional person.

  27. Artax February 26, 2018 at 5:01 PM #

    BTW…….uh doan kay wuh yuh suh bout muh…….uh gots nuff clients and duz mek nuff money (built my home and de few apartment without a mortgage)…….dah means uh gots to be doing sumting gud……while you on BU engaing uh man yuh duz call uh idiot.(Quote)

    So who is boasting now? First, you are a chartered accountant, now you are a man of property and wealth. This is where a discussion with ideas slump to with you. You are intellectually empty.
    I hope your property and wealth were honestly obtained. Just goes to show you do not have to be terribly bright to be wealthy.
    Plse let your clients know that their accountant is Artax see how many you will retain.

  28. I believe Well Well that you’re a PLAGIARIST and not a journalist.

    You never cease to amaze me…..here you are……. a supposedly MATURE, intelligent individual, “nit picking” at shiite…..and actually responding to someone you deem to be “intellectually empty.”

    What does that say about you?

    Hahahahahahaha……Hal Austin you is nuff sport, yuh….

    How is it that an “intellectually empty” individual always SUCCEEDS in “ruffling your feathers” and causing you to react like an immature fretful old man?……….. And you’re describing me as petty?

    Any bet your wife is the “man” of the house.

    Working “for” or “with” the FRC does not make any difference……the point is, it was not mentioned in your bio. And that fact I presented evidence that YOU DO NOT KNOW the disciplanary procudures of that organization, futher proves you’re a liar.

    But, Hal……….rather than the insults and slurs (which does not bother me)…..you need to do two things “to save face”:

    (1). Recover the $1,000 you and your EQUALLY stupid wife lost investing in Divi Southwinds time shares.

    (2). Present to BU where in any of my contributions suggests that I don’t know the difference between the stock market and the economy and that I don’t know the purpose of a forensic audit.

  29. @ Hal Austin February 26, 2018 at 6:34 PM#

    Hal, you have been ‘outed’ in true Peter Tatchell style by Artax our resident ‘forensic’ researcher.

    Next minute you would be telling us you were once asked by Princess Diana to be her financial adviser and biographer but had to turn it down because of prior commitments to HRH Lizzie.

    We already know you to be a fulsome braggart not only about your third rate academic success but also about being a ‘ladies’ man around the Hendon Town. However, your partner used to sing a different tune about your shortcomings not only in your ‘mannish-boy’ looks but in other ‘performances’ of the non-academic kind.

    Anymore skeletons in the closet other than you being an old washed-up useless alcoholic of a fifth-rate rag sheet black journalist from Ladbrooke Grove fired from the backrooms of Fleet Street and not even the Voice of Hackney black newspaper covering the Stephen Lawrence murder would take on to save your financially sorry ass?

  30. “Any bet your wife is the “man” of the house.”

    I resent that comment. I’ve often have salesmen called wanting to speak to the man of the house. My reply “She is not at home”. It stumps them…

    Confine your reply to Hal..
    Murdah 🙂

  31. Haynes is repeating BU. Nothing else. At least 10,000 civil servants including many appointed laggards must go. Barbados needs some kind of Josef Stalin to clean the public service.

    The jokers from the unions demand higher salaries. OK. On what planet do they live? Surely not in the one failed Caribbean country with the darkest prospect for the next 10 years.

    I did not know that they distribute wead for free in Black Rock.

  32. @ Tron February 26, 2018 at 9:07 PM

    It’s a crying shame that the Haynes boy, the Millar’ son, just for a mess of Mickey mouse dollars and soon-to-be discredited professional prestige has gone and put himself right into the political fire from which the Deliar Worrell managed to escape at the very last moment before the house made of foreign reserves falling cards collapses on its ‘hiding’ self.

    It is not that too late in the political game for poor boy Haynesie- an ‘economist’ scion of Wendell McClean and Frank Alleyne- to bite the bullet and save his professional soul by telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about the true level of the country’s foreign reserves (SDRs and all) and the general state of the economy and its ‘realistic’ outlook.

  33. I hope that all who form the next government, that they will put, Kelly, pitbull, lowlow, and the PM to cut all that bush they have in the Bell and Waterford Bottom

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