The French in Bajan Politics

Mia Mottley and Freundel Stuart represent the duopoly

Those of us who refuse to navel gaze by maintaining a keen interest in global affairs would have followed the the Brexit referendum and all that ensued in the United Kingdom, followed by the elevation of Donald Trump to the presidency of the USA. Both outcomes represent outcomes not predicted by many talking heads who represent the establishment. Both events exposed rising concerns by citizens about unfettered immigration; unprotected borders as well as the need to have greater focus on the domestic economy.

The French presidential election has taken on global interest in light of Brexit and the rise of Trumpism. As we scribe this blog Marine Le Pen from the far-right and Emmanuel Macron labelled a centrist have been projected to move to the second round of voting to determine who will be president of France on the 07 May 2017.

The BU household does not boast of any intimate knowledge of the political landscape of France, however, even from our arms distance there is enough to observe to provoke a comparison and critique of the Barbados political space.  One of the observations by French political commentators has been that the French people will have the opportunity to vote for the kind of France they want. In Macron they have a man who does not believe in left or right political ideologies but prefers the pragmatic approach to confronting the issues that confront France. He has taken the view for example that a strong France will have its foundation in the European Union.  On the other side of the presidential race there is Le Pen whose nationalist bent is about pursuing an anti European Union, anti immigration agenda and to reinstate the Franc as the currency of choice.

Unlike France there is no marked difference in the political ideology of the two main political parties that have governed Barbados since Independence in 1966. The homogeneity of the duopoly Barbadians have had to chose has led to a stasis state and a creep in voter lethargy.  BU is hopeful the platform agenda of all the political parties in Barbados will be about selling a vision for a new Barbados for the next 50 years. What messaging we have been exposed to so far is much of the same and akin to band-aiding serious injuries. Our governance model is seriously broken and bold leadership is required. To make the concern acute is the absence to date of charismatic leaders.

It has not escaped BU that Theresa May has returned to the people to seek a stronger mandate to pursue a hard-Brexit AND the rise of Donald Trump the rank outsider who fought against the so called establishment to win. Again in the French presidential election we have two individuals who have never run for public office. Across the globe there is the rise of populism. In Barbados in contrast we detect that although there is an annoyance by many directed at the two main political parties the third parties have not been able to gain traction to this point. We remain optimistic!


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  1. @Pachamama April 26, 2017 at 9:40 PM “Well well! We have a boy married to his grandmother….We guess two women in Ilaro Court is alright too”

    What is the matter with you?

    There are 23 years and 2 months years between Donald and Melania Trump, and and 24 years and 8 months between Mr. Macron and his wife yet I don’t hear you making snide remarks about Trump being married to his granddaughter.

    Is it that you don’t like to see old women married to beautiful young men or

    Are you just an old fashioned misogynist?

  2. And female/female sexual relations have NEVER been unlawful in Barbados, not now, not in Victorian times.

  3. @Hants April 26, 2017 at 8:19 PM “April 26, 2016 – US President Donald Trump has ditched plans to fund his border wall from the budget, in favour of a plan to have congress place a 2% tax on remittances to countries mainly in Latin America and the Caribbean.”

    The President of the big USA intends to dip his hands into the money people send home to support their children and elderly parents?

    Shame, shame, shame on him. What sort of man takes milk out of the mouths of babies?

    And diapers from old men?

  4. @Hants April 26, 2017 at 8:19 PM “April 26, 2016 – US President Donald Trump has ditched plans to fund his border wall from the budget, in favour of a plan to have congress place a 2% tax on remittances to countries mainly in Latin America and the Caribbean.”

    And since illegal immigrants from the Caribbean do not enter the U.S.A over its southern land border with Mexico it would be unfair for Caribbean immigrants to pay for a wall that has nothing to do with them.

  5. So the President can’t find a way to make Mexico pay for his wall, so the money is going to come from babes and sucklings?

    Strong man.


  6. The relationship between France and the European Union is one of the issues on which the French presidential candidates have differing views which will be put to the French electorate.

    I believe that a similar situation arises in the case of Barbados and CARICOM. Mr Chris Sinckler has expressed an interesting opinion on that relationship vis-a-vis the agencies of CARICOM (in this case the CXC). According to a Barbados Today report, Mr Sinckler opines that “When you are working for the Government of Barbados you are indirectly working for CXC.”

    I am very interested to hear the opinion of the BLP and other commenters on this issue.

  7. Trump is a well known thief, he would steal from anyone….Simple.

    Pacha.’s fair to say Macron and his wife have a long lasting love, since he was 16 years old, we cant say the same for the farce that is trump and the stripper….

    ……I do prefer him as president than the trump/hitler wannabe Le Pen…..his commitment to an older wife shows loyalty…something I believe the french electorate would be more interested in at this time.

    Ya might not accept it, but that has always been the way of the world, May/December relationships, it’s just no longer a secret…everything is in the open.

  8. I worked with a guy who went out on a date with a girl and ended up marrying her mother who was much older. We all thought that was really weird but he was weird so maybe it makes sense. It could have been a Woody Allen stunt that went wrong, ..mrs robinson all over again..WW maybe there is still hope for you and steve urkel

  9. @ Ping Pong
    According to a Barbados Today report, Mr Sinckler opines that “When you are working for the Government of Barbados you are indirectly working for CXC.”
    You seem to be losing your touch PP
    Are you actually putting serious store on what Stinkliar says…?
    That has to be a truly idiotic statement.

    Unless a teacher agrees to a transfer to CXC, that teacher is an employee of our MOE. It is the MOE that has to determine conditions of employment and not CXC.

    But perhaps this is Stinkliar’s fatal flaw….
    Based on the Shiite tax he attempted to impose; the illegal declaration of dividends from the housing Credit Fund; and questionable contracts at Coverley,…. It appears that HE is under the impression that HE is working for people like Bizzy, and Maloney….. and not for Bajans.

  10. Simple Simon
    I think we have laid to rest that news item originating out of the UK regarding Barrow and the fake news fallout leading to disestablishment of the Anglican Church in Bim.

  11. Last night on DLPTV we had to endure the sight of some of Barbados’s worst stage characters ever to grace the House.Kellman(who went to sleep on the job for all to see)Lashley S,Sandiford-Garner,Boyce J,Inniss,Sinckler,Suckoo.And if 7 was not enough they allowed Pilgrim on.How long is too long when it so bad.

  12. de pedantic,

    All of what you have said may be true, but you still have not explained how Barrow undertook renovations at the airport in 56/57.
    Stop getting emotional and answer the question: in 56 the government was the BLP, it was also that year that Barrow lost his St George seat. In 1958 he became leader of the DLP.
    In what way did he undertake the Seawell airport responsibilities ascribed to him?
    Did he do so as a property developer? Voluntarily? On invitation from the BLP government? Or by mobilising the public?

  13. That has been the problem all along, the rats in parliament of the negroid variety believe as long as they are elected by the majority black population, they immediately become the servants of and pimps for the minority cockroaches Maloney, Cow, Bizzy, Bjerkham, the indians, the syrians and if a Clare Cowan and a Del Mastro comes along, them too…, they are traitors in the parliament.

  14. David

    When you gine stop the hogwash … foist on us as OBJECTIVE COMMENTARY ?

    Tell us when you believe Mia would step down as leader of the BLP like Marine Le Pen ?

    Tell us when George Payne gine drop his case in the Supreme Court against Edmund Hinkson to that the BLP is ……Truly United ?

    Tell us when Mia Mottley gine speak up for women…..rather than molesting them ?

    David get up off your lazy tail and provide us with truthful answers to the above…..!!!!

  15. @Fractured BLP April 27, 2017 at 11:49 AM “Tell us when you believe Mia would step down as leader of the BLP like Marine Le Pen ?”

    Are you hailing Mlle Le Pen as some kind of St. Joan of Arc?

    Haven’t you wondered if she has stepped down from the head of France’s National Front has mostly to do with her attempting to woo middle of the road voters, and to distance herself from the racist, xenophobic, anti-semitic past of her father and the National Front?

    How would it help Mia or the BLP or Barbados if Mia stepped down?

  16. @Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger April 27, 2017 at 4:17 AM “Trump is a well known thief, he would steal from anyone….Simple.”

    So let us say that am raising my two American born grandchildren in Barbados while their parents who are U.S. citizens work at 2 and 3 jobs in the U.S. and pay their taxes as they come due.

    How does it help these American children who are being raised very nicely abroad to withhold 2% from the money which their parents send to provide food . Remember I am NOT being paid baby sitting fees, nor am I charging them rent [do you think that maybe I should charge child care fees and rent since the children are living in my house?]

    These American born grand children are also being educated at the primary, secondary and community college level with the Barbados taxpayers money.

    I think that grandparents who are being nicey, nicey and doing way too much for free, should take these American children to the nearest U.S. Embassy, and let the Trump and the Americans deal with their own children from there on.

    It ain’t the business of foreigners to be raising American children.

  17. Or if we going to be raising them anyhow. Let us monetize it.

    Let us charge their parents whatever is the going rate for childcare in the USA.

  18. Lol…ya got that right Simple…I have US born grandchildren who are dual citizens, some went to school for a period in Barbados, private schools, but it matters not, that was needed foreign exchange for the island….ah told ya trump would steal from anyone, thiefing is his thing…..

    ……..what you posted would never enter his tiny brain as long as he is thiefing from blacks and hispanics……semantics do not concern him…such as, these immigrant’s salaries are already taxed at city, state and federal levels, including Medicare and Medicaid, he knows that, he hires them instead of Americans because he does not want to pay high salaries at his hotels…..illegal immigrants work for less than minimum wage, he should know that, he hires them as well, but he is a thief.

  19. WW&C
    He has a reputation also of not paying low level contractors who worked on his projects.It is so recorded.Add to the list of thief: misogynist,Anti-Semitic,woman disrespecter,tax fraud,tax cheat,tax dodger,draft dodger,anti black,anti Hispanic,anti chinaman,anti Arab,anti jap,anti Korean,anti Merkel,pro Putin,pro netanyahu,pro rich,pro oil,pro guns and arms.The list is incomplete but suffice it to say that man is an insult to the USA and an embarrassment after the Obama octonal.

  20. Gabriel…ya think that is bad….I can do you one even better…..he even refused to pay for curtains for one of his properties….he refuses to pay caterers, causes them to lose their businesses…..trump is the lowest type of thief.

    It is a blight on what is left of the soul of the US and a stark and frightening peek into the minds of the 60 million racust asses that voted him in….now they will have to keep him until they cant take it anymore.

  21. @Hal Austin April 27, 2017 at 9:19 AM…Oh dear…remind me never to go into a court of law with you as one of my witnesses, please!

    When, dear Mr former editor did you read that I witnessed any remark re “Barrow undertook renovations at the airport in 56/57” Where senor?

    I stood up and swore on the ‘Boys in the Band’ (cheap joke) that your INTERPRETATION of @Gabriel’s remarks left much to be desired. That was it.

    And btw, I am certainly not emotional. And in 56/57 I was more than MINUS five years old then! LOL.

    But seriously why are you making that nonsensical claim AGAIN.

    Blogger Gabriel NEVER said that EWB renovated anything in 56/57. (Gabriel April 25, at 5:42 PM #… Barrow found Seawell Airport terminal building built in 56/57 …With his keen interest in matters aviation and an eye on a developing tourism industry Barrow extended the terminal building and the runway to 11000 ft.)

    Based on his other remarks I interpreted that that could only have happened at some point AFTER Barrow came to power in 1961.

    So, Hal either you need to change your glasses or bring forward your next MD checkup…there may be some minor signs of cognitive dissonance at play (smile)!

    Or maybe you just like digging holes.

    Just saying…


    The quickest multimillion dollar settlement in history…lol

    “United Airlines has a reached a settlement for an undisclosed sum with the passenger who was dragged from a Chicago flight earlier this month.

    Dr David Dao, a 69-year-old Vietnamese-American doctor, was taken to hospital after Chicago aviation police dragged him from the plane to make space for four crew members on the flight from the city’s O’Hare International Airport to Louisville, Kentucky.

    “I hope he becomes a poster child for all of us, someone’s got to,” Thomas Demetri, Dr Dao’s attorney, said during a press conference on Thursday. “Are we just going to continue to be treated like cattle?”

  23. De pedantic,

    This discussion is boring and silly. if Barrow extended the terminal building and runway, that in simple language has been paraphrased as renovation.
    Your reading that Barrow did all this after he came to power in 1961, goes against the claim that in 56/57 that Barrow ‘found’ Seawell airport… . Surely you are not moving the goal posts?
    Back to the substantive issue, the claim that Barrow was father of independence/the nation is fictional for all the reasons I have given.

  24. Steupsss @ Hal
    Why do you insist on making yourself look foolish?
    Boss man … you are arguing shiite!!
    Bushie REALLY thought that you had grown out of that childhood propensity…

    …and to think that you have the important ability to ask such good questions…

  25. Geezus, @Hal as I have said a few times now…you must be absolutely joking. Your 3:47AM retort is as usual amusing!

    The “discussion silly and boring’ was appealed by YOU. You returned to the silly assertions. Thankfully, the Bushman had also pellucidly dissected the English interpretation to dispel your claims.

    Hal let’s see it this way. On a three person judgement panel you have LOST: 2 to 1.

    You may continue the endless ‘appeals’ but until and unless other judges come and overturn…you are the loser. LOL.

    I am absolutely confident there are no moving goal posts here and thus you would lose again.

    I gone.

  26. de pedantic/Bushie,

    You still have not answered the substantive question: what role did Barrow play in 56/57 in the development of Seawell airport?

  27. @ Hal
    You still have not answered the substantive question: what role did Barrow play in 56/57 in the development of Seawell airport?
    Skippa, you are letting everyone on the Blog into our little secret…. namely that you were not all that bright at school, …and there seems to be very little improvement after 40 years loitering in the mother country….
    YOU …are the only person with that shiite story about “Barrow building anything in 56/57”.

    Obviously Gabriel’s English eludes you – even beyond the meaning of ‘found’.

    What Gabriel said (simplified for your benefit) was:
    ….In 1956/57, Barrow came and found the Seawell Airport with a simple building and a short runway…. 7000ft.
    …He took personal interest in aviation, and later oversaw the expansion of the airport building, and the extension of the runway to 11000 ft.
    …In 1971, work began on a major extension – with the assistance of the Canadian government …. and the airport was later renamed GAIA.

    Everyone (who matters) knows that Barrow was a recreational pilot, and founder (note the use of that word) of the Light Aeroplane Club ..and was largely responsible for the clubhouse which is still in use by that club.
    He clearly had a more-than-casual interest in aviation.

    Are there any further questions Hal?

  28. Bush Tea,
    Are you Gabriel’s spokesman? However, what did Barrow do in 56/57 that made those radical changes at Seawell. Waffle is not going to let you get out of it.
    Gabriel stated specifically that Barrow intervened in 56/57, there was no mention about 1971, that year I was working in the UK civil service.
    All the waffle about Light Aeroplane Club is just dressing. What did Barrow do in 56/57 to improve Seawell.
    To assist you, I pointed out that in 56/57 we had a BLP government, that Barrow lost his St George seat in 1956, became leader of the DLP in 1958 and premier in 1961 when the first DLP government came to power.
    No one is disputing that Barrow was a recreational pilot, I knew that; no one is questioning his interest in aviation.
    The question is simple: what did Barrow do in 56/57 to improve Seawell airport? Was it official, professional, as a consultant, voluntarily?
    For the record, I have spent an entire life not being very bright; but at least I know when someone is trying to replace evidence-based answer with tripe.
    @ Bush Tea, hiding behind a veil and writing nonsense may impress your grand son, but not me. Hysterical nonsense about Barrow being the great hero must be substantiated.

  29. Hal……why are you arguing crap, feeling so smug when it’s easy to find the info, see for yaself, between 1956 and 58 Barrow had a hiatus from politics, I remember a now deceased relative once telling me he could often be found at Seawell airport volunteering to fix plane engines and other tasks….grow up Hal.

    One thing Barrow said back then still holds true today, the stinking ministers/politicians still dont care abut the poor they use them as a means to an end, that’s the only way for the pothounds to be elected and elevated…by using the poor.

    “In 1955, Barrow made one of his more important statements in the House of Assembly, he said,

    “I am going to make a serious statement now and because I regard this (unemployment) as the most pressing problem facing this island at present, and in view of the fact that I am completely dissatisfied not only with the Honourable Minister of Labour, but with the whole attitude of ministers of the Government and their complete disregard of the suffering of the people and of the party. Because of that, I no longer want to be associated with them politically or otherwise ….”

    The feelings associated with this statement led Barrow, who had a desire to create a new political force, along with others, to form The Democratic Labour Party in 1955.

    In the 1956 election Barrow was not re-elected, he however returned to Parliament in 1958 after successfully contesting a by-election in the Parish of St. John.”

  30. Well well,

    Normally I would ignore you as you are not the brightest spark in the forum, but your conversations with your now deceased relative and his/her claims that Barrow could often be found repairing engines at the airport during his political hiatus. Was he also found re-building the terminal? His 1955 speech had nothing to do with what he did at the airport in 56/57. I am still awaiting the evidence from that period.
    I am keen to learn and it is obvious that you, Bushie, Gabriel and de pedantic quite clearly have knowledge about an event in Barrow’s biographical history that most people do not.
    Plse enlighten me.

  31. Hal
    You are being selective and disingenuous.We all know Barrow lost his seat in ’56,regained a seat in ’58 and became Premier in ’61.Nobody but you are suggesting Barrow “made radical changes at Seawell in 56/57”,or that “Barrow intervened in 56/57”.We should know too,that he used his experience in economics,law and aviation to bring about tremendous changes in Barbados between 1961 and 1976.

  32. Gabriel,
    My apologies. Plse explain in idiot terms what exactly Barrow did at Seawell in 56/57. There is no discussion about what he did between 1961 and 1976. Just what he did at Seawell in 56/57 – in whatever capacity.
    Nothing about his qualifications, his post 1957 political decisions or how many meals he had a day. Just his actions relating to Seawell in 56/57.

  33. LOL
    ha ha ha
    Hal is clearly on a mission to confirm Pacha’s assessment of him….

    Perhaps he REALLY does not get it… the FACT that Gabriel, Bushie, Dribbler …NOBODY said anything about Barrow building anything in 56/57 …. nobody, that is, BUT HAL….

    Shiite man … ya mean YOU built a ’56/57 straw man’,…and now looking to put a suit on it?

    Go back and read Gabriel’s post again…. this time, perhaps you should solicit the assistance of someone who is competent to at least sit the damn 11+ exam next week…

    Points to note..
    …. ‘found’ is the past tense of ‘find’
    ….’ founded’ is the past tense of ‘to be the founder of…”

    Then perhaps we could move on with your appropriate apology.

  34. Hal
    Go back to my post @3.47 pm today
    It says to you inter alia…”nobody but you are suggesting Barrow made ‘radical changes’ or ‘intervened’ in anything at Seawell in 56/57″.

  35. Hal….where is YOUR evidence of what Barrow did between 1956 and 1958….you are the one on and on about this Seawell thing, I just mentioned that he was known to be at Seawell often fixing plane engines, did he not have a plane of his own as well…so bring your proof…..his son married a very good friend of mine many years ago, she too is now deceased, so his actions were not exactly secret among family members and friends.

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