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As we canvass throughout Barbados, we normally receive favourable comments.  However, I noticed that every once in a while, a lady will note that she will listen to all, but when it comes to voting, she knows who helped her.  I look forward to those types of comments.

Who helped her were the people of Barbados.  Who allowed her to purchase land at $2.00 per square foot were the people of Barbados.  Who provided welfare to pay her outstanding utility bills were the people of Barbados.  Who got a reduction in her land tax bill were the people of Barbados, not her political representative.

Our elected politicians are supposed to represent the interests of all people in a constituency, not just of those in polling districts that gave them majority support.  When performing the role of disbursing government services, they should do so in the name of all Barbadians, not themselves and their political party.

Being in the political arena provides one with a different perspective than being on the outside looking in.  It is common knowledge that Government services are generally very poorly managed.

The International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) maintains international standards.  One of these standards is the customer-focused quality management standard ISO 9001, which facilitates the efficient delivery of high quality goods and services to the benefit of the public.

Barbados has been a corresponding member of ISO since our Independence, and a full member since 1999.  Therefore, the ISO 9001 standard has been available for our politicians to implement for the past two decades, and I have been encouraging its use for the past 18 years.  But our politicians seem to prefer a poorly managed system.

The only beneficiaries of poorly managed public services appear to be politicians, because it keeps them relevant in Barbadian communities.  If Government services were well managed, then there would be no reason for persons to request help from their political representatives.  People would simply enjoy the efficiency in which high-quality public services were delivered.

Both established political administrations appear to have managed our public services to an appalling level of incompetence.  It seems intentionally designed to frustrate, to the level of desperation, users of such services.  If politicians direct desperately needed public resources to people whom their policies have made desperate, then has the vote of such desperate people essentially been bought?

The Barbadian public should not have to beg their political representatives to help them access public services, and hope for their benevolence.  Solutions Barbados is offering to implement the international management standard that both the BLP and DLP appear to have rejected.  We are aware that we will essentially be working ourselves out of a job for the benefit of the public – which will be our duty and privilege.

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer and the founder of Solutions Barbados.  He can be reached at

47 thoughts on “The Grenville Phillips Column – I Know Who Helped Me

  1. Grenville you got some nerve though, you really do, but you were warned and as always with your dictatorial and stubborn attitude, you ignored those warnings, now you can watch the fallout of that attitude and mindless disregard for your own history and those of your own people unfold before you leading up to the election.

    All I will ask is how dare you? and that question has nothing to do with the above article.

  2. Congrats to Grenville of Solutions Barbados and the other ‘third parties’ for exposing their candidates on the talk shows and elsewhere. It is refreshing to listen to new voices.

    Of note DLP was a no show yesterday on the afternoon talk show. Interesting when a political party will pass on free prime airtime to get a message out to the public days before a general election. Looking forward to the strategy playing out.

  3. If you are congratulating Grenville and saying it is refreshing to listen to new voices, if you are honest you would also admit that the BLP aslo had new voices. Ryan Straughn, Marsha Caddle, Edmund Hinkson, Kirk Humphrey are new voices too.

  4. “Who helped her were the people of Barbados.” WRONG. Very wrong. The majority of Barbadians consum more social welfare than they pay taxes. Or take Butch and his hotel plantation. Using 40 happy years of tax concessions, he gets more from Barbados than he ever pays in.

    Hence, the NET taxpayer helped her.

    And by the way, Grenville, what you describe is called social tribalism or political clientelism.

  5. “Solutions Barbados is offering to implement the international management standard that both the BLP and DLP appear to have rejected.”

    In the interest of fairness to both BLP & DLP administrations, I gave Grenville Phillips II an example where, in March 2009, the ISO management system was implemented at the Barbados Air Traffic Services, which became the FIRST one within the English-speaking Caribbean, and ONE of the FEW Government agencies in Barbados, to receive ISO 9001:2008 certification.

    Yet, in the face of evidence, every week the gentleman continues to untruthfully state the BLP & DLP rejected ISO.

  6. Not onl;y was the DLP a “no show” at the “People’s Parliament” yesterday, but their representatives attended the forum, in some instances, over an hour after the program began.

    George Connolly was at least 1 hour late.

  7. Cuh Dear Artax …
    if you were part of that cabal, would you not need to be threatened, cajoled and brow-beaten in order to get you to VOB too…?

    Michael Carrington would have to be COMPLETELY devoid of shame to have gone…
    John Boyce and Sealy would need to explain their baptism in shiite off the South coast…
    No Minister would dare show his face – if Sanka Price had the balls to ask the hard questions

    No wonder the people can’t call elections….

    Who is still employed at VOB….?

  8. @Tron April 11, 2018 7:59 AM “Hence, the NET taxpayer helped her.”

    And who is the NET taxpayer?

  9. Bushie

    On “hind sight,”…….I must agree with you.

    Ironically, Michael Carrington was the DLP’s representative when the discussion’s topic was “corruption.” And “Jester” Ince called the program when they were discussing the economy.

    Yesterday’s program was mainly about NIS pensions and the elderly.

    Esther Byer-Suckoo, “Jester” Ince (or any other DLP representative) would have probably had a very difficult time trying to explain and justify their inept DLP administration’s “mismanagement” of the NIS funds.

  10. The well intentioned rule, that the candidates for the office of Bishop of Barbados are only known on the morning of the election, has clearly not prevented commentary and speculation about prospective candidates in the mass media, even in the Anglican newspaper. The rule is also being exploited by those who want to drive discussion of the contribution to the development of this country by Christians and the Diocese of Barbados from the public square. Much of the mass media contributions is thinly veiled support of a young candidate. Much of the reasoning in support of the young man is flawed, because:
    (1) The regulations governing the process of choosing a Bishop impose a minimum age, which clearly says that age is a factor. The imposition of a minimum age in the regulations supports the view that age brings maturity, experience, wisdom and patience, attributes needed in the Bishop, as opposed to popularity, which is ephemeral. One may also ask, if the young man is so popular, why the coordinated and relentless effort to project him as the preferred candidate at the expense of the rules.

    (2) Until the election of Bishop Rufus T. Broome, it cannot be said that the local Synod freely elected the Bishop of Barbados. Initially Bishops were appointed from London at a time when Barbados was a much larger Diocese, including the Leeward Islands and the Windward Islands and there was no air travel at that time and the preference for younger appointees was natural. Thereafter, the government of Barbados had an important role in the selection of the Bishop and finally, the local Synod, free to choose for itself in 1969, failed in its first attempt and a choice was imposed on the divided house by the Provincial House of Bishops.

    (3) There is ample evidence that a long reign by any administrator can end with loss of enthusiasm, often described as burnout. The prospect of a twenty-five year reign for a Bishop, in light of the history of the Diocese, must make every Barbadian concerned.
    As the Friday 6, 2018 article in the Nation newspaper shows, three of the five bishops appointed under age fifty were the first three Bishops of Barbados. Even among these, as early as the appointment of the second bishop, Thomas Parry, there was already a preference for experience as he had already served as a senior member of the administration of Bishop Coleridge for 16 years. Among the 10 bishops of Barbados, after Bishop Herbert Bree established the Dean and Chapter of the Cathedral as the Guardian of the Spiritualities, only two were under fifty years of age. The first, Bishop Bentley, was already Bishop in Jamaica before he was translated to Barbados at age 45 and the second, Bishop Gomez was selected by the Provincial House of Bishops at age 35 when Barbadians in Synod could not choose one of their own as Bishop. Co-incidentally, the present Bishop of Belize, to whom the article referred, was also selected for that office by the Provincial House of Bishops.
    Although personally popular, the young Bishop Gomez presided over the Diocese of Barbados during the Sintra Construction debacle and the Rev. Edward Gatherer affair which together cost the Diocese of Barbados hundreds of thousands of dollars. Money better spent on the mission of the church and the welfare of Barbadians.
    The Sintra Construction debacle refers to the litigation that was pursued when it was claimed that the foundation of the Diocesan House at St. Michael’s row, Bridgetown had been the only structure in the area compromised by the construction activity of the Sintra Construction Company. The relatively new Diocesan house was condemned and demolished. The Gomez administration refused to compromise with the defendant construction company, went to trial and lost. Asquith Phillips Q.C., and his legal team for the defendant construction company were awarded significant costs.
    In 1992. attorney at Law, Chezley Boyce took the case of Gomez v Gatherer all the way to the Privy Council in London and won a decision for Rev. Gatherer when the Privy Council reversed the Barbados Court of Appeal in a matter which turned on the age of the rector of St. Andrew’s Parish. Rev. Gatherer was restored as rector of St Andrew’s Parish Church by the court and awarded damages plus costs.

    The above are included as a reminder that being Bishop of Barbados includes significantly more than preaching and ceremonials. Decisions have consequences. The 14th Bishop of Barbados must not only be a person of prayer, deep intellect and a track record of helping the poor, but also have demonstrable leadership, social and administrative skills and resolve. Flexible when compromise benefits the church, but not one who simply bends to the dictates of money and power. There is an urgent need for the Anglican Church, recently identified as one of the twin pillars upon which this country is built, to reclaim its rightful place amid the discourse in the public square and the leadership of that effort falls to the next Bishop of Barbados.

  11. @David

    You clearly willing to listen to anything once it new. Like plant fruit trees and pay no land taxes. lmbao! I hope the BLP don’t “tief” that one.

  12. @Simple Simon
    April 11, 2018 8:53 AM

    Those who pay more taxes than the cost for using social welfare and public infrastructure.

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  14. Well Well: I have no idea what you are writing about. Your baseless accusations are false.

    Artax: The BLP and DLP rejected the ISO 9001 in favour for the NISE. You note that one single Government department instituted the ISO 9001 (likely as a result of having to comply with IATA mandatory requirements). That does not challenge my statement.

  15. According to information from the GIS dated March 27, 2009, the Barbados Air Traffic Services became………..ONE of the FEW Government agencies in Barbados, to receive ISO 9001:2008 certification.

    If you interpret “ONE of the FEW government agencies in Barbados” to mean the BATS is the ONLY agency to receive ISO 9001:2008 certification…………then I stand corrected.

    Additionally, acquiring the certification was NOT “likely as a result of having to comply with IATA mandatory requirements,” but based on recommendation from the International Civil Aviation Organisation (CIAO).

  16. Grenville stop lying..

    …the one thing bajans did not need in their parliament before, which they have paid/are still paying very dearly to find out, they do not need in their parliament now or any time in the future is another CLICO/Leroy Leper or prime minister like David Thompson carrying more toxicity, corruption and theft into their parliament in the form of Sun General Insurance and the notorious Weatherhead family with you as the Black front man..

    Bajans have a right to know that not only does the Weatherhead family own Sun General Insurance, who now owns you, but those who do not know already ought to know that the company does the same things to the Black population as CGI or any of the other low class insurance companies, refuse to pay out claims to injured people in the black population and mistreat the black population…that is not what the population need in their parliament and they sure as hell are not going to vote for any of you without knowing all of this and more, too many people are expressing concerns about that family in the social space..

    You have no right trying to force the notorious Weatherhead family into the people’s parliament and into the lives of Bajans, you will pay for that treachery.

    And dont tell me you know nothing about Scott Weatherhead and his family’s notoriety just like you pretended not to know anything about CGI Insurance while your father sat on that board helping in the destruction of lives on the island, you are showing a pattern for lies and deceit to keep information from the public for your own political gain and those who own you..

    I warned you very early on that the people/electorate have a right to know these things that you are so desperately trying to hide….so they can make informed decisions about voting, so they are not blindsided later by corrupt ministers and those who do not have their best interests at heart and are already expert at practicing ill will toward the black population…..I warned you.

  17. “….and are already expert at practicing ill will toward the black population….”

    Well Well Wot A Racist Orifice I Is, what CAN you mean? Blacks showing ill will to blacks? Shurely shome mishtake?

    • Can we discuss the issues here? Anonymous commenters shooting vile comments at the other? What idiocy.

      Grenville has been posting to BU from inception, he has always demonstrated a selflessness that others in local civil society can emulate. His body of work in the area of public service is par excellent!

  18. It is who Grenville surrounds himself with is the issue here, their track records, histories on the island and the fact that from the very beginning of his campaign he has tried hard to hide the information from the public….as I have tried equally hard fir him to be forthcoming.

    And the same can be said of Thompson and his decades of service to the island.

    IQ45….struck a nerve didn’t I…ya welcome..

  19. Once again Grenville, I agree with your assessment.

    I also admire your intentions regarding bringing gov’t agencies to ISO9001 standards.

    Barbados could exceed Monte Carlo in terms of economic success if we were managed like Monte Carlo and not the ‘successful black country’ as identified by Fumble. We have better weather, better culture, better countryside, better beaches.

    My question today is the same as it was when you first made the proposal: what are you going to do with the civil servants who do not make these standards?

    Not to harp on the point but civil service management has been the crux of our economic and corruption problems for over 30 years.

  20. Hi Frustrated:

    The good thing about the ISO 9001 Quality Management system is that you start where you are (not trying to reach some unattainable goal), then continuously improve by effectively addressing the root causes of customer complaints. It is extremely rare that employees ‘do not meet the standard’.

  21. General secretary of the National Union of Public Workers, Roslyn Smith, is calling for the Supreme Court Complex to be closed for the next three months while extensive cleaning is done to the building.(Quote)

    What about justice?

  22. They are all out of their minds, that building is ALWAYS being cleaned, the last time it had a cleaning that I know of around 2014, during the summer when it was closed, the cleaning started in July lasted to October, nearly to the end of the next court session, it took a minimum of 8 months to get a court date after that..

    .. these people are already disorganized with backlogs stretching back decades, imagine what would happen if they attempt to move the whole court.

    Why is a new building so sick…and of course it will more than likely turn out like the Louis Lynch school, years of testing and no UWI “expert” can ever tell what is wrong…steupps..

    …ya may never have a real court on the island again at that rate…don’t have much of one now anyway.

  23. @ Grenville ( from Frustrated B)
    My question today is the same as it was when you first made the proposal: what are you going to do with the civil servants who do not make these standards?
    Grenville’s answer:
    It is extremely rare that employees ‘do not meet the standard’.
    Try to answer the question for once nuh Grenville?
    What nonsense.
    Of COURSE there are, …and will be, people who do NOT meet the standard. These are the square pegs currently in the wrong holes. What mumbo jumbo are you talking …because you want a few votes?
    Even if you start at ‘IDIOT’, we still need to move to the point of COMPETENT.
    What happens to those who REFUSE to change…?

    Unless you will DO SOMETHING about the problem, you are just talking about ISO9001 for something to say…. somewhat like Stinkliar talked about a ‘medium term strategy’.

  24. There is not much that Grenville can say outside of regurgitating the introduction of the much needed ISO standards over and over and his incomplete master plan to upgrade the miseducation system to what he believes is brilliant.

    i can tell him right now, when the minorities on the island hatched their round table plots and schemes to take control of the peoples parliament, Grenville was NOT INVITED and i assure you not in attendance because they will never share that info with him, so all his little simpleton ideas dont amount to a can of beans compared to the real plans afoot for the parliament, people and island to which he does not even know he is not a party…..the perfect patsy and fall guy.

    ..this will be even worse than Fruendolittles uselessness, if the electorate does not stop it dead, before it begins.

  25. Exactly BT.

    The Law of Natural Selection cannot be defeated; except maybe in a circus.

    In the real world fast lions eat slow gazelles. Slow lions and slow gazelles die and both species are improved.

    In a circus, the animals are trained to exist unnaturally in a closed environment and learn to obey the man with the whip instead of their instincts.

    This is our civil service. New civil servants are trained in the circus by old civil servants and the entire shite system is a self-perpetuating morass of more and more asses. Every now and a again a man with a whip like Dippa, Tom or Owen comes along and gets the animals to put on a small show but this is a rare occurrence.

    Anyone who tries to take charge of the Bajan civil service circus without a whip will simply become one of the performing animals.

    That has been the effect we’ve experienced over the past 10 years. Fumble’s Fools wouldn’t know what to do with a whip, they’ve never managed anything.

    And Grenville’s response suggests he is the same; professionals (engineers, doctors, lawyers, etc.) rarely make good managers, their aptitude and training are contrary to the idea of reacting to circumstances.

    My question was specific and boils down to this:

    Grenville, assuming you were born to wield a whip (management and leadership skills cannot be learned, they are a birthright), what are you going to do with your animals when they do not perform?

    Or are you also bereft of a management plan?

  26. Three months to clean a building? The sewage flowing through the offices? What is the Union leader basing this timeline on? Do Union members need time off to practice their Crop Over moves? Is there an Emergency Response Plan to address the needs of folks requiring Certificates etc. as well as handling cases scheduled to be held there?

    Imagine a building less than 10-years-old requiring a makeover or some type of Industrial “cleaning”.

    Only in Barbados, Pity!

    • @Sargeant

      Marsha Hinds-Layne made an interesting point couple days ago, if you transfer files from the old registry with module to the new building, what happens with the mould in the new building?

  27. @David
    Interesting, never thought of that but the people who worked the files must have known about the conditions and should have raised the alarm years ago, but again the information about mould and spores was not given any priority until recently.

    Another point the subject of technology is/was discussed in another blog, didn’t someone think of transferring the details on paper files/books to e.g. microfiche (although that is old technology) prior to moving? How about storing the information on computers with back up at other locations? All they need is a fire to complete the farce.

  28. Let’s hope the vault storing the files is fireproof, it would be just like them to have a storage vault that is NOT fireproof, up until a couple years ago, it was not even theft proof.

    Condolences to the Brewster family, heard Vic passed away this morning.

  29. Speaking of the Registry and files, did they ever locate Arthur’s divorce file? Remember it went missing some years ago?

    Politics ,Politricks…….

  30. @David April 13, 2018 9:33 AM “Marsha Hinds-Layne made an interesting point couple days ago, if you transfer files from the old registry with modul[d] to the new building, what happens with the mould in the new building?”

    The mould does what all living organisims do–they do the nookey–and before you know it there are hundreds of generations of little mould babies, who all grow up to do the nookey just like their parents. Then you have to close or bulldoze the building.

    i hope that officialdom spent enough time in biology class to understand that all living things reproduce, and i hope that they understand that mold is not just dust. I hope that they understand that mould is a living organisim

  31. @Sargeant April 13, 2018 9:47 AM “Interesting, never thought of that but the people who worked the files must have known about the conditions and should have raised the alarm years ago, but again the information about mould and spores was not given any priority until recently.”

    What do clerks and lawyers know?

    If they had any sense they would have consulted librarians and archivists who know how to handle ancient documents.

    But lawyers especially are so full of themselves that i am sure that nobody thought to ask the real experts.

  32. Lawyers are just stupid, I swear, I watched one interacting with a client, the client telling him, consult with their doctor and he is like… he dont need to, the client says, yes you do because the doctor whose field of specialty it is, would better explain the circumstances, again the lawyer claims, he did not need to, went into the court talking a roll of shit asking the doctor questions which had nothing to do with the matter at hand…and got made embarrassed, a lawyer thinking he is a doctor, filled with arrogance.

    mold spores would and could eat them alive.

  33. ISO9001 is 41 years old and on the decline, but it is being touted as the panacea for Bdos’ ills. PIMRHP do.

  34. LOL @ Enuff

    The BLP is older than that…and it declined long ago…. but you still touting it as the panacea for Barbados’ ills.
    Perhaps you should SIYRHP too….

  35. BushTea

    Declining, in your opinion, but still better than what Solutions is offering; however, in the case of ISO9001 there is better. So what’s your point? Go plant your fruit tree(s) to get your land tax waiver. #moreshytepolicy

  36. @SS
    If they had any sense they would have consulted librarians and archivists who know how to handle ancient documents.
    Are you sure about that? I saw a news clip on CBC where they were conducting an interview with a lady who had worked in the Archives Dept. for many years. What surprised me is that she was handling the documents without any gloves which is a no- no for handling of archival documents.

  37. @Well, Well April 13, 2018 2:20 PM “the lawyer claims, he did not need to, went into the court talking a roll of shit asking the doctor questions which had nothing to do with the matter at hand…and got made embarrassed, a lawyer thinking he is a doctor, filled with arrogance.”

    That doctor must have been our own Dr. Georgie Porgie.


  38. lol…good thing our GP took a break from BU or he would be on here cussing both of us Dr.Simple…especially since ya gotta be a specialist to give court testimony in personal injury, lol and his orange boy toy in the WH is not doing too well these days either, so we would never hear the end of it, lol, hahahaha…

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