St. Leonard’s School Denise White Affair | Another Mess Brewing Under Minister Ronald Jones

The BU household has followed Minister Ronald Jones tenure in government with a bemused interest. He was the favoured ‘deputy’ Prime Minister Freundel Stuart turned to until he associated himself with the Eager 11 and was summarily demoted in the pecking order with a Stuart ‘look and feel’ in Richard Sealy his preferred replacement.  Controversy after controversy has bedevilled Jones’ tenure with the Alexandra School mess featuring Jeff Broomes and the Combermere School environmental mess the rock on which his legacy will be built when he demits office, soon.

If the traditional media was not the lazy taker of news that it is another embarrassing event playing out at the St. Leonards Secondary School would be newsworthy enough to crowd the airwaves. As is the norm the politicians continue to control the media narrative.

In March of this year the Nation newspaper reported that the St. Leonard’s Board of Management had resigned en masse! An unusual event in any circumstances that warranted a closer examination by ALL stakeholders. The relevant articles (embedded in this blog) suggested the reason for the resignation was because of political interference. Why would the PTA and the citizenry at large not have stridently responded to the revelation by the newspaper? Why would Chairman Ricardo Harrison quietly resign without accepting responsibility to expose the issues in the public’s interest, electing to sweep them under the proverbial rug when he was questioned?

Clearly the previous Board (Ricardo Harrison, Chairman, David Morris, Guyson Mayers, Senator Reginald Hunte, Pearson Bovell, Timothy Small, Cheryl Sinckler and Pastor Winston Harris) resigned in a reaction to being summons to the ministry by Minister Ronald Jones and what transpired therein. It is difficult to understand why the recently appointed Denise White to the post of Secretary Treasurer has been allowed to do as she pleases by forcing the resignation of a ‘whole’’ Board of management. It begs the question what is happening between the sheets! Denise White White is the side piece of who again?

We request the traditional media to use its resources to investigate the following:-

  • Why was Denise White, Secretary Treasurer allowed to report the Board to the minister which was actively investigating a grievance concerning the secretary typist at the centre of the dispute?
  • On what grounds did the minister of education Ronald Jones admonish the Board if from all reports the Board followed protocol?
  • How many individuals has Denise White been allowed to upset at St. Leonards and outside with her garrulous behaviour?
  • Why has Denise White been allowed to verbally and physically harass the clerk typist at the centre of the dispute? For example, why must the clerk typist ask Denise White for permission to leave the compound to go to lunch? Is it true the clerk typist was physically assaulted by Denise White -grabbed her phone?
  • Who gave Denise White permission to remove the clerk typist from her accustomed place of work and relocated her to another office?
  • Did Denise White make the porter park the school vehicle to reduce the gas bill and have him ride a bicycle to the bank to deposit money to the school’s bank account?
  • Who gave Denise White the authority to dismiss the clerk typist WITHOUT the full consent of the Board of Management? Is Denise White CLOSE to Minister Ronald Jones?

BU was reliably informed that three members of the previous Board of Management voluntarily was part of the delegation of the two unions (NUPW, BSTU) involved in representing the clerk typist. It is noteworthy the new Board (Claudette Moseley-Clarke Chairman, Faye Lloyd Weekes, PTA rep, Chris Baird, Sylton Blenman …) of management was represented by THREE lawyers at the meeting held at the ministry of education.

The clerk typist is reported to have been employed at the school for three years and Denise White about four months before the ruction started. One has to wonder if there were no unions the extent to which workers would be more victimized. The BU household regards the role of the unions as very important to ensuring that equilibrium is maintained between labour and capital. It serves the agenda of the political class to take pot shots at the figure heads of the major unions in Barbados, McDowall, Redman, Moore, Franklyn. It is often forgotten that many who are members of the political class started their careers as unionists.


  • @ Simple Simon

    Don’t be so sure, Jones was more in the closet, ask any teacher that went to Erdiston Teachers Training college with Jones


  • Did Jones finally give up the leadership of football? Remember he held on to that position after becoming a minister and the dead king condoned it.


  • Jones was President of the BFA 1998 to 2012 and in that period the Barbados FIFA ranking fell from 121 to 143. The slid has continued under Randy Harris with Barbados ranked 170 out of 206 countries.

    Another example of mediocrity.


  • @millertheanunnaki September 19, 2017 at 5:14 PM “It’s NOT important for a man to know the authenticity of the deposit he has made in the hairy bank made as an investment in perpetuating his genes (Mother Nature’s only raison d’être for the existence of the human sperm making machine) but it is Ok for the female to pull such a stunt of deception and financial fraud by asking the same man for child support in exchange for wearing another’s sperm-made jacket.”

    Biology lesson:

    Women are not pulling stunts or deceiving men, although I know that aggrieved men like to think so.

    Women DO NOT KNOW/CANNOT KNOW on which day and at which hour they will ovulate. Ovulation is HIDDEN from women, and even with the best modern at home methods [that is outside of a modern fertility center, and if women could accurately predict their ovulation there would be little need for modern fertility centers] it is not possible for a woman to accurately PREDICT on which day and at which hour she will ovulate.

    Yes woman do have multiple sexual partners, and yes men do have multiple sexual partners (I mean where do you think that your multiple partners come from? You know don’t you that they are some other MAN’S wife or girlfriend right? Do you want to eliminate the possibility of having multiple partners?


    I thought not.

    Sociology/Anthropology lesson:
    Wunna men need to get over yourselves, and you men need to stop horning other men, because while you are busy horning another man, some man is busy horning you.


  • @millertheanunnaki September 19, 2017 at 2:12 PM “uncouthness.”

    uncouthness/couthness is taught/learned behaviour. It is NOT genetic.


  • God and evolution are NEVER, NEVER wrong.


  • We know that human males are violent, even extremely violent. Have not 25 Bajan men been charged with murder this year and not one woman? There is a man in North Korea right now threatening to wipe South Korea, Japan and the United States off the world map. There were some in the 1930’s – 40’s Germany who almost wiped out the Jewish people, and they were some from the time Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492 until slavery was abolished in 1898 who inflicted tremendous brutality on the ancestors of most of us on this blog.

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    So this is why up to 5% of us call the wrong man daddy.

    Get over it.

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    Now if men were not violent…


  • @ Kevin September 18, 2017 at 9:25 PM #
    “@David, take your pick 1) $600 thousand in the Waterman Commission which lead to an outcome that brough back normalcy, or 2) $60 million trying to turn a national park into a dump.”

    Man Kevin, both you and your alter ego Fractured BLP have to get your facts straight when it comes to the cost of the dump. Is it your $60 million or Fractured’s $90 million for the toffee garbage bin?

    Your propaganda about the toffee dump is just as misleading as the amount you said was on the CLICO cheque (ranging from $75,000 to $750,000) made payable to OSA to turn a blind eye to the shenanigans undertaken by Leroy Greenverbs in his flogging of the Executive Flexible Premium Annuities to greedy Bajans of the so-called professional classes.

    What you should be enquiring about is how much of the $600,000 of the Alexandra scam ended up in the private pockets of Hal G and his yard-boy Michael and if the relevant amount of income tax was paid into the Treasury.

    Why don’t you and your fellow yard-birds in the peddling of deceit, lies and downright propaganda of the dlp breed take a close look at the crest of the St. Leonard’s Secondary School (SLSS) as depicted in the picture shown at the top of this blog and you would see that the claim by your kind that the introduce free secondary education in Barbados is a just a roll of faeces ejected from the lying mouths of DLP assholes. Where was EWB and the DLP in 1952 when the SLSS? What about the Grantley Adams, the Princess Margaret and even the Parkinson Memorial named after Rawle Parkinson an extremely talented and dedicated black Bajan Educator?


  • @ Simple Simon September 19, 2017 at 8:48 PM
    “God and evolution are NEVER, NEVER wrong.”

    Tell that to the millions of ‘innocent’ children born with life-crippling diseases and other congenital body and mind destroying defects caused by ‘faulty gene switches inherited from their biological parents.

    Tell that to the thousands facing the ravaging deadly effects of the Acts of the same God Irma, Maria and the earthquake in Mexico.

    Neither your god (who made you and your ilk in, his- some say ‘our- own Image) nor evolution is perfect.

    Neither can Mother Nature ever be; for there will be nothing called death that leads to life, if your can fathom the paradox therein.


  • We should not worry so much about whether we are the fathers of our children, because we can nurture any child and he or she will be our child.

    What we should worry about is when our siblings start demanding DNA tests.


  • Looks like the union has decided to force the issue at St. Leonard’s. Word is there is strike action taking place.


  • It’s shaping up to be a RED OCTOBER for this paralysed DLP government, and inept cabinet Ministers


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