CADRES Poll #2

Arthur and Stuart, leaders of the BLP and DLP

Share your thoughts about the latest CADRES Poll. You can scroll to the bottom of this page to post comments at the constituency level. In case you missed it, a 6% swing against government is projected. The findings contained in the poll coincides with BU’s view that barring a miracle the DLP will not be returned to office in the next general election, whenever it is called.

The Stuart administration has been unable to effectively articulate a message to the electorate. How will they respond? Mudslinging will not do it!

0 thoughts on “CADRES Poll #2

  1. The BLPites and DLPites should keep top of mind those of us who are undecided or independent. Cogent conversations may do the trick.

  2. Can anyone tell me how many times Seethru went to Parliament in the last four years in order to earn his huge undeserved salary?

  3. The silly season is truly here. What is more important? The graphic or the fact the BLP garnered 52%?

  4. “run” and privitatization is not one of the same. private companys can lease property from the government to do business with rules and guidlines subjected by the givt. but thuis call for PRIVITIZATION of SEA and AIR and one of the MEDIA outlets owned by govt is simply ludicrious given that there no other alternatives for govt to turn to in times of crisis even Transport and water can been so classified under National Security.

  5. According to the Sunday Sun graphic, Seethru on the upswing and Freundel on the downswing, even though Seethru has the heavier weight.

    Somebody fooling somebody, that is not how a “see-saw” works.

  6. “those of us who are undecided or independent”

    That does not include you.

    “The graphic or the fact the BLP garnered 52%?”

    We all know that the graphic is there to mislead the voters. It is not fooling me.

  7. When fishes flew and forests walked
    And figs grew upon thorn,
    Some moment when the moon was blood
    Then surely I was born;

    With monstrous head and sickening cry
    And ears like errant wings,
    The devil’s walking parody
    On all four-footed things.


  8. Responsible govts put their countries national interst first and responsible citizens should read facts andgather information which would give a clearer perspective on such isuesand not solely rely on onesided opinion based on halftruth and sensationalism

  9. @ David
    Conclusion: the methodology must be sound. The Boxill poll undertaken in Barbados is a good example to compare.
    But of course CADRES polls methodology is sound, proven and yet to be proven inaccurate. Yesterday’s onslaught was rather unfortunate and asinine.

  10. @CCC
    On a real “see-saw” the person with the heavier weight is always on the down position, and the person with the lighter weight is always on the up position.
    However on this graphic on the front page of the Sunday Sun we the person with the heavier weight(52.7 if that is to be believed) in the up position…………………..

    You are so dense! You heard that loud mouth woman called Miss P saying this nonsense yesterday on Brasstacks. You come and regurgitate the same nonsense here. What utter crap! She met Freundel once and since then has been trying her best to ask people to give him a chance! Losers!

    The message behind the illustration was to show the direction in which the poll results was seen and for effect, the Nation put the leaders of the two parties at either end. Only Dems would not understand what was being portrayed!

  11. Is this the same Nation newspaper accused by the DLPites as pro BLP? If so what is the point about the graphic?

  12. Wickham salivating at his manipulated poll he more than happy and gay that Fruendel might lose.
    What it is Freundel do he though?
    BLP yarfowls you all know?
    Wickham and Albert Brandford spend their waking hours with Fruendel on their minds.They are sick if you ask me. Something’s rotten in denmark .

  13. Peter Simmons getting lick up by Maureen Holder on CBC.

    She is right when she pull him up on that rubbish he was writing about CBC and The Advocate being bias but like she said he is silent about the enormous,obvious bias at the Nation newspaper where he writes a column.

    I agree with her views on the shallow,bias slant of that crap poll.

    What leadership what!

    Owen could be any good leader of this nation that he was responsible for sending in this spiral.

  14. I can see from the postings of CCC, ac, ! and the above blog that the DLP will wage one of the nastiest campaigns in Barbados’ history. Even nastier than 2008.

    They will stop at nothing to win the next elections which Freundel will not call no matter who urge him to do so. Harold Hoyte is no friend of the BLP and he has said that Freundel needs to call the election.

    Harold has pointed out that the House cannot sit after after February 12, 2013 yet the PM is telling people he has 90 days after that to call an election. What the PM seem not to realise is that if the House cannot meet after February 12, 2013, the Estimates cannot be laid or debated, so how is the country going to financed then?

    Maybe the man who thinks he is smarter than anyone else did not know what the constitution requires when he was spouting off that he has 90 days after February 12, 2013.

    No wonder those like CCC who are feeding off the bare bones of the starving calf are so desperate! They must be saying oh my god, this cannot be happening, we have been in the wilderness for 14 years, we cannot lose our place at the table now. Oh, no this cannot be happening, Freundel, give us some more time, dont call the election!

  15. Difficult to discredit Wickham’s poll
    Come hail or highwater.
    Maurine could huff n puff
    All she likes
    From now til the hereafter

    It is what it is…..
    CADRES are credited masters
    How now when the pen
    Points you to the bin
    We hearing all kinda new plasters

    Sensible thing, don’t you think
    Would be to listen, test and even amend
    Hard as it is,be you brave
    May but save a seat for a friend

    Fool yourself, if you do believe
    Some being so somber,
    But quicks to jest, more than less
    They prefer all to go under.

  16. @ Maurine
    OH yeah..”Last time you go say anything on the poll”..dat is what you think…NOW SEE your folly eh….

  17. onions,

    Maureen Holder is a political hack. She comes over as a political bully as soon as you do not agree with her views. She used VOB to propel her into the CBC position.

    Her partisan posturings were self evident while she was a VOB moderator. One day a BLP member who works in the drugs industry called in during the healthcare debate when the government decided that non nationals without citizenship cannot access the government’s healthcare and that Barbadians would have to pay for some drugs. The caller was really making good points and detailing how wrong the government was and the ensuing hardships it will bring Barbadians.

    Though Maureen Holder thinks she is a know it all, she was clearly out of her depth debating the issue, she went to a commercial and during the break, the caller overheard her telling the producer, call Natasha King quickly and tell her to call in. Well Natasha King was the next caller after the break and she made an ass of herself as she said was pure hogwash!

    So Maureen Holder used VOB to launch her career! Poor VOB, they would not learn!

  18. Prodigal Son

    Brasstacks is for Barbados Labour Party loosers like you. I cant remember the last year I listened to Brasstacks.

  19. I hope you BLP crooks tell the civil servants that you plan to send home ten thousand (10,000)of them if they are so stupid as to vote for the Barbados Labour Party come next general election.

  20. @ Prodigal
    Having been sent packing from VOB…she can be found at CBC (when she is not job hunting)…this morning on a program, she had an ALL DLP audience and was fascinated with herself,…. ‘doing the dog’….washing her mouth in matters from fowl feed to who should be leader…like a real wannabe political pedagogue….All the while the fascism was directed to keeping the inept in station. Maureen needs to take a reality check and stop the japonica.

  21. I hope you BLP crooks tell the people of Barbados that you propose to cut the education budget by half if you are returned to office.

    Parents will have to pay for their childrens secondary and University education out of their pockests.

    No more free text books loan scheme, no more uniform grant, school meals will be $5.00 per week per child.

    BLP tell them at your next meeting or we will tell them.

  22. CCC,
    I would break my rule and answer you. You are the one who is a loser, you who at this stage has to depend on the taxpayers feeding at the trough. But what do you do to justify the payments from the taxpayers?
    Keep pushing your lies, is this your modus operandi? You all are so pathetic that not even Hartley Henry wants anything to do with you all now! Spin your lies!

  23. Even Minister Jones et al agree that the current education model is not sustainable. It has to be changed and made more relevant i.e mapped to budget size and national priorities.

  24. Aarson
    Your stupidity supersede you…if you had the slightest iota of common sense… would realize a certain calibre of intellect reads BU ( question begs as to why your presence) ….Your ranting is going to deaf ears, wasted.. as no one here, is that stupid to believe your ignorance.

    Why don’t you go back and do the Const. Council’s work ?

  25. @ David:

    I thought you told us that the delay with the Four Seasons restart was due to a legal matter being sorted out as far as the disbursement of the NIS funding contribution is concerned.

    Now the IDB are telling us a different story. Are you getting your misinformation from that sink of lies who publicly confess he has no interest whatsoever of becoming the leader of the DLP or PM of Barbados?

  26. old onion bags(FRIGG YOU DAVID)

    “… would realize a certain calibre of intellect reads BU”

    Is this the same calibre that said in Parliament that Bajan blogs are a threat to democracy or is it the same calibre that said that sensible people dont read Bajan blogs or is it the same calibre that forbid Duguid and Lynette Eastman from posting on Bajan blogs in the early days when people like you were living high off the hog? Or it the same calibre who used the Special Branch to try to find out who were behind Bajan blogs.?

    You Johnny come latelies really make me laugh!!!

    The Baajn blogs belong to you now, huh?


  27. The Cadres poll which appears in today’s Nation is bitter sweet. It is good to poll the views of general public BUT it is a N. American way of polluting the public space to pressure and sway those in charge.

  28. old onion bags(FRIGG YOU DAVID)

    Before I forget, is it the same calibre that said in Parliament that Bajan blogs are unpatriotic and are damaging the country’s reputation?

    But then again you might not know the answer to these questions as you were not around in the early days, you were too busy linoing your pockets with taxpayers money!!!!

  29. @ Aarson
    (your sub)
    However on this graphic on the front page of the Sunday Sun we the person with the heavier weight(52.7 if that is to be believed) in the up position.

    David | October 3, 2012 at 3:19 AM |

    Those kinds of comments will just chase votes away from the DLP. The DLP cannot afford to lose votes.



  30. Hiw about talking somethung iof real substances insteadof a frigging like yesterdays breaking news by miller and snooty nose onions who had the intestinal fiortitude to tell the public sector that they jobs are on line. news like that should not be swept under thr rug. the dlp stalwarts should be buying advertising space in the advocate orCBC warning the public sector what is heading their way.under the BLP using quotations from Onions and miller already recorded on BU

  31. old onion bags(FRIGG YOU DAVID)

    Onions as man dont you think it is your patriotic duty to get get your BLP former minister friends to return some of the money they stole during the last administration. No questions asked.

    I mean if they return a quarter of what they have stashed in secret overseas Bank accounts three quarters of the problems in Barbados would disappear overnight with the inflow of those funds.

    Or is it part of the Barbados Labour Party strategy to return some of the funds ONLY IF they are reelected?

    Then Bajans would believe that manna is falling from the sky, but they would not realise that it is their taxpayers money which were held in domicles such as the Cayman Islands and Bermuda.

    Anyone ever noticed how the Barbados Labour Party members are always talking about these two countries?

  32. Oniions did you call Maureen Holder a political hack. well what does that make you. A political stoll pigeon.

  33. miller,
    I too was shocked to hear the head of the bank say last night on DLPTV News that the parties have not yet met certain criteria! Liars like Sincklar has to know that the truth will always come out! That project is dead, let us understand that.

  34. @ Prodigal
    Shameful Report Card indeed for a party with many promises and criticizing mouths. They laughed and condemned the $700 million Dodds Prison, a crown jewel now by all undertakings, no rust like the Four Seasons colossal.
    Over $400 million sunk now, propping up vines and bush. Who can forget the magnificent and enviable Supreme Courts on White Park, opened of recent. Thanks Sir David Simmons for your foresight. The Mecca, Kensington Oval, the ghee of the Caribbean. Thanks Stephen Alleyne for the douser.
    When you are talking cricket, you must play at Kensington. Then there are the too many to mention polyclinics, schools, post offices and functional highway infrastructures built during the magnificent fourteen “Golden Years.”
    Don’t pay these JACK ASSES that on the way out any mind…..FOUR SEASONS is A MILLSTONE AND $400 Million SHAME abuse of the NIS FUND…..

  35. Instead of FLY OVERS….the DLP give you WALK OVERS…how symbolic don’t you think ?

  36. old onion bags(FRIGG YOU DAVID)

    Onions, I have another suggestion for you. How about telling your Barbados Labour Party minister friends to put the money in two large black garbage bags and place them on the Boardwalk about 7.00 P.M. a night. They dont have to worry about getting caught as the Democratic Labour Party is not about to presecute anyone for stolen Taxpayers money, they have not done it in four years so they are not about to do it now.

    Make a call to the Central Bank Govenor and tell where the money is so he can pick it up. But remember to tell him to bring along a second man as the bags will be real heavy and you dont want him to hurt his back lifting them up. He would know what to do with them. And a lot of the problems in Barbados will disappear with your buddies generous gift.

    Or it too late for that now? You all only returning the money if you are re-elected?

  37. The dead king went to Canada when he first took up office and was flying all over the world and told the people that BLP MPs had offshore accounts. When pressed to give evidence, he said he would reveal all in time. The grim reaper claimed the liar and he did not bring a shred of evidence.

    Three years later this political parasite CCC come back with the same lies. Bring the evidence or shut to hell up. You are a liar, a political yardfowl only concern with your ability to continue to feed at the trough.

    When you are bringing the evidence on the Bees, make sure you tell us about Michael Lashley, a poor rakey lawyer like he who hardly used to get work now is a very rich man. Bring the details on his Miami accounts and how much money was deposited by those contractors who are getting all the work in this country. Tell us if the large deposits is what raised the red flags to the FBI!

    Bring the evidence on Dr Lowe and Kenny Worst too while you are at it.

  38. David,
    What have you done to one CCC? He seems angry at you. Do you mean to tell me that a little Cadres poll could cause him to become so hostile to you who has been accommodating him and his venom for so long? Such gratitude!

  39. @Prodigal Son

    What is happening now is what happened during the time leading up to 2008 when Cadres released its poll…lol.

  40. @ac
    He may be a stool pigeon but she’ still a hack!

    @david 12:31
    I’m curious about the timing of the release of these poll results as well and who authorised the specific questions surrounding it. It serves to confirm what most of us already knew anyhow.

    I realised no one touched the IADB comment. That is a serious indictment on CS and AP. Government guaranteed loan, NIS funds and yet we can’t seem to do what needs to be done to get the final funds from the IADB, even though we were told AND promised that all was well and restarting. Shall Gov. Worrell point to this project as one of the saviours of the economy during his quarterly report?

    Do you believe the project is dead for real? My goodness.

    Maureen Holder has lost my respect as an objective commentator (if she ever was one). She is a blatantly biased and partisan orator with respect to politics. It would have been nice if she at least sounded intelligent or coherent with her mouthings re the economy and the political landscape.

    btw, anyone know if Barack accept the $60 million offer?

  41. @ ac | October 3, 2012 at 12:55 PM |
    ” the dlp stalwarts should be buying advertising space in the advocate or CBC warning the public sector what is heading their way”

    Buy advertising space in your own propaganda stooge pigeon coops?
    You think the controller(s) of the Families First (wannabe O.O.O. First family) Account or Lashes’ stone and wood overseas and local joint accounts with jada would put money in CBC? Why buy a cow when you can get milk free? The Advocate is already handsomely rewarded with guaranteed standing monthly transfers like a statutory corporation.

    Stop blaming the BLP for the proposed layoff of 8,000 public workers. This is a proposal put to the current government by the IMF. The miller is the one promulgating it on this blog.
    Unless you are saying the miller has special powers to foresee the inevitable whether the D or B sits in the black hot seat to be directed by the IMF Mastermind.

    Look, ac, leave OSA out of this Sandi type plan. If the molasses man delays the inevitable until February next year the figure might even be bumped up by an additional 1,000 as a penalty for late delivery of a contractual obligation. Why do you think the IADB is very reluctant to engage with the commercially moribund Four Seasons restart? The IMF has instructed that lending agency to put any large investment in Barbados on hold until the public sector restructuring programme is agreed and started. I lie? If I lie I die; ask Sinckliar if you think I lie?
    I will never Lie, or want to be Leader of the DLP or the PM of Barbados; at least, not before the next elections. We have to get rid of Stuart, right Donville?

  42. @ observing

    wait you name onions!

    miller don’t get all bent out of control it is politics! we all in here to win a suggestions is only a suggestion not meant to mash yuh onion sorry i meant bunions, but if it hurts so what just letting yuh know two can play the game.keep talking yuh talk so sweet that it might come back to bite yuh in the arseee, i can envision a cartoon display of you and onions in the advocate bolting fuh the top of the line wid a machette saying “CUT”

  43. @ ac
    What is your problem?..Like D husband working late and you feeling cold and itchy….call out Aarson name when ya feeling for a donkey ride not mine…What onions what…I got my own guppy to feed LOL

  44. onions yuh certain yuh got a guppy to feed or a duppy to feed ! guh long and don’t forget to sharpen yuh machete

  45. Sadly Carson C. Cadogan fails to understand that his behaviour on BU exemplifies what is wrong with DLP policies.

  46. @ ac | October 3, 2012 at 4:51 PM |

    I don’t want you to mash my bunions but to brush against my middle foot.
    That is when and where the Cutting and Screaming will begin. No need to have machete just some KY and you would see the face of the god that Zoe wants you to worship as you lay spreadeagled and your cat spraddled on the miller’s grinding wheel.

    Get serious ac and tell your man Molasses Stasis that he is about to flow into a Constitutional constraint of Herculean proportion– the 13th Labour of Fumble. The Annual Revenue & Expenditure Estimates MUST BE DEBATED AND PASSED in the House of Assembly before the coming new fiscal year 2013/2014 which legally starts April 01, 2013.
    The House must be dissolved not prorogued by February 12 or near about, 2013 (Caswell to elucidate on the Constitutional niceties). FYI and simplistic appreciation, ac, there will be no sittings after that date. But you can always consult your husband similar to the wife of the Detective Colombo or Rumpole of the Old Bailey TOWMBO (ask Amused for clarification here).

    So by a Papal bulla he Molasses is forced to bend over backward and take a long dose of Harold Hoyte’s reality advice up his intellectual rear end and call the elections by 6th December 2012 but no later than, say, January 22. The first date would honour the memory of the political rear admiral and his private tutor Cammie or he, Statsis, can risk the second date of destiny and deceitfully exploit the memory of the Father of Independence EWB to his chagrin.

    The decision is yours to advise your King Nero while Bim burns with mediocrity, indifference and decay.

  47. well onions already succumb ! too late fuh such advice! i guess he old enough to think fuh he self. onions don’t fuhget to sharpen the machette cause you promised they be nuff jobs to Cut If the BLP regains office. A promise is a promise! i gonna whole you to it. BTW i hear many of Barbados assests are going on the auction block TRUE or LIE!