Government Levels Assault at the Social Partnership

Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart and Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite both admitted that they spotted voter irregularities during the last general election. Up to now they have done nothing to address it as promised.

“…new found fellowship” between employers and the labour movement, warning that cats and mice, lions and lambs, and mongooses and chickens make strange bedfellows” – Prime Minister Freundel Stuart

Barbadians continue to be awestruck at the public wrangling between two partners of the tripartite Social Partnership. Several Protocols were agreed between the three groupings of union, private sector and government since 1993 to ensure a harmonious climate was maintained in the county as was practicable.

After the 20,000 strong protest march on Monday that defied the attempt at intimidation by the Prime Minister in his harangue delivered at Almond Bay the day before, members of the BU household monitored the debate in parliament yesterday full in the expectation the government would retreat to conciliatory language given the perilous state of the Barbados economy. The Barbados Labour Party (BLP) invoked Standing Order 18 of the Standing Orders and requested the disgraced Speaker Michael Carrington to allow debate on the request tabled by the Opposition to debate and ultimately urge the government to convene a meeting with the Social Partnership to defuse the escalating industrial climate that could lead to social unrest. The resolution was unsuccessful as far as the government indicating that it will meet before the next scheduled meeting on the 18 August 2017. What was revealed by the Prime Minister is that the next meeting of the Social Partnership will be publicly televised.

The BU household like many social commentators has a problem with the position government has taken post march on Monday.

If the government is ONE stakeholder of three that compose the social partnership how is it respectful to the other two around the table to arbitrarily decide the format of the next meeting without soliciting consensus? Bear in mind we have TWO members of the three asking for a meeting with the one.

The Prime Minister indicated there were note takers (someone from GIS) present as is the practice when meetings are held with government officials, it is also the practice in the private sector. Why not allow officials downstream from the three sides meet to compare notes instead of allowing the emotional and political temperature of the country to rise at a time we should be unifocussed on growing productivity?

After meetings where more than one party meet to discuss issues that are contentious or have the potential to be it is not unusual for a joint communiqué to be issued or the official minutes of the meeting circulated and approved between all the parties to ensure all are aligned with decisions taken. This is not rocket science.

With less than a year to go it boggles even the average mind why the Stuart government with dissipating political stock would display the level of intransigence it has so far. When Sinckler in his contribution to the debate yesterday mentioned that he recommended to the Prime Minister to make the next meeting with the Social Partnership public, members of the BU household sniffed the stink smell of a rat. It didn’t take long for Prime Minister Stuart in his 42 minute wrap up for the trap to be laid for the two estranged stakeholders of the Social Partnership. Prime Minister Stuart confirmed that the next meeting will be a public affair. It is worthy of note Speaker Michael Carrington allowed the prime minister to exceed his allotted time by 22 minutes for which he apologized. What credibility does Stuart and this government have when it has refused to implement integrity legislation AND to act on voter irregularities Stuart admits to witnessing last general elections. To much politics!

What is the trap?

The private sector has been pushing government to cut public sector jobs. The Unions will obviously resist any attempt to cut jobs for reasons we know. The government in this scenario sits at the table and plays the hand dealt based on the interaction between the Union and Private Sector. An amateurish attempt to make political capital leading into a general election.

Is there a government anywhere that would see almost 10% of its population or 20% the eligible vote march in its Capital and decides to ignore it less than 9 months from a general election?

Yet another intuition about to be destroyed by this government.

280 thoughts on “Government Levels Assault at the Social Partnership

  1. Chuckle….yup….a loving,caring and giving govt……..according to the operative.

    As you are in the giving mood…..what about an election date?

  2. Adriel Niwit has the power to act as a real attorney general…now the reasons for the problems in the DPP`s office have been exposed to the public, in tribute……and make those radical amendments to the Constitution….

    ….thereby reducing the current unchecked independent powers of the office of DPP, putting checks and balances in place before a new DPP is selected, so that one will not also become mired in corruption with the business community.

    Adriel can make those amendments to the Constitution within weeks and have it passed in the house within weeks, if government wants to end the misuse of and corrupt practices in the DPPs office.

    government, Opposition and AG cant say they dont know.

  3. Important to preparing for any meeting especially the one sheduled by the PM is the agenda and the structure of the meeting. The Prime Minister has softened his position which suggest he was made to understand the fallout of allowing the country to come to a stand still. This is a government with deminishing to zero political stock and a general election less than one year away.

    Based on the feedback from CTUSAB and the BSTU the response to an earlier meeting of the social partnership does not address requests made for a separate meeting to address pay increases. There we have it folks.

  4. and when election time rolls around next June and Adriel Nitwit and the government have not make the requisite changes and amendments to the Constitution, but installed a new DPP anyway, kick the government out of parliament…

    they would have created another reason for the electorate to get rid of them.

    right, Carson the skunk.

  5. The Unions said they wanted dialogue. Now let them state their stance publicly and stop expecting govt to lay an scenes for them. They have exhibited that they can do a political song and dance in the public face now in the aftermath and the distance of marching left behind a place and time has been set for the Unions to sing their tune
    What more are they asking for
    The traitor Herbert has come to the conclusion a bird in the hand is worth a thousand in bush

    • It is a basic and standard protocol for an agenda to be agreed between the parties meeting and the structure. The fact you are clueless how a meetings of this type is conducted continues to expose your high level of ignorance.

  6. All the talk from yardfowls, they may want to take note that on a daily basis, more and more reasons are being compiled on why this government should not be reelected.

  7. On a much lighter note, so much for all the nonsensical crap written in the bible.

    Advanced genetic testing is disproving some of it.

    “For God had ordered the Israelites to slaughter the apparently sinful Canaanites, saying: “You shall not leave alive anything that breathes. But you shall utterly destroy them.” And, according to the Bible, they did just that.

    However, a new genetic study has found that the Canaanites actually managed to survive this purge of their traditional homeland, passing on their DNA over the centuries to their numerous descendants in modern-day Lebanon.

    Scientists managed to extract enough DNA from the remains of five people – found in the former Canaanite city state of Sidon and dated to about 3,700 years ago – to sequence their entire genome.

    They then compared this to 99 modern Lebanese people and discovered they had inherited about 90 per cent of their genetic ancestry from their ancient forebears.

    A paper about the study in the American Journal of Human Genetics said that there had been “uncertainties” about the fate of the Canaanites.”

  8. As clueless as i maybe all and sundry understands the political shenanigans that the Unions want govt to play by.
    The Unions stated which was a big lie that govt was or had not engaged them.
    The govt specifically spelled out a timetable of when where and the agendas of which both parties had agreed concerning the tax and its significance as to the impact it had on the economy and wage increase for Public servants
    The Unions rather than agree on the time table which they had agreed made a big stink which involve a big lie about govt
    So they marched on that lie supported by the muguffee and traitor Herbert who unlike them has seen the error of his ways and move out of the fast lane using an amicable approach to what govt has placed on the table for the meeting of the social partnership
    But not so for the belligerent and soon to be beleaguered unions who continues on a fast track even now it is evident that one of their big wheels (Herbert) has jumped the track and made an about turn to meet with govt under govt conditions

  9. “A whole lotta words just to say snake”

    Lol…I say a world class fraud.

    “Where do you really stand, Mr Inniss?
    Added by Barbados Today on July 28, 2017.
    Saved under Editorial
    There is something deliciously – and sometimes comically – schizophrenic about the politics of Minister of Industry, International Business, Commerce and Small Business Development Donville Inniss, his position on issues varying with the wind, his actions frequently belying his words.

    For example, in the form of schizophrenia he tends to display, Mr Inniss will in one moment rail against the National Social Responsibility Levy (NSRL) and increases in the excise duty on petrol, complaining that his constituents will be hurt, yet sit idly by and allow Parliament to approve the austerity Budget that heaps pain on the very constituents he represents, seemingly without an ounce of remorse.

    In his latest episode of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, the minister adopted the persona of a reflective and compassionate leader in tune with the needs of workers and the interests of the trade unions.

    In a Wizard of Oz-type fantasy, he pictured himself as Prime Minister sitting with the unions in a frank discussion about the state of affairs.

    He said he would talk about merging, restructuring or closing several state enterprises that were “just not socially or financially viable for society at large as currently structured and operated”. He would also discuss “as a matter of urgency [how] to move more of our citizens from being employees to being shareholders”.

    “If I was afforded the opportunity to meet with the trade unions, this is what I would be discussing – not just salary increases or the NSRL. This is also how we work towards an expansion of our tax base and a reduction in taxes whilst at the same time creating intergenerational wealth. I want to see clerical officers talking about share value and dividends – the things owners talk about – not just about vacation leave, sick leave or pensions,” he stated on Wednesday.

    It was a different Mr Inniss, who had shredded the very unions as they prepared to march, first on their own, then with the private sector, against the very NSRL about which he had complained, calling the first march nothing more than a weight loss exercise, and describing the unions as anti-worker and demanding an apology from them on behalf of workers, ahead of their planned demonstration.

    This time Mr Inniss was adamant the NSRL, along with the two per cent tax on foreign exchange transactions and increases in the excise duty on petrol announced in the May 30 Budget, were necessary.

    It is instructive to note that in addition to being a fantasy musical, the Wizard of Oz was also a dramedy, and there was no lack of drama in the speech delivered by the minister on Wednesday.

    He could not have been any more transparent in his attempt to position himself as a replacement for Prime Minister Freundel Stuart should the opinion polls hold true and the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) loses the next election……….”

  10. Who sent this information to Reuters.

    Thousands in Barbados Stage Protest March Against Tax Increase

    July 24, 2017, at 8:02 p.m.

    By Robert Edison Sandiford

    “BRIDGETOWN, Barbados (Reuters) – Thousands of Barbadians took to the streets of Bridgetown on Monday to urge Prime Minister Freundel Stuart to reconsider a recent tax increase that has sparked a string of protests by workers.

    The Barbados Private Sector Association and leading trade unions organized a joint march to demonstrate against the eight-percentage-point hike to the National Social Responsibility Levy implemented in the ruling Democratic Labour Party’s May budget.

    Protesters held signs reading “People of Barbados Need Relief,” “Government Must Not See Black or White,” and “Today We Endorse the Fellowship of Partnership” during the march.

    Police estimated the turnout at the peaceful protest from Queen’s Park through the streets of the capital, then back, to be as high as 20,000.

    Barbados has a population of around 288,000.

    The tax on goods and services aimed at funding healthcare and environmental measures rose from two percent to ten percent.

    The unions and private sector lobbies, part of the so-called social partnership with the government, want more discussion on what they see as an unfair burden on their constituents.

    But Stuart has refused, insisting he had vetted the matter sufficiently with the two groups in June.”

  11. Nation News reporting on serious threats against the Police, following the semi-automatic gunfire in Deacons a few nights ago.

    Really, things are just getting out of hand.

  12. they dont want to lock up the gun suppliers and traffickers, they preferred to wait until the guns got into the depressed, poverty striken neighborhoods, into the hand of young, jobless, desperate, stupid men before they act, easier targets, easier to break down those doors than the doors of their buddies, bosses and masters.

    they have known that it was becoming a problem for years.

  13. these ministers been getting large salaries, perks, luxury vehicles, trips at taxpayer`s expense and all types of privileges that accompany the titles bestowed on them by the electorate…all that was asked of them in return is that they do the jobs the people are paying them to do…

    but instead they always need someone to tell them what to do, consultants at taxpayer`s expense, the unions, the most recent cockup, the special persons committe, their Mangoste……then they listen to no one.

    so what do the people need ministers for, if they never seem to know how to do their jobs.

  14. @Well Well @ Consequences Observing Blogger July 29, 2017 at 9:12 AM

    Come on WW@COB, of course they know exactly what to do as contained in their agreed job descriptions publicly documented in their party’s manifesto.

    All they have to do is follow their job contract either in detail or even in summary as clearly expressed below:

    “This Manifesto envisions a Barbados that is socially balanced, economically viable, environmentally sound and characterized by good governance.”

    “{We} invite the people of Barbados, therefore, to join the Democratic Labour Party on this exciting journey to the creation of a Better Barbados. This journey emphasizes hope rather than despair, light rather than darkness, and movement rather than stagnation. This journey aims at human fulfilment and development. It does not aim at numerical worship and statistical purity. This is the true way of the Democratic Labour Party.”

    Now wouldn’t you say that the label “Deceitful Lying Party” is the perfect tag to attach to the necks of the current demonic gang of thieving goons pretending to be servants of the people?

  15. Hants,
    So the incompetent unions now want to enforce criminal justice. Why don’t they start with the magistracy which sentences ordinary working people, particularly men, to inhumane periods in prison?

  16. @ Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger July 29, 2017 at 2:40 AM
    “A whole lotta words just to say snake”
    Lol…I say a world class fraud.
    “Where do you really stand, Mr Inniss?
    There is something deliciously – and sometimes comically – schizophrenic about the politics of Minister of Industry, International Business, Commerce and Small Business Development Donville Inniss, his position on issues varying with the wind, his actions frequently belying his words….”

    BT is an avid follower of BU and is just hypocritically parroting what has been expressed in this forum on many occasions.

    Shouldn’t the BT be more concerned about the failure to report publicly on the state of the investigation into the condemned shipment of chicken wings which found itself into the local food chain and therefore poses a threat to human health?
    What about his stance on the forced retirement of the BIDC workers compared to his (Inniss’s) backing of the extension of the retirement age of certain posts in the Central Government?

  17. @ Hants July 29, 2017 at 8:44 AM
    “THE BARBADOS WORKERS’ UNION (BWU) is worried about the escalating violence being acted out across the island and is calling on government to put a plan in place to deal with the situation”

    Barbados is now reaping what it has sowed with the young plants overtly fertilized over the last 7 years with the CLICO scam, continuing utterance of bold-faced lies, the speaker’s mugging of a wheelchair bound pensioner, a gunfight scenario like the OK Corral between a raging mad pit-bull and a man once sworn to uphold the Law and those verbal boomerang threats by so-called honourable members to crack heads and shoot people so that the streets would be overflowing with blood.

    “You do not wake up one morning a bad person. It happens by a thousand tiny surrenders of self-respect to self-interest.” ~Robert Brault.

    “Laws control the lesser man. Right conduct controls the greater one.” ~Chinese Proverb.

  18. These are the same oeople paid good money to try to take the blogs down Miller, they all pooled their resources and worked hard at it, but the ideas they are getting for their articles from the same blogd are now priceless..

    .. even sent a letter listing who paid to crash websites..I thought I was the only one who noticed.

    Think things are bad now, they are about to get worse, the Antigua PM is accusing Sandals of cooking their books and hiding money from the government. ..and that is who the government allowed into Barbados.

    “PM alleges Sandals and other hotels ‘creaming off the top’
    July 28, 2017 Headline 16 Comments

    Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Gaston Browne (OBSERVER media photo)
    Prime Minister Gaston Browne is again accusing Sandals Resorts International (SRI) of financial misdeeds – this time, of concealing millions of dollars in profits from the government of Antigua & Barbuda.

    Yesterday, SRI’s Regional Public Relations Manager Sunil Ramdeen told OBSERVER media that a response to Browne’s allegations would be forthcoming today but that one could not be made before the time of going to press.

    Browne alleged the company had been “creaming off the top” when reporting its earnings from bookings and said his administration is prepared to sue SRI if it comes to that.
    “I want to put them on notice that we reserve the right – I’m not saying we are going to do it – but we reserve the right to pursue Sandals International in court for manipulating their figures,” the prime minister declared.

    The prime minister claimed that “most of the hotels in Antigua are doing the same thing” – blanketing other hoteliers with the same allegation.”

  19. Soon Toni Moore would be drafting her own piece of legislation to combat crime demanding govt to implement forthwith
    Seems as if this woman has found a political soap box on which she can herald all kinds of demands and expect results forthwith
    Still wondering what plans she has on her agenda if govt refuses to answer to her demand insisting govt agenda be shown prior to the August 11th meeting

  20. @ angela
    Soon Toni Moore would be drafting her own piece of legislation to combat crime demanding govt to implement forthwith
    Wuh if the DLP shiitehounds we mistakenly elected cannot get ANYTHING done, somebody has to do it ….ain’t it?

  21. @Crusoe, re “Really, things are just getting out of hand.” Is that so…. LOL….things were out of hand for several years now.

    Incidentally, based on the ‘Anonymous’ mask face disturbing video I saw it seems that the threats to law enforcement are based moreso on the Task Force show-of-force raid conducted in Eden Lodge recently.

    Hopefully, David has seen that and will give a viewing here along with some verbiage on ‘things … getting out of hand”.

    @Hal, what’s with you and the Unions…sheesh! Their call for a more visible and announced criminal justice program is a valid one.

    The country has been sold out for lurid pieces of gold so that folks can buy condominiums in Miami, DR or their place of choice and otherwise live large. They have creamed their wealth from the top of the drug trade and now the average soldier feels absolutely emboldened and empowered with the powerful guns and tech to challenge the police straight-up.

    This is SERIOUS shiiite.

    This is a Jamaica redo or the more current MS-13 El Salvador criminal enterprise power play; or your back-in-the day Westies or when the NY/Chicago Mafia had streets red with criminal enterprise warfare.

    We are too freaking small and dependent on external largess to deal with this crap in any sustained way.

    Let’s cut the political BS and get real.

  22. Tonni Moore slip is falling way below her knees as she tries to place herself first and foremost as the engine that drives a cetain class of barbadanism which in the long run might be the undoing of unionism which once held hands with govts that place the interest of country first
    Now to be replaced with a greatness and effort to dislodged reconstruct and develop a brand of unionism that serves up plenty to the rich while throwing the left overs to the poor
    Not at all surprising that certain sects of our population in the upper financial tier bracket would gladly join in an effort to avoid their share of social and financial responsibilty to a country which in the past has been so good to them

  23. …but Miller, that article from BT about reforming the office of the DPP kinda backfired

    …..I was kinda surprised they had the nerve and brass balls to publish that one.

    It was too in ya face and when Hal wont shut up about who was really responsible for that 20 year rein of hell for those in the community who could not fight back because of the absolute power bestowed on any DPP……. due to the lack of reform and amendment to the Constitution, ah had to talk.

    I was planning to let it go, but Hal the journalist. ….lol

    They obviously dont know how much information is really out there, they know bajans tend to be forgetful about the most important things and like to pretend they conservative about others.

  24. De pedantic,
    I am big a union supporter, but I want to see a programme for change from the unions. The criminal justice system is badly in need of reform. Where is the Opposition party, the BBA, the law students, the trade unions, when people are warehoused in Dodds for up to ten years on remand. Not even a word from the general public.
    All we get, including commenters here on BU, is talk about the economy and foreign exchange, most of it badly informed. We want change from the top to the bottom of Barbadian society, not incremental change, but a radical overhaul.
    It is very difficult when outside your home dealing with mature political and economic discussion, then come home and getting on your lap top and going back to juvenile, uninformed, shouting.
    Even worse, is when people who know better remain silent for fear of the bullies and thugs who march up and down the internet like burglars and muggers.
    We must always remember what Martine Niemoller said: first they came for the socialists…..; to paraphrase that, first the police state came for the boys on the block, but I did not protest because I was not a boy on the block; then they came for the marchers, but I did not protest because I was not a marcher; then they came for the unemployed…. but when they came for me, there was no one to protest.
    Keep then flames burning.

  25. All the talk, at the end of the day, government has to get it’s house in order, enough with the consultants and asking everybody what to do and then the ministers don’t listen anyway.

    That is what is really on everyone’s lip, especially the older folk.

    The trouble government has found itself in is asking everyone what to do, not listening to anyone, not being proactive…too much sloth.

    If Piece was here, he would tell you about sloth.

  26. @ Hal Austin July 29, 2017 at 11:55 AM
    “It is very difficult when outside your home dealing with mature political and economic discussion, then come home and getting on your lap top and going back to juvenile, uninformed, shouting.
    Even worse, is when people who know better remain silent for fear of the bullies and thugs who march up and down the internet like burglars and muggers.
    We must always remember what Martine Niemoller said: first they came for the socialists…..; to paraphrase that, first the police state came for the boys on the block, but I did not protest because I was not a boy on the block; then they came for the marchers, but I did not protest because I was not a marcher; then they came for the unemployed…. but when they came for me, there was no one to protest.
    Keep then flames burning.”

    Yet you remain ensconced in your central-heated flat in London being the usual arm-chair critic. Why don’t you repatriate (come in from the cold) and save your country of birth from social and economic implosion?

    Remember you are now a fully-retired journalist with loads of time on your hand except when you are not on BU.

    You country needs you at its most vulnerable time since Independence.

    Why don’t you be like Sir Winston Churchill and in your golden years save your country from slipping down the third world ladder of political and socio-economic decay?

  27. Jethro,
    I don’t know who you are, nor do I care, but you seem to know where I live, how I live, how much time I have on my hands, etc. I will consult you next time I want to go to bed.

  28. Over the last few months several people in Barbados have been killed.

    I wonder what the government would have done if all those murdered were upper class / elite?

  29. The criminal justice system has collapsed and there is never a single word from those in authority. We must make it a BU issue.

  30. @David, I can appreciate the rumination but can I say that we are already soaked in the ‘rum’ of a society drunk on it’s own blissful ‘ruination’….or to play further with words to make the point : ‘play dat funky music White boy’ rather than the Motown PC modified ‘play dat funky music RIGHT’.

    As noted we are Jamaica, El Salvador, Ireland, New York and many other crime infused locales of the last several years…NOT showing that alarming video will not change things back…nor will showing it make anything worst!

    It is what it is…or as the Miller may say: C’est la Vie!

    OK @Hal, accepted where indeed is the affront to the woes you noted re criminal justice and other grave concerns. From where will the radical overall come?

    Not the BLP that’s for sure.

    And believe it or not, but the ” the bullies and thugs who march up and down the internet like burglars and muggers” are empowered and have been always empowered by the Putins, Maduros and now the Trumps of this world.

    It is no coincidence that such a strongman now leads the supposed most democratic country in the world following these many years of some of the most vitriolic abuse from one to the other on the internet….that level of poisonous rhetoric is now basically accepted …. if you can’t handle it and kill yourself or get dismissed it’s a shrug and ‘who the hell cares’ attitude.

    We are in a wild vortex of life never before experienced with this fast acting wind (social media); what new models’ will we implement to control these whirlwinds!

  31. @ Hal Austin July 29, 2017 at 12:22 PM
    I don’t know who you are, nor do I care, but you seem to know where I live, how I live, how much time I have on my hands, etc. I will consult you next time I want to go to bed.”

    I know of you only from what you have posted here on BU, my dear boy!

    Are you going to deny that you confirmed on BU you are now a fully retired “journalist”?

    The same way you knew so much about the dead DPP and Muslims living in Barbados so I know of you. Just pure speculation laced with xenophobic arsenic.

    The same way you can call me a ‘poorly-educated bitter resentful failure in life’ without even knowing one personal thing about me or my family ties I might be safe in saying that handsome Jethro might just be the real father of your good-looking children.

    There were lots of lonely unsatisfied women around in London while you were out investigating stories of tabloid interests in your attempt to expose and unmask the Anonymice on BU.

  32. For the sake of clarity…

    The original song ‘Play that funky music’ had lyrics which said:

    “Play that funky music white boy
    Play that funky music right”

    However, there was some mild consternation of the racial overtones of the ‘white boys’ and the song had a limited ban and a cover version was done where that part was EDITED…or made PC.

    The original song has always reminded more popular by those of that time.

    It is that to which I referred above….so music aficionados don’t draw and quarter me. LOL. And it was not specifically a Motown edit either.

    OK error correction done!

  33. Austin July 29, 2017 at 11:55 AM #
    All we get, including commenters here on BU, is talk about the economy and foreign exchange..

    ‘All we get’, quite droll, if you do not understand that right now there is nothing more critical to any future survival of Barbados, than the economy and foreign exchange, that says more about you than other bloggers.

    Sure, the criminal justice system security etc are important, but if there is no economy, there is no country.

    Right now, banks are setting up to leave, there is the issue of availability of correspondent banks, which this will exacerbate.

    No, you are not magically ‘lifting’ the discourse. That is in your own head. The discourse has been and continues to be relevant, with or without you.

    As for that, as you have so much more to offer than us mere mortals, I am looking forward to seeing your entry into the election ballot come April / May.

    Heck, you may even get a vote or two from the bloggers here.

  34. Comedy. We call for transparency and involving the populace now we have an opportunity to see a meeting of the Social Partnership via television, we are opposing it. Comedy.

    • William this is a government that shut down the PAC public viewing. This is a government that has not enacted transparency legislation although promising it almost 10 years ago like the other part 30 years ago. This is a government that signed secret agreements with Cahill, refuse to make agreements with Sandals public etc. Some of us are not stupid, we understand what political gamesmanship is about to unfurl even if you do not.

  35. @ David”William this is a government that shut down the PAC public viewing. This is a government that has not enacted transparency legislation although promising it almost 10 years ago like the other part 30 years ago. This is a government that signed secret agreements with Cahill, refuse to make agreements with Sandals public etc. Some of us are not stupid, we understand what political gamesmanship is about to unfurl even if you do not.”

    And that is exactly why we should welcome the televising of the Social Partnership meeting. None of the actions you mentioned brought out 20 000 people in the street or threatened some form of social unrest. None of the above threatened to cripple the country and destroy the fragile economy. Let the public see first hand and judge the motives of ALL the parties involved.

  36. @ William
    Don’t be simple.

    Consensus between these three main planks of the Barbados economy is critical to any kind of secure future….. even if it is only a mutual agreement to coexist. Where in the PM’s attitude (or even in the Private Sector’s response) do you see, or hear, ANY hint of achieving such consensus?

    The PM is CLEARLY making a threat to expose the Private Sector as calling for massive lay-offs, which they can then grandstand against in search of votes (even while we go bankrupt).

    The Private Sector are saying “If you want a public fight – then bring it on…”

    The Union will be forced to take their public positions of calling for wages increase and / removal of the NSRL.

    The Government will grandstand about not wanting to lay of public workers (who will vote in the next few months)

    Everywhere else on Earth, such discussions would take place private, with non-binding, confidential, positions explored among the various parties in search of a CONSENSUS position that everyone could buy into – hopefully after a genuine look at the TOTAL picture.

    The PM was just being his usual nasty, bitchy self – in THREATENING to have televised meetings in support of his idiotic and immature position that “someone in the meeting suggested a three month wait….”

    Transparency is NOT about negotiating in public.
    It is about making the FACTUAL information about national public issues available for public review.
    It is about responding to concerns raised by the Auditor General with decisive actions…
    It is about investigating allegations of impropriety among MPs and public officers in high and low places.

    • @Bush Tea

      It is scary even as we are barreling towards the economic cliff (to borrow from Crusoe) we have this political gamesmanship playing out. It is such a politically bitchy move to make public the government will publicize the social partnership meeting, there goes the trust that is required to bond the partnership.

  37. Crusoe,
    I think you are wrong. The economy is very important, but it is not the only issue. We cannot be one-dimensional. Even when we obsess about the economy the debate is out of the 1960s.

  38. William

    Bush Tea is quite right. Transparency is not about televising everything. Heck, if you want to go that route, televise Cabinet meetings.

    It is about making information necessary / critical for decision making accessible.

    Look at yes, as noted above, Cahill. Wuhloss. Everytime I see that name I shake my head. Blatant use of the name of a reputable Canadian company, by those not connected with it.

    Yes, only when the registry papers from Channel Islands were noted on this blog, did people realise that it was ‘somewhat strange’.

    What a peculiar episode in Barbados’ economic history. How rude, how blatantly strange, the GALL!!

    Transparency is about a lot more than televised meetings.

    And guess what, why do you think international banks are ‘not best driven’ to work with Barbados at this time (correspondent banking issue)?

    You think they are stupid?

  39. Hal Austin July 30, 2017 at 7:32 AM #

    Fair enough, apologies if my earlier comment was harsh. I know that your heart is in the right place.

    I do understand your point, but the issue right now is the economy. We are in a shambles and while crime etc are yes, critical too, the one thing that has us by the ‘proverbials’ right now, with no hint of let up, is the economy.

    We can address the other issues, which will take time and effort, but right now, we are literally on a runaway train, economically.

  40. David ”This is a government that signed secret agreements with Cahill”

    Indeed, or at least secret agreements were made… by whomever…

    The ‘Cahill affair’ really made me understand what we are working with in Barbados.

    Damned rude and very sad.

  41. Crusoe,
    The good thing about exchanging ideas politely is that we can make progress. In neoclassical economics foreign direct investment is based on a number of fundamentals: the rule of law (investors want to know if they go to court they will get an objective judgement, at present this is not the case in Barbados), they want to know that crime is under control and there is social order (at present this is not the case in Barbados), and they want to know there is political stability (at present this is not the case in Barbados), so, the economy is important but there are many other pillars of a sound economy than just growth and productivity. It is multi-disciplinary.

  42. David et al.
    How is it that people are calling on the government to correct the situation, and when it does put in place measures that will correct the situation; which requires drastic measures 20,000 people march in protest against the medicine? If a diabetic has [ppr corgi;atop, and the leg becomes gangrenous, amputation is the solution, and it is no sense quarrelling with the surgeon. If the foot has to come off, it HAS to come off. No sense bemoaning the fact thaT YOU CAN NO LONGER RUN LIKE YOU USED TO OR WISHING IT COULD BE AS IT USED TO BE. YEARS AGO DIABETES WAS SETTING IN, YOU HAD YEARS OF PLENTY, AND INSTEAD OF WATCHING WHAT YOU WERE EATING, YOU WENT ON A BUYING SPREE; EXPENSIVE BOXES OF chocolate, driving expenses cars and SUVs with 4 wheel drive, not walking or exercising enough etc. The physician and consultants were warning you and you still”conspicuously ” consumed. Well the diagnosis is that the foot has to come off. No physician can improve the circulation once gangrene has set in. Grin and bear it. Marching will not solve the problem. Changing the physician will not restore the leg to health. All that can be done is to save the body. Take the medicine. Read the Article 4 consultation report with understanding.

  43. David,
    Get a copy of the Special Development Areas Act, passed in 2001. I will leave you to get it (it can be accessed on google or yahoo) and read and analyze it for yourself. Is Cahill fake news or alternative facts?

  44. @ Bush Tea

    Why is opening up the meeting of the Social Partnership so difficult to suppor tby the same people who call for transparency. Boggles the mind .

    • Didn’t you read Bush Tea’s comment with an open mind? Did you listen to Dr. George Belle yesterday? This opens up itself for politicians to grandstand. Where in the world do stakeholders negotiate sensitive matters with government especially against a background where you should be looking to build trust?

  45. Alvin…….you have made yourself so insignificant….why?

    The gangerous body was caused by bad leadership….the government

    The head….the leaders/government, has to be cut off to save what’s left of the body.

  46. It is weird that all along everyone was screaming for government transparency and now that transparency has presented itself through the usual government cockup. ….

    ….all of a sudden, according to the same transparency seekers, there are things spoken between government and social partners that the people should not know……although it’s the people’s business….and their right to know…

    …although, it’s the same secrecy between government and social partners caused all the decades old corruption that has them where they are today. ..

    Ya cant have it both ways…either ya want full transparency…or ya get none, ya cant have for some things and not others.

    It’s the people’s business…not national security.

  47. Hal Austin July 30, 2017 at 7:57 AM #

    Points taken. I agree with your presentation of the three pillars. And yes, each of those are and will continue to impact the economy as foundation elements.

    No doubt there. What I may say is, that there is an apparent lack of attention to the current economic state and critical actions necessary to change direction, is top of mind and therefore overshadowing other considerations.

    This is supported by recent publicized criminal events, thus impacting security etc.

    So, your approach of ‘fix’ all and approach all, is technically correct and logical. However, my current ‘priority’ is getting the current economic balance corrected before we move forward.

    Yes, I am a bit one track minded re the ‘economic structure’ and debt figures etc at the moment, only because I am extremely worried.

  48. Crusoe,
    It is sad, but the government and its advisers seem not to have any idea of what they are doing. It is quite clear that Sinckler should not have been appointed finance minister, his ignorance is appalling and dangerous. In any case, he should not have been allowed in that position for most of two parliaments.
    It is not as if he has not been offered ideas, he has been, ideas that would have avoided going to the IMF. But it is the usual Bajan stubbornness, arrogance and a reluctance to accept ideas from people who may just know a bit more about the discipline than he.
    However, it is now a bit late and he should be clearing his desk. In the meantime, the nation suffers.

  49. Dr .George Belle came off sounding a like a longwinded gas bag. Nothing said by him has not been said before.At times it was tiresome listening to his opininated political views
    Why was he not presenting a more polished view that would have bear revelance to how the opposition might have played a political role by participating in the marches
    But No is his esteemed political diatribe he sees it fit to pontificate an opinion which accuses govt of political grandstanding because govt asked for full transparency for the Social partnership meetings.
    Thus guy is a bold faced hypocrite

  50. In modern societies any citizen can sue a city, state or federal government through FOIA for access to any agreements that is made by government officials and companies or anyone else re the people’s business……the media is famous for accessing such information, as is their right.

    The lazy governmentd shoukd have implemented FOIA years ago, but they thought their bromance wuth private sector would last forever, they should all get removed from parliament, by the private sector, in punishment, when elected.

    ….none of what government and social partners discuss is a matter of national security….

    Only security forces have that right.

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