Prime Minister Stuart Slays the Social Partnership and the LOSER is…

Less than a week after the contentious meeting of the Social Partnership depending on which side of the issue you are located three positions to be drawn:-

  1. Prime Minster Freundel Stuart neutered the two other members of the social partnership,i.e. the four largest trade unions (BWU,BUT,NUPW and BSTU) and the Barbados Private Sector Association (BPSA) by not yielding from government’s stated  position to implement a 10% National Social Responsibility Levy (NSRL). He also demonstrated CONTROL of the partnership as Chairman of the Social Partnership by issuing a directive to televise the meeting.
  2. The four unions won the day because they forced the prime minster to move from a hard position when he agreed to reschedule the meeting by one week. At the meeting the Unions were able to restate outstanding positions making the NSRL a priority issue. The BPSA shared the Union’s position on NSRL wit the added grievance that more dialogue between members of the partnership.
  3. Independent members of the public remain disappointed the touted Social Partnership could have allowed the relationship to breakdown to the point where the country- gripped in a protracted state of economic fatigue- had to suffer a loss of productivity hours as a result of the elevated state of the industrial  climate.

BU’s position can be found in the number 3 position. Without directly casting blame on any stakeholder the Social Partnership failed to deliver on one of its mandates to create a forum for its three stakeholders of labour, private sector and government to dialogue and reconcile issues in the national interest. The Social Partnership failed to prevent the spectacle the world had to witness last week at the Hilton hotel. It is clear the Social Partnership will NOT be effective in carrying out its mandate while Prime Minister Stuart and the incumbent Democratic Labour Party (DLP) is in office. This was confirmed by the post meeting statements by Herbert, Moore and McDowall.

It is depressing to the BU household and a cadre of Barbadians who have to suffer through a period in our history that is characterized by transactional leadership from all spheres of our society. Instead of witnessing leaders  in our midst who are working to inspire Barbadians to be the best we can be by transforming the economy to one that is globally competitive, reviewing and modifying our governance framework to promote the best ethical behaviour, instead we remain locked on a path that will lead to our inevitable destruction. And it did not begin under this DLP government which makes the political rhetoric we have to endure daily in traditional and social media fora moot. Why are we still dumping garbage at Mangrove and covering with a caterpillar? Why have we not been able to implement a waste to energy system that is relevant to a SIDs? Why have we not established sports and cultural programs to nurture and explode the talent and aspirations of our people -especially the youth? Why the hell have we not been able to leverage the billions invested in education to create new opportunities to create employment for our people and in the process add more interesting elements to the Bajan brand? A rebrand that will encourage breast swelling pride by young and old to be a Bajan? Instead we have surrendered what is possible for our nation to a narrow and limited number of people –the political class.

Prime Minister Stuart you were successful in neutering the Social Partnership. Are you able though to infuse ALL Barbadians- especially Blacks-  with the confidence necessary to become owners of  capital? We say Blacks unapologetically because for the most part Blacks in our country depend on minority and foreign owned businesses to put food on the table and pay the mortgage. Your party the DLP like the BLP depend on financing from minority businesses to win political office.   Until the day comes when Blacks in Barbados are able to influence major decisions because they control capital we are no better off than how the ‘free slaves’ had to exist during the Apprenticeship Period  of 1834.

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  1. Vincent…you are making absolutely no sense, stop torturing yaself..

    why dont the government give the sugar subsidies and agricultural subsidies to the majority population let them control the sugar industry and agriculture, then everyone one can go work for them.

    Ah bet ya like that one better….. right.

    Yall are such idiots and parasites living off the backs of the sames masses you look down on.

  2. Hmmm….do we have such a bureau?

    Roughly 82.3 million bribes were paid in Nigeria in the 12 months leading to May 2016, according to a survey by the official National Bureau of Statistics and the UN Office on Drugs and Crime
    Africa Live: ‘More than 80 million’ bribes paid in Nigeria
    .|By BBC News

  3. I was pleasantly surprised to note that two bajan entities are involved …1)in solarising the energy needs of some govt owned buildings including the Airport as was done in one of India’s large airports and…….2) the use of sheltered and specially equipped containers to produce agricultural products for consumption.This can be taken a step further to produce the non traditional fruit and veg we import such as Apples,Pears,Strawberries,Grapes etc.As Bushie and others are at pains to point out,the English aided by other Europeans bludgeoned uncooperative Africans and Indians in the tropical sun.maiming,killing,denying them social and economic power and who still have tmoved their remnants like Frustrated who don’t understand the consequences of those actions.It has bred a hate in us that will take 400 or 500 years to erase.

  4. Frustrated,
    Sagicor is the largest landowner and they have made a conscious decision not to develop agriculture on their lands. I heard this report directly from the Chairman during a shareholders meeting in 2016. People like you will not voluntarily develop this country, because you want to go back to “the old days” where you could see hundreds of Black people with hoes over their shoulders. Modern methods of agriculture have been developed that make agriculture without the use of large numbers of manual labourers. It is easy to sell the land and build a house; the path that people like you want to take, rather than using the effort to develop the industry.It is easy to criticize.

  5. Alvin

    Chuckle…….Alt-facts,half truths or down right lies

    If in fact the Chairman of Sagicor said so it would be in relationship to the continuous late payment of sugar monies by the govt which is needed for fertiliser purchases…..this story was aired last year.

    Govt is the single largest owner of agricultural land as well as the holder of a number of indebted plantations.

    Frustrated can deal with your racist stereo typing nonsense but look at my video above……Vincent Haynes August 17, 2017 at 11:08 AM #…….

    Interesting to see the Herbert family of St.John have been into greenhouses for years.

  6. No WW you wont see me next year I have seen the decline over the years on spring garden and this was one of the worst for me ,even my kids have lost interest in the big day in typical style some strange thinking has killed it for the vendors which I think that was the reason for its resurrection to boost tourism and forex .But if you can get the gun crap under control and spend a few shekels sprucing up the place newyears may be back on. Forget uber cabs have uber panhandlers on your way home from work park your car develop a limp or tick and hold your hand out and make a few extra bucks, its getting to be a pain the constant begging I even had one guy ask me for money as he drove by on a bike eating a sandwich while I was walking.

  7. Lawson…yall in Europe and North America wanted a black majority island to be dependant on ya for aid and tourism and everything else to make yaselves look good …ya got it, so why are you now complaining.

    Be very careful what you wish for…

    The same thing will happen to the few minorities on the island, enabled by the slaves of parliament, they want a black majority population to stay dependant on them, while they monopolize everything and tief and tief and tief, pretending to be superior and slave masters and think they looking good…but they will be a massive blowback for them as well…soon come.

  8. Was there not this Australian dude had some really great greenhouses in St. Lucy, sopplying the island with fresh produce and that bloated greedy pig Bjerkham destroyed the man’s business, kept the land issue in litigation for 17 years and in the end did not even want the land, the court I believe was forcing him to purchase it…, and that was a white dude he did that to, just image what these avaricious scum do to the black people on the island, helped along by the two useless governments.

    But time longer than twine.

  9. Alvin Cummins August 17, 2017 at 12:58 PM #
    Sagicor is the largest landowner

    Alvin, Sagicor is the largest PRIVATE landowner.

    Private sugar farmers control 40% of the total land under rotational sugar cultivation but produce 65% of the sugar cane.

    Gov’t is the largest landowner.

    Sagicor bought Barbados farms for the undeveloped rab land which they planned to turn into housing and have been doing so.

    They are now losing more money from agricultural operations than they are making from development and BDS Farms is for sale again.

    Our gov’t keeps promising to pay sugar subsidies and Sagicor has been involved in negotiations with no progress over the past 18 months.

  10. Hal Austin August 17, 2017 at 1:27 PM #
    Why can’t the government and the administrators of Clico lease their unproductive plantations?

    They couldn’t even give them away.

    Who would start a business venture with no prospects other than year-on-year losses, teefin’ and misery?

    Do you think you could buy 1 square inch of land in Bim to build a house if it made money every year like any other business is expected to do?

    Who would sell a profitable night club when all you have to do to make money is take it at the door and bar?

    The level of agricultural economic ignorance at every strata of Bajan society is quite shocking.

  11. Frustrated,
    Can’t we have a futures market for agricultural produce? Afterall, we have tourism and households and even exports. Or, is this another feature of our lack of financial innovation?

  12. I wrote “90% of food eaten by Bajans should be grown / produced in Barbados.”

    Yet Bajans seem to always include sugar production but I am talking about growing



    If 90% is too high then at least make a concerted effort to reduce the current food import bill.

  13. Back to post…….

    He said the answer to a successful retrenchment exercise rests in an International Monetary Fund (IMF) assisted program.
    Former Governor: Government doing it all wrong
    Former Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados, Dr. Delisle Worrell has criticised government for doing the complete opposite of what is required…

  14. @Well Well
    The greenhouses from St Lucy, that the Aussie guy had to sell at bargain basement prices after Bjerkham screwed him over, are now in St George producing a great percentage of the island’s lettuce supply.

  15. Ok PLT….

    goes to show what a vicious bunch the population have to deal with on the island while both governments enable the vicious minorities….as soon as they cant get freeness, they call everybody racist….that has to be stopped.

    Sugar is dead, they can grow some other crops, but no, they want free sugar subsidies and free black labor and everything must be free fir them like they are entitled..

  16. @Vincent Haynes August 17, 2017 at 4:35 PM #

    Since when is the former Governor copying and pasting our postings on BU?

    I guess, it is now 100 D on the Delisle scale for the boiling Barbadian frog in the pot …

    Maybe we should raise frogs for French visitors? Or is the Barbadian Delisle preparing for his comeback AFTER next election?

  17. It pains my heart to see the land being prepared for a new Cheffette going up on good arable land at Newton.

    If the land was no longer being used for cane, certainly it would be good for other crops…….
    thieves permitting………….

  18. Comeback as Governor of CBB, as MoF or as – even better – Executive Officer of IMF for the Caribbean to supervise the IMF program for Barbados.

    The man is planning something.

  19. The PM of SVG addressed the nation re tropical storm “Harvey” to reassure Vincentians.

    This is what leadership is all about.

    Perhaps Freundel Stuart could learn a “thing or two” from Comrade Ralph.

  20. Toni should not just be threatening, many of these companies have for decades believed they have slaves and not employees, they should be boycotted, bajans have to learn the art of boycotting business places that management practice treating them as less than human, you dont have to spend your money with anyone it’s your money and companies need your money more than you need their garbage, you can buy garbage anywhere, on or off the island.

    “BWU threatens to shame union-busting companies
    Added by Marlon Madden on August 17, 2017.
    Saved under Local News
    The Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU) is accusing some local companies of blatantly engaging in union busting, a practice that the union said it did not intend to take lightly.

    And not only has the BWU threatened to name and shame those companies if the practice continues, General Secretary Toni Moore said members will be encouraged to boycott such businesses.

    “We have been experiencing a couple companies, one most blatant, that has been engaging in union busting techniques in 2017 in Barbados,” Moore said today at a news conference to announce the union’s 76 annual delegates conference scheduled for August 26 and September 2 at Solidarity House.

    “Believe it or not we still have to be dealing with the age-old challenge of some companies refusing the union recognition, refusing any attempt by the union to speak on behalf of people who are registered members of this union, refusing any attempts by the Ministry of Labour to conciliate. And so it is our intention to expose these challenges to our conference and to take decisions up to, and including, a national promotion for boycott of our members from purchasing from that company.

    “We cannot have a situation where the union knows that these kinds of situations are taking place and would not expose it to the public. Barbados needs job creation, but more important than simply the creation of jobs is the union’s emphasis for the creation of decent work opportunities. And decent work opportunities cannot deny any citizen, any worker his or her right to union representation,” she argued.

    The union leader revealed that one company had called in the police three weeks ago after a union representative had made an attempt at engagement.

    Such behaviour provokes militancy by the labour movement, she suggested.”

  21. Allen Chastinet addressed St. Lucians…………….. and Freundel Stuart seems to be fast asleep in Illaro Court.

  22. Waiting yo hear Mottley response use political banter and sound bite trickery to blame govt being responsible for the storm. Well not on so many words but the Bu blp rabble rousers and leadership knows how to use uncontrollable acts of nature to whip up frenzy amongst the populace
    May God have mercy on. Mia soul in her devious attempt

  23. Whats really going on in Bim…..the met office has lifted everything i.e. flood watch and storm warning…..but no all clear as yet.

  24. @ Vincent Haynes,

    You should visit the NHC website and you will understand .

    It is also nescessary for the DEM , Police, Electric company to check that the roads are safe

    and no live electric wires are on the ground.

    • @Hants

      Barbados escaped major damage with somme water damage mainly in the North. One or two houses are missing roofs.

  25. Any Bajan business that resists worker unionisation is truly living in the Dark Ages.

    There is not a Bajan employee alive today who can, or does, work to rule.

    The BWU is a management aid, not impediment. Their own rules remove any management discretion where employee sanction is concerned.

    Imagine any Bajan worker getting to work on time, not leaving early, only taking an hour for lunch, not begging for days off to attend to personal business, completing written assignments on time and target etc.?


    This is a new age boys and girls. Toni, go get them girl!

  26. Hants

    The last serious flood to have hit, ’round the town,Speightstown was under OSA and a study was done indicating a need for more channels to the sea and continuous maintenance of existing culverts……has it been done is my querry.

    Holetown which used to suffer worse than Speightstown has excellent drainage now.

  27. Has this govt done anything as yet to harness the flood waters,so our aquifers can be refilled in a timely fashion?

  28. All this storm water should be dammed and diverted to the aquifers.It should never reach the coast and go back into the sea.Massive wells should be sunk at intervals on all those highways or roadway originating in the middle of the island and octopus like extending towards highways 1,7 and the East Coast from North to South.

    • We need to hear BAPE on a matter like this one. The counterpoint has been that the flooding is one off i.e. the rainy season and does not justify the infrastructure cost to damn.

  29. Major union involvement in the work force will make for a more structured work environment.

    Less slacking on the part of the workers.

    Less worker’s rights violations and more respect for worker’s rights on the part of employers.

    The present relationship between employer and worker is toxic…..with one pretending to be slave master and the other pretending to be slave as long as they can both do as they like…until they fall out.

    More structure is needed.

    Am sure none of them thought that people have been noticing their decades old crap, which is a sham.

  30. One of the defining features of the American is his willingness to stand up for minorities when the System of Governance would crush them.The American Constitution still confirms that an enslaved black is 3/5 of a human being.Those English colonialists aided by their similarly racist European colonialists for 500 years plundered and robbed Africa,India,the Middle East,the Far East,North,Central and South America of their human and natural resources and from that bounty built their societies as we know them today.They are now in a position to kick down the proverbial ladder and want to refuse to pay compensation which will be massive.The election of Donald Trump who sees himself as a democratic dictator with Nazi German “good” genes,is now being rejected by mainstream America to the point that some key operatives are questioning his mental capacity to continue as president.His open support for the Nazi,KKK,Alt-right and Confederate brigades expose the real Donald Trump.
    Trump belongs to an era past and mainstream America is making its presence felt.

  31. All hail to King Freundel Jerome Stuart – Barbados & Barbadians were spared major impact from Tropical Storm Harvey

    Kudos to King Stuart and his team !

  32. Fractured, the local voodoo priests and rainmakers get the prize. Didn´t you see last night that chicken was sold out in the supermarkets?

  33. Ok Tron

    King Stuart is responsible for that good fortune for supermarket owners.

    King Stuart is supreme !

  34. Prodigirl

    You jealous because PM Stuart more popular than you !

    You only have yourself to blame……!

    Promoting a loser like Mia Mottley !!!!!!

  35. yardfowls are so repulsive and of the sewer rat variety, the worse of the creepy crawlies.

  36. One observation BU, re #2 in your essay, have you thought that the real reason for the date shift was to facilitate CBC/TV’s availability since it would have clashed with CARIFESTA demands on the station? PM would not have given anyone a reason, think about it!

  37. To all interested Barbadians

    His Royal 👑 Highness King Freundel Jerome Stuart will be at Kensington Oval, tomorrow, for the opening of Carifesta 2017

    I know Prodigirl cannot wait to meet his Royal Highness…… since the same individual continues to bamboozle

  38. @Hants

    Thanks, My friend, and the residents in Clarkes Rd, St. James was lucky this time, rain fall in central St James and St.Thomas was not heavy.

  39. My Friend, and the residents in Clarkes Rd, St. James were lucky this time, if /when we get a heavy rain in this area, the damage will be greater than in November 29, 2016,

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