The Silly Proposal of Mia Mottley

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mia mottleyMia Mottley, the opposition leader of the Barbados Labour Party, made an appeal with plenty of justifications, why the small 166 square mile 12 Parish island of Barbados should increase its current number of Parliamentarians. This appeal was made at a time when the island is suffering from serious economic problems that have resulted in services being depressed and neglected. It is due, mostly, to the poor management skills of the incumbent deceitful DLP government, and to a large extent, by the policies and poor oversight of government-spending by both political parties.

One would think that with the momentum in favour of the BLP, this fork tongue speaking silly woman would continue to ride on the wave of DLP nonsense and failures that is causing many to look upon the the opposition leader’s BLP party with renewed interest and wide eyes. But, as per usual, this indifferent, but very intelligent woman (I think) has a tendency to lean towards her alternative self that has landed many of the things she think are good into a lot of harsh criticisms. To present an articulate case for more parliamentarians at a time when bajans are very upset with their parliamentary leaders, especially the highminded Prime Minister shows that the Mottley level of confidence is causing her to not think things through, thoroughly. As a result, Mottley’s proposal was given a deserving tongue lashing, as the assumptions drawn is that she must make a way for her people thus ensuring that they can return to feeding at the Treasury trough after 8 lost years.

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  1. @SSS

    You should create another post in Imgur to see how it displays on WordPress. A ticket was raised by BU to inquire about why this one is problematic.

  2. This recommendation by The Opp Leader is flummoxing. As the writer states, when citizens are already complaining about the number of Ministries, which are not operating efficiently in any case, why would she suggest such a thing?

    Even if, by her thought processes, the representative arrangement needs addressing, the proposal as delivered does not communicate the reasons adequately.

    Further, despite any arguments to perform such amendment to the representatives, now is just not the time.

    It bothers me that she could not see this and instead of concentrating on the work to be done in correcting Barbados’s fiscal and forex issues, including terrible management decisions, such as the Grotto expenditures (yes, accommodation for lower income is necessary, but the cost therein was atrocious), she chose instead to refer to a subject that seems errant in the circumstances.

    This from someone who is expected to be the next leader of the country.

    The only explanation that I can derive, for someone to make such a statement at a critical time, is for them to ‘get that word in’, well before the election, in order that if / when they win and pressure mounts to reduce representatives, they have the answer already, that they are already restrained in increasing, thus no need to decrease.

    Nevertheless, to make this suggestion, at this time, is to be removed from reality. There are other ways to bring change and listen to people’s needs than just by adding representatives in Parliament.

  3. David, I have not the foggiest idea what is going on there although I have a pretty good idea why they might be blocked. An enquiry was made relative to my posters with a request to remove them on the grounds of offensive and libellous. So those who are after the SSS thinks that the SSS is ill inform and non factual. Lord if there only knew. But, will keep things hush for now. As for posting this as a topic, you know the BU household have a love-hate relationship with the SSS. Do not expect much commentary on this. since I have attacked the Queen Bee of the loyal Beehive. However, one must be cognizant of the fact that Mia Mottley in recognition of all that is going on in Barbados, would have to be a complete idiot to allow a rush of blood to interfer with her brain causing her tongue to be influence towards making such an assertive appeal at this time. All the silly woman has done is to show Barbadians a glimpse of what is to come, should she be given the nod for the next government. She is over confident_; and overconfidence tends to lead you towards brag, boast, and erroneous assertions with the ever familiar self serving interests.

  4. Why is it Silly?

    We used to have the Vestry system,then the Parish councils,Zones and now Constituencies.

    Is it possible that an effort is being made to allocate responsibilities to ones elected representative to actually deal with the roads,schools,signage,bridges,drains,etc,etc in ones area.

    Since EWBs creation of a central system of governance for the island’s infrastructure our country has gone from bad to worse in that area.

    I do not know the motivation behind her statement but if it is to have a hands on approach akin to the Vestry system re-introduced that will look after the forgotten ones in our community,then I am all for it.

  5. I completely agree with Vincent Haynes! When we had Parish Councils and Vestries we had a far more efficient island. Roads etc. we’re well maintained. I think we would do well to return to systems that worked rather than the disastrous system we now have.

  6. Vincent Haynes

    Thought I can agree with with you some what, you must understand that given the representative history of the Barbados Labour Party, their acheivements are marred by a number of vicious, scandalous, and corrupt labelings that does not augur too well for the image of this party during their latter day reign. We have the issue of poor financial representation of government spending in the form of unaccountable large sums. We need to hear from the prospective, what their intentions are for a better system of governance and financial acuity. The island of Barbados is a one city island with many village like communities in 12 parishes. A vestry system can be created out of the current parliamentarians to incorporate the needs of the parish-village-divides. There is enough in parliament to do this, which have as its aid the system of Constituency Councils. There is no need for no darn more parliamentarians since the notion is that the current lot are highly paid and hardly of any use.

  7. Sunshine Sunny Shine May 6, 2017 at 7:29 AM #

    The people of Bim have to become more active and hold the feet of whoever is elected to govern our country to the fire……this notion that we can find a goody two shoes politico is arrant nonsense…..the responsibility lies with us.

    The constituency councils would have merit once depoliticised and community members are elected to it.

    Should these councils take off as shown above, all we would require is an elected member per parish plus one from the council.

    We would have gone full circle and restored the power of governance directly to the people………..hmmmm……..political class would not like that though hands too far from the vigorish.

  8. Silly is actually a nice way of putting it…
    Lotta shiite.

    Here is a woman who, as chairman of a PAC committee of our highest lawmakers, allows the openly dishonest government to legislate that committee out of existence to all intents and purposes, and walks away like a little pissy girl hardly saying a word on the issue….
    A true patriot would have shut the country down until those ministers appeared as directed….

    This is a woman that will take over the reigns of a failed, demon-possessed state ..and bring meaningful change…?

    The woman is a joke….
    In thirty years of public life she is best known for burning down the prison and rushing into a questionable $700M contract with the highest, unqualified bidder; seeking to legitimise Peter Wickham; the major cock-up at world cup; tapping into people’s phones; and vowing to shut down the blogs.

    Now her main issue is
    …not resolving CLICO;
    …not Four Seasons;
    …not the Sandals scam;
    …not fixing the deficit;
    …not digging up the Satanic monument;
    …not bringing charges against all who have broken our Laws with CAHILL;
    …not reviewing the constitution….

    It is to INCREASE the number of the jackasses we currently have stabled in Heroes Square….

    ‘Silly’ shiite!!!
    It is asinine….

  9. More politicians, more ministries, more judges, more high bureaucrats, more X5 with MP plates.

    Will Barbados end like some African countries with 50 or 100 ministries to feed all relatives?

  10. @ Angela
    When we had Parish Councils and Vestries we had a far more efficient island. Roads etc. we’re well maintained.
    Because those fellas were not thieves trying to see what they can rake into their mother’s bank account and looking to sell the kitchen sink back to the old plantation class in exchange for a few pieces of silver.
    They were community builders.

    Nothing to do with the organisational arrangement.

  11. Bushie

    The only joke ’bout here is you…..go and face the electorate with your ideas and ideals…..if yuh brek,go and ask SB for a pick on the hustings……get elected…..inact new legislation… something other than talking a load o’………..

  12. @SSS


    BU household
    is David and family that administer BU.

    BU family is defined as the many commenters and contributors.

  13. Bush Tea May 6, 2017 at 8:08 AM #

    Nothing to do with the organisational arrangement.

    Put on yuh glasses…..where did Angela mention the above???


  15. @ Vincent
    Put on yuh glasses…..where did Angela mention the above???

    “When we had Parish Councils and Vestries we had a far more efficient island”

    That was Bushie’s last argument with you buddy.
    There is no hope for you….

  16. Bushie

    Comprehension….yuh best haul……since when does efficient make a quantum leap into organisational arrangement……bring the evidence doofus.

    You are really a youngster…..for your info the Vestry system was just as corrupt as todays political system.

    Keep looking for a hero…..

  17. If we can play the ball and forget he man for a moment.

    Let BU take a stab at what MAM possibly meant to convey.

    Given the number of MPs it is difficult to have vibrant and effective working committees of parliament. Working committees like the PAC, Committee of Privileges etc are critical to well functioning Westminster system of government. Then there is the paucity of a backbench as currently constituted that entirely compromises the notion of members of parliament being unable to exercise power with the majority whip to REPRESENT their constituents.

    Is this what MAM wanted to convey?

  18. Vincent
    Just for the record … how do you even know that Bushie does not ‘face the electorate’, offer his talents; create opportunities; etc?
    Why make yourself always look so pedantic?

    You have NO IDEA what Bushie’s alto ego do, have done, or is prepared to do…

    “Bush Tea” is and adopted BBE boy; and a blogger, with a whacker, operating on BU…

    But it must SURELY be clear that there are multiple other personalities attached… even to you.

  19. Bushie

    The mere fact that BBE is your father says it all and as to facing the electorate no wonder they rejected you….go haul…..

  20. David

    Would you agree that my suggestion re Constituency councils may fit her bill better and at the same time get rid of the senate.

    • Before we discuss operational arms of government we need to implement an effective framework to manage integrity and transparency in the public sector and by extension how it will extend to civil society.

  21. @ David
    See if you can explain to AC’s brother Vincent that a vestry SYSTEM and Parish COUNCILS represent a different organisational arrangement to the present parliamentary system that we have…. (mainly to protect the good name of Cawmere school…..)

    As to Mia…
    She probably means well (in a simplistic way) – in seeking to broaden the variety of inputs at the MP level.
    That however is not a key issue. The issue is really quality.
    The numbers are ALREADY disproportionately high for the small population.
    What she should be doing is working on QUALITY of representation.

    A key example is the PAC.
    She summons two ministers to account for the people’s money and they bluntly REFUSE.
    How the hell could she just let that drop?
    What people would WANT to see is for her to pursue that matter with commitment and vigour…to demonstrate her commitment to transparency.

    It comes across as if, in THEIR shoes, she would do the same shiite.

    • @Bush Tea

      Successive LOTOs have struggled to grow teeth on the PAC. One has to conclude that this is collusion by the political class. Can you imagine the ‘noise’ an effective Opposition can make over the ineffective PAC using the Auditor General reports? The challenge for MAM is that she shouts PAC and GROTTO and the government side shouts back GEMS and Crab Hill police station; six one half dozen the next.

  22. David

    Let me take a stab at what MAM possibly meant. She wants more MPs to improve her chances of being appointed prime minister. If she gets more of her loyal supporters elected that would improve her chances.

    Barbados already has too many ministries in order to find work for an unemployable set of pretenders.

  23. Bushie

    Stop talking pup….you created a straw man and are now seeking to justify its creation…..haul again.

  24. David

    How are we going to get those bills passed…..they were brought before and the horse baulked before.

    We can only hope that having to borrow from an external agency,that they will force the political class to implement these strictures on themselves.

    • @Vincent

      How will we get any thing changed? It will call for leadership. A person (s) will have to rise up who has the charisma to persuade all others to follow including the yardfowls.

  25. David May 6, 2017 at 9:09 AM #

    That Leader will have to persuade the political class what benefits are there for them by pursuing a course of action that will for all intents and purposes put a closure to ready availability of the contents of the pork barrel……daunting task.

  26. Caswell likely has a good point.
    That is the nature of our politicians and governance.

    @ David
    Agreed that while it is easy for a thief to catch a thief, it is a lot harder to follow-up in public for fear that all thieves are prosecuted.

    The reality is that she is tainted by her high-level association with the shiite that went on in the last two terms of the OSA government (which led Bajans to take a gamble with Thompson – who turned out to be an even bigger liability).

    In any mature society (or even a serious club) Mia would step aside and allow someone without such baggage to take the party forward. The fact that the BLP is not mature enough to accomplish such a basic task (that would be routine even in the Lions Club) tells us that the future is bleak for Barbados.

    The reason that Grenville is the ONLY one coming with ANY ideas and public proposals of any substance is that he is the only one without such skeletons in the closet…

  27. Lol. Amazing when govt is complaining about the deficit and wage bill and serking ways to decrese both. Mia comes up with a grand idea to increase both


  28. Vincent Haynes

    Have you been listening to what the electorate have been saying on Barbados Today Pulse of the People? You have those who just want sardines (and they are a lot of them). Then you have those that want their houses fix or simply a house. Then you have those that want jobs or a bit of money pass. The long of this short is simply this. If you weigh in on the Peoples Say, the majority comes over as a large set of non thinkers who cannot see past palin fixes and new floor boards. Asking them to hold elected pretensive leaders’ feet to the fire is like asking them to see pass the few salt breads and look to the whole wheat field. Ain’t happening with this lot. They notion of a good politician is a belly full and a now and then visit. That is why the silly woman can make such proposals and ignore the adversial position of the ministers who refused to come to the PAC hearing. That is why the DLP can get way with so much murder and the BLP could exploit bajans for 14 years. Barbados is the best place to practice self serving interestss and an excellent spring board from which upper class act can becom well off.

  29. Bushtea
    You’re the funniest. The circus needs you! When i repeatedly argued quality, you berated me. Now you’re touting quality as the answer rather than the system.

  30. This call to increase the number of seats by Mottley should not shock or confuse those who have long declared the BLPDLP bankrupt of ideas . I am still waiting on Arthur to publicly state why Mottley is “unfit” to be PM. Caswell has a point; this is nothing more than a ploy to guarantee her ambitions, it has nothing to do with good governance. She has been sitting in all the high offices except, PM, and suddenly she now thinking about finding employment, at the peoples’ expense for her minions. It is widely known that they want to go from 30-42 seats.
    Fortunately for those who are independent thinkers, Mottley has now effectively silenced those who come on BU defending the BLPDLP. We note that they are so dumbfounded by Mottley’s intentions, that they are trying to explain what she really means ! Well, Mottley, who has from time to time, been accused as brilliant, is known to speak very clearly.
    Remember this is the same Mottley, who was in office for 14 years and never visited women working in the fields but suddenly, in opposition, discovered them and was all over the papers saying how terrible it was.
    BLPDLP same thing. Anything now will be a vast improvement. Vote them out !!!!

  31. Barbados is in dire straits.No leadership.No vision.No accountability.Corruption in kickbacks and awarding of contracts.And what do we hear from a wannabe.Increase MP’s by 12.She deserves a bucket of wotsit for that ignorance.Soon from now all the taxes collected will be exhausted in satisfying public service liabilities of salaries,wages and pensions.Jackass!No wonder people refuse to vote.Bunch ‘o bag blind hoes.

  32. David

    Yes. I have been telling BT that they partisan skirts are showing. They removed the article in two days time but still featuring those written about the DLP. Now it would appear that I am blocked out of Imgur. Seems like the poster upset some bodies.

    • Tested an Imgur link posted by Piece and the same therefore it seems to be a technical matter. et us wait on WordPress support.

      If BT removed the link as you say it is highly unprofessional. Did anyone capture it so that we can highlight it properly?

  33. Mottley, cannot be serious. This is the biggest lack of a original idea since 2008, since the global financial crisis. If this is the best she can do, given this incompetent government, then we need a third party and soon – if not Solutions Barbados.
    Mottley has disgraced herself. I had a much higher opinion of her than this.

  34. David

    I went to copy it on the second day that I was commenting there but it was gone. It provided some of the most articulate convincing words for an increase in MPs that showed clearly that the six is indeed half of the dozen. I am convinced that BT is a conduit for the BLP, while operating at as a beacon to shed light on the DLP nonsense. It is really a sad day to see BT operating like the other news media. Then again, its all about the highest bidder and what you can get, not necessarily jounalism to make a diference..

  35. SSS I see you have resurrected this comment by Mia Mottley from Barbados Today over to BU.You Dems looking for all kinds of trivial nonsense to detract from the real issues in Barbados,like in 2013 with the old lady on the Bus,this time however those antics will not work,so reel and come again.I see the dlp spin doctors like William Skinner and Bush Tea reveling in this story which will pale in comparison to 19 downgrades suffered under this Government

    • Isn’t this a democracy that allows our citizens to be critical of public officials?

      Shouldn’t citizens question why an article was removed from Barbados Today’s pages based on SSS’s report?

  36. @Vincent, you are chasing into a rabbit hole on this issue. The Bushman’s reasoning is correct and Caswell capped it off perfectly:”Barbados already has too many ministries .. [and too MANY MPs] …”

    This current over representation in our local assembly basically have 30 MPs chasing less than 5,000 votes to win a seat.

    By your own admission the vestry councils were rife with corruption flowing through the political machine. Thus whether we call it vestry or constituency councils we still need effective and transparent governance first and foremost.

    Reality check:

    The UK with a pop. of over 64 Mil 50 MPs…so let’s say 99,100 constituents (adults and children) per MP.

    Then of course there are over 400 various authorities in counties, the City of London and other metropolitan districts …and that’s not including parish and local councils. So there is adequate and comprehensive representation at the grass-roots level that can filter back up to Whitehall.

    In the city of NY with its 8.55 million there are 51 City council elected politicians…so theoretically around 167,000 peeps per.

    In NY state itself there are 213 state legislators (150 house and 63 senate) who cover the wishes of an estimated 19.8 million residents. But there too, of course, there are a plethora of local councils in the various cities (like NYC), counties and towns. Then too School Boards and the like. Again, rather granular coverage.

    Yet in Bim where we would be merely a sizable town in such locales our LoOp wants to convince sensible people that it would make sense to elect a national government MP based on a piddling 2,500 votes or less and then layer another series of representation below that!

    That senor is the epitome of political largesse and corruption…

    Not to be rude but do we really appreciate that in London or NYC the numerical equivalent of the ENTIRE Bajan adult population moves through the Tube or Subway system in the span of 30 freaking minutes at rush hour…

    So taken to its absolute nonsensical extension MAM and her brand new waste of MPs could glad-hand greet an entire constituency base in under 5 mins – 2 mins with no glad-handing shaking – at a key tube/subway stop.

    Ridiculous of course…but no more mindless that her mind-numbing recommendation.

  37. Who is Gord Beal? Why do we allow book keepers to talk about macro-economics, a subject they are not trained in, and take them seriously. Is it because they are white?
    The poverty of Barbadian journalism is a disgrace.

  38. More MPs = more corruption.

    Who is going to pay for all this corruption, Mia could never think it will be the taxpayers.

    Mottley would be taken more seriously if she vowed and meant it, once elected, she would lock up the present corrupt lot of ministers….until then I am not impressed with either her and her gang or the present lot of incompetents.

  39. The Public Service (Qualifications) Order 2016 has put in law what I have been saying for decades: Barbadians are obsessed with qualifications, not knowledge. Get the certificate and you got the job.
    In any civilised society, continuing professional development would decide who was equipped for the job; but this grossly incompetent government can get away with murder while the badly led unions just argue about pay rises.
    Union members get the leadership they deserve.

  40. “I am convinced that BT is a conduit for the BLP, while operating at as a beacon to shed light on the DLP nonsense. It is really a sad day to see BT operating like the other news media. Then again, its all about the highest bidder and what you can get, not necessarily jounalism to make a diference..”

    Don’t expect anything better from Peter Harris, it’s under BLP government he got the Transport Board contract using CGI Insurance to destroy any equity in that taxpayer funded entity…..

    …….him and Mia Mottley and Jerome Walcott are thisclose, his barbadostoday was meant to control news on the island, but the blogs put paid to that scam and plan..

    Should BLP be returned to government Harris will think he has a free pass to do more crap in Barbados, because of Mia, hence many would prefer the opposition never be reelected as long as Harris can continue pulling those corrupt strings.

    They all hate the blogs.

  41. A MAM led government will be no different than this here DLP, except for a short honey period.

    Personalities may change, faces undoubtedly will, there may even be a landslide as Bajans ‘over-correct’, in their frustrations.

    Indeed the propensity to ‘over-correct’ has always been the solitary cultural response to political emptiness.

    This useless response has never been effective and will never be.

    And like it or not, MAM will be the next PM. And she will be worse than last time, worse than this DLP, if that were possible.

    We are describing duopoly as the entrenched political culture

    No election or series of elections can cure this. These are just musical chairs.

    No third party, or third parties, or any number of perceived ‘good men and women’ can be a cure

    Not as long as the culture exit. An understanding of the insidiousness of political culture will inform us that it resides in all the instruments of governance. For example, we can’t claim to want transformation, change, but maintain Parliament Building as a political centre. It is the culture which runs the politicians, not the reverse.

    We never noticed elites, the real elites, dying because they lost an election, or committing suicide over an electoral defeat. Many seamlessly switch sides.

    We readily recall OSA waiting for COW and Bizzy to attend his first birthday party after his second last defeat, 2008. The change had happened. The White boys were then with David.

    We were never convinced that extreme measures, like widespread rigging, were engaged in to avoid electoral defeat.

    Our conclusion has been that one-half of the duopoly doesn’t mind handing over to the other side once government pensions and the like are settled.

    And if the political cultural was not constructed to allow transformation, essentially by having yard dogs from the BLP and DLP to be the sentinels, why should we be surprised when inbreeding or recycling of old ideas are seen as attractive political currency.

    We are unalterably convinced that only the imminent and certain self-destruction of Barbados, as an entity, would persuade the culture that it can no longer exist.

    Nothing short of this has any possibilities for transformation.

  42. “A person (s) will have to rise up who has the charisma to persuade all others to follow including the yard fowls.”

    @ David at 9:09 am, yard fowls never need persuading. And even though not considered “yard fowls”, backbenchers are unlikely too go against the party position. Hence, adding to their numbers will not necessarily mean any restraint on Cabinet dominance of the Lower House, given the principle of party paramountcy

  43. dpD

    If you were to read my posts over time you will note that I object to corruption at all levels and times.

    Re the the posit by the LoO,I stated that I had not seen it and expressed my hope that its intention was about giving more to the community like the Vestry system of yore.

    The Vestry system despite its corrupt practices similar to what is alluded to today managed to get things done which you and Bushie have sighted as an organisational arrangement….I am awaiting the evidence…..

    All I am saying is to bring back something resembling the Vestry system,a system elected by the community to serve the community that got things done………note our present system with is alleged corruption is not getting things done.

    I am aware of the UK system with councillors,which is what I am advocating with a different name…..I would not support an addition to the number of seats in Parliament as I stated before,as a matter of fact I suggested a reduction to 12 plus 1.

    Kindly re-read my short missives and do not create strawmen like Bushie is want to do.

  44. Lorenzo

    Why are you following me? Lord haveth mercy! Look, for the last time, once I was a DEM, I think like DEM, Spoke like DEM, but I am not none of DEM no more. I want to know what you want for Barbados. It certainly is coming across to me that your allegiance to party is far greater then your duty to country. There is an overwhelming cry for the standard operational proceedure of these two serving themselves parties to clean up their ACTS. Mottley simply confirmed what I have been saying about all along. That is: Intelligent but Indifferent, smart but at times foolish, well spoken but ignorance said. I WANT MY ISLAND TO BE GOVERN BY PROPER PEOPLE WHO HAVE ITS INTEREST AT HEART. – NOT COTTON PICKING THERES. If you can tell me that Mottleys silly claim for more parliamentarians is not worth showing her up for the ignorant, arrogant, over confidence person that she can be and is, than I am sorry. I want a leader who leads by example, who serves by action, and who is willing to make the hardcore decisions to stop waste, foolish spending, crooked deals, and calling buildings development. Barbados deserves more than this shite year after year after year. And for the record, I simply got a poster done and posted on BU. David took the initiative thereafter to make an article of BU. Now leave me to shite alone, before you wake up my bad!!!

  45. @ Enuff
    When i repeatedly argued quality, you berated me. Now you’re touting quality as the answer rather than the system.
    Do you know that you are the one putting pressure on the Bridgetown sewerage system …. with your BU postings…?

    What repeatedly argued what quality what??!!
    All you ever argue is CSME /OSA and BLP…
    …and Bushie is arguing quality rather than QUANTITY of MPs….
    what system are you speaking of…?

    Come on man Enuff … don’t be like Vincent… 🙂

  46. Sunshine Sunny Shine May 6, 2017 at 9:43 AM #

    Correct me if I am wrong……are we not aiming for governance of the people by the people…..???

    If we are, we must accept that the people at all times know best hence the phrase…… a people deserve the leadership it gets….

    Who are any of us to take it upon ourselves to tell the masses what they should or should not do…..we live in a free society.

    The best that those of us who can see past the wukkups and into the future can do is to try to show the masses the pros and cons of certain decisions and leave it to them to decide which path to take.

    The fact that politicians can bamboozle the majority of the electorate is due to the inability of the thinkers/seers to either stand for elected office or through lobby groups/pressure movement/personality make the message relevant/understandable to the masses as to how it will affect future desires of their grands.

    • @Vincent

      Did you you just write the above free of being in an inebriated state?

      No human being and by extension a man made system is not perfect. The governance model we operate under might be the best we have BUT it does not mean we shouldn’t create tension to make it better if we see cracks appearing.

  47. @ Lorenzo
    I see the dlp spin doctors like William Skinner and Bush Tea reveling in this story which will pale in comparison to 19 downgrades suffered under this Government
    Wuh if Bushie and William are DLP spin doctors, then AC must be their brain surgeon.

    Boss, Bushie has a whacker which is allergic to shiite …be it BLP shiite, DLP shiite, Solution Barbados shiite …or just plain Vincent blogging.

    Since you brought the matter back to the whacker’s attention, you must, by now, have noticed that Mia is not particularly bright. She has operated so far, on the basis that bull shit baffles brain – which works beautifully with brass bowls (but not with stinking Bushie)…

    Bushie judges by the FRUIT.
    Look back at hers …and tell us what you see…
    Jose and Jose
    Four Seasons
    Prison fire
    Legalising gays
    Phone tappings
    Lotta strange women heading important boards

    The Woman has not done any post graduate studies
    We are still awaiting the daft AG’s word on if the is a real real lawyer…
    ….and clearly, half of her OWN party sees her nakedness…

    Now what would you expect a whacker to do in such circumstances….
    but to wuk up on the story?

    But you have no need to worry, brass bowls like ‘to have their brains baffled by bull shit’, so Mia will likely be a hands down winner when Froon finally gets it that Bajans want to see his back…

    The only losers will be the BBBBBs ….again.

  48. enuff

    Skippah…..not even de circus want a one trick clown…….twirl de wacker an holler BBE every two seconds….too repetitive.

  49. David

    I think the comments here are a representation that we do not fully understand and appreciate the comment by the Leader of the Opposition (LOTO). The LOTO has NOT called for either more Ministries or more Ministers, she has called for more MP’s and for those additional MP’s to come from outside of the political party system ad for them to to be elected Nationally. To my mind this is a great way to get, those who can make a change, involved at the parliamentary level without having them connected to the party system. Therefore they would NOT beholden towing the party line.

    When is the last time in the Parliament of Barbados that an MP voted in any way other than along their party’s line? Does this serve Barbados best interest? Survival of a political party over what is in the best interest of Barbados can never be a sustainable means of governance.

    It is popular now to say we want less MP’s and less Ministers but if you think this through carefully you will realise that if this was to happen it would achieve the exact opposite of what people think they would be getting. Less MP’s and less Ministers will consolidate the power of Ministry’s/Ministers in FEWER hands…………..resulting in more arrogance, less control & accountability of those holding those positions resulting more opportunity for graft and corruption.

    I think we should revamp the Senate making them unelected but voting members of Parliament and also add a few nationally elected MP’s so that we can break up what is effectively the political party monopoly system we presently have, one which rewards political loyalty and not National Responsibilty.

    I congratulate the LOTO for thinking ahead and having the guts to make the suggestion especially knowing that what she is recommending is effectively the beginning of the end of the political party monopoly system and dominance in Parliament that results therefrom.

    • @Craigg Holder

      Why was the article removed by BT?

      Who has a copy to repost. We need to read the original.

    • Craigg Holder

      I hope that is a pen name and that a person did not put his real name to that nonsense. Please rethink and then rewrite your proposal on the Senate and then read your comment and ask David to remove it.

      Sent from my iPad

  50. These politicians are taking us for fools. Who listened to the debate in parliament yesterday? Did Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler publicly state that he is more concerned with reading the management accounts of the state owned agencies when put under pressure by the Opposition about the importance of producing audited financial statements?

    Question for the MoF: are management accounts laid before parliament or does the law require audited statements by the AG.

  51. Craigg Holder May 6, 2017 at 12:57 PM #

    I was hoping it was along those lines……….see my first post above.

  52. David May 6, 2017 at 12:54 PM #


    Did you you just write the above free of being in an inebriated state?

    Could you kindly show me what you are talking about.

  53. David May 6, 2017 at 12:54 PM #


    Did you you just write the above free of being in an inebriated state?

    Ok….as you have not responded I must accept that you are the one in an inebriated state as all my posts are still there and none have disappeared as MAM’s has.

    Relax it happens to some of us from time to time…..mostly Bushie though.

  54. David

    I was away for the last 2 weeks so missed BT piece, what is it you are referring to?

    • @Craigg

      You wrote so intimately about what MAM meant that it was an obvious assumption by BU that you have access to the article.


      Do not worry about it, it is not that important.

  55. sss I have told you already your cussing will not faze me I call it how I see it and as I told you on BT call on the PM for good governance as well not only on Ms Mottley.Bush Tea I have seen a lot of your posts talking of corruption with the prison veco ,edutech and the like where is the evidence ?you sound like the Trini Dem ranting and raving about solutions from Ms Mottley on the call in programs.I also remember you bigging up david Thompson prior to 2008 as some saint so your judgement of character leaves a lot to be desired.

  56. Caswell

    Easy for you sit there to judge me or LOTO but is your bright idea for governance reform in Barbados?

    • Craigg Holder

      My bright idea for governance reform is not really reform at all. Whatever system is in place and you leave the same corrupt politicians in place that system would soon be corrupted.

      Please allow me to cite just one example to prove my point. Every candidate who runs in an election is required to declare his/her expenses. In the last election, Sinckler had a campaign office opposite to St. Stephen’s Church. There was no mention of that or any expenses associated with it in his election returns.

      If the law was enforced, he would not now be a member of the House of Assembly. Mind you, he was not the only one to lie on his return but there is no enforcement.

      My bright idea would therefore be enforcement of the laws that already exist.

      Sent from my iPad

  57. I do think that we can all accept that there is a need for some kind of governance reform in Barbados, one which gives more power and control back to the people. Who in Parliament besides the LOTO has had the guts to recognise that and make their feelings/desires known, WHO?????

  58. David

    I am assuming, just assuming, OK I speculating. Every single comment on there except the BEEHIVE, dealt with Mottley’s proposal scruffy. Even some who said she is best thing since choice bread, and who have looked upon Stuart as a mere turn-over, even had some lashes for her. I can tell you that that article would have easily generated well over 150 opposing responses. I also think that a phone call, like I said just speculating, might have been made.


    We already have governance by the people but there have classified themselves as the political class. Vincent, I am not thrashing your idea; I am just keeping it real. I find that in our system of govenance when a politician introduces something for one thing we can expect it, over time, to morph into something else that upsets us all. What I want is indeed more involvement by the people. But, I want it done as vote for this and that project; vote for this and that legislation; and the implementation of controls that the people has free access to. The politicians can stay in their positions, but decisions that has the most impact on our national development should always take the route of the people’s say. I want politicians to be answerable to a political tribunal establish to deal with anything that appears fishy and out of sorts.

    Craigg Holder

    Seriously. Take a look at what these politicians from both sides have done and are doing in the name of governing Barbados. They have created this situation were it is not easy to trust or believe one shite they tell you. They have shown that personal interests take the cake over all other matters in the name of improving themselves and livelihood. You are right in your thinking but wrong to believe that this proposal is what we might just need.

  59. Lorenzo

    Freundel Stuart will soon be out of office for good. Therefore, Mottley must be target to a leader who has learnt over time to be good, clean, and do what is necessary to bring good leadership back to the forefront. Now answer my questions earlier.

  60. SSS

    David Thompson said they would not lie, steal or cheat and we know how that experiment worked out.

    I am going to suggest to you that the answer to why OSA did/does not like MAM is because she does not ‘play’ the same ‘old boys club’ game which sees men (BLP’s & DLP’s) meeting behind closed doors to ‘hook’ up deals, contracts and favours.

    Explain the below from minute 4:35, why is he trying to put award of this contract on MAM?

  61. Sunshine Sunny Shine May 6, 2017 at 1:28 PM #

    We are saying the same thing on governance…….it must be by the people for the people.


    not a prob…..a pity you cant teach Bushie.

  62. Caswell

    You have made my point for me. They are all the same (political party members) and one will not ‘rat’ on the others. We need truly independent MP’s so that these political party members can have their feet held to the fire.

    • Craigg

      What point? I am not asking for MPs to rat on each other. Election officials did not prosecute; they missed a whole house.

      Sent from my iPad

  63. The election officials have no one to take courage from, so nothing is done.

    I am both surprised and disappointed that you think the Parliament of Barbados is not in need of reform. The system of Parliament as presently constructed is designed for the protection of the political party in power and even the one in opposition.

    REFORM IS NEEDED and if and when we get the opportunity we better make the most of it or else we are going to be stuck with this ‘game’ we have now.

  64. Where did I say that Parliament was not in need of reform? My position is that the system would be corrupted unless laws are enforced to punish honourable members who break every rule with impunity.

  65. The racket that Parliament has been reduced to needs to be broken up completely. Parliament is now a sham and a game, a place for actors and acting, mostly poor acting. In days gone by you could tune in Parliamentary debates for some knowledge and insight (and some entertainment) but now we have to listen to a whole bunch of clowns who have only managed to get into Parliament because they matched their desire to be there with the money of those with a vested interest in having an ‘agent’ in the House.

    • Now you are making sense, Craigg, but don’t believe it is only on one side of the aisle.

      Sent from my iPad

  66. Caswell

    You are talking about punishing honourable members, need I remind these are the same ones who make the laws? Reform and transformation is NEEDED, and NOW.

    How could Denis Kellman represent the interest of Barbados furthermore his constituents, the man had a kind of logic which only someone profoundly ignorant could understand.

    • The laws that I am talking about are already on the books. A lot of them would not be in a position to make laws if they were punished for the crimes that they committed while attempting to get into parliament.

      Leave Kellman alone, not even the profoundly ignorant can understand him. He is in a class by himself.

      Sent from my iPad

  67. William Skinner: “I am still waiting on Arthur to publicly state why Mottley is “unfit” to be PM”

  68. Caswell

    Both sides of the House plays the game, I admit that and in this one is not less guilty than the other but you have to have some admiration for someone who is willing to admit that things need to be reformed so the interest is turned to the people for the people.

  69. Kevin

    That is simple, you ought to have been able to work that out all by yourself. MAM represents both then and now, the biggest threat to OSA’s desire to be PM again.

    Ask yourself this what kind of man runs and leaves his own house? The person left in the house cannot be the coward.

  70. The EBC stated years ago that SPS and another constituency in St. James has already exceeded the constituents limit by numbers as per the LAW. So there is basis for the creation of two new constituencies, one in St. Philip and one in St. James. However as I stated before, right now is not the time for the creation of these new constituencies.

    • Kevin

      Realignment of the boundaries is a possibility NOT INCREASING THE SEATS!

      Sent from my iPad

  71. @Craigg, Owen explains in the youtube video, the reason the left the BLP. Moves were afoot to do the same thing to him, the same thing that was done to Maria Agard.

  72. Kevin

    Men don’t run from fights especially a fight with a woman. This is a woman he publicly and politically beheaded 2010 when DJHT died and he smelled an opportunity to become all-powerful again. No one was moving against OSA in BLP………………….. he was just not man enough to admit he was a coward and was running from what was a sure defeat at the hands of Mia. In other words he wanted a plausible excuse from for running. However even if moves were afoot to expel him don’t you think he deserved that just reward/dessert after the opposition palace coup in 2010 and after PM Stuart and the DLP put a second set of licks in his backside?

    Despite good advice from everyone in the party he still vowed privatisation if the BLP was successful in 2013, and this caused the BLP to suffer at the polls.

  73. Despot

    ” a ruler or other person who holds absolute power, typically one who exercises it in a cruel or oppressive way.”


    “the exercise of absolute power, especially in a cruel and oppressive way.”

    a menace and a despot

  74. We need to abandon constituency councils as they are politically corrupt and totally ineffective, AND A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY.

    I would like someone to explain to me the benefit of a whole constituency council having to meet to discuss whether Blenny the snow cone vendor be given an exclusive permission to sell snow cones at the upcoming fair and football game on Saturday at a secondary school somewhere in Barbados.

  75. @ Craigg, OSA took the high road and left the rest to engage to gutter-politics. Why at his age and after all he had done for the BLP and this country should he had to fight to stay part of the BLP. Chattel house CF, Sarah Palin aka SB and TP were sent out as MAM agents to bring charges against OSA, Why? One of the reason was because of the BRA, which was the brain-child of the BLP. The DLP took the idea of BRA and ran with it, and OSA said he had to support it. Because of that MAM used that as an excuse to expel him once and for all. He was right to jump before he got pushed. With regards to privitisation, I believe in another interview with BT, he said that was all MAM’s idea. He took the blows for her, and now she is behaving as if she had nothing to with it.

  76. What constitutes a good constituency representative in Barbados is one which can do the following for their constituents:-

    Pay school fees
    Buy school shoes and school books
    Pay a light bill
    Get disconnected water turn back on without payment
    Get a job for a family who is not qualified or experienced for the position
    Pave a road in the area
    Get a favour for someone
    Get a child in a school different than the one assigned to them
    Feed people who are able and financially capable of feed themselves
    Buying big mouth drinks for everyone, and on a regular basis
    Getting a private sector job for someone and making sure they don’t actually have to work
    Trade sexual favours

  77. Kevin,

    Wait ………so after politically beheading MAM as LOTO in 2010 he then turned around took advice from the same MAM on the need to discuss privatisation in the elections? Come on man, you cannot be that politically nieve and silly, he is STILL talking about it all now.

    Kevin I know you have that sickening feeling in your stomach that DLP is on the way out and you cannot rest unless and until you try to help prevent it from happen, even though your efforts are likely to be unsucessful.

  78. Mia “sound off” is what Pm rightfully describes her as
    an empty vessels”sounding brass and clanging symbol.
    Yet she stands bowl face in parliament and make noises about the budget and high defecit.
    Now how in the world can anyone expect good leadership from one who makes asinine proposals to expand the budget.
    This first class idiccy coming from one who wants to govern a nation in harsh economic enviroment. Furthermore it only goes to prove that her end of the bargain lays only in self interest and not in the interest of the country.
    Her first question before opening mouth to speak should be that of asking who would be paying for this additional burden

  79. angela

    Have you beed able to get to the bottom of the undenied claims of the LOTO that F Stuart was the first man jack to sign the CAHILL ENERGY deal?

  80. Angela

    Or maybe on how he, as Minister responsible for TCPDO, could approve a 15 story hotel on less than 7,000 square foot of beachfront land WITHOUT a EIA, SIA or HIA?

  81. All of the BLP supporters on this blog for the past seven years have been saying all kinds of things about the Prime Minister and that is expected from citizens of a free and democratic country One person posts an article on Mia and they are now in a frenzy. All over the world Leaders are held up to hard questions for example could Barbados handle the kind of exposure Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump went through to become President. Every action and word were scrutinized

  82. The number of households rather than the numbers in households should be used to determine the number of representatives in the parliament.There should be a return of the parochial system of government,also on the basis of households.

  83. @ Craigg, that’s what OSA said. And I believe him. Mia didnt dispute it. And Cahill issue will not be a winning one for the BLP. The DLP government listened to the concerns of the people and Barbados and did away with the entire Cahill project without spending a cent. Kudos to them for that. If the BLP did the same thing we would have 35M sitting in the treasury today. Instead the BLP was hell-bent on turning a national park, Greenland, into a dump!

  84. Kevin

    You referring to the same man who sat down in Parliament and watched the LOTO take 4 of his Cabinet collegues task for going rogue and signing the CAHILL deal when he was the first to sign the agreement unbeknownst to the entire Cabinet?

  85. I just hope that come Budget Day we don’t witness a spectactular set of fiscally irresponsible measures just to give the DLP a chance to win the next elections.

  86. If we are discussing the nature of our democracy, I would suggest that the war between Sparta and Athens be used as a primer of citizenship.
    Reduce the age of majority to 16, give constituents a right to recall MPs, enforce anti-bribery regulations, put a limit on how much an individual could donate to a political party and make it illegal for companies to do so, and outlaw public servants privately involvement with foreign embassies and wealthy individuals and carry audits of the assets and liabilities of all senior civil servants and politicians.
    We need too drain the swamp.

  87. kevin what kind of idiot are said the Dlp backed out of ths cahill scam,the one the PM claimed he had no knowledge of,because of public pressure and it would not be an issue in the campaign,what about the finger printing issue and now the hyatt issue,why would these not be successful issues in an Election campaign because you say so.You Dems are amazing.

  88. Don’t forget Saint John polyclinic, that start at $12M and the final cost is rumoured now be around $40M, a $28M cost over run.

  89. Bushie
    David the blogmaster can confirm my never ending argument that it is the quality not the system; hence my repeated posts asking for talented individuals to join parties and change them from within. Yes i do talk about regional integration–a topic that is too high for you because it requires sound evidence-based analysis not emotionalism. You’re a fan of fantasy, but then again I am not surprised as after all you are Alice #1 on BU.
    David please locate the full article.

  90. Craigg Holder,

    Is anyone going to lose their job because of this gross incompetence over the polyclinic? That is the problem. I am sure s/he will be promoted.

  91. @Sunshine Sunny Shine “12 Parish island of Barbados”

    You know that there are 11 parishes right?

    St. Lucy
    St. Peter
    St. James
    St. Michael
    Christ Church
    St. Philip
    St. John
    St. Joseph
    St. Andrew
    St. George
    St. Thomas

  92. @Sunshine Sunny Shine May 6, 2017 at 6:55 AM “Mia Mottley in recognition of all that is going on in Barbados, would have to be a complete idiot.”

    I don’t agree with Ms. Mottley’s suggestion, nor with her rationale for increasing the number of Parliamentarians, but she is certainly not an idiot.

    However it is clear that Sunshine Sunny Shine is a semi-literate c0w.

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