Former Prime Minister Freundel Stuart Breaks Silence

Former Prime Minister Freundel Stuart in a rare public appearance since the last general election delivered a speech last Sunday at the DLP St. Philip North branch meeting. Thanks to Piece the Legend for the following audio snippet. So far the blogmaster has not been able to locate the full speech by Stuart (some people will say disappointing).

Additional link posted by Ping Ping.



  • There won’t be any progress for the majority population on the island with sell out negros, it is a pattern that who are awake can clearly see…sell out negros are a curse just like their slavemasters..


  • What a disgrace, judges names, police name, all caught up and being accused along with some Afghan man living jn UK of robbing the elderly and his beneficiaries their estate, tiefing the deceased body out of QEH, had cameras set up watching the elderly man from UK before he passed away, and he did not even know, then attempting to tief the man’s bank account to futher rob his family…what is wrong with you sell outs and savages…well there u are in the hands of UK authorities, see if ya sell out negro status can save ya now.


  • These sell out negros and THIEVES all swollen with former fake titles got a nerve to be even asking when they all should be convicted like Donville and heading to some prison somewhere. No one wants your fake apologies you no good negros, so keep apologising.


  • How did they ever think they could get away with this, you steal a billion dollar estate from an elderly woman and her beneficiaries and then had the balls to use the transparency international brand to label and hide your theft. Well it’s time transparency international finds out how you misused their brand name….you repulsive no class beasts.

    These stinking things really did believe they were above the law with their backward small island slave mentality and fraudulent titles.


  • Wuhloss…wuh the fowls ain’t even tell me nutten, they are always promoting these slavemaster wannnabe minority parasites and thieves who actually got away with using the Black population as slave labor for decades……they did not even think their Black workers deserved a raise…and for 8 to 10 years too…it is safe to say they did not plan to give yall not one damn cent more until they kick you off their premises without pension or disablilty because they ALREADY TIEF THAT TOO..

    Stop working for lowlife tiefing minoirities, let ya sell out leaders go work for them, change your destiny and leave out the parasites who rob you and your children of their futures.

    Piece…fyah in ya wyah.

    “They told Nation News they are protesting the lack of a salary increase over the last eight to ten years.”


  • All right Verla, put your foot down now.

    enuff with the apology thing.

    unless you are going to give a generalised one taking into account what ex PM Stuart or others have said please move on with stating that in the coming weeks you will be articulating your vision for Bim.

    dont pay attention to the negrocrats



    “However a workers’ representative with knowledge of the situation explained: “Management is claiming that it cannot afford.. but the optics that we are seeing with managers who are getting bonuses, new management vehicles and all types of things indicates that it isn’t the case.”

    That’s the minority parasites in the lives of the people, aided by sell out governments, still telling themselves that they are slave owners, the wannabes, and these workers and their families dont deserve to have anything or live comfortably….find a way to stop working for the government approved greedy, dont allow another generation to work for and depend on any of them, shut them down, let them go look for real jobs, being parasites in the lives of Black people is not a job, then on top of that they have been allowed to put their thieving hands in your tax dollars and pension too and steal your VAT without consequences……shut down the slave society that they are so proud of since all the long talk about “fighting imperialism” their house negros will never want to shut it down themselves. Take back your country from the ultra greedy and thieves who have been robbing generations of your children..


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  • @ Greene February 25, 2020 10:01 AM
    “no sense getting rid of a system unless we have an equal or better replacement with equal or better outcomes.
    i think they should focus more on returning secondary schools to single sex and introduce more technical and vocational studies in the system..”

    With those of wisdom, you might just be onto a more pragmatic and potentially effective alternative to the abolition of the 11 plus.

    The current socially dysfunctional landscape might have been cultivated inadvertently, but in an unusually large measure, by the abolition of single sex education at the Secondary-School level.

    Let them (the two sexes) compete at the ‘getting-to-know-you’ Primary and Tertiary levels.
    But not, on average, at the Secondary school level where males are running (in blinkers made of distracting colours) in the academic derby for donkeys with the females competing in the Gold Cup for ‘upper-class’ fillies.

    Raging hormones in a biological crucible of contrasting mix make for a toxic war of competition in a one-sided academic pursuit.

    The more maturing ‘Girls’, in too many cases, will outperform the ‘physiologically-delayed’ boys on this uneven academic playing field at the secondary level.

    However, the tertiary level seems to change the odds of excellence more in favour of those ‘young men’ who have managed to stay the distance.


  • @ Blogmaster David:

    Above contribution posted (inadvertently) to the wrong blog.

    Please delete while I repost to the blog dealing with the abolition of the 11 plus.



  • Not a problem Miller. Let us leave it.


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