The Logic of Freundel Stuart

Submitted by Sunshine Sunny Shine

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenges and controversyMartin Luther King

It would be interesting to know the ultimate measure of Freundel Stuart because we certainly cannot apply the above quote to his ability to lead or demonstrate conduct that instils a sense of confidence and well-being.  To show yourself approved to deal with challenges efficiently and calm the fears of many in times of controversy and uncertainty is certainly not an attribute of Stuart’s arsenal of mind boggling justifications on many an issue of governance, as it is his position to condone and overlook obvious wrong doing with a superfluity of words. His is a behaviour that interprets according to Stuart, for the Stuart, as to only help he, the Stuart.

So here we are at yet another fiasco that the Freundel pretends that he does not understand when he knows full well why the public is so pissed at him.  It is another case of the Fruendel leading according to the logic of the Fruendel. That logic says that a new $750,000 Mercedes S-Class was in estimates and that the purchasing of such a car is for the travelling commitments of the Prime Minister of Barbados. According to him, this must be done regardless of harsh economic times, regardless of the belt-tightening request or telling the public that the jockey is too heavy for the horse, and irrespective of the undeniable sufferings of many people made so by measures imposed by his administration.

His is thinking that says to serve in the ‘public’s interest’ is more important than the public’s concern. So the political class should not be subject to certain austerities as it is their duty to function unrestricted and without pressure if they are to fulfil their duties to the best of their abilities.

To him, the Prime Minister is a leader of a country, and like all other world leaders, who drive around in style and comfort that it is also his right of entitlement to be driven around in the same. After all, the opposition had proposed it, he is just honouring it, and it is not his car, according to  Stuart’s logic of things.

He would never stop to think, base on what is happening in Barbados and how people views his leadership, to show the people that if he asks them to tighten their belts that he and his administration will tighten theirs as well. His is a logic that says the economy is only good to restore the 10 percent that parliamentarians give up but not good enough to give civil servants a modest increase in salary after so many years of suffering under a wage freeze. That political interests must be separate from societal concerns; so, the purchasing of a $750,000 S-Class Mercedes is just as important as spending over 7 million on the one-year independence celebrations in 2016 in spite of the garbage collection problem the island faced in that year,

At the end of the day, the logic of the Stuart is certain to do the right thing according to the interpretation of the Stuart.  So all opposing views are wrong, even if his behaviour in certain things may appear immoral and questionable. He is the Stuart, and he operates according to the values and principles that have made him who he is even if it means being looked upon as the most disliked Prime Minister in the history of Barbados politics.​

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  1. Bajan Free Party/CUP/.Violet Beckles Plantation Deeds from 1926-2017 land tax bills and no Deeds,BLPand DLP Massive land Fruad and PONZI on said:

    All the top crooks move like that, Ex CJ David Simmons drove around the same way, thinking he was going to live at the High Court forever after being removed or not extended By PM David Thompson, It seems I have to keep a top eye on People named David?

  2. SSS….they dont care.

    Check out this joke this clown below, he thinks it’s counter productive to have a sex offender’s registry in Barbados, although being told by the police that is the way to go, he was at one time attorney general, so you can see that it’s not always the police at fault, it’s the ministers and politicians dont want to clean up the crimes on the island…dont want to protect, the children, the young women, the people on the island from criminals.

    This Dale Marshall prefers see pedophiles and rapists run wild and wreak havoc on vulnerable children and women unincumbered rather than to monitor and control them.

    You will notice that he never mentions the victims of rape, his concern is only for the wellbeing of the rapists, this goat is trying to be a minister once again, so everything will remain the same..

    …..Mia better take stock of Jerome Walcott and Dale Marshall…no one needs these 2 who will make a very bad situation already existing on the island, extremely worse.

    This is his logic…leave the rapists alone.

    So there is no chance in hell that any of the ministers and politicians will want to clean up the bribery and corruption in their circle, stop wasting taxpayer’s money or lock up those who bribe them, they see nothing wrong with any of it….because they see nothing wrong with rape.

    No to list
    BARBADOS IS SIMPLY too small for a sex offenders registry, says former Attorney General Dale Marshall. He was responding to a recent suggestion from Acting Assistant Commissioner of Police William Yearwood. Last Friday, while addressing the closing ceremony of a sexual offences investigation course at the Regional Police Training Centre,… Read More”

  3. Doubt me….ask anyone of them in parliament, including Fruendel, the same question about a sex offender’s registry to protect rape victims on the island,,and they will all echo the same sentiment.

    Protect the rapist.

  4. No wonder the Stuart wants every and all self employed persons on the island to register with NIS – somebody has to provide the money for these two armed bandits to live the high life through squandering the NIS funds. And now they have the gall to want to negotiate waivers on interest and an extended payback period. While NIS is necessary, what use will it be to the self employed if Mugabe and friends plunder the fund?

  5. Did stuart steal govt money to buy the car. As part of the budget did the opposition pick teet against the purchase of the car.Can you nitwits lame brain braying jackals point out the corruption or illegalties in the country owning a Mercedes.
    Smallminded people live on narrowminded streets.idiots

  6. Hmmm….re the mentality of Stuart……

    I broached this topic before with no response but to my mind the answer may lie in the days of slavery.

    The need to have baubles and surround one self with glitter and shiny things.

    Remember in Bim during slavery they were basically 3 categories of of slave hierarchy…,yard and field…..

    One wonders as to the present day mindset of the descendants of these categories?

  7. @ Vincent at 8:59 AM

    Did they not have baubles and glittering things in Africa in the 15th century? Slavery was abolished in 1838. Do you not think that Barbadians should take responsibility for any defects in their code of behaviour?

    Is there anything corrupt in the State cars being top of the line? The cars are specially outfitted. Do you expect them to cost the same as the ordinary cars provided to John Citizen? Some of you will be happy if the Head of State and Head of Government were driven around in a donkey cart and I wonder why. It is telling me and the rest of the world how you see yourselves. We have not begun to understand what nationhood is about. Some of us do not understand what pride and what industry mean in our court of arms.

    The Sugar cane industry is virtually dead but many of us still looking for some thing or some one to cut down with our cane bills. Carry on smartly.

  8. @ angela SkeeteJune 12, 2017 at 8:22 AM
    “Smallminded people live on narrowminded streets.idiots..”

    No wonder your address is No.1 Narrowminded Alley, Cesspool Cul de sac!

    Who could be more narrow-minded with an undersized brain that a Lilliputian pea chink would scoff at than an accredited cretin called Angela skeete the bane of BU who wastes all her time questioning the right of Mia Mottley to practice law in Barbados since 1987; her right granted under a DLP administration.

    Didn’t you and the other DLP goons have 9 years to terminate her ‘illegal’ professional act?
    Why not query why the AG has refused to deliver the report to Parliament about Mia’s right to practice law?

    But like the personal witnessing of vote buying (an illegal electoral practice) this Mia continuing act of practicing law ‘illegally’ would be eventually swept under the carpet of the political class.

    When you are able to get the Hyatt financial backers to reveal the source of funds to erect that monstrosity on a miniscule piece of beach land in a Lilliputian town then we will condemn Mia for not producing her LEC along with the many lawyers who still practice law (like Georgie Porgie Payne) without having in their possession such an internationally irrelevant piece of paper.

  9. Vincent…… negros of parliament who can only justify their existence and self worth through overpriced garbage like Mercedes that are unsuitable for Barbados’ roads and that continue enrich other people, but npt their own people.

    It is tantamount to stealing and wasting taxpayers money, Fruendel said for the world to hear, even on facebook “the mercedes keeps breaking down”……..

    … this was a 4 or 5 year old mercedes, not suitable for the roads on the island and apparently since 2008, they have bought at least 3 such mercedes with taxpayer’s money , which are still not suitable for the island’s roads, which still keeps “breaking down”…..

    …..and here comes 2017 and Fruendel still buys a fully loaded mercedes at taxpayer’s expense, further enriching Simpson Motprs although this latest Mercedes will still keep “breaking down” even sooner, because it is still not suitable for the roads on the island, to be maintained at taxpayer’s expense.

    ……come 2020 let’s see if any government ekected will still insust on purchasing a fully liaded mercedes at taxpayer’s expense that will still not be suitable for the roads in Barbados…and “keeps breaking down.”

    To add insult to injury, I understand the acting Commissioner of Police now drives a mercedes, uograding from a toyota, the DPP drives a mercedes, all the judges at the supreme court drives indivudual mercedes, all at taxpayer’s expense, all not suitable for the island’s roads, meaning all will “keep breaking down”…. when their are more durable vehicles that can be purchased.

    There is a moral to this…the house negros of parliament have no common sense, no critical thinking skills and are a liability to the black population.

  10. ” The S-Class is said to be valued at $350,000 duty free or over $700,000 inclusive of duties.”

    Does Government pay duty on cars ?

  11. “Who could be more narrow-minded with an undersized brain that a Lilliputian pea chink would scoff at than an accredited cretin called Angela skeete the bane of BU who wastes all her time questioning the right of Mia Mottley to practice law in Barbados since 1987; her right granted under a DLP administration.”

    Ain’t this a big, ugly, haha, haa.

  12. Miller….the Ass’ s did not know it was DLP exempted Mia and in 1987 extended the privilege for her to practice law without a local degree……until I told her yesterday, it’s agonizing, but oh so beautifil, how stupid the AC Ass’ s now look…on the blog. …lol…lol.

  13. If you want an estimate of how much taxpayer’s money has been wasted in the last 30 years purchasing Mercedes that will always be unfit for use on the islands roads, add up each department inclusive of judges and others who use mercedes, the cost of each mercedes….and multiple it by nine…you will have a rough estimate of hundreds of millions of dollars being spent purchasing mercedes..over the last 30 years..

    Wasted taxpayer’s money.

  14. Bernard

    Chuckle…..oh yes,our ancestors were sold by their fellow Africans for the baubles and glittering things….thanks for drawing the noose home.

    It brings to mind the Noveaux Riche syndrome.

    I am old enough to remember EWB driving around his own 30 year Benz,also his instructions on the day before his death that MP&ML cars be parked at Central and leave the keys at the desk……I wonder if he had lived what Bim would be like today?

    We suffer from a blinkered vision that whatever others do irregardless of whether its good for the country and its people or not we must do…..we keep forgetting the old adage of Bimmers…….follow pattern kill cadogan.

    The truth can be unpalatable at times….hence your understandable withdrawal from the field of engagement.

  15. @ Vincent HaynesJune 12, 2017 at 11:20 AM

    Here we are dealing with a stupendously arrogant man with a social chip on his black shoulders the size of Mount Olympus.

    Fumble is a descendant of both field and house niggers and is psychologically caught among the fourth gang of pond grass pickers to feed the Massa horses to pull the buggy, the Mercedes of its time.

    That is why he threatened to send you black bastards back to the cane fields without any cutlasses in case you want to reenact another rebellion at the old Bayley’s now renamed the Royal House of Stuart Plantation.

  16. Mercedes, one of the finest and most beautifully designed pieces of German engineering anywhere in the world and judged as top of class F1 favorite, is having its name tarnished by a government renowned for its lack of caring for public property. The same government that can’t keep MTW bulldozers serviceable, buses, street lights, roads, pumping stations (water), water mains, computers, school buildings, sewage plants, ambulances, hospital elevators, 3 wheeler gifts from Saudi Arabia (or was it China?), National Stadium and police stations? There are taxis in Cuba that must be twenty years old or more and they are still running. If government maintained MP2 in the same manner as they did any of the above, well it’s a wonder it lasted as long as it did. One way of getting a new vehicle – mash up and buy back.

  17. millertheanunnaki June 12, 2017 at 11:39 AM #

    Except….he is not the only one.

    I believe that their praise of EWB is more of a mocking nature as he was from the House slave and the Planter class variety.

    The objects he surrounded himself with were not new,he like many others of that ilk always viewed new things suspiciously and believed in sticking with what was tested and true as opposed to the just come that want bright and shiny things to the detriment of all.

    In general Bim has been taken over by shallow minded ones in all areas……when you pass 100 yr old mahogany furniture still good or 40 year old wrought iron furniture in excellent condition being tossed outside to make way for shiny chipboard furniture that will fray or swell and buckle once they get wet in less than 5 years……just because they saw nice shiny/glossy pics of these items….go figure.

    I am truly fascinated by the inheritors of his legacy……a country deserves the leaders they get.

  18. Borrowed from BDS Today, for the benefit of the DLP Yardfowls.

    So Prime Minister Freundel Stuart is at a loss over the uproar triggered by Government’s decision to purchase a spanking new top-of-the-line Mercedes-Benz for his use in these tough economic times? As he put it to reporters earlier this week when questioned on the matter, “I don’t know what the fuss is about”.

    If ever there was a statement that conveyed the image of a prime minister disconnected from the reality of the very people he supposedly leads, it certainly would have to be this one. It shouldn’t be surprising, therefore, that Mr Stuart has difficulty understanding what’s the fuss about. The reason, however, is pretty clear and simple.

    It relates specifically to quite a few inconsistencies and contradictions between what the incumbent Democratic Labour Party (DLP) regime has been telling Barbadians they have to do and what the Government, on the other hand, is actually doing. The inconsistencies and contradictions are quite apparent to the average Barbadian, whose characteristic docility should not be mistaken for stupidity.

    Barbadians can clearly see, in this particular instance, what appears to be a case of one rule for them and another for the political class. To justify the last four years of harrowing austerity, the Stuart government has repeatedly suggested to Barbadians that they have been living beyond their means and sacrifices through belt-tightening were necessary in the national interest. Such thinking clearly informed the proposals in the 2017 Budget which last week imposed what is arguably the largest tax take in living memory.

    When the full impact of these new measures hits home in another month, the struggle by the average Barbadian to make ends meet will become a lot harder as less disposable income will now be available. Buying food, for example, to enjoy a decent meal will become an even bigger challenge for many especially the poor and elderly. It is already a sad spectacle in supermarkets to witness some Barbadians having to leave items at the check-out counter because their meagre budgets cannot stretch any further. With the hefty tax impositions announced in the Budget, more will have to do so unless some good Samaritan comes to their rescue and pays the difference.

    The painful truth is that it is not the average Barbadian who has placed the country in the current economic mess. It is poor management at the policy-making level by politicians. Yet it seems to the average Barbadian that while what amounts to incompetence in some cases is rewarded with handsome salaries followed by generous pensions on retirement, they are always the ones called upon to pay the heavy price of these costly mistakes by politicians.

    If the DLP is telling Barbadians they must tighten their belts, then prudence dictates that DLP politicians should be leading by example. But, as the Budget clearly demonstrated, what we have essentially is a tax-and-spend government which has a seemingly voracious appetite for extracting the last tax dollar from citizens instead of engaging in belt-tightening through trimming expenditure. It is therefore understandable why Barbadians would be upset about Stuart’s new ride delivered, ironically, days after more fiscal brutality was inflicted on their backs.

    The decision to purchase the vehicle at this time not only reflected poor timing but also conveyed a lack of sensitivity. It reinforced a picture of sharp contrasts in which the population faces the prospect of further pauperization by a supposedly broke government which chooses, nevertheless, a vehicle that is a symbol of opulence and luxury for the prime minister. Stuart’s feeble explanation was that it was a government decision, not his.

    But you know what? Stuart certainly did not have to go along with the decision. At least he could have asked for the purchase to be put on hold given the country’s circumstances. Were Errol Barrow the prime minister of Barbados today, he would have done exactly that in a demonstration of solidarity with the suffering of Barbadians. Though he was a patrician or aristocrat in the Barbadian social context, Barrow did not care about having such trappings of luxury and opulence at his disposal in public office.

    Indeed, Barbadians who are old enough will easily recall that when Barrow began his second coming as prime minister after the 1986 general election, he contemptuously turned his back on the green Mercedes used by his predecessors and settled instead for a lowly Toyota Crown. Though members of the same DLP, it seems, from a philosophical standpoint, that Stuart is definitely not cut from the same political cloth as Barrow.

    But there is an even greater underlying reason why Barbadians are upset with Stuart over the new Mercedes. And it goes way beyond the fact that he has admitted receiving not one but two new official vehicles for his use in a matter of months — the other being the SUV M50. Marketed by the DLP as the most authentic working class prime minister Barbados has had, most Barbadians with the same socio-economic background generally thought that Stuart would have demonstrated more compassion and understanding of their plight.

    The verdict, sadly, is that he has let them down. After assuring Barbadians that there would be no change in policy, Stuart still presided over the dismantling of free education introduced by Errol Barrow and Cameron Tudor to allow the sons and daughters of the working class to attend university. Stuart also went along with the controversial restoration of the 10 per cent pay cut for the political class in an economic environment where most Barbadians have not had a decent pay increase in almost 10 years.

    Politics is largely about perception and success at the leadership level hinges heavily on the effective management of perception which has been repeatedly lacking or weak in Stuart’s case. Whoever is advising him — if there is indeed such a person — is clearly a novice given the many blunders.

    Stuart did not have to find himself in a pickle over changing MP2. As he explained to reporters, the vehicle was giving problems and maintenance costs were high and rising. However, such happens when a government comes across as indifferent, insensitive and does not understand that at the heart of politics is a permanent battle of communication to win over hearts and minds.

    Instead of ending up as another DLP public relations fiasco, replacing MP2 without controversy was entirely possible but it would have required what I will describe as careful preparation of the wicket beforehand. The skillful execution of such would be through specific strategic communication interventions where a compelling case would have been presented that delivered public consent.

    This latest gaffe, coming on the heels of last week’s punishing budget, the restoration of the 10 per cent, and the millions spent on the 50th Independence anniversary celebrations, is just another self-driven nail in the political coffin of the DLP, months before a general election.

    In their arrogance and contempt for the intelligence of the average Barbadian, the Dems somehow believe that morality is their sure passport to a third term. But here are some questions. Will morality provide Barbadians with jobs, pay their mortgages or children’s university fees, or lower the cost of living which was the DLP’s no.1, no.2 and no.3 job back in 2008?

    If morality was indeed the solution to all of our problems, I would not dispute that the Dems are worthy of re-election. That, however, is not the case. The silence of Barbadians does not mean acquiescence; Barbadians are simply waiting patiently for the election bell to ring so that they can perform the last rites on the DLP in the ballot box and lay its tortured soul to rest without the hope of a political resurrection any time soon.

    (Reudon Eversley is a Carleton University-trained political strategist, strategic communication specialist and longstanding journalist.

  19. Barbadian…..characteristic docility should not be mistaken for stupidity.

  20. Fearplay ! why dont you buy one uh dem Cuban twenty year old taxis as a gift fuh your wife. Duffus !Barbados is a part of a global community look around and see what other world wide leaders are driving and owning .in the meanwhile wunna BU geriatrics still singing the praises of donkey carts. What a bunch of Neanderthals

  21. Barbados is a part of a global community look around and see what other world wide leaders are driving and owning .

    Hahahaha…..monkey see….monkey do

    Those who had doubts as to the intelligence level of the ruling class need wonder no more.


    Are you sure that the above post was made from the same IP address as the other by that name, as I cannot believe how low the thinking has dropped…..tell me its false or somebody hijacked it.

  22. Huckkeberry Finn do not expect you to understand the message in the comment. Afterall u are a member of the BUvgeriatric community and wearing Depends ..duffus

  23. Ya might have to repeat this another 4 years before it sinks in to the heads of hardheaded yardfowls.

    The beautiful German engineering of mercedes were not design for rough roads, but for the smooth surfaces of freeways and autobahns or real highways, which can be found in Europe, North America, down under and several other continents….

    ……Barbados’ roads or more suitable for 4 wheel drive, all terrain vehicles, which are also very comfortable rides.

    Throw in the fact that the governments are careless and do not maintain anything….the 3 wheeled ambulances are a great reason not to donate anything to Barbados governments, they take care of nothing, particularly the people….so let’s see how really stupid tgey can be by not getting better vehicles for official use, vehicles that are a better fit for their uneven, rough roads.

  24. Barbados roads are also suited for donkey carts very little maintenance requiredDuffus. Next time around maybe you can order a couple for Mia if she becomes PM .them donkey carts would save the country plenty money.

  25. Tell me where donkey carts are sold in Bim and I will buy one for you…

    ….. but I noticed some fully loaded comfortable SUV…4 wheel drive, all terrain vehicles being sold on the island and that is all that can be seen on the roads, bought by sensible people.

    Yall broke ass people always keep pretending to be what you are not….wannabes.

  26. The Dipper drove a Triumph Mayflower car up to the late 50’s.When he became the member for St John he upgraded to a Mercedes Benz.Dont be fooled.Barrow said he was Jewish and he enjoyed the finer things of life as did Tom and Richie.Richie had a big and very powerful Mercedes Benz more suitable to the autobahn of Merkel country.Sandy like Stuart had an aged ordinary motor car like Barrow in his early days at the bar.While many support the up market ride of the PM’s office,the same cannot be said for the likes of Pornville Inniss and the crooked Michael Carrington,two Johnny come Latelys.Its the optics and the PM’s failure to observe the harsh times that is causing the hue and cry over the new purchase.Given the harsh economic times it’s a suicidal decision to defend.Principle good.Timing,bad.

  27. Jack a.sss the money was specifically allocated in the budget for the purchase of the car .The PM had no controled of the timing of when the car should be purchased given that the car was all but had become a lemon and the mainteance cost was becoming problematic .The long and short being that the upkeep of the car would cost as much as a new Mercedes .
    You guys are so stupid .Who in their right mind would keep feeding a dead horse ammm maybe only if you are a blp yardfowl.

    • You are so bombastic, just like Trump.

      The car was ordered in March 2016 and guess what, the economy was going through the same economic as today. Don’t be fooled by the fact the government restored the 10% to their salaries.

  28. David

    Your response to the operative answers my earlier question.

    Sad,sad…..when this proud geriatric has to be ashamed of what his era produced….

    Every uttering is more ridiculous…..

    ……the money was specifically allocated in the budget for the purchase of the car .The PM had no controled of the timing of when the car should be purchased…….

    ……..The long and short being that the upkeep of the car would cost as much as a new Mercedes ……..

    ……….than the previous.

    Note I am not engaging or responding,just expressing my hurt of the wasted production and education of this progeny over the last 50 years.

    EWB must be talking to kick ‘m Jenny to send a tsunami to rid his shores of this pestilence.

    • @Vincent

      This issue could have been avoided in 2016 by the PM agreeing to use M50 for personal and official functions. Bear in mind M50 was replaced recently as well.

  29. Does anyone think that by now this government understands that Barbadians are angry?

    Barbadians were angry when the dems without shame said that the economy had improved and was on a growth path just to restore their supposed sacrifice which was a big fat lie judging from the budget………..but this car purchase takes the cake.

    Now they have to be scared as hell that not even this morality nonsense is going to work and they have to be hearing that people do not give a damn about others’ private life.

    It is not only Fumbles arrogance at the uproar over the car but look what he said at the end…………… is not for him only, he or she who comes after him will drive in it and that will not be for a long time.

    Play your game…… Fumble time flies, one can hardly believe that half the year is nearly gone.

  30. Does anyone know the cost of the new M50?

    We should bear in mind that the GG’s car was also replaced as well as judges.

    We are spending taxpayers money on luxury items for the top 1%.

  31. Negro dont get it twisted the long and short of the issue resolves around saving the taxpayers money in the long run, Why should the the taxpayers pay for the maintenance of a lemon which in the log run would cost them more to keep the car which at some point the car would not be of any service . Or they save money short term by using the allocated funding for the cost of a new car,
    Any one who have had a car giving them repair problems after a extended period of having to pay constant repair bills with out finding resolution does the obvious
    Only blp political yardfowls would frown at making a decision which would save taxpayers unnecessary cost and talk rubbish laced with BS political politricks as a solution
    the car was a lemon and getting rid of it was a cost saver to the taxpayers

  32. Barbados was experiencing the same economic turmoil in March 2016 when the car was ordered, as in June 2017 (1 year and 3 months later).
    While Stuart and his DLP colleagues went to parliament to restore 10% of their salaries, civil servants have not received a salary increase for the past 8 years.

    The following response is the LOGIC of Angela “DLP yard-fowl” Cox-Skeete:

    “The PM had no control of the timing of when the car should be purchased given that the car was all but had become a lemon and the maintenance cost was becoming problematic.”

    Judging from the shiite this idiot writes, there aren’t any “proof readers” at their George Street headquarters.

  33. David

    He is the Primus Inter Pares… one can force him to do anything.

    He made his own free will choice to show utter contempt to the people of Bimshire and his operatives are confirming it with every silly post the put out.

  34. And taxpayers would have been SAVED lots more money if government had purchased a CHEAPER luxury car.

    However, according to sources at Simpson Motors, Stuart LIED about maintenance costs.

  35. Stupid is:

    Not being able to comprehend that the maintenace of every mercedes bought with taxpayer’s money will far outweigh the usefulness or commonsense of continuing to purchase the mercedes…every 4 years….because of the rising costs of maintenanc, because of bad roads and the overpriced costs of new ones…..

    ….that the upkeep of mercedes vehicles will always be more expensive than purchasing a new one…..

    Who in their right minds by dozens of mercedes for government departments over the last few decades that become proven dead horses within 4 years because they were never built for Barbados’ roads.

    That is the real definition of stupid.

  36. And they bought another lemon, costing even more than the previous lemon.

    I have relatives with mercedes in North America…ten years old and going strong.

  37. The idiot that is Angela Skeete seems to think that the Prime Minister deserves such a car to drive around with and believes once it was in the estimates it is sealed in concrete and iron. Just like her Prime Minister, keeping up appearances is better than dealing with economic realities. So you have an establish spend foolish government who have demonstrated that to waste is better than to save, and satisfying wants has greater value than dealing with what is needed. You are truly an ignorant woman. Your Prime Minister is an ignorant, selfish, myopic hypocrite, who can only convince nitwits like you.

  38. The PM is both clueless and useless, so leave him alone…………..he does not know better.

  39. David

    Please feature the poster on Facebook. I want the whole of Barbados and the world to see how arrogant and repugnant is the Prime Minister of Barbados. If you do not mind.

    • All items posted on BU are shared on Facebook. We posted the image again in case you missed it.

  40. I think the latter part of the article says more about our problems than the first. The PM speaks about his personal cars, their age and brands. Our problem is that we have people spending our money like if it isn’t theirs….because it isn’t, and that will always be a problem.

  41. So wunna still up in here debating whether a Mercedes lemon is better than a brand new spanking Mercedes. Folks check out the intelligence of these idiots

  42. This economy has been so badly mismanaged, you hear… it can be fixed or unravelled is going to be a herculean task.

    In 9 years they borrowed twice the amount the BLP borrowed during their terms yet they cannot show us what they have done with the money. At least we have evidence of what the BLP did with the money they borrowed. The BLP also left 2.7 billion in foreign reserves.

    They have just spent and spent and spent and now we are the ones who have to bare the burden. On top buying a $350,000 car, the PM had to gall to tell people that he is going after people who do not pay into the NIS………..they want more money to waste.

    The dems have now taken up to 74% of NIS funds which is now putting the NIS under tremendous strain to pay benefits…………and now what does the moron for a minister say……people need to stop taking so much sick leave…….as if she does not know that the DLP policies are making people sick, sick, sick.

    Did she not tell us a few weeks ago that the government has nearly met its committments to the NIS? This proves that she lied as the government now wants to re-negotiate repayment terms.

    Detroyers of this fair land….the DLP.

  43. I was thinking about the many ways this government has been wasting taxpayers money.

    Free busfares
    Free summer camps………….are there going to be any this year?
    Give away free NHC houses
    Over priced housing projects to one man………Valery, Grotto and the ones still unoccupied that Michael Lashley got his lackies to build
    Expensive Illaro Court cocktail parties
    Independence celebration massive spending
    Expensive cars for the PM
    Over staffing the public sector with their yardfowls
    Paying exorbitant legal fees to their lacky DLP lawyers
    The expensive Credit Suisse loan
    Buying Sam Lords and then borrowing money to rebuild it using Chinese labour and awarding DLP lawyers with hefty finder’s fees
    Retrofitting LESC needlessly
    Pumping $120 million into Four Seasons…… putting money in Maxwell pond

    BU family can add to the list…………

  44. @Bernard Codrington. June 12, 2017 at 9:30 AM “We have not begun to understand what nationhood is about. Some of us do not understand what pride and what industry mean in our court of arms.”

    Some of us understand what nationhood is about, we understand what pride and industry means because we give of our time, our talents, our tax money, our blood, and are willing to give our very lives for this country…and still we disagree with the purchase of a very expensive care in a time of austerity.

    Don’t you dare question our love of country just because we disagree with you and with the Prime Minister.

  45. Reudon Eversley wrote an essentially excellent article above. However it was fatally damaged by the inclusion of the last paragraph.

    What morality what?

    A Prime Minister of even minimal moral uprightness would not do the things Eversley listed as well as allow such highly immoral projects to go unpunished as the Cahill Fiasco, the blatant case of the Speaker and the monies of the wheel chair bound man, etc. etc. etc.

    Stuart is not the person he tries to portray to gullible bajans.

    There is a disconnect there somewhere!

  46. Just think of how the PM sat down in Parliament and listened to MAM light into the four ministers who whom she thought went rogue and signed the Cahill deal and he said nothing.

    It was only after David posted the documents here on BU that we found out that the PM had in fact signed the deal long before. The man is a coward and is deceitful.

    As one of these ministers, I would have had to stand up for myself but no these bandits stick together like thieves. I would have outed the PM. But no the DLP is bigger than the country.

    His outburst at Barbadians for daring to question the acquisition of the $350,000 car at this time speaks volumes of his character and leadership.

  47. Just saw a newsclip where Michelle Obama said that Barrack wore the same tuxedo in the white house for 8 years and no one noticed, Obama is a wealthy man, but unpretentious and real, he does not define his self worth and ability to serve his people or contribute by being seen driven around in the newest car on the market…..he woukd make syre it is the most durable car on the market, like his tuxedo worn for 8 years…commonsense.

    Poor ass ministers in the Caribbean could never find themselves relating, they have to showboat and do not have what it takes.

  48. Prodigal Son

    This Prime Minister is his worst enemy, and his conceited behaviour makes him believe that no one can figure him out. He thinks that when he washes his mouth with an abundance of words that listeners will be persuaded to accept or be convicted in their minds that we have a leader who understands. What we understand about him is that he says much, pretends a lot and keeps silent because he knows he is a deceiver. Why would anyone not think that this Prime Minister is on the kickbacks take? He calls Leroy Parris friend and allows him to place is money that the banks refuse to keep in the Central Bank. This is an action unheard of but one done under this administration for reasons base on the friendship of Leroy Parris to the PM. He turns around in the face of the findings of a forensic report that clearly outlines irregular financial activity by Parris and Thompson and addresses the matter by threatening those who bought into the real estate scam that he has a list. No mention of the Parris-Thompson 3.3 million theft. He personally dealt with the Hyatt matter and told a reporter that he was not welcome to a private meeting dealing with a project that was of national interest. I will stop there for now. The man is wickedly conceited and deceitful, and he wants that S-Class Mercedes now because he must get the chance to feel its comfort, enjoy its air condition, and smell its new car smell before he goes off into the Sunset as a disgraced son of the soil. He is not interested in leading by example because he never expected to become Prime Minister and thus he wants to enjoy the maximum benefits of such a title.

  49. Well Well

    Obama is a leader, the shite we have in Barbados for Prime Minister is not. Can not see from this pretender that he does not believe the Prime Minister should be subject to austerity measures and cut backs. The man is fraudulent and deceitful. He has shown that time and time again in his condescending speeches and belittling overtones. He does not want what is best for Barbados but what is best for him and the interests he serves. He is wicked I tell you, more wicked than Mia Mottley, George Payne and that lot.

  50. Miller,
    My verbal(written) jousts with you, over the years, has been based on the belief that we were just persons with differences in political perspective. However, based on the following excerpt you wrote;”Fumble is a descendant of both field and house niggers and is psychologically caught among the fourth gang of pond grass pickers to feed the Massa horses to pull the buggy, the Mercedes of its time.
    That is why he threatened to send you black bastards back to the cane fields without any cutlasses in case you want to reenact another rebellion at the old Bayley’s now renamed the Royal House of Stuart Plantation.:…” it is obvious that your objections and arguments against Government activities and activities,are due to deep-seated bigotry and prejudice, than just a different political perspective.
    Your language and perspective discloses an attitude that obviously reflects,something that is so odious to me that I shall have no more interaction with you. I know it does not matter to you, but it also does not matter to me, but you should know.

  51. Poor Alvin…………the truth hurts, eh. Yea, I read over my posts and I mean every word I post. Too bad if it offends you and the DLP.

    I am sick and angry at the condition of our country. I am sick and angry at the way the dlp misfits have driven this down into the gutter.

    We deserve better.

  52. Poor Alvin…………the truth hurts, eh. Yea, I read over my posts and I mean every word I post. Too bad if it offends you and the DLP.

    I am sick and angry at the condition of our country. I am sick and angry at the way the dlp misfits have driven this country down into the gutter.

    We deserve better.

  53. @ Alvin CumminsJune 13, 2017 at 12:24 PM

    You should also give that ‘timely’ advice to Stinkliar who told Ms. Mottley to take off her clothes and run down Broad Street naked as “she born” to meet Ms Folwer whom was described by the same pathological liar as a bald-pooch cat.

    Similar advice should be given to the same lying Fumble who ought to be sent back to his true station on the plantation but first ought to apologize to the little school boy who dared to ask a simple question and was told a big bold-faced lies just like the one told to the BCC students and to the defrauded CLICO policyholders.

    We shall not even mention Cahill scam and your association with the Con woman crook.

    Now, Alvin good riddance to old stinking rubbish!

    “He who comes into equity must come with clean hands.”

  54. This pompous condescending excuse for a Prime Minister exemplifies The Dunning-Kruger Effect, defined as “a cognitive bias in which incompetent individuals suffer from illusory superiority, mistakenly rating their ability much higher than is accurate.” This bias is attributed to a metacognitive inability to recognize their own ineptitude.

    In lay terms, the man thinks he is a smart ass when in reality, he is a dumb ass. There are others bout hey, but he is the most destructive and dangerous.

  55. David, Prodigal,
    Which truth? The truth that in 2017, after 50 years as an Independent successful country; after rising to the level we are in the world, after achieving great things and producing outstanding citizens and scholars, we still have people like Miller spouting the type of invective as illustrated by his post, and many of you are prepared to accept it without question. What truth? The truth that you have such lack of pride in yourselves that those sentiments elicit no anger AND OUTRAGE with a Bajan (OR IS HE?) who expresses them?
    When in 1992 Chris Mc Hale referred to our Prime Minister, Erskine Sandiford; When we were iN an economic crisis also, as an “errant school teacher”; showing what was inside, some people took refuge behind a political wall, and did not object. I was similarly outraged at the time, AND I EXPRESSED IT. I am outraged NOW; not hurt, when supposedly educated people seek resource in this type of invective, and people put it in political terms.
    What Miller has written is an indictment on all black people of the island, anD YOU THINK I AM “HURT”? WHY SHOULD I NOT BE HURT? IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH POLITICS!!
    MILLER WRITES; “Fumble is a descendant of both field and house niggers”. AND THAT IS ALRIGHT WITH YU FOLK?
    he further writes: “That is why he threatened to send you black bastards back to the cane fields” And this is alright with you people?
    Whether you think I am “hurt” for political reasons, you people do not know me.
    I am very conscious of who I am, and I know where I came from and proud of where I have reached. Above all I am proud of my country and where IT has reached, aND I WILL FIGHT AGAINST ATTITUDES AND ACTIONS THAT TRY TO DIMINISH MY COUNTRY’S SUCCESSES. PRODIGAL;DO YOU KNOW THAT A BAJAN, DESIGNED THE FIRST SEARCH ENGINE FOR THE INTERNET? BEFORE YAHOO, BEFORE GOOGLE OR ANY OF THEM? HIS NAME IS ALAN EMTAGE, FROM CHELSEA ROAD. He did it while a student at McGill University. He could have been a multiBillionaire today, but he never patented his idea.
    That is what he, a Bajan, did. These are the examples that I admire and speak about. Thus when Miller can make his types of comments about my country, and people, I get angry; and hurt too, but hurt for another reason, than what you attribute my outrage to.
    When you make the statement; ” am sick and angry at the way the dlp misfits have driven this country down into the gutter.”
    Into which gutter? When the government can preside over, and administer a budget of over half a BILLION dollar , for a country of less than 280 thousand people it speaks volumes about this country that you denigrate. It is something you should be proud of. You throw scorn on the budget and the measures being taken to decrease the deficit. What do youthink the IMF would have recommended; or even ordered if we had gone to them for assistance? The medicine would have been even more bitter. But maybe people like Miller would have preferred it to be administered by WHITE people. That is why he displays his own inadequacies and mentality. A Prophet is not without honour; save in his own country.


  56. Miller;
    True, but remember, it also applies to you. MY hands are clean as the driven snow. What about yours? The fault; dear Brutus, lies, not in our stars, but in ourselves.”

  57. Alvin,

    You speak of Mr Emtage, who has never been offered an honorary doctorate, visiting professorship or any other recognition by UWI; or by the government.
    The first I heard about him was a few years ago when BBC Radio Four did an half-hour long programme on him. I believe he is now writing a book about Zuckerberg.
    We know how to treat our heroes. You are spot on. But we must grow up soon or the New Barbadians will take control.

  58. @Angela Skeete. You have proven with each of your several comments that you are as ignorant as the opinions shared in them. You clearly are a dick rider (Freundel’s in particular) who just spews dumb ass thoughts without thinking about what you are actually saying. There are stately cars made by almost every brand of car; for example, Honda’s Acura line, Toyota’s Lexus line & Nissan’s infinity line, which although more expensive than the ‘regular’ cars are far less expensive than a Mercedes and also their parts are far more accessible without having to be as expensive as the maintenance of a Mercedes. I wish the government had the foresight to see that if they maintained roads better(I presume this is why we pay road tax), they wouldn’t have to service their thousands of vehicles, or in this case replace, them as much.

  59. Interesting how these two points made by different individuals are able to bounce off of each other…….

    This pompous condescending excuse for a Prime Minister exemplifies The Dunning-Kruger Effect, defined as “a cognitive bias in which incompetent individuals suffer from illusory superiority, mistakenly rating their ability much higher than is accurate.” This bias is attributed to a metacognitive inability to recognize their own ineptitude.

    The truth that in 2017, after 50 years as an Independent successful country; after rising to the level we are in the world, after achieving great things and producing outstanding citizens and scholars,

    The PM obviously believes in Alvin’s diatribe of how great we are,which measured against the unsustainable debt level,poor infrastructure,archaic governance system and total dependence on mendicant earnings such as tourism after 50 years suggests the delusional thinking that Mitchlans has raised.

    • What is sad is that despite our sad state of affairs both economic and social we are unable to agree on the simple points at issue.


  60. David

    Some of us who live in cloud cuckoo land are seeing the glass half full whilst others not using rose tinted lenses see the glass half empty with more being drained from it.

  61. @ Alvin CumminsJune 13, 2017 at 2:02 PM
    “True, but remember, it also applies to you. MY hands are clean as the driven snow. What about yours? The fault; dear Brutus, lies, not in our stars, but in ourselves.”

    My dear Alvin, it was not the miller who arrogantly suggested to those involved in the Alexandra School fiasco that since they went to university but cannot solve problems at the school they could as well return to the sugarcane fields where they came from.

    Since he, Lord Fumble from the Marchfield pond grass gang, is unable to deal with any of the myriad problems facing his country he could as well follow his own advice and return ‘himself’ to his rightful place where he would not have to be ashamed about having Leroy Greenverbs next to him in the same closet of corruption, lies, deceit and secret sexual escapades of the rear-end kin which his former mentor Cammie Tudor taught him with exceptional expertise.

    Put it this way Alvin, your lying Lord Fumble is a massive hypocrite who is prepared to break all his own propagated rules about integrity. Just look at the litany of promises and commitments he has broken in order to be reelected.

    Look at how that field nigger has sold his very soul to the ‘past-for-white’ Massa Maloney in order to get into the ‘great house’ to drive around in the modern-day horse buggy called a Mercedes.

    But the Johnny-come-lately man of opulence is still very busy searching for the mysteriously missing file on the FBI investigation into the ‘alleged’ corrupt activities of OSA and the unread forensic CLICO report that suddenly went missing from his desk just like the $3. 3 million which ended up in the vault of the CBB under the watchful eyes of the now discredited Deliar Worrell whose recent volt-face act of contrition and ardent critic of your administration is nothing more than a river of crocodile tears from a totally disgraced and discredited sycophant who has been used and discarded like a condom.

  62. Alvin @ 1.52p
    What invective Miller spewing?The man telling it like it is.Would you have seen Barrow or Tom or Bree or Henry falling all over a man name baloney whom Stuart is allowing to rape the treasury of Barbados and allowing to break all our laws in so doing.Staurt gotta be be still in the massa mode.The man is a JA and an insult to Bajans.It is equivalent to baring his ass for baloney to kick.Staurt has no shame,no self respect and he should do us all a favour and get lost immediately.And by the way,who cares if you “bring water”.You JA!That is your personal business.

  63. Alvin Cummins

    I see you are very much still into blowing your personal achievement trumpet. You somehow seem to think that whatever it is that you have achieved provides you with the right to play educated policeman over the comments of others. I believe in my heart that you are widely read person with extensive knowledge, but I also believe that that same experience has made you quite stupid and blind as well. I usually do not comment about anything you write anymore because it is not worth the read. However, it is amazing how you want to Lord over the observations of Miller while you ignore the condescending statements of your Prime Minister. Each time you try to show yourself approved you affirm in the minds of many why you are always criticised along the lines of being an idiot and hypocrite. It is impossible for a conceited person like yourself to learn anything at this (st)age.

  64. Well Well

    Where in Dale Marshall*s tenure as Attorney General you felt that he was not towing the lines of truth and lie? The Archcot matter is the perfect case that proves Dale Coverup Marshall is another one of those politicians who has a distinct resemblance to the foul smelling excretment that is stored in pit latrines. Mia Mottley sought to retain the likes of this person, who is certainly not about protecting the masses but covering up for the elite few. He will always be remembered for the part he played in the Archcot matter and seeking to discredit the reputation of a noted science in his attempt to put the hush on the matter. So you would understand that when this idiot can measure up a sex offenders registrar as ”inappropriate” base on island size when the offences of sexual molestation and abuse are on a steady climb, it shows you clearly why persons of his ilk are not fit for public service. Barbados small size is not stopping the crime, not stopping the molestation, not stopping the various forms of abuse, and certainly not stopping politicians from practising skulduggery. If small size is a criterion for not having a sex offenders list, then it should be a superimposed requirement for not having an over-inflated number of parliamentarians. I bet you this weasel would not touch the latter.

  65. @Prodigal Son June 12, 2017 at 4:35 PM “Now they have to be scared as hell that not even this morality nonsense is going to work and they have to be hearing that people do not give a damn about others’ private life.”

    Actually we are interested in the private lives of all of our Prime Ministers (living and dead) and of all of our members of Parliament (living and dead) We are morally outraged about those who do not and have not supported their children (wunna men we looking at you) we are interested in those who fornicated and then did not marry the mothers of their children (PM are you one ‘o DEM?); we interested in those who are life long fornicators, we interested in those who are life long adulterers; or maybe they are life long virgins. If so let us know. We interested in those who are gay. We are interested in those who are bisexual, and those who are trisexual. Are these things BLP things? Are they DLP things? We do want to know.

    We are also interested in those of you sinners who disobey the Holy Scripture that “you shall not sow your field with two kinds of seed, nor wear a garment upon you of two kinds of material mixed together.”Leviticus 19:19

    So if you have ever planted yams and cassava in one field, or carrots and thyme in your kitchen garden, or worn tyrelene and wool, or polyester and cotton garments know that you are a moral degenerate and we have problems with you.

    Leviticus 19:19

  66. In Leviticus 18 and 19 it states “Now when you reap the harvest of your land, you shall not reap to the very corners of your field, nor shall you gather the gleanings of your harvest…do not go over your vineyard a second time or pick up the grapes that have fallen. Leave them for the poor ”

    I am warning you that those of you who have “reaped to the very corners of your field and gathered the gleanings of your harvest…that have gone over your vineyard a second time to pick up the grapes which have fallen”, that is those of you who have taken back your 10% and have taken back your back money, know that you are living in grave moral sin, that you have done that which is forbidden by Almighty God.

    In Leviticus 18 and 19 it also states “when a foreigner resides among you in your land, do not mistreat them. The foreigner residing among you must be treated as your native-born”

    We all know what happened to him who said to the foreigners from Guyana and the Caribbean “no matter how welcome wait for a call”

    Where is he now?

    Where is he now?

    Know that if you have done any of these detestable things “if you defile the land, it will vomit you out as it vomited out the nations that were before you.”

    This is the word of the Lord.


  67. Simple Simon

    Excellent reason to place that book in the myths or fairy tale section of any library……I do not advocate the destruction of books as I believe you can learn something from everyone……including not to be gullible.

  68. This is for all of you men, including all male members of Parliament be aware that you are forbidden to “cut the hair at the sides of your head or clip off the edges of your beard…
    and for both the men and women “Do not cut your bodies for the dead or OR PUT TATTOO MARKS ON YOURSELVES. I am the Lord.”

    Leviticus 19, chapters 27 and 28

  69. David

    A further insight of the PM can be had by reproducing Pg23 of The Barbados Today dated June 15th 2017.

  70. Vincent Waynes

    This article by Eversley is only a confirmation. Freundel Stuart got what he did not deserve. His head is way up and eyes full.

  71. Sunshine Sunny Shine June 18, 2017 at 4:02 PM #

    Yes….many stories exist of his inability to finish cases/work in his legal practice over the years.

    He cannot be blamed for his actions as all those around him knew/know that the Emperor was/is wearing no clothes.

    One wonders if that was the deal……tell the Emperor how lovely his clothes are,whilst at the same using the system to their advantage……this will go down so far as the worst govt in our history thanks to the acts of commission or omission by its members.

  72. It would appear that the only thing he can finish is his many sermons and parables. I mean, there has to be some truth to all that you stated above because there is very little done by him that one can say emphatically that Stuart did that or this. I mean there is no legacy, no one specific piece of governance that stands out that you can give him credit for. Even if the Hyatt was to save Barbados in its current economic mess, or the Cahill was the saviour we were looking for to deal with our garbage problem, the way this Prime Minister went about things was absolutely catastrophic. There is no time during his tenure that you could hold him to his word or feel that as long as Stuart is in it, you can expect something to happen. All the matters that he sought to intervene as Prime Minister were all trivial. He is a disaster of epic proportions and will be remembered for talking a lot of nothing that simply ended up as bare shyte talk.

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