A Failure of the Social Partnership | Government Out of Step With Civil Society | Time for Workers to Rise Up!

We are well aware of the position of TNT as provider of corporate capital to Bajan business. We even wrote a paper about it. What you are doing however is helping us make our point. BS&T was largely controlled by the Mutual. Any undervaluation was a direct thief of workers interests. And the Mutual itself was owned by workers.

The larger point is that an historical opportunity was lost in the period around the early 1990’s. When you fail to learn from history you will be forced to repeat it. The only difference is that workers are not the owners/controllers of capital they could have been. But we continue to have feckless governments, unable to read what’s happening in the world and enslaved by self-imposed limited options.


During his post-march presentation, President of the NUPW Akanni McDowall to tens of thousands of Barbadians from all walks of life promised that the NUPW will sit with the other partners in the days ahead to plan next steps. It is always interesting to observe when labour and capital come together with shared objectives. In the Barbados context it is all the more interesting given the touted tripartite arrangement which consist of the  private sector, government and union. Clearly today’s demonstration is a blow to the social partnership that was born out of similar economic challenge of the early 90s.

We agree with Pachamama that representatives of workers need to change the narrative at the negotiating table in Board rooms across Barbados. We need to change the mindset that we have to be takers and not makers. It cannot be about percentage of wage increase, paternity benefits, tweaking grievance procedures, demanding coping subsidies and so on.  If the human element is promoted as the most important resource in any enterprise the owners of capital should have no problem agreeing to employees having a stake in the enterprise. Very few companies in Barbados have created employee stock ownership plans. Although Pachamama shares the view that the opportunity was lost in the early 90s to sensitize the Barbados market for workers to become significant owners of capital, it is never too late to redress.

The successful collaboration between the four largest trade unions and the Barbados Private Sector Association exposed the weakness of the social partnership. The union and private sector groups will always be treated as lesser stakeholders at the table when this government is present.  A prime minster gifted with leadership skills will mask the flaw.  When BWU withdrew from CTUSAB it weakened the optics of the social partnership because BWU as the largest trade union at the time did not need the clout of other trade unions to demonstrate power. It must be stated that the private sector in Barbados has seen a shift in the ownership mix in the last decade.

Is it possible that the union and private sectors can see more utility in forming a partnership bloc with the objectives being workers able to negotiate a share of the capital? In return the private sector is guaranteed greater productivity? A win win for Barbados?


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Ah gotta remind ya cause ya are my dude…

    Are you forgetting Bizzy “gimme” Williams…big and in everyone’s face..telling the government

    “Give me 60 million dollars AND the BWA to run..”

    That 60 million is the people’s money, so is BWA….but he wanted both for free because he is used to getting the people’s money for free…

    120 million of the people’s money went to ….

    4 seasons scam

    Millions more to
    Apes Hill

    Millions more to…


    Ah still waiting for Carson to answer me about Hyatt scam.

    And this list goes on…

    So you are saying, a black business sector is incapable of creating jobs for their own people….they must rely at all times on the current business sector which is pure confusion and miscommunication and misunderstanding between them and government.

    When I see Andrew Bynoe and others doing it…and many more would love the opportunity.


  • Bushie

    Wuhlaw,wuhlaw…..yuh shotting today and yuh rite bout FB shotting too.

    Chuckle……..but yuh hard ears doh….yuh see wha aligning yuhself wid de furner from de USA who nebber see Bim yet an ain gotta clue bout de societal norms bout here get yuh….lol


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Said by Vincent who believes he can keep the majority population perpetually in the confines of an 18th century slave society.

    Good thing ya have to leave the earth so that the society can progress and prosper.


  • The PM has vouchsafed a national debate to be broadcasted on CBC TV 8,for all to see,when decided.


  • Carson C. Cadogan

    Herbert should have been charged under the Public Order Act for promising “social unrest” in a letter to our Prime Minister.


  • Carson C. Cadogan

    Vincent Haynes July 25, 2017 at 5:04 PM

    You all liars will not like that.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Carson C. Cadogan July 25, 2017 at 5:39 PM

    Herbert is a Bajan white man with strong private sector connections. He carries just as much status (and indeed more business connections) as Maloney.

    You DLP dog dare not speak too loudly to King Charles far less threaten him.

    Ask Jester Ince how it feels to grovel with spit up his twisted apologetic backside or Kellman the miming clown to be silenced by Miller the Sagicor kingpin.


  • Miller

    Chuckle…..be kind to operatives….they have to sing for their supper too.


  • Every union leader on Monday disputed what the PM said……..his version of the discussions at the meeting.

    Knowing what a liar Freundel Stuart has shown himself to be ……….very deceptive so I believe the union leaders.

    Miller has mentioned some of the blatant lies we know of to the little boy about the election date, the privitisation issue and the payment of fees at UWI.

    I look at at his deceit with OSA……….at the time when the gang of 11 were trying to oust him.

    With fears that the gang would go behind his back to the GG, he wrote OSA to beg him not to join with them to oust him. At the time, OSA had returned as leader of the Opposition and was still harbouring his pent up anger to Mia. He replied to Freundel’s note and said……while you are at it, you could take Mia off my hands……….(as if Mia was his to give away).

    Stuart waited until the election in 2013, gave the note to Bobby Morris who in turn used OSA’s note totally out of context and that ad buried OSA. There was no mention that the note was in response to Freundel’s own men trying to oust him as PM.

    Freundel is a traitor, I believe the unions and Charles Herbert over him. I worked in a company with Charles Herbert in my early work life and he was always a gentleman.


  • Well Well @ Consequences Observing Blogger

    Carson…what letter…what promise…

    had he been one of ya own people, not only would Fruendel had produced the letter, like when he was jumping around shaking paper in his hand to intimidate CLICO victims to protect his thiefing friend Leroy Parris…but the person would have already been arrested and charged, under the public order act….

    yall are frauds and cowards..lol


  • The unions and the private sector better not underestimate Stuart going into a telivised debate/discussion. They have to be extremely well prepared. He might not understand economics but he is a skilfull debater.


  • Stuart is a lawyer, brief him and he behaves like a parrot.


  • @Vincent Haynes July 25, 2017 at 5:04 PM #

    “The PM has vouchsafed a national debate to be broadcasted on CBC TV 8,for all to see,when decided”.

    It is very sad how this dlp has used CBC for its partisan political purposes. Imagine he is at a branch lunch and CBC has to pay for a crew to be there when CBC is nearly bankrupt.

    So he thinks that he can expose and shame the head of the private sector on TV?

    He is always quoting the Bible….l would like to remind him of the story of Haman……..he was building a gallows to hang Jews ………Haman was hung on that very gallows!


  • Carson C. Cadogan

    Prodigal Son July 25, 2017 at 5:53 PM

    All Gobbledygook, when are you going to learn to write something proper.

    Barclays Bank was glad to get rid of an idiot like you.


  • If only 5 or 6 thousand people had showed up, the ASS and the CCC would be on BU parading. The turn out has clearly rattled them.


  • Well Well @ Consequences Observing Blogger

    Carson…so when all yuh plan to get rid of them Mangoose them, being as destructive as they are and embarrassing all yuh for the world to see like that yesterday…

    ya know ya cant keep them around as egg sucking pets anymore…too expensive..

    ah know snakes kill Mangoose, but all yuh call some of the private sector people snakes too…lol

    all yuh have some full time exterminating to do…chop, chop


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Old Baje July 25, 2017 at 5:58 PM

    You mean to say a skilful bullshitter? He is no match for Herbert when it comes to the numbers game.

    Numbers don’t tell lies but support the Truth.

    When it comes to discussing matters of economics and finance the man is totally out of his depth and waffles superfluously.

    Why do think he treats the Ministry of Finance like a genuine leper and a place of long-term punishment for Stinkliar?


  • @ Miller
    I agree, but how about Akani?


  • Just imagine the minister of finance on TV asking if he cut the NSRL to 5%, he wants the unions and private sector to tell him how to close the 600 million dollar deficit…………..

    My man, who created the 600 million dollar deficit?


  • One idiot after the other on DLTV…….Stinkliar….Kellman and now ugly ugly Jones, now Sealy……….

    I tell you that this march has clearly rattled them.


  • Sorry for the short deviation, but maybe the government – NIS – and the private sector – Sagicor and CIBC – can work together as the major minority shareholders of Cable & Wireless in Barbados to move this offer to a more realistic amount of around $6.30 minimum. Mr. Robinson?



  • Now Michael Lashley is on cursing the Nation…………I would like the honourable? ?? Michael Lashley to tell us how much was paid to PWC tell him how he could save money on buying parts…………wuh …….anyone of us out here could tell you how to cut cost and how to source bus parts for free.

    The taxpayers are being played for suckers by an uncaring government.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Old Baje July 25, 2017 at 6:33 PM
    “I agree, but how about Akani?”

    Black Bajans (unless they have lived overseas for a long while) have an inherited inferiority complex when it comes to dealing with white people.

    You ever see a black Bajan boy talking in the presence of a white man unless he has been given permission?

    Blacks are psychologically trained not to even look a white man in his face far less stare him in the eyes in case they see Jesus and the angels.

    Not even crooked black politicians are that uppity in Barbados.

    All Akanni has to do is to keep a low profile and let Herbert do the talking to government officials who dare not question anything he says.

    Just look at how he squeezed the gonads of that physical deficit fella Ince who had to obsequiously genuflect and beg for forgiveness from the same private sector god. You will never hear another word from the Jester about private sector parasites and white shadows.

    As long as the black union leaders and members have the temporary backing of the private sector under white leadership the threats by Jonesing and his black ilk to crack heads and shoot people marching would remain just a threat to enforce black subservience to the political class.

    Liked by 1 person

  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    That’s why no one respects them, slaves of parliament, cant stand up for their people or themselves…what a shame…but they got talk for everyone who looks like them….

    the Mangoose will deal with those useless idiots…until the manup they will always be disrespected.


  • Shite, Miller. You doan pull nuh punches!


  • A NEW Barbados-headquartered investment management business called Williams Caribbean Capital has been launched.


  • The bank expects the same level of cooperation from the unions that was on display during the march.



  • NorthernObserver

    I wish you well with C&W. When Liberty (not a publicly traded company) took over C&W, one knew this awkward retrenching of publicly traded C&W subsidiaries would happen. For one to elevate the share price beyond the offered price, requires a competitive offer, which isn’t happening. That leaves negotiating with the valuation company to Up de Ting. They might get a few %pts, but little more.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    Carson C Cadogan

    One thing you got to admire about you is that you are loyal even when the truth is obscured. The lotta long talk you presented here by the nuff word nuffatarian is only good enough to impress only the simpleton of minds. If that cap fits you, Carson, you should wear proudly as you are a truly a loyal follower and stubborn defender of things wrong and things gone haywire.
    The idiot Prime Minister think that when he continuously draws reference to the financial crisis of several years ago that persons must adopt a sympathetic stance to all that he faced in 2008. When he keeps on looking at the devaluations suffered by neighbouring countries and the harsh realities of their sufferings in comparison to where Barbados and Barbadians are today that this equates to his administration doing something right. If he wants a pat on his back for his part in keeping Barbados from joining the dismal list of those who are now part of the statistics of devaluation and IMF measures, then he should do the back patting himself or get you and all the others like you to keep his inflated ego well boosted.
    For me, the failure of Stuart is thinking that he can keep state matters a secret, and blatantly lie about specific involvements when they come to the surface.
    The failure of Stuart for me is thinking that he can borrow like there is no tomorrow and increase the national debt to a level that is far more unsustainable then it was when the BLP start that ball rolling.
    The failure of Stuart for all of us is thinking that he does not have to address the nation of Barbados in any direct form or fashion but give them snippets of information via branch meetings, luncheon and special occasions.
    And last but not least, the colossal failure of Stuart is also this. When he thinks that he can tax the crap out of Barbadians, while openly and secretly offering others tax breaks and concessions.
    How much more of a deceiver can you be when you want to speak ignorant parables about union alliances with the private sector, and then proceeding to liken both as a mongoose and a chicken or a lion with a lamb?
    Did he forget that in his so often exhibition of pretence and deceit that his administration forged an unholy alliance with Mark Maloney ( private sector), Leroy Parris (private sector), and whoever else? Does he want someone to believe that he does not have any unholy alliances with certain private sector entities?
    One more thing, you seem to think that all Barbadians are hood winked by the Barbados Labour Party political topsy-turvy spin. You really need to wake to shite up. Mottley will get hers as well because if she thinks she is going to roll into government to do the same shite that got her government kick to the kerb in 2008, she betters think twice.
    We all know that real nasty is not too often the type of dirt that is so easily cleaned. The DLP has shown us this in the present, and the BLP gave it to us in the past. The government that serves the people will become ACCOUNTABLE TO THE PEOPLE. And believe me, Carson, you will soon see a level of transparency in government like you have never seen it before.


  • What was disturbing for BU yesterday was the lack of sympathy empathy for workers members of the government side showed in the debate of the resolution. It was all about them and the union and opposition. Then did not seize the opportunity to connect with a people that has been mired in economic fatigue for 6 or 7 years now.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    This is the very best thing to happen for the population right now. .


    All future business, which is the people’s business, between government and the private sector, be held publicly, in the spirit of transparency, so there will never be a he say, he say, she say, they say again, because the people would have heard what they all said.

    The private sector has had for decades, too much easy access to government ministers…time it ends..

    True transparency.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    All those secret meetings where ministers sold you the people to the private sectir fir their cut of bribe money….done..

    And if another government is elected, they should never hold secret meetings with the private sector either, it’s the people’s business, it should be in the full glare of the public…there should be no secrets held from the people, no protection and dumb talk about private information when it’s public business.

    Something good had to come out of that shitstorm between government and private sector….for the people.

    How ya like that one Vincent…Frustrated should be pleased.

    Bushman should be elated…everyone has been begging the government to be transparent, this is what it took.


    Added by George Alleyne on July 25, 2017.
    Saved under Business, Social Partnership
    Prime Minister Freundel Stuart will likely give the Social Partners the meeting they have been demanding, but not behind closed doors, it emerged Tuesday.

    Speaking in the House of Assembly on an Opposition Barbados Labour Party (BLP) motion to discuss the issues that led to Monday’s protest by an estimated 20,000 Barbadians, Stuart hinted that he might be willing to grant the wishes of the private sector and the trade unions for talks before the scheduled August 18 meeting of the Social Partnership.

    However, he made it clear that whenever they meet it will be in the full glare of the Barbadian public.

    “Whenever that meeting is held it is not going to be held in secret. It is going to be a nationally televised meeting where Barbadians can hear what the Government is about, what the Social Partners are about, both the labour movement and the private sector,” the Prime Minister said.

    “It is going to take place in the full glare of the public . . . .I will communicate to the head of the Private Sector Association and the other Social Partners when the meeting will take place.”

    The decision to make the meeting public came in the face of charges and counter charges among the partners about what really transpired at a meeting with the private sector at the Ministry of Finance on June 21 and Stuart’s get-together with the unions two days later.”


  • Are the directors of C&W in Barbados doing their best by minority shareholders? We have been here before – BS&T BL&P BHL and others. NIS CIBC Sagicor and the various pension funds must get the best out of this for their clients. This may include a review of related party transactions and agreements, especially since the acquisition of FLOW, to ensure that the minority shareholders have not been disadvantaged. If CWWI feels that $2.86 is a good offer, the directors should look for another major communications provider to offer CWWI $2.87 for its controlling interest. Then there is the reference to the share price on the local stock exchange, which everybody knows is irrelevant.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    The government has a lot more to do to regain the confidence of the people and the people should not stop reminding them of their jobs, until it’s all done.

    A black private sector has to be created ASAP…..the imbalance of wealth distribution has to be addressed ASAP….more financial power has to be directed to the majority population ASAP…the reduction of poverty, hopelessness and crime has to be reduced ASAP.

    Transparecy Legislation
    Integrity Legislation
    FOIA …the blogs aint going nowhere

    These have to be implemented and enforced ASAP….so if there is a newly elected government, they dont get to bullshit around, sucking up to and kissing ass with the private sector and minorities and ruining the lives of the majority population…do your jobs so the people can see.

    You have 8 extremely young black men arrested for horrific crimes this week…that trend must be stopped.


  • @Alien

    Who will force this issue, a media challenged with financial literacy?


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Ah see everyone is so elated at Fruendel’s move to make ALL public sector meetings a public event going forward and as they should have been for decades…that everyone is at a lost for words to post….at such excellent news too.

    But wait…..more good news, Fruendel finally found usefulness for CBC after 50 years…lol

    all those words and facial expressions that cannot be disputed by the members of the private sector…will be recorded for prosperity….and as evidence.

    Well done Fruendel.



  • Carson C Cadogan

    So picture this. You have a one door bread shop with 3 workers, you cannot sell enough bread to pay all 3 workers, so you have a choice. 1) Raise the price of the bread 2) send home one of the workers 3) borrow money every month to pay the workers. Of course in the interim you would do as much as possible to cut out wastage and be as efficient as possible.
    So let’s examine the options. you raise the price of the bread but then the same workers complain and say that the price of the bread is a burden to the ppl and they want the bread back at its normal price. You borrow money to pay staff every month but then after a while realise that you can’t keep borrowing because it is now a problem to pay back. You are simply left with one option but you don’t want to put anyone on the bread line. So what do you do.



  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Yeah Carson….just like cutting that Trini mechanical engineer from the taxpayer’s purse will help the Barbados economy…it will save 22,000 dollars per month, plus the cost of a house, plus the cost of a car……..and can hire a bajan for less.

    what gets into these ministers.

    Anyway….if yall can turn Fruendel’s boss move into Transparency Legislative Law and enforce it everytime, for every meeting with the private sector…

    if yall can remain consistent and not fall into ya old patterns of the compliant slaves when interacting with those Mangoose, Fruendel’s words, not mine…

    …if yall will meet with all interest groups unions, private sectors etc…ya owe the people a black private sector, ya need more than one private sector…… and when necessary to discuss the issues affecting the people……..as well as all these groups.

    Yall will be half way there.


  • Carson C Cadogan

    Government seeking to increase revenue rather than sending home workers.

    Now historically when this problem has popped up in the past and it cropped up under the Tom Adams Administration between 1976 and 1986. It cropped up under the Sandiford Administration between 1991 of after around 1991 historically what we have done even though we had revenue problems we decided historically to solve revenue problems by expenditure means in other words even though we are getting fewer taxes we decided rather than trying to deal with the tax issue we will deal with the spending issue so we solve the problem by sending home people or by reducing salaries by 8% and so on and so on. My government took the decision that this time around rather than sending home people that we were going to deal with a revenue problem by revenue means. That is to get more taxes to come in so that we can continue to support the standard of living and the quality of life of our Barbadian population.

    Extracts from the speech given by Prime Minister Freundel Stuart to the DLP Christ Church West Luncheon on Sunday, 23rd July 2017.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Carson…it’s real actions that matter now, since that mini coup yall created for yaselves has been averted for now, real actions matter the most, less bullshit talk.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine


    You only know about one contractor getting pay nuff money? You also got them paying a woman dem fired fully sorry and other perks for 7 years. Reason, its fire pay leave and not no pay.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    SSS…ya ah know, that one was to cover up and protect government ministers pal thiefing Leroy Parris crimes against CLICO policyholders.


  • With unemployment at 8% the ass who write the story asks workers to riot. The writer is a brass bowl johnny. Joblessness runs 18% to 40 % in the Caribbean, oil island Trinidad the exception. Those levels of unemployment trigger society’s to rise up. The logic of the writer isn’t worth what paddy shot at.

    Two takeaways from the march. Field hand Pedro Shepard’s message is government must be brought to its knees. We all knew that’s the aim of the labor /capital honeymoon despite Herbert’s disclaimer. The reason for the march is to bring down government by unconstitutional means. Shepherd confirms as much in the message he brings from his caucasian masters and mulatto woman supervisor.

    Be warned the government shall never walk alone. Two hundred and eighty thousand didn’t march.

    Second take way is everywhere man Bizzy call on the PM to bring forward the social partnership meeting. The PM decides not you Williams. You must be drunk. Know your place. You have long disrespected black government, it is well recorded. We didn’t vote for you. If you want to openly manage the affairs of the country present yourself to the electorate. Your deposit will be lost but you can afford it.


  • @Harry aka waiting, Fan, Commentator


  • NorthernObserver

    “Government seeking to increase revenue rather than sending home workers”

    A noble cause akin to motherhood and apple pie. The challenge is when your expenses rise faster than your revenue. And it happens EVERY year, despite attempts to change the flow of funds. AND you have little to show for those expenses except processed salary cheques and a monstrous debt. OK, nuff travel and food an ting, but those are merely memories committed to visual images stored somewhere. They fall under the caption ‘standard of living’, which means different things to different people.

    We can mention world events, structural tax changes elsewhere which affect Bim, the natural resources other nations have, even the pros and cons of selling passports. And nearly a decade later, let us preface all comments by “we came and found”, just to make sure a listener doesn’t think this is “all we fault”, or any fault at all.

    The PM also recognised the big challenge.., the DEFICIT, and one deficit + another deficit = DEBT. And plus another deficit = more debt, and so on.

    I must admit, the GoB has proven to be a creative group, they can find money to borrow. The NIS, the banking system, the printing presses, next ting I know they gine be borrowing the gravestones from Westbury.

    Yet, they don’t seem nearly as creative, or effective, at raising revenue. The sale of BNTCL was a boondoggle, and will get worse, because the buyers know they have the upper hand.

    One question…where the money to borrow coming from next?


  • Somebody from the Central Bank must read this blog. PLEASE let us know what the FX reserves are !!!

    Don’t be scared. Just set up a gmail account for this purpose and you’ll be fine.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Harry July 26, 2017 at 11:29 AM
    “Be warned the government shall never walk alone. Two hundred and eighty thousand didn’t march.”

    But Harry what you are “waiting” for?

    Why not call the 20,000 bluff and call elections so that the “280,000” including the unemployable baby-making force of the 70,000 voluntary idle can reelect your administration to manage paradise?

    There will be nothing Unconstitutional about that! Or are you waiting for Donville to do a Brutus on the sesquipedalian Fumble and bring down the government just like what happen to Sandie?

    Now what is a few months before the IMF comes along to remove you guys from the public purse?


  • Who listened to the Donville Inniss news extract this morning?


  • I don’t know what Cadogan and Skeete are trying to achieve by constantly spewing political diatribe, but it’s about time the two resident DLP yard-fowls come to the realisation that Monday’s PEACEFUL march is now HISTORY………. It has passed.

    And they should be mature enough to also accept the consensus among Barbadians (including some DLP supporters) is that, despite Stuart, Boyce, Jones and Michael Lashley trying to intimidate potential “marchers,” they (“marchers”) went out in their numbers to ENSURE the march was a RESOUNDING SUCCESS and ACHIEVED the DESIRED OBJECTIVES.

    Cadogan and Skeete……….. no amount of shiite you post can change what occurred on Monday and the impact it had on Barbadians……… and by extension, this inept DLP administration (as is evidenced by your numerous spiteful and hate filled contributions).

    But, does anyone in George Street have the COMMON SENSE to tell these two idiots that they are doing the DLP MORE harm than good?

    It’s time to move on…………….. it does not make any sense responding to these two jokers any longer.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ David July 27, 2017 at 7:44 AM

    What is so novel about what he said?

    Wasn’t such a programme of restructuring of SOE’s announced since December 2013 and nauseatingly repeated ever so often even in the last budget presented by the same minister who announced it way back?

    Hasn’t OSA been begging them to do just that since 2011-2012 and boringly repeated in all of his subsequent speeches and words of advice?

    Didn’t he lose the last general elections because he put his political fortunes on the line by proposing a programme of planned privatization and turned the little old lady on the Transport Board Bus into a TV stat overnight?

    The issue is not what Donville, the motor-mouth bullshitter, regurgitates at every opportunistic event he nauseatingly suffers from verbal diarrhea but what is implemented to stop the fiscal hemorrhaging caused by those same unproductive parasitic SOE’s living in the guts of the taxpayers suffering from severe and rapid weight loss.

    Why can’t he (Dumbville) start with those agencies under his portfolio that are sucking on the sore nipples of the emaciated taxpayers?

    As a matter of conscience and principle he ought to tender his resignation from the Cabinet, stricken with the feverish complaint of implementation deficit disorder (IDD), if he is unable to influence his colleagues to do what the IMF will inevitably demand?

    Nothing will happen to those SOEs until the IMF takes full control of the fiscal direction for Barbados’s economic survival and the likes of GAIA and BWA are auctioned off like the BNTCL for a mess of forex to keep the island afloat in the short to medium term.


  • A fella say that ” It is not everybody who smiles with them, not everybody who marches with them,

    who really is committed to them and committed to the fundamental interest of the workers.”


  • @Miller

    Was interested in his comment the unions should stop its narrow focus on the NSRL and wage increases and look at employee stock options i.e.creating wealth for employees. Sounds familiar?


  • millertheanunnaki

    @David July 27, 2017 at 9:28 AM

    “Was interested in his comment the unions should stop its narrow focus on the NSRL and wage increases and look at employee stock options i.e.creating wealth for employees. Sounds familiar?”

    The recent parrot of that long proposed statement of change is an avid reader of BU and is only regurgitating what he sees written across the electronic pages of the most informative and reliable source of ideas and constructive criticism in the Bajan media.

    Let the ministerial verbal copycat put his implementation authority where his motorised mouth is.

    But such a proposal to facilitate the creation of opportunities for wealth creation and participatory business ownership for employees can only be widely achieved by contracting the commercial role of the State and divesting/outsourcing many of the activities/services currently undertaken rather inefficiently by a paternalistic government operating along a philosophy from a bygone era.


  • NorthernObserver

    From my experience, while conceptually “nice”, employee ownership in businesses which are NOT publicly traded is a challenge.

    I attempted it nearly 15 years ago. It was a dismal failure. After much time and money setting it up, and contrary to professional advice, reality was painful.

    3 years into it, one long term employee who was given and bought shares, had a marital breakdown. Suddenly ownership became an asset to be contested. Another employee went to work for a competitor, and legally challenged the predetermined method of calculating the value. We were sued by a third party, to whom an employee shareholder owed money, for ‘hiding assets’ in a debtor dispute.

    And were under constant pressure for dividends, something the 3 founding partners had rarely paid themselves.

    And by year 5, when certain long term employees had accumulated more shares than their newer co-workers, ownership became the foundation of disputes. (dividend income vs salary income).

    Partnerships are one thing. Trying to create partnerships in LLC’s is another.


  • @NO

    Barbados is not a litigious place to compare with over in away.


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