Replacing Archbishop Dr. John Holder

Submitted as a comment by BMcDonald to the The Grenville Phillips Column – I Know Who Helped Me

The well intentioned rule, that the candidates for the office of Bishop of Barbados are only known on the morning of the election, has clearly not prevented commentary and speculation about prospective candidates in the mass media, even in the Anglican newspaper. The rule is also being exploited by those who want to drive discussion of the contribution to the development of this country by Christians and the Diocese of Barbados from the public square. Much of the mass media contributions is thinly veiled support of a young candidate. Much of the reasoning in support of the young man is flawed, because:
(1) The regulations governing the process of choosing a Bishop impose a minimum age, which clearly says that age is a factor. The imposition of a minimum age in the regulations supports the view that age brings maturity, experience, wisdom and patience, attributes needed in the Bishop, as opposed to popularity, which is ephemeral. One may also ask, if the young man is so popular, why the coordinated and relentless effort to project him as the preferred candidate at the expense of the rules.

(2) Until the election of Bishop Rufus T. Broome, it cannot be said that the local Synod freely elected the Bishop of Barbados. Initially Bishops were appointed from London at a time when Barbados was a much larger Diocese, including the Leeward Islands and the Windward Islands and there was no air travel at that time and the preference for younger appointees was natural. Thereafter, the government of Barbados had an important role in the selection of the Bishop and finally, the local Synod, free to choose for itself in 1969, failed in its first attempt and a choice was imposed on the divided house by the Provincial House of Bishops.

(3) There is ample evidence that a long reign by any administrator can end with loss of enthusiasm, often described as burnout. The prospect of a twenty-five year reign for a Bishop, in light of the history of the Diocese, must make every Barbadian concerned.
As the Friday 6, 2018 article in the Nation newspaper shows, three of the five bishops appointed under age fifty were the first three Bishops of Barbados. Even among these, as early as the appointment of the second bishop, Thomas Parry, there was already a preference for experience as he had already served as a senior member of the administration of Bishop Coleridge for 16 years. Among the 10 bishops of Barbados, after Bishop Herbert Bree established the Dean and Chapter of the Cathedral as the Guardian of the Spiritualities, only two were under fifty years of age. The first, Bishop Bentley, was already Bishop in Jamaica before he was translated to Barbados at age 45 and the second, Bishop Gomez was selected by the Provincial House of Bishops at age 35 when Barbadians in Synod could not choose one of their own as Bishop. Co-incidentally, the present Bishop of Belize, to whom the article referred, was also selected for that office by the Provincial House of Bishops.
Although personally popular, the young Bishop Gomez presided over the Diocese of Barbados during the Sintra Construction debacle and the Rev. Edward Gatherer affair which together cost the Diocese of Barbados hundreds of thousands of dollars. Money better spent on the mission of the church and the welfare of Barbadians.
The Sintra Construction debacle refers to the litigation that was pursued when it was claimed that the foundation of the Diocesan House at St. Michael’s row, Bridgetown had been the only structure in the area compromised by the construction activity of the Sintra Construction Company. The relatively new Diocesan house was condemned and demolished. The Gomez administration refused to compromise with the defendant construction company, went to trial and lost. Asquith Phillips Q.C., and his legal team for the defendant construction company were awarded significant costs.
In 1992. attorney at Law, Chezley Boyce took the case of Gomez v Gatherer all the way to the Privy Council in London and won a decision for Rev. Gatherer when the Privy Council reversed the Barbados Court of Appeal in a matter which turned on the age of the rector of St. Andrew’s Parish. Rev. Gatherer was restored as rector of St Andrew’s Parish Church by the court and awarded damages plus costs.

The above are included as a reminder that being Bishop of Barbados includes significantly more than preaching and ceremonials. Decisions have consequences. The 14th Bishop of Barbados must not only be a person of prayer, deep intellect and a track record of helping the poor, but also have demonstrable leadership, social and administrative skills and resolve. Flexible when compromise benefits the church, but not one who simply bends to the dictates of money and power. There is an urgent need for the Anglican Church, recently identified as one of the twin pillars upon which this country is built, to reclaim its rightful place amid the discourse in the public square and the leadership of that effort falls to the next Bishop of Barbados.

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  1. The well intentioned rule, that the candidates for the office of Bishop of Barbados are only known on the morning of the election,
    Well intentioned? Does this rule pertain to everyone or only members of the public? Seems to me that such a rule is a relic of the past and smacks of some sort of homage to Roman Catholic ritual where the Cardinals meet in secret to elect the Priest of Rome.

    BTW do the electors release white smoke signals when a Bishop is finally (s)elected?

  2. “By their fruits ye shall know them”……John Rodgers seem to have endeared himself to the congregations of the cures of St James where he served as Seminarian in his Codrington College training for the ministry,as well as his incumbency at St Lukes and now St George.He is well loved and admired by the young and the not do young.

    • The pertinent question is whether the criteria for selection is fair given what the author has shared.

  3. There is a third matter that went before the courts of justice very recently in which a priest challenged his retirement.The Bishopric took the advice of the church’s legal adviser,himself an appointed officer of the Anglican hierarchy and guess what.As in the two hitherfore mentioned,they lost the case.A priest knew the law better than the lawyer who happpened to be a supposedly big up
    In the pay of the crown.Surely the lesson to be learned just in case it was either not taught nor inwardly digested in the first place,is to follow the free advice of one of Barbados’s legal luminaries,Errol W Barrow…..’.if you want justice,keep out of Coleridge Street’..
    There are rules and procedures to be followed.The Anglican Church in Barbados can boast of more scholars than most other institutions in Barbados perhaps with the exception of the Hill and the Courts of Justice.I recall the lead up to the successor to Bishop Gomez.The former Dean was forced to complain of the photography used by CBCTV to display his image as opposed to that used to display that of the other apparent front runner the Canon Missioner.In the end the latter rose,mitred.

  4. We should revert to first principles

    In doing so we should ask ‘what is this about in and of itself?’

    We could never understand why the religion that enslaved Bajans should be central to daily life in an independent country.

    Are these old houses of disrepute not been enough abandoned by the people, and should the new ones not be likewise?

    If we are to have a goddess should She not look like us?

    Are there any differences between the canvassing that is and will go on and the other palaver he expect soon?

    What is this insatiable appetite to have one man as the head of anything, anyway? Has that type of thinking done us any good?

  5. Gabriel

    We will have to wait and see what happens on April 25th. If they are ministers of God’s word and cannot compromise on what is best for our church at this time, they will have to live with any Bishop that who is sent in.

    Yes David…….the majority of the priests do not want a Bishop for 25 years. He would run out of steam after ten years and whither the church for the next 15 years?

  6. Is the Anglican church in Barbados ready for a woman bishop?

    Yes she is.

    The majority of the congregation has always been female.

    So why not?

  7. With due respect to those few ordained females some of them think it’s a fashion parade and in typical woman fashion introduce petty jealousies and cliques in the Anglican Church.I declare my opposition to these charlatans.Truly they have missed their calling.Impostors!

  8. @April 12, 2018 10:29 PM “With due respect to those few ordained females some of them think it’s a fashion parade…”

    Some people may call your statement fake news, but i will call it exactly what it is a big able stinking lie.”

    Anglican priests male and female all wear the same priestly garments. How then do you consider those garments if won by a female and if worn by a male are correct.

    I call you out for your misogyny.

    Remember your grandmother, mother, wife, daughters and granddaughters are all female.

    Remember too that all of these women have all served you well, starting with wiping your shitty bottom, and wiping your snotty nose.

    When you age and become unable to feed, bathe and dress yourself, a woman will do those things for you. And she will do it with or without pay, and she will do it even when she knows that you are undeserving.

    On your dying bed more likely than not a woman will be the last to close your eyes.

    Respect due.

  9. Rev. Gatherer was not a woman.

    Rev. Goddard was not a woman.

    The one they called father sexy, who it is believed murdered my innocent cousin as she was n her way to church was not a woman.

    And some of the others who had to run from the church in Barbados because of their flagrant adulteries were not women.

    You need to be-off, and know your place.

  10. Judas Iscariot, he who betrayed Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ was not a woman.

    Peter who denied our Lord, he Peter who said “I know him not” was not a woman.

  11. Will certainly

    On Wed, Apr 11, 2018, 8:17 PM Barbados Underground wrote:

    > David posted: “Submitted as a comment by BMcDonald to the The Grenville > Phillips Column – I Know Who Helped Me The well intentioned rule, that the > candidates for the office of Bishop of Barbados are only known on the > morning of the election, has clearly not prevented c” >

  12. I was just was about to post here and my google crashed. Even I who stumble between religions and non-religion took that as a warning from “someone”. I will put it elsewhere.

  13. “The 14th Bishop of Barbados must not only be a person of prayer, deep intellect and a track record of helping the poor, but also have demonstrable leadership, social and administrative skills and resolve”

    We all for some reason seem to be deliberately avoiding mentioning that the book of Timothy calls upon those offering themselves as messengers of Christ to be beyond reproach morally and spiritually. In other words to be good examples for others to follow their lives must be without blemish.

  14. Mr Skeete,

    You seem to be referring to the qualifications of an elder or bishop or pastor(same office) as presented in both Titus 1:5-8 and 1 Timothy 3:2-9.

    It is clear that such considerations do not matter in the Anglican church, if you go by the discussions elsewhere in the local press and here.

    Below I will cite the relevant passages
    For this cause left I thee in Crete, that thou shouldest set in order the things that are wanting, and ordain elders in every city, as I had appointed thee:

    6 If any be blameless, the husband of one wife, having faithful children not accused of riot or unruly.

    7 For a bishop must be blameless, as the steward of God; not selfwilled, not soon angry, not given to wine, no striker, not given to filthy lucre;

    8 But a lover of hospitality, a lover of good men, sober, just, holy, temperate;

    9 Holding fast the faithful word as he hath been taught, that he may be able by sound doctrine both to exhort and to convince the gainsayers.

    1 Timothy 3
    For this cause left I thee in Crete, that thou shouldest set in order the things that are wanting, and ordain elders in every city, as I had appointed thee:

    6 If any be blameless, the husband of one wife, having faithful children not accused of riot or unruly.

    7 For a bishop must be blameless, as the steward of God; not selfwilled, not soon angry, not given to wine, no striker, not given to filthy lucre;

    8 But a lover of hospitality, a lover of good men, sober, just, holy, temperate;

    9 Holding fast the faithful word as he hath been taught, that he may be able by sound doctrine both to exhort and to convince the gainsayers.

  15. It appears from press reports the laity is supportive of Rogers and the clergy Gibson. No surprise that the reps from the rank and file prefers Rogers who they perceive as being able to breathe life into the Anglican Church which is losing membership.

  16. Dean Gibson started strong among clergy and increased his support with every vote. He also increased his support among the laity on every vote, although only marginally. Rev. Rogers started strong among the laity and picked up few clergy votes when others dropped out. Rev. Rogers has been decisively rejected by the clergy. How can he become pastor of the pastors? He can do so by helping to unite the church behind Dean Gibson and seeking the top spot eight years later. Unlike the election that the Rev. George Knight conceded to Dr. John Holder thereby ending his hopes of ever becoming a bishop, Rev. Rogers will have a second chance at the young age of fifty-four, a more normative age for bishop. If it goes to the house of bishops, there is zero chance that a person will be chosen from this divided house. The bishops will chose the most recent bright spark over thirty years old in the province.

  17. David April 12, 2018 7:44 AM

    “Everyone you discuss this matter the names Rodgers and Clarke are on their lips”

    Prodigal Son April 12, 2018 4:14 PM


    i can tell you as an Anglican, neither will be elected.”

    Fractured BLP April 12, 2018 8:37 PM

    “Rev. John Rogers is a very strong candidate for the post of Bishop.”

    Fractured BLP,
    After the Nation (April 25, 2018) reported that the Rev. Dr. Gibson and the Rev. Rodgers are the only 2 candidates left in the race for Anglican Bishop of Barbados, you said:

    “Prodigirl Predicted earlier that neither these 2 candidates stood a chance !”

    You are lying.

    In actual fact, Prodigal Son predicted that neither Rev. Rodgers nor Rev. Clarke will be elected.
    If, finally, the Rev. Dr. Gibson is elected Bishop of Barbados, the pronouncement made by Prodigal son on April 12, will prove to be prophetic.
    On the other hand, if Rev. Rodgers is elected, then fewer people will listen when Prodigal Son opens his/her mouth, AS AN ANGLICAN, to tell them anything.

    The lesson that YOU need to learn is that you SHOULD NOT expect to shape or influence people’s minds through the repeated use of lies and crooked thinking.

  18. I am not surprised. My old lady, a devout Anglican form birth until death (may she rest in peace) used to say that the priest want too much ‘omage.

    Me, (a devout Anglican from birth until now [yes miller etc] I would say that a lot of them are way, way too full of themselves.

    But I am still going to church and will still take communion on Sunday.

  19. I would urge the fellas to remember that they were all born out of the ejaculate of a man and out of the privates of a woman. That they did not mek themselves.

    And that little humility ain’t such a bad thing.

  20. @Sargeant April 12, 2018 9:22 AM “BTW do the electors release white smoke signals when a Bishop is finally (s)elected?”

    lol!! naughty, naughty Sargeant.

    You know very well that herb is not permitted in the election room. And beside the Barbados Fire Service has a no burning/no smoke policy especially in the dry season. They can release the result via WhatsApp, we good with that.

  21. @BMcDonald “The prospect of a twenty-five year reign for a Bishop, in light of the history of the Diocese, must make every Barbadian concerned.”

    Just because a young fella is elected as Bishop doesn’t mean that he has to remain for 25 years. He can decide to resign after 5 years or 10, or 15. The Anglican church is a big place 85 million people in 165 countries, a youngish bishop can always move on to another place, tobesides a lot of the fellas bright as sh!te, well educated, many of them can go on to college/university teaching in any country where English is spoken, or even where English is not spoken. I can’t tell you the number of Bajans barely past their teens who have gone off to Japan to teach, and let us remember that the Bajans who built the Panama Canal were also barely out of their teens. A young bishop can give 5 or 10 years of energetic service then move on.

    We would much prefer a Bishop who is not a barnacle, who feels that he has to stick to this little rock in the Atlantic

  22. Gomez was 35 when he was elected.

    And how old is the “young candidate”

    I have had people on this blog tell me that Delisle Worrell is a “relatively young man” at 72. Until I pointed out that the life expectancy of a Bajan man is 73.1 years which would put people in that age group in the departure lounge, or at least on the road to that big airport in the sky. I should know. I am there myself.


    Lemme ask a question. If 72 is relatively young, what is middle age? what is young? And when does old age begin? The data tells us that death comes to most Bajan men by age 74.

    Over and out.

  23. Lemme ask a question….A FEW QUESTIONS






  24. Simple Simon

    Are you an Anglican?

    There is a lot that you who are not Anglicans and who are not in the know do not know nor understand.
    John Rogers’ uncle has been Bishop for seventeen years……….now his nephew wants to be Bishop for 25 years. He only has been a priest for 15 years……age is not the factor……… is experience….

    Voting for him to be Bishop would be concentrating the church in the hands of one family for 42 years. To elect Rogers would be tantamount to giving a government up front FIVE …. FIVE year terms of office up front. We would never tolerate this in local politics ……why would a church concentrate authority in the hands of a priest for 25 years. What would be the future of priests of his age?

    Those DLP priests who are leading the charge to put Rogers in place are themselves prime examples why no priest should ever be in the same position for more than 10 years.

    ……1) Austin Carrington who has been at Christ Church for 17 years now. He inherited a vibrant flourishing, rich parish with a very large congregation from Canon Ivan Harewood. He has completely destroyed the Harewood legacy. Look at the congregation today and you would see how incompetent he is.

    2) Errington Massiah……….say no more than to look at his legacy of 32 years at St Joseph……the church is no more

    3) Jeffrey Mayers……..over 25 years at St John………the place is in a dilapidated condition, his congregation has dwindled that he can only have one service on Sundays…….

    Why would Anglicans want these three and the former Bishop’s lapdog Wayne Isaacs be king makers. Be not fooled, John Rogers will only be a figure head only……they are trying to make him a Bishop and they will control him and be the power brokers…..his uncle would still be “Bishop” as well.

    As it is now turning out as was feared… is the DLP priests, the old guard, who are trying to put their DLP leaning priest in position.

  25. Simple

    As it happens Bishop Gomez turned out to be a huge failure here because of his inexperience. He alienated the local priests and brought in many from the region. In other words he was not ready for prime time………..even by God’s standards.

  26. It is not the laity who have to deal with a Bishop on a daily or weekly basis…………it is the priests and the majority are indicating that they do not want John Rogers to lead them.

    The Bishop does not preach at every church every Sunday so all of this talk about evangelism is bare fluff. The Bishop is there to manage the church, ensure that the church is built up and that its presence is felt in the country.

    It is passing strange that these same acolytes of John Holder are now in effect saying that he failed as Bishop!……..but yet want to install his nephew!

    • @Prodigal Son

      The Anglican Church needs a leader to draw people to the church. The traditional approach is shooing people away.

  27. @Prodigal Son April 26, 2018 10:10 AM “Simple Simon. Are you an Anglican?


    Have been an Anglican for nearly 70 years. In my youth a group leader. Taught Sunday school for many, many years also. In another place for many years volunteered in an Anglican Church Nursery while their parents’ worshipped. Cooked and baked, still cook and bake for the Anglican church. Clean up the garbage after Anglican fund raisers too [not scornful of getting my hands dirty] Brought my children up in the Anglican church. Did not send them to church or Sunday school, but TOOK them to church and Sunday school every Sunday. As soon as my pensions are deposited I write my check to the Anglican church. Just checked in the 4th drawer of my filing cbinet and there is an award form the Anglican church for my work and devotion. Outside of the clergy you will not find a person more devoted and more committed than I am (and the clergy get paid. i don’t)

    I trust that i have answered your questions.

  28. Please note that my service to the Anglican church is NOT, never has been political. It is service to human beings. It is my obedience to that part of the great command which says “love your neighbour as yourself”

    I’ve never met John Rogers. Can’t recall ever hearing him preach a sermon. Can’t recall having a conversation with him. I must admit too that I was never enthused by the previous John.

    Not enthused at all.

    But I know that you, Prodigal, are a political animal. That you see every human action as political.

    That however in not the whole truth.

    Many Christians are, as they should be, motivated by LOVE.

  29. Education aside, there are at least three areas of human activity in which Barbadians had accumulated a reasonably high level of appreciation, understanding, and finesse. Those areas are cricket, religion, and politics. However, they have experienced so much decline and stagnation over the past few decades that today only a few old people attend monthly political branch meetings, attendance at church has dropped precipitously, and cricket is now being played before empty stands.
    There must be a common thread, a common factor, underlying and being responsible for the moribund state of these erstwhile popular pursuits.
    If we attempt to claim that the actions of the “BLP” and the “DLP” are the primary cause of the “death” of these activities, we will come up short. The BLP and DLP have nothing to do with the administration of local or regional cricket, yet cricket exhibits the same death throes as politics and religion.
    What is that common thread?

    Could it be that a critical mass of young people have “disengaged” themselves from participating in activities and institutions which the generations before held dear? If the young people have lost trust and confidence in our various leaders and institutions, what is going to happen to this land of ours a few years from now?

  30. It is the responsibility of parents to take their children to church. John Rogers being Bishop will not solve our Church’s problem. The matter of drawing people to the church rest with the parish priest.

  31. Thanks for the information, Simple. Good job. I’m not in your age range but I also pay my dues that is why I have a vested interest in what is happening.

    By the way, l don’t think I am a political animal…… I just tell it as l see it.

  32. @Prodigal Son April 26, 2018 10:10 AM “John Rogers’ uncle has been Bishop for seventeen years…now his nephew wants to be Bishop for 25 years. He only has been a priest for 15 years…age is not the factor…it is experience…”

    15 years is a more that enough for a well educated, intelligent person to become highly competent at his job. What is it with us that we want to become a gerontocracy?

    I say let the younger people rule. Yesterday I went to a doctor, young (about 26 or so), black and female. She treated me wonderfully. Diagnosed properly, treated me in a dignified and humane fashion, prescribed appropriately and sent me happily on my way. A couple of years ago I had surgery and the nurse (male) doctors, technicians etc. all treated me wonderfully. All of them were under 35 or so. How to I know? They were the little boys and girls playing in the public elementary and secondary school yards with my children,

    I don’t want an elderly doctor.
    I don’t want an elderly bishop
    I don’t want an elderly Prime Minister.
    I don’t want elderly Cabinet Ministers.
    I don’t want an elderly Central Bank governor. Wasn’t Courtney Blackman a thirty something when he became the Central Bank governor.

  33. Some of the older priests come with this attitude that the people in the congregation have to do them obeisance.

    De young people int ’bout dat.


    Young people don’t do obeisance to anybody.

    Once the fellas, or correctly the woman elected understands that we gine be good.

  34. @BMcDonald April 26, 2018 6:55 AM, “Rev. Rogers will have a second chance at the young age of fifty-four.”

    54 int young. Where wunna coming from that 54 is young? 54 is well middle aged. Six more years pensionable old age begins.

    We don’t want to be like the British family where the old queen seems determined to hold on ’till she is 101, and the young prince becomes a feeble old man. She was queen at the rightly age of 26. Nice and young. Now her son is a right old, old man of almost 70.


    Blood gerontocracy.

  35. Simple Simon April 26, 2018 10:39 AM

    “… I KNOW (emphasis mine) that you, Prodigal, are a political animal. That you see every human action as political.”

    Prodigal Son April 26, 2018 11:09 AM

    “l don’t think I am a political animal……”

    Simple Simon,
    I congratulate you for putting a well-known fact so succinctly. I see that we are dealing with two different “types” of Christians here.

    Prodigal Son is now passing through the phase I refer to as “smeller’s taste”. The alluring smell of the “spoils of victory” has become so strong and tantalizing that all she finds herself saying daily is “call the elections”. She has started to taste the smell.

  36. Prodigirl a.k.a Reudon Eversley

    You arguments are puerile as usual !

    So the priests are going to preach to the empty pews ?

    Simply because the elderly priests prefer to see the Anglican Church driven into the ground ?

    The church community is demanding younger leadership .

    What does that have to do with been a BLP or DLP supporter ?

  37. THAT “It is the responsibility of parents to take their children to church” as posited by Prodigal Son at April 26, 2018 11:06 AM is the teaching of several Scriptural injunctions.

    He is also correct when he asserts that “The matter of drawing people to the church rest with the parish priest” Such a view is supported by several NT Scriptures. the NT teaches that each local church is expected to minister first locally, then regionally and then beyond..

  38. Dean Gibson needs to assess his position in this race .

    It is time for him to consider dropping out.

    He does not enjoy 2/3 support among the laity or clergy – following yesterday’s vote .

    Whereas, Rev. Rogers enjoys 2/3 of the support of the laity following yesterday’s vote.

    Dean Gibson needs 30 more members of the laity support – to confirm 2/3 support amongst the laity.

    Rev. Rogers enjoys more than 1/2 of the required 2/3 support among the clergy – at this stage following yesterday’s vote.

    Interestingly, at the end of the final ballot ( 4th ballot) last night – 4 of the clergy had withdrawn their support for Gibson – and gave it to Rev. Rogers.

    The voice of the people is the voice of God.

  39. The Rev John Rogers comes highly recommended by the laity because he is the consummate parish priest we were accustomed to for all the years Barbados was partially governed by the Bishop of Barbados who was number 3 in the protocol of eminence after the Governor and the Head of the Legislative Council.
    Rogers as a seminarian endeared himself to the congregation of St James and his appointment to the cure of St Luke and his subsequent appointment to the parish church of St George have both served to confirm his love and devotion to his primary role of serving the pastoral and spiritual needs of his community. St George has been awakened by his energy and dynamism such that it is ‘operating’ on all fours.Rogers is very much the parish priest visiting the homes and caring for the shut-ins.He is known for high quality sermons delivered without reference to paper unlike Steve Blackett the dumbass failure in the wild boy’s parliament.
    I am of the opinion that Rev Guy Hewitt put this whole election in perspective this morning.The laity put their confidence in Rogers because they see him as being a valued asset in the Anglican Church,now experiencing dwindling numbers and one who by his youth,dynamism,charisma and engaging personality among other positive attributes not the least of which is an unblemished reputation of one whose love is his church.One the other hand Hewitt said he thought the clergy was being pragmatic in supporting Dean Gibson out of self interest as Rogers would put an end to many of those including some of the women who are not thinking of their service to the church but what power and prestige the church can offer them.
    It appears that some of the old duffers like mene mene and Willy of Croydon are stirring the pot in the background

  40. The Laity has spoken.They have chosen their next Bishop of Barbados.Commonsense tells us that Gibson does NOT have the popular vote and should withdraw gracefully.

  41. Contrary to popular mis-perception that the Anglican church is a church of dying old people the Anglican church in Barbados is mostly fairly youthful, that is there are 30,231 Anglicans who are younger than 50. But only 3,777 Anglicans who are 50 or older.

    So the Anglican church is mostly youthful and mostly female.

    Make of that what you wish, but it seems to this simpleton that the reign of the old boys will justly and shortly come to an end.

    Census here:

  42. Or we can do like the Canadians who select a Governor General for 5 years only. The GG knows that an the end of year 5 he or she has to demitt the nice trappings of Rideau Hall and go back to the real world and his or her real job.

    The more that i think about it the more i like the idea of a maximum term or 5 years for any bishop. The fellas would know that going in, and on demiting office they can always carry on being parish priests or school teachers or whatever their real real jobs are.

  43. I don’t know why we seem to be stuck in these medieval structures.

    Change de ting do, if it ent working.

  44. Simple
    Some things are beyond our understanding and we have always been taught by saving precepts and following divine instruction that God is the same yesterday ,today and forever.Hymns Ancient and Modern are still the favorite hymns of the Anglican Church never mind the various attempts to produce an updated version.Those hymns we were taught to sing in primary school still form a huge part of our memories of an innocent age of an era long gone…’.Hushed was the evening hymn,The temple courts were dark,The lamp was burning dim before the sacred ark,When suddenly a voice divine rang through the silence of the shrine.O give me Samuel’s mind,A sweet unmurmuring faith obedient and resigned to thee in life and death,That I may read with childlike eyes,Truths that are hidden from the wise’ and…….’,Heavenly father send thy blessing on thy children gathered here,May they all they name confessing be to thee forever dear,May they be like Joseph loving,dutiful and chaste and pure,And their faith like David proving steadfast onto death endure’…..memories of singing treble and later alto at primary school..

  45. My dear Gabriel. My statement that the Anglican church is largely young, and largely female still stands. We must always be guided by TRUTH.

  46. gABRIEL,











  47. One of my favourites for the end of a day or the end of a life”

    The day Thou gavest, Lord, is ended,
    The darkness falls at Thy behest;
    To Thee our morning hymns ascended,
    Thy praise shall sanctify our rest.
    We thank Thee that Thy church, unsleeping,
    While earth rolls onward into light,
    Through all the world her watch is keeping,
    And rests not now by day or night.
    As o’er each continent and island
    The dawn leads on another day,
    The voice of prayer is never silent,
    Nor dies the strain of praise away.
    The sun that bids us rest is waking
    Our brethren ’neath the western sky,
    And hour by hour fresh lips are making
    Thy wondrous doings heard on high.
    So be it, Lord; Thy throne shall never,
    Like earth’s proud empires, pass away:
    Thy kingdom stands, and grows forever,
    Till all Thy creatures own Thy sway.

    Reference: Psalm 42:8
    8Yet the Lord will command his lovingkindness in the daytime, and in the night his song shall be with me, and my prayer unto the God of my life.

  48. note that the lyrics of this children’s hymn is rubbish even though though the rest of the hymn is acceptable theology

    Christ, who once amongst us
    As a child did dwell,
    Is the children’s Saviour,
    And He loves us well;
    If we keep our promise
    Made Him at the Font,
    He will be our Shepherd,
    And we shall not want.

    Clearly a baby can not make any promises at the font

    Clearly also the only serious reference to the scriptures in the Day thou givest is in the lines
    Thy throne shall never,
    Like earth’s proud empires, pass away:
    Thy kingdom stands, and grows forever,
    Till all Thy creatures own Thy sway.

    These lines refer to the millenial kingdom as prophesied in Isaiah 9:6-7

    For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

    7 Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end, upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice from henceforth even for ever. The zeal of the LORD of hosts will perform this.

  49. Prodigirl. a.k.a Reudon Eversley

    @ 10:00 pm on April 26, 2018

    You say Rev. Rogers has only 15 years experience …..age is not the factor !

    Then how come your candidate – Dean Gibson – with all his years of ” experience ” trailing Rev Rogers in the vote to become Bishop of Barbados ??

    How come Rev. Rogers was able to secure 2/3 of the laity support , whilst Dean Gibson has neither 2/3 support of the laity or clergy ??

    The other comments in your said post is filled with malice & jealousy…… is your usual modus operandi !!!


  50. RE How come Rev. Rogers was able to secure 2/3 of the laity support , whilst Dean Gibson has neither 2/3 support of the laity or clergy ??



  51. GP
    Let’s hope that these men of the cloth do the honourable thing and one of them decline to go further and lend his support to the other.What is clear is that the laity has selected their bishop and that is licence for Rev Rogers to stand up and accept the confidence reposed in him by the church and prepare for pressures from the backers of the now Dean but not to give in at all.The church is the people represented by the laity.Notwithstanding the important role of the clergy,all the work in the church is done 90% by the laity so there should be no frustrating the will of the people.

  52. Nah.

    The rule says that if the candidate does not receive 2/3 votes by both clergy and lay people, then the Arch Bispop of the Province of the West Indies must impose a bishop on we unruly Bajan Anglicans.

    Rules are rules. And the rules are clear and well known.

    i am praying that Mr. Gibson will step down.

  53. Where do you get the definition that …”The church is the people represented by the laity.”

    If the clergy is paid, and not the laity, why is it that ” in the church is done 90% by the laity so there should be no frustrating the will of the people.”

    What happens in churches where there is no clergy….and all members are laity?

  54. @Georgie Porgie April 29, 2018 9:00 PM “What happens in churches where there is no clergy…and all members are laity?”

    Those churches have their own established rules.

  55. Sad to say, these are all men and there is a lot of men with unclean hearts trying to dictate who is Bishop. In addition there are the trustees who hold positions of honour and are backing John Rogers so that they could still control the church’s finances and sit in the high places.

    As an Anglican it pains me to see what is going on. The dlp leaning priests seem to be afraid and wants their man in place. I contend that no man should be put in authority for 25 years…… is just not good for the institution.

  56. A decent man would retire/resign long before 25 years has passed. People can jump, they do not have to wait to be pushed.

  57. Wunna could spin a coin for all it is worth…
    Um is de same shiite as the political catch 22 that we also have…

    …and as to the chance of someone ‘having 25 YEARS in place’ …
    ha ha ha
    oh Shirtttt!!!!

    …MONTHS …..maybe….!!!

  58. Prodigirl

    You need to stop the DLP / BLP narrative about the priests in the Anglican Church .

    Have you seen or did anyone of them ever told you whom they voted for – politically ?

    Your candidate Dean Gibson – with over 20 years of experience – cannot get 2/3 support from the clergy !

    So how come the clergy does not support his ( Dean Gibson ) experience or maturity ?

    How come the laity does not support his ( Dean Gibson ) experience or laity ?

    Why does Dean Gibson support persons calling priests & laity on his behalf ” promising ” them gifts of promotions ?

    Why does Dean Gibson not denounce Canon Haynes claim that monied people are prepared to donate $ 3 million dollars to the Anglican Church – if Dean Gibson is voted in as Bishop ?

    So is the church for sale Dean Gibson ?

    Why don’t Dean Gibson step down gracefully – now that it’s clear that he is trailing Rev. Rogers – amongst support from clergy & laity – 87 votes to 65 , respectively .

  59. Fcuktured BLP

    Did you not learn at DLP Yard-Fowl School that punctuation marks are placed at the end of a sentence?

    In other words, there should not be a space between the last word of a sentence and the punctuation mark.

    So is the church for sale Dean (Gibson ?) [INCORRECT]

    So is the church for sale Dean (Gibson?) [CORRECT]

    Why does Dean Gibson support persons calling priests & laity on his behalf (” promising ”) them gifts of promotions ? [INCORRECT]

    Why does Dean Gibson support persons calling priests & laity on his behalf (“promising”) them gifts of promotions? [CORRECT]

    But then again…… are “fcuk(up)tured.”


    • Reverend Charles Morris is doing the morning talk show by touching on this issue. In summary his point is that the Laity does not run the parish church, it is the clergy.

  60. FARTHOLE a.k.a Artax

    Punctuation marks – wherever they appear – does not alter or negate the facts of a matter !

    Deal with the facts & questions I presented !

  61. Rev. Charles Morris is a corrupt priest !

    The said John Holder & the Anglican Church had to take up $ 20,000.00 of church funds to settle a defamation lawsuit brought against him by a parishioner from St.,Saviours Church, St. Andrew.

    And to know that Charles Morris is the campaign manager for Dean Gibson in the current race to Bishop.

    Charles Morris has no class nor credibility !

    Shame on him and those who join with him !

  62. Charles Morris is a priest whose forte seem to be controversy wherever he goes.A pretender and one whose long association with the church did not earn him an installation ceremony after almost 50 years.Sumtin wong.Any incumbent should admit that the laity constitute the workhorse and financial support in the affairs of the church.

  63. “And to know that Charles Morris is the campaign manager for Dean Gibson in the current race to Bishop.”

    Perhaps the above comment will definitely convince people in this forum that Fcuktured BLP is a donkey.

  64. FARTHOLE – Artax

    You need to start paying attention to the ” unpalatable, hard to digest ” truth that will soon be exposed about your tainted BLP leader & party !

    5 more years of grief fuh the BLP …….coming soon !!!

  65. I hope I don’t read the May 25, 2018 Nation’s headlines “Well known DLP yard-fowl found hanging after DLP defeated by UPP”

  66. The announcement by the Administrator Canon Isaacs that the nominees will only be known on the day of the meeting of the elective body is sufficient to disqualify Dean Gibson because he unwisely was canvassing widely with a manifesto of promises and offering incumbents promotions when and wherever.He too like his ‘handler’ Morris should be defrocked.By Gibson’s action he has politicized the process of the elective assembly and Canon Isaacs should disqualify him.What a shock the dean got when the laity backed Rev Rogers to the hilt.

    • @Gabriel

      You must have heard the VOB 5:30 news? Babb didn’t hesitate to give Morris’ opinions about the ongoing process to select a bishop.

  67. I heard it.He continues to embarrass the Anglican Church in Barbados.My information is that the Dean indicated an intention to withdraw on Wednesday and Morris along with some retirees advised him not to do so.I hope commonsense prevails and Rev Rogers goes forward.

  68. Rogers just happen to be a popular, hardworking, well rounded parish priest well liked and admired by his parishioners.The envy generated by his family connection to the former bishop is a huge factor in the proceedings.The fact that he was chosen to deliver the sermon at the last Diocesan Service at the Gymnasium appear to be one of the reasons for the drawn daggers.

  69. @Gabriel April 30, 2018 7:35 PM “I heard it.He continues to embarrass the Anglican Church in Barbados.”

    I am not embarrassed.

    Knew Morris from the time he was a boy in short pants, a fine fellow.

  70. Rev . Morris as Dean Gibson campy manager in this race needs to get a bush bath !

    His public display of crude & erroneous remarks on Brasstacks today , has done nothing to promote Dean Gibson candidacy in the race to become the 14th Bishop of Barbados 🇧🇧

    Even Artax would had done much better – I believe .

    Artax , how yuh like my punctuation marks now ???

    You need to stop trying to be Mia Mottley – nitpicking bout everything – else – except the correct things !

  71. As a lapsed Anglican I am disappointed that the Election of a Bishop is now in the political arena but there is hope yet, folks of different political persuasions are in agreement of who should be Bishop. I blame it on Barrow who set the ball rolling when he disestablished the Anglican Church but the die was really cast when Dean Crichlow started to preach his brand of liberation theology from the pulpit of the Cathedral.

  72. @David

    “Was not aware candidates for Bishop have need of a campaign manager”.

    Dont believe that yardfowl………….he is a LIAR. There was or is no campaign manger for the Bishop. Charles Morris is no campaign manager for the Dean…………….that is a bold faced lie. Charles speaks his mind…….he does not have to front for a fellow.

    Why are dems such liars………..they put lies on the BU and people actually believe their lies as gospel.

    • Not sure who believes, it is why the comment was highlighted. He is mainly a JA who litters the BU forum to distract and trivialize.

  73. Gabriel

    I love you as a fellow blogger but I do not know who is feeding you with your information…………not true what you have written about Dean Gibson……….there is nothing in the Canon rules and regulations that said that one cannot put out an agenda before the meeting…….no names are submitted until the day of the election.

    Did your sources tell you how hard the Rogers’ camp were campaigning……how do you think they got the laity to back John? …………..because they knew that they had to lock down the laity as they were not going to get the clergy. Austin Carrington of Christ Church was cavassing hard and openly, Mayers from St John, Oneal from St Philip and the same Canon Isaacs who should have been neutral……..did you not see Massiah who destroyed St Joseph campaigning in his Friday columns for the past month……he even had an extra column on Wednesday…….and all they were doing is making promises just like the DLP.

    By the way, who ever said that the Dean was going to withdraw is dreaming. I dont want to say anything about my priests.! If only people knew the truth… sorry Charles went on radio today. Sad day for us Anglicans.

    • When is the next vote scheduled? Was it supposed to be announced yesterday by Cannon Issacs?

      What is this accusation leveled by Morris about the finance people resigning for good reason?

    • If you think logically the Anglican Church has been losing its share of the congregation, there is a crumbling physical infrastructure, obvious financial issues. Rogers has been able to attract people to the parishes he has presided. The laity is with him, the clergy should support.we know that it is the silly season and like 2009 when the country had to settle for a compromise candidate in Stuart, the same is likely to occur with the election selection of a Bishop.

  74. David

    You are always shown at times to stooge pigeon for Prodigirl.

    Dean Gibson allowed Charles Morris – his campaign manager – to go on VOB but it …..backfired !

    Prodigirl a.k.a Reudon Eversley was campaigning in the press also !

    Didn’t he write articles pushing Dean Gibson ?

    Prodigirl knows that Charles Morris pushed this ” corruption ” talk about the Anglican Church before and had to face s defamation suit of some $ 20,000.00 which the church had to settle out of it’s funds.

    Let Charles Morris or Prodigirl….. deny that !

  75. Prodigal
    Like you I have my sources,impeccable, and while I cannot vouch for the campaign manager lark,I know Isaacs declared on TV that nominees will only be known on the day of the elective assembly so when I read otherwise in the Anglican I challenged a synod reoresentative of long standing and was dressed down for repeating the article in the Anglican.The election of a bishop might morph into a selection process to save the Anglican Communion from ridicule which is what is manifesting itself in Barbados.Too much damn politics in the church.Btw what is the truth or untruth on the ordination of Morris by Drexel.

    • 15 May 2018 is the next date for electing the Bishop. If there is no withdrawal it will likely go to a selection process to avoid one being imposed from outside.

  76. David
    There was an item in the press some years ago in which a case exceeding a budget item resulted in the finance official giving up her post rather than accept the unbudgeted item as a reasonable charge to the church.The succeeding officer,a no nonsense banker, approved the costs without hesitance and that was the end of the matter.

  77. Amongst the clergy the stated support for Dean Gibson amongst the house of clergy coincidentally appears to emanate from the minority of churches – 12 in total – who possess more than 1 laity represtative. This scenario appears to be more than a coincidence as the candidate currently trailing in the house of laity appears to have secured the laity votes from at least 9 of these minority parishes. With a total of only 23 laity votes by the final ballot, it means that Dean Gibson ‘s vote aggregate in fact represents a much smaller representation of the wider church congregation as their core support is confined to less than a quarter of the entire house of laity.

  78. In addition the notion that the candidate leading in the clergy is a testament to who the clergy prefers to lead them needs to be examined closely.
    The fact that candidate ran on an anti youth and pro experience platform needs to be juxtaposed with the fact that some 18 retired and inactive clergy participated in the recent elective Synod. Based on the final ballot of Dean Gibson ‘s 42 votes versus Rev. Rogers 31 votes it appears that a healthy proportion of the retired and inactive clergy would have supported the pro experience candidate based on the tenor of the discussion. It also suggests that by logic the trailing candidates 31 votes may actually represent an equivalent or superior number of active clergy amongst it support.

  79. Added to this analysis is the fact that there are at least 6 assisting priests – that is priest not assigned to a parish- who have voiced their support for the current candidate leading in the clergy – Dean Gibson. Therefore, after close reflectio n can it be said that that candidate represents the true spirit of the active clergy?

  80. Another component to this analysis behind the robes is the fact that the house of laity -79 representatives present at the election- unlike clergy some of whom are retired and inactive, represents the active pulse of the wider church as each member of the laity has been elected to represent their church at the highest decision making body the Synod. The house of laity therefore without a doubt represents the wider sentiment and will of the Anglican Diocesan Congreation and is in fact the voice of the church. The laity by the second ballot gave Rev . Rogers the required 2/3 majority in that house to become the next bishop of Barbados . Rev Rogers 53 votes to Dean Gibson ‘s 23 votes. When compared with the earlier analysis surrounding the support given to the trailing candidates in the house of laity from the min deity parishes with dual representation, a clear picture is revealed of who is the clearly preferred choice.

  81. On the floor of the elected Synod it was evident which of the two leading candidates engaged in a carefully crafted electoral campaign – manifesto and all- versus which candidate allowed the spirit of God to guide his path.

  82. Serious questions remain amongst the members of the active clergy with regards to where they will align their support during the reconvening of the elective Synod. It is clear that at several of the churches there is a stark divide between the laity and their priest which has been borne out in the fact that the churches laity representatives have totally rejected and abandoned the preferred choice for bishop.of their parish priests.

  83. We must ask ourselves who should the.ministers be ministering to and who does those who are being ministered to want to be minister by?

    Dean Gibson if he serious about this call to Bishop , must publicly do the following:

    • Unreservedly distance himself from the call by Canon Haynes made on the floor of Synod last week Wednesday , ” persons should vote for Dean Gibson as Bishop of the Anglican Church in Barbados , because a private individual was prepared to give the Anglican Church $ 3 million $$$$$ – of Dean Gibson is elected Bishop

    For real ?

    Are you about to sell out the Anglican Church for ” money 💰?

    Barbados deserves better

  84. Fractured BLP May 3, 2018 12:57 PM
    “Are you about to sell out the Anglican Church for ” money?
    Barbados deserves better…”

    The Anglican Church has already been sold out for money.

    Man, can’t you see that Anglicanism is dying in Bim?

    Just look at the country where it all started in order to appease the demands of a diseased-ridden deranged killer of women called King Henry V111.

    The Church of England is a fast-disappearing institution with many of its real estate being sold off to keep some its retail outlets open to mainly Africans.

    The same thing will soon be happening to the many pieces of glebe around Little England with the buildings turning into relics overgrown with bush and occupied by vermin.

    The C of E was compensated just like the slave owners for the loss of its property and investment in the slave business in West Indies. Shouldn’t that be considered blood money?

    The Anglican Church in Barbados was built on slavery and it will die on the cross of retribution for its role in that most anti-Christian business.

    Ask our BU John the QUAKER!

  85. Fractured
    I am informed that “Cannon”Haynes detested,despised and don’t speak to Bishop John and boasts that he has not attended a Diocesan meeting since his enthronement.If true it’s no wonder he wants the woman who supports his flower festival every year to give him the ok to introduce the bribe money,another 30 pieces of silver.

  86. David

    Canon Isaacs had no choice but to expose Rev. Morris scruillious charges.

    I asked Prodigirl a few posts above , on this thread, to come back on BU and deny that Rev. Morris was slapped with a defamation charge and the Anglican Church had to pay $ 20,000.00 to settle that debt !

    All because Rev. Morris told a female parishioner from a Anglican Church in St. Andrew that she is crook and that she stole the church money .

    I challenge Prodigirl a.k.a Reudon Eversley to come back on BU and deny it.

    Rev. Morris on his current path with cause the Anglican Church to go broke !

    Because no doubt Rev. Morris ( as the author) and VOB ( as publisher) will have to pay the Anglican Church a hefty sum – if Rev. Morris allegations cannot be PROVEN !

    Canon Isaacs has called for a retraction – so all Barbadians will wait and see .

    And to imagine that Rev. Morris is Dean Gibson’s campaign manager in Gibson’s race to become Bishop of Barbados.

    The Anglican Church deserves better.

    We waiting to hear from you ……..Prodigirl !!

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