• millertheanunnaki

    @ curiousJune 26, 2017 at 3:36 PM
    “The charts above shows that a poll is only a snapshot of what is happening at that point in time. February 13 I suppose this year, 41% of the persons questioned in the poll said there was no need for a change in government.”

    “Curious”, sorry to describe you as such but don’t you see yourself as a ‘statistics’ illiterate looking into a mirror designed for a narcissistic jackass of the political yard-fowl pedigree?

    The “February 13” data points refer to a poll conducted in February 2013 just prior to the general elections which took place in the same month of the year of your Lord 2013 and not any poll conducted on February 13, 2017.

    Why don’t you guys come face-to-face with reality by getting your sloth of a boss to call elections just after the Crop-over wuk-up season (say on Red October 13 in 2017) and prove the fudging quack Wickham wrong (again) as you did in February 2013?

    After all, numbers don’t lie like deceitful lying pimps (DLP) from Wick-ham do and as night follows day what occurred in the dusk of February ’13 can ‘certainly’ repeat itself in the dawn of October ’17.

    Do you want to roll the dice and take your chances or do you prefer to hedge your bets by buying votes and distributing tablets and android phones as confirmed in a publicly-sworn affidavit by the same bookie responsible for setting the day for the race when an emaciated ‘yellowed’ jackass of a DLP will be saddled with a ‘fatted’ overweight monkey of a jockey on its back?


  • Miller
    I am illiterate but you see how you can try to use stats to lie with a discerning public. In my post I said I suppose this year which is how I may have seen it. David said have a look again and I did and saw the error.
    By the way how come you are not a yard fowl who was on this blog from as long that I followed the blog preaching gloom and doom about the country and it hs not fallen as you predicted.
    I am no yard fowl for any party but has sense enough to know that people like you are political beneficiaries who have suffered opposition politics and are waiting frantically to get back to the trough of public funds but this must stop.
    This country needs new untarnished political leadership like how Macron in France formed a new party, won the presidency and now the most seats in the French Parliament confounding all the critics.
    That would keep people like you away from all the contracts that the government can hand out.


  • The poll is a fake and Peter us Fraud go check cadres 2013 and see why i say so.


  • dont care who gets in , they going to do the same things, raise taxes on food, items such as housing supplies, property taxes, and on top of that more taxes on top of the same taxes. Its like you have a thief at the front door, and two thieves at the back door, in any case you gonna get rob.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ curious June 27, 2017 at 12:10 PM
    “This country needs new untarnished political leadership like how Macron in France formed a new party, won the presidency and now the most seats in the French Parliament confounding all the critics.”

    Curious, curious if you were corrected by David of BU why are so pompously committed in not recanting your pigheaded assertion that {you} “will predict that Peter Wickham will lead the BLP to another defeat because of his dislike for the present Prime Minister who I recognized have never called Peter Wickham name in any form or fashion since he became Prime Minister even with the constant attacks from Wickham.”

    So why not back another party like Solutions Barbados, UPP, CAP or even Bushie’s BUP?
    Why back a dead horse in the form of the DLP saddled with a dumbass leader with his head blindingly in cloud 9 and hiding in the closet of sexual depravity or the BLP without ‘declared’ solutions and led by a person of bisexual desires?

    Wickham is NOT the leader of the BLP; just a turncoat Dem who like Reudon Eversley and Hartley Henry have come to ‘Christian’ understanding about the fate of the DLP under its current leader.

    Why not take another look at the March ’15 stats (and by the way those are for March 2015 and not Mar 15th of the current year) and tell us if you think the miller is still wasting his imaginary time queuing for a handout of a contract?

    The same way Barbados is a mendicant on tourists from the UK so too is the miller’s financial navel string attached to a foreign economy and not that of the junk bond status Bubaydus.

    Check back with the miller in a few months when the foreign reserves could be in line with Zimbabwe’s and your dollar is worth less than what Paddy shot at in 2018.

    He might just be prepared to buy a few properties for a song with the same very scarce forex to save your sorry doom and gloom asses.


  • As each and every day goes by most in society (absent of blp supporters of course) are beginning to realised that the Cadres poll is a fraud. Most are questioning how many dlp supporters were receiptents of the poll compared to blp and in what constituencies was the polling done
    The nation newspaper and some of the movers and shakers of Barbados economy has only one interest to serve and mainly there own
    So it is not surprising that right after the budget that a”so call poll” would be presented with sinster motives 1. To splinster the party 2. cause further doubt about the goverance of the country
    If the nation newspaper really has barbados interest at heart it would disallowed and refrain from lying in a bed of imposters and positioners who have no qualms of drinking from a contaminated cesspool of deceit


  • Miller
    Sorry to disappoint you but I am one of those persons who the member for St. Joseph spoke about at your branch meeting as recorded in Wednesday Nation who told him that there is no difference between the BLP and DLP when it comes to corruption. Those young persons who are holding these meetings should jump into the fray and start a party. I would vote for the young man that runs the Vagrant Association over any present politician In Barbados.


  • Why are DLP and its supporters going to so much trouble trying to convince us Peter Wickham is a “fraud” and his polls are fake?

    Would it be best to just IGNORE Wickham………….. or is it that they actually believe the results of his poll is an accurate reflection of the contempt Barbadians “(absent of DLP supporters of course)” have for the DLP, hence their hostility towards Wickham?


  • Artax June 28, 2017 at 9:39 AM #

    Chuckle……yup…..the truth can be hard to swallow at times…….and they have no one to blame but their hard ears selves.


  • This CADRES poll is really about a

    Wick – HAM (Peter)

    Promoting a

    Wick – HER. (Mia)

    That is why Dale Marshall said he ain’t got one damn thing to do wid it !

    He further said that he is not in any promotion of the same – sex agenda by his BLP


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