The Grenville Phillips Column – Governing By Fear or Faith

Grenville Phillips II, leader of Solutions Barbados

Some are surprised that the Government has increased taxes in the recent budget.  However this was to be expected since the direction that they are carrying us requires them to keep increasing taxes.  When the DLP administration formed the Government in 2008, they found themselves on an unsustainable economic path, where they had to raise massive revenues to manage the level of debt left by the previous administration.

The DLP had two choices – to govern by faith or by fear.  The DLP could have had faith in us by lowering taxes as Owen Arthur had done, and for which we recommended that he receive a knighthood.  The second was to distrust us and burden us with ever increasing taxes while hoping for a miracle.  The miracle was to be in the form of Government revenues benefitting from a significant improvement in the global financial situation.  The Government chose the latter path.

Since increasing taxes is consistent with governing by fear, we should not be surprised whenever they are raised.  Rather, we should be surprised whenever that are not raised.  The principal problem with the current administration’s economic strategy is that they simply will not listen to good advice.

Two years ago, Solutions Barbados published a tax plan that is workable and fair to all.  VAT has proven to be an unfair and unworkable tax system and will be abolished.  The Government procurement system has been corrupted to the point where is has negatively affected the national economy.  Highly qualified companies are excluded from participating in the national economy whenever the Government gives its favoured companies no-bid contracts.  Those excluded may be challenged to pay taxes and maintain their employees.  Therefore, all taxes owed to Government will be forgiven.

With everyone starting from a clean slate, everyone participating in Barbados’ economy will be required to pay their taxes.  Those businesses who choose not to pay taxes will be competing unfairly in Barbados’ economy.  Therefore, non-payment of taxes will not be tolerated.  Tax avoiders and defaulters will be required to pay a fine of 10 times the unpaid amount.  However, for this system to be fair and workable, taxes must be low, easy to calculate, easy to pay and easy to audit.  The Government will also need additional resources to carry out the necessary audits.

Personal taxes will be reduced to 10% of gross earnings with no deductions.  With deductions eliminated, public workers will no longer pay income tax.  Currently, the private sector pays the Government the taxes owed by public workers.  The Government does not actually give this amount to public workers; instead, public workers get to see the amount on their pay slips, and then see it deducted.  Therefore, what the private sector actually pays for is for Government accounts offices to manage this illusion on 25,000 public workers and their unions.  Those accounting resources will be used to carry out the new audits.

Currently, businesses pay corporate taxes on their net profits.  With this current system, it is possible to run a successful business for decades without paying any taxes.  Our plan is to close this loophole by reducing corporate taxes to 10% on gross revenues with no deductions.

Businesses with high net profits are expected to pay the corporate tax out of their profits.  Therefore, the price of their products should not increase.  Businesses with no net profits are expected to add the tax to the cost of their products.  Business with marginal net profits are expected to use a combination of the methods described above.

The obvious question is, what prevents businesses with high net profits to protect those profits and add the tax to the cost of their products?  The answer is that the market normally punishes such greed, since their products will be more expensive than their competitors.
Grenville Phillips II is the founder of Solutions Barbados and can be reached at


  • Well Well @ Consequences Observing Blogger

    ….who will repay the taxpayers in Barbados, will the CLICO properties be sold to reimburse the treasury.


  • The PM got GIS to issue a statement……….which we all know to be a lie and look how Kellman come out and blow the whole statement apart.

    The truth of the matter is that it seem as if the government expected trouble………I have never seen so many police out in force for a march.

    A group of us went down town to witness the proceedings. We watch them as they passed down St Michael’s Row………we then walked down and stood under a tree at the Cenotaph. The marchers were kept on the road on the wharf side. The police came up to us as we stood under a tree and said……….are you with the marchers, we said no, we are just watching…….he said well wunnah got to move, no one is allowed over here.

    Then I heard from someone in the group that the police told the leaders that the PM will only see one leader……….meanwhile all the BLP MP’s were on the balcony waving to the people. So to blame the police for misunderstanding the message sent by the PM was pitiful and pathetic.

    Fumble never intended to meet anyone, he considers them beneath him. Does any one seriously that Fumble Stuart would wait 1/2 hour in his office for union leaders especially Akanni whom he has so far treated with disdain.


  • Well Well @ Consequences Observing Blogger

    …Fruendels usual lying by stealth, but Kellman, who does not know how to be anything else but Kellman...blew up Fruendels lie….lol, hahaha


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ David July 13, 2017 at 12:46 PM
    “What is former prime minister Owen Arthur trying to say that the Union leaders disrespected the office of prime minister by demanding an audience to handover a letter in the precinct of parliament? In the same breath he also stated that that the government has made a mess of how it wants to collect revenue by shifting to the NSRL from the VAT. “

    Look what the world of tiny Bim has come to! Can you imagine OSA describing people as ‘Disrespectful’?

    Is this the same OSA who called the DLP MPs a bunch of wild boys behaving like a cabinet of monkeys in a poor-rakey parliament and who attempted to sell Mia under the table like a nigger in a woodpile?

    No wonder Fumble treats him like a naked boy bathing in the yard and Stinkliar sees him as his errand boy and plaything to make “mock-sport” at.

    In spite of OSA’s silly outburst designed mainly to ‘get back’ at MAM like a bullying coward in the playground he does make a rather compelling case about the myriad ineffective nuisance taxes which have been stupidly concocted and inefficiently imposed by the current incompetent DLP administration.

    Why not simply widen the VAT net and, if need be, adjust the rates accordingly.

    VAT is the most efficient and indeed effective of the taxes after land tax as long as it is kept simple and straightforward with very few exemptions.

    Only financial services transactions, public transportation charges, medical services provided by public health institutions and the sale of non-processed foods should be excluded from the VAT net.


  • Mia attitude and behaviour can be described as a raging bull in a china shop breaks everything to fuck up bolts out the door and leaves other to clean up the mess. No wonder OSA always refers to her in demeaning terms.


  • Forgive OSA, its his blood sugar defect


  • Indeed watchman!

    I cannot begin to understand how he could make the statements he made after the dlp dissed him and disrepected him so badly.


  • @millertheanunnaki July 13, 2017 at 5:33 PM #

    ………..In spite of OSA’s silly outburst designed mainly to ‘get back’ at MAM like a bullying coward in the playground he does make a rather compelling case about the myriad ineffective nuisance taxes which have been stupidly concocted and inefficiently imposed by the current incompetent DLP administration.

    Remember miller OSA had the same outburst to Mia when she had the solid waste march and went to the Bay Street office of the PM to deliver a letter. He was scathing in his attack on her.



  • Bushie

    Your comment at 3:42 about corruption and an earlier comment about HQI (high quality individuals) cannot coexist.

    HQI, given your meaning, could ‘most times’ avoid being corrupted if operating within upside-down organizational structures, like co-ops.

    We should avoid any formations, regardless of how important they claim to be, from dominating the masses of the people even if those masses are all brassbowls.

    For brassbowls are made, not born!

    While your first point is shared by us, we beg to suggest that your notion of the presence of HQI anywhere reeks of pernicious classism, hagiography and more

    The stench of which pollutes our sensitive nostrils.


  • Pacha,
    I donpublicahat wishing for HQIs to step forward is engaging in classism or hagiography. We desperately need people of high ability who can lead and who are willing to put the country before their narrow self interest. Because we have free education such a person can come from a family of limited means. Most would not agree but I think the ministers’ salaries too low to attract HQIs. And campaigns should be publicly financed.
    Please forgive my daydreaming.


  • First line should read: I don’t think that ……


  • Olde Baje

    This is a subject people of good will have long disagreed.

    Our questions for the supporters of these HQI relate to the clear evidence that our world is, on balance, getting worse and worse. By any measure.

    In recent times we have seen, for example, Barbados ‘dispensing’ of resources teaching people nonsense.

    This mis-direction program was led by arguably one of these same HQI’s. As Bushie has admitted many times.

    The country gives scholarships annually to cohorts of HQI’s. Where are these people? What have they done to make the world a better place? What have they done for Barbados? And if we are paying for the production of these HQIs, why are we in a 10 year economic crisis with no way out, as we dig deeper and deeper?

    The answers to these questions should not rest in examples you may know but in the totality of their contributions.

    We are prepared, even in the absence of scientific evidence, to propose that the award of scholarships to Bushie’s HQIs was always more about social control than national development. More about mis-education than mental development for its own sake.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    “We are prepared, even in the absence of scientific evidence, to propose that the award of scholarships to Bushie’s HQIs was always more about social control than national development. More about mis-education than mental development for its own sake.”

    And you would be right Pacha…those scholars are seen as tools to be pushed around and abused, upon their return, or if they never left, instead of being allowed the freedom to contribute their vast knowledge for the greater good….

    ….. hence the reason most of them stay away so as not to be stagnated by a suffocating slave society, backward ministers and disgusting 16th century laws and practices not to mention the hypocritical, fraudulent, fanatical religious extremists and their washpan of post slavery, decades old stupidity……scholars with high intellect must do so just to save their own sanity.

    Many I know contribute to the island silently, refusing to interact with the jackasses of parliament.


  • A man, sorry……..I mean…….. a dishonest political yard-fowl pimp who posts MULTIPLE shiite contributions to BU wrote: “You old pensioners have too much time on your hands, someone need to confiscate your lap top. You are doing great damage to yourself with the garbage you write.”??????

    If someone told me Carson C. Cadogan wrote that comment, I would say they were lying…… however, I read it for myself and I’m shocked. Shiite, seems as though Carson writes his contributions while facing a mirror.

    My friend, someone in George Street “needs to confiscate your laptop. You are doing great damage to yourself (and the DLP) with the garbage you write.”

    But wait, Carson, you sort out the Rastaman from Water Hall Land, yet…….. I mean the Rasta you duped in 2013 while canvassing for Steve Blackett?

    Imagine………. a dishonest bugger like you coming to this forum mentioning corruption.


  • Carson, you real lucky, yuh……….. I know I saved that newspaper article in which the Rastaman complained about how dishonest you are………… but I can’t find it to share with BU.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger


    Carson…..where will the funeral be held….Barbados or Guyana.

    Or should I ask Hal, who believes that the people of the Caribbean, separated by water only, come from separate planets instead of the same land,


  • Carson C. Cadogan


    The unions requested a meeting with the Prime Minister of Barbados to discuss an issue they claim was of urgent concern to their members; the PM arrived at the meeting and waited for the union leaders. The union leaders did not show up to the meeting, but instead issued an ultimatum and threatened to shutdown Barbados if their terms are not met by midnight last night.

    Given that:

    (a) these same unions have been collecting dues for over seventy (70) years;

    (b) the dues are purportedly placed in a STRIKE FUND to pay workers when workers participate in union sanctioned strikes;

    (c) the unions in Barbados have consistently refused to pay striking workers claiming that they don’t have enough resources; and,

    (d) the unions can afford luxury cars and expensive delegations to vacation spots all over the world for union leaders.


    R. Gilkes


  • If we are to believe the press reports it seems that the private sector is ruminating if to join the shutdown being led by the unions. Charles Herbert in his recent public utterances seems like a man out of patience with the government. He confirmed that the Stuart government has not committed to any timelines as expected arising from discussion between the two entities.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Carson….why does that bother you so much….it’s called…WORKER’S RIGHTS..

    … would grudge workers their civil rights.

    And I would imagine they already made up there minds, particularly if backed by the private sector.

    Why do fools like you have a problem with your own people invoking their rights…it’s 2017..not 1917..not 1817….you were born in the wrong century….go back.


  • I agree with Well Well at 4:01 am

    One of our missions in BU is to convince these people to step into the light.
    Ronnie Yearwood and Corie Layne are two good examples. I like what I am hearing from them. Corie in particular is not just talking the talk but walking the walk (through his work with the youth).


  • Dont confuse workers right with a deliberate escalation of destroying the economic foundations of a country.
    Workers rights are written and tied to a partnership which governs a need and an aporoach towards peaceful solution
    Not this long shot and shoddy approach buy these wunna bee Union leaders who belives that govt ought to make blood out of stone or else blood and mayhem would be the Unions solution and answer to getting what they are asking for
    I hope the govt does not bend for the sake of the country integrity because if the Unions prefers stealth approach as solutions in the long run the Unions would be left holding the bag as many of their workers would be part of the casulities aftermath


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    It all has to come out…both the corrupt and corrupters have to confess

    “In 2011, Pennsylvania Judge Mark Ciavarella was sentenced to 28 years in prison after being convicted of corruption. Again, in the United States of America, Judge Thomas Maloney epitomized corruption in Cook County, Illinois, from the late 1970s to the early 1990s until he was finally brought to justice.

    The stories of corrupt public officials are repeated worldwide and we are made aware of them because in many instances they are brought to justice. While we shudder at the damage done to public confidence in those countries, we garner some degree of comfort and renewed trust in political and judicial systems when we observe action being taken to deal with this cancer.

    Barbados is not insulated from corruption. There is corruption at several layers in this country. It has always been so; it probably will remain so. Such is the nature of man. But unlike the stories emanating from North, South and Latin America, Britain and the rest of Europe, Africa, Australasia and elsewhere where corruption is punished when discovered, Barbadian slaves to subterfuge run the full gamut of their chicanery with little or no worry of prosecution, even when discovered.

    Annually, we read or listen to the reports of shenanigans in the public sector which are exposed in the Auditor General’s Report. We get specific information on misdeeds in certain Government departments, we are told by the Auditor General that some of these misdeeds are tantamount to criminal activity, in a few instances some of these matters are referred to the Royal Barbados Police Force for investigation and action to be taken. And what happens? Nothing! No prosecutions! No dressing down! No dismissals! The deeds fade from memory and we continue our lives, willing amnesiacs once the corruption does not directly affect us.

    Former Chief Justice of Barbados Sir David Simmons said last August that it was time that Barbadians admitted there was rampant corruption in the island. This admission, he argued, was the first step towards dealing with the problem. The eminent jurist noted: “I have been walking around telling the country that for years, but we have been denying it. I think there is a lot of evidence but it seems to be more than a perception of corruption at all kinds of level in this society.” He added that Barbadians had swept the scourge under the carpet for much too long and that the problem was worsening in both Government and the private sector.

    “More and more we are having evidence that there is probably a genuine increase in the incidence of corrupt practices both at the private sector and the public sector levels,” Sir David stressed.

    He added: “You are either corrupt or you are not corrupt. You are either corruptible or you are not. If it is known that somebody would take a couple of dollars to do a favour which as a public person, they ought to do as a matter of routine, as a necessary part of your functioning, then people would prey on that weakness.”


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    What does Grenville and the 3rd parties plan to do about this….if the electorate gives them a chance.


  • ISO 9000


  • Politics is just like a marriage. Everything is smooth, you embrace and defend each other, you speak with one tongue……BUT, within a second, you spit fire from your mouth, he hate so bad that you insult one another for no apparent reason and then,,,,a divorce. You decide to move on. However, the feud between “yesterday” Owen and “today” Mia is getting worst, unfortunately, we are only hearing and seeing the acid tongue and fire-red eyes of the former PM who seems fix on destroying the present leader. How can you view the PM’s office being disrespected when the holder of the office had intentions of meeting with the four union leaders. Fake views by Owen. Secondly, why are you blaming Mia and company for giving an ear to the four leaders. That is a form of mutual dialogue. I am stating without fear that the said BLP who was in opposition, with Owen up front saw no wrong with the great Leroy marching up and down to bring the DLP down due to the 8% cut in Public Workers’ salary. That’s what you call hypocritical behaviour

    I agree with Sir Richard regarding his views about the last PM behaviour against the leader of the Opposition who refuse to go down the dirty road as her former leader. Something wrong or should we say spite is in his vein. The more you criticise, the more people would judge you.


  • Arthur’s relevance to the landscape should be to share his wisdom with the poorakey parliament, his label. He created Mia if it is by his definition she is a problem.


  • Owen needs an exorcism


  • I am asking Mr. Arthur why he is silent regarding the meeting between the heads of the Private Sector; The Chamber of Commerce; Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association; Barbados Employers Association and the four Union heads. This is what you call a collaborative effort to look at that poisonous 10% NSRL. In the first place the Private Sector deal with the employer side, the Union deal with the workers side and the PM deal with the Government side, so why were the UNIONS omitted from the budget consultations? Pure hypocrisy and the great Owen ain’t say ah ting.

    Barbados is our home, political patronage will do us no good whilst Rome burn. We must be fair in our hearts and speak up as citizens of the great Nation. Regardless who is the Government, we must be honest within our hearts and speak up. Yardfowlism will get us no where.


  • Well Well @ Consequences Observing Blogger

    lol…Old Baje..Grenville`s cure for all.


  • Arthur’s point about tweaking VAT by adjusting the rate and expanding the basket instead of applying NSRL, solid waste tax etc should be discussed.


  • Arthur wants to eliminate the basket of exempt necessities. That would be too much pressure on people who are barely surviving.


  • OSA is on point….VAT was intended to eliminate the majority of taxes…..It was intended to be used as the vehicle to collect more or to reduce taxes.

    The DT administration despite being the originators of the concept under Sandi did not think it through as thoroughly as OSA,hence they wrecked the whole thing by bringing back a bunch of petty taxes.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Old Baje July 14, 2017 at 2:19 PM
    “Arthur wants to eliminate the basket of exempt necessities. That would be too much pressure on people who are barely surviving.”

    We all know that OSA is one wicked vindictive old SOB; but to ascribe the above proposal to him is not on.

    The man recommends a contraction in the list of items currently exempt from VAT; not a total elimination of the so-called basket of necessities vital to the survival of those already at the economic margins.

    Putting aside his warped misguided and unproductively revengeful and bitter fixation with his imaginary demon Mia, he is making a whole lot of sense when it comes to the management of the current fiscal and monetary affairs of Barbados.

    The man although not the architect of the VAT regime for Barbados was the political overseer of its implementation.

    He was socially ‘empathetic’ enough to have accepted a proposal to cushion the negative financial effects the introduction of the regressive VAT would have on the low income earners.
    Hence the introduction of the reverse tax credit for those earning below the then living wage level which the current administration, for all intent and purpose, has practically abolished.

    The only VAT exempt or zero-rated goods and services should be financial services transactions; public transportation and primary public health services both seen as integral to economic activity and productivity; the production and distribution of non-processed food and the consumption of potable water up to the basic level deemed necessary to meeting the health and hygiene needs of the ‘ordinary’ household.


  • @ Miller

    OK. I might have misunderstood OSA’s position but what about bath soap, toothpaste, deoderant and sanitary napkins? Don’t you think these should be exempt?

    There are many luxury products and frivolous products (think X-mas trees) that could bear some extra duty in order to pay for these additional exemptions.


  • @ Vincent

    I trust that you still think there is a place for progressive income tax in Barbados.


  • @ Cammie Holder

    Please fill us in on plans to revive and repackage the Cahill project.

    See at 27 minutes


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Old Baje July 14, 2017 at 6:04 PM
    “OK. I might have misunderstood OSA’s position but what about bath soap, toothpaste, deoderant and sanitary napkins? Don’t you think these should be exempt?”

    Not necessarily since they are deemed as primarily toiletries with sanitary napkins used by a specific gender and age group.

    Let them save towards their own personal hygiene upkeep instead of buying fast food from Chefette, KFC and the ever expanding chain of fat exploding joints.

    If you still insist on including them on a zero-rated list then, like your Xmas tree example of forex wastage, why not increase or introduce a ‘show-off’ tax on cars over 1,600cc’s imported for domestic purposes.

    Where in 2×3 Barbados with potted makeover cart roads can vehicles with engines in excess of 1,600cc be efficiently operated?
    It’s time Barbados takes a leaf out of
    Bermuda’s book of cutting the vehicular suit according to the landscape cloth available.


  • @ Pacha
    Your comment at 3:42 about corruption and an earlier comment about HQI (high quality individuals) cannot coexist.
    Just saw your post…
    You are correct about the mutual exclusiveness of the two concepts. But that constraint only applies in any one particular realm.
    In the realm that you recognise, HQIs are (like you) just lucky to be born with special intellect or other talent, and should therefore be better placed to succeed at leadership…. being able to understand decimals and to know (for example) that if you collect $10 per person from 200,000 Bajans the total is $2M and not $20M.

    As to corruption, the very NATURE of the human being is corrupt…. both brass bowls and HQIs. Advanced societies are those that have developed mechanisms that motivate citizens to minimise corrupt behaviours by education, ethical incentives, moral persuasion, or by fear of harsh penalties…. (like your Guillotine)

    From the perspective of the bigger picture, (the OTHER realm that you dispute) the ONLY HQIs are those persons who have been endowed with the SPIRIT of BBE, and who therefore have access to an understanding of the TRUE purpose of life; the consequences of failure; and the opportunities of success.
    Obviously this is a different level of thinking than the relatively mundane foci that dominates here on BU

    So when Bushie says that we are all corrupt, it is from the latter perspective….and when it was asserted that HQIs would make the best leaders, it just says that they would do better at achieving the petty, flawed objectives to which we limit our dreams…. while


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    It’s only limited intellect fools like Jackass Jones would continually mouth off about using bajan women as walking uteruses to increase population growth, broken homes, dysfunctional families, fatherless families and poverty on the island, when there are at least 39.17 million people scattered throughout the CARIBBEAN COMMUNITY, where migration would be a more intelligent, viable option, these islands have already grown their people…..

    ……..a ready grown population suitable for migration….to engender an increased population on the island….but when ya stupid ya stupid…

    …..the government created difficult living conditions, created austerity, created economic problems and unthinking ministers and other groups want to create increased poverty, homeless mothers and fatherless children….to increase population size….and they got the nerve to talk about being the most educated in the Caribbean and the world….steupse.

    “More children not the answer, UN official tells Barbados
    Added by Marie-Claire Williams on July 15, 2017.
    Saved under Health Care, Local News
    Amid concerns about Barbados’ declining birth rate, a United Nations official in Barbados has suggested that women having more children may not be the answer to the country’s population problem.

    UNICEF Representative for Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean Khin Sandi-Lwin said Government could instead tackle the issue from a global perspective.

    According to data from the United Nations (UN), the birth rate in Barbados has fallen from 4.42 births per woman in the early 1950s to 1.7 births today.

    It is against that background that Minister of Education Ronald Jones has led the call for women to have more children.

    However, Sandi-Lwin said there is another approach that Government can explore.

    “A global perspective is not about the population of one’s own country . . . . You hear politicians saying we need more children of our nation because we have zero population growth. But if you look at the carrying capacity of this planet, we have to look beyond the borders,” she said in an interview with Barbados TODAY, noting that migration within Caribbean countries can also contribute to population growth.

    “It’s been happening in the Caribbean for generations now – the migration of people in the Caribbean . . . and assimilating – either retaining the nationality of the other island, or becoming citizens of that island . . . . The emphasis should be on making migration work, rather than let’s have more children of our nationality.”


  • Miller

    You could not have said it better about this wicked so so. Arthur is no good and he knows within the BLP camp that others pretending to be all stand up and moral are cut from the same cloth as him. If he knows that Mia is a villain; he might as well come out with what he knows about her so Mia can do the same with the secrets she holds for him. The BLP has plenty dirty linen, and none of them, except the newbies, can call another a name that is not likely to come right back at them. The long of the short concerning the long knives of the BLP matter is this- the BLP have proven themselves to be a wicked ass party with some shady nasty characters who did endless shite during their years as the government. And, Mottley in seeking to transform its image, has only damaged hers by expecting absolute loyalty to her vision and present leadership position, which has only succeeded so far in increasing her long list of controversies. Come clean Owen Arthur so Mottley can rid herself of the skeletons she has in her closet about you.


  • Owen Arthur makes me laugh. Dr. Cheltenham says the party is more united since his departure, and Mr.Arthur cites Dr. Agard, Lynette “Damascus” Eastmond and Wendell Callender as reasons to debunk Dr. Cheltenham’s position. But someone should remind Mr.Arthur that the same Wendell Callender left the BLP as a sitting MP under his leadership and ran for the DLP in the 1999 election. Was that a sign of disunity? I guess not, because Farley thumped Callender. Oh and did Mr.Arthur march with the 25,000 in 1994, and what was the then state of the economy, better or worse than now? #askingforafriend


  • Yes agree as stated by OSA The Blp is heavily relying on toxic rhetoric and ill advised political operatives to help them win the election.
    Mia seems to be operating on her own entitlement agenda an agenda which has served her well in attaining credentials for which she was not right fully deserving and having those in the know how giving her all right of passage
    Now presently we are seeing a similar development as the election approaches the operatives and foot soldiers of the elitist kind lines up with forward march to execute an agenda on behalf of Mottley with optimum approach demanding that the people owes it as a duty to hand over the reigns of govt to Mottley who as of now has not said a word as how she will govern barbados


  • The inside shady dealings of the blp attached to those with sinister motives having an intent to create chaos would be exposed during this election cycle. Mottley has all but dug a deep well with a certainty of having motives exposed which would bury her polirtical asperations of a want to become PM


  • Meanwhile the Barbados economy continues to groan under the asinine leadership of the quartet Stuart,Sinckler,Ince and the main culprit in the design of the taxation grabs of the rotten Dems,the Quisling Boyce.The US under Trump is similarly adrift and in a quagmire of Russo-American intrigue.JP Morgan in spite of a fantastic quarter bemoans the body politic compliments of the clowns in the Whitehouse,the blind mice lying trumps.JA Trump is threatening the free world with his Stuart like hogwash politics.One upmanship might score with dumbass Dems but running a country effectively calls for proper grey matter.


  • Great news in Agriculture.

    ” Life should get a lot sweeter for bee farmers in the western parishes who now have access to a new $27-million state-of-the-art honey-extraction and bottling facility .

    By improving market access and increasing their earnings from the sale of honey, bee farmers the adjoining parishes of St James should enhance their livelihood significantly from the use of the plant.”

    ……… In Jamaica………


  • BT: “As to corruption, the very NATURE of the human being is corrupt…. both brass bowls and HQIs. Advanced societies are those that have developed mechanisms that motivate citizens to minimise corrupt behaviours by education, ethical incentives, moral persuasion, or by fear of harsh penalties…. (like your Guillotine)”

    Our political system is based on the assumption that parliament would be populated by honourable men and women who want the best for Barbados. Sadly, this has proven to be a false assumption. Our system of govenment needs major changes to address the issue of accountability in all respects, not just corruption. Trying to change human nature is futile. All of the aspects of human nature displayed in The Old Testament are still very much with us. However, our laws and institutions have made some positive progress.


  • Well Well @ Consequences Observing Blogger

    …fear of the alt right racist, facist terrorist is setting in, everyone knows they dont have a gram of intelligence between the 60 or 70 million of them….but they are armed with weapons and centuries of hate.

    ..this is what happens when you create a monster for financial gain and self enrichment, let it roam for centuries freely and never saw the need before to destroy it…..


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Carson….is this you sending a fraud facebook message to collect money, pretending to be Fruendel, ya know ya got a reputation of lying to old people to get votes, promising to pay their utilty bill, taking the bill and never paying it causing their electricity to be turned off…lol

    They are waiting for you next year…lol

    “Residents alerted to fake Facebook account impersonating PM
    Added by Barbados Today on July 15, 2017.
    Saved under Local News
    Members of the public have been advised of recent attempts to send messages or engage persons via Facebook Messenger by an individual or individuals purporting to be Prime Minister Freundel Stuart.”


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