David Comissiong Branded Enemy of the State

David Comissiong – Citizen Advocate

“An idiot is in the House of Parliament recommending that there are 15 – 17000 unoccupied houses in Barbados and Government should look at compulsorily acquiring them to either sell or rent. Pray tell when would THIS government pay the owners for their land. There is currently a plantation about to declare bankruptcy due to compulsorily acquired land and non payment by government. Is this a new form of democracy? Maybe it is time for the citizens to compulsorily acquire unused land and buildings from government and then set the price to be paid whenever they feel like”.BU Commentator Fearplay

Members of the BU household vividly recall at the height of the Cahill debate Senators Maxine McClean and Verla De Peiza  empathic in their condemnation of the BU household for leaking documents. Both of them went as far to suggest the household had committed a treasonous act. The decision to shutdown the Tees Valley 1 and 2 project in the UK has vindicated the BU household and other Barbadians who expressed concern. At the top of the list of concerns raised by Barbadians about the Cahill gasification was government approving the untested technology on a 166 square mile island. Thankfully in April 2016 Air Products- the developer of Tees Valley 1 and 2 -issued a statement to the effect that “additional design and operational challenges would require significant time and cost to rectify” the problem of constructing a gasification plant to process 700,000 tonnes of feedstock every year. The Cahill plant in Barbados was proposed to handle 650 tonnes of waste per day.

Today Minister Denis Kellman under the cloak of parliamentary privilege labelled citizen advocate David Comissiong as an enemy of the state –his crime, seeking a judicial review of government’s decision to approve the construction of the proposed 15 story Hyatt hotel at lower Bay Street. Kellman’s characterization of Comissiong for exercising a right under our law. The BU community was reminded by a family member that there is similar concerns being raised in London about the construction of high rise buildings, to quote him:- “in a city already plastered with “tall” buildings, matters like location, design and impact on character setting are still relevant. Yet we in Barbados supporting Hyatt” – read related article How new skyscrapers including the 1,000ft Trellis will transform London’s skyline.

To restate BU’s concern here is an extract from a BU blog:

If commonsense was not enough to support an EIA as a condition for approval for the Hyatt hotel project, the BU family was directed to the Draft Physical Development Plan (DPDP) dated February 2017 posted to the Town Planning Department website. Not only does the DPDP call for an EIS to be used as a tool to assess proposed development and a condition for approval, also, Heritage Impact Assessments (HIA), Agricultural Impact Assessments (AIA), Traffic Impact Assessments (TIA) where deemed relevant. Here is a quote from the DPDP:

Where ESIAs, HIA, AIS or TIA (Impact Assessments) are required, they shall be completed to the satisfaction of the Chief Town Planner, prior to approval being given. Approvals of development subject to Impact Assessments may contain certain conditions of approval to ensure that adverse impacts of such development are mitigated. 


After suffering through some of the debate this afternoon in the Lower House several of the government members of parliament who spoke did not address the reason raised by Comissiong in his application for judicial review. They saw no need for transparency by including the people of the area in the transaction. To this day Barbadians have not been told how Vision Development Inc proposes to finance the project. Of the 100 million to be invested what will be the net foreign exchange inflow. This is the nature of the politics we practice in Barbados. 

One can only marvel at the statement attributed to Minister of Housing Denis Kellman quoted at the top of the blog.  He made mention of 5×16 to explain the level of occupancy at the GROTTO. Who can translate? Did Minister Sinckler state he is willing to challenge anyone that there was overruns associated with the GROTTO project? Is he challenging the Auditor General of Barbados who was scathing in his concerns? See Special Auditor General Report 2016 – Special Audit on the National Housing Corporation High Rise Apartments at Grotto and Valerie




  • Frustrated Businessman: enact Facilitation Martial Law! April 27, 2017 at 8:13 AM #

    This article supports your statement.

    Investment options dwindling, says Fortress | Barbados Today
    Investment options dwindling, says Fortress
    The Barbados-based investment manager Fortress Fund Managers is warning investors to expect lower than average returns on their assets, given the dwindling number of investment options here that meet its objectives. In…


  • Another controversial comment pushed out by Kellman. One wonders how this will translate to influence the political arena.


  • |Peltdown,

    A survey by Ipsos Mori. I was under the impression this was being discussed by decision makers. Have you ever been interviewed by pollsters?


  • John Roett

    12 hrs ·

    Words are powerful things, even moreso when in the hands of fools.

    So, a minister feels that if anyone challenges a decision or strategy of government that he can call them "enemies of the state"? Like….seriously?

    Those are dangerous words, but right in line with the drivel written by George Pilgrim a while back. Arrogant, stupid and dictatorial, designed to whip up a frenzy in the ignorant and unsuspecting, and the faithful yard fowls who eat at the trough and put party before country.

    And even more stunning is the fact that none of his colleagues had the courage to tell him "Hold on D, yuh can’t be talking that kinda rasshole. This is Barbados, not a communist state"…followed by a hard slap to the back of the head like those that were administered at school for acts of stupidity.

    But, no reprimand. No one can be disciplined for their outbursts these days, and there have been many which would challenge this for sheer ignorance and political pandering. Too slim an advantage. Party first, country second.

    Y’all know me. Apolitical to the bone. Friends on both sides. I actually want a pick as Canadian ambassador. Or a consulate spot in tourism. I think I would do my country proud. This musician struggle has taken its toll.

    But I can’t sit idly by and let things like this slide, because they are a DIRECT ATTACK ON THE FREEDOM OF MY COUNTRY.

    In every way, and with every negative world occurrence, Bajans have always been of the mindset that "dah can’t happen hey" That is even more dangerous than the minister’s idiotic utterances.

    We need to make it crystal clear to ALL politicians, that WE the people will no longer sit idly by and be treated with disrespect and disdain. They are there to represent US and OUR wishes, and to govern and guide OUR COUNTRY in the best way possible. They are NOT there to advance their own interests and fill their pockets. WE hire THEM. Remember that. That’s the agreement we all make when we vote. When I worked in town, if I did stupidness, I would be fired. Well, the same applies here.

    So DO NOT let ANY politician intimidate you. When they get on their high horse, be sure to immediately pull it from under them and trade it for an ass. It’s far more suited…..


  • so the minister voice an opinion in a democracy out of frustration and wanting to see a dilapidated area of Bridgetown revived and revitalized and he now should be tarred and feather and most likely some would suggest minister be banished from his place of birth .on the other side of the coin a communist sympathizer used democratic rules and laws to stifle the dilapidated area and delayed the progress of the environs and its people and he is lauded as a hero. Drum roll please !


  • Well spoken John Roett……………and to think that not one of them dared to slap him down figuratively speaking.

    But pray tell me, how the hell did Kellman get so “powful”? Only under Fumble.

    When David Thompson was the leader of the Opposition, he could not even open his mouth. I well remember Kellman saying that he was so humiliated by the DLP during the days of open warfare in that party that he cried from George Street to St Lucy one night. The DLP won the government and Thompson would not give a cabinet pick.

    I ask a good DLP friend of mine why did Thompson treat Kellman so badly…….this what the dem………. ‘Kellman is an idiot and when he learns to behave himself, he would get something. How could he expect to get a ministry after the way he treated Thompson in Opposition. Thompson dont forget who cross him”.

    That was in 2008…..so we have to conclude that only under Fumble could a dead weight like Kellman rise to the highs of ignorancy!


  • Chuckle…….call back HH…….wunnah operatives real poor rakey.


  • Chuckle …chuckle! here come chuckleberry finn.moaning and groaning
    Bro only yardfowls visit this site. Think about it before you make your next poor rakey entrance..


  • I rest my case…..real blue peter shark..QED


  • Pretty soon when Barbados starts taking on the features of Cuba the next great idea would be that of calling for Barrow statue to be replaced with a statue of the great black hope a Communist called David Comissiong


  • @ Vincent Haynes

    i rest my case ,, uh a real yardfowl fuh trute


  • Maybe this is the type of thing Mr. Comissiong is concerned might happen in Barbados if the relevant planning procedures for new developments are not followed (more power to him):

    The Destruction of Inlet Beach
    by Paul Craig Roberts

    Inlet Beach got its name from ajoining Lake Powell, the largest of the rare dune lakes that empty into the Gulf. It is one of three old Florida communities along what once was, prior to overdevelopment, the sceanic road designated 30-A, which runs along the coast for approximately 20 miles south of US 98. The other two communities are Seagrove and Grayton Beach.

    When I first visited the area, there was little else there. The paper company, St. Joe, owned most of the rest of the beach front through several counties, and would not sell an acre. It was an undeveloped paradise known among those who had the sense to keep the place a secret as “the Redneck Riviera.” You could catch three meals a day from the shore, crabs were plentiful, and sea turtles nested on the beach.

    Today the real estate interests of Walton County advertise the area as “the world’s most beautiful beaches.” Once they were. Fine white sand that never burns the feet even in July and August and extends for miles east and west, crystal clear water, mint green up close, emerald blue in the distant. It is still like that, except development has brought walkovers and trash bins on the beach side of the walkovers. The county employees who collect the trash left by beach goers are too lazy to use the walkovers. Instead they drive on the beach. So do the private companies that have managed to privatize the beaches to their profits by setting up endless rows of beach chairs and umbrellas. This replaces the beach with endless ruts that resemble a dirt race track. There is no level ground on which to place a beach towel. Thus, the ruts create a clientele for the beach chair companies. Deputy sheriffs add to the ruts by driving up and down the beach to police it. The pleasure of walking on the beach has disappeared as the experience now is like traversing snow drifts.

    Continued at: http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2017/04/17/destruction-inlet-beach/


  • Prodigal
    The tax payers money was taken up by Stuart to pay Kellman ministerial salary,not to do with anything developmental to earn foreign currency but to make the retard a minister because he is the longest serving DLP member in the House.Nothing more,nothing less.Intellect and vision do not enter the equation.Kellman is an ass of the highest order.A bag bline one at that.If I had the misfortune to reside in St Lucy I would be so ashamed to have him as my representative ,I would have to move to another parish.


  • To his credit Kellman is not smart enough to know that he is an idiot.


  • Gabriel

    I really hope that the people of St Lucy have seen the ignominy of having this idiot as their representative and will finally wake up and vote his sorry tail out.


  • Economist Paul Craig Roberts (former Wall Street Journal editor and an Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration) returns to the example of Florida’s Inlet Beach (see post above at 8:32pm) to help make the case that present day capitalism is a “looting machine”:

    The Looting Machine Called Capitalism
    Paul Craig Roberts

    I have come to the conclusion that capitalism is successful primarily because it can impose the majority of the costs associated with its economic activities on outside parties and on the environment. In other words, capitalists make profits because their costs are externalized and born by others. In the US, society and the environment have to pick up the tab produced by capitalist activity.

    In the past when critics raised the question about external costs, that is, costs that are external to the company although produced by the company’s activities, economists answered that it was not really a problem, because those harmed by the activity could be compensated for the damages that they suffered. This statement was intended to reinforce the claim that capitalism served the general welfare. However, the extremely primitive nature of American property rights meant that rarely would those suffering harm be compensated. The apologists for capitalism saved the system in the abstract, but not in reality.

    My recent article, “The Destruction of Inlet Beach,” made it clear to me that very little, if any, of the real estate development underway would be profitable if the external costs imposed on existing property holders had to be compensated.


    We cannot survive an unregulated capitalism with a system of primitive property rights. Ecological economists such as Herman Daly understand this, but neoliberal economists are apologists for capitalist looting. In days gone by when mankind’s footprint on the planet was light, what Daly calls an “empty world,” productive activities did not produce more wastes than the planet could cleanse. But the heavy foot of our time, what Daly calls a “full world,” requires extensive regulation. The Trump administration’s program of rolling back environmental protection, for example, will multiply external costs. To claim that this will increase economic growth is idiotic. As Daly (and Michael Hudson) emphasize, the measure known as Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is so flawed that we do not know whether the increased output costs more to produce than it is worth. GDP is really a measure of what has been looted without reference to the cost of the looting. Environmental deregulation means that capitalists can treat the environment as a garbage dump. The planet can become so toxic that it cannot recover.



  • Last night on DLP tv the parade of nincompoops continued.We were made to endure the ‘blowing in the wind’ of Suckoo again,Sealy,McClean,Inniss and another retard Paul.Btw,what is Estwick doing to develop the foreign earning capacity of Barbados.He is as scarce as Mara and a waste time.Sealy boasts of increased numbers and we await with baited breath the Acring Governor’s assessment based on the ‘facts’ hopefully.


  • The month of May will be interesting as it starts off with some sort of report by the acting governor of the central bank and culminates with the budgetary presentations from the MoF in between we have the end of the cane harvest……….these figures will be very valuable to see where this island has come in 50 years.


  • Kellman is smarter than most of you.

    He owns a business that cannot fail in Barbados unless the owner drinks more rum than his patrons.

    He owns a “glorified” RUM SHOP.

    A rum shop is also where corn beef an biscuits an grantleys are served during election season.

    Kelli is a brainiac.


  • Hants April 28, 2017 at 11:26 AM #

    Hmmmm………..how succesfull was the rumshop prior to 2008.?


  • @vincent

    Chuckke berry Finn what business do you own ? What are your sucesses? Chuckle. !
    Minster kellman as established himself as a smart black business man.can you say the same for self. Chuckle


  • Chuckle….blue peter shark……..none and the only thing all of us are guaranteed to do is die…..hahahaha.


  • NorthernObserver

    DK’s retail operation was around and making money long before he entered politics. And I would agree he is good at running it.
    I suspect his seat is safer than Mara’s.
    He is also a prime example of why SB’s concept may fail…..transforming from successfully operating a small business into running a Ministry, is not an easy task.


  • Chuckleberry Finn your basic knoweldge of commnonsense has apparently persuaded you to run your mouth on those things you do not understand
    U get here spouting political jobby about kellman a man who has proven that coming from small background does not mean one cannot be a sucessful business person.
    A lesson which u ought to learn .


  • NorthernObserver April 28, 2017 at 1:48 PM #

    Thanks,here in lies the beauty of these blogs….

    I asked a question and you answered it succintly with supporting evidence.

    As opposed to blue peter sharks who do not when to keep their mouth shut as it attracts the hook……funily enough if they knew the goodly gentleman he would have warned them about their blue peter attributes……but they will never learn….I look forward to catching them some more….they are real easy.


  • chuckleberry Finn shit talk dat bout supporting evidence got up in the classroom and tried to poo poo the minister success with some kind of asinine question. The evidence is there right before your bloody nose , Ask what question

    Chickle chuckle


  • CUP.Violet Beckles Plantation Deeds from 1926-2017 land tax bills and no Deeds,BLPand DLP Massive land Fruad and PONZI

    David Comissiong Branded Enemy of the EState of Beatrice Henry and Violet Beckles of Barbados


  • The BLP confiscated our land and property in RockHall. St. Thomas several years ago. We are still trying to receive compensation for the stolen land. Our MP refuses to even meet with us and the lawyers we acquired are just a bunch of thieves. Barbados will always have financial problem. Too many prayers have gone up for that island to prosper. Will be wearing my military fatigues when I arrive there later in the year. It’s time to take matters into my own hands.


  • Will be wearing my military fatigues when I arrive there later in the year. It’s time to take matters into my own hands.
    Boss, if you do that, ..the only thing you will be taking into your hands will be your balls – after they take away the fatigues at the airport…

    …cause it is illegal to wear such clothes ’bout here, ya hear?


  • @Vincent Haynes April 28, 2017 at 12:27 PM “how succesfull was the rumshop prior to 2008.?”

    I’ve been eating at Moon Town since long, long before 2008.

    From what I have tasted very successful. I am no big fan of Kellie, but when I am passing that way I always stop in. A seriously generous serving of fresh food, a fried snapper, a brew or two…Kellie has the magic.


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