A Country In Limp Mode

Toni Moore, BWU

For eight years the country has been gripped in an economic recession – negligible growth notwithstanding in a quarter here and there – although it feels like a lifetime, an unaccustomed position for thousands of Barbadian if we count from the last major economic crisis of the early 90s. Clearly Barbadians- judging by how we have responded (not responded) to the economic challenge-  must legitimately question our leadership and management abilities as a nation. We have reached the point instead of leading the region, an accustomed position since Independence, we have retreated to comparing our current state with the base of the base in the region. The boast that Barbados is a model Black country boxing above it weight class has become an idle one.

With less than a year to go until the next general election bell is rung AND weeks after the minister of finance Chris Sinckler delivered a ‘budget’ he promised will create a surplus on current account by reducing the deficit by 567 million dollars in the current financial year –the country’s major trade unions have decided that now is the time to pressure the government to modify the rate it has applied with the implementation of the contentious National Social Responsibility Levy (NSRL) from 10% to 5%.  BU SUSPECTS the NSRL issue is a ruse by the BWU, NUPW, BSTU and BUT to give impetus to a bigger objective, that is, to force a change in government.  Such naked affiliation by the major trade unions to the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) Opposition does a disservice to the movement. This will be a blog for another day.

If a student does not study well in the school year, cramming one week before promotionals will not make a difference. Using the same analogy -how will it be possible to reduce the deficit by 567 million dollars in less than a year before the next general elections IF the government has been unable to implement policies to achieve same in the last eight years? What is magical about this year?

To the apolitical Barbadian it is evident the economic model that has served Barbados for the last 40 years has run its course. The tourism goose is laying eggs, however, not in the same quantity or quality. An ageing population, unsustainable cost of social services, a burgeoning middlecalss manufactured on rising household debt, means that it is all beginning to collapse because we have not been able to match production with spend. As important is that as a people we have to adopt the right behaviours to collectively guide the country in the direction that will reasonably sustain  ALL. What should these behaviours be?

It is laughable that trade unions are calling for a wage hike for employees in the public service and the wage bill by the same sector by any measure has been identified as the reason for the worrying state of government finances and has resulted in the printing of money. The end result is that  domestic debt to GDP is ranked at one of the highest in the world. BU cannot ignore the fact that there continues to be haemorrhaging in government’s finances outlined in every Auditor General’s report since 2007 to the present.  BU’s comment should not be taken as an attack on public sector workers. If we are honest we should be able to agree that the public service has become a place that the political class has padded to satisfy narrow interest.

What is playing out in Barbados gives currency to the Orwellian view that all the tenets we should adopt to protect our fragile democracy we seem happy to jettison  in favour of alternative facts,  incompetence and corruption from the entrenched political class and the partisan political minions. The foregoing made all the more ironic if we continue to boast of being a highly educated nation. The national budget allocation to education supports it.

The trade unions will again impose a go slow on a nation and what will be achieved? There will be enough workers who feel intimidated to ensure the public service remains somewhat productive and the country will limp along. This is where we are a country limping along.

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  1. I have alerted my overseas friends coming for crop over not to patronize any of these business that participate in the march …..Money talk BUll Sh.t walks

    LICK THEM UP …. org

  2. To the CEOs and directors of the companies traded on the BSE, this protest is not a prudent use of the shareholders’ resources.


    ” THE CASH-STRAPPED Transport Board has been paying a Trinidadian consultant $22 000 a month to get 200 defective buses back in operation, the Sunday Sun can reveal.”

    Apart from his salary he has been provided with a vehicle, housing accommodation and airfare twice a month back to his homeland.


  4. I believe a government has a constitutional right to govern, I feel the electorate has a constitutional right to elect a government. I feel that the business community must protect their financial interest and continue to employ workers. I feel that dialogue MUST be given a chance to deal with issues that affect a country. I feel that unions have a responsibility to protect workers that might be suppressed and unfair by employers and I feel that employer’s representative should ensure that business are not unfairly suppressed by union.

    I say that to show tactics used by friend and foe must be Fair and Balanced (not the dumbert that using this moniker).

    The former PM stated that the fight with Government should be taken to Parliament. I agree totally with you, but you should be man enough that what is suppose to play out tomorrow is the same scenario that was played out in 1991. The same business sector along with the BWU with three union members in the like of Trotman, Greaves, Morris and others walk up and down to show displeasure with The Sandiford Administration. To make it worst, three of his administration voted against him. Same behaviour different year.

    The former PM did say he didn’t march, but he had the political ammunition to fight it in Parliament using a No-Confidence to change Government and give him the opportunity to lead the opposition to victory, all thanks to the march..

    A union can call for anything, but with sensible dialogue parties can still come out winners due to our democratic way of doing things. Bees and Dees don’t have to use aggressive tactics to make a point and some of these stupid political yardfowls should detest from spreading rumours that can affect this lovely country of ours.

    Let’s be fair with our fear that the NSRL will have an effect on businesses that will have challenges consumers. That’s what this problem is about. COMMUNICATIONS and TRANSPARENCY.

  5. @ David,

    I try this multiple moniker ting but but i confess. lol cause i is not a trickidadian but a Bajan who vex as brasswhole.

    The continuous relentless shiite has to stop.

  6. Having “protected” eye servants in an organisation’s employ invariably results in wastage throughout the organisation. The scent of rats is everywhere.

  7. What um is that angela say now…?
    …dat she done buying from Massy?

    …so who yuh going buy from then?…..Amazon?
    Cause you can’t go around Bynoe’s place …not after the way wunna treat he…

    ..anyway, after Bajans are relieved of the DLP burden, you going be on welfare for a while ..and wid the NSRL – you can’t go in NO supermarket…

    Up de damn ting do!!!

    Check Bushie tomorrow – OUT FRONT!!! 🙂

  8. The Alien Dictionary
    “Up de damn ting do!!!” – If you are so ignorant to go marching, be prepared to suck salt when that time comes. Businessmen and politicians have their security, retirement plans and overseas accounts in place.

  9. @ Albino-centric Alien Bowl

    Suck salt shiite!!
    Bushie could suck salt while breadfruit trees growing…?
    …while mangoes in season?

    The people sucking salt will be the albino-centric bribe taking lackies ..who have leveraged themselves with expensive foreign toys that they cannot maintain without being allowed to continue their parro behaviours….

    The ones driving bout in SUVs that they CANNOT afford…
    The ones looking for bribe monies to pay their mortgage..
    The Yard fowls like angela ..living off scratch grain thrown by low-life politicians

    What suck what salt what??!!

    Bushie is ‘sucking salt’ all these last 9 years to see our national assets being HANDED back to the same damn white people that Barrow and Crawford sweated blood and tears to wrest them from in the first place…

    Sucking salt was hearing Stinkliar hand 40 years of tax free status to a red-assed foreigner who pissed up and down Paradise – one of the best beaches in the WORLD… for years.

    Sucking salt was watching Stinkliar attempt to implement an illegal SHIITE TAX to raise money to GIVE to Bizzy – for doing something that a black Bajan was PAYING the public to do…

    …don’t talk shiite to Bushie bout no sucking no damn salt…
    …lotta albino-centric shiite scare tactics about money….


    With sincere apologies to Simple Simon’s mother (rest her soul)
    …and to David (BU)

  10. Bushie, everything that you identified in your narrow analysis was facilitated by the eye servants, bribees and business people that will be marching.

  11. @David July 23, 2017 at 5:59 AM “Diplomat is Fair and Balanced, waiting, Fan, Commentator etc. A DLP yardfowl who is of the view he has to operate under multiple monikers.”

    Thanks David I suspected as much. Trying to give legitimacy to his DLP yard fowlism by pretending to be a diplomat. Fake diplomat. Fake news.


    And even if he was a diplomat I would tell him “be-off”, because dis is we ting, and diplomats have no business interfering in Barbados’ internal affairs. They don’t pay taxes here, and they don’t vote here, so they need to mind their business and let us mind ours. This ain’t got nutting to do wid dem.

  12. Hal Austin July 22, 2017 at 7:33 AM “If there is a national strike which cripples the nation, the military will become involved, supported by the RSS. We are playing with fire.”

    Stupseee!!! You forget that Barbados is a small place, and that we raised the soldiers and the policemen, and that they eat out of our pots and that they sex in our beds. You forget that the policemen are our sons, grandsons, brothers, husbans, and lovers. The same with the soldiers.

    If they shoot us and crack our heads where will they get hot meals? Where will they get sex?

  13. @Hal Austin July 22, 2017 at 7:33 AM “If there is a national strike which cripples the nation, the military will become involved, supported by the RSS. We are playing with fire.”

    If they are playing with fire, well so did Bussa, so did Sarah Ann Gill, so did Charles Duncan O’neal, so did Samuel Jackman Prescod, so did Clement Payne, so did Hugh Springer, so did Frank Walcott,

    Barbados has a long and honourable history of having to take fire to the ruling class.

    So what is your point again?

    That the DLP can shoot us and crack our heads, that they can arm our sons and lovers and send them to shoot us?

    Is that your point?

  14. @Alien July 23, 2017 at 8:16 AM “I smell unions collecting members’ fees every month and not paying members on strike.”

    So when Frank Walcott, Bobby Morris and Leroy Trotman were union heavy rollers, was there a strike fund? And did the lack of a strike fund prevent unions from calling industrial actions?


    We are neither Simple nor stupid.

  15. @ Simple Simon July 23, 2017 at 10:13 AM

    Is this the same stinking hypocritical OSA who came to power because of the same marching and back-stabbing that brought down the Sandiford administration?

    Is this the same diabetic-stricken OSA after cussing the whole world became totally ‘impotent in keeping his administration alive when the David Thompson-led Opposition fired the same “poor-rakey” Parliament in 2007 forcing the then lame duck PM to announce elections months before they were Constitutionally due?

    How come he did not dock the pay of those MPs who walked off the people’s job without the Speaker’s permission as he is now insisting should be done to the poor unionized workers?

    After being treated like a naked boy in the yard in the same Parliament by Fumble and Stinkliar he ought to have more self-respect.

    The People’s Parliament is on the streets as it was in 1937 and 1994. That is where talk end and action begins.

  16. @angela Skeete July 23, 2017 at 8:17 AM “One day march is in effective and will not topple govt.”

    So who says there will only be a one day march?

    You know that there are 7 days in a week right?

    You know that there are 30 days in a month right?

    The government can sit and talk on day one, or they can sit and talk on day 30, or day 60.

  17. Winners, losers and numbers? The questions for the analyst about Monday’s March
    Be assure that it will be a peaceful and docile protest lacking the aggression to bring political change, because of massa control not grassroot from the soul of the workers. A dress rehearsal for kadooment, let the workers vent for today

  18. @Alien July 23, 2017 at 9:42 AM “politicians have their overseas accounts in place.”

    Ok. So now we find out why the DLP politicians don’t care.

    They belly full, and they have hidden their excess ill gotten money in London and New York and Miami?

    Thanks for telling us.

    That is why we have to up de ting.

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