John Annel|Barbados Receives another Blackeye

John Annel

The news that Police Superintendent John Annel appeared in magistrates court today charged in connection with 650 bullets between August 3 and September 20 is another ‘black-eye’ delivered to the Bajan brand in recent weeks. About one month ago a gunman sprayed bullets on a crowded Spring Garden Highway just as Kadooment rivalry was about to end. It resulted in 20 people shot!

A couple years ago if the average Barbadian was asked if such a brazen act was possible there would have been a resounding no. It does not matter how the Attorney General will spin this latest sorry John Annel episode, the general public will NOT be fooled.

Many are curious why the arrest at this time. When you factor the murder of a Caucasian Englishman to the mix allegedly involved in illegal activity, you have an island that is just like the rest.


  • Simple Simon: “Ah yes Sean Reece, his grandmother Mrs. Bishop, the late Girl Guide Commissioner was the sister of Grantley Adams.”

    The Adams and Bishops are branches of the same family. Judge Bishop, who lived in Howells X Road, was Grantley Adams’ nephew.
    More importantly, I have already warned about the development of paramilitary policing and our civil servants reporting to US personnel.
    We must make it illegal for any civil servants, police or military to socialise with foreign diplomats without permission. This is how low-level spies work.


  • Dirty Dishes Exposed

    Crooked Mark White and Sgt Pinder previously of Barbados Fraud Squad Unit

    What the local public needs to know is that the Barbados Fraud Squad Unit has taken on this persona personally with a number of both past and present officers in that department engaged in many criminal activities including receiving bribes, drug trafficking, falsified police statements and Court Disclosure documents, beatings and planting evidence.

    Crooked Mark White and Sgt Pinder who was transferred to a different department are in a class of their own. Not only did Sgt Pinder assist with covering for her former boss CROOKED Mark White with bounced checks he made to a local business as exposed by former co-workers she has also taken bribes from criminal drug traffickers to present False Statements and Court Disclosures in both the Magistrate and High Courts.

    This woman is a nasty nasty piece of work who is also a thief who have stolen from many suspects.

    Sgt Pinder i believe is now working in the Special Branch after being transferred. She needs to be in Dodds Prison in St. Philip like crooked gold tooth Mark White for theft, preparing false Statements and Court Disclosure documents, accepting bribes and criminal conspiracy.

    These are just two however the Barbados public also needs to be aware that the Barbados Fraud Squad Unit has many past and current detectives who are rotten to the core and have perfected fraud and taken criminal conspiracy to a new level.


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