Freundel Stuart’s New S-Class Mercedes Ride

Submitted by Anthony Davis

PM Freundel Stuart has a brand new ride. Amid all the talk about austerity, Stuart is now driving around in a sleek S-Class Mercedes Benz, fresh out of Simpson Motors showroom at Warrens. “The S-Class is said to be valued at $350,000 duty free or over $700,000 inclusive of duties.”Barbados Today June 2, 2017

Public servants in this country haven’t seen a pay rise in years, and other people are struggling with a tax burden which comes to 29.5% come July, but there’s enough money to spend on a luxury vehicle for his majesty.

Now the Minister of Sport and Culture, Stephen Lashley says “give us more time,” adding that the past eight years has been a relatively short space of time.

Pray tell me, Mr. Minister, where did you  get the idea that 8 years is a short period of time?

Furthermore, from 2008 to 2017 makes it nine LONG, HARSH years for the one horse which you’ve been burdening with more and more taxes every year.

You probably thought about the pony express riders during the wild West Times, not knowing that the riders didn’t flog the same horse from town to town, but collected fresh mounts along the way from what were called Way Stations.

This horse has been ridden by the same 16 persons from 2008 to this day.

What do you need more time for?

For the tax collector to find some new tax to drop on the back of this horse, or increase its load by raising some tax which is already in place?

Either way, the horse has become scrawny from lack of proper care.

Purchasing a new Mercedes is typical of the condescending attitude taken by this Government.

People in this country are starving, some must cut back on what is considered healthy food.

I overheard one old lady tell the other just a week ago that she used to be able to buy fish four times a week, but could only afford it twice a week now. I wonder how often she’ll be able to purchase it after July 1.

But you want more time!

Some items were taken off the formulary, so one pensioner said he had to pay  $100 for one type of his medication. After July 1 he’ll probably have to pay between $130 and $140.

Many people are either walking to or from work to save money.

How much can they save as of July 1?

The Transport Board’s service has gone down the drain, but you have no money for buses, but enough to buy a spanking new Mercedes Benz S-Class, yet you want us “to give you more time”.

Nurses at the QEH recently hadn’t been paid for months, and when they went to check why not they were sent from one person to the other, each claiming not to be responsible, but you are “entitled” to get back your 10% after 16 months, and you are taking it.

If the nurses were to demand what’s by rights theirs, you would want to fire them.

They can’t get transportation at correct times to get to/from work, but you can put all kinds of taxes on them knowing full well that they are among those who pay your bills, salaries and taxes, because they have to pay taxes.

How can you expect people to be productive when they can’t get to work?

Unlike you, they can’t stay at home whenever they like, because the few cents they are receiving will become fewer still.

The QEH used to be a bastion of health care in the Caribbean, but all one keeps hearing now are negative comments about it.

Every time one looks around there’s a new kid on the block when it comes to the number of vagrants in Bridgetown.

I wonder how come.

Yet we should give you more time.

As per usual you’re trying to lay the blame for the state of the economy at someone else’s feet.

All of a sudden you took over the debt of the BLP.

As far as I recollect, the BLP left millions of dollars in the Treasury.

What did you do with all that money, Mr. Minister of Sport?

You seem to be a sporty minister, because I had to rub my eyes a number of times in order to make sure that what I was reading as a headline wasn’t a dream.

I could do nothing but laugh when my senses confirmed that you were actually asking for “more time”.

Not one of YOU had the audacity to stand up to the tax collector and say: Enough is enough, but you have to come to us with nothing more than codswallop asking for more time.

“Time and tide wait for no man”!

You have always had a condescending attitude towards the populace of this country.

How many more Mercedes Benz S-Class do you want to purchase?

How many more sweetheart deals a la Sandals do you want to sign?

Does that hotel pay any taxes?

I note it has its own dive boat, and tour bus making sure that every cent which those who stay at the hotel spend doesn’t go to any locals.

And you want “more time”?

Methinks not!

As Shakespeare would say: The additional 8% on the SRL was the unkindest cut of all.

If, as you say,you “came to office in 2008 at the height of a very serious and challenging global recession”, why did you campaign to have a second term, seeing that things were so difficult?

You ran the horse to ground without giving it a chance to be properly fed and groomed, so the horse can’t carry your extravagant burden any longer.

You tore down every safety net which was put there for the poor, the needy and the vulnerable, yet you want more time!

You tore down everything! From tertiary education to health care, to welfare, to transport, and you have done nothing for the environment!

You’ve given the banks permission to defraud us by paying the least interest in the world, and they’re using it to their fullest advantage. No wonder the small businesses are not doing so well!

Can you imagine interest of one cent?

What shall we do with one cent? It can’t even buy a mint!

Yet you want more time?

It is better to offer no excuse than a bad one.” – George Washington


  • It is important that the RSS is once again mapping Barbados and we at e talking about a model of car that most ordinary Germans have.
    Let us talk about the military threat to our democracy.


  • @Simple Simon

    A solid comment.

    Hal must accept that we all have different views and this is where leadership comes into play -how do we engage in consensus building to harmonize priorities as a people.


  • Hyundai Equus is now being used as the Presidential State Car in Costa Rica.


  • @Alvin Cummins June 8, 2017 at 8:53 AM “The head of State, or even Bill Gates, arrives at Grantley Adams on an official visit. He is met at the airport by the official automobile MP2. They are halfway down the ABC and the Mercedes develops a problem. Does the official driver; in uniform, get out of the car and hold out his thumb hitching a ride? Why people making such a fuss over a car, that the Prime Minister is being driven in. There are ordinary citizens driving even more expensive vehicles. ”

    Again why don’t you stop trying to deceive people on behalf of the DLP.

    If Bill Gates comes to Barbados he can well afford to hire his own taxi, so let him do so, or if he is staying as a posh hotel, the posh hotels already own posh vehicles for their posh visitors. So “no” there is no need for us to worry about or pay for Bill Gates’ transportation.

    If a foreign head of state visits, the protocol is that the foreign embassy picks up their own dignitary at the airport.

    The U.S. Embassy owns such a posh vehicle, as does the Chinese embassy, and the Canadian embassy, and the European High Commission, and the Cubans etc. etc. so “no” we do not have to worry about the transportation needs of foreign heads of state. In fact I am certain that an American President or high level official IS NOT PERMITTED to drive in any foreign government’s vehicle. They must drive in their own vehicle which is kept in a highly secured area and whose driver has to go through regular security screenings. So “no” they DO NOT DRIVE IN BARBADOS GOVERNMENT VEHICLES.

    Stop telling lies for the DLP, otherwise straight to hell for you, sooner rather than later.


  • @Hal Austin June 8, 2017 at 11:43 AM “It is important that the RSS is once again mapping Barbados and we at e talking about a model of car that most ordinary Germans have.
    Let us talk about the military threat to our democracy.”

    So what do you suggest?

    That we drop one of our nuclear bombs on the RSS and their military companions?


    We are not ordinary Germans.

    When Germans drive Mercedes’ they are supporting German jobs. When Bajans drive Mercedes we are wasting scarce and valuable foreign exchange which would be better spent on other more important things.


  • @Hal Austin June 8, 2017 at 11:38 AM “You seem to have some hang-ups about who is intelligent.”

    Please note that it is YOU, not me that raised the issue of the intelligence of Bajans.


  • Jose Mujica: The world’s ‘poorest’ president – BBC News
    Nov 15, 2012 – Meet the president – who lives on a ramshackle farm and gives away most of his pay. … This is the residence of the president of Uruguay, Jose Mujica, whose lifestyle clearly differs sharply from that of most other world leaders. … This austere lifestyle – and the fact that Mujica …
    Barbados Economy 2017, CIA World Factbook –

    GDP (purchasing power parity) compares the gross domestic product (GDP) or value of all final goods and services produced within a nation in a given year. A nation’s GDP at purchasing power parity (PPP) exchange rates is the sum value of all goods and services produced in the country valued at prices prevailing in the United States.

    Barbados $4,804,000,000 2016 est.

    Uruguay $73,930,000,000 2016 est.

    We really serious or we mekkin sport…….
    we were #176 with 4.8B in ’16 when the order was made and they were #96 with 73B…..
    the president driving an old VW……


  • I wonder if Simpson Motors will sue the PM for slurring the character of their maintenance department?

    A mercedes which has been serviced by the agents in the same garage from new should not be having regular breakdowns irrespective of its age,unless the we are saying that the agency should be removed from the agency for incompetency.


  • We have to thread the decision to order the Mercedes Benz last year with the reluctance by goverment to trim ministers and parlimmentary secretaries to send a message to inspire change. It is important to note the decision to restore the 10% to minister’s salaries. It all adds up to a government out of step with feelings of the people on the ground.


  • I just heard the PM on VoB giving his excuse for the purchase again…….

    The more I hear it ,I must ask myself where did this ignorant person come from…..ignorance in the truest sense of the word as he is totally ignorant of what he is speaking of as well as the fact that the justification he wishes to use is a non-pont.

    How did we get here….as former PM Sandi has been asking…..Alvin….you might be able to answer this one.


  • He is not ignorant, it is his unreal reality.


  • David,

    In your attempt to preach you seem to misrepresent people. Have I ever objected to a diversity of ideas. Look at my various postings and that is precisely what I have been calling for, a free market of ideas. That is how we learn. I have suggested before you should be the umpire, not a participant in debates – especially when you are on the wrong side. It sends the wrong message.
    Buying an over-expensive car is important, but it is not a priority when an economy is in the state the Barbados one is. This is a mattr of judgement, not leadership.

    @Simple Simon,

    Have you look at your 11.20am posting to see who first used the word ‘unintelligent’.


  • Alvin – if you had one more brain you would qualify as a half-wit, and an illiterate one.


  • Vincent Haynes

    Simple Simon

    If visiting dignitaries run out of CD options , Sandy Labne has a number of Limos.

    As you rightly said we real poor great……we begging for money/scrunting but we going to drive around mercs.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Hal AustinJune 8, 2017 at 10:45 AM
    “It says something about the sophistication of Barbadian politics that we are obsessed with the price of an official car, while other more important issues pass us by. It tells you all you want to now about the collective intelligence of Bajans – which, no doubt, they will try to justify.”

    Hal AustinJune 8, 2017 at 11:38 AM
    “Simple Simon,
    ou seem to have some hang-ups about who is intelligent. Some of the brightest people I know are Barbadians. Whether in times of austerity or not, there are more important priorities about the management of the nation than some silly motor car. If you do not agree, fine.”

    We were hoping that having been ‘outed’ by Artax for your incessant Islamophobic outbursts against the local Muslim community and your constant rants of xenophobic dislike of the Guyana-born DPP you would have sheepishly returned to your darkened closet of stupidity while trying to unmask the ‘anonymice’ BU bloggers.

    You are no different from those ‘stupid’ British whites who think a black person is either a thief with criminal intent to be violent or downright idiotic like themselves.

    Can’t you spot the obvious contradiction in your two statements reproduced above?

    Who are “some of the brightest people” you know that are Barbadians? What qualifies them for such an estimable accolade? Are there any of these brightest people in Parliament today or controlling the commanding heights of the economy?

    How come these “brightest ”of Barbadians are not setting the pace in the current race for the social and economic development of their country which is nothing more than a lost paradise which was ‘founded’ primarily by people with nothing more than a ‘limited’ 7th standard education with your own St. Giles being a former crucible of such scions.

    My man, you are confusing schooling and possessing paper qualifications with intelligence.

    The only person whom you know ‘personally’ to be extremely bright is Leroy Greenverbs.
    And we must agree with you that a man must be considered the Houdini of intelligence for having screwed so many stupid Bajans financially and is still not behind bars.

    Intelligent or very ‘bright’ people do not possess the xenophobic trait neither do they display overt bigotry by presumptively judging other people based on their cultural or religious orientation.

    Muslims did not enslave your Bajan black ancestors. Christians and Jews did.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Ha, Ha acts like he should not be advocating for the …..UK to rescind all muslim citizenship….to satisfy his disturbed soul, after all, the bombings are in UK, where he lives, not Barbados.

    His logic is quite disturbing. …ah wonder if he got muslim friends, I do and they are pretty nice people,  they are not extremists.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Ministers from poor ass origins, with rich tastes.

    “Out of touch!
    Symmonds calls on Stuart to climb down from high horse

    Added by David Harris on June 8, 2017.
    Saved under Local News, Politics
    Opposition Member of Parliament for St James Central Kerrie Symmonds has added his voice to the raging public debate over Prime Minister Freundel Stuart’s new $700,000 ride, accusing Stuart of living the “high life” while the majority of Barbadians were forced to “pay through their teeth”.

    “My concern, and the concern of the country overall, is the apparently insatiable appetite on the part of elected individuals for the luxuries of high life,” Symmonds told Barbados TODAY Thursday morning, adding that the purchase of a new S-Class Mercedes Benz must be taken within the context of the recent ten per cent pay restoration, which was afforded members of the Stuart administration and the reclaiming of back pay.

    The Opposition Barbados Labour Party (BLP) representative also pointed out that Stuart was not the only Government beneficiary of luxury vehicles at a time when the ruling Democratic Labour Party administration has been appealing to ordinary Barbadians to make personal sacrifices as the country grapples with severe economic challenges.”

    “The Prime Minister has admitted that he changed not one, but two, luxury cars over the past year, namely MP2 and M50. The key point I want to make is that to my certain knowledge you can find suitable vehicles that are both robust and not necessarily high maintenance,” argued Symmonds.


  • Carson C. Cadogan

    A nine day wonder.


  • A nine day wonder.
    …ya mean like the murder of Mrs Smith apparently is?


  • The Roman Catholic Church has an associated group whose purpose is to provide assistance to people in need. This group not only distributes food and other items to destitute families but also seeks to facilitate skill development so as to help people become self sufficient. The RC Church receives assistance from an organization in the USA in the form of food and other items for distribution to the poor. The Government of Barbados applies the National Social Responsibility Levy of 10% to the charitable donations from the USA. The church cannot afford to pay the levy so it has asked the Americans to stop sending the food and other items.

    Our caring Government at work.


  • @Ping Pong

    Let us hope given the cause the RC would have applied for exemption before making the arbitrary decision. Yes they should not have to do so.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Prime ministers and government ministers went to school, call themselves educated and should know that 4 wheel drive vehicles are all terrain vehicles, built and engineered to withstand shock on the most uneven road surfaces.

    Mercedes Benz were built and engineered for freeways and autobahns, they are not built or engineered for Fruendel’s rough terrain, potholded roads around the island.

    Prime Ministers do not need to be driving mercedes at taxpayer’s expense. Although Owen Arthur was happy to waste taxpayer’s money buying mercedes to be driven around as PM…he does not drive a mercedes daily in his personal life, he drive a 4 wheel drive all terrain vehicle.

    The idiots condoning this wastage, should be made to pay for all mercedes going forward. 

    All departments of government should have 4 wheel drive vehicles…including the judiciary


  • David

    the church applied for an exemption and was refused by the Minister of Finance.


  • @ David
    What exemption what??!!
    Don’t you understand that the MoF is an idiot?

    The same thinking applies to sport equipment …where loyal Bajans who sacrifice themselves to represent the country, often AT THEIR OWN COST, are even taxed on sports items that were GIFTED to them by overseas benefactors.

    The man is incapable of thinking past the elementary concept that an increase in base tax equals increase in slush funds to spend on baloney.
    He obviously does not grasp complex equations ….or decimals.


  • The Minister of Finance is consistently absurd. A foreign benefactor pledged funds to provide a large number of school desks to a public (Government) secondary school. The desks were to be made in Barbados from materials purchased in Barbados. The desks were then to be given to the school. The Minister insisted that VAT be paid on the value of the desks. The school asked for an exemption which was refused. The benefactor refused to pay VAT on a gift to a Government owned school. I do not know how this issue was resolved.

    This Minister cares about Barbadians deeply.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Memory Lane.

    Carson….you corrupt human garbage, do you remember this…you confirmed the corruption that existed between Peter Harris and DLP.

    “Carson C. Cadogan April 4, 2013 at 1:15 PM #
    I tell people that everything in Barbados is politics. Some don’t believe me But it is true.

    Over the years the blog owner has tried unsuccessfully to damage the good name of the Harrises. He perceives them of being big supporters of the DLP. Hence his continuing mission against them.

    This foolishness which he has now come up with under the guise of ” de children” will not fool anyone but BLP supporters. I have known Thomas Harris for many years and he and his family are outstanding citizens of our country. I wish that they were more like them in Barbados.

    I will side with the Harris family on this issue. They are not the villains that the blog owner would have us believe(plus we know that he is always wrong). He is simply trying his best to damage the reputation of these fine people and he must not be allowed to get away with it. He is hoping that he can do the BLP a big favour by killing two birds with one stone. That is destroy the Harrises and at the same time remove a large pillar of support for the DLP. But it is not going to work.

    The blog owner has to wheel and come again, his plot will fail”


  • The millions of dollars in computer equipment donated by the Chinese to the Barbados government recently attracted a waiver of duties then?


  • Voters want iPhone not Chinese tablet.


  • Ping Pong,

    Is the VAT problem one of a weak minister or a gangster culture at Customs and Excise?


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Carson Swamp thing. …do you see how words have away of returning to bite the corrupt souls of government ministers.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Wait until all of you get haul in by the international agencies for money laundering, human and drug trafficking…..Carson.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    For those not aware, Peter Harris has been funding DLP and BLP election since 2008, both political parties, if ya doubt me, ask Carson C. Cadogan.


  • @Ping Pong June 9, 2017 at 9:51 AM #

    The Minister of Finance is consistently absurd. A foreign benefactor pledged funds to provide a large number of school desks to a public (Government) secondary school. The desks were to be made in Barbados from materials purchased in Barbados. The desks were then to be given to the school. The Minister insisted that VAT be paid on the value of the desks. The school asked for an exemption which was refused. The benefactor refused to pay VAT on a gift to a Government owned school. I do not know how this issue was resolved.


    Friends of a charity club sent some school stuff which were to be distributed to children last summer. The ministry of finance refused to give the exemption. I believe the items are still in the Port.

    With so many poor families that this government has made poorer, one would think that if a group of Barbadians living overseas could be so kind as to send us this stuff, you would think that the government would have a heart which would put less strain on the Welfare Department.

    No, their childen are well taken care of so they do not care about the poor children of this nation.



  • The idiocy of it all.

    Denis Kellman

    3 hrs ·

    I am embarrassed when I read that the state car costing $350,000for the Prime Minister is too much for 289000 people to pay for , but a Range Rover costing more than , is not too much for his opposition The judges can change their cars when due, one car is now worth more than the judges in the eyes of the BLP.uJjB

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    Abeda Adam

    Abeda Adam When you spending people momey that is far different to when you pulling your own pocket.

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    · 1 hr · Edited

    Pat Parris

    Pat Parris I normally don’t respond to post on your page but I have to deviate from the norm today. The Range Rover is a Second hand vehicle not brand new and it was not purchased with taxpayers money so you talking nonsense.

    Stick to what you are good at doing promoting Moontown and weighing the food.

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    · 1 hr · Edited

    Dwayne Greenidge

    Dwayne Greenidge And I am sure that it wasn’t taxpayers money

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    · 1 hr

    Richard Watson

    Richard Watson The Four Seasons money was paid to the lawyer by the tax payers. You want to guess how much money that was Pat?

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    Pat Parris

    Pat Parris so too was the Barbados Water Authority’s money and Caves of Barbados

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    · Reply · 1 hr · Edited

    Richard Watson

    Richard Watson Pat Parris no it wasn’t dumbo! You don’t know what BOLT means

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    David King

    Write a reply…

    Willz RD

    Willz RD A silly example to use……very very silly.

    So yes, another normal post by kellman.

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    · Reply · 1 hr

    Willz RD

    Willz RD Man trying damage control the pm’s admittance that they waste too much money. We already know

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  • Can you believe these illiterates and jackasses on the blog?

    If Mia is practicing illegally then what does it say about the authorities including Adriel Brathwaite who promised to investigate and is often seen liming in the same bar grinning with Mia?



  • David why dont you post the article in Barbados today which adresses the legality of Mia certification as a practicing lawyer in Barbados.
    Remember she is the one braying about corruption


  • David

    Reading the posts and listening to the members of this govt and its operatives removes all doubt that we have a serious problem with them as far as their understanding what is expected of them when elected to serve our country such as behaviour,accountability and good governance is concerned.

    Sadly many of our citizens are following this ill mannered behaviour and then the political class asks the question ….how the youth get so… Bim get so…..


  • Excellent @ Vincent Haynes
    When this group of politicians explain their actions by referencing prior action by the other party, then you know that they are followers and not leaders.


  • Corruption by any other name is still corruption or is Mia given special exemption because of her pedigree


  • What pedigree, what.

    Aren’t we all human family, at the excact same spot on the evolutionary chain?

    Why don’t you abandon this foolish Eurocentric idea about pedigree?



  • @Ping Pong June 9, 2017 at 11:42 AM “Voters want iPhone not Chinese tablet.”

    Not me bosie.

    i ain’t tekkin’ neffen from a fella “B” nor “D”

    But you know that all IPhones are made in China right?



  • What is going on in Barbados? Here we are, obsessing over an official car, while a so-called union leader is threatening the government that if it does not withdraw a new tax ‘they will march’. What a buffoon. This is anarchy.


  • Hal
    Why don’t you write about England …or some shiite that you may actually know something about? Yuh mean you have not yet come to the realisation that reading the Barbados newspapers and jumping to editorial conclusions is fraught with dangers …and almost guaranteed to make you look foolish…?

    Better yet…
    Why not just ASK questions…..?

    You underestimate the value of your questions….
    Hardly anyone does this in Barbados, so even where the facts are KNOWN and can be seen every day, what happens…?
    Not one ‘ask’….!

    ….except, of course, for Come-and-sing-a-song of late….


  • Long overdue……a most positive step by our Union and hopefully the others will follow…….

    NUPW: Pull taxes or we march!


    THE NATIONAL UNION OF PUBLIC WORKERS (NUPW) is ready to call out its members if Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler does not recall the tax measures in last month’s Budget.
    Related articles

    NUPW meeting underway following...
    NUPW marching for NCC workers
    Call out

    The decision to place industrial action on the table was taken late last week during a special meeting of the executive council of the NUPW, headed by president Akanni McDowall.

    The president was unable to say exactly when the action would be taken, but said the union will give Government until July 1 to roll back the new taxes.

    “In light of the challenges, the union is calling for the Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs Christopher Sinckler to either immediately repeal the tax measures or to institute a ‘coping subsidy’ for public servants until salary negotiations have been concluded,” McDowall told the SUNDAY SUN. (BA)
    – See more at:


  • David,


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Alvin CumminsJune 11, 2017 at 12:08 PM

    What the hell are you rabbiting on about, Alvin Chipmunk?

    Didn’t the PM confirm that the capital cost of replacing the vehicle was included in the 2016-17 Estimates?

    If any replacement vehicle for use by the PM is financed under a lease arrangement then there would have been a ‘standard or usual’ continuation of the previous lease payments whether monthly or quarterly with the necessary adjustments to reflect any changes in ex-showroom /delivery cost along with any estimated ‘standard’ maintenance costs if the lessor (and not lessee) assumes that liability.

    What you should be more concerned about is if the $223,000 odd in VAT charged on that invoice to the BWA was indeed paid into the Treasury.

    If it hasn’t been paid over then it is not too late to collect to help defer some of the cost of the car assigned to the PM whether as an outright purchase or under some lease arrangement.


  • Ping Pong,
    What do you know about the St. Joseph dos;ital, which the BLP refused to finish because of political stupidity. Check and see what was donated that the BLP refused to accept and put to use. Check for yourself or go to the Nation Archives, to get the truth.


  • @Hal Austin June 11, 2017 at 5:02 AM “What is going on in Barbados? Here we are, obsessing over an official car, while a so-called union leader is threatening the government that if it does not withdraw a new tax ‘they will march’. What a buffoon. This is anarchy.”

    Oh!!, please don’t exaggerate.

    We are not obsessing over the car. We are simply making a few comments. Nobody has tried to take away the PM’s shiny new toy, even though it was bought with our money.

    Akanni McDowall is the legitimately elected President of the National Union of Public workers (just as Fruendel Stuart is legitimately the Prime Minister of Barbados, even though I am tired of him.)

    Nobody is threatening the government. The union leader has said that the NUPW members may exercise their legitimate and constitutionally protected right to protest. Why do you see that as a threat?

    The gentleman is NOT a buffoon, although you may be a pompous @ss.

    What anarchy are you talking about? Anarchy is “a state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority.” I don’t see anarchy in Mr. McDowall’s words, nor do I see anarchy in any union’s right to peaceful marching. Why do you see anarchy?

    Why don’t you take off your DLP blinkers?




    Well we would know all of these things, if the Prime Minister had chosen to tell us, but since he has CHOSEN NOT TO TELL US, then that leaves us to speculate. Why are you surprised by our speculation?


  • Hi Mr Cummins

    not being a member of the BLP, I can’t undo what happened many years ago with regard to the St.Joseph hospital. You seem to be of the view that the DLP should be allowed to do at least as much stupidity as that done by the BLP. I am not sure that attitude will help Barbados progress but I could be wrong.


  • Ping Pong,
    I find all this discussion over a vehicle as the height of Stupidity and small mindedness.. there are people in Barbados; not heads of government; not Prime ministers, who I am sure are driving new cars better than the which has been chosen as the OFFICIAL Prime Ministerial (Not Freundel’s) vehicle. He would not have been the person purchasing the vehicle. These decisions are not within his pursue. This would have been the decision of the Permanent Secretary responsible for the Prime Minister’s office. Learn how government works and the protocols that have to be followed.


  • @ Ping Pong
    Boss, ….Alvin Cummins is an idiot.
    He is a natural bird to flock with Froon and his feathered friends.

    Don’t waste your time trying to talk sense to him, …that is about as useful as dipping water from Carlisle Bay and taking it to the Inner Basin …in an effort to try to reduce the sea level…

    Just let it be….


  • @Mr Cummins

    I have NOT commented on the purchase of the PM official car. I have commented on the harshness of the the Government in insisting on the application of taxes and duties on charitable donations made to institutions such as the RC church and a Government secondary school. The only result that was attained is that poor Barbadians are denied assistance and Government revenues are not increased. Should you wish to instruct me on how government works and protocols that have to be followed, I would be interested in reading about same in the case of philanthropy which was publicly stated by PM David Thompson, on taking over the administration of Government in 2008, to be something to be officially encouraged.


  • @Alvin Cummins June 12, 2017 at 10:13 PM “He would not have been the person purchasing the vehicle. These decisions are not within his pursue. This would have been the decision of the Permanent Secretary responsible for the Prime Minister’s office. ”

    So are you telling me than that DLP Cabinet Ministers do not talk to their Permanent Secretaries, in order to come to sensible decisions about how tax payers money is spent?


  • An excellent comment Mr. Ping Pong, however it is clear that under Stuart the DLP has moved away from many of the pledges made by the late Thompson.


  • I am here wondering if instead of buying Mercedes for many high level officials, cars which it appears are only good for 3 to 10 years, what have happened if instead of spending that money on private vehicles over the past 50 years if we had spent that money instead on a really excellent, really robust public transportation system, if we had unholstered, air conditioned buses which ran on all main roads every 15 minutes at rush hour, and every half hour in off times. How much money we would save if the many, many public servants were not given interest free or low interest loans to buy private vehicles and if instead that money was also pushed into the public transportation system, a system so good that Cabinet Ministers would feel comfortable catching the bus to go to work every morning, and home again at nights.

    In another section of the media this week, Carl Moore noted that about 30 years ago one of his Central Bank colleagues on returning from Guyana was shocked to have seen that the Governor of the Central Bank of Guyana was being driven in a very modest vehicle, and Carl said words to the effect that, that is what happens when a small open economy runs out of foreign exchange.

    At about that same time, that is about 30 to 40 years ago, the then Attorney General of Ontario, Roy McMurtry

    was catching the Toronto Transit Commission vehicles to go to his work at Bay Street every morning, and he was often standing as the system is always crowded at rush hour, and he being a gentleman did not sit while a lady was standing. This in a province of 13 million people now, maybe 10 million then, a province immensely rich in natural resources, with a tax base bigger than all of Caricom, and a society and economy that was and is huge magnet for bright young people productive from all over the world. At the same time Guyana was leaking its bright young people, and our own Central Bank Governor was being driven in the pale blue tax payer funded Mercedes.

    This man McMurtry was no fly-by-night political lightweight. He served as Attorney General, Solicitor General, a Member of the Provincial Parliament, High Commissioner to the Court of St. James, Chief Justice of Ontario, Chancellor or York University, and for his public service has been awarded the Order of Ontario and the Order of Canada.

    I am wondering if a well funded public transportation system was good enough for this man, why is our public transportation system not good enough to pick up our high level officials whether they live in Marchfield, or West Terrace or Sandy Lane? And I am wondering what our public officials plan to do about our public transportation system?

    Do they plan to create a public transportation system which is good enough for themselves, good enough for their spouses, good enough for their children?

    Or are they content to have our prophets (calypsonians) continue to sing “the white people laughing at we.”


  • We can continue to have this country run by entitled geriatrics, or we can retain out bright young people, but we can’t have it both ways, because FACT is there is nothing we can do to stop our young people voting “I gone”with their feet, as they are already voting “no children” with their wombs.

    See how well we will do when our bright young people and their fertile wombs move elsewhere, see how our Humpty Dumptys will get them back again.


  • @Simple

    How many Transport Board buses do you estimate the $700,000 spent on two luxury vehicles for the Prime minister could have purchased? Bear in mind the TB has been nearly insolvent and unfit to procure new buses in recent years.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Simple SimonJune 15, 2017 at 1:14 PM

    S S, your contribution is genuinely of a very high intellectual grade.

    A most insightful view as to why Barbados would always remain a ‘developing’ nation whose ranking on the UN HDI would continue to be increasingly heading south.
    A reliable and well-functioning public transport system is the sine qua non to economic advancement.

    A well-managed public transport system is key to improving productivity and to creating a healthy environment and a socially integrated workforce.

    The modern Barbados is failing badly where public transportation is concerned and along with a rather undisciplined workforce (and society) would always be the ‘limiting’ factors to the country’s future development; much unlike what prevails in Singapore.


    If only……
    Image: World’s ‘poorest president’ Uruguay’s Jose Mujica & his $1m VW …
    Found on Google from


  • @David June 15, 2017 at 3:07 PM “How many Transport Board buses do you estimate the $700,000 spent on two luxury vehicles for the Prime minister could have purchased? Bear in mind the TB has been nearly insolvent and unfit to procure new buses in recent years.”

    Dear David:

    Perhaps your question should be “why is the Transport Board nearly insolvent?

    Maybe one of the bright young sparks on BU can give us a sensible, truthful answer?


  • @ SSS
    Anything can be made insolvent by putting an idiot in charge.

    Put a Devil in charge of Heaven …and you will have Hell.
    Build a satanic monument in Paradise…..
    ..same shiite.


  • @Bush Tea June 15, 2017 at 11:45 PM “Anything can be made insolvent by putting an idiot in charge.”

    I think that you may have hit the nail on the head.


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